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Thank you for the hearts, guys..

Any solid statistical analysis of the apparent huge increase in people acting like dicks?

Live Moon Jelly Cam - Monterey Bay Aquarium

Miles Taylor: 'We Were Afraid To Bring Classified Info To Trump' - Deadline - MSNBC

Al Franken is on Joy Reid (MSNBC) right now.

The Food Wars

As U.S. 'trucker convoy' picks up momentum, foreign meddling adds to fray

Funky Meters (with Ivan and Ian Neville) New Orleans Jazz Festival part 4

First Time In Forever, I Heard This Today

BREAKING: Federal judge in Louisiana district court handcuffs Biden admin on social cost of carbon

The trucker convoy shows how Canadians are being sucked into larger conspiratorial narratives

Love and the Constitution

oh, and fawk Wisconsin........

Shout out to CNN

Damn, our refrigerator just died......😡 😡 😡

God.....Youngkin is such a moron.

Correction of the day

Bob Seger - Travelin' Man / Beautiful Loser

Has {any other} little league team ever produced 2 Academy Award nominees in the same year?

15 out of 23 monkeys implanted with Elon Musk's Neuralink brain chips have reportedly died

Ok, I'm calling out ALL the HEART hoggers.....🥰

Ghislaine Maxwell lawyers cannot keep retrial arguments under seal, judge rules

If classified government documents are found in someone's house,

Damn! I'm sure for someone out there, this is exactly what you need right now.

Sen. Johnson doubles down on not pushing for Oshkosh jobs

Closer to black & white

Trump May Have Stashed Classified Docs In Mar A Lago Boxes - Ring of Fire

Federal investigation of LGBTQ dating ban at BYU dismissed

The right wing justices will continue to gut Americans' constitutional rights by shadow docket

Number of articles Maggie Haberman wrote or contributed to involving Hillary Clinton's emails, ...

Assholes in Canada are going to defy court order to move off bridge.

Sarah Palin's lawyers: New York Times libeled her amidst pattern of sliming conservatives

What does "omicron transmissibility" mean?

Teamsters Denounce Freedom Convoy (link)

Rick Caruso has entered the mayor's race. Will L.A. elect a billionaire?

Going Down

Kansas principal ordered to apologize for showing a video about white privilege after teacher said i

Blade Runner 2099: Ridley Scott to bring sequel TV series to Amazon

I worked for this large company once...


Here's how Fox is covering the Canada protesters

I made this on a meme generator and I might have posted this in GD once?

Utah senator blocks internment camp designation, draws ire

First time hearing MUSHROOMHEAD - Carry On (Official Video Napalm Records) Reaction

SSD prices could spike after Western Digital loses 6.5 billion gigabytes of NAND chips

Russia Masses Its Navy Along Ukraine's Coast as War Becomes a 'Very Distinct Possibility'

Biden to Speak to Putin Satuday

Friday Talking Points -- Republicans In Disarray!

Crowd fundraising site says they will defy Canadian court order to stop disbursing funds to convoy p

Winter Olympics: Kamila Valieva failed drug test confirmed

Paranoia and alarmism: Canada truckers' 'intelligence reports' hint at mindset

Breonna Taylor case jury selection reaches end of 1st phase

U.S. sending 3,000 more troops to Poland amid fresh Ukraine invasion warnings

James Craig, who brutalized BLM protesters as Police Chief, says he supports Canadian truckers

AZ GOP Rep. David Schweikert fined $125,000 by Federal Election Commission for repeated campaign fin

'Gazpacho Police' is now an original klezmer song

(Jewish Group) Only 30, Charlotte Nichols could soon be the UK Labour Party's only Jewish woman...

Friday Night Vodka Buzz. Ask me anything.

Right Wing Media OUTRAGE over "Autonomous Zone" in Seattle during BLM protests

Ban The Books NOW

Perfect water landing

Silliness: Singer/Songwriter Richard Marx vs ex-mlb/ex-convict/horrible person Lenny Dykstra

For the ones who demand Trump be charged for violating the Presidential Records Act - sober thoughts

This is a duplicate post.

Trump Aides Run From Coup? Prosecutor Says W.H. Aide Knows Where The Criminal Lines Are - The Beat

Canadian trucker protests are the latest example of Covid-19 absurdity

TFG claims The New York Times' Maggie Haberman's forthcoming book about him is 'fake'

Texas counties reject unprecedented numbers of mail ballots ahead of March 1 primary

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy thread! TGIF!

Pose a question about a rock band or a rock peformer

As someone who flies relatively frequently, I'm fine with this........

