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Another heart!!!

Sleeping eight hours a night could help with weight loss

Sleeping eight hours a night could help with weight loss

Protest truckers tried to have an emergency meeting online. It did not go well.

ATF..surprise your valentine by reporting his illegal gun

CNN: Putin willing to negotiate!

Wow! Thank you so much!

Anti-mandate protesters are holding a twitter space "emergency meeting" in response to the SoE:

Goldfinch today getting his spring colors

They. Lie. About. Everything. (This lie is disinformation and dangerous)

Get the flock out

❤️❤️Thank you wonderful DUers who gave me hearts❤️❤️

Build Back Better Was Always a God-awful Name

Cold case murder of girl, 9, in 1964 finally solved, police said

"Wild Grief"

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A small town and its university are paying American Airlines up to $4 million to keep flying there

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AOC Fears US Could Cease To Be A Democracy 10 Years From Now: 'Return To Jim Crow'

Thanks so much for the hearts!

Thank you for the hearts!

Trudeau Declared A State Of Emergency Over Canada's Trucker Protests

Sugar ransomware targets individuals (new article from Malwarebytes)

Why many of the "open everything" COVID-19 arguments are so dishonest

Thank you for the hearts! Also ANAHATA - Poison [ALICE COOPER Cover]

thank you every one for the hearts

Somebody, please tell me why?

To dream the impossible dream.....

'You're Fired': Lawyers React to Donald Trump Being Dropped by Accounting Firm

Russia and the Ukraine and the media

I just gotta say thanks a million for all the hearts. DU has kept me sort of sane

My friend at the Cook County Democratic Party will no doubt have colorful tales to tell.....

Instant karma...the 1st Karen ends up on two wheels

Manchin clarifies: He'd oppose second high court nominee right before presidential election

'Babushka battalion' ready to protect Ukraine from Russia

Bay Area meteorologist gets engaged on the air.

Oh Candace Owens, when you lie down with racist right-wing dogs, you wake up with fleas.....

Dog in Shelter Over 200 Days Still Looking for a Home After No One Shows Up to Adoption Party

Norton 'extremely concerned' about possible Republican bill to repeal D.C.'s home rule

AOC Calls Charlie Kirk a Weirdo Over Super Bowl Halftime Show Remarks

Bonus Tweet of the Day, Courtesy of the #RamRanchResistance.

Here's What Congress' Post Office Overhaul Bill Means for Your Mail

Gregory Peck: Early Days As a Young Actor Living in NYC; 'Gentleman's Agreement' 1947, Best Picture

Paul Revere & The Raiders - Kicks

Thank you for all the hearts!!!

US Embassy in Kyiv destroying documents as drawdown underway

Is this just a Kindle thing? I keep getting pop-ups telling me how many pop-ups

The new Texas voting law is not going well

Old man rant!

Trump Org Accounting Firm Says Years Of Financial Statements Are Unreliable

Opinion: Does Putin want a diplomatic solution in Ukraine? It's not looking that way.

Photo of weapons seized by the Royal Canadian Mounties in convoy raid (Alberta)

Most Americans Don't Want Trump to Run

Florida condo collapse settlement leaves survivors furious: 'There are grown men crying today'

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread

The Amusing History Of... Valentine's Day!

Who is/are the Democratic outsider/s to run for president?

On Rachel's substitute......who is she, just turned in and I can not remember her name

Analyst: Boeing's next jet may not come from the Seattle-area factories

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will end up winning.

FBI and DHS warn U.S. officials of possible Russian cyberattacks linked to invasion of Ukraine


Christians who oppose masking have 'the spirit of antichrist,' religion professor says

Activist Quintez Brown named in attempted shooting of Louisville mayor candidate Greenberg

US-born Olympian Nathan Chen called a 'traitor' on Chinese social media

Father of Parkland Victim Climbs DC Crane in Protest, 3 Arrested

Plot Twist: Amid Months-Long Snake-Hunt for Grand Prairie Cobra, Police Arrest Its Owner

Right-wing pundit Candace Owens loved the Super Bowl halftime show. Her followers were not happy

Dreaming octopus:

A very emotional Eric Trump almost cries on Hannity

Mystery solved:

Senator Josh Hawley Puts His Capitol Riot Salute On Campaign Mug

Ukraine's right to join NATO cannot be traded away - UK PM Johnson

Has Vice President Harris been in the news lately?

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Zelensky walking back 2/16 attack prediction... "not being literal"

No new ruling in Palestine's Union Pacific railroad case

I still am enjoying the hearts bestowed by secret admirers!

"I don't know who this dog is, but he looks like a lot of fun....."

Kamila Valieva Decision Proves IOC Lets Russia Act As Rogue Olympic State

Why Rudy Giuliani Could Be Convinced To 'Fully Cooperate' With Jan. 6 Probe - All In - MSNBC

I'm feeling really bad for Don now that those rats at Mazars flicked him off like a dead fly.

THANKS for HEARTS, guys!

