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Lou Dobbs Endorses Jim Jordan for Speaker

Chatfield's wife comes to ex-speaker's defense over allegations of sexual abuse

Anyone else expecting large world wide

An AR-15 designed for children shocks even the most jaded gun-control advocates

Los Angeles D.A. modifies policy on juvenile cases in wake of controversy

OK, Great Lakes Roasting is my favorite coffee house, but I'm going to give it a miss for now......

A little tune for the Ottawa Freedom Truckers

MAKE AMERICA FLUSH AGAIN - Mark Fiore - Political Cartoons

Indiana Rep. Jim Banks facing 'insurrection' ballot challenge

Lawyer charged by Durham seeks dismissal of indictment

Report says new nuclear reactor is (financially) risky; utilities disagree

Did anybody see that SOB Richard Haas on Joy Reid just now?

Senate passes bill to prevent government shutdown, sends it to Biden

Many readers have asked me "Why do so many pulp covers feature women in ripped red blouses ...

Just saw an article about the Ukrainian "Babushka Brigade,"

Trump moves to close off Liz Cheney's political escape hatch

Masks are now optional in Virginia schools. But what comes next in Maryland?

Weird thing about commercial breaks on YT TV programming.

U.S. Ambassador To UN: Sharing Of Info On Russia's Movements Is 'About Transparency' - Deadline MSNBC

Kuwait overturns law criminalising 'imitation of opposite sex'

Joe Biden says risk of Russian invasion of Ukraine 'very high'

Someone should say it. Carlson and Fox News will deserve major blame for any invasion.

In San Francisco and elsewhere, Democrats fight Democrats over where they stand

Chris Murphy: Take a minute to watch this. It's tempting to view Putin as some world-dominating

Florida House Approves A Ban On Most Abortions After 15 Weeks

Who saw the trick ski competition, where Shaun White failed to medal?

Ford, battery maker face job requirement for Tennessee plant

GOP is holding off on draconian abortion laws in contested states.. to test public reaction

NYDConvention: 💙 Rep Carolyn Maloney endorses Gov Kathy Hochul

Republicans fail to show up, INSTANTLY regret it - Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump's lawyer interrupted hearing about Trump finances to ask New York's AG to investigate Clinton

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, February 18, 2022

Gail Halvorsen, U.S. pilot who dropped candy -- not bombs -- as World War II ended, dies

Trump Loses Bid To Duck Testifying As Judge Dismisses His 'Orwell-Humpty Dumpty' Defense - The Beat

'Legal standard not met': Two court challenges filed over Trudeau's use of Emergencies Act

Ex-U.S. Attorney was wrong to bash critic of Barr's election memo -report

With Trump Losing on All Fronts, When Will Indictments Come? Balancing Frustration with Patience.

Harris stepping on world stage amid tensions over Ukraine

Russia says it may be 'forced' to respond militarily if the US won't agree to its unacceptable secur

Last US troops arrive in Poland

TFG Ham Sandwich

The maximum number of US Senate the Democrats will win in 2022 is 18.

More cartoons 2/17/2022

Ron Johnson tells Wisconsin worker not to worry about losing jobs to South Carolina

(Jewish Group) NYC's 'Miriam' restaurant sprayed with 'f-- Jews' graffiti

Elon Musk tells a judge the SEC's 'endless' investigation is stifling his free speech

I know y'all all wanna go to CPAC this year. Look who's speaking.

In a surprising twist, Trump uses inaccurate Durham reporting to boost his election claims

D.C.'s chief judge accuses Justice Dept of "fostering confusion" with low-level pleas in J6 cases

Giuliani Says He Keeps A Stash Of Hillary Clinton 'Evidence' In His Bedroom - Ring of Fire

Yes, I think that we need to defend Ukraine if attacked. Yet

Biden to reverse the Trump-era 'public charge' rule that denied green cards to poor immigrants

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread

American Jewish Committee demands Musk apologize for comparing Trudeau to Hitler

Freedom to Infect - Sack cartoon

As BA.2 subvariant of Omicron rises, lab studies point to signs of severity

So happy to see that my Tiger is back in his little house on the back porch tonight

Trump May Have Breached Lease for D.C. Hotel, House Committee Says

"The Rush of Darkness Inside my Grandmother's Head ..."

If you are not watching TRMS, you have to catch the repeat. It's about the trump hotel lease and

The police arrest a key convoy organizer, Tamara Lich.

