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I have said it before but I will say it once again-I f'n hate any repuke

Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas 6 More In Fake Electors Scheme

My first ever thank you for the hearts thread...

Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas 6 More In Fake Electors Scheme - Deadline - MSNBC

Former U.S. Ambassador Reacts To Biden's Address On Russia-Ukraine Tension - Deadline - MSNBC

Congrats ro the Sandy Hook parents and their lawyers

Full Moon, 97% visible


Gold medal, bronze medal, it's all good.

Two different Americas

Fed Raising Recession Risks

Sting - Englishman In New York

First time for everything, yes?

Around home, sandbar and UP and AWAY

My children's movie screenplay just won its 9th award

Cruz, other GOP senators oppose no-fly list for convicted unruly passengers

Michael Che Reacts to Kanye West's Offer to Double His 'SNL' Salary If He Stops Working With Pete Da

US Compacts of Free Association: What Next?

Coachella won't require masks, negative COVID tests or vaccinations

Indian Hills Community Center

*Leondra Kruger being discussed on PBS NEwsHour now.

Republicans once outraged by Clinton emails now muted on Trump documents - Washington Post

I made a soup! My first from-scratch, no cans or boxes, veggie soup.

New critical race theory laws have teachers scared, confused and self-censoring

Inflation Spiked Prior To Biden Inauguration

Puerto Rico governor to offer teachers a pension plan similar to that of police

Found this about a 1935 Hoover letter while doing family tree.

This new satellite photo appears to show a sign Russia has been readying for war as its forces surro

I like this "dodo" about horses

"You love me. You really love me!"

Biden administration wants $30 billion more for COVID-19 response

GOP culture war attacks 'alarmingly potent,' DCCC warns

Will AG Garland Protect Voting Rights? - Zerlina - The Choice MSNBC

Hungary's Orban faces toughest challenger so far

Botched butt injection suspected after woman dumped at Bronx hospital dies

Donkeys! I love Donkeys!

80 years after 'Australia's Pearl Harbor,' tensions with China are raising fears of another attack D

"It is too bad that your mama is an ugly communist whore."

McConnell Roasted For 'Nothing Campaign' In Echo Of 'Seinfeld' - The Beat - MSNBC

Police searching for missing Everett woman

*Jamie Raskin on Hayes show now.

Walking On The Moon - The Police

Washington Senate OKs bill on governor's emergency powers

Namibia's wild elephants are being rounded up for international sale

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will win definitely.

King County to stop accepting new applications for rental assistance program

Josh Hawley Denies Selling 'Pro-Riot Mug'

Former NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio says he won't run for Congress, either

Crews rescue snowboarder trapped in North Cascades

PJ O'Rourke, RIP

Thank you again for the hearts!!

Again with my vulture friend!

Virginia House passes legislation aimed at banning 'divisive' concepts in public schools

Gym definitely did NOT endorse this docu-series...

Sussman responds to Durham's nonsense

GOP culture war attacks 'alarmingly potent,' DCCC warns

Doug Mastriano, senator seeking Pa. GOP governor nomination, issued 1/6 subpoena

Closing In On Trump? MAGA Riot Panel Subpoenas Fake Electors Amid Stealing Scheme - The Beat - MSNBC

P.J. O'Rourke, irreverent author and commentator, dies at 74

USVI to refinance bonds to save public pension system

More donkeys!!

Biden HHS estimates $30B needed in new Covid aid

A sincere Thank You to all who gave me hearts today and over this past week

Top CNN exec resigns as WarnerMedia chief accuses her and former network boss Zucker

Michigan's largest marijuana farm coming to tiny village, ready or not

Dolly Parton has a message for RWingers

Michigan Senate passes income tax cut. Its path forward is unclear.

Space Tourist Pays to Test New Space Suit - Deep Space Updates February 15th Scott Manley

Its gratifying

When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best Of What's Still Around

Biden: Russian troops remain in 'a threatening position' for an invasion of Ukraine

NRA Loses Big: Gun Safety Activists Win First Case Ever Against A Gunmaker - The Beat - MSNBC

Arizona's Republican-controlled Senate passes law banning abortions after 15 weeks

Michigan Rep. Jewell Jones Will Cop To Two Felonies, Says 'It's All Coming Together' Via GIF

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread

The donkey named "Opal" - sweet

In joust with Putin, Germany's Scholz displays more assertive style

Channeling my inner Glamrock... Ahem. Best intro EVAH!

Republicans Threaten to Derail Quick Passage of Stopgap Spending Bill


Election Denier Under Investigation Is Running To Oversee Elections In Her State - All In - MSNBC

News and rumors on the Ukraine front.

Philippines' Marcos wants military presence to defend its waters in South China Sea

Follow the Sharpie: Prosecutors probing Donald Trump are sitting on 'tons' of documents bearing.....

Divided Sky 10/31/94


How long have we known the IOC is both bought and sold...

