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Adidas tweets 25 pairs of bare breasts to sell a new sports bra

Global 'Freedom Movement' - A Carnival Of Crank & Conspiracy - and Very Dangerous: Democracy Threat

After sunset, southern MD

Prosecutors: Man made millions selling catalytic converters

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candy hearts with unusual phrases (pic heavy)

Spanish teenager, 15, held for killing family over school grades

Caught on video: tfg smuggling out classified documents!

Roscommon bog restoration hailed 'superstar' project

Inequality gap widens amid coronavirus pandemic

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People are severing friendships over convoy protest, with some saying it shows 'true colours'

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A Clydesdale's Journey - Superbowl commercial

From a Nurse.

Canadian Conservatives GASLIGHT too.

New Covid cases seem to be dwindling across the nation

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Why Are There No Timely DOJ/Federal Indictments of Trump & Company: An Insider's Perspective

I also want to say thank you to everyone who gave me a heart during the Valantine's Promotion

#FailedCoupGuy: "Ukraine has oil?!"

Thank you dear friends for the

Rand Paul said he hopes trucker protests 'clog up cities,' including during Super Bowl and in DC

President Biden Should Bash TFG Relentlessly For The Crime Of Mishandling Classified Material

*WHUT PBS NOW, Althea Gibson

Children as human shields. And there are about 100 kids on Parliament Hill too.

I'm DVRing (recording) the Super Bowl...

'Water closet-gate': Acosta pokes fun at #FailedCoupGuy

Trump Owes It All to McConnell's 'Disgraceful Dereliction of Duty'

Shut down the mother truckers blockade with some of the worst songs in the history of music...

Another reason Russia wants Ukraine

Apparently the statute of limitations on obstruction doesn't actually expire until 2024:

I am dazed. I had planned to thank all the wonderful and generous DU'ers who have

The Republican Ministry Of Terminology - Mark Fiore - Political Cartoon

Tiny kitten found at park in rough condition

Don't forget the Puppy Bowl tomorrow

The Arithmetics of a Nightmare for Ukraine and Europe

Tweet of the day

Tales From the Tour Bus: Betty Davis introduction

Challenge to Cawthorn's candidacy should proceed, N.C. elections board says

Down-the-John Trump.

BOOOOOOO HISSSSSSSS!!!!!! Kitten Bowl has been CANCELED by hallmark. It will not

I'm going to say it. The Twilight Zone was one of the greatest TV shows of all time.

'EndJewHate': Group Launches Billboard Campaign To Denounce Antisemitism

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2018. "Rand Paul Goes To Russia And Delivers Letter For Trump"

Elton John - Where To Now St. Peter (Early EJ)

Trucks leave border blockade, but vaccine mandate protesters arrive on foot

Third World: 96 Degrees in the Shade, Sunsplash '83

So the FOX putin network is spreading lies about HRC & putin bots are busy spreading it on social

LA sheriff stripped of his enforcement power after he refused to make his staff get vaccinated

'The Diary of Anne Frank' (1959), Millie Perkins, Directed By George Stevens

First, he was the Slobfather

So great

Every time I see a tweet from Manchin or Cinnamon (intentional sp), I post this

How do you watch the Super Bowl?

Been rereading 1984; Orwell described the MAGA cult to a T, read this:

Jrock news - The GazzettE 20th Anniversary monochrome

Whether up in smoke or down the toilet, missing presidential records are a serious concern

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Polkadot Stingray - Dude

Wendy Williams says bank blocking her from accounts worth millions. Bank: She's being exploited.

Michael Flynn's sister-in-law sued CNN for $100 million, accusing it of falsely linking her to QAnon

Black West Virginia Lawmaker Receives KKK Meme from Pro-Life Group

Man pleads guilty to hate crime after threatening Black man and saying Paola is a 'white town'

Look how instinctively the mother croc carries the baby in her mouth

Biden administration names nonbinary person to key Energy Dept. post

The mysterious case of the evaporating sub-Neptune world

More lovely gift Hearts, thank you so much!

Remember Benghazi?

No need to see Marry Me; the trailer is the whole movie.

Sun goin' down.

The Music Man is back on Broadway and talk about parallels.

'Follow the science': As Year 3 of the pandemic begins, a simple slogan becomes a political weapon

It will be a great day for America when.....