SpaceX Tourists Will Make Attempt at Spacewalk During Flight

Trevor Noah Will Headline First Biden-Era White House Correspondents' Dinner

GOP-led Arizona Senate panel votes to hand-count all ballots

Yesterday, what should have been a 5-hour trip to my current job site took 17 hours

High Level Psychosocial Warfare: Russia/Ukraine/US

This cat is determined to FAFO:

Accounting Firm Dumps Trump Over Dubious Financial Statements - All In - MSNBC

I mean, since you're lying there anyway . . .

Sunset Colors

Thank you, for the hearts

Happy Lupercalia (February 15)

WA House OKs banning guns at ballot counts, school boards

Workers at the Seattle Starbucks Reserve Roastery Join Nationwide Unionization Push

Trump Suggests Violence Against Ex-Clinton Campaign Adviser - The Mehdi Hasan Show

Can Democrats See What's Coming? by Ezra Klein,

40 Year Beard Gets 1st Professional Cut EVER

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Special counsel Durham alleges Clinton campaign lawyer used data to raise suspicions about Trump

*J. Michelle Childs, S. Ct. 'nominee?' discussion coming up on Lawrence Show.

Biden's FDA commissioner nominee advances despite Manchin's opposition

It was explained on The Last Word truckers committing a crime with their truck

Kimmel: LA Rams Win the Super Bowl, Snoop Smokes Before Halftime Show & Americans Aren't Having Sex

How One Small Town Fought Off A QAnon Invasion - All In - MSNBC


Thank you for the heart ❤️. :-)

Thank you so much for the heart!

On the use of using Tractors as a form of Protest.

American hears Bandmaid - Japanese Rock for the first time!

Well, I've held out until the end. It's Valentine night. So - THANKS!

Show this to anti vax and anti mask idiots.

SpaceX Tourists Will Make Attempt at Spacewalk During Flight

AG says Trump Org is back in lawsuit against Trump Inaug. Committee and it's heading for trial

GOP Senator (Blackburn) Cites Drug-Pipe Questions in Holding Up Stopgap Spending Bill

Hacked convoy data shows more than half of donations came from U.S.

Pastor Resigns After Incorrectly Performing Thousands of Baptisms

Melania Trump Being Investigated For Possible Violation Of Charity Laws - Ring of Fire

Super Bowl Halftime Show Showcased Black Artists Yet NFL Diversity Issues Persist - The ReidOut MSNBC

Why Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is a leading candidate for the Supreme Court PBS NewsHour

So sweet to receive hearts 💖 on Valentine's Day!

I don't deserve it but I'm so grateful for


Operator 1970 - Ron McKernan and the Dead - Awesome.

How Brazil's Gangs Took Their War to Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Eating oreos alone on Valentine's Day

Thanks again to whoever shared a heart!

DUers are the kindest most thoughtful warm people..

Great group costume:

The idiot pillow guy says he's working on decertifying three states

Trump scandal and Putin

Since CA has almost half the death rate of some states, around 80,000 lives were possibly saved

Another heart! Thank you!!

Anti-vaxxers head to a new life in a remote colony in Paraguay founded by 'conservative free thinker

Baby imitates Beyonce's " Put a Ring on It" video:

Jimmy Buffet - Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season

Thank you for the heart!

Another heart! Thank you.

The number of US Senate seats the Democrats will end up with from the 2022 results is 53.

Thank you for all the hearts!

Jorma Kaukonen - Full Concert - 11/24/79 - Capitol Theatre (OFFICIAL)

China Ukraine Strategy

Buddy Holly and the Crickets live on The Ed Sullivan Show - "Oh Boy!"

Sha'Carri Richardson Wants To Know Why She Was Banned From The Olympics When Russian Skater wasn't

The girls are screamin' and Chuck is rockin' and rollin' -- Chuck Berry live at The TAMI Show (1964)

This is too funny:

James Brown live at The TAMI Show (1964)

Thank you all so much for the hearts!

From my heart to your hearts,

Little Richard - The Girl Can't Help It

You know how the twitterverse often refers to dogs as little potatoes? Well,

Thanks so much to all for the hearts.

Canned Heat - Let's Work Together

Newton Montessori school closes in the wake of blackface activity with toddlers

Going Down the Road - Paris, France, 1972

Country Joe and the Fish -- The Fish Cheer/I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die Rag (Live at Woodstock)

GOP-Backed Canadian Truckers Blockade Fizzles - The Last Word - MSNBC

Merci milles fois mes ami/es

Ten Years After - I'm Goin' Home (live at Woodstock)

Heavily armed RCMP moving in to make arrests and tow vehicles from the proto-fascist Freedum Convoy

George Harrison, What is life

Steve Schmidt: Rand Paul Was 'Rooting For Chaos' By Backing Canada Truck Blockade - The Last Word

String of Antisemitic Incidents Over Weekend Prompt NYC Hate Crime Probe

Carl Sagan - Pale Blue Dot

(Jewish Group) Gunman fires shots at Jewish candidate for Louisville mayor

Why Trump is once again claiming that he was spied upon in 2016

I just made a booster appt for this Friday at a local CVS...