Thought: Was Afghanistan withdrawal related to Russian invasion of Ukraine?

"Only posting sanctions if there is bad behavior." Tim Kaine on CNN .

2 Republican lawmakers urge on crowd gathered at Wisc. Capitol seeking to overturn the 2020 election

Cyberattack hits websites of Ukraine defense ministry and armed forces

Give a shout if you are experiencing so cal hail storm

Some Russian troops moved to firing positions near Ukraine, Putin said be ready by Feb. 16: Sources

The 'Big Lie' Candidates

Poor Sarah Palin!

Republicans Hold Secret Meeting To Discuss How To Deal With Trump's Midterm Meddling - Ring of Fire

MC5 - Kick Out The Jams live 1970 Detroit

The Worst of the Omicron Wave Could Still Be Coming

Ukraine's "Lost Army" what happened to its 780,000 troops?

'Kill Your Commanding Officer': On the Front Lines of Putin's Digital War With Ukraine

Arnold Schwarzenegger mourns the death of his friend and "Twins" director Ivan Reitman

Freedom Convoy' disruptions cost auto industry $300 million, study says

Lindsey Graham: No Clue & No Care For American Citizens


Grateful Dead - Iko Iko (JFK Stadium in Philadelphia, 7/7/89)

Dr. Fauci: You May Be 'Done With Covid,' But Covid Isn't Done With The U.S. - All In - MSNBC

Good lord, discovered another band that speaks to Leo, my cat

Bruce Springsteen - Badlands (1979, the No Nukes concert at Madison Square Garden)

Thank you very much for all my hearts.

Right-Wing Media's Latest Obsession

Hearts galore and

Olympic skiers wear pinney with one shoulder off

All the ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️s

Rep. Raskin, Jan 6 Committee Member, says Trump is "Guilty as Sin" & "Will Get His Comeuppance."

"Oh, I accidentally took grandpa's heart medicine"

I heartly have room for more. Thanks so much.

It's 5:12 AM in Kiev/Kiyv. Is there war yet?

Trump's getting desperate now.

How do I find out if my phone is a 3G?? and not going to wok once the 5G's come into play.

Breaking- Colin Kaepernick still -

Don't Provoke Me - Sack Cartoon

Grenade Launcher Barrel Smugglers Sentenced To Prison

GOP senator opposes Biden court pick, likely blocking nominee

Sha'Carri Richardson rips figure skater decision: 'Only difference I see is I'm a black young lady'

R.I.P. PJ O'Rourke: What Right Wing Humor Is Left

Mama sloth and her baby:

Navajo Nation sues New Mexico county over redistricting map

TFG's statement on MAZARS has shocking sleight of hand!

Three different heart drugs in Valieva's sample.

should those in the audience turn their backs when the cheater skates

Vaccine effective in Minnesota, but omicron presents a challenge

Chile's New Single-Use Plastic Ban Sets a New Bar for Global Waste Initiatives

Something more than 'like being hit on the head with a baseball bat' strange...

Chile's New Single-Use Plastic Ban Sets a New Bar for Global Waste Initiatives

These birds are a riot:

Brazilian neighbourhood journalist's murder must be fully investigated

Funny commercial:

Hearts are beautiful! Nobody knows hearts like I do! I have hearts like no one has ever seen before!

Democratic group launches super PAC targeting election deniers running for state and local offices

President Maduro Asks to Investigate Macri's Invasion Plot

Did Biden avert a war?

Scorpions - I'm Going Mad

Lying Trump Dumped by Accountants & Freddie the Stoner's Question for Olympic Gold Winner Chloe Kim

Al Franken: 'It would be tempting' to run for office again

Women's figure skater spoiler

Parents allowed to opt their kids out of Black History Month lessons (Indiana)

Tuberville, a Republican from Alabama, had heavily invested in Alibaba Group

Giuliani isn't going to be cooperating

Thank you all for the many hearts

Asking Miss Manners

Price of oil and Ukraine

Thank you all for the Valentine hearts. It's so sweet at my age to receive a Valentine.

Fact check: Strong majority of Canadians oppose convoy protests, poll after poll finds

Relax Cafe Wednesday Morning Happy Coffee Time Jazz and Bossa Nova Streaming

My beautiful book

Why am I seeing figures of 1 million, or 1.5 million in damages to our Capitol

The right's double standard is on full display in Canada

How a spy from the Ram Ranch resistance infiltrated and seized anti-vax trucker chat rooms

About those Hearts...

John Cafferty - On The Dark Side

I think the Olympics should have a minimum age requirement, somewhere around 27 years.

NEW: January 5 letter from Arizona fake elector to Mike Pence asks Pence to delay certifying...

Sandy Hook Promise CEO On Families Reaching $73 Million Settlement With Gunmaker - The ReidOut MSNBC

No pressure Noam but this better be good...

