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Trump donor gives cash, plane ride, gets father pardoned. Gets $6M in PPP, Donates $20K to Truckers.

A republican has a close call

Jury in Sarah Palin v. New York Times libel trial learned of judge's plan to throw out suit

Texas Guardsmen on border start unionizing to combat difficult conditions

((Virginia)) Youngkin signs school mask-mandate ban into law

Album highlights link between Jane Austen's nieces and Donegal

Russia Added Troops to Ukraine Border

ASEAN foreign ministers to discuss how to approach Myanmar

Texas voting law results in 95-year-old World War II vet's application being rejected -- twice

CNN reported that

The Deer Tracks - Yes This Is My Broken Shield (great noughties Swedish band from here in Stockholm)

Texas voting law results in 95-year-old World War II vet's application being rejected -- twice

Keb Mo +Christmas is Annoying. His Christmas CD is ridiculously cheap at EvilLordBezos place

Jimmy Mack - Martha Reeves and the Vandellas

USFL is back

Was Mazars USA facing a peer review?

I get it now, why Rudy G. wants to testify in front of the January 6th committee!

Ottawa man is all out of fucks to give these trucker rightwing nuts. Transcript on 2nd link

Henry Huggins (bronze statue) attacked in Portland's Grant Park

Texting through an insurrection

Education department to erase $415 million in student loan debt for nearly 16,000 borrowers

Dr. Fauci Says This Is Why It's Not Time to Drop Mask Mandates Yet

Oaf Creepers leader told Jan. 6 committee he still sees 2020 election as 'illegitimate,' lawyer says

Florida Judge Rules Against Lawsuit Filed By George Zimmerman Against Parents Of Trayvon Martin

Air Force can't compel Christian officer to get Covid shot, judge rules

Dear Senator Cruz: It is with a great deal of regret and disappointment that we here at

Giuliani....his secret stash

Biden names 2 people to replace Eric Lander in top science roles

Senate Republicans introduce their own Russia sanctions package after stalled bipartisan negotiat

WATCH: Ted Cruz, GOP senators clowned by Biden judicial nominee

Omg I have just found an insanely good chocolate

Some Seattle cameras will start automatically ticketing drivers blocking crosswalks, intersections

This is How Many COVID-19 Vaccines Washington Has Received So Far

New York GOP to raise $3M to fight Democratic-friendly redistricting map

Flowering Succulents

Jan. 6: The Clock Is Ticking On The Time To Learn The Full Picture - Deadline - MSNBC

GOP redistricting battles in Alabama and other states raise concerns about voter suppression

GOP Law Blamed as Nearly 40% of Mail-In Ballots Rejected in Houston Area

Bloom County' to Bring Opus, Bill the Cat and the Rest of the Comic Strip to Fox As an Animated Seri

Agatha Raisin! I'll say no more!

State Election Officials Battle The Spread Of Disinformation Ahead Of Midterms - Deadline - MSNBC

What Pundits Don't Understand About the San Francisco Recall

Larry Groce - Junk Food Junkie

'Do we want to live in a world where Putin calls the shots?'

"Weird Al" Yankovic - The Saga Begins

Want the protests to end immediately?

"Weird Al" Yankovic - My Bologna

As Fox News Caught Lying About Biden, Dems Eye Obama's Insight - The Beat - MSNBC

King County to end indoor vaccination verification March 1 at bars, restaurants, gyms

Amazon, Microsoft execs join effort to promote Seattle's 2026 World Cup bid

Tiny Tim - Medley/Tip Toe Through The Tulips (from Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In)

Joachim Deutschland - Marie (White Label Tom Novy Tribal Mix)

Breaking on Chris Hayes - former Clinton Solicitor-General Walter Dellinger III is dead

Mike Lindell and 10K of his MyPillows weren't allowed to enter Canada to support protesting truckers

Climate Expert Discusses Sobering New Sea Level Rise Report - MSNBC

U.S., allies ready to retaliate for Russian cyberattacks, say officials

PNAS: Environmental outcomes of the US Renewable Fuel Standard

Leaked data reportedly reveals a Texas construction CEO is a top donor to the 'Freedom Convoy' truck

One year ago today I got the first of 3 covid vaccines

See Karen Whine - Rocky Mountain Mike

NY attorney general fires back at Trump's defense of financial statements

does anyone have a word for this

Trump Spams His Donor List

Partly Cloudy in southern MD, STILL Full Moon, 99% visible

Scoop: House GOP moves to tank Biden's Iran diplomacy

Kim Jong Un had hundreds of people stand outside in the freezing cold just to listen to a speech

CNN - Three SF School Board members recalled

Tehran under pressure as Iran nuclear deal reaches crunch point

Tom Cotton Blamed Democrats For A Trump Crime Bill & Twitter Users Had A Lot To Say

John Durham knows this data precedes Trump, says journalist (emptywheel on MSNBC)

'Carnival of chaos': Ottawa police face growing flak for failure to end protests

Rand Paul is tired of being 'treated like crap' on planes and wants an end to their mask mandate

Tiny Tim - Nowhere Man (with introduction by George Harrison)

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

AP sources: US skaters to get Olympic torches as medals wait

Faulty ballots and frustration: Texans confront 'nightmare' effects of new election law as early vot

Faulty ballots and frustration: Texans confront 'nightmare' effects of new election law as early vot

Times have never been better for billionaires.

