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Archives: February 1, 2022

The Arbery murderers' plea deal is off.

The IRS already has all your income tax data - so why do Americans still have to file?

DOJ press release on the Arbrey case plea deal

How the Omicron Virus Hit the Country

Port Congestion Spreads Across More U.S. Import Gateways

We made a huge mistake not fighting back harder against the "BLM burned down cities" lies.

So, let me get this straight. Conservatives aren't satisfied with monopolizing the

Three deaths in my circle in the past five weeks.

There are no good people who STILL support Trump---period---no exceptions.

GOP splits over labeling Black female Supreme Court pick a 'quota' hire

Good lawd, this dude is running for governor:

My 4 free Covid tests arrived at the Flint post office. Should be getting them in tomorrow's mail

Novavax could offer unvaccinated Americans a new option, if FDA agrees

If US had matched vaccination coverage of European countries, Covid hospitalizations would be half

Joy Reid's blazer she is wearing today is beautiful!

White House: Trump 'unfit' for office after suggesting possible pardons for Jan. 6 defendants

Elbert Co. (CO) clerk gave voting system hard drive copies to unauthorized people

Statement from President Biden on United Nations Security Council Meeting

Covid-Stricken Trudeau Uses Trucker Protest to Attack Tory Rival

Ducks changing their minds.

Kyrsten Sinema raises over $1.5 million in fourth quarter while opposing key pieces of Biden agenda

Is Louis DeJoy Still Head Of USPS?.....

Texans deserve a governor who can keep the lights on.

120,000 more free at-home COVID test kits available in Washington

Trump's fake electors: Here's the full list

Trump's fundraising groups have over $122 million in cash

Whoopi Goldberg Criticized By Anti-Defamation League for 'Holocaust Distortion' on 'The View'

While Northeast is digging out of last week's blizzard, the next storm is taking aim at the South

Serious question asked not for its rhetorical value: Will J6 top tier criminals be brought . . . .

Three notable decisions from District Court Judge Jim Clyburn's recommending for SCOTUS seat

Eat the rich

So I tried to order my free covid tests-Said I already ordered

Daily Beast Takes A Swipe At Neil Young, Claims He's A Hypocrite On Vaccines.

DC restaurant's liquor license suspended after violating vaccine mandate

Nap time, with a tiny teddy bear:

Most Senate Democrats Back Off Manchin and Sinema

"What is Shontel Brown doing for the Ohio 11th Congressional District".....

No, really. We can share:

US Federal Prisons on Lockdown After 2 Texas Inmates Killed

Some Trump Records Were Torn Up and Taped Together

190-Year-Old Tortoise Was Photographed in 1886 and Today

We've largely avoided the worst of winter in SE Michigan thus far, but that's about to end.....

A mother's patience:

Thanks to Joe Rogan, People Forced to Notice That Spotify Sucks

French bully knows exactly what he's doing:

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet:

High ZT thermoelectric material by doping SnTe with copper and selenium.

T-Mobile issues vaccination ultimatum to office workers in an internal memo

Trump advisers drafted more than one executive order to seize voting machines, sources tell CNN

I just wonder if the John Lewis Voting Rights bill will come back up for a vote

Here we go again, with another money sucking Arizona election audit

Sometimes you have to grab life by the tail

Independence in the real world.

Ted Cruz says a Black woman on the Supreme Court is an 'insult to Black women' (not The Onion)

Republicans want to create a red state utopia -- by suing teachers

Nazis Rally In Florida, DeSantis Spox Falsely Blames Dem 'Stunt'

As I hear the justified cries of outrage in the British Parliament about their

Sugar Spoon

The Banning of 'Maus' Is a Warning -- and It's Not the Only One

How To Tell If You're On The Correct Side Of Any Issue

Have been promising my husband a fruitcake since before the holidays. He just got it today. LOL

Elon Musk butthurt after White House snub

I got my test kits! Last week I received a notice that they would arrive b 9pm

MAGA Legal Bombshell: Trump Admits He Wanted Pence To Steal Election (MSNBC)

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread

Holy fuck, my GF is positive after sinus symptoms, 5 days and they released her, worrry?

Whoopi Goldberg sparks outrage after saying on 'The View' that 'the Holocaust isn't about race'

Infrastructure showing off the SHIP OF STATE. What great people and ideas.

Will Trump's Written Confession Regarding Pence "Overturning" Election Prod DOJ into Action?

To paraphrase Lawrence Tribe

If you search Google for Chinese New Year you will get fireworks. Year of the Tiger starts tomorrow

A now suspended employee of Waste Management used his snowplow to bury two Orthodox Jewish men in La

Taking a paid sick day should not be a luxury in the richest country on the face of the planet.

George Conway: Trump Just Gave Prosecutors 'Trifecta' Of Criminal Intent - All In - MSNBC

Michael Flynn Loses Mind, Pushes COVID Soros Bill Gates Conspiracy

Joe Rogan did not apologize for his actions. He said he is sorry we are offended by his actions.