Their Bionic Eyes Are Now Obsolete and Unsupported

Rep. Ilhan Omar To Introduce Legislation Proposing New Restrictions On No-Knock Warrants

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will definitely going to be winning.

Katyal: New Jan. 6 Subpoenas Reveal 'Soft Coup' By Fake Electors Plotters - The Last Word - MSNBC

DC Bill looks to ban bacon from people in hospitals.

Senate committee discusses bill that would clarify state's definition of rape

The Daily Show - America's Book Bans: The Latest Culture War Front

Blackburn drops hold on funding bill after HHS disputes crack pipe claims

Let's spin some tunes for the truckers in Ottawa!

Something the RWNJ's forgot about the halftime show at the Super Bowl...

Three school board members recalled in San Francisco.

Sandy Hook Families Can Now Reveal Gunmaker's Secret Documents - The Last Word - MSNBC

Just another heartwarming "good guy with a gun" story from Texas (9yo girl killed)

Funny how the little white girl who skates got treated differently than the fast Black girl who...

How long do you believe you would have to be in the presence

Politics Girl: Russia / Ukraine relationship Analogy

Astronauts spot an ancient heart-shaped oasis in Egypt just in time for Valentine's Day

This Black Democrat voted for Republicans' redistricting plan. His party has put him in the hot seat

☦☮✝️🙏 Asking to be remembered tonite.

Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar Employees in Austin Unionize

Police arrest only black kid in fight while white kid is politely seated - reddit

It's after here's a Wordle and Wordle2 thread...

Oklahoma is the #1 state where people consume the least fruits and vegetables

Analysis of guns and ammunition seized near Coutts, Alta. blockade

Cosmic robbery could explain lack of dark matter in some galaxies

Judge orders former Chapman professor to prove Trump hired him

Sen. Josh Hawley's Campaign Selling Coffee Mugs With Image Of His Jan. 6 Fist Pump - The ReidOut MSNBC

It's late. I'm stupid. Can someone help me find the ratio of two numbers?

Respighi's Ancient Airs and Dances Suite No. 3'

Before they all turn to pumpkins, thank you for the hearts

Sweet Love

Who were the Scythians?

January 6 Panel Widens Probe Of 'Alternate Electors'

Critics Are Savaging New Liam Neeson Thriller (7% critics, 71% audience)

A Pakistani man murdered his social media star sister in an 'honor killing.' Their parents pardoned

Biden Makes Appeal For Diplomacy In Russia-Ukraine Crisis - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Dreams I'll Never See

Stacey Abrams, David Perdue call foul on GOP proposal to ban fundraising while Georgia legislature i

New Subpoenas Show Focus On Trump Campaign Officials In Fake Elector Scheme - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Chris Crouch was anti-vaccine. Now his pregnant wife had COVID, and he faced a terrible choice.

The REAL REASON GQP refused to show up to vote for Biden's Fed. Reserve Nominees...

Had To Put Doggie Down Tonight - Edited: Thanks Everyone!

Thanks for the wonderful hearts. The DU community once again shows its true colors by the

Top 10 U.S. zip codes by number of donors to Canadian trucker convoy fundraising

Traitor to our country and first rate scumbag PA state sen Doug Mastriano subpoenaed

Chickenhawk tears incoming... Fresh reporting, troops leaving. Breaking: AFP

Sandy Hook Families Achieve Major Legal Victory Against Gun Maker - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Letter To Pence Shows Fake Elector Scheme Being Put In Motion

How GOP voters feel about January 6 and Trump - CBS News

Chapman University is hanging retired law prof. John Eastman and his purported client out to dry.

Wave Of New Candidates Eager To Counter Wave Of Right-Wing Activists In Local Elections

TCM later/tomorrow:

GOP culture war attacks 'alarmingly potent,' DCCC warns

FORTE12 is watching!

Pentagon All Ears For Ideas On How Bunny Penetrated Security To Access Inner Courtyard - MSNBC

Russia announces end of Crimea military drills, troops leaving

I call bullshit on any Russian announcements

Supremely Qualified For The Supreme Court: Ketanji Brown Jackson - The Last Word - MSNBC

Scientists discover the Earth's inner core isn't solid or liquid. It's 'superionic.'

Which U.S. communities sent money to support the Canadian trucker protests?

Western states face a bleak future amid the worst drought in more than 1,000 years - PBS NewsHour

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez mocks Fox News analyst after he says Canadian government could have arreste

☦ Orthodox Christianity: 'Psalm 136' - 'Praise the Lord' - 'Slavite Hospoda' in Serbian

Distraction, Anyone?

Dr. Fauci: 'No Doubt About Safety' Of Vaccines For Children Under 5 - MSNBC

☦ 'Psalm 117/118' ESV

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/15/22

☦ Not Orthodox Christian, but a favorite scriptural praise and worship song...

Full Moon, 99% visible, sets @ 7:16 a.m. + LATE edit:

Stephen Colbert - Guest John Oliver!