I was looking through boxes of CDs today that I had in my storage room......

Did a Russian sped skater gives a double middle finger salute?

2022 US Senate Elections in states that Biden-D won by margin over 1 percent.

Opinion: There Republicans go again, siding with thugs

NewsHour tonite. Risch (repub-ID) says repubs' sanctions are better than the Democrats' ones.

St. Petersburg company pushing for bill that would prohibit higher local wages

Is this Putin's false flag? Russia claims mass civilian graves found in Donbas

Republicans BURYING THEMSELVES by making 2022 about Hillary Clinton!! Let them!

You'll Never Believe It but Hillary Clinton Did Not, in Fact, Spy On Trump's White House

Biden Shoots Down Trump's Exec Privilege Claim - Zerlina. - The Choice MSNBC

College Students Accused Of Yelling Racist Remarks At Howard's Women's Lacrosse Team

Putin's threats against Ukraine could reinvigorate the U.S. oil and gas industry

Just want to take a moment to praise MSNBC News Anchor Johsua Johnson

A House committee approved a plan to break up Maricopa County (AZ)

Russia added 7k troops near Ukraine border, says US official

On the Edge of a Polish Forest, Where Some of Putin's Darkest Fears Lurk

My cousin sent me the most horrific image today

US says Russia has added 7,000 troops along Ukraine border, despite claims of pullback

Madonna - Borderline

Russia's Putin laments Soviet collapse, says he moonlighted as taxi driver to earn money

Who Was Lobbying Trump Before Jan. 6? Text Messages Reveal The Answer

Who Was Lobbying Trump Before Jan. 6? Text Messages Reveal The Answer - All In - MSNBC

Pa. Absentee ballots dealt another blow in court,


Security Council on Ukraine United Nations meeting held on Jan. 31.

Have the Russians been grooming Trump since the 1980's?

Nice copaganda.

Report says San Diego now is nation's least affordable metro area, surpassing San Francisco

Viola Davis Is a Dead Ringer for Michelle Obama in Showtime's 'The First Lady' Teaser

Man says his entire Up North cabin was stolen, prompting police investigation

Anti-Vaxxers Roasted By Comedian Jim Gaffigan

Use of rape-kit DNA to probe other crimes shocks prosecutors

Cruz Among GOP Senators Who Try To Link Innocence Project Lawyer To Crime Hike - All In - MSNBC

For Trump, a Perilous Exclamation Point to Years of Wealth Inflation

Sloth hanging from cable in Colombia rescued from deadly fate

(Crew members safe) Cargo ship full of Porsche and Volkswagens is on fire and adrift in the Atlantic

European Union ambassador: "This is a crisis that Russia created" - CBS News

1935 Nuremberg Race Laws, Decrees - Nazis Move Germany From a Democracy To a Dictatorship

Rocket to impact dark side of the moon in March is not SpaceX's space junk: It's China's

Do you feel *fear* in voting? - I do & can't even imagine what others experience

I am very impressed with Mikaela Shiffrin

Court documents: Suspect in state police officer shooting violated parole 3 times before incident

'Lying is a sin': DeSantis spokeswoman claims Miami archbishop lied about governor's remarks

Heaven Only Knows

NASA says SpaceX satellites could kill astronauts and threaten Earth

Someone Tell TFG His Brand Value Is Negative He Probably Doesn't Even Know

New voting laws shaping Texas primaries - CBS News

Biden's 2020 Win was Putin & Erik Prince's loss in the Ukraine region.

Museum Security Guard Adds Eyes to Painting's Faceless Figures

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Crossfire (live, Austin City Limits, October 1989)

Angry cat wants to demolish his groomer

The Hills of Roane County

How Kathy Hochul Went From Unexpected Governor to Clear Front-Runner

Nourish + Bloom: Inside the first black-owned autonomous grocery store

Joy Reid: GOP Continues To Stoke Rage, Racial Anxiety Among Whites For Political Gain - The ReidOut

Don Jr Reveals Daddy's New Social Media Site & Wingnuts Push "Bombshell" That Hillary Spied on Trump

Joe Bonamassa & Eric Clapton - Further On Up The Road (live, Royal Albert Hall, 2009)

TFG hangs himself with his own words. NY A.G. fires back at Trump's defense of financial statements

Jen Psaki schools an ignorant reporter: may not be the front & center on U.S. news, but ...

Chris Hayes: A closer look at Biden's economy should please everyone

Please don't buy CarShield warranties, they are a scam

Hospital executives want Biden to restrict wages of traveling nurses. Really! This is my response.

GOP Continues To Stoke Rage, Racial Anxiety Among Whites For Political Gain

Racist texts, posts presented in hate crimes trial for Ahmaud Arbery's killers

Faith or Fear Threat - WWPD (What Will Putin Do)

Chris Hayes Pays Tribute To Walter Dellinger - All In - MSNBC

Crowds Return to Yosemite for a Chance to Glimpse 'Firefall' Waterfall

Indiana school counselor tells parents their kids can opt out of Black History Month lessons

Shine On You Old Crazy Diamond!