As U.S. 'trucker convoy' picks up momentum, foreign meddling adds to fray

This is a duplicate post.

Are the protesting truckers driving their own trucks?

Injunction against law blocked officials to encourage folks to apply to vote by maiil

ST Discovery is back! (edited)

Hey Canadian Nazis Fly Canadian Flags

State Trooper Is One Of America's Worst - Rebel HQ

Worth reposting: "Stress is the body's physiological response to having to constantly suppress the

Inslee proposes law to increase housing density in cities statewide

From Coup Admission To New Deflection, Ari Melber Breaks Down His Interviews With Trump Aide Navarro

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sues Biden over minimum wage hike for federal contractors

Mayor Harrell to end Seattle eviction moratorium on Feb. 28

UK: Unions Don't Call The Shots Any More - But We'd All Be Better Off If They Did

The car dealer really wants Mrs. Snark's leased vehicle back.

Clinton chides Trump over allegations he flushed documents down the toilet: 'But her emails'

Another heart.....

Republican strategists shocked by Marjorie Taylor Greene's 'stunning' endorsement power

"Extreme Suffering": 15 of 23 Monkeys with Elon Musk's Neuralink Brain Chips Reportedly Died

Full Frontal, Samantha Bee: How Conservative Book Bans Don't Protect Kids (parts 1 & 2)

My cousin became a criminal today

Poll: Americans say either stay out or side with Ukraine over Russia

Sunset behind the telephone pole.

Tell The Archive To Check The Sewage Treatment Plant At Mar A Lago

More hearts, thanks!

How do we stop this?

Right-Wing Crack Pipe Lie Gets Smoked - The Beat - MSNBC

Semi trucks and the Super Bowl ...Beau of the 5th nails it again

But, At Long Last, After Much Consideration, and With All Due Respect...Her Emails (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Bruce Hornsby & The Range - Mandolin Rain

Question about Sarah Palin suing for libel by the NYT:

Extended Theme - Battlestar Galactica - All Along the Watchtower

Another thread thanking heart donors... don't see this everyday:

Thank you for my hearts!

Is it Fascism? Is it Socialism? Words mean things.

Batucada Mallorca Pachamama Percussio

New Details On Trump's Reported Document Stealing, Destroying, Flushing - All In - MSNBC

If the Moscow Midget (Putin) invades Ukraine

Thank you, for the hearts

Meet The Candidates Running On 'Explicitly Pro-Coup Platforms' - All In - MSNBC

I'm not sure what I did to deserve them, but great thanks for the hearts!!!

Mueller Declined to Charge Don Jr. and Roger Stone

Your hearts make me happy! DU is the best!

U.S. Expects Russian Invasion of Ukraine Next Week

Trump was never running

I have hearts to give. Do you? Or would you like a heart?

CNN: An 11-year-old girl with Down syndrome was being bullied.

Make your Super Bowl pick here!

For those who entertained, even for a moment, the thought that Trump wasn't a total imbecile

Thank you! 😻😍🥰😘

COVID causes "substantial" longterm cardiovascular risks, huge study finds

Republican rift exposes choice: With Trump or against him

customers now posting signs/ instructing Amazon drivers to dance for the Ring Camera/tik tok

Opinion: A fight among Nevada Democrats is putting the party's control of Congress in peril

I don't want to hear anything further on...

Since it's heart time I thought I'd share

1st images from NASA's James Webb Space Telescope just released

Authors Debate Ending All COVID Restrictions As Daily New Case Average Drops To 213,830 - The ReidOut

Today is my birthday. My plan is to drink until I can no longer do math.

Austria resists including Nord Stream 2 in EU package of Russia sanctions

Putin to Invade Urkaine Next week?

Real Time With Bill Maher (02-11-2022)

Sophie's favorite spot for watching the Olympics

'I drank a little too much': Unruly passenger placed in chokehold before takeoff

Go Hellgate! Cross town rival basketball.

Gabbard: Biden needs to guarantee Ukraine doesn't join NATO - this will end crisis with Putin

A WashPost story on Maggie Haberman and Trump --- from last August

I love more hearts!❤️

Right-Wing Crack Pipe Lie Gets Smoked

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 2/11/22

I have a conspiracy theory: Clarence Thomas will resign this year

What is WRONG with these people?!?!?

Asian students call on University of Toronto to take action after staff hands out 'hell money'

For all you donut lovers - The Last Donut

Thank you to the kind person who bought me a heart.