Got to wonder how much $$$$$$$$ putin & tRump are making trading energy/defense stocks

The Delta variant is 0% of new U.S. cases

Madoc is wising up

Democrats have just WON TWO special elections for the New York Assembly!

What's the difference between a garbanzo bean and a chickpea?

NATO sees no sign Russia is pulling back troops near Ukraine

Biden's schedule for Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Decade-High Food Prices Drive Poverty and Unrest in Africa

Today's Wordle - 2/16

Wordle 242 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

Breakfast Wednesday 26 February 2022

The anti-maskers have latched onto the Superbowl big time. A nearby small-town in

I want to thank again all the kind people who gave me DU hearts, it was such a treat

France Drops COVID Test Requirement for Vaccinated U.S. Travelers

Biden Blows Up Trump Plan to Keep Jan. 6 Visitor Logs Secret

'Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy' - Remember this?

Wednesday TOONs - (Un)Stable Genius Finances

Biden orders Trump White House visitor logs to be turned over to Jan. 6 committee

Missouri Senate poll alarms GOP

Biden rejects Trump's attempt to shield White House visitor logs, including for day of January 6

Russia Is Continuing to Build Up Forces Near Ukraine, NATO Chief Says

Can Joe Biden help to put NATO back together?

Analysis: Sarah Palin defamation case a long shot for U.S. Supreme Court, experts say

San Francisco school board members ousted in parental backlash

Its gratifying

The Weekly Pull: Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, Iron Fist, Primordial, and More

Comics Should Be Cheap (2/16/22)

The Webcomics Weekly #173: An Ordeal of a Meal (2/15/2022 Edition)

The Rundown: February 16, 2022

Truth Social looks almost exactly like Twitter (Jr. just shared Trump's first "truth"):

We've all seen and heard parents whose only attempts to control their children's behavior consist of

Daily Quordle #23 2/16

Inflation Was Hottest in Atlanta, Mildest in San Francisco in 2021

Has C.D.C. or whoever... authorized or recommended a 4th vax dose

About the Valentine hearts

Retail sales surge 3.8% in January, much more than expected amid inflation rise

You've Really Got A Hold On Me

Fauci looks like he's aged 10 yrs

Google Chrome question.

Bernie tells it like it is!

FL Man opposed to school mask mandate threatens to burn down son's school.

Another late afternoon shot I consider a failure

Texas truth and reconciliation panel dissects Winter Storm Uri one year after the disaster

Bob Marley's Exodus: An album that defined the 20th Century

Otis Blackwell was born on this date.

What annoys me about the confirmation process...

US Kremlin backers seek to undermine Joe Biden

Who gets to celebrate Lunar New Year?

Name the two pitchers who had as many SOs as their age in a game.

Manchin: Going forward what do we do with such disclosures? Do we just ignore? Do we move on?

Today's Image Dump (2/16/22)

A Crucial Clue in the $4.5 Billion Bitcoin Heist: A $500 Walmart Gift Card

Reporter explains how Biden got Putin to blink after Russian forces amassed near Ukraine

First of 3 ex-officers involved in George Floyd's death takes stand (CNN)

Would people pay less attention to hearing in the spring and summer...?

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is peddling baseless conspiracy theory that FBI incited Jan. 6 Capitol riot

I never realized how many people I hated until I had to choose a

The daily airborne asshole report, Hump Day edition

I'm curious. Has a wheelchair user ever appeared on any of the major network late night talk shows?

Biden Rejects Trump Privilege Claim, Orders National Archives To Hand Over WH Visitor Logs

Simple questions for Rudy Giuliani.

I bought myself a rice cooker!

Thieves take off with thousands in Native American jewelry

A downtown memorial will honor enslaved people who sued for freedom

St. Louis City SC to call Centene Stadium home

Immigrants could help the US labor shortage -- if the government would let them

Workers at dozens of Metro East warehouses have no safe rooms to shelter from tornadoes

Missouri healthcare orgs were blindsided by Gov. Parson ending his COVID emergency order

Texas A&M coach Sydney Carter responds to outfit criticism: 'I'm unapologetically myself every day'

Texas A&M coach Sydney Carter responds to outfit criticism: 'I'm unapologetically myself every day'

Should the laws apply to presidents and ex-presidents?

Utah Senator Drops Opposition, Internment Camp Bill Advances

Putin's Allies - The Lincoln Project

Military Spent $1 Million Addressing Extremism, Diversity and Climate Change Last Year

Mergers of Defense Companies Are Risking National Security, Pentagon Warns

US accuses China of backing away from free-trade commitments

Russia Says It Is Pulling Back More Troops amid Ukraine Standoff

The Supremes - Stop In the Name of Love

Incoming storm will bring multiple impacts to mid-Missouri

Mixed results for Republican rallies as "Freedom Convoy" falls short

Aretha Franklin - Amazing Grace (Live at New Temple Missionary Baptist Church, 1972)

Retail sales surge 3.8% in Jan. as threat of omicron eases

Pic Of The Moment: Meanwhile, In Ted Cruz's Office...