Russia claims it found mass graves in Ukraine - ABC News

The Canadian government could end the occupation of Ottawa...

Little Willy

Court hearing for Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes in January 6th case - CBS News


Portland to Seattle in an hour? Senate approves high speed rail funding

Tweet of the Day

Fox On The Run

Tennessee woman sentenced to 6 years for voter fraud - ABC News

Have Iowans rejected Democratic values?

The states where Democrats pick up US House seats in 2022,

The Slider

Why is Putin pulling this BS with Ukraine now and not while tRump

Moonage Daydream.... oh yeah

Diamond Dogs

Lawrence O'Donnell: No One Testifies Against Trump Better Than Trump - The Last Word - MSNBC

Duece 🤟

what time does rachel's show rerun at night?

(Jewish Group) Israeli professor's lecture interrupted by antisemitic Zoom-bombing


Trump White House Visitor Logs Turned Over

Kate Bush - The Dreaming

Dandy In The Underworld (1997 British TV documentary on Marc Bolan & T.Rex)

Trump White House Visitor Logs Turned Over - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Texans with disabilities fear new restrictions on voting help could mean criminal charges at the

I'm taking it for granted that you've already watched Being the Ricardos.

Marco Rubio Believes That Breaking The Law Isn't Actually A Crime - Ring of Fire

Fareed Zakaria gives truths on inflation that Republicans & corporations don't want you to know

Katie Porter on Pelosi's stance change on stocks: Pelosi was wrong. I'm glad she's changed her mind.

Elizabeth Warren stumping for San Antonio progressives after they win support from AOC, Bernie

'This Is Jim Crow, 2.0': Texas Voter Blasts GOP Voter Suppression - The Last Word - MSNBC

Personality Crisis

T. Rex - Hot Love (Top of the Pops, 1971)

Florida wildlife officials are distributing 3,000 pounds of lettuce a day to save starving manatees

So my 20 yr old self says, "I need one o them jumpsuits!"

FAA Administrator Steve Dickson resigns, will leave at the end of March

"Let's talk about San Francisco, DNA, and the rest of the country...."

Republicans Worry Unruly Passenger No-Fly List Casts Anti-Maskers As Terrorists - TRMS - MSNBC

Thursday A.M. Relaxing Jazz and Bossa Nova for a Happy Day Streaming


G' night DU

T.Rex - Bang A Gong (Get It On) - studio version, Top of the Pops, + video on recording the song

'The brand is so toxic': Dems fear extinction in rural US

Fake Elector Probe Spotlights A Veteran Of Bogus Republican Election Fraud Claims - TRMS - MSNBC

Can Justice Democrats Swing Two Texas Congressional Districts to the Left?

Frantic January 6 Texts To Mark Meadows Only A 'Sliver' Of Investigation's Evidence - TRMS - MSNBC

D.C. police lieutenant suspended over alleged ties to right-wing group

Taffy Abel, first Native American in the Winter Olympics, hid his identity to stay safe

Russia claims it found mass graves in Donbas Ukraine

More LGBTQ couples can access Social Security survivor benefits. The challenge is getting the ...

UT faculty members demand answers after Dan Patrick says Liberty Institute intended to fight critica

2022 US Senate Elections from states that Biden-D lost in 2020 that Democrats could win.

Sweet - The Ballroom Blitz (Top of the Pops, 1973)

Historic rain and mudslides in Brazil city kill at least 78

Plea deal for Kushner friend Ken Kurson, pardoned by Trump but charged in N.Y. state court with ...

Australia to list Hamas and US far-right group as terrorists

Eric Trump Vows Revenge Against New York Prosecutors - Ring of Fire

Devastating new poll for Trump. Repubs who side with Pence on 2020 election: 52% With Trump: 36%

Prince Andrew: Charities' concerns over prince's offer to support victims

Sankey Diagram of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Material Flows in the United States.

Biggest power plant in coal-reliant Australia to close early

Paul Davis lost his job, fiancee, and friends after he came home from the January 6 Capitol riot

Dr. Fauci on low child vaccine rates: 'We've got to do better than that' - ABC News

Cello : 'Blue As The Turquoise Night Of Neyshabur', Yo-Yo Ma/Silk Road Ensemble

Breakfast Thursday 17 February 2022

4 Bed, 3 Bath, No Garage Door: The Unlikely Woes Holding Up Home Building

Hillary Clinton on Durham report: 'Trump & Fox are desperately spinning up a fake scandal'

Hear The Wind Howl

Georgetown Professor to student: "Mr. Chinaman? Sorry to not catch your -- . remind me of your name"

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/16/22

U.S. tech billionaire Thomas Siebel among donors leaked in GiveSendGo hack

Stephen Colbert - Guest Doris Kearns Goodwin

today's Google Doodle: creator of first vax against Chickenpox

US House Seats Democrats need to win in 2022 to remain in the majority.