Anybody remember a recent post...

Crow- Gone, Gone, Gone (Deep memory dig)

How many crimes does trump have to publicly admit to before something is done?

I'm fed up with the people who refuse to get vaccinated, too.

Notorious Russian Mercenaries Pulled Out of Africa Ready for Ukraine

I'm going to lose it the next time someone says that the pandemic has become politicized.

Come on, MSNBC....

U.S. diabetes deaths top 100,000 for second straight year

A peaceful transition.

Both Sides Don't Make Up Rules For SCOTUS Nominations

The most incredible sporting event of the weekend wasn't football or tennis

Rep. Liz Cheney Responds To Trump's Jan. 6 Comments: 'He Clearly Would Do This All Again' - NBC News

The New York Times buys Wordle

I see Nazis are in the news again. These useless slugs are the...

New Hampshire GOP Wants You To Squeal: Concerned Moms $500 Bounty For Hunting Down Teachers

𝕐o̴g̴ @Yoda4ever This is why we all should have a dog.

Trump's Texas Speech In 90 Seconds - The Lincoln Project

In rejecting bill, lawmakers cite significant progress on secure psychiatric hospital

White pine needle tea to keep 'pure blood' people from getting contaminated by the vaxxed 🤦‍♀️

Don't Sleep On Trump's Dangerous Rhetoric

Don't Sleep On Trump's Dangerous Rhetoric - The Mehdi Hasan Show

Police in Ottawa set up a hate crime telephone line for Ottawa residents.

Rachel Maddow had clips of Nazis

Fox News Silent After Guest Dies Of Covid - All In - MSNBC

15 Starbucks Locations Filed for Unionization Today

National Archives Records Sent to Jan. 6 Committee Arrived Ripped Up by Trump

Gov. Ron DeSantis accuses Democrats of trying to 'smear' him over neo-Nazi rally in Orlando

Some Trump White House records handed over to January 6 committee had been ripped up

Run Donnie, Run

Midterm Watch: Why Trump and Gingrich offer the best hope for Democrats

Laurence Tribe on The Last Word said we have the evidence and we need action now.

Hamden attorney disbarred after 'empty and malicious claims' regarding Jewish conspiracy

The Interesting Thesis that the Turning Point of the US Civil War Was a Battle the Union Lost.

Trump Had Role in Weighing Proposals to Seize Voting Machines

Maggie Haberman @maggieNYT NEW: Trump directed Giuliani to make the call to Cuccinelli

Rachel Maddow Announces Upcoming Hiatus To Work On Bag Man And Other Projects - MSNBC

Trump Had Role in Weighing Proposals to Seize Voting Machines

Oven Baked St. Louis BBQ Ribs

Breaking: Trump Had Role in Weighing Proposals to Seize Voting Machines

Here We Go Again.. Another Monster Storm To Bring Massive Snowfall Totals & A Crippling Ice Storm...

Trump Goes Head-to-Head with Trump, QAnon Waits for Michael Jackson & a Rare Melania Sighting

Whoopi Goldberg apologizes for saying Holocaust 'isn't about race'

Still Waiting For A Covid Miracle That's Arrived - The Mehdi Hasan Show

Trump Has Emerged From His MAGA Cocoon A Fully-Formed Authoritarian Butterfly

Psaki: Trump raising Jan. 6 pardons, overturning election a reminder he's unfit

Manchin hired security detail amid threats and protests

Lawrence: 'Profoundly Stupid' Trump Admits He Wanted To Steal Election - The Last Word - MSNBC

Racial slur charge costs Democratic lawmaker committee seat

Manchin sees best fundraising haul for in nonelection year

Democratic Candidate Stacey Abrams Details Her Georgia Governor Race Strategy - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Backlash against Vail Resorts growing among skiers and snowboarders across the country

Prosecuting Former Presidents

Idris Elba Can Do Anything Skit. I swear, this somehow gets even funnier the more times you watch it

Why is MSNBC "hosting" ads for Spicer's Trump book?

Texas law barring state contractors from boycotting Israel violates firm's free speech, federal

Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine for children under 5 could be available by the end of February

I cant stand tfg awful

The deaths we've decided to accept

Trump Suggests Pardons To Rioters - The 11th Hour - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Dr. Oz' Senate Campaign Has Relied So Far on His Own Money

So, when the box of Cabi Sav stops flowing...

Deputy seeking suspect mistakenly shoots off-duty officer

Seth Meyers: Trump Admits Coup, Says He'll Pardon Jan. 6 Rioters if He Wins in 2024: A Closer Look

As usual, Trump's "admission" was done as a way to strengthen his legal case

So, how could we ever empanel a jury of Trump's peers?