Black Dog - Beth Hart (New! Led Zep cover)

Second CNN executive exits in wake of internal Cuomo inquiry

UK police investigating Prince Charles charity

Annual home price growth hits 14.4%, highest level in six years - CSO

Well, it's not the Cover of the Rolling Stone - but it's the NYT! web live this AM

What do you think will happen if Russia invades Ukraine?

4 Alberta border protesters charged with conspiring to murder RCMP officers

Japan nuclear watchdog to boost monitoring spots for TEPCO treated water release

Aretha Franklin - (You Make Me Feel Like a) Natural Woman (Live at the Kennedy Center Honors)

2/16/64: The Beatles make their second appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show"

Heart (with Jason Bonham) - Stairway to Heaven (Live at the Kennedy Center Honors)

Gangrene's blunder sums it up.

The Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun

Ravi Shankar - Live at the Monterey Pop Festival

Republicans oppose no-fly lists for disruptive passengers cuz "Freedumb"

Get A Load of this Drug Price - Part II

Elvis Costello to Reunite With Nick Lowe for Summer Tour

USFL is coming

George Conway: Accounting Firm's Move Is Worse For Trump Than Being Impeached Twice

This is a pretty good point about republicans pretending to care about inflation

First patient in UK gets 'vaccine' for cancer to help immune system ward off cancer permanently

2177 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed ; 3 deaths

"I approve this message"

Tommy Bolin - Bustin' Out For Rosey

Gee, if only there was something this asshole could do to be with his dying daughter.....

Olympics: SPOILER - Men's Hockey Quarterfinals

CALIFORNIA: Man survives 75-foot plunge at Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Pregnant Pittie Is Saved And Won't Stop Hugging Her Rescuer

Am I missing something? (Cross-border vaccination mandates)

The Fox News Spin Cycle

Fox claims the 'liberal' media is ignoring the John Durham court filing story.

Former ABC intern says Chris Cuomo assaulted her

Typo sends Florida drivers to Trump 2024 merch website

The Millions of People Stuck in Pandemic Limbo

A drug pricing scam?

Police launch internal affairs investigation into baby injured in Pensacola Police custody

"Canadian-Style Tyranny Is On Its Way Here" - Even Tucker Looks Confused

Charles Pierce thinks its game over for ex-President Tubby and his family and accomplices.

Why defacing the Terry Fox statue touched a nerve with so many Canadians

Sea level to rise one foot along U.S. coastlines by 2050, government report finds

Sea level to rise one foot along U.S. coastlines by 2050, government report finds

Fox: Biden's NSA is somehow fabricating Russia's troop buildup as some sort of distraction tactic

This dog's called Mugshot because no one should be this good looking

Giuliani's unhinged Jan. 6 rant shows how Trump's media scam really work

U.S. manufacturing output rises moderately in January

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 16, 2022

I love Joe Biden more every day!! Take that Putin and Putin lovers

Red-Winged Blackbirds -- "Uber Ride"

Please Delete Your Recordings: Inside a Police Conference

Had to share this one....

Perhaps someday, Groupthink and mass hysteria will be called, Trump Disorder.

Maria Bartiromo is getting more deranged every day

US Senate Elections in 2022 that the Democrats are definitely going to be winning.

Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: Feb. 15

2,000-Year-Old Buddhist Temple Unearthed in Pakistan

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: Feb. 15

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: Feb. 15

Good Day DU (February 16, 2022)

Exclusive: Top House Democrat Unveils Plan to Beat Back Progressive Rebellion

Information warfare expert says the U.S. is finally countering Russia at its own game

Marie-Claire Chevalier, minor at center of landmark French abortion case, dies at 66

Voters Oust San Francisco School Board Members Over 'Woke Politics'

Investors bought a record share of homes in 2021. See where.

Sailor stopped with bomb-making materials in car stopped at base near San Diego

Jan. 6 panel digs into fake elector plot with six more subpoenas


Why is Gaetz

Ron Johnson Praises Doctor Who Wants Biden, Harris, Fauci And More Executed

Jan. 6th Committee Subpoenas Six GOPers In Fake Elector Plot

Putin is acting out because he is a pissed off Trump supporter.