Has a former president stayed in the lime light as much as tfg has after LOSING an election?

Did you hear about the U.S. Olympic bobsled team putting a picture of Trump on the front of the sled

Has anyone seen the TV ad for the all new Trumpy Bear?

It was a dark and stormy night..... FYI

Top Trump Aide Subpoenaed After Admitting Plot On MSNBC

Grisly killings stoke cartel fears in Ecuador

Brazil central bank chief says market fears over Lula easing -newspaper

Honduran police surround house of ex-president after U.S. seeks extradition

Senator Murphy

Mike Luckovich-compare and contrast two groups

Why Vindman's Trump White House lawsuit is such a courageous moment

Streaming - Tuesday Happy Thoughts A.M. Jazz and Bossa Nova for Relaxing

Novak Djokovic: I'm not anti-vax but will sacrifice trophies if told to get jab

The Abbott Tax-Power companies are passing on last year's fuel prices to customers like us

Deliberate inaction: Root causes of Texas power failure yet to be addressed

A touch of Paris - Archive shots

Elon Musk donates $5.7 billion in Tesla shares to charity

Les Trucs en Truck on Cours Mirabeau - Street music!

Aixoise style - coffee in the winter sun - Palais de Justice - Aix-en-Provence

Texas COVID death toll tops 80K, though true cost of omicron may not be known for months

More from Marseille - Vieux Port

Paris lunch - Brasserie Isle St Louis

☦ Eastern Orthodox Church: Psalm 117/118 in English, The Theotokarion Hymn in Greek

Man accused of stalking Asian-American woman to her apartment charged with murder

☦ Ukrainian Orthodox Church: 'Kyrie Eleison', Kiev Chamber Choir

What do the ordinary Russian citizens want/think about invading Ukraine?

☦ Greek Orthodox Church: 'Kyrie Eleison'/'Lord Have Mercy'

Elon Musk's Car Company Tesla Faces Allegations Of Racist Discrimination Against Black Employees

☦ Lebanese Orthodox Chant, Compilation of Greek Orthodox Chants

State senator pushing for Florida school kids to learn about Emancipation Day and Juneteenth

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet:

Tom Johnston of the Doobie Bros. - 'Listen to the Music'

On fourth Parkland anniversary, Florida Democrats highlight GOP-stalled gun safety measures

Anger And Fear Among Ukrainians In Russia's Crosshairs - MSNBC

Republicans See Early Success At Damaging Elections With New Voting Restrictions - MSNBC

Breaking news but on twitter (Russia moving AWAY FROM BORDER)

Bloomberg: Russian Troops pulling back from Border!

First lady Jill Biden to visit Miami, Tampa as White House relaunches 'Cancer Moonshot' Read more a

Trump's Long-Time Accounting Firm Dumps Him On Valentine's Day - MSNBC

The Weeknd - 'Blinding Lights'

TASS reporting Russian troops to return to garrisons.

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/14/22

Russian forces have begun pulling away from Ukraine's border, says Russia's defence ministry

Huckster Josh Hawley selling $20 January 6th coffee mugs to the mouth breathers....

Wisconsin's spring primary election is Tuesday--FEB, 15, 2022. Here's what you need to know.......

BBC: Trudeau vows to freeze anti-mandate protesters' bank accounts

Watching Doctor Zhivago now.

Thank you to my secret valentines for my hearts

Anti-LGBTQ+ bills in Legislature labeled 'license to discriminate' by Central Florida advocates

Putin, the murderer.

My half baked theory on those protesting Canadian truckers.

When a MASTER DIPLOMAT like Joe Biden speaks, aggressors pull back.

Are we seeing in the GOP who has been bribed, or has been compromised by putin in Congress now?

The US Supreme Court Is Letting Racist Discrimination Run Wild In The Election System; Jim Crow Era

Full Moon, 97% visible

Breakfast Tuesday 15 February 2022

Thank you for the Valentine's Day hearts! It's lovely to be thought of. (Nt)

Alicia Keys - Fallin'

D.C.-area forecast: Warming trend starts today and lasts until a cold front passes Thursday night.

Valieva argued positive test was mix-up with grandfather's heart drug - IOC

Just would like to say thank you for hearts.

U.S. corn-based ethanol worse for the climate than gasoline, study finds

Biden's schedule for Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Actor Edward Platt was #BornOnThisDay, Feb. 14, 1916.

Memo to the GOP

HBO's The Gilded Age presents an elite Black population living in late 19th century New York.

Freedom Convoy 'souvenirs"....

It is time to sue the NY post for making false accusations calling "Hillary the Spy"

Brain Dead Mike Lindell is sad. So sad. 😜

Let's get ready for The Full Moon Fever tomorrow, February 16, 2022 at 9:56 am MST

I just opened the living room curtains and saw Mittens the Kitten staring back at me.