'He's always said the quiet part out loud': Cooper on Trump's revealing statement (CNN)

Pence's Former Chief Of Staff Testifies

U.N. Security Council Discusses Russia-Ukraine Situation

I play this a lot.....Marsalis in SA......Jungle Blues

Trump Suggests Pardons To Rioters

With all the crap coming out now about Trump, it reveals his administration was a crapshow

Trump may believe in his own Big Lie, but that shouldn't save him from a guilty verdict for election

The Daily Show: Trump Promises Pardons and British Parliament Condemns Boris for Partying

Ulysses Kay Piano Selections, Some Bassoon Pieces

Cleaning Windows Van - 1982

The Lincoln Project-TFG's Texas Speech In 90 Seconds

The Lincoln Project-TFG's Texas Speech In 90 Seconds

*** Michael Steele said tonight/Monday about trmp,

What's going on with Rachel Maddow?

Stacey Abrams Details Her Georgia Governor Race Strategy

Nazi Gatherings In Broad Daylight In Florida Spark Alarm (MSNBC)

One of my favorite snacks

Another money sucking Arizona election audit

'X-Men' Scribe David Hayter Boards TV Adaptation of EA's 'American McGee's Alice' Game (Exclusive)

8-year-old slid his handwritten book onto a library shelf. It now has a years-long waitlist.

Nazi Gatherings In Broad Daylight In Florida Spark Alarm - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

'A Pernicious Threat': Trump Incitement Of Mob Triggers Security, Safety Concerns - Rachel Maddow

The last known photo of Ulysses S. Grant.

UCLA philosophy researcher emails 800-page manifesto & 'UCLA Philosophy Mass Shooting' video

After eight centuries of Murano glassmaking, a gas crisis is threatening its future

Don Lemon said tonight that Stacey Abrams' sister is in the running

A winter with cats..

(Jewish Group) Anti-Semitic graffiti found near Jewish Family Service of Seattle

Jazz trumpeter Miles Davis was victim of an unprovoked police assault in 1959

*** Michael Steele said tonight/Monday about trmp,

Homemade Batsignal Reaches the Clouds (and how to make an image projector for yourself!)

What We Can Learn From How the 1918 Pandemic Ended

After failing to disclose many donors, Ken Paxton files corrected campaign finance report

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/31/22

Negative mailer prompts angry reply from Austin-San Antonio Democrats

Early Morning Rain - Peter, Paul and Mary

What if we had been Denmark?

Stephen Colbert - How Whoopi Became Today's Hot Topic On "The View"

Stephen Colbert: Why Guest Rep. Ro Khanna Is Pushing For An Internet Bill Of Rights

'We Stand America' rally comes to a close

A weasel walks into a bar

BBC In Pictures: Lunar New Year 2022: Millions start celebrating

Gather ye Wordle while ye may

D.C.-area forecast: Becoming milder before weekend Arctic chill

CBC*: The sky inside the sea: this week's photo gallery, January 31, 2022

The former president will help launch the ReTHUG reelection

Fox News Silent After Guest Dies Of Covid

Biden's schedule for Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Multi-vehicle Crash Shuts Down Beltway.

Multi-vehicle Crash Shuts Down Beltway.

If conversion therapy ban was unanimous, why are Cons revolting now?

Euro zone jobless rate falls to record low in Dec 2021

S&P 500 rallies to close out January, but still logs worst month since March 2020

Breakfast Tuesday 1 February 2022

On 2-1-1901 (121 years ago), the Black poet and playwright Langston Hughes was born...

Tesla recall: "Full Self-Driving" software runs stop signs

Keir Starmer takes Boris Johnson.and the Tories to the Woodshed

The Radical Woman Behind "Goodnight Moon"

By March when the live 1/6 hearings happen will there be anything left to learn?

Today's Wordle - Tuesday 2/1/2022

Tuesday TOONs - Justice Denied

2 protesters arrested during 2018 demonstration at Cowboys stadium sue Jerry Jones, others

A peaceful moment for you today

Guardian: Lunar new year celebrations 2022 - in pictures

How NOT to topple Democracy

Lawyers accuse judge of literally copy-pasting a prosecutor's arguments

This should be a bigger news story.

DeSantis says people calling for him to condemn Nazis are trying to 'smear' him

Violence, protests mark anniversary of Myanmar army rule

Merrick Garland is not just like Robert Mueller,

House arrest is not always a solution...

Hulu comes through again!

On this day, February 1, 1959, the 1959 Winter Dance Party Tour will play Green Bay, Wisconsin.

30 years anniversary...

Denmark has lifted all of its domestic Covid-19 restrictions, including the wearing of face masks,

Donald Trump betrayed all of America.

Trump's Promise to Pardon Jan. 6 Rioters Is Worse Than Watergate

Mittens the Kitten allowed a GOOD stretch of scritches, this morning

Youngkin, Justice seek relief from health worker vax rule

Haste and planning failures doomed Operation Lone Star's troops to suffer

@vahousegop voting bills starting to move through subcommittee bright and early this morning.

