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Trump Has A 'Stranglehold On The Republican Party' Says Rep. Neguse - Deadline - MSNBC

Drivers were stuck on I-95 when one saw a bakery truck. Soon, stranded motorists were breaking bread

I want to UnFox my Cable

My yard. HFS!

Japan asks US forces to stay on base as COVID-19 cases jump

Smokey Robinson - Cruisin'

We're 'Not Looking At The Threat In Front Of Us' Says Fmr. Chief of Homeland Security - Deadline MSNBC

Anti-vaccination protesters attack Guadeloupe hospital staff

Why More Republicans Aren't Outraged By Jan. 6

Whatever happened to Subway's Jared?

LeMahieu says Senate Republicans plan to pursue new elections bills ahead of Gableman review finding

TFG loyalists push Jan. 6 fictions, but reality intrudes

Redistricting: NC's political maps are on trial. Here are 5 key takeaways from the testimony so far.

Dick Cheney...?

Italy Covid: Bullet forces immunologist to get protection

PM Update: Snow set for late night through predawn hours, then it's cold and windy on Friday.

Corporations Donated Millions to Lawmakers Who Voted to Overturn Election Results

Republicans will not admit "insurrection" on January 6 until someone is actually CHARGED with it.

Mike Lindell says he'll be one of the opening acts at TFG's January 15 pity party in Arizona

December jobs report preview: Payrolls expected to accelerate as unemployment rate falls to 4.1%

Most Americans Want Harsher Punishments For Capitol Rioters - Ring of Fire

Wife's Dentist Appointment Canceled

Flood evacuations in Mason, Thurston counties

Monsanto pleads guilty to pesticide-related crimes in Hawaii

Capitol Police intel division assessments are a haunting reminder of the pre-January 6 mindset

Email from Rep. Trone re 1/6

Real McCoy - Another Night

Conservative networks minimize insurrection on anniversary

Scandal: Most Jan. 6 Convicts Got No Jail Time (2022 MSNBC Report) - The Beat - MSNBC

Oregon elections officials say Nick Kristof (D) does not qualify to run for governor

Matt Lewis: This Is the Day That Joe Biden Became President

Canadian Passengers Who Went Maskless Stranded After Party Flight To Mexico

California Dems Revive Universal Health Care Bill, Say Targeted Tax Hikes Will Pay for It

NY Man Arrested for Acting in United States as Agent of Egyptian Government

Nassau County Exec Tells Schools, Indoor Venues To End Mask Mandates

The false prophets who inspired the violence on Jan. 6

my first poll. I hate Tucker Carlson's Guts

Rattle snake

Jason Crow: We're 'Encountering A Domestic Extremist Movement' - Deadline - MSNBC

Now On PBS: 'Preserving Democracy' Program Premier- Bill Moyers, Others (WETA)

U.S. NRC denies license to Oklo Power's nuclear reactor project in Idaho

VP Harris was in DNC 1/6/21 with pipe bomb outside

Dress Rehearsal To Overthrow America

As Trump has signaled to some of his current-former he won't cover legal bills related to Jan 6.....

I wish someone took a video of TFG while he watched Joe's speech

Republicans Cede the Day to Democrats

Trump turns on Hannity after Trump heard about Shawn debunking Trump saying the election was stolen!

Dine-and-dash duo runs into Redondo Beach restaurant manager with car

Uh oh. Ted Cruz and Tucker going at it.

Step mother in law-- psycho

Living In The Florida County That Became A Breeding Ground For Capitol Rioters

Can this be a thread where ppl post things we are having trouble finding in stores?

I knew Ralph Scala, one of the originals of the Blues McGoos.

Grisham Says Trump "Gleefully" Watched as Loyalists Attacked Capitol a Year Ago

Missouri woman tied to Jan. 6 Capitol riot involved in fatal crash on I-44

Glenn Kirschner: Where Jan. 6th Investigation Stands - Zerlina. - The Choice MSNBC

President Biden speaks on the anniversary of January 6, 2021

1340 Proven voter fraud cases!

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

Will the Wash. Football Team be named after the Bidens' new doggo?


*Do we LOVE Judge Howell, Chief Judge, Washington DC

Wisconsin covid record. Add more states

Opinion: Biden is right: Trump's wounded ego was the main reason for Jan. 6

Come early for good seats!

Grant Peeples: "Insurrection Song"

Jan. 6 In LA: One Year Later And Memories Of An Extremist Attack Spark Nightmares

Former Notre Dame and Cincinnati Bengals star Ross Browner dies from COVID

Liz Cheney Torches Trump on Fox News

*Doris Kearns Goodwin on Rachel show NOW.

The West Wing - Galileo V

'I remember every detail': Rep. Jayapal reflects on Capitol riot one year later

One-on-one with Speaker Pelosi A Year After Capitol Riot - NBC News

January 6th was NOT an official insurrection

*Senator Cory Booker on Rachel show now.

Oh no....Hannity has figured out the goal of the Jan 6 committee

White House, USPS finalizing plans to ship coronavirus test kits to U.S. households...