Medical boards told to back off when doctors spread COVID misinformation

Here are some of the GOP's most brazen attacks on voting rights and elections

How to Protect Ukraine's Sovereignty


70 Years of ReTHUGlican Lying - isn't that enough, America?

Florida firefighters save dog who fell in 15-foot hole

Atlantic article on negotiating with Russian MAGATS

The owl pellet economy: Meet the entrepreneurs who've devoted their lives to bird vomit

Girl found underneath staircase in New York, two years after going missing

Across the Desk - S5:E5 (The Oklahoma GOP Attack on Medical Marijuana)

Golden Earring - Quiet Eyes (live, 1986, at a concert on the beach for 185,000 fans)

Armed Missouri man threatens coach at son's basketball game, charged with terrorism

Interview with Steven Van Zandt: Rock & Roll Legend AND Justice & Equality Warrior - Glenn Kirschner

Horrifying behavior from Republicans during judicial nomination hearing for Nina Morrison

Tucker Carlson's INSIDIOUS plot finally exposed No Lie podcast - Brian Tyler Cohen

Walter Dellinger, influential scholar and lawyer, dies at 80

A Capitol Rioter Paid $109.95 To Do His Community Service Hours Online

Mazars Thumps Trump

Worth the click to see Fox chyron:

"We created the liberty institute to make sure only state approved ideas can be discussed"

Tax season. Amiright?

Two Foxboro, Mass, High students charged with assault on transgender North Attleboro student

So when are the first Senate primaries?

Ryan Zinke broke ethics rules while leading Trump's Interior Dept., watchdog finds

Information warfare expert says the U.S. is finally countering Russia at its own game

Cute little chinchilla:

The Worst Drought in 1200 Years: What Does it Mean for Your Food?

Middle Age Riot tweet: "That face you make when a house falls on your sister."

Police ticketing, warning truckers to leave Canada's capital

Man sentenced to probation in US Capitol attack after revealing he lost his job, now delivers pizza

Disney says face masks now optional for vaccinated at theme parks

Rudy Giuliani Reveals Location Of Secret 'Evidence' Stash And... Um... Wow.

How Many Times Would Jesus Vote To Repeal Obamacare?

Toddler mimics Rocky's entire training regimen:

Utah Initiative to Prevent Mail-In Voting Fails Due to Lack of Signatures

90% of marital communication is yelling

Mrs. Betty Bowers tweet regarding news sources.

Here are the Trump Org properties at heart of New York attorney general's investigation

Navy nuclear engineer pleads guilty to conspiracy count in scheme to sell US naval secrets to a fore

I never minded going to work, but waiting

Police Recover Stolen Truck, Trailer Carrying More Than 2,000 Guns

I miss my ❤️❤️❤️❤️!😢

PHOTOS: Workers find a time capsule under where Jefferson Davis statue once stood

When people perish because they voluntarily entered a lion cage or tried to pet a cobra or

'We're Aware,' Miami Police Dept. Says After Police Officers Hand out Trump Fliers

The Banks Gleefully Launder Putins And Druglords Money

Even Republicans Laud President Biden's Russia Speech

Latest Wordle2 58

This is sweet: Van Jefferson's wife went into labor during the Super Bowl. This is how he found out...

Dan Crenshaw Wants To Give Well-Paying Protester Positions To Canadian Truckers

Dr. Jen Gunter: Why I Reported Dr. Oz to His State Medical Board

Tweet of the Afternoon:

Amelia Earhart's letter to George Putnam, setting out terms for marriage, 1931

4-year-old girl missing since 2019 found alive, hidden under stairs in New York, police say

Tweet of the Day:

Eric Trump slams COVID-19 vaccine as 'stripping free dumbs'

12 flights hit by laser strikes near Sea-Tac Tuesday

Former Honduras President arrested, facing drug trafficking charges in U.S.

Man attacks Bellevue Applebee's employee with meat cleaver over COVID-19 vaccine proof

Germany plans to end most COVID-19 restrictions on March 20

Welcome to the Fantasy World Where Putin Already 'Won This Round'

King County Vaccine Verification Announcement Planned Wednesday

'Several' Jurors Who Rejected Palin's Defamation Suit Against the NYT knew judge dismissed

'Like a military operation': 'Ghost' Maryland Proud Boy leads a trucker convoy support group

We must never forget Abraham Lincoln's warning:

Private prison company to operate 'home curfew' pilot program for detained migrants: report


House Democratic retirements are higher than they've been in 30 years (CNN)

New Texas voting rules causing high number of ballot rejections

Meidas Touch-The Republican Party is the party of insurrection, terror, and lies

Meidas Touch-The Republican Party is the party of insurrection, terror, and lies

I notice in Charlie Pierce's column today that he is using a * after "Trump"..

"... video on how to avoid the misleading vocabulary about Ukraine and Russian aggression"

Steve Bannon's Richie Rich Friend Just Filed for Bankruptcy

Palin v NYT was just the start... chilling Slate article.

Investigation: Zinke misused position as Interior secretary

I know y'all will be upset with this news, but I am here for you.

Jurors Who Rejected Sarah Palin's Defamation Suit Received Alerts Telling Them the Judge Dismissed

Trump's new "spying" Clinton conspiracy theory dupes the media

So can a vaccuum cleaner's motor just get wussier over time?

Kamala Harris's approval rating sinks to 38% -- in California

"Pro-Life" GOP's New Motto: "Screw You, Kids"

I have two missions in life.