What causes long Covid? Scientists are zeroing in on the answer.

AT&T to spin off WarnerMedia in $43-billion Discovery merger, cuts dividend

Logistical Thought Experiment: How will they indict tfg?

Laurence Tribe: Trump Confessed To Seditious Conspiracy And Could Face 20 Years In Prison

Thousands flee homes near N. Carolina fertilizer plant fire

The EPA Rejects Texas' More Lenient Standard for Highly Toxic Air Pollutant

Madison Cawthorn: in the summer of 2020 "we had all of our major cities burned to the ground."


You raised $25.00 on January 31, 2022 for the kick US Senator Grassley's butt fund

Boomb Tube: The Week of Comic Book Television, 1/22/22-1/29/22

The Rundown: February 1, 2022

It's Not Yours To Erase, It Belongs To All Of Us

🐯🏮Chinese New Year 2022 Lion Dance 🐲 Shanghai🧧

Is the country getting close to "herd immunity"?

January books: The 18 best-reviewed titles of the last month

book parent wanted banned: children's picture book about the life of Black Olympian Wilma Rudolph

It now appears that the Oath Keepers were waiting for the declaration of the Insurrection Act.

CA wife fired from teaching job, husband on admit leave. made racist comments to asian couple

Boris Johnson's career could end in days. Here's how a series of lockdown parties may bring him down

Howard, Morgan State, UDC targeted in new round of bomb threats against local HBCUs

I feel blue today

Heather Cox Richardson Letters from an American (Trump - Putin)

Nothing is really lost until your

On this date in 1960

Imbolc marks the Irish pagan start of spring - something is stirring

TFG says he wants *Pence* investigated for refusing to stop Biden's election.

How Ireland used to celebrate St Brigid's Day in the past

Joe Rogan's lie filled apology

Breaking: The Slobfather's DHS, DOD and DOJ were all involved in the

Joe Sample was born on this date.

Del McCoury has a birthday today.

Dog Helps His Baby Sister Walk For The First time

'America's crazy ex': Badly beaten during Capitol riot, ex-cop reacts to Trump remark

USA Today Florida poll.

Laurence Tribe: Trump Confessed To Seditious Conspiracy

What Is Next? ...

Apparently There are Smoking Coup Guns all Over the Place

'Burn it down': This deep-red California county is now a recall warzone

Kenny Rogers and the 1st Addition- I Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In).

Neil Diamond & Shirley Bassey - Play Me (For real this time)

Two Proud Boys charged for Aug. 22 violence in Parkrose neighborhood

Wonderful video on Macro photography!

Warning to Punxsutawney Phil:

Wild Horses Reunite After Six Months Apart

Really, Really, Scary Question

Kyrsten Sinema courted Republican fossil fuel donors with filibuster stance

Trump Had A Role In Weighing Proposals To Seize Voting Machines: NYT

Extreme weather is destroying more crops. Taxpayers are footing the bill.

Calling Omicron "mild" is misleading. My uncle just passed away from it.

A uniting tweet from John Fetterman:

Job openings rose to 10.925 million in December

Testimony: Mpls police trained to ignore city's civil rights report on ketamine and excited delirium

Madison Cawthorn sues to stop inquiry into his Jan. 6 insurrection links

A fortunate cartoonist emerges from quarantine with long-haul frustration

Bing/Firefox. Only the first files load. Then, bricktime. What gives?

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 1, 2022

It's All Hopeless! Nothing Will Ever Be Done! It's OVER!

Tomorrow, February 2, is Imbolc, Candlemas and Groundhog's Day

A word for those who don't want kids to see books on racism

Lehto's Law: Losing Hospital Dismisses Suit in At-Will Case

Rosenberg: Trump Is 'Logically Inconsistent And Consistently Wrong'

A parent in Katy, TX asked the district to remove a children's biography of Michelle Obama

I couldn't do it. I'm a weak man, *sigh*. My resolution didn't survive January.

Rep. Cheney Weighs In On Trump Pardon Offer, Says 'He'd Do It All Again'

Going to empty out my bank account and get a Super Bowl ticket

Region Prepares For Significant Sleet/Snow Storm In Coming Days

I do have to mention ONE thing here ( about TFG's BIGGEST MISTAKE in my eyes)

One in Five Patriot Front Applicants Claim Military Ties

Add this to the list of Trumps crimes.