'Remedies' to encourage word retrieval?

Why The U.S. Is 'Transparently' Laying Out Intel On Russia's Invasion Plan - All In - MSNBC

UK miniseries - first murderer caught using DNA - "Code of a Killer" 3 episodes

I wonder if some of you feel this way

Trump Judge Lee Rudofsky holds Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act has NO private right of action

McCarthy endorses Cheney foe in Wyoming GOP primary

A bit of live Beatles


Illinois House Democrats vote to remove unmasked Republicans from state chamber

Jesus, Guns, Babies...

Argentine Intelligence Agency locates 105,000 wiretaps illegally stored during Macri administration

Argentine Intelligence Agency locates 105,000 wiretaps illegally stored during Macri administration

Inslee sets end date for Washington's indoor mask requirement

GOP Senators Block Measures To Reduce Inflation While Whining About Inflation - All In - MSNBC


Business-backed group unveils $10M-plus effort to 'dramatically reduce' homelessness in downtown Sea


Roe wasn't the beginning...

What Americans Think About The Crisis In Ukraine

Is anybody else numb about TFG 24/7 in the news?

One of the "leaders" of that truck convoy...

Prisons, Water Infrastructure And Broadband: Where States Are Spending Their Pandemic Relief Funding

Joe Rogan on Biden - 'Not A Real Leader/Out of His Mind'

Lincoln Project senior advisor Joe Trippi on The Beat with Ari Melber

Cruz amendment failed because there weren't enough repukers in congress today...

Problems with GSA handling of Old Post Office Pavilion LEASE to Trump Organization

Democracy Is On The Ballot In These 11 Secretary Of State And Attorney General Elections

"It's all good"

National Guard deploys for new emergency: Teacher shortages


Nearly half of bald and golden eagles in the US have chronic lead poisoning, most likely from bullet

Russian military in Belarus threatens Baltics and Poland, says Lithuanian president

Kevin has jumped the shark...

Can a sex scandal in Missouri cost the GOP the U.S. Senate?

Today is a great day to sue Faux News....

Papa John's Founder John Schnatter Announced As CPAC Speaker

Judge sets trial date for case against Trump's inaugural committee

Durham tries to distance himself from fake furor....

Walgreens is busted making campaign donations to 11 members of the Republican Sedition Caucus

Marine reservist charged in Capitol riot now accused in fake vaccine card scam

Edit ; Deleted myself : )

Data Shows Odd Clusters Of Florida Voters Switching To Republican Party - All In - MSNBC

Meet Pat King one of the leaders of truck convoy protest.

COVID Won't End Up Like the Flu. It Will Be Like Smoking.

The psychological violation of the young women Russian skaters

I Wanna Be Your Dog - just watched figure skater Alexandra Trusova skating to this song...

The world's largest lithium ion battery is down, again

Army 3-star general suspended amid investigation into toxic climate and racist comments

Phil Collins - Take Me Home (live in Dallas, 1985)

Partisan tactic by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's campaign delays thousands of requests for mail-in ballots

Now We Are Free - Lisa Gerrard // Japanese figure skater, Kaori Sakamoto, used this song today

Arkansas Senate tables efforts for Texas-style abortion ban

Russia's Big, Bizarre 'Thank You!' to Tucker Carlson and Josh Hawley

The Band - Tura Lura Lural (with Van Morrison) - 11/25/1976

Black Teen Handcuffed By Police At Mall While White Teen Wasn't Scared Of What Could've Happened MSNBC

MyPillow Mike's Insane Plan to Save Canadian Truckers, Melania Sells NFTs & Saluting Cancun Cruz

Rand Paul threatens to block Ukraine-Russia resolution, but Senate says f___ you

GOP Tactic May Delay Thousands of Mail Ballots (mailed to Republicans)

Enrolment site for the investigational UK trials of the Moderna mRNA-1273.529 Omicron-tweaked jab

Enrolment site for the investigational UK trials of the Moderna mRNA-1273.529 Omicron-tweaked jab

Ron John the clown Is Blocking His Own Judicial Nominee

Hot Tuna - with Papa John Creach 3.23/73 Keep On Truckin'

Congresswoman Kaptur on Lawrence ODonnell was great.

Trump Expert Tim O'Brien: I Think Right Now He's Very Cornered - The ReidOut - MSNBC

The U.S. adds WeChat and AliExpress to a list of notorious piracy markets.

Leticia James is my new hero.