Bring It On Home To Me - Sam Cooke

For Peggy and AndyS

Friday Night Album Rock - Kansas - Masque - 1975

Malcolm Nance...Situation report from Ukraine

US to evacuate Ukraine embassy

so is all this trucker BS connected to the russian invasion of ukraine? discuss

Trump Reportedly Asked About Rescinding Scooter Libby's Pardon for Planning to Attend Liz Cheney...

Shootings: Life in America

Tell It Like It Is - Aaron Neville

'Summer Of Soul' Doc Directed By Questlove Celebrates 'Black Woodstock' Hidden From History - ReidOut

Thank you for the heart!!

I Ain't The One - Jessi Colter, Waylon Jennings Duet

Thanks for the hearts!

Afghanistan's Frozen Assets Could Go To 9/11 Victims - Ayman - MSNBC

Matchbox - Carl Perkins, Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash

Two years ago, Yui's first Monster Hunt

Why The U.S. Must Do More To Help The Afghan People - All In - MSNBC

Its 12:28

I got more hearts! Thanks to my DU friends!

If you like a good romantic comedy...

Biden Supreme Court Short List Down To Three Candidates

After all that shit

War Is Avoidable (If Putin Wants It) - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

A prophecy, in song.

Clarence and Ginni Thomas head off to work

Joe Walsh on what the left doesn't get: TrumpWorld "would happily burn this country down"

Pirambu News founder Givanildo Oliveira shot dead in Brazil

January 6 Probe Tracing Chain Of Command Despite Resistance From Trump Entourage - Velshi - MSNBC

Taking a glass-is-one-seventh-full view of the GOP

Roe vs. Wade trailblazing lawyer Sarah Weddington honored with memorial at Texas State Cemetery

Bill would move chimpanzees at Holloman Air Force Base to federal sanctuary

Baby Footage Of Donald Trump

Roe vs. Wade trailblazing lawyer Sarah Weddington honored with memorial at Texas State Cemetery

US to evacuate Ukraine embassy amid Russian invasion fears

Wisconsin state Supreme Court lets ban on drop boxes go into effect for spring election

Late to the party, but Encanto is amazing.

Texas ban on encouraging mail-in votes likely unconstitutional, judge rules

Thump-thump, repeat, repeat...Love all those lovely hearts all over!

Texas ban on encouraging mail-in votes likely unconstitutional, judge rules

Florida Republicans Move Toward Abortion Ban With New Proposed Restrictions - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Tchaikovski's 'Symphony No.1,' " Winter Reveries", 4 movements

After all this info coming out about the boxes Trump took off with

This is a Twitter thread of many ppl sharing their early Covid experiences from 2019-2020

Monster Hunter World battle in the swamp

The Friday Edition: Brnovich Should Tell Us What's in the Bar Agreement

Unwitting news channel airs defiant gay kiss in Singapore - and censors couldn't do a thing about it

Space Eyes -- Drivin' N' Cryin'

in need of gift ideas

Check Your Head -- Buckcherry

DU 💕 💕 hearts.

Ex-Trump Aide: Dad Boycotted My Wedding After I Spoke Out Against Former President

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MY BIRTHDAY FEB 11TH & was born at 11;39 am. i had a crap birthday. just getting over covid

zoom call ends. fire company begins racist talk not realizing other fire dept still listening

I just saw putin giving a lame ass speech on Tiktok

New Mexico seeks to protect judges from threats, doxxing

Dismantling Elections Commission was on agenda for Ron Johnson meeting texts

"My body. My choice."

Prosecutor's Office Raids the Peruvian Presidential Palace

Here's how you shift anti-vax convoy bullies

Thank you for the hearts to my two new secret admirers. ❤

Brazil's presidential election is a vote for the future of the planet

Transgenic glowing fish invades Brazilian streams

Marseille Vieux Port - taking a break

Transgenic glowing fish invades Brazilian streams

Marseille Vieux Port - Gull and shadows

Marseille Vieux Port and Notre Dame de la Garde

Erin Brockovich: 'Only people paying the price of Chevron are the innocent'

Marseille Vieux Port - Vacation is tough

Erin Brockovich: 'Only people paying the price of Chevron are the innocent'

IRS backlog hits nearly 24 million returns, further imperiling the 2022 tax filing season

Marseille Panier - Clean socks

Thank you, wonderful person, for my hearts.

Someone threw a jar of mayonnaise at me......

Prosecutor isn't pressing charges against reporter who found flaw in state website

Donald Trump's photo memoir is revisionist history and old grudges

So, if you're starting to fill out your tax forms, here's a little tutorial.

