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'Blue' suburban moms are mobilizing to counter conservatives in fights over masks, book bans...

I've Seen Unvaxed People

Quokka having breakfast:

Fatal police shootings in 2021 set record since The Post began tracking, despite public outcry

Read the emails showing Trump allies' connections to voting machine seizure push

Trudeau defends COVID restrictions amid truck blockades

Maybe there should be some upper-level "legitimate political discourse" against Trump allies...

Official "thank you for my heart" thread

Gazpacho Tactics

She MEANT this, obviously...

The number of US Senate seats the Democrats will end up with after 2022 is 51.

It's unbelievable, there were different levels of crazy among the coup plotters.

Office Gov't Ethics hasn't yet been able to certify DeJoy's 2020 financial disclosure

Adorable Animals Who Have Brothers From Other Mothers

Iran Unveils New Long-Range Missile

Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers live: "Moanin'"

Can we just give Florida back to Spain?

Climate change threatens ancient Roman structure ...

So, is "legitimate political discourse" now in the same category as "legitimate rape", i.e., both

"There's a makeshift tent camp of homeless people outside my hotel window in Los Angeles."

Statement from Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco on the Introduction of the Violence Against Wo

252 sumo wrestlers, officials test positive after January tournament

Industrial Farming: Tyson, US Poultry Giant Using Land 'Twice The Size Of NJ' For Animal Feed, Study

A Raid by Nancy Pelosi's Gazpacho Police (The Atlantic) 🤣😂🤣

An incomplete history of as a platform for scams, grift, and bad journalism

Is this the beginning of the end for Trumpism or the Republican Party?

National Archives asks Justice Dept. to investigate Trump's handling of White House records

Complaining about the Gazpacho Police is legitimate political discourse!

Denver TV weatherman has meltdown

Legal experts baffled by sentence for registering to vote

The 2 parties are not the same. One party is for the wealthy and corporations.

The MSM may be gaslighting us with the NFL head coaching discrimination story

A top banker received a $20 million bonus after four firms made him job offers

Alabama bill would ban hormone treatment for transgender minors

TCM now! 'When We Were Kings'. For boxing fans!

Potential Supreme Court nominee faces questions on religious rights case

SD House lawmakers limit 'critical race theory' bills' reach

(Why) We Should Think of Greed as a Form of Insanity

Bob Saget died from head trauma, family says

White House denounces Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' bill as 'hateful' after DeSantis backs it

First Quarter Plus

Why are people making fun of MTG's comments about the Gazpacho?

Archives Found Possible Classified Material in Boxes Returned by Trump

BP says its EV charging stations about as profitable as conventional gas stations

Michigan: SUV slides into Rouge River after driver gets out to pee on side of the road

UN rapporteur 'appalled' by convictions for Honduran environmentalists who opposed open-pit mine

UN rapporteur 'appalled' by convictions for Honduran environmentalists who opposed open-pit mine

Trump Took Classified Information from White House

Sanders calls on Democrats to bring up drug pricing bill in Senate

Is it true that, after seeing Kevin McCarthy's recently demonstrated prowess as a sprinter,

Utterly insane 5th Circuit blocks Biden's federal workforce vaccine mandate

Could someone who's been following the Ottawa trucker protest minutely enlighten me?

The Army Vet Who Was Prepping Civilians for a 'Pending' Civil War

Erik Prince Raised Funding For Effort To Spy On Democratic, Progressive, & Anti-Trump GOPers

AOC is really good at this.

Jan. 6 Select Committee Subpoenas Trump Adviser Peter Navarro - MSNBC

Heartless - (seems timely! ;-) )

I may hurl.

Stop Telling Me Trust-Fund Kids Are Financial Wizards

Merrick Garland seems to have his plate full (I mean really full).

Tacoma's moratorium on utility shutoffs will end soon. Payment assistance is available

Chimps observed medicating themselves -- and others -- with insects for the first time

King County Turns Up The Pressure To Resolve Concrete Strike

Is it normal to just want to sleep all the time?

TFG is on an endorsement spree and has now put his MAGA stamp on more than 100 political candidates

Jewish Ala. student reprimanded by school for complaining about students doing Nazi salute in class

Canada's Trucker Protests Reach Across The Border - Zerlina. - The Choice MSNBC

Liberal Redneck - Florida's "Don't Say Gay" Bill


Steve Sack: Cause of Death

Just discovered

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp: Let parents opt students out of masks in Georgia

Every Little Kiss - Bruce Hornsby & The Range

The KAYAK TV commercial,

Sex-Crazed Republicans? Third TX House Member Caught In Alleged Sex Scandal


Thank you sweethearts for the hearts

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread

MAGAworld Bomb: Top Trump Aide Subpoenaed After Admitting Plot On MSNBC - The Beat - MSNBC

Just finished the 1st season of "TRACES". Would recommend.

58 years ago tonight

Thin Line Between Love And Hate

Woo hoo, thanks for the hearts!!

Thanks again for the Hearts

Washington's outdoor mask mandate to be lifted Feb. 18; indoor to follow

Amazon's headcount in Washington state swells past 85,000

Canadian provinces lift COVID restrictions, protests remain.

Self-serve taproom to open in Tacoma's $125M Brewery Blocks development

So what else did the Slobfather steal from the White House.

So truckers wanna "Ottawa" here, maybe the eggs for Bezos' yacht are going to the wrong place.

Ever get something stuck on the bottom of your shoe?