How Jan. 6 Really Began Back On Dec. 14 - The Mehdi Hasan Show

The Big Lie Low - Sack Cartoon

Pres Biden & VP Harris Address Nation on 1/6 Anniversary, as 1/6 Committee Ratchets Up Investigation

What's Up With Ron DeSantis' Breathlessness?

This is why its pretty much impossible for us to find intelligent life outside of this planet.

Fed up Jen Psaki SCHOOLS reporter over ABSURD January 6 question - Brian Tyler Cohen

US Capitol police officer suing Trump:

The only Republican present were the Cheneys - father and daughter

'I will stand in this breach... I will defend this nation.'

Meanwhile, on the Poland - Belarus border...

Sheriff Hutchinson should resign - strib editorial

Biden, Back Into the Breach

Elections have consequences.....


January 6, 2021: The Day As It Happened - All In - MSNBC

song of admiration for Ron DeSantis.....

Tell Me Now

David Pepper dissects how the GOP is DESTROYING democracy - MeidasTouch

Most apt song for a sad day like today:(

How dangerous talk of a "second civil war" is different today (CNN)

*Anyone recall what 'news' from Lawrence was, Liz Cheney said, 'Committee is . . .'

On Jan. 6 anniversary, Republicans plumb new depths

Ex-GOP Senate Candidate Torches MAGA Hat, Challenges Trump to $1 Million Debate

Biden presents detailed condemnation of Trump's 'web of lies'

The January 6 Lies That Live On - The Mehdi Hasan Show

Andrew Callaghan of Channel Five interviews the Q Shaman

Keith Olbermann on being stifled from criticizing Fox News

How the Capitol attack unfolded - PBS NewsHour

e.mail just received from President Biden:

Dershowitz To Represent Mike Lindell In Religious Freedom LOLsuit Against Jan 6 Committee

Fresh off the tree, no flies on this.

What is wrong with someone having to pay restitution?

Tucker Carlson FREAKS After Ted Cruz Goes Off Script - The Damage Report

Joy Reid: Jan. 6 Images Remind Us How Fragile Our Democracy Remains - The ReidOut - MSNBC

"Weeping in the Promised Jand", John Fogerty

Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond

This isn't the California I married...

Why is this ad not running 24/7?

Need Covid information

I think some of us miss-understand the South's "Original Sin" that can never be forgiven....

The FOX News defense against the January 6th attack upon our Capitol?

Jen Psaki can really bring the mean!

Likely Democratic candidates for the 2025 VA Gubernatorial Election-

Glenn Beck has COVID....

Danielle Nicole with a song she wrote in memory of her father

Rep Raskin: 'Chilling' For Liz And Dick Cheney To Be Only Republicans Marking Jan. 6 - All In - MSNBC


Star Trek: Picard shuts down after 50 test positive for COVID-19

Hillsdale Co. (MI) Republican Party hosts insurrection anniversary celebration

DeSantis let 1 million C-19 tests expire

Korean actress Kim Mi Soo passes away at the age of 29.

Biden is right: Trump's wounded ego was the main reason for Jan. 6

Why wasn't this under my tree? A $3500 socket wrench set made out of titanium.

Eugene Robinson: Biden's Jan. 6 speech sets the stage for a battle for truth and democracy

Food for thought about the GQP autocrats,

I hate those polls.

Incredible that Liz Cheney is the heroic one

Fed. law enforcement responded very differently to racial justice protestors and Capitol rioters

Glenn Beck Announces He Has COVID-19 While Doing Commercials For Diet Bars

Belle & Sebastian - I Want the World to Stop

Peel-a-Pound Soup (Cabbage Soup)

DHS warns online threats have increased on extremist platforms over past 48 hours...

They stormed the Capitol. Now they're running for office.

Rep. Pressley: White Supremacy Perpetuated The Big Lie Ultimately Resulting In Jan. 6 Insurrection

My friend sent this last night

I took one of my last 3 Tramadol a while ago. For my back. 😎

Tweet of the Late Night:

Marines practicing their flying skills

Unvaccinated airmen lose pay, benefits as Air National Guard yanks orders

Reagan's solicitor general Charles Fried passionately denounces the Republican Party:

Drones targeting US troops shot down over Iraq Jan 6, 2022

They should make a Jan 6 statue of Officer Goodman.

Rep. Thompson on what the Jan. 6 panel has learned in the year since the Capitol attack PBS NewsHour

cobert's opening and monologue was great!

Huge pileup on the Western Kentucky Parkway. Video:

Can't help wondering --

Waxing Crescent Moon, January 6, 2022.

Mary Trump: Donald Must Be Feeling The Walls Closing In (MSNBC)

Madison hospitals stretched to capacity as COVID-19 continues to surge

Mayo Clinic fires 1% of its 73,000 workforce because they don't need stupid healthcare workers.

Carnival season begins today.