Heads-up: Could have a "convective fine line" or skinny line of gusty storms

Rory Gallagher - I'm Tore Down (live at Montreux, 1975) + Freddie King's original studio version

Synagogue Hostage Taker Wanted Drugs, 'Machine Gun' Before Standoff: FBI

A Child's TikTok Stardom Opens Doors. Then a Gunman Arrives.

Canadian Driftwood - The Band and Joni Mitchell and Neil Young......

Opinion: It's time we turn the tables on Putin

Fun With Peregrine Falcons!

Taj Mahal - Queen Bee - Bloody Sunday Sessions

TCM Schedule for Sunday February 20, 2022 - Black History Month

The New USSR: The Union of Socialist States of Red

Friday's digit: 5/10 - Quickly diminishing cloud cover and a very early rain exit are niceties.

Tamara Lich and others have been arrested in Ottawa!

TCM Schedule for Monday February 21, 2022 - It's Not You, It's Me - Breakup Classics

Little Feat - Dixie Chicken (with Emmylou Harris & Bonnie Raitt and Jesse Winchester) Live 1977

U.S. intelligence shows Russia's military pullback was a ruse, officials say

The Daily Show: Jordan Klepper Takes On Canadian Truckers

Warren Haynes - SoulShine

Marillion - Neverland

California adopts nation's 1st 'endemic' virus policy

Meet Trump's other lawyer Ronald Fischetti. !!

Demon in Disguise - Dave Bromberg and John Sebastion

Lawrence: Judge Sees 'Copious Evidence' Of Possible Fraud By Trump - The Last Word - MSNBC

It's the shipping and handling that really gets you.....

Child poverty spiked by 41 percent in January after Biden benefit program expired, study finds

Waning Gibbous, February 17, 2022.

BREAKING: U.S. And Russia To Meet Next Week As Long As Ukraine Isn't Invaded - The Last Word - MSNBC

It occurred to me I haven't seen any posts by Bo Zart's lately...

Defending our Forever Warrior Hillary Rodham Clinton

Republican lawmakers bar journalists from statehouse floors

What're the odds . . . . ?

Well done. Note to the truckers.

Look At This Ugly Tweet Rubio Sent

WORDLE2 #61 Midnight to Noon 2/18/2022

If Biden in 2024, who do we most want him to run against?

Raise your hand if you and your kids don't have to testify in New York in a criminal probe

When MSM Talks About Ivanka, Don Jr. & Eric It Bugs Me That They Are Referred To As TFG's.....

Trump is a lawyer's nightmare client because most lawyers will tell their client shut-up

S.D. GOP legislators reject Medicaid expansion. The naysayers are heartless, irrational and

Healing words. Good for Brazeau. Don't let the RW White supremacists divide us.

Colombia's election race rocked by corruption scandal

News Cuba Cuba Develops Cerebrovascular Protective Drug

A Chilean indigenous language vanishes as last native speaker dies

Trump's Legal And Money Woes Snowball As His Financial Credibility Crumbles - TRMS - MSNBC

Sourdough baking

Tweet of the Early Morning:

U.S. denounces Bolsonaro's 'solidarity' with Russia as Ukraine crisis brews

U.S. denounces Bolsonaro's 'solidarity' with Russia as Ukraine crisis brews

Trump, Deep In Debt, Faces Dwindling Options To Preserve Faltering Business - TRMS - MSNBC

S.D. humorist Dorothy Rosby explains why she never took home the gold in Olympics figure skating.

Do you remember the last Winter Olympics?

Mexico intercepts 1200 US-bound migrants from 33 countries in one day

Mexico intercepts 1200 US-bound migrants from 33 countries in one day

Global warming and the winter olympics

Here's a song from my band Green Sparkle Frog: "Old MacDonald's Pharmacy"

i love this pandemic / quarantine anthem

South Dakota Republicans battling each other, which could mean Democrats could finally win an

With Fraudulent Trump Financials Exposed, House Oversight Asks GSA To Yank Hotel Lease - TRMS - MSNBC

Trump-backed Arizona candidate called COVID-19 vaccine 'crime against humanity': report

Hasn't it started already?