Giuliani in Talks to Testify to House Select Committee


A really nice Townes Van Zant cover - from a phenomenal album of TVZ covers

So I got my brother a specially packaged collection of the Dead

More Billy Strings is better than no Billy Strings

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner walked into the White House with troubled finances but left w million

Can Ukraine make Moscow uninhabitable with dirty bombs from Chernobyl waste?

Sack's comments on Trump's Presidential Papers

Alt-Right Podcaster Charged Over 'Arsenal' of Full-Auto Machine Guns

Last one for tonight. I'm on the road early tomorrow

150 lb dog, with kittens (photos)

150 lb dog, with kittens (photos)

Trumpster Florida couple steals $1.5 million from Humane Society to pay for extravagant life

Guy Clark - That old time feeling (Heartworn Highways)

Y'all making me verklempt and 'blushy' with them wunnerful hearts❣

A repentant anti-vax activist is reportedly urging people to get vaccinated after a 'fan' died

Getting so tired of the political ads here in AL...

Florida businessman, 79, to face trial over notorious 1972 massacre in Argentina

OH MY,,,,

What is the role of Nato in the Russia-Ukraine crisis? - BBC News

Mark Meadows under fire for backing Trump in Mar-a-Lago records row

Elton John - Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters (live, Royal Festival Hall, London, 1972 & studio version)

So Rand Paul and Ted Cruz

US, Japan, South Korea meet in Hawaii to discuss North Korea

Rep. Madeleine Dean: Donald Trump Must Be Held Accountable To Fullest Extent - iGen Politics Podcast

Unsuccessful self-treatment of "Writer's Block" (1974)

Took a Tramadol a short while ago...

see you again guzheng cover 古筝演奏 Jingxuan

My ass! This should never happen?

'Terrible timing': Brazil's Bolsonaro to visit Russia

Baroque Music for Sundae 🍨 Sundae

Today is Darwin Day!

I note that all the loser's supporters look deranged

When the dictionary nails the definiton of 'trumpery'

I mistooked - Summertime - Billy Strings and Marcus King

Carmen, Entr'acte (Rodzinski)

And the Karen of the week award goes to....

Every Little Kiss - Bruce Hornsby - For Valentines!

Twitter covers the Ukraine crisis.

Canadian Judge Blocks Money For Truckers From U.S. Right-Wing Christian Fundraising Site

How many of these can you say "Yes" to?

Would you drive a car like this?

To those who gave me the hearts I give my most humble thanks

Giuliani in Talks to Testify to House Jan. 6 Panel

Jared Kushner nominated for Nobel Peace Prize after brokering talks

Imagine walking in on this...

The Doors - Love Me Two Times - Live

"They're literally bragging about hiking prices while hiding behind "inflation." "

What's the last book you bought?

Is it love?

Politics & Music ○ Wheezer ○ A Brief Respite, and Some Levity

Politics & Music ○ Wheezer ○ A Brief Respite, and Some Levity

Thank you everyone for the prayers

Aw, thanks! I got a seventh heart (it's an extra lucky # for me bc it's a multiple in my birthdate)

Just realized I'll be 65 tomorrow.

The Daily Show: Canadian Truckers Inch Closer to U.S. Border in Protest of COVID Restrictions

P!NK Live Music Video - I'm Trouble

Right-wing conspiracies have a new target: a tool that fights actual voter fraud

Thoughts of a college graduate, 1975.

Biden warns Russian invasion of Ukraine will bring 'swift and severe costs' - ABC News

The Russian bots are tweeting like crazy

Engineers are building bridges with recycled wind turbine blades.

Biden should go on the smart explainer lady Stephanie Ruhle show and talk about inflation.

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Could you imagine the kerfuffle if Justin invoked the War Measures Act?

TCM later:

Self-delete. Accidental dupe.

Very cool picture:

Payout offer for Surfside collapse: Average of $610,294. Some angry about 'low ball' deal.

Jeff Tiedrich tweet on RW cheerleading for chaos in Ukraine:

IBM executives discussed in emails how to force out older workers and derided them as "Dinobabies"

Grateful Dead - Operator - (Fillmore East, 9/18/70)

Stephanie Selby, 'A Very Young Dancer', who inspired many, dies at 56

When employee said colleague used the n-word, N.J. company was too slow to act, state says

Remember when we felt 50,000 American lives was too much to pay for an idea in the early 70's?