US asks Honduras to arrest, extradite ex-President Hernndez

From Dino....

Today's Wordle #241 Tuesday 2/15/22

Tuesday TOONs - Belated Valentines

Conversion therapy practices now illegal in New Zealand after law passes final hurdle in Paliament

Trump lost his accountant? No worry. He joins A.A.R.P. and

A rail bridge between Detroit and Windsor?

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 2/9/22

Ghosts of Comics' Past: 1842, 1902, 1912, and 1922

Just a quick note before I hit the road,

Is it time to forget about Mazars?

Traffic Deaths are surging During the Pandemic!

Wordle 241 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

It's amazing how the media handles right-wing bullshit

Intel agrees to a deal to buy Israeli chip company Tower Semiconductor for nearly $6 billion

Question on digitizing VHS-C tapes (I know should have been done 10+ years ago)

The John Durham Report is just being brought up to hide Trump's other mounting issues!

Spring training was supposed to start this week

New York AG James knows how to bankrupt a corrupt organization.

CBC* Quebec: These are the Black Changemakers.

The Rundown: February 15, 2022

Wholesale prices rise 1% in January, up 9.7% over the past year

If only my teeth were as white as

Thanks for the hearts,

CBC*: The brightness of winter light in this week's photo gallery, February 14, 2022

Wanted: Individual to hand feed me Cheetos so my fingers don't get all orange.


New World Order

Ah, the sweet smell of indictment:

Banks Gouging Customers Face Tough Regulation Under Biden

Florida couple asked handyman to build a room with doorknob only on outside

Today's Image Dump (2/15/22)

Report: Conspiracy theorists fuel bump in extremist killings

Joe Manchin-connected power plant hasn't paid rent in a decade

Feel Good Tweet of The Day

ice sheet flies off van and hits windshield of car

Moscow's Compellence Strategy by Rob Lee

Las Vegas bartender robbed at gunpoint was forced to repay bosses stolen money, lawsuit says

Meanwhile In Vancouver: Marchers topple 'pedophile' Gassy Jack's statue in Vancouver's Gastown

Valentine's Day Really Sucked for the Trump Organization

Hundreds of small Midwestern towns passed on federal COVID money rather than fight red tape

Mama Raccoon Gets To Reunite With Her Babies

US accuses conservative financial website Zero Hedge of spreading Russian propaganda

Four dead, 15 missing as Spanish trawler sinks off Canada

Thank you, anonymous DUer, for the lovely heart

Frictionless shopping launches in Ireland

Virginia GOP Rejects Allowing Public School Teachers to Teach History of Jim Crow, 3/5 Rule, etc.

How One Small Town Fought Off A QAnon Invasion

Concorde 2.0: NASA Prepares "Quiet" Supersonic Jet That Could Transform Travel

One body found after plane carrying 8 passengers crashed off Outer Banks in NC

RICO case possibly coming for Trump and the kids,

Joe Walsh on what lies ahead: Trump is "sowing a race war" -- and his followers love it

Harold Arlen was born on this date.

James "Kokomo" Arnold was born on this date.

David Cay Johnston Predicts Racketeering Case Against Trump

Durham investigation is in real trouble': Legal expert untangles the RWNJ latest conspiracy theory

Judge says he'll dismiss Sarah Palin's libel suit against New York Times

Folks here are spending a lot more time on the "Durham Report" than regular voters ever will

A heartfelt thank you to the very kind people that warmed my heart.

'Now we're going to trial': Trump kids suffer major legal blow in DC inauguration investigation

Rescued Orphaned Baby Buffalo Will Be Looked After For Life - ElephantNews

Blount County middle school removes book 'Dragonwings' from curriculum after parents express concern

School boards get death threats over race, gender, mask policies

It's funny - I don't remember Sophie and Boudicca doing much wrestling. As for the boys?????

This is another of those subjects that is difficult to discuss without pounding the podium and

Bill Barr appointed Durham "to investigate the officials who conducted the Trump-Russia inquiry"

The Lincoln Project: Twilight Struggle

Putin: Russia ready to discuss confidence-building measures

Words cannot express how touched I am at all the hearts I have received.


Kamila Valieva: "I accidentally took my grandfather's medication."

Being in for nearly 2 years just going to the store

New Hampshire students launched a boat in 2020. It was just found in Norway

Wing nut Pastor Greg Locke says he has 6 witches in his congregation.

Anouk- The Difference (live at the GelreDome, Arnheim, 2008)

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 15, 2022

Don Henley - The Boys Of Summer (UPDATE - added video about the writing/recording of the song)

Biden Looks Putin in the Eye! Let's go media Where's the Story?