Ground-breaking DNA study finds Vikings weren't all Scandinavian

The Guardian view on Stonehenge: a dynamic monument - Editorial

Republicans who opposed racial justice protests hope truckers 'clog up' US cities

Western nations warn shelling in Ukraine could provide false pretext for Russian invasion- PBS NewsHour

Privatising the moon may sound like a crazy idea but the sky's no limit for avarice

What happens to the dead in South Dakota? Bill in Legislature seeks to clarify

Abu Dhabi unearths archaeological treasures dating back 8,500 years

Rep. Steve Haugaard's total ban on abortion pills goes to South Dakota House floor

Rep. Steve Haugaard's total ban on abortion pills goes to South Dakota House floor

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/17/22

Sound off?

Stephen Colbert: Guest CBS News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Margaret Brennan

Ulysses Kay, Faure

Imma looking for the morning breakfast post...

Why does my font shrink. 🤔

Breakfast Friday 18 February 2022

Jackley Endorses Noem! Noem Endorses Jackley! Ravnsborg Is Toast

Watch Ricky Gervais Fall In Love With His Foster Cat The Dodo

You Blew It, Republicans - Twice

Great bumper sticker idea

Nearly half of US bald eagles suffer lead poisoning

The Rude Pundit: Coming Out of the Pandemic, Some of Us Faster Than Others (and That's Okay)

UGH Anyone know how to stop ads on Youtube Iphone? I listen in the car and trying to hit "Skip ads"

As BA.2 subvariant of Omicron rises, lab studies point to signs of severity

Russia to stage nuclear drills with Ukraine tensions high

There's no business like snow business. Yesterday here in Albuquerque we had some

Gov. Lujan Grisham announces immediate end to New Mexico's indoor mask mandate

N.M. legislative session ends with nearly three-hour filibuster

BBC: Africa's week in pictures: 11-17 February 2022

Nicholas Kristof can't run for governor of Oregon

BBC: Your pictures of Scotland: 11- 18 February, 2022

Biden's Schedule for Friday, February 18, 2022

Tucker Carlson, Josh Hawley and Donald Trump: Putin's Dream Team, but America's Worst Nightmare

State worker warns of Lyft 'vomit fraud'

Watch this racist guy get the white slapped off of him when he uses a slur in an Applebees.

Black drivers who saw this Confederate flag in London, Ont. have a message for homeowner

BA.2 in Connecticut

Preparation H has a new Facebook marketing program.

Israeli strawberry clocks in as world's heaviest on record

Friday TOONs - Make America Flush Again

Wordle Bans 'Slave' As New York Times Stops Users Entering Offensive Words

Question: access to internet via phone during power outage

Today's Wordle- 2/18

Montana State Hospital could be placed on 'immediate jeopardy' after federal inspection

Allegheny Township, Pa, woman charged with felony for shoplifting $12 pair of leggings

2-16-22 wordle had too many options. fans fail even with 4 letters in correct space. spoiler

I guess AG James could sum up her investigation this way.

Are high winds blowing all over the US?

Snowy breakfast setting for my outdoor fur balls, this morning

Wordle 244 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

Officials say woman faked a pregnancy to get paid time off.

Thank you Hillary Clinton.

Jan 6th Select Committee to start televised hearings in August

All members of Congress but no guests invited to Biden's first State of the Union address

The richest man in the world did this.

Well here in the Cleveland area, it is snowing. We have about five inches was supposed to

Pence met with protests ahead of Stanford speech

Amazon's overhaul of Comixology ignites concern from comic creators and readers

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 2/16/2022

Art of the Week: Week of 2/16/22

Mignolaversity: May 2022 Solicitations

The Rundown: February 17, 2022

The Rundown: February 18, 2022

The origin of Superheroes: American Crusader

"We're sorry that Rep. Davis thinks he needs to act like a lunatic in order to win his primary"

Bandmaid Domination

Guardian: The week in wildlife - in pictures, February 18, 2022

2/15/2022 Drought Monitor; Nearly All Of CONUS W. Of Mississippi In D0-D4; AB-SK-MB Drying As Well

Where do you sell online?

Sleezeball TX Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's campaign delays thousands of requests for mail-in ballots

off the grid tent camping/cell phones/power banks

Ready for nightmares? Bang Bang...

Troubled Man

U.S. Citizens Will Need to Register to Travel to Europe in 2023

Wet Welsh commuters looking sheepish:

You raised $35.00 on February 17, 2022 for the kick US Senator Grassley's butt fund!

My Family Lost Our Farm During Japanese Incarceration. I Went Searching for What Remains.

Yay Cryptocurrency! Dying MT Coal Plant Roars Back To Life Fueled By Digital Scam

California lays out a plan to treat the coronavirus as a manageable risk, not an emergency.