Academy Bus to pay $20.5M after being accused of defrauding NJ Transit for years

Tweet of the early morning:

To those who want to hide hard history:

Fox Host Tells Viewers That Trump Is LYING About Election Fraud - Ring of Fire

Tulsi & Tucker Sitting In a Tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G

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Live YouTube stream in Ottowa: *Update: this was from last night... not live.*

If you think life begins at conception,

Pa. clothing-optional campground co-owner arrested in Miami on charges he sexually assaulted a child

Breakfast Sunday 13 February 2022

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Sunday A M. Great Morning Feeling Coffee Time Jazz & Bossa Nova Streaming

After Nearly 58 Years, Pennsylvania Police Solve Killing of 9-Year-Old Girl

Biden's schedule for Sunday, February 13, 2022

Anyone who brings vegetables 🥗 to a Super Bowl Party 🎉

Every employee who leaves Apple becomes an 'associate'

4 city of Pittsburgh employees fired for not meeting covid-19 vaccine mandate

On this day, February 13, 1942, Peter Tork of the Monkees was born.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Sharp Dressed Dog Edition

Mississippi mayor decides he can determine what everyone else in town can read

Jan. 6th Commission: "Once you see the data, you can't unsee it."

This is what a rigged economy looks like

Fed-Up Ottawa Residents Use Pornographic Metal Song About Gay Cowboys To Disrupt Freedom Convoy

Jethro Tull - We Used to Know

I don't understand why Trump didn't immediately sell the 15 boxes of

Appeals court revives lawsuit by family of man who died in Metro station and wasn't found for 4 days

Four-story high rogue wave breaks records off the coast of Vancouver Island

U.S. F-22 fighter jets arrive in UAE following Houthi attacks

She was headed to a locked psych ward. Then an ER doctor made a startling discovery.

As a union truck driver boog and man are gonna shutdown Pizza Hut today

Lying liars and the lies they tell...

25 miles from the border with Ukraine

Russia 'evacuating diplomatic staff from Ukraine'

U.S. aims to counter China by opening Solomon Islands embassy

A retired Russian general's criticism may signal a larger problem for Putin

I'll fight to overturn US ban on my 'Queer Bible', says British author

Inspired from a post in the Lounge; heart shapes in nature

In 2019 Putin displayed his goals - authoritarian and white supremacism - for the world

Old Vinyl that holds up today

Bloomfield Starbucks employees announce unionization drive

Bloomfield Starbucks employees announce unionization drive

Part of Theodore Roosevelt Bridge closes for 3 to 6 months of emergency repairs

ok how do I change pass words ... ?

Hugo Torres: Nicaraguan ex-rebel leader dies after being jailed

I have fresh, cold, atheist hearts to give.

Thank you for the heart

Mississippi Goddamn

Doonesbury - Who Attends The Funeral Of An Insurrectionst? (Part II)

Titanic with a Cat 😂😂😂

A new House seat has big Latino voting power. It may be little comfort to Democrats

BBC: Your pictures on the theme of winter walks, February 13, 2022

"Donkeyhead". Don't let the title fool you, this is well worth watching!

Those darn birds are up to something nefarious. Thank goodness for my guard Kitcats.


Police move to clear bridge blockade.

Words of caution from Abraham Lincoln which can be applied to all forms of tyranny.

How to get around the paywall at national newspapers

Protest, riot, sedition, insurrection, coup attempt ... are we heading a bit deeper?

Full specs and pictures of the OM 1 'wow' camera

Today's Image Dump (2/13/22)

First they came for the Communists and I did nothing because I wasn't a Communist

Putin is a damn genius!

After you solve the NYT Wordle....

So who did Jim Acosta call 'the Tonya Harding of the House'?

You GO Ukraine!!!

Mardi Gras--STILL racially divided

Robert Reich: Beware of this deadly mix: oligarchic economics and racist, nationalist populism

Crow Brings His Favorite Guy A Gift

Stoned Breakfast

Grant Wood was born on this date.

I have wondered often about what else may have been in 'his' boxes.

Stoned Breakfast 2

'Stop, you're hurting me!' Trump-loving Colorado clerk melts down in new body cam video of arrest

Wordle #239 Sunday 2/13/2822 ......... Plus Link to Wordle Archives

Wordle issue on a Mac...