Belarusian skier banned for political views, flees country

Top Obama Lawyer Hits Republican National Committee With Damning New Nickname

Jewish Alabama student reprimanded by school for complaining ...

Pence, MCConnell & other Republicans Break from Trump: Kevin McCarthy Scurries Away from Reporters

Judge denies Grider motion to dismiss count in Capitol riot case

Cancun Cruz breaks with Moscow Mitch and says it's a 'mistake' to call January 6 an Insurrection

The test.

Trump 'On Board' With Coup? House Demands Aide Testify

Equifax Breach Settlement (from 9/2017 event) -- Received an Email Today with an Access Code

From On-Air To Under Oath: WH Vet Navarro Subpoenaed

Thank you to the anonymous heart giver.

Lithuania seeks permanent U.S. troop deployment in face of Russian build-up

I want to thank you for the hearts!

Got more hearts! Thank you! They always give me a smile.

Republicans divided over messaging on January 6 Capitol attack - CBS News

Stax was better than Motown, and all those millions of boomers with their "Best of Motown" -

Thomas Massie Is Either the Dumbest Member of Congress or He's Joking About Elderly People Dying

Russia's state RT channel appeals against German ban in court

"Scars and Bars" Gary Chambers

Right-wing conspiracy theorists are lodging a disturbing attack on software that actually does fight

I have a few hearts left.

Why Are We Declaring Victory Over Covid? - The Mehdi Hasan Show

Putin's superyacht abruptly left Germany amid sanction warnings over Russia-Ukraine tensions, report

When Othello is sitting on me,and that celebrity

Ok call me a sap......but when an American wins a gold...and they raise the American Flag....

I got hearts to give away. Tell me the corniest kids joke you have.

Ron Johnson,Chuck Grassley GOP, senators who had plenty to say about Hillary's emails

Flip flops Teddy Cruz is going flipping flopping again!

White House disputes reports of federal funds for crack pipes

A question on the Olympics

Thanks for the hearts ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

TFG Committed So Many Crimes His Supporters Would Get Really Mad If He Is Prosecuted For

Somebody's been hitting the sauce.....

War is a horror.

Rep. Porter On Congress Stock Trading Ban: We Must Earn Back Public Trust - All In - MSNBC

F__k this whole word

People sometimes express their pride in theif families, so I guess I will, too.

My favorite part of all the hearts

tiedrich gives sound advice to parents

Glenn Kirschner: Between Navarro And Draft Executive Order This Is Like 'Sedition For Dummies'

The Box Tops - The Letter

Thursday A.M. Relax Cafe Jazz & Bossa Nova for Chilling Out

Ok I am confused

George Takei tweeted re: 'Gazpacho'

"With the Gazpacho Police, every crime is a cold case" (twitter is all a-twitter; tweet heavy)

Lawrence on MSNBC: ЯUSSIA now has amassed 135k + troops on Ukraine border.

Tweet of the Night:

Anti-Vax Doctor Reaches Plea Deal In Capitol Riot Case - All In - MSNBC

False flag name taking in Ottawa:

COVID-19 truck blockade in Canada shuts down Ford plant

Tweet of the Late Night:

Thanks for the hearts given me.

Biden Warned of Possible Trucker Protests

Does this sound like Melania Trump ?

well thanks for the hearts....

What's the definition of a Republican/conservative/ cult tfg?

The Byrds - Turn, Turn, Turn

So I'm slightly stoned, and a bit more than slightly buzzed

Kevin McCarthy wants to kill America's school children

Bonus Tweet of the Day

'We Are Not There Yet': As States Drop Mask Rules, the C.D.C. Stands Firm

The Alehouse Boys (and a violinist whose name is involved. No offense! 😁)

They Say I'm Different

Widespread lawlessness.

Joy Reid Explains American Right-Wing Co-Optation Of Trucker Protest - The ReidOut - MSNBC


3 Mackinaw City hotels accused of bait-and-switch

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Creedence Clearwater Revival - I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Shaky Jake (so sick)

How Ari Melber could land Ted Cruz in prison

If I were caught with a couple of kilos of cocaine, the police wouldn't simply confiscate...

Grand Funk Railroad - I'm Your Captain - Shea Stadium, 1971

Little Rescue Kitten Is Basically A Baby!

Bad Luck Blue Eyes

Starbucks fires 7 employees involved in union effort after TV interview at Memphis store

Perfect poop in seven days.

The Daily Show: Blue States Begin Removing Mask Mandates & Stacey Abrams's Photo-Op Faux Pas

The manatees are starving

Bob Saget bumped his head too hard and that's what killed him.

(Jewish Group) Survey: College antisemitism strongest in the Northeast in 2021

Congressman appears to refer to U.S. Jews as Israeli citizens, asks rabbis to pledge Jewish loyalty

Sometimes Salvation

(Jewish Group) Washington Commanders defensive tackle wishes he could dine with Hitler

(Jewish Group) Popular Brazilian podcaster says the country should recognize a Nazi party

Strange Brew - Cream

(Jewish Group) British Jews record 2,255 antisemitic incidents last year -- the highest tally in Euro

If you enjoy soup jokes and have infinite contempt for MTG, you might enjoy this Reddit thread

(Jewish Group) In this Turkish city, historic synagogues are seeing new life


NYT: Trump May Have Taken Classified Material From White House - The Last Word - MSNBC

At Lipstadt's long-delayed confirmation hearing, Republicans double down on holding it up

If North Carolina can block Cawthorn using the Constitution, why can't others do the same.