I possibly just saved my friends life

Dr. John -- Right Place, Wrong Time

Omicron Comes for Everyone: My Vaccinated Experience With COVID

Tenn. Lawmaker Apologizes for Trying to Pull Down Pants of High School Basketball Ref: 'I Was Bad Wr

12:10a Friday: Snow starting to move into the DMV. If you're awake, let us know when you see flakes

Professor Longhair -- Go To The Mardi Gras

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 6, 2022 -- What's on: True Crime

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 7, 2022 -- What's on: Starring Joanne Dru

Tweet of the Early Morning:

Woodward & Costa: Trump Pushed 'Pence To The Brink' On January 6 - The Last Word - MSNBC

Covid: Deadly Omicron Should Not Be Called Mild, Warns WHO

Image Comics Employees Officially Vote to Unionize

Rep. Val Demings: 'Florida Can Do Better Than Marco Rubio' - The Last Word - MSNBC

THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT star, Ming-Na Wen, on Fennec's relationship with Boba in the series!TV Insider

Kazakhstan uprising complicates Putin's Ukraine calculus

Major Marie Rossi spoke to a pool reporter on her responsibilities as a U.S. Army helicopter pilot.

Greg Palast discusses January 6th and the undemocratic nature of our Democracy. It's SCARY!

Tim Danahey discusses Jan 6 and uses the appropriate language to describe what Trump represents.

Preston Brooks was never jailed for beating Charles Sumner with a cane on the senate floor.

Congressman Al Green's statement on the one-year anniversary of the #January6th insurrection

"There is nothing mysterious about the foundations of a healthy and strong democracy."

How Christian Nationalism drove the Insurrection

January 6: A Day Of Remembrance And Division - The 11th Hour - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Oilfield explosive devices found on roadways in Fisher, Jones counties

Snow's back, southern MD.

Snow in Calvert County

GOP deference To Big Lie Over Facts Of January 6 Exposes Scary Gap Among Americans - Rachel Maddow

What happened to Facebook

Accuweather says snow on Long Island started 10 minutes...

Ex-paramilitaries stand trial for Guatemala civil war rape of 36 indigenous women

'Lies Lead To Violence': Timothy Snyder On The Big Lie's Toxic Cycle - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Snow has begun falling in the DMV. Track the storm here.

Polish leader admits country bought powerful Israeli spyware (Pegasus)

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/6/22

Democratic attorney general candidate Joe Jaworski says local experience sets him apart

Time To Ditch Your Cloth And Surgical Masks For Respirators

Germany mulls new COVID restrictions as omicron advances

Austin-Travis County returns to Stage 5 COVID guidelines as omicron surges

Mid Wisconsin BRurrrrrrrrrr. -15 F !!!!

A Hill To Die On

Stephen Colbert: Guest CBS News Chief Political Analyst John Dickerson

Novak Djokovic saga: Australia investigates visas of other tennis players

Chinese anti-virus lockdowns add to concerns over economy

16, 33 1/3, 45, and 78

D.C.-area forecast: Blowing snow with wind chills in the teens today, and cold through the weekend

Kazakhstan president gives shoot-to-kill order against protesters, dismissing calls for negotiations

Breakfast Friday 7 January 2022

Ultimate Projection

Wisconsin hits another record in new COVID-19 cases: 11,547 reported today, according to @DHSWI

I've written so much but fell behind with sharing!

BBC: Africa's week in pictures: 31 December 2021-6 January 2022

Biden's Schedule for Friday, January 7, 2022

What is the difference for kn95 mask and n95?

Federal agencies in the Washington, DC area for Friday, January 7, 2022, are CLOSED.

Jury finds state Sen. Darius Brown not guilty of misdemeanor charges

January 2022's Top Goal: Paid Family Leave

Snap Files Lawsuit After Yearslong Effort to Trademark 'Spectacles'

Seems to have ended, in southern MD.

CBC*: Your photos of Calgary's pooches in parkas and booties, January 6, 2022

Bed Bath & Beyond saw sales decline substantially for the second straight quarter amid supply strain

Take an early look at the front page of The Wall Street Journal

Friends With Ties to Boards of Designer Brands, Albertsons Charged in Insider Trading Ring

Mortgage Rates Hit Highest Levels Since Spring 2020

Home Sales Over $100 Million Exploded in 2021 The priciest residential deals of 2021 included ...

Dover Air Force Base housing provider settles fraud suit

Victims in Colorado Fire Face High Building Costs Exceeding Insurance Coverage

Wasn't it Churchill who said "Democracy is the worst form of government in the world. Except for all

BBC: Your pictures of Scotland: 31 December - 7 January (2022)

Actual footage of DFG making decision not to make speech commemorating insurrection

Colorado Home Sells for $35.5 Million to Bob Bishop, Founder of Impala Asset Management

holy fuck........... a close up of a longhorn beetle's face

America's Love of 'Yellowstone' Helps Launch Bull Riding as a Team Sport

Oh My! The Cyber Ninjas guy's company is shutting its doors

Soon-to-Launch Baltimore Banner Lures Three Reporters from Sun Newsroom

Biden's speech hit it out of the park for a number of reasons

Chesapeake Bay states are unlikely to reach EPA's 2025 cleanup deadline at current pace, report find

No one should try this at home!

Former Maryland Lt. Gov. and Republican MSNBC commentator Michael Steele won't run for governor

Behind the Scenes on Capitol Hill--By CNN's Manu Raju #January 2, 2021.....