Big Head Todd and the Monsters - Bittersweet (live at Red Rocks)

Escher sentence: "More people have been to Russia than I have"

Stoned Breakfast 3

February 13: This Day in Country Music

Well, Well: What's Driving Canada's Softwood Lumber Price Spike? Shortages From Pine Beetle Dieoff

Angry Birds

Stoned Breakfast 4

A shortage of tar shampoo?!?! I don't get it!

Stoned Breakfast 5


GOP Senate candidate runs ad featuring armed 'showdown' with Dems (CNN)

Watching the buildup around Ukraine I am reminded of the saying from long ago,

More than 250 mask incidents reported on flights in first weeks of 2022

Stoned Breakfast 6

Russian citizens are risking prosecution to take videos

Does this look like Trump or not? Ivanka. Ted Nugent.

Across the Desk - S5:E5 (The Oklahoma GOP Attack on Medical Marijuana)

"Trump will get his comeuppance": Rep. Jamie Raskin promises consequences for Jan. 6

One heart left. Anybody not have one?

Flights to Ukraine halted, redirected as crisis brews

Stoned Breakfast 7

The Media Continues To Normalize Trump's Criminality

Oil Majors Notch Record Profits, Spend 100X More On Conventional Than Renewable, Claim "Green"

Inside a daughter's fear, doubt and heartbreaking choices as her father battles serious COVID

Stoned Breakfast 8

Hi DUers. Thanks so much for the ❤️

Adam Kinzinger coming up on

Hey Rand Paul! What are you doing saying stupid things again?

Stoned Breakfast 9

Usually Alpine skiing looks like fun

BTRTN: The Midterms, Part I...The Path to a Dem Victory...Yes, That's Right...Victory

Mitch McShitheel Urges Govs To Ignore Federal Infrastructure Guidance: Instead, Build Lots Of Roads

BTRTN: The Midterms, Part I...The Path to a Dem Victory...Yes, That's Right...Victory

If russia attacked our troops would the trumplovers

NEW - Candy Heart messages for 2022

Police regain control of Ambassador Bridge area following days of protests

Stoned Breakfast 10

4397 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun; 16 deaths

Thousands march in Kyiv to show unity against Russian threat

cat food

It's OK, kitty - dance like nobody's watching!

Stoned Breakfast 11

'Conservative Barbie' Dunks On Herself - Rebel HQ

What Is Love - Haddaway

Stoned Breakfast 12

Faith Leaders Demand NFL Move Next Super Bowl From Arizona For 'Racist' Vote Crackdown

Police move to break up remaining protest at Windsor's Ambassador Bridge

Stoned Breakfast 13

Detroit Free Press editorial: Whitmer's budget 'visionary' in addressing teacher shortage

'Conservative Barbie' Dunks On Herself

Sullivan warns Russia could potentially invade Ukraine 'any day now' (CNN)

Hey! I'm looking for some coverage of Ukraine's Military Defense.

Jonathan Capehart's show today is taking on Florida's "anti-anything but white" policies

The Byrds - Why

Erin Jackson of US 1st Black woman to win speedskating gold

{possible spoiler} So I put in what I thought was a non-word on Wordle today

Toilet Paper

The Hacked Account and Suspicious Donations Behind the Canadian Trucker Protests

How Falconry Turned One Man's Life Right-Side Up

I got a great idea of how to get Rudy G

Right-wing nationalists are marching into the future by rewriting the past

Windsor police say arrests being made, vehicles being towed at Ambassador Bridge

The Byrds - Mr. Tambourine Man (full album)

The Beatles - "Hey Jude" (on "The David Frost Show")

Republicans block debate on Voting Rights Act in New Mexico Senate

Another 5-7-5---------

'Alt-Right Armory' Podcaster Faces Charges of Possessing Machine Guns

Canada Judge Blocks Money For Truckers From U.S. Right-Wing Christian Fundraising Site

The Beatles Live at Shea Stadium - 1965

Police Arrest Protesters That Remained At U.S.-Canada Bridge

'We have a project': QAnon followers eye swing state election official races

'Defund the police' is not the policy of the Democratic Party, Pelosi says

From the sheepdog log: Spotted traffic jam; cleared same.

Jerry Lee Lewis at his most cantankerous -- Live in London 1989

Have we been so concerned with protecting against the "tyranny of the majority" that we have

Who wants hearts before Valentine's Day?

Irish in Ukraine: 'People are getting worried'

The Ole Pea Picker was born on this date.