Eric Boehlert: The media and Durham's corrupt "spying" investigation

My wife said "yes" when I asked her if I was her first one.

Under The Impression Energy Majors Are Greenwashing And Nothing Else? Guess What - You're Right.

Are we all tired of Nikki Haley and her calculating ambition to be Prez?

Phil Mickelson will deal with Saudis to pressure PGA Tour

Michael Mann W. Katy Tur On NOAA Sea-Level Rise Report

At Least 117 Dead In Brazilian Landslides After 10" Of Rain In Three Hours; Evacuations Underway

War on Ukraine: Optics, Distraction, and a Missed Opportunity

Hillary Clinton: "We are in uncharted territory"

Washington State will drop its mask mandates, including for schools, next month.

Meanwhile In B.C.: Violent overnight attack at Coastal GasLink site.

Trump Directed $375,000 In Donations To His Own Building To Rent An Unused Office

Today's Image Dump (2/18/22)

Organized Retail Theft Effort Stopped, One Charged, One On Loose

New Studies Show Antarctic Glaciers Far More Vulnerable To Heat & Fracture Than Previously Thought

US Coast Guard Offloads $1 Billion Worth of Narcotics

2 key organizers of the trucker protests, Tamara Lich & Chris Barber, have been arrested in Ottawa

Study Calms Fears of Harsher New Version of Omicron Variant

He has no problem with hypocrisy, and neither does his base.

Russia to stage nuclear drills with Ukraine tensions high

Poland to Buy $6 Billion in US Tanks, Assault Bridges, Explosives; Russian Advancing Force Grows to

Minnesota Rep. Hagedorn dies of cancer

CDC: NYC anime convention did not spread omicron widely

9 year old girl shot by robbery victim 3rd child killed in Houston this year.

The Jan.6th committee: I imagine their open hearings, final report will be done by Sept.

Research finds drug that enables healing without scarring.

Imagine you're a juror in a civil case.

Actor Lee Marvin was #BornOnThisDay, Feb. 18, 1924.

Police arrest 'Freedom Convoy' organizers in Ottawa

Hillary Clinton FULL Keynote Address at 2022 NYS Democratic Convention

In GOP embrace of truckers, some see racist double standard

Hillary Clinton FULL Keynote Address at 2022 NYS Democratic Convention

March 4th. Freedom Convoy to circle around KCMO.

Deep Purple - Hush (get your blood pumping this morn)

On this day, February 18, 1914, Pee Wee King was born.

Hong Kong leader elections postponed to May amid COVID-19 surge

Wasn't S. Powell fired (very publicly) as TDDFG's lawyer?

Yanking or suspending trucker's licenses from those who illegally block roads?

Cal State chancellor resigns amid mounting pressure after USA TODAY investigation

2022 FIDE Chess Grand Prix Leg 1

Terrified Shelter Dog Is A Different Pup In Her Foster Home

Is Desantis pushing monoclonal antibody treatment for the money?

Police start making arrests in operation to end occupation in Ottawa

Civilians in rebel-held Donetsk 'to be evacuated'

Trump threatens Hillary Clinton with death all over again -- and nobody seems to care

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants Thanks FAA Administrator Steve Dickson for His....

Pic Of The Moment: The Party Of Lawbreaking And Disorder

Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers Split: 'He Put Football First'

'Actual Malice in Their attacks' - Hillary sounds like she is a 'bit' peeved ... You Go Girl!!!!

US existing home sales unexpectedly jump in January, as inventory hits record low

Joe: It's The Ruse. You Convince Suckers -- You Lie Every Single Day. For Him?

Man offered vaping devices to minors for sex acts and to smell their feet, deputies say

U.S. economy takes a step back in January, leading indicators show

LOL: Eminem has a response for Rudy Giuliani (parody)

In Latest Move To Destroy Cheney's Career, McCarthy Leads Charge To Endorse Her Challenger

GOP Rep. Jim Hagedorn of Minnesota has died

That moment at the flea market, when you realize you're looking at a vampire killing kit.

Second breakaway region in Ukraine organizes evacuation of civilians

NFTs aren't art -- they're just the Cult of Crypto's latest scam

Sky over Kyiv

Construction worker has amazing dance moves (Twitter video)

Rainbow Starfrontlet

GOP Rep. Jim Hagedorn dies at 59 after battle with cancer

So if Homer Simpson were a Congressman from Ohio...