Baby wolf live cam:

Still say don't tip your hand. Don't play your trump card until you have to.

Smile pretty!

Beth Nielsen Chapman + Walk My Way, 1990

"His coming was foretold":

Pals (dog, cat photos)

Pals (dog, cat photos)

Dog tries very hard to get newly adopted Rottweiler to play--and finally succeeds:

Gonna getcha!

US Senate seats the Democrats win in 2022 to stay in the majority and forget Sinema and Manchin.

This is awesome--watch to the end:

These two!

'Yellowstone' Actor Won't Attend SAG Awards Over COVID Rules: 'I Will Not Get Vaccinated'

Pupper knows exactly what he wants:

Someone stole all of my hearts. They're gone.

911 Operator Hid Camera In Precinct Urinal

ny AG goes to court today-attempts to compel Trump, ivanka and JR to be desposed.. Hilarious Tread..

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, February 17, 2022

Missouri Senate poll alarms GOP - fears that former GOP Gov. Eric Greitens would be a risky nominee.

Sarah Anderson+wandering womb+wanderlust

So @NYPD deleted this before I could ask if they arrested the babies as accessories after the fact

Viola Lee Blues

Thursday TOONs - We Ran The Numbers... And Decided It's Time To Run

Ancient drum found in children's grave billed 'most important' piece of prehistoric art in 100 years

Today's Wordle 2/17

Fiery crash kills pilot whose plane hit tractor-trailer on I-85 near Lexington.

Rand Paul Calls for a Vote to Repeal Mask Mandates on Airplanes--His son charged years ago with

Trumps truth social is $4.99 a week

Brazil mudslides kill at least 94, with dozens still missing

February 17, 1966 📻👢👢

The day the Mesozoic Died

It was a TREACHEROUS trek to feed my outdoor fur babies, this morning!

Wordle 243 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

NM Budget Swells W. O&G Revenue, But Will Not Hire More Well Inspectors - 11 For 52,000 Wells

U.S. investigates 416,000 Tesla vehicles over unexpected braking reports

Nighttime Intensity Of Fires Growing Rapidly In American West In Tandem W. Continuing Warming

Chatted online with a Walmart customer rep at 400AM.

It tells you all you need to know about Eric Trump that most people consider Don Jr.

As a cyber school parent I sent my guys to the store this morning.

I saw my eye doc on Tuesday. He made a credible case for Fauci to be replaced . . . .

What the f@ck are birds so excited about

So, Ilhan Omar is trending for calling out a journalist (RE: the Canadian trucker convoy)

I am pleased to report that Rush Limbaugh is still dead.

Prosecutors reduce requested sentence for ex-cop Kim Potter

The oldest human ancestor uncovered

Blinken to address UN at 10:00 ET.

Eight Years Later, CA "Sustainability" Law Doing Next To Nothing To Cut Pumping Of Groundwater

Biden Sticks with Trump Scheme to Privatize Medicare

More Polish opposition figures found to have been targeted by Pegasus spyware

What music would it surprise your friends to know that you like?

Jobless claims: Another 248,000 Americans filed new claims last week

Heartland Institute Shows Confusion About How Time Works Trying To Smear Biden On Energy Prices

SCOOP: FL Gov. Ron DeSantis has agreed to a lucrative book deal w/ HarperCollins, 2 sources told me.

Gene Pitney was born on this date.

My baby is in surgery

Ukraine and Moscow-backed separatists trade accusations of shelling in potential eastern flash point

Representation matters.

You raised $5.00 on February 16, 2022 for the kick US Senator Grassley's butt fund

Loreena McKennitt has a birthday today.

Today's Image Dump (2/17/22)

Funny, to me anyway.

Billy Joe Armstrong has a birthday today.

The women's long program results (skating)........don't look if you don't want to know...

GOP's favorite dictator bombs a kindergarten

Helping out a NYS Court Officer who somehow had a leaf taped to their plate (plot twist)

Free Crack Pipes? Time to Pardon Tommy Chong

Who were the Neanderthals

Biden admin PROSECUTES fraud that Trump IGNORED. WP uses passive sentences to obscure blame.

The "Durham Report" vague enough to be useful

Estimated 73% of US now immune to omicron

Japanese meet Japanese American for the first time

Art imitating life

What our Forefathers fought for

Rastaman vibration

ThinkingAtheist report, Christian Jihad: a new report on the Capitol Insurrection

Weird Covid numbers for Maryland today

Russia expels US deputy chief of mission in Moscow

Elon Musk on Twitter today:

Susan Collins: "it would be harmful to the country to have a repeat of what we saw with the last tw0

Russia expels No 2 American Diplomat

The American Fantasy of Canada's 'Freedom Convoy' By Molly Jong-Fast

Eric Boehlert: Covid cases plummet -- when does Biden get credit?

Warren Zevon - Excitable Boy ( Live )

Surfside collapse exposes an overlooked threat: Saltwater rising from underground

I know what Putin wants! He is a clever dog.

STUDY - The precarious masculinity of firearm ownership.