U.S. construction spending misses expectations in December

7567 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues; 140 deaths

Comes Love Happy Black History Month

U.S. manufacturing sector slows in January; employment rises - ISM

So, Bloated Tick is going for the old Nero Decree

Morning landscape

The Tax Scam

Pic Of The Moment: Pretty Sure It Shouldn't Be That Hard To Condemn Nazis

Fox News wanted viewers to hear an anti-vax trooper's story - until he died of COVID

3 postal workers robbed in Albuquerque, USPS offers $50K reward

Banner on sheriff's wall raises concerns from Anti-Defamation League

A guess as to part of why Garland seems slow

Avlon on book bans: Don't complain about cancel culture and try to cancel others (CNN)

Virginia community colleges ask legislature for $26M to double number of nursing graduates

A snow loving mop

Rory Gallagher - Tattoo'd Lady (live at Cork City Hall, 1974)

Legislation proposed to get federal government to cap nurse pay (especially travel nurses)

Judge Rejects Plea Deal for Man Who Killed Ahmaud Arbery

Does anyone know when the public hearings of the 1/6 committee will begin?

Tom Brady officially announces his retirement

Nope. Nope. Nope.

Boris Johnson comes out fighting over party allegations

I have a suggestion for what we can do with the Trump voters.

Trump May Yet Save the Democrats

Poor Mama Bear has her paws full with these scamps:

Metaverse "real" estate?

Slash Talking About Rory Gallagher 2015

Boy with color blindness gets eyeglasses to let him see color:

My cat tried to kill me yesterday.

Leaked messages reveal New York Times' aggressive anti-union strategy

A Police Car Hit a Kid on Halloween 2019. The NYPD Is Quashing a Move to Punish the Officer.

Gong Hay Fat Choy Happy Lunar New Year of the Tiger.

Knoxville comic book store raises more than $83k to give students free copies of Maus

Butterfly pretends to be a snake!

New evidence of Trump coup: Second order drafted to seize voting machines

Good Day DU (February 1, 2022)

Jeopardy Spoiler! I was SO SURE I got the question right, but alas

Russian channel says it's been told to remove reports on alleged graft

Trump Jan 6 MAGAt who burglarized Nancy Pelosi's office....

Not a great sign

Massive Brawl Breaks Out In Bensalem Golden Corral Over Alleged Steak Shortage

Sorry I missed Skittles 140,000 milepost from Jan 11.

The U.S. Media Are Making A Deadly Mistake With Trump

Funny sign:

Crime: You cannot make this stuff up! (2 parts)

John Fetterman is about to ruin a conservative talking point

Keep your eyes on this guy, Rep. Ro Khanna of California

Argentina's Fernandez set for China, Russia tour after IMF accord

question about legal proceedings against a former president.

We lost Mrs K

Greg Olear: Portrait of an American Strongman

Right-Wing Pastor Greg Locke Organizes 'Massive' Book Burning

TFG reportedly directed Giuliani to press officials to seize voting machines

Estonian PM calls for strong sanctions and 'strategic patience' in dealing with Moscow

People in Ohio now have a reason to live

Al Stewart - Year of the Cat

Russian forces hold military drills in breakaway statelet near Ukraine

Ex-White House press secretary turned over text messages to Jan. 6 committee

How the falsehood of athletes dying from coronavirus vaccines spread

My coworker's mother had a blood pressure spike last weekend

Conservative MPs in 'despair' after Boris Johnson invokes far-right conspiracy theory against politi

FBI, ATF respond to HBCU bomb threats

I like a good gerrymander as much as the next person...

Thousands of Russian intellectuals and activists speak out against war in Ukraine

N.Y. attorney general subpoenaed Trump D.C. hotel records from feds

Navy Secretary Del Toro tests positive for Covid

Trump's Mega-Fans in Moscow Declare They're 'Ready to Elect Him Again'

N.J.'s weather-predicting groundhog Milltown Mel dies before his big day

N.J.'s weather-predicting groundhog Milltown Mel dies before his big day

Controlling my high BP.

I am so happy to see all this activity about banned books.

Is Mein Kampf still a permitted text in schools in right wing areas?

Wordle this

Anti-Asian hate crimes in US spiked 339 percent in 2021: report

Denver business owner to implement 'crime spike fee' to recover shoplifting losses

Ancient helmets, ruins found at dig in Italy

I listened to the detailed report on CNN about the attempt coup by seizing the voting machines

It's 45 degrees in Flint, MI and we've just been "upgraded" to a Winter Storm WARNING

(Jewish Group) Republican House rep shares quote from neo-Nazi to criticize Fauci

David Perdue proudly touts gubernatorial endorsement from the orange herpes scab

(Jewish Group) You can't just swap out 'Maus' for another Holocaust book. It's special.

UW Medicine Reopens 2 COVID Testing Locations

You can't just swap out 'Maus' for another Holocaust book. It's special.

If Trump says Pence had the right to overturn the election then just inform him

Dr. Peter Hotez and Dr. Maria Elena Bottazzi have been nominated for the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize

The tiny islands leading the green transition

What I need is a leaf blower for

Pa. man trying to shoot deer with handgun shoots man in head, instead

Ted Cruz Slammed for Comments About Biden's SCOTUS Choice

Pa. man trying to shoot deer with handgun shoots man in head, instead

Banning Books? Ban The Bible First Then

State Department orders Embassy employees' families to leave Belarus

Hercules Posey: George Washington's unsung enslaved chef

Progressive poll finds broad support for China competitiveness bill

I'm not one to brag but this morning I got

We must get this pornography out of our schools!