An Amish farmer's 600 guns were seized. It's unclear if he broke the law

Trump's Jan. 6 calls likely being 'reverse engineered' by investigators: Former US attorney

Dr. Oz gets Walk of Fame star as rival says he's too 'Hollywood'

🟩 Saturday's New York Times Wordle - 2/12/22

Is it Fascism? Is it Socialism? Words mean things.

OxyMORON or what?

state trooper "accidently" vapes confiscated marijuana in his police cruiser

From obscurity to a Nobel Prize nomination: Houston scientists acclaimed for their patent-free COVID

How do I navigate an ASP website?

Peter Navarro Gets Testy When Asked If Kamala Harris Can Throw Out Election Results

Animals by The Band Fleeb Sound

Amateur fraud hunters bury election officials in public records requests

Breakfast Saturday 12 February 2022

The 'Let's Go Brandon' crypto coin has seen a 99.5 percent decline over the last 30 days ...

The hacked account and suspicious donations behind the Canadian trucker protests

Texas counties reject unprecedented numbers of mail ballots ahead of March 1 primary ...

Paris police thwart advance of virus protesters on capital

Trump's Big Lie Forces Attention on the Labyrinth of Local Election Offices - Bolts

I have found this to be so damn true.

Wordle 238 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

I woke up and found more hearts!

Trump Investigation: Who's probing what

Aww . . . thanks so much for the hearts!

Aw more hearts

All it can do now is blame the paintbrush...

Ukraine crisis: US orders home most embassy staff; Britons told to leave amid fears of no-notice Rus

Biden's schedule for Saturday, February 12, 2022

Hillary is selling hats (link)

Oil jumps amid escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine

"You're probably wondering why I called this meeting ..."

I assume the Gazpacho Police specialize in cold cases?

Thank you very much for the hearts

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Biden will speak with Putin today as the U.S. orders many of its diplomats to leave Kyiv.

This is what I find a unsettling about this astro-trucker clusterf..k:

"And next time, get your own damn fish!"

University of Alabama removes name of Klansman from a campus building

This week's major U.S. economic reports (February 14 - February 18)

I got a dozen and three hearts from thee

For Old Time Radio Fans some very old OTR 1923-1932:

I received an email notice that my free Covid tests will be delivered on Wednesday.

A new threat to the ADA

Sometimes I think I have too much time on my hands but then again I love making these

Shooting democracy in the back.

There once was a man named TRump, on no question would he be stumped...then

I think the Olympics has likely been ruined by literally decades of bribery, doping, sex scandals

From Today's NYT letter to the editors

Can the US legally and should they actually deny Visas to Canadian truckers to enter the US?

White House docs were stored in Trump's personal Mar-a-Lago suite

02-12-1964: The Beatles returned to New York City for two performances at Carnegie Hall.

Tex Beneke was born on this date.

It's like the army around here last formation till weekend first sgt speech

'You go to jail for that': When Trump accused Hillary Clinton of mishandling classified documents

WINDSOR, Ontario (AP) -- Canadian police move in to remove protesters at bridge border crossing ...

Cat Becomes Totally Obsessed With His 'Dog Person' Dad

Tonight on Svengoolie, Saturday, February 12, 2022

Let This Sweet Man Keep His Damn Pig

Ray Manzarek was born on this date.

This isn't inflation - It is 100% corporate greed

January 2022 Saw Highest Levels Of Deforestation For That Month On Record In Brazilian Amazon

Everyday People

Peter Sinclair Video On Global Warming & Disastrous Colorado Fires: Some People Get It

It don't make you do a thing... It just let's you

FTI - 3 Little Letters That Mean So Much In The Realm Of Professional Climate Lies & Disinformation

Wisconsin Supreme Court allows ballot boxes to be banned for April election

Today's Image Dump (2/12/22)

Shocking! Study Shows Lax Enforcement Of TX Sour-Gas Fields For Hydrogen Sulfide And Flaring

Why Does Lauren Boebert Want to Annihilate the Sage-Grouse? Follow the Money

Malcom Nance mentions DU...

"It has to be decided whether it is POLITICALLY PRACTICAL to charge a former president with crimes"

It's all contractual and about money making

Gates Foundation Major Investor In DRC Palm Plantations Rife W. Accusations Of Violence, Poverty

A doctor's Thread on twitter about the continued use of masks.

A profound "Thank You" for the 💕 hearts!

Who wants a giggle to start the day? 😁

Thanks for the hearts.

To all those who gave me hearts, thank you so very much.