Destinee Lashaee, Trans Star on My 600-lb Life, Has Died

Thank you kind person who just gave me a heart!

Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get - The Dramatics

The Supreme Court's newest attack on voting rights, explained

Thorn In My Pride

In a First, Asian-American Lesbian Confirmed to Ambassador-Level Post

Olympics men's free skate (spoiler)

My good deed for the day (OK - yesterday).

Natural Born Boogie

Lawrence: Rep. Greene's 'Gazpacho Police' Rant A 'Stunning Display Of Stupidity' - The Last Word MSNBC

Okay, completely cheesy but rocks nonetheless

Tower of Power - You're Still A Young Man

Yeah, I've posted and reposted and reposted this number

41k people call on police to investigate suspicious death of gay man

Marvin Gaye - Mercy Mercy Me

I'll Be Creepin'

So, the dazzling young superstar Russian woman skater, who is a wonder on the ice,

"Domino's spent $50.4 million (and counting) on TV ads to brag about giving local businesses a total

Plouffe: RNC Calling Jan. 6 'Legitimate Political Discourse' Is 'Dangerous' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Flint schools unveil Elon Musk-funded water fountains

Friggin awesome Free cover by The Faces

Itchykoo Park

Hay un grupo de Frances (francophone) porque no de Espaol? nt

Tin Soldier

Does the recipe for gazpacho...

What The National Archives Found Inside The Boxes Trump Took To Florida

What The National Archives Found Inside The Boxes Trump Took To Florida - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Last Dance - Donna Summer

Wow. Just saw an add that was aired on Faux news saying TFG caused the insurrection.

Argue all you want, best performance in rock history

Eyeroll Of The Week: Matt Gaetz's Speech On Sexual Harassment

Maybe I'm amazed, man!

Miami Herald: Its the Gunshine State-an argument at Publix or road rage on I-95 could get you killed

A trip to Malibu Lagoon State Beach

Thank you for the sweet heart

Live With Me

Records Retrieved From Trump By National Archives May Include Classified Material: Reports - Velshi

7 O'Clock

Dear Madame Speaker ... if you have a favorite family recipe for gazpacho ... now is the time to

Sex Party!

What a lovely surprise. Thank you for the heart!

Drunk Like Me

No hearts? Hit me up. I have 40 left to give to DUers devoid of a heart

Some person somewhere said the Truck Convoy was 8 months

Poor Elon: SpaceX Loses 40 Starlink Satellites After Geomagnetic Storm Hits Earth

The Wine Business Sees A Problem: Millennials Aren't Drinking Enough.

Canada Afflicted With Right-Wing American Covid Conspiracy Chaos - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

FYI re: N95 masks

To whomever: Thanks for the hearts.

Maybe This Was Covered Here At DU - About Those Boxes That Made Their Way To Mar-a-Lago.....

Shinzo No Tobira

Russia begins major military exercise that West fears is cover for attacking Ukraine

Marjorie Taylor Greene Slams Pelosi's "Gazpacho Police" & Republicans Downplay January 6th Violence

Iran Timeline To Nuclear Weapon 'Frighteningly Short' After Failed Trump Policy - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Mind Control Made Easy (or How to Become a Cult Leader) by Carey Burtt

Olympics: Mens Figure Skating Results

Betty Davis: Your Mama Wants Ya Back

Have You Received the Free Government #COVID19 Rapid Tests, Yet?

☦ Orthodox Christian: 'Kontakion of the Departed' (Kievan) Choir of Clare College, Cambridge

"Louder Than Bombs". Powerful drama with a great cast

My fav feral calico cat

Prosecutor Exposes Another Facet Of Trump Scheme To Seize Voting Machines After 2020 Loss - Velshi

Marjorie Taylor Greene HUMILIATES herself with misstep of the year - Brian Tyler Cohen

Police unions urge judges to block vaccine mandate for jail guards

West Virginia Public High School Students Forced to Attend Evangelical Sermon Between Classes

House Rep Claims Pelosi Is Dressing Up Capitol Police Like Construction Workers To Investigate him

Photographers don't like puns........

Any Red Dwarf fans?

🟩 Thursday's Wordle - 2/10/22

Bob Saget died from head trauma, family says

'GAZPACHO POLICE': Marjorie Taylor Greene FACE PLANTS while trying to lie about Nancy Pelosi

Wisconsin and Texas guy Troy Nehls

For those who missed it - The. Raskin Documentsry will be repeated on Friday night. At 10,00pm

Breakfast Thursday 10 February 2022

I'm looking for a one night stand maybe two

New report details the influence of Christian nationalism on the insurrection

Saw this ad for Democratic Senate candidate, Gary Chambers

Haberman book: Flushed papers found clogging Trump WH toilet

Hertz had man arrested, he spent 24 hours in jail.. never rented from Hertz

Starship stacked and ready for tonight's SpaceX event.

Ewwww, some of TFG documents found clogging a toilet in WH.

"A big hammer is about to drop and they don't want to be in the path."

"murdered by indifference" photographer falls on busy Paris street, received no help for 9 hours.

NM Governor: Legislature's inability to tackle crime 'defies explanation'

New Mexico keeping mask mandate as other states drop requirement

Good morning. Do you have a clear sky?

Thursday TOONs - The Cheddar Shredder

Wordle 236 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

Peter Navarro; Yes we robbed the bank, but everything I did was legal.

Will the Freedom Couscous fight this soup assault?

I love giving hearts away!