Recent killings of Asian American women force Asians abroad to rethink their relationship with USA

US says war appears imminent after shelling on Ukraine front line

For those who were saying "we shouldn't supply lethal weapons to Ukraine" for them to defend

Full Panasonic G6 specs released.

Meet James Lindsay, the far right's "world-level expert" on CRT and "Race Marxism"

Protesters who come to Ottawa risk being tied to 'dangerous criminal activity,'

Biden: My sense is Russia will invade over next several days (CNN)

2781 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs; 209 deaths

Thank Dog that Joe Biden is POTUS now (reports of shelling*)

Eric Trump says he wants to have dinner with Jesus -- just so he can complain to him about Biden

How will the "Baby Boom" generation be remembered?

Shcherbakova wins figure skating gold as Valieva collapses

Caught on video: Bull charges cyclists during California race

It's within ourselves

Musk Compares Canada's Trudeau to Hitler in Unhinged Trucker Crypto Freakout

The federal 'protector' of endangered Florida panthers now wants to kill one

War Propaganda From Russia (All unconfirmed and dubious, to say the least.)

UVA Health Eases Visitor Restrictions

Fourteen tests at the clinic for COVID-19 in the last two days. All negative.

REVEALED: The brains behind the far right's new moral panic was once an Obama Democrat

Winters are getting warmer across the Midwest. That's affecting Missouri farmers

So a Gun owner needs to buy condoms . . .

Students sue Wentzville School District over book bans

WA legislative staff stage sick-out over labor organizing bill

U.S. Justice Department sues Missouri over law restricting federal firearms laws enforcement

Rep. Jim Cooper summer internships, Nashville and DC offices

North St. Louis group wants to reclaim vacant properties, fill them with homeowners

"Living With Covid" Will Be One of the Biggest Mistakes of the 21st Century

Journalist accused by Gov. Parson speaks out: 'He's done me wrong'

A marina for St. Louis? A Mississippi River enthusiast makes the case

This is kidda funny - Satanist, Catholics and Protestants converge

Missouri House advances bill to undercut Medicaid expansion

How Fox News manufactured a Hillary Clinton spying scandal

'The Jetson's' cartoon

What Could Go Wrong? Mike Lindell Now Planning to Drop Pillows With "Little Parachutes" Over Canada

"What are you doing for Easter ?" (humor)

Illinois Muni And Co-op Members Want In On State's Solar Boom

To all of the seniors that live off Social Security and Medicare and your a republican....

Biden: Threat Of Russian Invasion Of Ukraine Is 'Very High'

I may be wrong, I think Putin is planning a surgical strike in Ukraine.

Blinken To Address U.N. Amid Evidence Russia Moving Toward 'Imminent Invasion'

Bridge Appears In Chernobyl Exclusion Zone That Could Give Russia Unique Access To Ukraine

I have a very good feeling that the The Judge

Any Twitter users getting pixilated photos?

"Tinder Swindler" documentary on Netflix

Hillary Clinton Responds To 'desperate' New Trump Attack

WORDLE2 #59 midnight to noon version 2/17/2022

Inside a Massive Human Smuggling Ring Led by US Marines

We are still here.

Comptroller Compfusion: How Do You Pronounce It?

"The hatred for Dems in rural U.S. 'is just unbelievable'"

United Nations Security Council (link)

The Republican Party is now the book burning party, They are now

MyPillow Guy Is Seriously Planning to Drop Pillows From the Sky Over Canada

There was a time when Madoc could have pulled this off as a hiding place.

Ministry of Defense - Estonia: Russia is ready for War!

US Capitol attack panel discusses subpoena for Ivanka Trump

Some of dis and Some of dat


Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 17, 2022

Othellos on my lap

Well, the new refrigerator just cost us $1968.44, DAMN NEAR $2000.00. 🤬 🤬 🤬

Video: Michigan Restaurant Workers Organizing To End The Subminimum Wage

War - Groovin'

This sounds like fun--new Food Network show

The RNC Thinks Phony Electors Engaged in 'Legitimate Political Discourse'

Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: Feb. 16

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: Feb. 16

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: Feb. 16

Good Day DU (February 17, 2022)

Don't forget "Russia's 9/11" was engineered by Vladimir Putin

Reason Number 37 To Eat Pie: The more you weigh the fewer the chances are that you will be

Texas Guardsmen Move to Unionize, Pointing to Troubled Border Mission

Why Tucker Carlson is boosting NFL reporter Michele Tafoya's views on race

A woman at the market this morning told me I was pretty! Actually she said I was pretty

Invading Ukraine May Never Have Been Putin's Aim

Three Sisters Salad recipe - Vegan! (video)

'Bad Paper' Discharges of Some Marines and Sailors to Get Second Look

Department of Justice sues Missouri over gun rights law

The Army Axes its Best Warrior Competition as it Turns Focus to Squads

Oh, thought it was a bee sting. Moderna's *nefarious* plan.