ROC Olympic team

We picked up seeds from our public library's seed catalog today.

How Rarely Seen Archival Footage Brought a Civil-Rights-Era Story to Life

I love my heart. Thank you!

Cartoons 2/16/2022

Why Rudy Giuliani's condemnation of the Jan. 6 committee matters

Senate advances funding piece of $17B transportation package

Hackers Leak Entire Donor History of Every GiveSendGo Campaign

Driver shortage cuts bus routes between Snohomish, King counties

LTE: I feel better with an adult -- Biden -- in the White House

Woman Rescues Every Hermit Crab She Can From Craigslist (Educational & awful but wonderful woman)

FOX News EAST -- Putin already being portrayed as the victor of the Ukraine crisis

Covid-19: US is lagging on booster shots compared to other western countries

Ryan zinke behaved unethically

We asked all 143 Texas GOP congressional candidates about Biden's win. Only 13 call it legitimate.

My Daffodils are waking up!

Jeanine Pirro Appears To Forget Who Was President In 2020, Blames Biden For Protests

205 lb. English mastiff vs. 3 inches of snow "blocking" doorstep:

Biden orders Trump White House visitor logs to be turned over to Jan. 6 committee

CDC wants to give people a break from wearing masks!

How Different Are Russian and Ukrainian???

Kitten sees snow for the first time:

The only thing we have to fear is [Republican voters'] fear itself. Great Vox article on clashing

Born on this day, February 16: Patty Andrews, 1918; and Otis Blackwell, 1932

You are here:

"Mom, my friends are here! Can we have snacks?"

Which U.S. communities sent money to support the Canadian trucker protests?

Truckers end US border blockade, siege in Ottawa goes on

There Republicans go again, siding with thugs

This Little Blood Type Trick Could Enable Universal Lung Transplants

Foreign money laundered into campaigns. About time this gets dragged back into the light of day.

How to get the people interested in the Committee hearings ?

The maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will end up with after 2022 is 54

Are the Mazars docs more important than trump's tax returns?

Amelia Earhart's letter to George Putnam, setting out terms for marriage, 1931:

Election experts sound alarms as costs escalate and funding dwindles

Let's Be Clear: Only the Right Has Become More Extreme Over the Last 50 Years

Are Both Sides Actually Getting More Extreme? Robert Reich

Norway is dominating the Winter Olympics. What's its gold medal secret?

🔹2/17 11AM - What Corporate Raiders are Doing to Workers and Consumers 🔹

Trump-backed Perdue struggles in Republican primary challenge in Georgia

Houston area littered with antisemitic, racist flyers

I'm 2 days old today, ask me anything.

After the revelations of the last year, I have the perfect nickname for 45

Republicans Cannot Be Trusted to Defend Our Democracy or Our Constitution

Samsung Electronics unions threaten first-ever strike, impact unclear

Klobuchar v Cotton

Fugitive Chinese "billionaire" Guo Wengui, who financed Gettr files bankruptcy

Spring is coming!

(Jewish Group) Parent arrested after saying he would 'burn' down his son's Jewish day school...

So...who should be the featured performer at next year's Super Bowl?

(Jewish Group) David Perdue likens social media restrictions to Nazi rule

On this day, February 16, 1923, English Egyptologist Howard Carter unsealed Tutankhamun's tomb.

Will the trump cartel

The depressing reason why Trump's new 'spying' conspiracy theory is a success

Pres Eisenhower generated enough taxes to launch and complete the labyrinth of interstate highways,

For Beto O'Rourke, 2020 Still Haunts 2022

UT faculty members demand answers after Dan Patrick says Liberty Institute intended to fight critica

Reading Terminal Market - 'That's the sandwich I want!'

(Jewish Group)Doug Emhoff can't text his wife. How Kamala Harris' husband is adjusting to life in DC

Philly Photo Day - 2014 - Here comes the bride!

Portman backs Timken in crowded Ohio GOP primary

What's for Dinner, Wed., Febr. 16, 2022

If Rudy Farts In Front of the J6 Committee

U.S. industrial production jumps in January on demand for heating

Incoming US House Members from Long Island NY.

Splash of color in the snow at Eastman School of Music

Defund the royal family

Today's touch of France - Shots from the archive

Sandy Hook Families Win Groundbreaking Gun Control Case - Rebel HQ

Pictures from France in the Photograpy group

'Don't say gay' bill: Florida should learn from the harmful legacy of Britain's section 28

Continuing early morning Full Moon, +

I'm using an ice pack, today, so the boys are avoiding my knee.

Early morning, & afternoon

Biden braces Americans for higher energy prices if Russia invades Ukraine

Five of us old folks got a bike ride in today.

Can I switch out the hard drive from one Windows 7 machine

I swear, ten years after this pandemic is over....

Ad Wars Heat Up In Republican Primary Contests

Votes Tallies Are Off And Disappearing From The Secretary of States Website.