I considered becoming a pessimist but I don't think it would

NFT house sells for $654k in historic auction -- Tampa condo up next

Yesterday at the mall a young woman gave me a test to determine my essential oil. Turns out it's

Police prepare to face truckers on Ontario bridge.

Maybe it's just me ...

While Serving in the USAF, I spent 15 months in 1967-8 stationed in Samsun, Turkey.

Don't let nobody drag your spirit down

Hugs to the DUers who gave me a heart.

WORDLE 2 Saturday 2/12/2022 (6 Letter Wordle, 2 puzzles a day)

IOC's Dick Pound: Russia may need to take 'timeout' from Olympics due to doping

Never ever have I heard a guy say "She'd be so much hotter if she just had

Indonesia Decides Not To Classify Planting New Palm Oil Plantations As "Reforestation"

Peanut Butter and Mayonnaise 😳

Fight over Youngkin nominee intensifies as House GOP threatens 1,000 Northam appointments

Disintegration Of Thwaites Glacier Tongue Hampering Scientists' Access

❤️ Photos: Heart Shapes in Nature - Thank You for all the Hearts ❤️

I find it interesting that when a woman says "Smell this." It's usually something

I've noticed some hearts, TY to those givers.

Police move in on Ambassador Bridge blockade after injunction deadline passes

Pro Football Hall of Fame - Class of 2022

Moscow will call invasion a reluctant act of self-defense

The 9 year old girl that was just on Velshi's show broke me

Once again, thanks for the heart!

Cop Loses His Mind - Suspended By The Mayor!

Trumps infamous Sharpie signature, markings, may come back to haunt him.

A heart

Some Ambassador Bridge truck protesters leave as dozens of police take position

Fitness influencer, 31, is 'working on recovery' after being placed on a ventilator

Hold it - Melania Trump bought her own hat for $170,000?

The antivaxxers are slithering away

Hi ho, hi ho, its off to work we go...

Sun rising

I don't want to be attacked as a conspiracy nut but my mind flashes back to the WH visit

COVID Cases are Dropping. What Happens After Omicron?

I'm starting to get daily calls from the RNC, again

The greatest democracy in the world..yeah, right.

Who's a good boy ?

Who's a good boy ?

This is love (re: covid shot)

Exclusive: U.S. to send 3,000 additional troops to Poland

4284 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat; 91 deaths

Companies that use Maga endorsers.

Preliminary report puts numbers to Napa County wine's recovery following 2020 vintage

Welp, DARPA just flew a Blackhawk helicopter with no pilot

David Bowie - Heroes (live at Earls Court, June 1978)

The youth of America are apparently not worried...

They are trying to make the Truck-Nuts the T-Baggers of 2022

Ukrainian Media: Russia planning to blow up Crimean bridge and blame Ukraine for it

"I want to rent a yacht!. . . What the fuck was that?. . . You can't record me,. . . against HIPAA"

TFG Is Still Hiding Documents From The National Archives - "Not been fully resolved"

Does anyone know if a 4th does of the vaccine will become available?

"I alone can fix Russia" - What the shithole said today on "Fox & Friends"

Rejected Man Pours Beer Over Woman, Not Knowing She's A Muay Thai Boxing Champ--She Kicks His Butt

Deep End (Pete Townshend) - Give Blood -Live (Sat. morn eye opener)

Some of dis and Some of dat

Anti-Protest Conservatives Sure Do Love the Trucker Blockade Causing 'Deep Pain' to American...

Chaos reigns: A Cold War deja-vu crisis, and a press corps too dumb to understand it

Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: Feb. 11

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: Feb. 11

This cat born with tiny T. rex-like forelimbs doesn't let anything stop him

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: Feb. 11

Photo: I Am Grackle. I Am Here.

In college, I missed my mom so much on Valentine's Day. So I'd always ship her a heart shaped box

A question: why is Putin invading Ukraine -now-?

JUST IN: Winter Weather Advisory issued ahead of Super Bowl Sunday snow

Stupid Ohio man tried to divert Ottawa police with a fake bomb threat

I watched "Joe Bell" this morning

Harry Anslinger: 11 Fucked Up Quotes from the Father of Cannabis Prohibition

A couple more pieces of the whole

Trump accused of 'full-blown intelligence scandal' by former White House officials

British zoo hopes that music by Marvin Gaye will put monkeys in the mood

Gerry Leonard talks acoustic "Loving The Alien" PLUS live version with David Bowie

The DOJ Needs to Investigate Trump's Records Management

Bitcoin paradise? Briton creates 'crypto utopia' in South Pacific

Alberta premier looks to RCMP to carry out enforcement at Coutts border blockade

Mueller Declined To Charge Donald Trump Jr. And Roger Stone With Computer Crimes

Lamb touts experience in crowded Senate primary field

❤️ Some heart quotes, as a thank you for the hearts! ❤️

Any idea on what it would take to reno these FPs?