The Army Vet Who Was Prepping Civilians for a 'Pending' Civil War

Biden's schedule for Thursday, February 10, 2022

Diplomats meet in Moscow and Berlin as Russia holds drills

According to the White House schedule,

Conor Lamb's Senate campaign is getting a super PAC boost -- featuring James Carville

Fetterman noncommittal on candidate event organized by Western Pa. Democratic coalition

Fetterman noncommittal on candidate event organized by Western Pa. Democratic coalition

Transgender Penn swimmer deemed eligible for Ivy League championships

But HER emails?

I told my wife that marge green is a real souper star

"Freedom on the Move" great story about teaching the history of slavery

Thank you all.

NE England's Fishery Collapsing - Lobsters, Crabs, Octopus, Even Rock Sponges Dying, Seals Starving

Juvenile offenses can count in 'three strikes' life sentences, NJ court rules

HS history books used to have a couple paragraphs about Joe McCarthy and the red scare

This Biden Administration is good. Got my 2 free Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Tests in the mail already.

Don't Worry About That Newly Approved North Sea Oilfield; Net-Zero Something "Stewardship" Something

Brookies! I'll say no more!

Just looked to see how fox was reporting the National Archives request to the DOJ story.

"Vast Majority" Of Tory MPs Support Net-Zero, Say Tory MPs - Just Ignore Brexiteers, Climate Liars

One of my favorite movies in now streaming on Netflix!

Thank you for the hearts

So, it's been reported that Trump was seen EATING paper from documents he'd torn to pieces. Now,

Thanks for the hearts!

Russian gallery security guard accused of drawing eyes on painting

I used to make the best pork brown gravy

Keine Suppe fr Sie!

This man was singing in the street, when by chance, the main singer in the ongoing play The Phantom

Sleep Walking Fix

"Convoy" protests - if it happens here, what should be done?

Can you name the song with this interesting origin?

I am overwhelmed by all the hearts you dear folks have sent me

Trump did a document dump!

Jobless claims: Another 223,000 individuals filed new claims last week

Inflation reaches 40-year high: January CPI posts 7.5% annual gain

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 2/9/2022

Art of the Week: Week of 2/8/22


I am not sure why Dave Chappelle is so popular

NorCal Vegetation Flammability On Par W. June Or Early July; 30 Days w/o Rain In SF

Thank you for the love.❤

On the WH paper dumps, trump claims . . .

This nails it

Don't have cable?

Why gun violence can't be our new normal

The Gazpacho Police are also in bed with Anti-Phở

RIP Anne D. Bernstein

Steve Lehto: New Jury Duty Arrest Warrant Scam

Today's Image Dump (2/10/22)

My tiny little brain keeps telling me to win big in the midterms

Todd Day Wait. A mellow old CW voice and a genuine songwriting talent

Madoc's slathering jaws of death

Mom pretends to leave her baby alone with the camera to see what he does

Roots Rock Reggae

Ultimate Tennis Ball Prank (Priceless Reaction)

Served cold by Nancy Pelosi

Anxiety explained, sort of

Police called to tell me they recovered my stolen sofa. That's so cool, I was just hoping they'd

President Trump May Have Violated Laws Protecting Government Property When He Destroyed, Removed Rec

Workers at Largest GM Plant in Mexico Win Historic Vote for New Independent Union After 2019 Reforms

Kid Has No Idea (Prank)

'Aspirational' Trucker Convoy From California to DC Could Disrupt Super Bowl, Traffic: DHS

Whitmer's bold budget attempts to repair consequences of disinvestment

Pic Of The Moment: Trump WH Toilet Was Repeatedly Clogged With Flushed Presidential Papers

Oh hell yes!! The internet's has GAZPACHO POLICE memes

Second Whitmer kidnapping suspect pleads guilty, denies being entrapped

Apropos of nothing, remember this Trump complaint?

Album released this date in 1964

OK! All of These Gazpacho Threads Belong in Cooking and Baking!

Another heart!

Wow---from CNN about Trump flushing documents:

So, were the toilets clogged in the White House what came before or after

La Bamba - Playing for Change (I needed something to wake me all the way up.)

Beyond the Soup... Pelosi does not control the Capitol police

Lines written by 'naughty pupils' among 18,000 ancient pottery fragments found in Egypt

Dogs can be trained to sniff out COVID-19 - a team of forensic researchers explain the science

This pic of POTUS with friends is for my 10 yr old grandaughter

Has Andrea Mitchell commented? Remember this every single day?

McConnell demands that governors stop Biden from making America greener

Forced overtime

And even "gestapo police" would have been redundant anyway, Margie.

Bradley Whtford joins the fun (and the puns) on MTG

Inflation isn't the problem! The real problem is employers are shafting workers

The mask debacle

How To Exit A Store like Michael Jackson

He has been out of the White House for over a year and his sickness still dominates the news media.

What Happens to Middle School Kids When You Teach Them About Slavery? Here's a Vivid Example.

Messaging inflation:

5 Ways Your Company May Be Exploiting You Robert Reich

Golden Earring - Twilight Zone (live on German TV show Rockpalast, 1982)

Jose Andres for the gazpacho win

Former military & intelligence officers are helping to run the Ottawa Flag of Canada occupation.

Difference in NYT coverage of "scandals": HRC vs. DJT

Seems trump could be filmed shooting everyone in a bank on 5th Avenue and still not be arrested.

Ottawa Police: We are aware of a concerted effort to flood our 911 and non-emergency policing report

Book reveals Trump staff found flushed papers in White House toilet - CNN

Everything is relative...