Sailors, Marines to Get an Extra Week of Leave to Welcome New Baby

Man sentenced in $4 million meth ring in St. Joseph area

US warned Mexico of avocado ban if cartels threatened inspectors again

Crews battle fire at renowned Oakland Hills Country Club in Michigan

Amazon's 'Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' to end after season five

Chili products recalled because some cans may not contain any chili

Surgeon: "Don't worry Henry, it's a simple procedure. Just calm down and everything will be fine."

Maybe Giving Putin All That Money For His Oil Wasn't Such A Good Idea

If one or more of Trumps kids are indicted in New York, How will Trump react?

The RNC Thinks Phony Electors Engaged in 'Legitimate Political Discourse'

US says Russia is manufacturing pretext for war - Antony Blinken's entire United Nations speech

Illegal dumping at rural bog in Co Gawlay criticised

Rollups: Private Equity Eyes Youth Treatment Centers as a Takeover Target

Secy. Blinken Warns Russia Could Use 'Manufactured Provocation' To Invade Ukraine

There's No Solidarity In 'Sovereign Citizen' Protests -- Only Incoherent Rage

Ex-U.S. Ambassador to USSR: Ukraine Crisis Stems Directly from Post-Cold War Push to Expand NATO

Shelling Strikes Two Schools In Eastern Ukraine, Including Kindergarten

How the political debate on teaching race in schools is impacting students and educators (PBS)

After Durbin and Klobuchar finished with Cotton about his totally false attack on the "Democrat

Does anyone know Trump's shoe size?

Facial recognition firm Clearview AI tells investors it is seeking massive expansion beyond law enfo

England 1970's - Practika LTL - Zeiss lens

Renters across US face sharp increases - averaging up to 40% in some cities

It seems hypocritical for the US to criticize Putin for doing the same

Minimum ages for figure skaters? Some at the Beijing Olympics say it's a good idea

Guardian: Swimming with seals on the NSW (Australia) south coast - in pictures

Daily touch of France -

Daily touch of France - Posted in Photography

DC Police Lieutenant Suspended During Investigation Of Potential Proud Boy Ties

Plea deal for Kushner friend Ken Kurson, pardoned by Trump but charged in N.Y. state court with stal

Why an Arizona County Turned Down $1.9 Million in Covid Relief

Judge said a decision will come by 3P today-whether or not Trump family will be compeled to testify

Kitteh asks his human to put down the phone and give him some cuddles:

Maryland urged to expand commuter rail service to regional job centers

'He's just a bad guy': Judge destroys lawyer claiming Trump is part of 'protected class'

Who will replace them?

Kamila Valieva's Olympic dream falls apart as Anna Shcherbakova wins gold

Wind advisory issued for DC area 10p Thursday night to 10a Friday.

'Welcome center' set up by US troops at Ukraine's border

Opinion: Why the quad revolution in women's figure skating is a tragedy

Much of American Christianity is being subverted...

I don't understan this. If the Jan 6 calls log is in the National Archives, how can Whiny object to

Michigan Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh to receive base salary of $7.05 million this fall

Biden visits Ohio to promote $1 billion Great Lakes clean-up push

"I do want to thank you & House Republicans for your full trust in President [Joe] Biden's economy"

Baz Luhrmann's ELVIS - Official Trailer

People are opting to move to politically compatible areas.

Have A Cigar - Pink Floyd

Senate hustles to break GOP blockade ahead of Friday shutdown deadline

In Medieval Europe, a Pandemic Changed Work Forever. Can It Happen Again?

Dan Snyder buys most expensive house in DC area real estate history

Republicans, massive deaths from COVID is normalcy

Feds say Oath Keepers plot went beyond Jan. 6 attack on Capitol

Magat Encounter

The Ukrainian MoD reported more ceasefire violations today than they did for all of January

Kentucky woman accused of pepper police officers during Capitol riot arrested more than a year later

Judge tosses George Zimmerman's lawsuit against Trayvon Martin's parents

Even though they tried and still are trying to trash the U.S. Constitution

Biden asks Saudi Arabia to produce more oil, fearing Russian attack would raise energy prices

Pittie Rescued After Being Trapped In An Abandoned School For Days

TCM Schedule for Thursday 2/17/22 - (better late than never)

Dog Is SO Excited To Meet Her Best Friend In The Park After 2 Weeks Alone

Beau of the Fifth Column - Let's talk about a sign about the elections from Colorado....

Rudy Giuliani says the January 6 committee is 'illegal' and 'can't subpoena anybody,' -- after being

TCM Schedule for Saturday 2/19/22

With the Ukraine crisis going on, something that has been under the radar is that the Iran talks

TCM Schedule for Friday 2/18/22

Reagor to forfeit more than $950K in fraud case

Work From Home for White Collar is basically permanent now

Biden seen issuing crypto oversight exec order next week

Trump social media app gearing up for launch - I mean who really cares?

Melania with a whole new bunch of NFT offerings for sale, including "iconic" "patriotic-themed...

Who would have guessed: Melania Trump cheated

Can U.S. And Russia Reach Diplomatic Solution To Ukraine Crisis?

Hamburg this morning.