Why the Dutch embrace floating homes

Anyone else think COVID surges

Historical Fiction Frustrations.

In Another Dimension Sphere -- Does anyone know if this thing real or a CGI?

Stocks sink, oil could test $100 a barrel if conflict breaks out

The medieval Dutch solution to flooding

Excellent on-the-ground coverage of the Ukrainian situation from Terrell Jermaine Starr.

DeJoy is driving the USPS into the ground

How Alabama's racist gerrymandering works

WH Plumbers for Nixon & Trump

Gina Bisignano: 'Trump's coming back': Jan. 6 rioter regrets plea deal, is sorry she got in trouble

So Trump was destroying documents left and right

Selling Trump: A Profitable Post-Presidency Like No Other

TCM later:

Why hasn't Trump ever been charged for the Mueller obstruction of justice counts?

Russia evacuating diplomatic staff from Ukraine.

Photo journalist Pete Souza posts picture of a very hungover Ronny Jackson

Sorry. . .I can't call these peons in Canada "protestors" as the media calls them

If you love to listen to beautiful singing ...

So I had a heart attack last week (Feb 1)

The Canadian 'Freedom Convoy' is backed by a Bangladeshi marketing firm and right-wing fringe groups

S Carolina push to be 49th state with hate crime law stalls

Some doctors prescribing Ivermectin

Now Melania Trump being investigated in Florida:

Pentagon chief orders 160 National Guard troops to leave Ukraine as possible Russian invasion looms

I wouldn't be surprised...

Spend Millions Protecting Super Bowl From American Fascists - Great

Biden says it's 'probably premature' for states to drop face-mask requirements as Nevada -- including

Update on situation with the

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

What Happens to Middle School Kids When You Teach Them About Slavery? Here's a Vivid Example.

On voting rights, Biden's power to act on his own is limited

Who did this? :)

Thank you so much for my is very much appreciated.

Gig Harbor parents protesting school's mask mandate

Truckers are gone from Ambassador Bridge, but more protesters arrive on foot

Anyone care to pitch in on Awkwafina an the blaccent issue?

Ukrainians demonstrate in Kyiv amid threat of Russian invasion

Mystery woman on the cover of Black Sabbath finally identified

Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff Accuses Republicans of 'Trying to Cheat' for 'Power Grab'

GOP Candidate Vows to Be a 'Mini Marjorie Taylor Greene' Once in Office

Tiny little horse:

"Dwarf horse strutting, prancing, moonwalking and general awesomeness."

I'm glad I didn't get rid of all of the things Sophie and Boudicca ignored

I'm preaching to the choir here, but as I am finally recovering fully from COVID, I strongly

Memories of Ukraine's Great Famine fuel resentment of Russia - BBC News

New Texas voting rules causing high number of ballot rejections

Ukraine Was Always District 12 Sending Everything To The Capitol

GOP pushes US schools to post all class materials online for parental review

Hey! Australia! If beets are beetroot; why aren't carrots carrotroot, turnips turniproot, and

Joe Manchin and Marco Rubio teamed up on a bill to block government funds from being used to give ou

'Ol Zodiac needs a readin' lesson, y'all....

Govt urges Irish citizens to leave Ukraine 'immediately'

For cleaner water, Mizzou researchers call for updates to the Clean Water Act

The future is now: The staggering death toll of drug-resistant bacteria.

I'm Running Against John Kennedy For US Senate Gary Chambers

Wastewater research garners national headlines, "Late Show" mention

PBS: Why a Russian Invasion of Ukraine appears imminent.

Federal judge blocks new Texas law limiting vote-by-mail applications

Good early day, and later

A Republican leader of the future already making a difference!

Smoooth operator:

Iran and 4 Countries Clash over Reparations for 2020 Crash

"Educated" Author: College Is Unaffordable and Unimaginable Amanpour and Company

Death On The Nile

Our economy is doing well -- but many Americans refuse to believe it - Fareed Zakaria

Illinois Agriculture Boomed During World War I

One way to STOP INFLATION in it's tracks

Wait for the Husky at the end:

Mastiff named Zeus at agility trials:

Sedentary Lifestyles Come With Major Health Risks

15 boxes: Inside the long, strange trip of Trump's classified records

Historical Society Offers New Resource For Genealogists

Rand Paul urges truckers to disrupt Super Bowl and come to D.C.: 'I hope they clog up cities'

Canadian Law Enforcement Arrives At Trucker Blockade Amid Protests At Border

Lincoln Project: Coward Olympics

Editorial: Celebrating our partners in 'defense of democracy'

Just thinking about the meaning of life:

A few more possible entries for the last contest, "Pieces of the Whole."