Paxton investigates GoFundMe for ending donations to Canadian truckers protesting vaccine mandates

WV high school students forced to attend evangelical service

The Liberal Patriot: The Left Is Blowing Its Big Opportunity

I once witnessed an armed bank robbery....saw their faces, getaway car, license plate.

Does anyone still need a heart?

7379 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs; 165 deaths

Trudeau govt. brought to its knees by gang of ex-RCMP and military

Thank you for my hearts

All I Ask of You from Phantom of the Opera by a street busker who got a HUGE surprise!

CBS: National Archives asks Justice Department to investigate Trump's handling White House records

Real Life Superheros Caught On Camera

Smooches Gracias

Malcolm Nance just quoted DU on Stephanie Miller's show!

So is the potty paper caper going viral?

Heart - Dog and Butterfly (live) (more Heart for the season)

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 10, 2022

What a wonderful surprise to wake up to Hearts! Thanks to you who remembered me.

coercive evangelism

Just curious

Public's Views of Supreme Court Turned More Negative Before News of Breyer's Retirement

Southeast DC teen charged after bomb threats made against DC schools

Any iphone aficionados out there?

Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: Feb. 9

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: Feb. 9

Libya: Gunmen attack Dbeibah's car ahead of vote to replace him

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: Feb. 9

Maggie "Access" Haberman is getting ROASTED on Twitter (again). This time it's about her book.

Hey guys! Try praising you SO once in a while, even if it does

I gotta heart !

The number of US Senate seats the Democrats will have after 2022 is 50.

"I Can't Stop Thinking About This"

Drunk and maskless passenger hurls the N-word at Delta flight attendant - then gets fired: report

Woke up to a heart!

Thanks for the heart, my friend.

White House unveils $5 billion plan to blanket US highways with new electric-car chargers

"Drain the swamp"?

Alluva sudden I just have a craving for gazpacho soup! So tell me, can I obtain it already made at

Boston woman wins trip to Concord, New Hampshire, on The Price is Right

When the slathering jaws of death didn't work to get more food, Madoc tried mesmerizing me.

Good Day DU (February 10, 2022)

From the memory hole (Regarding Trump flushing documents) Trump complains about toilets and flushing

Investigators Find Gaps in White House Logs of Trump's Jan. 6 Calls

You know who collaborated with the Gazpacho?

More college students are dropping out during Covid. It could get worse

Sorry, Mitch McConnell. Frankenstein's Monster Runs the GOP Now

Homemade Falafel Recipe (video)

Donate $10 and RHSPCA cats will poop on your ex's name this Valentine's Day

Inside Patriot Front: The Masked White Supremacists On A Nationwide Hate Crime Spree

Could we stop making fun of Greene for the "Gazpacho" remark?

"We Need Restraint": Rep. Ro Khanna Cautions Against Sending U.S. "Lethal Aid" to Ukraine

Senate passes sweeping overhaul of workplace sexual misconduct law

Jamie Fobert Architects' overhaul of a Victorian house in north London, w/ a travertine-lined pool

Investigators Find Gaps in White House Logs of Trump's Jan. 6 Calls

A Trump adviser's angry eruption over Jan. 6 bodes badly for democracy

And then there's the Guacamole Police,

No soup for Marjorie!

The Rightous Tr**p's....

Tweet of the Day

WORDLE 2 Thread Thursday 2/10/2022 (6 Letter Wordle)

What governments can do to oppose the rise of fascism.

No one wanted this grumpy senior dog. Now he lives like a king.

Psychiatrist: Trump's cult isn't born from stupidity -- it comes from lack of morality

A question regarding classified documents in Merde-a-Lardo boxes:

Trump claims Americans have to flush the toilet '10 times

Take the Pew quiz to see what category you are in:

House approves LGBTQ+ human rights bill

Mdme Speaker's gazpacho police...

COVID-19 truck blockade in Canada shuts down Ford plant

David Corn: The Trump Coup: Maybe We Can't Handle the Truth

The Russian women's figure skating team has bigger problems than doping

It's hard to trust the press when journalists keep saving scoops for future books

Yes, aside from being a very effective President, Joe Biden is cool, too....

But His Boxes

Meat Puppets - Warranty

Man is brought to tears because he gets to keep his foster dog

Thank you for the hearts!

Biden to propose 4.6 percent pay raise for federal employees, the biggest hike in 20 years

These fuckers are now disrupting traffic to Ottawa's airport.

MVRDV blames "loveless execution of our designs" for Marble Arch Mound fiasco

Baby hedgehog kisses:

Playful wolverine:

Though for now boxed out of the SCOTUS majority, liberal justices can still influence legal argument

Just so y'all know you're not alone, I too occasionally clench my fists, grind my teeth, mutter

So with the move to "endemic" phase and removing mask mandates

Toiletgate - Get The White House Plumbers

On February 10, 1942, "Chattanooga Choo Choo" became the first recording to be awarded a Gold record

Cristina - Is That All There Is

Sleepy little rat & his tiny teddy bear:

Looks like Nixon's White House

South Carolina police officer charged in fatal shooting of man accused of running stop sign

Laguna Beach fire: Hundreds ordered to evacuate as Emerald Bay blaze burns seven acres

Former Trump adviser falsely claims states are rationing scarce covid treatments based on race

Gentle Giant Horse Teaches A Neglected Horse How To Play

Congress approves sex harassment bill in #MeToo milestone

Justice Sotomayor sees 'unprecedented' threat to SCOTUS in confirmation battles

Biden acknowledges inflation causing real stress for Americans: 'We will make it through this challe

Koalas officially an endangered species in NSW, Queensland

Tennessee and Florida aren't the only states where the history of racism is under siege

Topical pet peeve: It's NOT the Cincinnati BANGLES.