The Press has a deadly case of Bothsideritis BTC

State Reaches Agreement With Largest Union on Contract That Boosts Health and Safety Protections

Maryland Reaches Agreement With Largest Union on Contract That Boosts Health and Safety Protections

GOP Watch: On Insurrection Anniversary, Hogan Says, 'We've Got to Get My Party Back on Track'

Novak Djokovic compared to Jesus, Spartacus, after being detained in Australia over vaccine dispute

7 AM Wilmington Delaware

Md Sunrise

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Outline Education Policies at Forum

City Country City

What Inflation Will Do to Your 2022 Taxes

The Big Men's Fashion Trend of 2022? Dressing Like a Tween

From the cheap seats, it penned like a dimestore novel.

Friday TOONs - Barrel Ride

Texas Senator Ted Cruz To Introduce Bill To Overturn Vaccine Mandate For School Kids In D.C.

Proud Boys, Veterans Among VA, DC Accused Jan. 6 Capitol Rioters

By replacing your morning coffee with green tea you can lose up to 87% of

Species Count Triples At TX Butterfly Refuge; Species From Mexico, Central America Moving North

Oklahoma is crazy land

Tennessee students withdraw GSA request after pushback

Sheltering from early chill @ sunrise, creek inlet, instead of sandbar.

AB allegedly broke COVID protocol by sneaking date into hotel

Some Western Mountain Ranges Could Go Snow-Free For Years At A Time Starting As Soon As 2040

December jobs report: Payrolls rise by 199,000 as unemployment rate falls to 3.9%

Moderna CEO Bancel says people may need another booster by the fall

BLS jobs report, economy added 199,000 jobs in December, UE rate falls to 3.9%

Labor Leader Goes After Flailing Great Barrier Reef Foundation, Coal-Captured Ruling Coalition

Pipeline permit (Keystone XL)


New train route proposed between Detroit and Toronto

We All Saw It.

Ted Cruz grovels to Tucker Carlson over Jan. 6 'terrorist attack' remark

Last evening I told my wife I wanted to be cremated. She asked me if I had

In 2021 10 Nations Broke All-Time Highest Temperature Records; 107 Broke All-Time Monthly Highs

Versailles man accused in insurrection scheduled for Friday hearing

Three men convicted of killing Ahmaud Arbery to be sentenced Friday

Stepmother of missing New Hampshire girl Harmony Montgomery arrested for welfare fraud

It seems like talks between owners and the union have completely stopped.

Oh, Yay. We're Saved. World's Largest Coal Port To Be Powered By Renewable Energy

Rare Toni Morrison short story to be published as a book

An Uber driver and his passenger were stuck on I-95 for hours. He went out of his way to make sure...

New York Times to purchase The Athletic for $550 million

Kazakh president: Forces can shoot to kill to quell unrest

I used to say the printing press was the most important invention in human history

White House highlights effort to cover winter heating bills

Lincoln University honors life of former Basketball Coach & AD Ron Coleman

St. Louis-area bookkeeper sentenced for stealing $670,000 from charitable trust

Danish Frigate Releases Suspected Gulf of Guinea Pirates

The 'BEST OF'...2021 Awards

Let's cast "Insurrection"

Excellent Short Peter Sinclair Video On The Unprecedented December Derecho

Chatfield under criminal investigation for allegedly molesting a teenager

With Criminal Cases Fading, Will Cuomo Try to Make a Comeback?

Ex-Michigan House Speaker Chatfield accused of sex assault

I was going to point out that no other president has needed to be called out for

Is there any new rock and roll out there?

Marine who fed stranded drivers on I-95 given year's supply of Jimmy Dean mea

The changing of the guard so late in the term is evidence of Trump planning the coup...

Judge OKs marathon bomber's COVID payment going to victims

2 Florida county commissioners from The Villages removed after perjury charges

Colbert hammers 'traitorous scum' Trump, 'douchebag' rioters and 'dimwit' Cruz in 'Rent' parody'

Price gouging N95/Kn95 masks.

"Republicans Lie, Democracy Dies!" "Republicans Lie, Democracy Dies!" "Republicans Lie, Democracy...

Reporter: "Does calling [The Defeated Guy] out divide more than it heals?"

Brazil Stops Tracking Deforestation In Cerrado, World's Most Biodiverse Savannah Habitat

My meal replacement shakes always end up being

Cruz Begs Tucker to Forgive Him. Tucker Makes Cruz Beg Harder.

CDC director turns to media consultant as Covid-19 messaging frustrations mount

Remember that Biden called tfg a LOSER

Lies are bad. A press corps enabling liars is worse.

Christos razdajetsja

Heavy sigh

These Supreme Court arguments are about far more than vaccine mandates

Lawsuit alleges D.C. government denied or withheld unemployment benefits from workers without explan

The Next Big Lies: Jan. 6 Was No Big Deal, or a Left-Wing Plot

Some morning truth...

Despite years of devastating floods, state still hasn't implemented plan to protect West Virginians

NY Times and 11 media organizations file amicus brief supporting Daily Kos in Kennedy Jr. lawsuit

SCOTUSblog: Oral arguments on OSHA mandates are starting at 10 a.m.