Chip shortage won't end in 2022, says AMD CEO Lisa Su

Trump about to be hit with racketeering case -- 3 oldest kids may get charged too: David Cay Johnston

Some of dis and Some of dat

Trump Org's accountant says 10 years of financial statements are unreliable

Does anyone see a correlation between the outrageous response by the Olympic

As Early Voting Begins, Texas Sees Spike in Rejected Ballots Due to Sweeping New Voter Restrictions

This could lead to Trump Org going bankrupt

Johnny Cash - A Boy Named Sue (Live at San Quentin, uncensored version)

Coldplay & Richard Ashcroft - Bittersweet Symphony (live in London's Hyde Park for Live 8, 2005)

Twilight Struggle - The Lincoln Project


Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: Feb. 14

We went to the movies last night!

Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan - "Wanted Man" (Take 1)

An Off-Ramp from War? Russia Says It Pulled Back Some Troops from Ukraine Border as Talks Continue

Greg Olear: Trump Eats His Words

Watch The ReidOut Highlights: Feb. 14

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: Feb. 14

The Traveling Wilburys - Handle With Care

Eminem has *always* been angry, so very righteously angry.


Court Filing Started a Furor in Right-Wing Outlets, but Their Narrative Is Off Track

US accuses financial website of spreading Russian propaganda

Here in Texas all the rethugs running for office are

"Handle With Care" (live) - Jeff Lynne's ELO with special guest Dhani Harrison (George's son)

1740 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues; 5 deaths

Hey Manchin and Sinema you want to see a filibuster look no further than what this "guy"

Happy Birthday Chris Farley:

Peaceful protest kit

Opinion: Sixty years late, right-wingers join the counterculture

Heh. Josh Hawley's "Insurrection Mug" is made in China.

Here's a thought.

This crow seems convinced he's a tiny human

Farmers Feel the Squeeze of Inflation

Sandy Hook families settle with Remington marking 1st time gun maker is held liable for mass shootin

US accuses financial website of spreading Russian propaganda

Eric Trump vows to go after New York AG after her office helped convince Mazars to dump his dad's co

An old lady received 3 wishes. . .

On this day, February 15, 1962, Ray Charles recorded "I Can't Stop Loving You."

On this day, February 15, 1965, Nat King Cole died.

Canada includes crypto and crowdfunding under laundering and terrorism finance laws

13 Questions for Those Who Want to Ban "Critical Race Theory"

'Now we're going to trial': Trump kids suffer major legal blow in DC inauguration investigation

We are living through the most difficult period in our lifetimes.

When the trump gang trials begin

Trump, his kids, the Trump org, are becoming toxic, dangerous, to all those connected to them.

Sandy Hook families settle with Remington marking 1st time gun maker is held liable for mass shootin

Parkland dad shares why he climbed a crane to get Biden's attention (CNN)

Colorado county clerk who embraced vote-fraud conspiracy theories says she will run for state's top

Company to build $40 million plant at Exit 1 in Bluefield, creating 150 to 300 new jobs

Dozens of bald eagles gather in Tennessee

The number of US Senate seats the Democrats will have from 2022 is 54.

BREAKING: Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre reach an out of court settlement.

All Creatures Great and Small: James & Helen: A Perfect Match 💞

Andrew, formerly known as Prince, settles out of court with Virginia Giuffre

Whomever the two secret admirers who gave me hearts, I say thank you.

DeSantis, Shapiro & Co. Want To Put My Kid in the Closet

When 'Freedom' Means the Right to Destroy

All Creatures Great and Small: Behind the Scenes of the Foal's Birth 🐎

Vintage Art Nouveau Moth Pendant Necklace and Earrings

This is a powerful song and video that needs to be heard!

Do Facebook and Twitter exist to support stochastic terrorism? Or is it just a marketable bonus?

Middle Age Riot with another winner

New Mexico legislator released from jail after DWI arrest

Sha'Carri Richardson Notes 'Only Difference' She Sees Between Her And Kamila Valieva

Around the World in 80 Days: A Classic Reimagined 🌎

MF snake on a plane

Republicans BURYING THEMSELVES by making 2022 about Hillary Clinton!! Let them! - MeidasTouch

Trump is trapped like a fly in a spider web.

Prince Andrew Settles Sexual Abuse Lawsuit With Virginia Giuffre

Twitter thread refuting Indigenous support of the truck convoy blockage.

Last Week She Was Arrested. Now She's Running for Secretary of State.

Thank you my anonymous ❤ giver

Maybe Russia should just create a robot

The Rolling Stones - Monkey Man

Timothy Snyder: "What is Putin thinking?"

Sheep dog clears traffic jam

Will this guy be next

Peter Sloly resigns as Ottawa's police chief

Good Day DU (February 15, 2022)

How is John Durham able to stay on as Special Prosecutor?

Everything We Know About the US 'Freedom Convoy'

Did the Gun Industry Know?

Bill Press: Time for Merrick Garland to flush Donald Trump

Michigan State Police raid home of ex-Speaker Chatfield's top staffers

State threatens to take over NJ nursing home where bodies were stacked

Police in New Zealand blast Barry Manilow music to disperse anti-vaccine protesters

So the republicans are going to delay the panel vote on the fed nominee Raskin, because they think

Little by Little - Tedeschi Trucks Band Live

Would more Republicans follow McConnell or Trump?