My Pillow's Mike Lindell barred from entering Canada to support convoy protestors

Rare early Scorpion video

WTF was that OathKeepers' lawyer saying today

Many faith leaders wary of religious exemptions for vaccine

Back to the future? The DeLorean is coming back as an all-electric sports car

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 17 February 2022

Tomorrow -- Feb 17 -- is the anniversary of Rush Limbaugh's death

Why Republicans are balking at a no-fly list for unruly passengers

Texas Sues Biden Administration Over Federal Transportation Mask Mandate

Texas Democratic Party Statement on One-Year Anniversary of Winter Storm 2021

*Gen'l Wes Clark will be on CNN w/ Anderson Cooper, at the 8pm EST hour tonight, discussing (EDITED)

Gloriously batshit 1998 coloring book from Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Texas Democratic Party Statement on One-Year Anniversary of Winter Storm 2021

NAACP Legal Defense Fund files federal civil rights complaint against Carroll Independent School

Reuters: Winter in Iceland: Postcards/Photos from the stunning landscape

"...we'll take as much pricing as we think the consumer can absorb."

Conservatives "don't get it" - Discuss...

How bad information spreads in MAGA world

In warning to U.S., COVID rates soar after Denmark lifts all restrictions

101st Airborne Soldiers Head to Europe as US Amasses 6,000 Troops to Deter Russia

Question from Hubby for those in the know... who will be doing Donald Trumps Taxes??

Michigan GOP HB 5722: This is the "Make Good Teachers Quit" bill.

US officials are watching new bridge construction in key area in Belarus

Was this true or false?

'This Is Their 1776': US Army Veterans Train Ukraine Civilians in Resistance Warfare

Osage Nation releases images for proposed Lake casino, hotel

New @QuinnipiacPoll on what voters say is the most urgent issue facing America today:

US approves new headlights that won't blind oncoming drivers

Prosecutors reduce requested sentence for ex-cop Kim Potter

'Yellowstone' saga expands with '1932' prequel on Paramount+

We are living at this moment in the most difficult time of our lives.

Trump's statement yesterday about his financial statements is being used by the NYAG

Part-time employee volunteers to pay elderly woman's $198 grocery bill

DNA results are in: Mystery animal rescued by Pennsylvania woman identified

Linda Ronstadt - Tumbling Dice (live from the movie FM)

Oireachtas Committee told of 'climate of fear' in arts sector

Trump's pick for Arizona secretary of state suggested Covid didn't exist and called vaccine a crime

Calls for Prince Andrew to lose Duke of York title

CDC's airline mask mandate challenged in court by Texas AG Ken Paxton and Rep. Beth Van Duyne

Florida Woman used PPP loan to hire hit man to kill young mother in front of her daughter.

Down Memory Lane - 60 years ago to the Day in then British Guiana now Guyana

Rain-induced mudslides near Rio de Janeiro turn deadly

Starbucks Manager Quits To Protest Union-Busting

"Gazpacho will be served."

Officials at Texas Christian school charged in alleged coverup of student's brutal sexual assault

Ageism in the Self-checkout Lane

PM Update: A big step warmer Thursday, but the next cold front looms.

When the battery runs out...

Lunchtime in Tawas City...

I've had it with Republicans destroying America

Broadcast news coverage of Trump document scandal should be just the tip of the iceberg

Link to the NOAA report on potential sea level rise

Ted Cruz wants to defund schools and daycare.

Tom Cotton forced to backtrack on Senate floor after blaming Dems for criminal justice bill signed b

California biker thought he was approaching a cow, it was a bull (He's ok but banged up)

Retiring and enrolling in Medicare: You may need to appeal premium surcharges if your income is drop

McMinn Co. woman indicted on 18 child rape charges

Mike Lindell Barred from Entering Canada

P. J. O'Rouke has passed. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed his writing.

Dear people who type in all lowercase

Sun sets

Missouri Senate Poll Alarms Republicans

Locally developed hearing aid cuts through the noise -- and masks -- with help of AI

Police Services Board in Ottawa replacing several members. It is not just the

Report: Cowboys paid $2.4M over ex-PR chief's alleged cheerleader voyeurism

Banks are moving to freeze accounts linked to convoy protests. Here's what you need to know

Kanye West's Actions Are Stalking Behaviors

Kanye West's Actions Are Stalking Behaviors

Tweet of the Early Evening:

So Mrs rtump

WAR - Low Rider

What if people donated to charities instead of leaving flowers, teddy bears, candles, etc.

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will be likely going to win.

Bad Manners - Inner London Violence

Hospital Locks Down ICU Over 'Online Attacks' for COVID Treatment


Special counsel, Democratic lawyer clash over new allegations regarding data purported to tie Trump


Monkey Safari - Hi Life (Ole Biege Remix)

Russian skater listed two legal substances on anti-doping form