A suggestion: We need to call Proud Boys and Oath keepers "Skinheads"

Want to feel good? Watch 96 year old Dick Van Dyke dance with his wife - Awesome

Reuters/Ipsos congressional ballot poll has Dems ahead by 8 points

Russia, Ukraine and NATO History Lesson

Cartoons 2/17/2022

North Carolina Poultry Frenzy: 500 Million Birds and "Zero Transparency"

State tax collections surge again in latest revenue forecast

6 pending bills that support workers, promote pay transparency

Seattle-area companies give $10M to fight homelessness

Ex-NY Times columnist ineligible to run for Oregon governor

12-Year-Old Charged With Murder in Brutal Beating Death of 70-Year-Old Asian-American Man

Truckers hold their ground despite threats of crackdown (UPDATED)

House committee calls on DOT to investigate FAA's oversight of Boeing

Heartbreak and Concern for Kamila Valieva Overshadow Figure Skating Competition

(Jewish Group) Independent probe finds no evidence of structural antisemitism at DW

The maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats could win in 2022 is 19

U.S., Russian Planes Have Perilously Close Encounters

(Jewish Group) It was the most successful Jewish ad campaign of all time -- but who was the model?

Firefox and Chrome versions '100' may break some websites

Texas early voting stats

Report: Conspiracy theorists fuel bump in extremist killings

Exclusive-Trump app opens to hundreds of testers ahead of expected launch

Woot! Woot! my best Wordle ever!

Putin is 'enjoying himself' with military build-up, Estonian premier says

A Child's TikTok Stardom Opens Doors. Then a Gunman Arrives.

Mike Lindell says he'll use parachutes to deliver pillows to the Freedom Convoy after they got stuck

I enjoy doing my Federal Income tax filing with pen and paper and when

Storm Eunice: Rare red weather warning issued for parts of the UK

Saudis side with Russia on Oil, Reject U.S. Requests to Pump More

Taboo: White Fragility Edition

I'm an idiot

Our Winter storm seems to be a bit of a no show

More info about that Covid variant BA.2 that's hitting Denmark hard

Spotify's deal for Joe Rogan was for $200m +, twice earlier reports.

I was just let go from my job two days ago. Awesome.

In 2008 Russia announced a military withdrawal from its border with Georgia. 8 days later it invaded

Russian trio of skaters face uncertain futures after drama (Spoilers)

Teachers Flee Classrooms In Droves To Avoid Covid, Republican Policies, & Racist Parents

Democrats urge government to weigh canceling Trump hotel lease

I'm Selling All My Tesla Stock If

Trump Is Trying To Link Bogus 2016 "Spying" Allegation to 2020 Election Loss

Trump must testify in New York investigation, judge rules

BREAKING: Judge says former President Donald Trump and two of his children must testify in the New Y

Venezuela's leader pledges military cooperation with Russia

Jesus. Guns. Babies.

TFG's Spammy Fundraising Emails Are Rankling Republicans: Report

Trump loses again!

Police response to mall fight prompts outrage, investigation into treatment of Black teen

Jared Kushner ally pardoned by Trump pleads guilty to attempting to spy on ex-wife

Colbert to host live 'Late Show' with Sanders as guest after Biden State of the Union

Durbin Wants New Justice Confirmed by Early April

Just In: Judge rules against the crime family.

Looks like TFG and spawn have 21 days to testify.

Justice Dept. to take on exploitation of supply chain issues

Voters Like Biden, But Not His Policies

Partisan tactic by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's campaign delays thousands of requests for ballots

Trump Has Been Lying About Money For 40 Years. It's All Catching Up To Him

Welp....that's an interesting campaign slogan

Canada was warned before protests that violent extremists infiltrated convoy

Let us have a moment of pity for Eric Trump...

Mike Lindell Now Planning to Drop Pillows Over Canada

Lawmaker panel advances bill lifting Idaho's militia ban

and orange anus pissy rant in 3......2......1

'Inventing Anna' on Netflix

In Honor of Trumps being order to Testify

The Rick Smith Show promo

Doesn't A.G. James has it set up if TFG doesn't show up she can put a lein on all his NY properties?

Tactical police from Quebec provincial police on their way to Ottawa. The class action

Milwaukee 'takes lead' in competition to land 2024 Republican Convention

Hillary Clinton live speech before New York State Democratic convention

Roll the tape. 😎

Stealing (with a "g" ) solo on stage, and with an overdub

Everyone is invited!

OMG! Just sunned!

Russia's Top Propagandists Beg for a Putin Interview with Tucker Carlson

Hochul overwhelmingly wins convention vote to be party's nominee for governor (NY)

AG James tweets about you know what:

Thank You all for letting me vent about SIL

Erja Lyytinen - Dust My Broom

Remember when Black Cube - aligned with trump - spied on the Obamas bc of the Iran Deal #Durham

A bit of prudent advice: if you ever have the misfortune of stepping in a pile of Tucker Carlson,

WORDLE2 #60 noon to midnight version 2/17/2022

Video: "...the faulty belief that CRT can be whatever they want it to be." - SC Superintendent

What the hell, I have gotten 12 spam calls today! Anybody

As BA.2 subvariant of Omicron rises, lab studies point to signs of severity

John Oliver Might Bite at New Discovery Bosses: 'No Tastier Hand Than the One That Feeds You'

Judge Rules Trump And His Children Must Testify In New York Civil Probe

Elon Musk says US is trying to 'chill' his free speech

That 'freedom convoy' in Ottawa? It's inspired by an Old Testament account of divine massacre

Hillary Clinton goes in on the GOP: 'Republicans will claim they're on the side of parents and...