Cyber attacks have begun in Ukraine!

VCU is receiving a $104 million gift to launch a liver health institute

Bloomberg headline: "US accuses Zero Hedge of spreading Russian propaganda"

Fox News is mangling Special Counsel John Durham's latest Trump-Russia filing

Why do I get the impression that M$Greedia prefer

When 'Freedom' Means the Right to Destroy

Georgia May Add Police At Polling Places Ahead Of Midterm Elections

Prince Andrew To Settle Lawsuit With Epstein Accuser (MSNBC)

It's Only a Paper Moon sung by Nat King Cole, written by Harold Arlen

Virginia lawmakers reject efforts to tie football stadium deal to Commanders probe - Virginia...

This is the most hearts thank you to all

Robert Reich: Why Labor Secretary Marty Walsh Should Stay The Hell Away From Baseball - OpEd

"The GOP's white-grievance movement is increasingly anti-American,"

These Doctors' Groups Are Cheering On the Anti-Vax Truckers

Thank you for my final heart, my fellow DUer!!!

The first bank to call in Trump's chips may start a stampede for his money

Calling for the execution of folks

Ya' can't fix something you know nothing about.

If you see something cuter than this today, please post it

Rachel Maddow is a hero & patriot, & probably saved my life.

Ottawa Police Chief Resigns Amid Blockade Chaos - CBC Reporter

Cyberattack on Ukraine is apparently underway.

Malcolm Nance tweet:

George Clooney to produce docuseries about the Ohio State wrestling sex abuse scandal:

Why in the hell hasn't the Bible been banned and/or burned in this rash of book censorship?

Thank you to whoever gave me a heart!

Middle Age Riot tweet:

I voted today

Asked to help, Post readers sent searing evidence about dozens more enslavers in Congress

"DeSantis, Shapiro & Co. Want To Put My Kid in the Closet"

Which is it Senator Paul?

He killed so many people, you can't possibly call it murder

Regulators won't let Boeing certify new 787 jets for flight

'Wendy Rogers, you're a joke!' Election worker shouts down pro-Trump lawmaker at Arizona hearing

Apparently Trump has long been cash poor--perhaps even always:

US Senate Elections in 2022 that the Democrats are favored to win.

U.S. Accuses Zero Hedge of Spreading Russian Propaganda

Chinese woman suffers skull fractures after being struck with baseball bat from behind in Seattle

Election worker shouts down Wendy Rogers at Arizona hearing

White Trash Truckers

Inside a Massive Human Smuggling Ring Led by US Marines

Mars Curiosity Rover grabs stunning image of a wind-carved rock on the surface of Mars.

This message was not self-deleted by its author.

Judge Orders Eastman To Prove He Has A Real Reason To Assert Attorney-Client Privilege Over Trump


Teary-Eyed Prince Andrew Reveals Ghislaine Maxwell Groomed Him To Have Sex With Dozens Of Teens

Kitteh invites her mouse friend to share her dinner:

The Ingredients that go into the making of a Conspiracy Theory

States with weaker gun laws have higher rates of firearm related homicides and suicides, study finds

Judge Orders Eastman To Prove That He Has A Real Reason To Assert Attorney-Client Privilege Over Tru

Top Oath Keeper reveals a key secret of Jan. 6

How to cope with the looming avocado shortage

Bill Press: Time for Merrick Garland to flush Donald Trump

A thousand thanks for my hearts.

I think it's time to start the speculation... Who should be the next Doctor Who?

A Woman Is Cured of H.I.V. Using a Novel Treatment

Somewhere in Genesis God should've said

Oh, you guys! Thank you!

Stocks rebound after Russia signals troop pullback

We've never really given enough thought to how stupid it was not to elect Hillary President

Minnesota redistricting: Judicial panel releases new maps

Washington Post: Chris Crouch was anti-vaccine. Now his pregnant wife had covid...

Senate Confirms Califf as F.D.A. Chief in Tight Vote

US bird flu case puts chicken, turkey farms on high alert

Speaking of The Ten Commandments: 🚨LANGUAGE🚨

Tucker Carlson, tootin' Putin again

I sure do heart my hearts!!

The coldest, hardest pill to swallow about Canada's right-wing trucker blockade

Thermate - Black Desert Highway

TFG called French far-right presidential candidate ric Zemmour and told him to 'never change,' ac

Greg Abbott Blames Election Officials' Errors for Mail-In Ballot Issues

Police Spokesman LOSES IT After Getting Called Names - Rebel HQ

Tucker Carlson Brings Up Seth Rich Conspiracy That Cost Fox News Millions of Dollars

Is the MSM wising up? Not taking the Durham bait.

US Senate Elections in 2022 that the Democrats are likely to win.

How did we get to: "I disagree with you, so you should be executed?"

Utah senator drops opposition, internment camp bill advances

I really LOATHE stupid people.

Go, Granny, Go!