NYC Man Who Assaulted Thai Model Was Arrested 16 Times in One Day

Peter Gabriel has a birthday today.

Just WOW...Thank you JHB for posting this

Just renewed my AFS certification

Damn, scroll on CNN says 22% of Dems excited about mid-terms

Giuliani in Talks to Testify to House Jan. 6 Panel

Short, but sweet!

Wearing a mask is not like Nazism.

According to CNN's poll only 46% of BanaReTHUGs

Kansas is digging a $1 billion mystery hole. What could go wrong?

A brief history of TV couples sleeping in the same bed

What Fiction are you reading this week, February 13, 2022?

Another great Jerry Lee Lewis show -- Knotts Berry Farm 1981

The Seeds of Political Violence Are Being Sown in Church

Fire at a TN day care could have been tragic, fortunately it was not.

Map of Ukraine's mineral resources

Garland should at least speak once a month so we all know he is still alive.

Jacob Tolliver -- "Rockin' My Life Away" for Jerry Lee Lewis' 85th b'day (with Jerry watching!)

Our "socialistic" Democratic party agenda and the skyrocketing national debt

Are The Dominos Falling on Trump? Glenn Kirschner on The Stephanie Miller Show

Ukraine's leader asks for evidence on new invasion warnings

Bravo Erin Jackson and Bravo to her friend who made it possible this just a book full of blank pages?

Tales From the Tour Bus: Prince & Morris Day first meet

scale modelers?

Police Move In To Remove Canadian Anti-Vaccine Protesters From Ambassador Bridge

WorLdle......Wordle but for geography!

I am tickled pink to receive another heart ❤️

Republicans Remain Divided On How To Talk About the January 6th Insurrection

Indicting Donald Trump and his spawn isn't a political statement.

U.S. Threatens 'Crippling' Sanctions For Russia Amid Fears Of Pending Ukraine Invasion


Always wanted to go.... Just saw this and thought I would share for real estate geeks.

Tweet of the Weekend

Russia attacking Ukraine would be a war crime.

If anyone lives in or around Marion and is a gardener, I'll be speaking

Sen. Ray Lujan on expected return to Senate: "I'll be back on the floor in just a few short weeks"

Many of the new Super Bowl commercials are already on YouTube

Baby bear catching bubbles:

Hat of The Day.

Is anybody here tired of hearing the word, Intent?

African-Americans have only been in North America since the 1600s

Mom Dog And Her Puppies Get Help During Terrible Storm

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Mona - 8/15/1969 - Sonoma State College

Message to U.S. Citizens: Poland/Ukraine Border Open to U.S. Citizens

Thank you for your hearts.

GOTV Tweet of the Day: Good Vibes from GA-14.

A Crisis in Criminal Justice?

You guys got me hooked on Wordle, now I'm going to show you something

Some kind of gull? + Waxwing on Cedar

White-throated Sparrow. A winter bird in the snow

The number of US Senate seats the Democrats will have after the 2022 elections is between 51-54.

So, Mitch McConnell is now working to stop Trump's and his moronic goof balls from winning

There's always that one:

US suspends Mexican avocado imports on eve of Super Bowl

Many faith leaders wary of religious exemptions for vaccine

West Virginia school district investigating religious event

Kinzinger says he expects Giuliani to cooperate with Jan. 6 committee

Erin Jackson brings home gold, first Black woman to win speed skating medal at the Winter Olympics

Snow has begun to fall, southern MD, + accumulating.

TD Bank freezes 2 personal accounts that had $1.1 million paid into them to support Canadian trucker

Ukraine War Paid For By Oil Sales - Something Smells

Apparent Dog Turns Out to be Something Else

Durham investigation - can anyone inform

I'm not sayin'

US suspends Mexican avocado imports on eve of Super Bowl

This isn't inflation...It's 100% corporate greed.

Medicine Hat

If you think about it, no one can REALLY know what someone else "intended". When intent is an

CNN Poll: Neither Biden nor Trump has their party's full support for a 2024 run

Bible's Rape, Incest Passages Read at Book Banning Senate Hearing - Iowa Starting Line

"Looking for the perfect getaway this winter?"

The first smartphone concept with a built-in drone-cam.