Little Havana seniors say they were also tricked into switching political parties

Cartoons 2/12/2022

Puppers *loving* The snow:

From 60 Saturday to snow Sunday: D.C. area under winter weather advisory.

Former Everett cop awaits verdict in perjury, stalking trial

Bless your heart! Thank you so much for the heart!


Alpaca cuddles toddler:

The Young Africans on a Climate Crusade to 'Save the World'

Our cousin passed away this afternoon

The week the pandemic's politics changed

Thank you for the Hearts DU!

The Superb Owl is back, and the crowd goes wild

Judge issues injunction blocking charges against TX election officials who encourage mail-in voting

I have some love to give

'Our Jaws Hit The Floor' Over Trump's Recklessness With Classified Info: Ex-Aide

McConnell-McCarthy split heading into November

Raise your hand if your first heart went to SalmonChantedEvening

Responding to Ukraine tensions, Taiwan says it is watching situation with China

'We Had No Rules' In Trump Administration, Former Official Says Of Shredding Scandal

'We have a project': QAnon followers eye swing state election official races

This is one reason the truck protests won't have the same impact in the US

Doesn't he mean two weeks?

Afghans protest US order to give $3.5B to 9/11 victims

As mesmerizing as it is disturbing 😳

Lauren Boebert Compares Herself to JESUS

if the draft had to be re-instituted

Just got back from grocery shopping, later sat down and learned about myself.

"...we all already know Trump is a crook -- we're waiting for people to care," Elie Mysta says.

Thank you for the hearts !

COVID-19: endemic doesn't mean harmless

Texas counties reject unprecedented numbers of mail ballots ahead of March 1 primary under restricti

Hearts! Thanks so very much!

The IRS directed 7 million Americans to sign up with face-scan service, according to congressi

Trump Clogged the White House Toilet Trying to Flush Documents

Led Zeppelin - Misty Mountain Hop (live at Madison Square Garden, 1973)

Vice President Kamala Harris in Newark

anybody else losing hours to 'Watch Wes Work'?

Norway returns to 'normal daily life,' forecasting a manageable surge in cases and illnesses.

The heat wave has hit the US

MI-12: Detroit city clerk Janice Winfrey says she'll challenge U.S. Rep. Tlaib

Walmart says vaccinated workers no longer have to wear masks in most states.

Prosecutors Fear Violence From MAGA Freaks If They Indict Donald Trump

What Putin REALLY fears: An independent Ukraine invalidates Russia's imperialistic propaganda.

Comedians get Trumpers to agree to ban the Bible from schools by telling them what's in it

Sheryl Crow & Bonnie Raitt - Everything Is Broken (live at the Crossroads festival, 2019)

Be still, my

"Just a whale asking for kisses and stopping by to say hello":

Bruce Springsteen - Pay Me My Money Down - Live, NOLA

This is the single most Republican-friendly state in the country

GOP US Senate candidate brings uniformed police officers on stage to applaud her (PA)

Joe should hit Putin where it really hurts, in his Oil and Natural gas business.

Rod Serling on violence:

Russian Coach For Kamila Valieva Produces Teen Stars With Short Careers

(Jewish Group) Latvia to Reimburse Jewish Community for Properties of Holocaust Victims

(Jewish Group) How should the media cover the Goyim Defense League?

Patti Smith - Not Fade Away (live at the Santa Monica Pier, 2009)

(Jewish Group) Awaiting confirmation, Lipstadt speaks up on antisemitism

French police ain't playing:

Gay man goes on Tucker Carlson to praise anti-LGBTQ bill & condemn "wacky gay activists"

First crocus of the season! 56 partly sunny and breezy here in northern Delaware

Tiny kitten found at park in rough condition

From the 1944 "Simple Sabotage Field Manual" - how to destroy an organization by being annoying

This is so touching:

Tweet of the Day

Teeny Dragon Goes Everywhere With Her Mom

BIG development with Bruiser, the huge tom cat.