Oh, nothing. Just an ad that imagines shooting a US Senator whose own wife was shot.

Wildfire near Laguna Beach spurs evacuations, closes part of iconic Pacific Coast Highway

How organizers with police and military expertise may be helping Ottawa convoy protest dig in

Meet Kelly Curtis: USA Skeleton's First Black Olympian

Virginia Democrats worry Republicans will roll back reforms

Bolivia ex-leader nez stands trial for Bolivia coup

Can Trump Be Barred for Running for President Because He Flushed Papers Down a Toilet?

China is making sanctions on Russia irrelevant

Meet Kelly Curtis: USA Skeleton's First Black Olympian

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Venezuela: Ongoing Actions Against Colombian Paramilitaries

Hollywood Graveyard on YouTube

Gov. Larry Hogan faces impeachment call from Trump-aligned Republican

Question. (y'all are gonna start charging me to come here)

Republican who ousted Sanford making another run at SC seat

Briefly:Thanks for the hearts.

Colombia's Amazon indigenous groups train youth to defend rainforest by Anastasia Moloney @anastas

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Trump's call records during Jan. 6 riot have gaps in them (CNN)

Prince Charles isolating after testing positive for COVID-19

Prince Charles isolating after testing positive for COVID-19

Tweet of the day

Franken on Senate resignation: 'They made it impossible for me to get due process'

New York Times May Publish Documents About Project Veritas, Court Says

Franken on Senate resignation: 'They made it impossible for me to get due process'

The Germans had the Reichstag Fire.

Tesla Accused by California of 'Pervasive' Racism at Factory

WA Senate OKs ban on sales of high-capacity gun ammunition

Colombian Navy seizes over 4 tons of cocaine in Pacific Ocean

Group that taught people to evade vaccine mandate is raising cash for Troyer's legal fees

American donors to FreeDumb convoy outnumbering Canadians

How Brazil's Gangs Took Their War to Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Toiletwatergate - We Need Congressional Hearings A Crime Has Been Committed

Louisiana launches inquiry into death of Black motorist Ronald Greene

Lawmakers launch 'all levels' probe into Ronald Greene death

U.S. lawmakers probe Trump's handling of White House records

Opinion: Ripping and burning: how Trump White House handled some legally protected documents

There's just no way for Congress-folks to trade stocks without controversy. Re: Blumenthal

Florida Supreme Court rejects DeSantis' redistricting push

Flight from NY to Florida disrupted by belligerent passenger

Last week I posted about my niece getting COVID

How much inflation is being driven by greed?

Which US Senate seat up for re-election in 2022 is the Democrats 50th seat? GA or PA?

Snowdrop (Korean) Official Trailer Disney+

VA Deputy AG overseeing election issues praised Jan 6 insurrectionists said Trump won.

WAPO: Hemming and hawing about banning unruly passengers on flights

Conservative humor: Here's Why I'll Be Keeping My Shoes on in Your Shoeless Home

Luc Montagnier, co-discoverer of HIV, dies aged 89

"Karma" bites GOP in N.Y.: Republicans whine after Dem gerrymander may flip three seats

Trump v Toilets - The Lincoln Project

Rebel, Rebel - David Bowie - Live

I'm amazed how talented politicians are at trading stocks... they're really good at this!

Deputy Va. attorney general resigns after revelation of Facebook posts praising Jan. 6 rioters

One in three Americans have detectable levels of toxic weedkiller, study finds

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Senator Manchin Casts More Doubt on Biden's Agenda With Blast on Inflation

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

Chef Jose Andres confesses to starting the Gazpacho Police!

A Porno-Metal Song About Gay Cowboys Is Disrupting the Anti-Vaxx Trucker Convoy

Barr's calendars shows numerous meetings at WH during TFG's first impeachment

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Freedom Convoy: Paris protest banned by police ahead of arrival

Federal Conservatives call on anti-vaccine mandate protesters to go home

Moving forward messaging

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Alaska finally has a Democratic Senate candidate...

Audit: Millions in COVID purchases by Oklahoma health officials yet to be received

Why a High-Ranking FBI Attorney Is Pushing 'Unbelievable' Junk Science on Guns

RFK Jr. has been busy buying up Republican AGs to get anti-vax legislation passed

'Free Crack Pipes' Myth Rooted in False Free Beacon Report

Suggestions for free, secure faxing app?

Threat Against Lawmakers Surge.

Ontario skipping third meeting with federal, Ottawa governments to discuss ongoing protests

Cartoons 2/10/2022

New political mapping concludes with revisions by lawmakers

Adrift after enslavement, Yazidi teen says she can't go home

FEPS: Progressive Yearbook 2022 (free download)

Virginia Deputy AG Resigns Over Facebook Posts

Trump Quack Peter Navarro BEGGING For Contempt Of Congress Referral Please Baby Please!