(Jewish Group) Whoopi Goldberg apologizes for Holocaust race comment -- then doubles down

Gaslighting in the news pages of the New York Times

Question about Omicron

The massive miscalculation Republicans made on the January 6 committee

On paper, Tom Brady was unremarkable. On the field, he grew into a legend.

Where is the GOP taking this, "Don't hurt my white, conservative feelings" movement?

QAnon Thought Leader Ron Watkins Is Running for Congress. It's Going Terribly.

I know, I know! 📞

Guinea-Bissau: Coup fears as gunfire erupts in capital

Trump has called for the House investigation into the terrorist attack on the Capital to go after

A white guy points a gun at Tempe (AZ) police and then ... gets to go home?

Sickening: HBCUs are receiving bomb threats, and

"Liberal Bias" vs.... ??

Warning! Chill inducing!

On this day in music - 2/1/64 ... The Beatles' "I Want To Hold Your Hand" hits No. 1 in the States

COBRA admin company still not cashed my check

Massive fire at North Carolina plant may cause blast

Manchin on BBB: "No, no, no, no. It's dead."

Trump: Pence Should Be Investigated for Not Reversing My Election Loss

Omicron subvariant BA.2 likely to have same severity as 'original' - WHO

Parents Face Truancy, Neglect Claims for Keeping Kids at Home During COVID

Anouk - Nobody's Wife & R U Kiddin' Me (live at the GelreDome, Arnheim, 2008)

Happy Lunar New Year: Hey Tiger, good luck! We'll need it.

MichiganGOP candidate has opinions on rape survivors-Garrett Soldano

Cartoons 2/1/2022

$20B order launches Boeing 777X freighter, a boost for Everett

California firefighter killed in shooting while responding to call

Lessons from Martin O'Malley for Maryland Democrats

FAA approval ends 5G flight cancellations at Paine Field

Attorney General sues company behind 'sham testing centers'

State bill would lengthen sentences for pot shop robberies

Michigan football's Jim Harbaugh to interview for Minnesota Vikings job on national signing day


Trump released an all-white list of candidates for Scalia's Supreme Court seat - and no one seemed

NC Department of Labor releases 2021 fatality count

The Struts - Put Your Money On Me (1/28/2022 - Tempe, AZ - My Phone - Post #2)

My alternative to banned books

GOP leaders silent on Trump's claims that VP could overturn elections

Good Morning, southern MD

Ukrainians train in guerrilla tactics in case Russia invades

Brawl breaks out at Golden Corral over alleged steak shortage

Maggie Bell & Midnight Flyer with Albert Collins - Stormy Monday Blues (live at Montreux, 1981)

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! Kung hei Fat Choi! Year of the Tiger

Dick Durban says 'several Republican senators' open to a Biden Supreme Court pick

Russian channel says it's been told to remove reports on alleged graft

If the Republican God had decided to make a perfect living avatar of white privilege,

Waxwings twice today, noon and later. A group of waxwings are collectively known as an "ear-full"

Pence's Chief of Staff clearly has the Slobfather

Raskin On 1/6 Committee's New Evidence Connected To Trump

Supreme Court shouldn't be covered in Ivy, 2 lawmakers say

Joe Rogan Shares Incorrect Coronavirus Story Just 24 Hours After Apology

More news on Spotify_____ 👉🏿 👉🏿 🎤 💥

Dominion says Mike Lindell's court arguments pushing election lies 'threaten the rule of law'

Does Trump seem more desperate and deranged than usual?

Our educational future? : (

GOP Gov. Candidate: Rape Victims Shouldn't Get Abortions Because Fetus Could Become POTUS

Ukrainians Doubt a Russian Invasion Is Imminent as U.S. Peace Groups Urge Biden to Halt Escalation

Minneapolis neighborhood plans to pay for extra police patrols

The US state that fought back after Republicans tried to rig its elections

US and allies have ignored Russia's security demands, Putin says

All aboard!!! (Warning language)

Admit it: you can't tell at first whether this is satire or not:

I recently bought a thesaurus,

Gosar defends white nationalist Nick Fuentes on social media site Gab

WTF? This is the judge ready to pick PA'S new congressional map. Dems fighting it

Josh Hawley would see any Black woman as a 'hard woke left' choice for Supreme Court

Major winter storm: Heavy snow, paralyzing ice forecast for Midwest, mid-South.