3054 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today,Fri; 115 deaths

Sean Hannity dares Hillary Clinton to sue as she warns network's dishonest coverage gets 'close to a

Smart little monkeys always make the human taste it first:

We May End Up Living in Three Americas if Roe v. Wade Is Decimated--NY Times Opinion

Trump Expert Tim O'Brien: I Think Right Now He's Very Cornered

The Far-Right Are Infiltrating The Military - Vice

Weapons: Liberals have wit, humor, art. Maga-rats only have guns.

Winter Olympics: Kamila Valieva treatment by entourage 'chilling' - IOC

A Timeline Of All The Terrible Things That Happened To Trump This Week

As BA.2 subvariant of Omicron rises, lab studies point to signs of severity

Ukraine, Poland and UK agree on accord to combat Russian aggression

Canada was warned before protests that violent extremists infiltrated convoy

Secretary of State Still Reporting Incorrect Numbers - Is It A Nefarious Act?

Ukraine, Poland and UK agree on accord to combat Russian aggression

Russian state media reporting "major" explosion near a government building in the centre of Donetsk

Russia Planning Post-Invasion Arrest and Assassination Campaign in Ukraine

Facebook is allowing organizers of Jan 6 insurrection to promote an international anti-vax blockade

'Ominous sign' for Trump in judge's 'blunt' ruling: former prosecutor

China is Coming: Observations from an Expert In Depth

Putin is doing a good job strengthening NATO.

Arizona 'audit' contractor goes off on Cyber Ninja 'grifters' after botched election investigation

After the FDA issued warnings about antidepressants, youth suicides rose, mental health care dropped

Eminem has a response for Rudy Giuliani

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 18, 2022

N.Y. Officials Announce Plan to Remove Homeless People From Subways

Statement on Hypocritical Republican Voter Suppression Tactics by Dan Patrick

Trump and the 5th is like oil and water.

Dana Nessel's latest consumer protection video:

Trash can races in a storm:

Rothkopf - Carlson, Hawley, Trump: Putin's dream team, America's nightmare

Good Day DU (February 18, 2022)


Horse enjoying breakfast in bed:

US Madam Vice President Harris with Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas

Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy issues lovely statement after family gets covid

Judge in Daunte Wright murder

Why Utility Grids are Afraid of Elon Musk

A law clerk repeatedly had to tell Trump's lawyer to stop interrupting the judge while she ranted

Kim Potter sentenced to two years to serve 16 months.

Fuck Kristi Noem

Fox News Cuts Away From Hillary Clinton When She Calls Out 'Big Lie'

Shave Yo' Legs - Keb' Mo'

Animal cuddles:

Jimmy Carter Hailed in Canada for 1952 Nuclear Rescue

A Call for Peace: Russian & U.S. Women Push for Diplomacy, Not Military Action, to Resolve Crisis

Shelling intensifies in Ukraine amid concern Russia is poised for invasion

The maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats are to win in 2022 is 18.

KC wants to go out. (Got the picture back.)

3.7 million kids slipped back into poverty after the Biden child tax credit expired -- and Congress i

Fox News Stops Covering Hillary Spying on Trump Story After Spending All Week Attacking Media...

Swedish government wants to ban mobile phones in classrooms

Southern California wildfires expected to increase in frequency by end of century, study says

It is not a luxury

Former suburban Minneapolis officer Kim Potter sentenced to 2 years in prison for killing Daunte Wri

Congress sends spending bill to Biden to avert government shutdown

S.C. rushing to defund public education

Donald Trump and Fox news are the reason.

Kind of gives their game away

Cuomo sued by New York trooper who claims he sexually harassed her

Congressional stock trading ban must include spouses, lawmakers say

More than 70 percent of Americans now immune to omicron, model estimates

How did the market for financial capital contribute to inequality?


Wealth & Poverty Class 2: The Investor's View

The latest from Ottawa.

Video Game Store Closes 1994 Inventory Found 27 Years Later Factory Sealed SNES Sega Genesis Saturn

Aaron Rupar: Should we just ignore Donald Trump? (Short answer: NO.)


Republicans who opposed racial justice protests hope truckers 'clog up' US cities

Killer Cop's Ugly Past Revealed as Amir Locke Funeral Begins in Minneapolis

Joe Rogan's Embattled Podcast Disappears From Spotify, Along With Other Originals


Inspiring message from President Biden, and Joshua! "This is Joshua....