Thank you all for the Valentine's hearts

Alabama school system faulted for response to Nazi salute

Low-income Philadelphians to receive no-strings-attached cash in antipoverty experiments

Americans' views of pandemic, economy tick up: poll

US suspends Mexican avocado imports prior to Super Bowl

Bill dubbed 'Make Murder Legal Act' by Missouri law enforcement dies in legislature

Chinese Americans march in remembrance of immigrants' expulsion

Russia has surrounded Ukraine on three sides. Here's where an invasion could be launched

Fresh fish on the port - Cassis

GOP Senate candidate to run 'Let's go Brandon' ad during Super Bowl

UK: Christian teachings to be protected from conversion therapy ban, says Government

Last day for hearts? When is it?

Lujn planning return to Senate in time to vote for Supreme Court nominee

After shopping beer and morning pipe

any veterans here in agriculture?

He Knows Putin Well. And He Fears for Ukraine.

Farmer Veteran Fellowship Fund

I had some pretty extensive scritching/petting time with Bruiser, this afternoon

I applaud and salute Pres Biden's tough stance and condemnation of Putin's actions.

Thanks everyone!

Why I despise this guy, Musk......🤬 🤬 🤬

Jim Jordan: Trump 'Right on Target' to Suggest Executions for Clinton Campaign Aides

(UK) We're being forced to change our beliefs, says Christian GP fired over transgender views

TFG keeping boxes of materials at home for a year

Remember, international sanctions ENDED the Cold War without a nuke being fired.

I am happy 😊 with my hearts.

For those who like harder Wordle based games, there's...Quordle

Story # 8564721 in fat shaming.

USA to assist Estonia in nuclear capacity building

Effort to end mandated hazard pay for grocery store workers fails in Seattle City Council vote

the Canadian Truck stunt was just another grift...

Thank you for the heart! Yep, teary eyed. Take your bow.

Editorial: Transportation plan can move Washington ahead

Cartoons 2/13/2022

As lethal fentanyl flows across Mexico border, CBP tries powerful scanning technology

Whoever gave me my heart, right back atcha! I needed it.

Fare is fair? Everett bus rider's case en route to state Supreme Court

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 14 February 2022

"Inflation" is a tough enemy to defeat in a presidential election.

Former Fox anchor finds network's coverage of Canada protests 'Ironic' (CNN)

Lindsey has flipped again!

Florida Reportedly Probing Melania Trump Tea For Charity That Doesn't Seem To Exist

First Super Bowl trivia - the power of TV.


TFG wants trucker protest here

Germany's Scholz warns Russia of immediate sanctions if Ukraine attacked

Thank you for the hearts!

U.S. Battles Putin by Disclosing His Next Possible Moves

Drinking and acrobatics don't mix well:

I want to thank everyone for the hearts!

Another heart! Thanks

Superb Owl Sunday VI

Mitch McConnell Enrages The Crazies By Condemning Censure Of Cheney & Kinzinger - Ring of Fire

woah-this teacher told kids to go pick cotton....Not my school!apology if you call it below listen

R.C.M.P., O.P.P., London & Windsor Police Raid Demonstrators At Ambassador Bridge On Day 6

GOP Candidate to Run 'Let's Go Brandon' Super Bowl Ad

Inflation. Why isn't a McDonalds Big Mac $50?

Thoughts about fairness, equality and justice for all

Leave cancelled for Ukraine Army Units in the east

Gordon Lightfoot - The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald

IRS backlog hits nearly 24 million returns, further imperiling the 2022 tax filing season

Kodak Black Shot in the Leg at Justin Bieber After-Party ... Amid Super Bowl Weekend

Thank you again for all the Hearts! n/t

Family (with Roger Chapman): "Good News Bad News"

Latest nothing-burger in John Durham's failed revenge plot-Prepare to be *dramatically* underwhelmed

Open letter to Gov. Gavin Newsom from a former U.S. secretary of energy and 75 experts

The Monkees - "The Porpoise Song" and "Circle Sky" (from "Head")

The UK's homegrown conspiracy groups with links to QAnon

"Occupied" the fictional Norwegian TV series about a Russian occupation of Norway

About the hearts.............

Astronomers now say the rocket about to strike the Moon is not a Falcon 9

Hassan seeks review into misleading student loan claims

Sunday pro-vaxx meme-a-palooza

Super Bowl Favorites?

SpaceX's Elon Musk: 1st orbital Starship flight maybe March

Thanks so much for the hearts. They feel so good.