Don't be surprised by less GOP resistance (even a few votes) for SCOTUS, BUT

Donations could help this woman reopen her museum of black dolls: fascinating story--

CO Sec. of State: 'We Are Seeing The Worse Attack On Democracy Right Now'

The post office wasn't kidding. Tests arrived in today's mail

Show This to Whoopi

Trump gave $1M to Meadows nonprofit weeks after Jan. 6 panel's creation

FBI Goes On Alert After Trump Threats

Trump stars in Perdue's debut TV ad

India Arie, Graham Nash Join Mass Exodus From Spotify

Police: Person in custody at Bridgewater College in Virginia, shelter in place continues

To Those Who Claim to Understand Bitcoin

Hey, it's a Chinese year for us Tigers! Time to ROAR...

It seems there were others besides Sinema opposed to $15/hr minimum wage

A good description of "common knowledge."

Get the book and best teachers out of the schools

Hey! Yeah! What she said

The Resurgence Of Black Codes And The Rise Of White Supremacy In Texas

Anti-vaccine protest in Canada spurs outrage

Norway mass killer Anders Breivik ordered to stay in jail

The devastating floods in Brazil

Macro Studies

The danger of a 2nd Term for Trump can't be overstated.

Meat Loaf - Paradise By The Dashboard Light Full orchestration

Meet Kevin, the garden's most efficient killing machine (Twitter video)

I used to draw a lot when I was younger, ... here are some examples...

I just happened to think the other day how hard it must've been for young people

A Little Spectrum-y​ : What the Autism Diagnosis Says About You

Watching Jen Psaki press briefing

Did you finish your Amazon returns?

City of Denver lifting mandatory mask and vaccine requirements for businesses

Maddow has new Covid exposure and that's why she's absent.

Trump gave $1M to Meadows nonprofit weeks after Jan. 6 panel's creation

Free N95 masks. My wife picked up our six free N95 masks at the grocery store pharmacy

Pritzker Plan To Save Illinoisans $1B On Gas, Groceries, Taxes

Here's an Unfortunate Fact: Most People Do Not Agree with You.

Burning Down The House - Talking Heads

Larry Hogan Confirms He's Mulling Presidential Bid

Furry Panic Is the Latest Dumb GOP Attack on Public Schools

That's gonna be a hard pass from me......

Beatles Quiz by lyrics

HELP WANTED: Nationals seek would-be 'Racing Presidents'

Setting Up

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone welcoming in the Year of the Tiger!

"Luck and professionalism" kept a Maryland fan alive after a cardiac arrest at Iowa

Suspect in shooting threats against UCLA now in custody, authorities say

Mike Luckovich-Bringing a bullhorn to a confession

Trump tore up records turned over to House Capitol attack committee

Swedish firm deploys crows to pick up cigarette butts

DOJ Silence Regarding Trump Plays Into His Race War Baiting Game

Meteorologist Predicts Close To Dozen Inches Of Snow In Alton, 14-15 Inches For Jerseyville, Carlinv

Old cat video, still makes me laugh till my stomach hurts

Columbia to open Wabash Bus Station Tuesday through Friday

"We Don't Talk About Bruno" is now the No. 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Terrified Rescue Dog Wouldn't Come Out Of Hiding Until...

Tensions rising in Myanmar 1 year after coup

Michigan Attorney General joins investigation of Lee Chatfield sex abuse claims

Irish DJ, 91, is a hit on UK hospital radio

Austin to Governors: Guard Troops Must Get COVID-19 Vaccine

Capital B, written for and by Black people, launches as a nonprofit newsroom

The Jan. 6 committee needs to back up its words with action

Who started the bullshit that the election was stolen.

Book banning in Texas schools: Titles are pulled off library shelves in record numbers

Alleged truck thieves in Georgia take selfies with driver's phone

U.S. Senator Ben Ray Lujan (D-NM) was hospitalized Thursday after suffering a stroke

Lightning bolt extending across 3 U.S. states sets global record

Why Do The Cable News Stations Keep Saying That TFG Is The....

Ancient helmets, temple ruins unearthed at dig in southern Italy

Sexy MF video: One of the most ridiculous and wonderful Prince things, ever

Landslides kill at least 22 in Ecuador capital

Native American tribes reach $590 million opioid settlement

1 dead, another injured after shooting at Minnesota school

Police: Man in custody in Colo. over alleged threats to UCLA

Pet Peeves of the Day

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 2 February 2022

Senate panel votes down Wheeler nomination; fight not over

NSO offered 'bags of cash' for access to U.S. cell networks, whistleblower claims

My 30 Comics Showing The Backstory Of Popular Animal Pictures

Have We In The U.S. Taken Another Page From Nazi History When....

What's for Dinner, Tues., Febr. 1, 2022

Manchin, key Dem, says Build Back Better bill is 'dead'

William Shatner -- Rocket Man (1978)

Chicken Fricassee - quick French Chicken Stew

Over a dozen HBCUs get bomb threats on first day of Black History Month

U.S. and Allies Close to Reviving Nuclear Deal With Iran, Officials Say

🏮Spring Festival Gala: "The Painting Journey - The Legend of a Panorama of Mountains and Rivers"

Pfizer applies to the F.D.A. for a two-shot vaccine for children under 5, despite mixed trial result

The Inside Story of the Banning of "Maus." It's Dumber Than You Think.