Oath Keepers Founder Secretly Backed Lawsuit for Government Based on 'Lord Of The Rings'

"Greedflation" is what we should call it!

Welcome Jason Rogers to the Race For Texas House District 9


Surgeon general tests positive for Covid-19

When the Levee Breaks - Playing for Change New! Official Premiere today!

A Child's TikTok Stardom Opens Doors. Then a Gunman Arrived.

Another way the Ottawa Truck Convoy is like Jan 6th:

If I'm pissing off anyone with my emoji band posts let me know and I'll cease and desist!

Infamous 'White and Blonde' Capitol Rioter Released, Immediately Back to Tweeting MAGA Conspiracies

On an Ottawa downtown street corner...👍👍👍

VP Kamala Harris stands with World Leaders in Munich

Oh, Canada

Boy oh boy! I sure hope those Missouri Republicans don't pick Greitens to run for Senate!


Malawi finds Africa's first wild polio case in five years

Came across this poster from back on Labor Day in 1956. Great positive, upbeat message....

Putin and Trump are two peas in the pod

High-ranking DC officer suspected of improperly communicating with Proud Boys leader, report says

Biden to speak to nation as crisis with Russia over Ukraine escalates

My husband took our taxes to be done and they had a Bill O'Reilly "Stand up for our country"

Bundy Drops Republican Party, Will Run as Independent in Idaho Gov Race

Live protest on CBC Ottawa feed.

US TV actor Rockmond Dunbar sues Disney over Covid 'discrimination'

It's a bit windy..

A grand jury indicts multiple Austin police officers for injuries during 2020 protests

As Dante Wright's killer cop gets a light sentence, it's found that Amir Locke's killer cop...

Race excluded as WH rolls out climate justice screening tool

Goose-stepping parade forces people from sidewalk in Denmark

Hillary Clinton Slams Fox News Attacks, Hints At Potential Defamation Lawsuit

AI Generated Faces Are More Trustworthy Than Real Faces Say Researchers Who Warn of "Deep Fakes"

Hiatus brain: When your favorite show returns, but you can't remember a thing

Ecuador legislators approve regulations allowing abortion in cases of rape

Ecuador legislators approve regulations allowing abortion in cases of rape

Civilians are being evacuated from parts of eastern Ukraine

On this day, February 18, 1939, Bobby Hart, of the songwriting duo Boyce and Hart, was born.

Families are suing a West Virginia school district for holding a Christian assembly

Dr. Vivek Murthy and his family just tested positive for COVID

StormEunice Planes struggling to land in 75 mph winds Heathrow Airport

Today's Civics Lesson...

Daily touch of France - Friday edition - Cafe still life

'Irreversible': No easy fix for water fouled by gas driller

Tennessee bill would designate some gun owners as law enforcement.

Cartoons 2/18/2022

Daily touch of France - Friday edition - Cafe still life

Researchers cite widespread lead contamination in water at Philadelphia schools

State Supreme Court hears Everett case of bus fare checks

Alaska launches Boeing 737 service at Paine Field in Everett

EXPLAINER: Why would world leaders balk at giving Putin DNA?

Take the 5th? The choice could soon be Trump's in NY probe

New rules are limiting how teachers can teach Black History Month

Commentary: Removing the white gaze from 'Slave Play' eliminates a hurdle in unpacking it

Folding and expanding paper- To quarks to ends of the universe

Trump Using Donations to Rent an Unused Office

Video: "Hershey Prison" - Workers EXPOSE Brutal Working Conditions

US paves way for resumption of Mexico avocado exports

9 Things Dr. King Taught Us about Nonviolence

U.S. Makes Diplomatic Push to Avert Russia Attack

They're just making shit up: Hulk Lawyer

So the convoy idiots have their children as human shields. Tweet

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants Continues Push for Federal No-Fly List for...

"The King's Man" on HBO Max

COVID-19 Isn't Going Anywhere -- And Americans Know It

Russia Would Face Severe Consequences for Attack

Baby formula supply issues send parents scrambling

US Senate Elections the Democrats are to win in 2022 by larger margin to a narrower margin.

Who has an A-1 Stubbs Membership at AMC Theatre?

4 Out Of 5 Doctors - Not From Her World

The Bush crime family would have a better strategy

Start Legal Fund To Help Hillary Go After Fox And Their Malicious Relentless Lies About Her

After having his life threatened, Pence defends RNC's "legitimate political discourse" language

MASTERPIECE Studio podcast: David Tennant discusses Around the World in 80 Days

Maybe we're about to find out who planted the pipe bombs...Fox projecting

On February 17, 1966, Brian Wilson began recording "Good Vibrations."