Silicon Valley Super-Rich Fund School Board Recall Election to Oust Progressives

Latest 2022 FL Governor Polling

Does anyone here have any expertise in LiFePO4 batteries?

DC AG Tweets he IS going to take the Trumps to trial. 'No one is above the law.'

I am changing

Catholic Crisis! A preist has sent thousands to Hell by saying "We baptize" instead of "I baptize".

Eminem - Lose Yourself

Will my ranch dressing be ok if I hasn't been refrigerated for 4 days??

Thank you for another heart!

Bubble Gut Gorilla

Giuliani to cooperate fully with Jan. 6 Committee:

Kathleen Rice becomes 30th House Democrat to not seek reelection in 2022

My lucky day...

Alec Baldwin sued by family of cinematographer killed on set

Feds investigate nonprofit Feeding Our Future for alleged fraud

(Jewish Group) In Ukraine, young Jews are torn between fighting for their country -- or leaving

(Jewish Group) Whoopi Goldberg returns to 'The View' after suspension over Holocaust comments...

Thanks for the hearts, mysterious donors.

(Jewish Group) 'Christian veterans' protest outside Jewish politician's home...

Just had a new scam attempt on my cell phone...

'Christian veterans' protest outside Jewish politician's home & pastor compares vaccine mandates...

(Jewish Group) Archives of the Bay Area's Jewish newspaper going back to 1895 now available online

The Lab-Leak Hypothesis Made It Harder for Scientists to Seek the Truth

New Cyber Onslaught Could Give Away Putin's Next Big Move

I am not following closely the Olympics, but about that 15yo Russian skater charged with doping...

Russia/Ukraine: An Analogy

Well I ain't never seen nuthin like...

Jury finds NYT did NOT defame Palin

What Are the Comstock Laws? Here's How They've Influenced Sex Ed Debates

Any DUer live in or close to Hays or Ellis county?

Cartoons 2/15/2022

The Band - Up On Cripple Creek (live at Winterland, November 1976, from The Last Waltz)

Everett ex-cop acquitted of perjury but is guilty of stalking

Today marks two months since the House voted to hold Mark Meadows in contempt

During Traffic Stops, Miami Police hand out invitations to buy trump 2024 merchandise

Dr. Biden: Sometimes the littlest valentines give the greatest hugs.

Jury finds that Sarah Palin failed to prove her defamation case against the New York Times

Palin loses suit against NYT

Biden averted war when he stated the fact that US vs Russia is WWIII.

Sawant to Harrell: Not so fast on ending Seattle's eviction ban

Opinion: An equitable society demands an inclusive approach

Meidas Touch video: Democracy vs. Fascism

Kamila Valieva had three substances that could be used to treat heart conditions in her sample.

Playin' The Classics today!

Religious order to sell 22 waterfront acres in Seattle's Laurelhurst neighborhood

Shake it like a Polaroid picture ...

The most overlooked midterm elections this year: State Supreme Courts

Six months of Taliban: Afghans safer, poorer, less hopeful

Wordle Geeks:

Did American lobbyists help Vladimir Putin get a win in Congress? You'll never know.

Court Filing Started a Furor in Right-Wing Outlets, but Their Narrative Is Off Track

Democrats Helped Build The Social Safety Net. Why Are Many Now Against Expanding It?

Florida Gov. DeSantis leads Dem challengers: poll

Thank you for the ❤. Love you folks.

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will win.

Educational Gag Orders Target Speech about LGBTQ+ Identities With New Prohibitions - PEN

Russian parliament asks Putin to recognize separatist Ukrainian regions as independent

I lost track of Trump's legal cases

Marcy Wheeler: Durham Knows This Data Precedes Trump

Little Marco proves he's a dumbass

'Magical': Norway 6th-grader finds Rye students' mini boat launched in 2020

COMING UP 3:30 ET. Biden to speak on Ukraine crisis

A question about War by a long-standing member of the Pacifist, progressive left.

Weekly Ludi #33

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, February 16: Starring Montgomery Clift

Trump's stash of documents shows 'fragile' historical record

Greg Abbott Blames Election Officials' Errors for Mail-In Ballot Issues

How Miami Beach traffic stops led drivers to online pitches for Trump 2024 merchandise

One Thing I know For Sure...

Okay, the Olympus OM 1 is here.

AOC: Biden hesitation on student-loan cancellation has 'demoralized a very critical voting block'

Kansas residents sue over GOP-drawn map, alleging 'extreme and intentional' gerrymander

Biden Live:

Thurston County may spend $9.9 million remodeling its ballot processing complex

Philadelphia shots

Russian government hackers have penetrated Ukrainian military, energy and other critical computer...

How is it most dogs do so well in water?

US Amazon warehouse workers prepare for historic union vote

Jared Kushner is nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. That's less of a big deal than you think.

Biden Strong

When Lin Wood thinks you are crazy...