Elon Musk Criticised For Likening Justin Trudeau To Adolf Hitler In Tweet

Action 🤟

The first robin of the year sighting! Central Illinois.

U.S. will 'surge' vaccine support to 11 African countries

U.S. will 'surge' vaccine support to 11 African countries

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 18 February 2022

Gryff is snoozing on my lap. Madoc is across the room, staring daggers at us.

Nearly half of bald eagles tested across US show signs of chronic lead exposure

just a thought about elon musk and his embrace of the canadian truck blockade:

Good Doggie!

D.C.: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton Decries 'Shocking' Threat from Republicans To Repeal D.C. Home Rule

So what TFG was saying yesterday is that DEBT is an ASSET...

Former Angels employee convicted in Tyler Skaggs' overdose death

I'm making a confession here...

AG James has the documents, the evidence, and one last step before she indicts.

Nearly half of US bald eagles suffer lead poisoning

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Febr. 17, 2022

Watch Fox news cut away as Hillary talks about the Big Lie:

Gallup: LGBT Identification in U.S. Ticks Up to 7.1%

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #12-4: Wheel Of Corruption: A True Underdog Story Edition

1933: German Control of Educ. & Schools: Indoctrinating Educators In Nazi Ideology- 'Race Science'

'Our criminal justice system is clearly broken' Craig Greenberg responds after Quintez Brown moved

This is Rich

San Francisco Bay Area: BART restarts delivery of its Fleet of the Future rail cars

Anybody been to freeperville to see the reaction

Source for troop backup for Putin

Check off two more States

Mainlander Stuck 4 Hours in Kihei Roundabout

Help. I just got a strange message about my Apple ID

Horrifying. I saw that poor Russian skater literally fall apart on the ice!

from Donna Edwards:

California adopts nation's first 'endemic' virus policy

Satellite photos give a bird's-eye view of Ukraine crisis

RE-located from LBN...'Candy Bomber' who dropped sweets during Berlin Airlift dies

Georgia governor candidate's slogan is "Jesus Guns Babies"

Florida Senate passes budget that wouldn't punish schools

Canadian Border Agets Let The Fluff Out Of Mike Lindell's Attempt To Start A Pillow Fight.

So, which is it - does tfg know EVERYTHING about his business, or does he leave it to 'experts'?

Dixie Dregs - Take It Off The Top (afternoon wake up call)

John Williams Returns to 'Star Wars' Universe with 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' Theme

Colbert to host live 'Late Show' with Sanders as guest after Biden State of the Union

Happiness Is a Jailed Trump - Rocky Mountain Mike

Florida House passes 15-week abortion ban 'to allow Florida to save as many babies as possible'

Someone posted the complete court docket in the case of NYAG James vs. Trump Organization....

GOP Fed blockade has Democrats worried about other nominations, including the Supreme Court

Trumpfully Dumb - Rocky Mountain Mike

Panda spa day:

American democracy is under attack - again. Here's how we can fix it (CNN)

Morning stretch:

Sneaky tiger cub startles Mom:

Air Force Moves F-35s from Utah to Germany as Ukraine Faces Possible Invasion

The MyPillow Guy Is Seriously Planning to Drop Pillows From the Sky Over Canada

"Stop the Steal" Activists Target a Texas Judge -

Teacher admits to feeding students cupcakes laced with her husband's sperm

Authorities: Kansas City woman decapitated 6-year-old son

The gentle touch:

National Guard to demobilize from Oregon hospitals starting next month

Never mind:

My sig line just got a whole segment on Ari Melber.

Trump Is 'Running Out Of Options' To Evade Investigations - Deadline - MSNBC

When It comes to taking the 5th, remember, Trump is a textbook narcissist.


Right-wingers have embarrassed even John Durham with their hysterics

Stop posting Olympic results in the title. Thank you.

Watergate, A New History - Garrett M. Graff

Judge Calls Out DOJ's Handling Of Jan. 6 Prosecutions

Al Franken - Lies and the Lying Racists: The GOP on Critical Race Theory (Feb. 17, 2022)

A small group of very powerful republicans will make sure Trump will never run again.

MACH references high-tech architecture at yellow house in Barcelona

Trump Owes It All to McConnell's 'Disgraceful Dereliction of Duty'

100 car pile up on I 39 north of Bloomington Normal, Illinois

Canada was warned before protests that violent extremists infiltrated convoy

Friday Morning Jazz & Happy Weekend Cafe Bossa Nova for Chilling, Relaxing

Biden Hands Over Trump's White House Visitor Logs To Investigators - Ring of Fire

Sources: 19 Austin police officers indicted in protest probe

Is a 9-day cough w/no other symptoms suggestive of Covid?

When is the snow shoveling final round?