Smithsonian Institute Archives: Knickerbocker Snowstorm Hits Washington, D.C

Sobbing Jan. 6 insurrectionist sent to prison after lawyer argues his brain was not fully developed

As leaders eye changes to the state's unemployment system, there's lots of potential to hurt West

( Tweet ) AARP Advocates@AARPadvocates: 80% of voters support letting Medicare negotiate lower drug

Bill Clinton, Oprah and his fellow centrists: Dems go all-out to sway Manchin

Long Speeches. Short Excerpts. How Soon We Forget.

Link for Supreme Court arguments

Ted Cruz Reaches New Level of Pathetic by Begging for Tucker Carlson's Forgiveness Over Jan. 6

A Better World ( Dean Baker )

Mike Luckovich -Moment of Silence

Will FOX "News" Channel continue to be as reactionary after

Capitol rioter seen holding Nancy Pelosi's sign now accused in fatal Missouri crash

Today #SCOTUS will be hearing oral arguments on CMS & OSHA vaccine requirements

Amid Coal's Decline, What Comes Next for Appalachia

Sidney Poitier, the first black man to win the Academy Award for Best Actor, has died

Beloved Bahamian actor and former ambassador Sir Sidney Poitier has died.

New year. No hobby. Gonna need everyone's sizes.

"They Call Me Mr. Tibbs"

O'Rourke: The RGV Leads Even if the Governor Won't

Democratic mayors of highly populated cities of VA seeking the Governorship in 2025.

The Supreme Court is in session today.

One of America's darkest days': Stephen Colbert commemorates Jan. 6 anniversary with 'Rent' parody

One of America's darkest days': Stephen Colbert commemorates Jan. 6 anniversary with 'Rent' parody

Is this kinda like PIGS FLYING?

Snow scenes at the Supreme Court

14,888 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri; 30 deaths

Thompson says some of the Jan. 6 protesters met with members of Congress

Cyber Ninjas faces fine over Arizona election review records

Right wing Polish leader used Israeli spyware on political opponents, jurnalists

"Tucker, we're both men of our word." . . . Please come CAPTION Ted Cruz!!!

Seven days without a Pun

We gotta thank the Lord for making them small - Close up of Longhorn Beetle's face

Menendez Jr. formally announces candidacy for Congress in New Jersey's 8th District

Former President Jimmy Carter says he fears for U.S. democracy

GOP picks final four in 2024 convention search

Abhor-Rent: 525,600 Minutes Since The Insurrection

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 7, 2022

Perdue campaign files lawsuit to stop fundraising law that benefits Kemp

Real pretty sky this morning.

Trump's meltdown enters its second day as he continues raging over Biden's Jan. 6 speech

Sophie's favorite napping spot is now Gryff's favorite napping spot

Pic Of The Moment: Ted Cruz Doesn't Negotiate With Terrorists!

Famous people that are still with us

Day Trader Who Used PPP Money to Buy Tesla Stock Is Thrown in Prison

Factcheck: NO proof Trump requested 10,000 Nat Guard troops for Jan. 6 or that Pelosi denied request

Adults who smoke (%) -- Avg. life expectancy at birth (years)

The Jan. 6 insurrection was a pitiful performance of white victimhood

Wonkette: Well This Was Mortifying Even For Ted Cruz

Judge Declines Nurse's PPO Request In Twitter Dispute

Just to set the record straight...

Marc Elias: Jan. 6 Was Not the Beginning or the End

Sidney Poitier Accepts the 20th AFI Life Achievement Award in 1992

People Convince Guy To Surrender His Neglected Dog

Interesting article on Jeopardy winning streaks...

Dan Bongino and the Big Business of Returning Trump to Power

Timothy Snyder on the Big Lie's endgame

Tweet of the Day

Ronald Brownstein: It's Time for Democrats to Break the Glass

Man found lying in central Pa. yard tried to kill person checking on him

President Joe Biden remarks on the December jobs report

Confirmation: Alito is a POS (oral argument on vaccine mandates)

Major GOP strategist charged with teen sex trafficking

J6 Deleted Tweet Archive Release

Had to call 911 last night. Hubby fell and could not get up!

Tactical extremism brought America Reagan, Gingrich, Trump--and a looming threat to democracy

Florida Sheriff's Deputies Die by Suicide Just Days Apart, Orphaning Their 6-Week-Old Son

As a taxpayer that is paying for this investigation..... but 100 hrs of community service

Indiana life insurance CEO says deaths are up 40% among people ages 18-64

Reel Disasters: Post a Pic from a Shake and Bake Flick.

I recorded Tucker & Hannity last night

Wondering how Republican minds are taking the revelations of January 6?

Scarf that congresswoman carried on the day of the insurrection featured voting card of enslaved...

Finally got off of my lazy butt and cleared the walk and driveway. DAMN it's cold out there!!!!

Johnny Rivers - 'Secret Agent Man' 1966

Republican nominee for battleground Democratic held Senate seats up in 2022

Which Is It Ted? - The Lincoln Project

That "guy" is having another meltdown on which there are many, maybe its time to revisit

World War II soldier's letter to mother delivered 76 years after it was sent

Speaker Pelosi on jobs report: "Under Democrats' leadership, America is getting back to work

Sneakers Official Trailer #1

Blue Talk Texas- Now live on Twitter.