Death of the snow day? NJ lawmakers consider letting schools go remote for bad weather

'It should be illegal:' How to navigate after-hours messages in the remote era

It boggles my mind

Screw Pete Williams,

King County seeks deals to keep concrete flowing for up to 6 years

Buffalo Springfield "Kind Woman"


My co-worker, trumpy, anti vaxer, went on vacation last week

Job openings for attorneys for UVa, VEC, GMU listed

COVID-19 takes serious toll on heart health--a full year after recovery

All I've thought the last 6 years or so - where would each one of us be if we pulled

Arizona Senate candidate releases 'Super Bowl ad' showing armed 'showdown' with Dem leaders

There Is More Than One Big Lie

Russian doping controversy leaves credibility of Olympics 'teetering on the edge'

Dame Cressida Dick to stand down as Met police commissioner

Stock trading ban gains steam but splits Senate GOP

Ari Melber: Peter Navarro is on The Beat tonight.

'Utterly Humiliating': Chris Hayes Spots Sen. Ted Cruz's Latest Embarrassing Moment

U.S. runs $119 billion January budget surplus, Treasury says

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Sprints - "Little Fix"

Hawley proved he's not just antidemocratic in coup attempt. He's also a sloppy lawyer

The Guttmacher Institute Receives $15 Million Donation From MacKenzie Scott

Another revelation for Rep. Matt Gaetz as latest witness says he was in the room where it happened

Ukraine says Russian drills in Black Sea made shipping 'virtually impossible'

Ohio mayor suggests ice fishing shanties may lead to prostitution

We finally now have the universal Designated Hitter!!!

Trump's former communications chief says he's 'terrified' of a forthcoming book by Maggie Haberman

MTG...I can't even...

Jan. 6 investigators find gaps in Trump White House call logs.

New Zealand couldn't meet "freedom convoy" demands because they were endless and "psychotic"

Mask mandate lifted: Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak becomes latest to announce end date

When sucking up, timing is everything...

Boomers, we were once the "new children" that Tim Buckley wrote and sang about

China bought none of the $200 billion it promised from the U.S. under 'Phase 1' trade deal

'It's not safe': Ottawa residents say they've been accosted by 'Freedom Convoy'

We are NOT joking - This is DEAD serious.

Corporate Monopolies Jacking Prices Causing Most Inflation - It's Not The Fed It's The "Free Market"

Wu: Boston will not lift school mask mandate on Feb. 28

Report the Seditionist Sen. James Lankford and his 'friends' to the 1-6 tip line

Trump Calls Joe Rogan 'Weak' For Apologizing For Using Racial Slurs

Report the Seditionist Sen. James Lankford and his 'friends' to the 1-6 tip line

Book reveals Trump staff found flushed papers in White House toilet

Do we know who is funding the Canadian truckers

Colorado mom who fatally abused child, faked illness for Make-a-Wish gifts, gets 16 years in prison

AZ Sen.Mark Kelly's thuglican opponent "shoots" him and other Democratic leaders in new ad with gun.

A suggestion for Ms. Taylor-Greene: if you want people to pay more tension to your pubic speaking,

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tiedrich questions the "shithole media"

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TDFG says....Mitch McConnell Is 'So Against What Republicans Are About'

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will definitely win.

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Kan. principal ordered to apologize for showing video on racism

Jef Tiedrich...FTW

Voting Laws Roundup: February 2022 (Brennan Center)

Police records complicate Herschel Walker's recovery story

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Franken is trying to rewrite history by blaming Democrats who called for him to resign

New Hope, Pa just agreed to pay 750,000.

Ottawa Soup kitchen that truckers in Ottawa invaded and demanded

Let's talk about sociopathic disease spreaders in trucks

OK: Considers Database To Track Pregnant People, Anti-Abortion Bills GOP Gov. Promised To Sign

Brain meltdown

Lunatic Navarro is going to be on the Ari Melber show tonight, again.

Trump backer, 4 others charged with voter fraud in Wisconsin

No... Not at all a cult

Garland said DoJ would follow the evidence whereever it leads. Then #ToiletGate happens.

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Ron Johnson received donations from Wisconsin company that shipped 1,000 jobs out of state

Jan. 6 Committee Finds Gaps In Trump Call Logs From Day Of Capitol Riot (MSNBC)

You Can Be Mitch McConnell for a Day

Kinzinger: "We have to recognize" possibility of a civil war

Police: Lewiston man's severed arm apparently self-inflicted

Spotted at a Trader Joe's in Simi Valley, California

Having just finished "Handmaidens Tale" it got me to thinking...

Former NFL lineman now cooks at his kids' school cafeteria

Pieces of a Man....Gil Scott-Heron

Recalling the horrific redo of the WH Garden by Mrs. Chump,

TCM later:

Is it true that Biden's promise that insurance companies would pay for tests....

'Tell everyone on this train I love them': the meaning of a hero's final words

Florida couple forced adopted son to live in locked structure in garage for years, police say

Report the Seditionist Sen. James Lankford and his 'friends' to the 1-6 tip line

Jurassic World Dominion - Official Trailer [HD]

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Febr. 10, 2022

Dead Party skit... (Monty Python homage)

'Here and there,' then and now.

How many players since WW2 have played 150 games and hit .376

Facebook Has a Superuser-Supremacy Problem

Florida seized a disabled mom's 4-day-old son: 'I didn't think this could happen in America."

Waxing Gibbous, 64% visible

Gov. Phil Murphy extends public health emergency. Here's what it means for NJ

Jig Jam -"I-Grass is what happens when an Irishman discovers a distant relative in America."