Being an avid cyclist

The Reason Putin Would Risk War

Drummer Cindy Blackmon Santana's tribute to Betty Davis

Putin quoted song lyrics about rape and necrophilia to explain Russia's demands from Ukraine

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As an old English major, the recent, increased use of "ask" as a noun bothered me.

from Donna Edwards:

Texas Ban on Urging Mail Ballots Unconstitutional

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Dallas GOP congressional candidate Brad Namdar accused of soliciting sex from escort

Biden warns Putin of 'severe costs' of Ukraine invasion

Police Move In on Truckers Blocking Ontario Bridge (Thank you USA for sending tow trucks!!!!)

The Impact of Chato Peredo, "Che's Last Soldier," on the MAS Party in Bolivia

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Wm & Mary Students protest Youngkin's honorary degree

Federal judge in Fortenberry (R) case sharply questions why case should be moved to Nebraska

DeSantis Vows Not to Sign Off On New Map

Chelsea- World Champions, we complete the set, every single major trophy still contested

Astounding feet of the century !

Workers in Michigan could lose up to $51 million in wages this week because of trucker blockade

Watch Ricky Gervais Fall In Love With His Foster Cat

More on Eteri Tutberidze and Russian skating coaches

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Fortunate Son - John Fogerty, Bruce Springsteen - Live

New Zealand plays Barry Manilow to repel parliament protesters

Shredded And Flushed Papers Means Trump Could Be In Deep Doo-Doo

When They See Us

White House journalist Ashley Parker trying to normalize wanton criminal behavior by Trump

The banks will be the ones to end these "freedom convoys"

Anti Convoy walk in an Ottawa neighborhood called The Glebe

Remember Walt Starr? Remember Paul Lukasiak?

Thought Experiment on Using Renewable Electricity to Provide Transportation Services

My Trumpy neighbor has a new set of heroes: those Canadian truckers.

And...Wordle moves to its new home

Whitetopia - Where Trump Supporters Can Run Free

What's for Dinner, Sat., Febr. 12, 2022

GOP VA State Senator Predicts A "Great Cleansing" Of Liberal Public School Teachers!

Nightmare Alley. WOW.

Putin and the Urkaine

Montessori School Has Kids Do Blackface for Black History Month

Illinois Attorney General Intervenes in Rape Case That Went Viral

In case you forgot:

Politics First, Health Second: Heed Virginia's Example On Electing 'Moderate Republicans'

'WaterCloset Gate'

Streaming Saturday A.M. Jazz & Lazy Coffee Bossa Nova Jazz for Relaxing

Insurance Companies Are Giving Ridiculous Reasons For Not Covering New Birth Control Methods

Bob Dylan, Earl Scruggs - East Virginia Blues - Live

I feel so sorry for President Biden.

Bob Dylan, Earl Scruggs - East Virginia Blues - Live

CNN: Russia has surrounded Ukraine on three sides. (The latest troop movements).

Here's a Dave Chappell that isn't a wealthy bigoted NIMBY POS

COVID test kits arrived two days

Trump actually opened his hole about the toilet thing. He no longer like Maggie.

Rand Paul Urges Truckers to 'Clog Up Cities'

Officer Placed On Leave After Viral Video Shows Him Choking Black Purdue Student

To all those with cats...

Lauren Boebert gets 'Hottest Woman In Congress Award' from talk show host Jesse Kelly

Virginia Governor Youngkin Apologizes After Mixing Up Black State Senators

'The Waste Management Phoenix Open' !?

I think I might have just killed my external hard drive

The Most Racist Supreme Court Cases You've Probably Never Heard Of

Democrats play video clip of McCain at Senate trial to show US support for Ukraine

Tweet of the Early Evening:

Wirecutter's (NYTimes) Sleep Better Challenge!

'So petty': Donald and Melania Trump fired chief usher before leaving White House to spite Bidens

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Thousands march in Kyiv to show unity against Russian threat

The Dead South - In Hell I'll Be In Good Company

The number of US Senate seats the Democrats will end up with after 2022 is between 50 to 55.

The Doors - The Soft Parade ( Happy B-day Ray Manzarek )

Nearly 60,000 bees stolen from US supermarket's headquarters

***Time for the final votes ***for "PART OF THE WHOLE" February Photo Contest**

Ted Stevens Intertubes

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DUZY!! Jim Acosta

Brats removing the fence around the War Memorial in Ottawa.

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The edge of war: what, exactly, does Putin want in Ukraine?

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Fleetwood Mac Rumours Turns 45 This Week

Pissed at Panasonic

Waxing Gibbous, 81% visible

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Making 'Dinobabies' Extinct: IBM's Push for a Younger Work Force

Sis in law back in hospital--concern of either abuse or neglect.