Ted Cruz likened to Reek on Game of Thrones:

Cyber Ninjas. Broke, No staff left, CEO resigned, & a $50K a day fine for contempt 😂

Chief Injustice Robberts is a halfwit.

Man arrested for DWI with lit BBQ pit in truck, Texas constable says


U-Haul says more people are renting trucks to get out of Pennsylvania than to get in

OK... I get it. It snowed. Seriously... nothing else happened in the world today?

Mind if I join you? Scootch, scootch, scootch--

IT'S ABOUT TIME: News Panel laments their coverage: Series of knuckleheads the president weaponizes.


Gizmo, the wee-ist therapy dog that you have ever seen providing comfort at the Capitol yesterday:

Justice must prevail....

Swing district voters are still mad about GOP efforts to undermine the 2020 election

"And sharing the musical spotlight, Britain's top big beat group, the Mindbenders."

WHO Says Omicron Variant Is Not "Mild" As ER Doctor Describes New COVID Wave Overwhelming Hospitals

The magical moment he realizes the hand belongs to friend not foe

what a sea showing

Death to 2021 (Netflix comedy movie) Reaction TikTok

What Role Will January 6 Play in The 2022 Midterms?

Instagram blocked hashtag in memory of Iran plane crash victims

Excerpt from a politician's statement on the January 6 anniversary.

A republican takes a stand and get punished for it

Keilar calls out Tucker Carlson and Ted Cruz's live TV spar (CNN)

Glenn Kirschner...

DHS Agent Ray Lamb tried to shoot Kevin Byrd outside a bar one night. He pulled the trigger--but ...


Alex Jones' Infowars Store Made $165 Million Over 3 Years, Records Show

Interesting info about famous scene in Poitier's "In the Heat of the Night":

Knoxville Planned Parenthood fire was set intentionally, investigators say

Did anybody believe the Ted vs Fucker show?

Matt Gaetz Delivers Conspiracy Filled Rant To Defend Capitol Rioters - The Ring of Fire

INBOX: State of the Union on March 1st

How relieving to hear bad incidents at work

People not finding things in stores - where are you located?

Is Manchin's Recalcitrance Regarding The Filibuster & Voting For Biden's BBB Infrastructure.....

Citigroup to enforce 'no-jab, no-job' policy starting Jan. 14 - source

Supreme Court hearing grows tense as Justice Kagan grills lawyer challenging Biden's vaccine mandate

3 men convicted in Ahmaud Arbery's murder to be sentenced

Judge slams Capitol riot defendant for requesting Jamaican vacation on Jan. 6 anniversary

AM station asshole Larry Hansgen

'Olive Oil Cake' from Maureen Abood's Website


East Nashville dinosaurs frolic in the snow ❄ 🦖🦖

A Super vaccine for all covid variants in works by the Army

Newt Gingrich blames Nancy Pelosi for the Capitol riot, saying she should have secured the building

Don't get on that ship!

Sidney Poitier...

Kazakhstan leader rejects talks, tells forces to "shoot to kill"

Ted Cruz does NOT want you to see this - MeidasTouch

Floridians Furious as Ron DeSantis Confirms 1 Million COVID Tests Expired in Warehouse

Are you up to the Pierce Brosnan challenge?

Biden to deliver 1st State of the Union address in March

The Last Time We Had an Insurrectionist President

Barack Obama and Oprah have personally called Sen. Joe Manchin to urge him to support Senate filibus

Norman Ornstein: Five myths about the filibuster

State lawyers arguing against Biden vaccine mandates test positive for COVID-19

'This is a pandemic': U.S. Supreme Court debates vaccine mandates - Reuters

Fox News BLUNDERS Vaccine Information - Rebel HQ

28,000 Pounds of Ground Beef Recalled Over E.coli Fears Across 7 States

That 5 day COVID isolation guidance feels strange

What Is a Crisis Actor? Exploring the Tropes Behind Conspiracy Theories with Dr. Kate Starbird

GOP banking on Ron John the clown in crucial Senate race

Tech Startup Wants To Gamify the U.S. Court System Using Crypto Tokens

Who HERE has access to Schumer or Katie Porter or Adam Schiff and others like that???

Chief justice: Judges must better avoid financial conflicts

Ignoring Ethics Concerns, Adams Selects Ex-Police Official as Deputy Mayor

Lawsuit claims Loveland cop has history of wrongful DUI arrests

Reuters @Reuters: Three men to be sentenced to life in prison for Ahmaud Arbery murder

I guess the Covid policy now is social Darwinism.

Biden says he doesn't think coronavirus is here to stay

Inslee: Election result lies from officials should be crime

Fire that destroyed Knoxville Planned Parenthood was intentional, officials say

Ted Cruz does not want you to see this (MeidasTouch)

Oklahoma: State Senator files bills to give Oklahoma sheriffs power to arrest federal officers...

Supreme Court Hears Challenges to Biden Vaccine Mandates

'The attack is continuing': WA governor warns of future coup attempt on insurrection anniversary

9 Times Trump & His Fans Got Owned - Steve Hofstetter

A new welcome sign outside Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, FL.