US west 'megadrought' is worst in at least 1,200 years, new study says

Asked to help, Post readers sent searing evidence about dozens more enslavers in Congress

Forgot to mention that Kroger had quite a bit of canned cat food, today

Private equity's dirty dozen: the 12 US firms funding dirty energy projects

Private equity's dirty dozen: the 12 US firms funding dirty energy projects

Sandy Hook Families Win $73 Million In Lawsuit Against Remington Arms

Skater Evgeni Plushenko video "Sex Bomb"

Desus and Mero interview with Dave Grohl

Get a load of this drug price.

Trump Attacks The Media For Not Caring About His Hillary Clinton Story

I wonder if the Russians are paying attention?

Wisconsin Republicans Choose Convicted Felon To Audit 2020 Election

What are our best chances to expand the majority, and how do you think we can get there?

How one small town fought off a QAnon invasion

PJ O'Roarke has died.

How many charges have been filed from the Durham special cousel

Palin, Trump, the "My Pillow" guy. It's an era of morons.

U.S. 'excess deaths' during pandemic surpassed 1 million, with covid killing most

President Biden addresses the nation on the Ukraine-Russia crisis

Missouri governor rebuffed: Journalist won't be prosecuted for viewing HTML

Another anti-vaxxer loon disrupts a flight and is arrested:

It's that time of the afternoon. I rest my knee, the Kitcats rest on me.

'Infrastructure Week Finally Arrived': Biden Takes Veiled Swipe At Trump

Desus and Mero interview Dave Letterman

Dog Sleeps In Crib Every Single Night

Mr. Walkoff-- Ryan Zimmerman retires:

Just checking in.

"Judge Dismisses 'New York Times' Libel Suit Brought By Cannibal Terrorist Sarah Palin"

In fight for Congress, Eddie Rodriguez targets Greg Casar's record on Austin homelessness, police

Judge in Snowbarbie's case should've STFU!

Coastal Sea Levels in U.S. to Rise a Foot by 2050, Study Confirms

Little late just wanted to give thanks for the hearts.

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will definitely win.

Why is it everytime I sit down to watch the Olympics the coverage...

Biden Urges 'Diplomatic Resolution' Between Russia And Ukraine

One Can Hope

'The fear is the point': Former GOP operative lashes out at Florida Republicans' 'Don't Say Gay' bil

More Subpoenas from Jan. 6 Committee

To build Abbott's border barrier, Texas will use surplus wall panels from the federal government

MSNBC: 1/6 Committee subpoenas 6 more in fake elector scheme.

British Museum exhibition traces rise and fall of Stonehenge

Wishbone Ash - The King Will Come (afternoon drive)

I wonder what the Mazars backpeddling on Trump's tax returns will do to Weisselberg.

A series of cool, touching and funny short videos:

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 16 February 2022

AronRa at Satancon.

Speaking of drug prices.

What's for Dinner, Tues., Febr. 15, 2022

Beabadoobee - Care

Conservative rule cannot be functional

Them There Eyes

House January 6 committee digs into fake elector plot, issuing subpoenas to 6 more people

Rupert Murdoch was one of the first people to get vaccinated against Covid

'Star Trek' Cast, Including Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, Returning for Fourth Film

Hollywood actor Zachary Horwitz sentenced to 20 years for multimillion-dollar Ponzi scheme

The truth won't speak for itself

Baffert-Medina Spirit stewards hearing gets no quick decision

This is one cool start to a show!

Happy Birthday to suffragist Susan B. Anthony. "Failure is impossible".

Happy Birthday to suffragist Susan B. Anthony. "Failure is impossible".

GOP Lawmaker Tells Canadian Truckers to Come to U.S.

Japanese girl trying to play drums

Driver Shows Up at California Naval Base With Bomb-Making Materials

We're in for some rollercoaster weather in mid-Michigan, starting tomorrow

Cuban courts impose stiff sentences against protesters

Age Discrimination and Housing- Needing to Vent

Honduras ex-President Hernandez arrested at US request

Effort to remove ban on same-sex marriage in Virginia Constitution clears Senate

My Daughter Was Fired Today

Anyone from Texas vote early yet.

Thank you so much for these beautiful hearts! 💕💕💕

I'm worried about DOJ,

US could see a century's worth of sea rise in just 30 years

Who was the first presidential candidate you ever voted for?

'We have a place for you': California county recruits unvaccinated deputies

Tweet of the Day


US approves new headlights that won't blind oncoming drivers

Video: Truckers Lead Historic Unionization Drive


***Winners*** Announcement "February Part of the Whole Contest

Every single GOP Senator refused to show up to consider Biden's Federal Reserve nominees

We might dismiss the Durham crap, but RWNJs want actual blood spilled

May 20th on Disney Plus...

TLP: "America -- once again -- stands for freedom"

Bless your hearts! And thanks for mine

New AZ bill: All AZ students grades 6-12 must take an NRA-led "gun safety" program

Seriously it's hilarious watching the US hawks and their cheering media talking about Putin's

Tell me you don't know anything about MLK w/o telling me you don't know anything about MLK

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