Nevada, casinos drop mask mandate as more states relax COVID restrictions

Kevin McCarthy Runs Away From Reporter When Asked If 1/6 Was "Legitimate Political

What is Merrick Garland doing

Rod Stewart - Mandolin Wind

Oklahoma Considers Database For Pregnant People As Roe Hangs In The Balance

That's How It Works When You're a Woman on the Internet

Macron Refused Covid Test While Calling on Putin

Is your "donation" really doing any good?

Corrado to Introduce Legislation Allowing Kids with Special Needs to Unmask in School

You Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley - Mississippi John Hurt - Live

Rumor: Trump Used White House TP with the Preamble of the Constitution on It.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 11 February 2022

It seems trump literally and figuratively flushed his presidency down the toilet, he should follow.

Two emails today from our school system:

I don't watch the Winter Olympics much but I love when commentators

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #12-3: The Good, The Bad, And The Cuddly Edition

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Additional Note on Carew

Flushing the whole truth down the drain!

Judge Amy Berman Jackson while sentencing J6 defendent: "It is not legitimate political discourse"

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Ricky Schroeder isn't doing well

MN GOP AG candidate Lynne Torgerson: "At least two people on my staff were participants in Jan. 6."

Now what do I do? (Ethical dilemma)...

I'm a bit concerned about my cat's drug habit

U.S. Launches Trade Complaint Over Mexico's Failure to Protect Vaquita

U.S. Launches Trade Complaint Over Mexico's Failure to Protect Vaquita

Multiple donors to Susan Collins indicted for illegal straw donor scheme

Virginia's Deputy AG Resigns Over Posts Praising 1/6 Insurrectionists

Republican Lawmaker Basically Begs Anti-Vaxx Truckers to Blockade the Super Bowl

JURASSIC WORLD 3: Dominion Trailer

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Federal judge restores protections for gray wolves in much of the U.S., reversing a Trump policy

Some Trump records taken to Mar-a-Lago clearly marked as classified, including documents at 'top...

China Russia Alliance..a long term threat? This expert doesn't think they will ever form an alliance

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Yes, we've seen this before. Watching the movie "Munich: The Edge of War" on Netflix

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Photo: 'Swallow' by David White/Bird Photographer of the Year

Thank you kind people for my has been a snowy cold week and they warmed

Photo: ''Squacco heron'' by Aguti Antonio/Bird Photographer of the Year)

Period of snow possible early Sunday morning in D.C. area.

55 degrees here in southern MD now.

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Investigators Find Gaps in Records of Trump's Calls

Trump took 'top secret' White House documents to Mar-a-Lago, sources say

First they came for the bouillabase, and I did not speak out - because I'm not from Provencal.

Apparently there is another Tomconroy on this website.

SR. Boniface mysteries on Britbox

Has any one heard about the domestic violence story about Herschel Walker?

EU Magnitsky Act. Go after the financial assets of Putin and the oligarchs that support him.

EXPOSED: The Masked White Supremacists On A Nationwide Hate Crime Spree

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Antonio Brown is signing on with Kanye West as President of Donda Sports

Freight Train - Elizabeth Cotten - Live

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Classified Document Found on tRump's Shoe

Chile: 3 Military Remanded For Murdering An Ecuadoran Student

Let me make this pellucidly clear

Boom! WAPO: Some Documents Taken Clearly Marked "Classified" and "Top Secret".

Macron in Belfort to announce France's global energy, nuclear plan

On MSNBC with Ari Melber: Does Navarro actually believe this BS?

Peter Navarro on Ari Melber's show...

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Mexican migrant shelter aspires to raise its own food

I don't get this:

Trump's Missing Call Logs: Jan. 6 Committee May Have Difficulties Piecing Together Events

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The problem is not that a low-income worker got a 50 cent raise two weeks ago

New planet detected around star closest to the Sun

Morning Joe: Dems Should Take Page From Jim Jordan Playbook; hold endless hearings

Our supernatural power is that we see...

Factory workers in Haiti go on strike to demand higher wages

Trumpy Bear Finds a Honeypot

Washington Is Not a Swamp

Florida inches closer to kneecapping rooftop solar.

Monica Goodling flashback

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'Let's Have The Damn Debate Right Here!' Bernie Sanders Goes After Mike Crapo On Drug Prices

Luc Montagnier, co-discoverer of HIV, dies aged 89

Sarah Palin bombs on witness stand in New York Times trial

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Putin kept Macron at a distance for snubbing COVID demands (would have provided DNA)

Citizens united is the problem...

Dr Peterson- How to Speak (Korean) Authentically

Jeremy Giambi has apparently died of suicide at his parents home.

The 'weirdest wonder' of evolution had an even weirder cousin, new study finds

Ontario court freezes access to funds raised for protest convoy on GiveSendGo platform

Congrats to Nathan Chen from previous USA gold medalists. . .

Missouri's war on public health shows extent of national rift: 'A dark age of politics has begun'

Investigators find gaps in White House phone records from Jan. 6: report

Govt agrees 200 energy rebate, 20% transport fare cut

With watchers on the ground and spy drones overhead, US zeroed in on Islamic State leader's hideout

7 Roman inventions: Incredible feats of ancient technology

Is there a way to get conservatives out of trucking?

Dr. Mark Peterson discusses the relative frequency of common Korean family names

Dispatch from the Ottawa Front: Sloly is telling you all he's in trouble. Who's listening?

Spurned by Trump, Rep. Mace stands outside Trump Tower to pledge fidelity to the former president

Two cats

Two cats

Navarro and Bannon are going to be cell mates.

UPDATE: WV Public High School Allowed Notorious Anti-LGBT Sports Organization To Host Xtian Assembly