Wisconsin GOP leader: 'Zero chance' of taking over elections

Seb/Ted - The Lincoln Project

One year after January 6, Republican fondness for military coups grows

Biden's first year: Successes, failures, and what lies ahead (webinar)

Biden rails against 'Republican obstructionism' with his economic agenda on life-support: 'I refuse

There's a long road ahead for the infrastructure bill to reach success

Run little guy.....RUN!

Sidney Poitier, first Black man to win Best Actor Oscar and a titan of cinema, dead at 94

Sidney Poitier, first Black man to win Best Actor Oscar and a titan of cinema, dead at 94

Casually giving some thought to Covid becoming endemic, and it hit me

2 of the lawyers arguing against Biden's vaccine mandate have Covid

Dems need to take control of the Stop the Steal meme

So does justice Robberts really believe laws passed 50 years ago or more are now defunct?

Well--it happened. Someone I know well just died from COVID

Trump's 2020 election lies still shaking US political landscape (CNN)

Waylon - Stop The World - (And Let Me Off) Live, Amen!

Sidney Poitier, 1927-2022

Supreme Court hearing grows tense as Justice Kagan grills lawyer challenging Biden's vaccine mandate

MMA fighter regrets Hitler tattoos.

(Jewish Group) Orthodox man beaten in Brooklyn in antisemitic attack

(Jewish Group) YIVO reunites archives to form 'largest single remnant of Jewish life' in Europe

OMGAWD......they got Terry Bradshaw hawking for the new Publishers Clearing House event.

TX GOP needs to fuck off. (Covid & Voting)

I've figured out what specific period America was "great (again)" that Drumpf hooked zombies with

WV Ethics Commission tightens legislative rules on nepotism in government jobs

(Jewish Group) Kazakhstan's Jews are sitting out their country's bloody unrest

There have been an estimated 942,431 excess deaths in the US since February 2020

Lilies of the Field - Amen

I hope Sen. Manchin is listening to Senator Merkley's great presentation on the Senate floor abou

Nate Silver compares temporary remote learning to Iraqi war casualties

@ the cove, and off the sandbar, this cold and windy day

Life without Parole

Arbery murder sentencing handed down

The Full 4 Year Story Of My Husky & Baby Becoming Best Friends!

McMichaels go to prison for life without parole

Lani Guinier, sadly, has died.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams hires.....his brother

'Stop getting medical stats from Fox': Internet erupts after Gorsuch makes false claim about flu dea

Dan Satterberg to say goodbye as King County Prosecutor after nearly 16 years

Should the US Senate remain as it is?

Arbery killers get life in prison; no parole for father, son

tweet of my day

Both McMichaels get life without chance of parole!

UNESCO: 55 journalists killed in 2021, impunity 'alarmingly widespread'

The Death of Empathy

Lara Trump just posted this video. Of herself.

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats are likely to win.

Taylor to annex Samsung site

Students Return to School Amid COVID's Omicron Surge, Express Fear, Frustration

Mom who took her child into Capitol during riot gets prison

Prosecution in Arbery case ask judge

Eric Swalwell tweet:

A Simple Question

Ted Cruz has most HUMILIATING moment of his career ON FOX NEWS - Brian Tyler Cohen

I just had a nice, feral related surprise.

Questions about reusing n95s and kn95s?

Homer Plessy, man whose arrest led to "separate but equal," is pardoned

First comprehensive data in two years show big academic setbacks for California students

Cartoons 1/7/2022

Storming The Burger King

Supreme Court won't take up lawsuits challenging redistricting

Inslee: Officials' lies about election results should be crime

No bond for Florida couple accused of fatally shooting 89-year-old woman

Raskin: Stephanie Grisham Has Named "A Lot of Names I Had Not Heard Before"

QAnon Star Who Said Only 'Idiots' Get Vaxxed Is Dead

Marysville Pilchuck mascot decision postponed until spring

Mark Kelly Builds Massive War Chest

Drive-up COVID testing line clogs north Everett neighborhood

Hummingbird feeding her tiny, tiny babies:

James Corden Reveals COVID Diagnosis, Says Late-Night Show Will Be Off the Air for 'Next Few Days'

Hummingbird accidentally slaps a bee into next week with its wing:

Newt Gingrich blames Nancy Pelosi for the Capitol riot, saying she should have secured the building

Booked a booster appointment for my teenager's booster with no trouble.