Senate panel votes down Wheeler nomination; fight not over

Trump-backed candidates confront cash wave

We Now Know How Much Cash Drumpf Had in the Bank

Tai chi masters practice atop China's skyscrapers for Spring Festival Gala🏮

Remember when a school shooting was a big deal

Brian Flores sues NFL, teams, as former Miami Dolphins coach alleges racism in hiring practices

Decatur man pleads to Jan. 6 charge, but gun charges loom

Consider This When Dealing with Trump's Lawyers/Enablers/Co-Conspirators

Former Alabama Sen. Doug Jones to help guide Biden's SCOTUS nominee through the Senate

Sen. Lujan suffers stroke, expected to make full recovery, his office says

Lauren Boebert Gets More Primary Challengers As Republicans Grow Tired Of Her 'Grandstanding'

Rep. Madison Cawthorn sues N.C. election board over candidacy challenge

Former Pence adviser on why Pence needs to talk to Jan. 6 committee

Former Dolphins coach Brian Flores sues NFL and its teams for discrimination

"Trump's right. I've been very bad!" . . . Please come CAPTION Ted Cruz!!

UFCW cancels strike vote, expands talks with Smith's grocery chain in New Mexico

UFCW cancels strike vote, expands talks with Smith's grocery chain in New Mexico

re: book burnings . . . . Just curious, does anyone know what Bebelplatz is?

Are Jews a Race?

The White House is trying to prepare Americans for a 'strange' jobs report

Kroger's King Soopers union workers approve new contract

Jamie Raskin's "Unthinkable"

Man adopts senior dog to make him happy in final years

At least Rep. Mace is tackling the most important issue facing the U.S.

Boris Johnson attended leaving do during strict January lockdown

John Fetterman's First Video Ad for U.S. Senate in 2022

It appears that the "Truckers for Freedom" protest in Canada was part of a Russian Op

Colbert talking about his wife... next level feels!

The U.S. media are making a deadly mistake with Trump

Yes! Your tax dollars at work!!

The U.S. media are making a deadly mistake with Trump

Two Officers Killed, Man Taken Into Custody Near Bridgewater College

Netflix Posts a Record $5.3 Billion in Profits and a Federal Tax Rate of Just 1.1 percent

The Daily Show: Canadian Truckers Protest Trudeau's Vaccine Mandate

Gorsuch will be speaker at Federalist Society event w/ DeSantis, Pence & Kayleigh McEnany

Mobile app?

Grand Jury and/or DOJ prosecutors already listening to Pence's aides?


In textbook example of white fragility, mom wants biography of Michelle Obama pulled from schools

Native American tribes reach $590M settlement with U.S. opioid distributors

The Lizard Song Music Video

Own the Libs - Mark Fiore - Political Cartoon

I came up with a scathingly brilliant (I hope) way to feed the ferals, despite a potential big snow

"Strongmen: Mussolini to the Present" --Ruth Ben-Ghiat

NYT Report: Trump Had Direct Role In Proposals To Seize Voting Machines - Deadline - MSNBC

"No One Is Above The Law"...Those 6 words apply to Trump too. Too stupid to figure that out.

The Slobfather will be a pariah

Glenn Youngkin Sets Up Tip Line To Report Teachers And You Know What Pranksters Did Next -- HuffPost

LOL Chump now asking 1/6 Committee to investigate Pence

Look who I caught!!!

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer tests positive for Covid

Local coverage of Tom Brady retirement FTW

Just thinking about all the calls for book banning in schools in the USA.

Michael Flynn needs to be recalled to active duty.

How Brad Pitt's green housing dream for Hurricane Katrina survivors turned into a nightmare

Insurrectionist Madison Cawthorn Files Lawsuit To Stop Voters From Disqualifying Him From Office

GOP Wars With Books And 'Critical Race Theory' In Schools - Deadline - MSNBC

Check out this suite of commercial free internet rock stations, St. Louis-style

Why no vote in CA on single-payer?

Democratic Senator Suffers a Stroke

Breaking news: Jan 6th committee has notes from oval office meetings.

Many 'Parent' Groups Opposing Masks and CRT Are Driven By Dark Money Sources; Book Bans

Sunset, southern MD

Pro-Trump lawyers face deadline from January 6 committee


Wasting My Time

Tomorrow, keep an eye out for Elmer Rhodes.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said 'no one can guarantee' there won't be planned power outages again

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said 'no one can guarantee' there won't be planned power outages again

The United States of Hypocrisy: Revisiting the Monroe Doctrine

Stand still you oily buggers!

Kinzinger wants Dems & Indies to vote in GOP primaries to defeat Trumpists

No. 2 Senate Republican praises election official for standing up to Trump

Alternate Loving