'Our kids deserve it': Wolf's $1.55B K-12 school plan aims to address inequitable funding

PARTY here, even w/o guac!

Tweet of the Day:

Am I the only person here who doesn't give a flying foxtrot about Wordle?

"something outta nothing"

Will Bunch: 'Freedom Convoys' aren't supposed to make sense. The world can't ignore them

What's for Dinner, Sun., Febr. 13, 2022



People Over 80 Are Still Taking Care of Their Parents and Partners

Lujn plans return to Senate in weeks for Supreme Court vote

All states ranked by livability scores (Crime, housing costs, employment , environment etc)

Biden to Nominate Black Woman to Supreme Court; Ted Cruz is "Outraged"; and a True Story About Hope

Georgia Senate bill would put limits on fundraising by challengers

You think gas prices are high, adjusted for inflation

Anyone seen the movie Coda

Thsnk you all once again for the 💕 💞 ♥ 💜 💙 🧡 💕


So why did the network talking heads not have on let say Eric Boehlert & Sarah Kendzior

Not the Onion: Kanye West says Pete Davidison and Hillary Clinton were once a couple

Pa. Amish farmer's 600 guns were seized by ATF, but it's unclear if he broke the law

Putin Must Understand: Invading Ukraine Would Be A Historic Mistake For Russia

Guy Runs To Help Woman Surrendering Her Dogs

On the notion that The Ghouliani will be flipping...

Michelle Childs, a potential Supreme Court pick, recalls being 'devastated' at father's gunshot deat

"What created the new, more aggressive Putin" - a must read

Pre-sunset, looking north, southern MD

Tiny kittens with full of Hissy but so sweet and adorable

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Isn't About Race

The most powerful cat

Why Is it Not in Russia's Interest to Invade Ukraine? - VisualPolitik EN

Question: How do the governed give their consent when so many secrets are kept from us?

The Mysterious Case of the Evaporating Sub-Neptune World

Faxes and snail mail: Will pandemic-era flaws unleash improved health technology?

Ukraine promises funds to keep flights passing through its airspace

Trucker Counterdemonstration signs:

Happy World Radio Day!

John Wayne Gacy: Devil in Disguise

Oh well I guess that whole mask mandate for the Super Bowl

Philippine poll shows Marcos Jr's lead widening in presidential race

Convoy organizers are stealing the symbols of others... probably to grow the movement.

Dopesick . . . . wow. If you haven't seen it you should. It will piss you off.

OMG NO!! 😫 Welcome to...NERDLE

MAGA Extremists Slam Super Bowl Halftime Show as 'Satanic'

An open letter to my governor, Glenn Youngkin.

Tweet of the day

Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protesters Are Still Controlling Downtown Ottawa, And Residents Have Reached Th

Appalachian Woman Interview - Ruby

The racists have already started.

Map of where Russian troops are positioned outside Ukraine

Countries evacuate staff from embassies in Kyiv

"The Most Honest Three Minutes In Television History"

Swiss reject move to boost state funding for media

Thank you, thank you for sharing your hearts with me

Ghost village emerges in Spain as drought empties reservoir

What it was, was football

What it was, was football 🏈

ABC's 'This Week'

Bank teller foils robbery by refusing to hand over money

Dear Admins - Can the hearts PLEASE stay...

When a bodybuilder looks good enough to eat:

SJW as an insult

Jewish Family-Run Soup Shop Sends Gazpacho, Elie Wiesel's 'Night' to Marjorie Taylor Greene After 'G

Listening to the Super Bowl Pregame. I wish 'America The Beautiful' was Our National Anthem.

I want Whitney Houston's version please.......♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

DC Movies - Official The World Needs Heroes Trailer (2022) Dwayne Johnson, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller

Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Official Trailer

Despite sanctions, Germany continues to export dual-use goods to Russia

Billie Jean King!

** I ** figured ** out ** what my problem was with posting the photos

Someone is spoiling me AGAIN!

'Paying ransom for freedom': How cash bail is keeping Black mothers stuck in prisons

I did not know but...firefox truly sucks.

Thanks for the ❤


Boston is set to expand fare-free program to three routes in March

Ducks sliding on ice 🦆

Big Game TV Spot Marvel Studios' Moon Knight Disney+

Owner of Ambassador Bridge has connections to Manafort?

Margarine Traitor G in about 30 years?