Democrats hail Biden for calling out Trump

Top figure skater Alysa Liu tests positive for coronavirus, withdraws from U.S. Championships

US unemployment sinks to 3.9% as many more people find jobs

More than 28,000 pounds of ground beef recalled in seven states over E. coli concerns

Cool: Hummingbird moth:

CDC reports record number of child COVID-19 hospitalizations

California's COVID stats proves one thing: Vaccines are working

Health Canada extends expiration dates on C19 Tests

A former GOP Senate candidate says he'll donate $1 million to charity if Trump goes on a live debate

More than 100 insurance companies sue ERCOT over claims related to February freeze

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Back On Twitter Despite Being Banned And Urging GOP Boycott

'Trump's People Don't Act Like That': How Republican Voters See Jan. 6

The Two Faces of Kevin McCarthy: Why He Must be Subpoenaed to Testify About Trump's Conduct on 1/6

Does anyone else think that the Cruz/Carlson thing was a set up to give Cruz the

Three Men Convicted For Murder Of Ahmaud Arbery Sentenced To Life In Prison (MSNBC)

Judge scolds NC woman for bringing son to US Capitol riot, then sentences her to prison

The Government Says A Key Informant In The Michigan Kidnapping Case Was A "Double Agent"

Column: Scraping bottom, Kevin McCarthy manages to sink even lower

Senate GOP hints at openness to a very specific voting reform bill

Some Capitol Rioters Met with Lawmakers

Thanks, Trump! Stacey Abrams Has Early Advantages in Georgia

America's Omicron Wave Now Looks More Severe Than Europe's

TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 8, 2022 -- What's On Tonight: Epic Saturday Nights

Attorney General releases videos of Jason Jones, man who died after being tased by police

Trump Gushed They're 'Fighting For Me' As He 'Gleefully' Watched Capitol Riot On TV: Ex-Aide

Trump to launch his social media app in February, listing shows

Excessive Force and Jailed For Knowing His Rights - LackLuster


My son had Covid pre vaccine days confirmed with pcr.

Accused Capitol rioter charged with killing Missouri mom in drunken car crash

27 Year-old woman died one day after cancer diagnosis, symptoms dismissed as 'hormonal'

Ignoring Ethics Concerns, Adams Selects Ex-Police Official as Deputy Mayor

Rep Swalwell returns mis-delivered gift card to rightful owners.

Matt Lewis: Thursday The Day Biden Became President (MSNBC)

IMO why people aren't in the labor force

RECAP of Thursday night's snow:


Family of Brazoswood High School beating victim files $50 million lawsuit against classmates

Finally, Volkswagen brings back the Microbus, with a battery

PM Update: Wind chills dip into the single digits tonight as we stay frozen through Saturday.

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries talked about the Filbuster and Super Majorities...

Carolina Panthers rumored to be listening to offers for Christian McCaffrey

Florida Mail Carrier Stole Greeting Cards for the Cash, parents (her supervisor) turned her in

So, Tucker & Teddy got into a heated discussion about what a "terrorist" is?

Seth McFarlane on the Prison System

What's for Dinner, Fri., Jan. 7, 2022

Hospitals Are in Serious Trouble

Rare and fragile fossils found at a secret site in Australia's 'dead heart'

Clarence Thomas has done his own research....

Being Persuasive: Tips to Help You Convince Others That You Are Right

Carnival officially begins each year on Jan. 6, the 12th day after Christmas.

Machu Picchu's Stairway of Fountains

Bizarre cloud of gas is one of the longest structures in the Milky Way

someone's illegal pet found roaming about Massachusetts. to be placed in zoo or sanctuary

The sun used to have rings like Saturn

Never ever thought I could post this...

Jan 6ther not yet identified

Forgive my ignorance, but does it make a difference about

QAnon Star Who Said Only 'Idiots' Get Vax Dies of COVID

Got my tickets to see The Struts in Tempe on the 28th, I don't care anymore ... it's been too long!

Royal Marines Jet Suit Boarding Ex

WI-SEN: Ron Johnson will seek reelection

GOP-initiated forensic audit unveils no fraud in Macomb County election (MI)

Iowa Senate won't allow journalists to work in chamber, in shift from longstanding practice

Democratic held US Senate seats up in 2022 likely to go Republican.

Dr Reddy's to launch generic COVID-19 Merck drug at about 50 cents a pill

The GOP is no longer a political Party.

Ted Cruz Is Pathetic - MeidasTouch

I just found some eggs

Her University Celebrated Her Inspiring Story. Then It Started Asking Questions.

Kitty got tired of living outdoors.

Friday Talking Points -- Biden Delivers The Best Speech Of His Presidency

Trump dies and goes to Heaven (yea I know but watch it)

Democrats will have a net gain of 1 US Senate seat in 2022.

After eleven years, one of my homeless patients has an apartment and is off the streets.

If you need an example of stupid...

'To Know Ted Cruz Is To Dislike Ted Cruz' Says Matt Dowd (MSNBC)

BBC Newsnight: God Save the Queen (be careful what you wish for edition)

Meet Ron Johnson's likely US Senate opponent in Wisconsin

In Memoriam, To Sir with Love, Lulu

"Because I'm a nurse"

A dear friend lost her partner to right-wing myths about COVID.

"Anxious People" recently new limited series on Netflix.

Ex-Michigan House Speaker Denies Sex Assault Claim, Says He Had 'Years-Long' Affair w/accuser

Amazingly Better than Episode 1- 'The Book of Boba Fett' Episode 2 (spoilers)

Just returned from my local Publix. While exiting

Anyone hear Adam Schiff tonight?

1st Ever SPACE SHUTTLE Landing

Just watch some clips of Linda Dunikoski from today's sentence hearing in Aubrey Case!

*10 p.m. Ch 26/WETA Betty White

*10 p.m. Ch 26/WETA Betty White