Six African countries to receive mRNA vaccine technology

Newsom Rips Into Fox News, OAN, Newsmax, Calling Them "Propaganda Networks"; Announces New State

US says Russia has deployed 190,000 troops around Ukraine -- almost doubling its strength in 2 weeks

Kristi Noem...Like Hitler........HATE, HATE, AND MORE HATE!!

I Built Shoes To Walk On Water!

In GOP embrace of truckers, some see racist double standard

The logical conclusion is a government death ray (Australia)

Russia voices alarm over sharp increase of Donbass shelling

Guess what? Ivermectin doesn't work (JAMA)

Minnesota Congressional Districts are 4R/3D/1tie)

Susan Collins: Our Democracy Shouldn't Rest on a Rickety Law.

TFG has endorsed a Texas GOP candidate accused of abusing her stepdaughter

Families sue W.Va. school district over Christian assembly

Looks like Trump DID steal classified documents:

Belarus leader expected to join Putin for strategic nuclear drills

Greedflation - say this more!

US billionaires are funding the fuckery that's happening, so why bring Russia into the equation?

US announces Abrams tanks for Poland as tensions with Russia escalate

President Biden to speak about Ukraine at 4pm est.

Republican Infighting Intensifies As Trump Gobbles Up Campaign Cash

A black man is dead. Shot by a cop. The cop gets off easy. Yay us. ⬅︎SARCASM

David Bowie - Young Americans (studio version & live on the Dick Cavett Show, 1974)

A Trump judge's new decision would undo more than 50 years of voting rights law

The chaos from Omicron might be fading, but the turbulence ahead could be worse

Financial institutions have started freezing protesters' bank accounts based on RCMP information,

Storm Eunice: at least four die as winds of up to 122mph batter UK and Ireland

"Kisses" makes me wish I could adopt her.

Asia Insight

Child Poverty Spiked After Tax Credit Expired, Early Research Suggests

Two students and ACLU sue Missouri school district over removing 8 books from libraries

What needs to occur for Kansas to elect a Democratic US Senator?

Truckers in Ottawa are building snow barriers. Kind of like a fort.

'Fallout': Walton Goggins To Star In Prime Video's TV Series From Kilter Films Based On Games

NHK's Asia Insight Myanmar

Eddie Vedder - Invincible (from his new album, Earthling: studio version & live, Beacon Theater 2/3

NHK: Asia Insite Hong Kong -a pro-democracy newspaper shuts down

White women's tears TRUMP justice

Black 1yr old "falls" out of police car after being taken custody by Florida Police. Why?!

VP Harris heralds NATO unity as Ukraine crisis grows

I think the county hired new snow plow drivers.

Russia Plans Post-Invasion Arrests and Assassinations

David Brooks writes a really good column - "The Dark Century"

SNP loses bid to 'redefine meaning of women' to include trans people on public boards

"Impunity"---a term to consider.

Judge allows lawsuits against Trump for January 6 to go forward but tosses cases against Giuliani an

Across the Desk - S5:E5 (The Oklahoma GOP attack on Medical Marijuana)

Abuser priest attends Vatican symposium on priesthood - witnesses

We Finally Know What Putin Planned for a False Flag Op Against Ukraine

National Archives acknowledges classified documents were found in boxes at Mar-a-Lago after Trump le

NHK ASIA INSIGHT- A New Page for Books in South Korea

Trump Is Guilty - MeidasTouch

Nope trailer doesnt give away plot!! Jordon peele movie


Rudy Attacks Eminem for Taking Knee - Eminem Responds

Haitian garment workers protest to demand higher wages

Haitian garment workers protest to demand higher wages

Thanks Brandon

With Spike in Concern Over Drought, Wildfires and Climate Change, Westerners Are Eager for Action to

How they spread lies "i dont know if Trudeau is illegit son of Castro or not but..."

Judge allows lawsuits against Trump for January 6 to go forward, but not Giuliani or Jr.

What's for Dinner, Fri., Febr. 18, 2022

The Ghost and Mrs Muir.......watching my DVR copy now for at least the 20th time......

RutRow ... Weisselberg is Going to DC soon. Famous Last Words coming?

District 1 representative Jim Hagedorn has died


So, I'm guessing we can expect the regularly scheduled Friday afternoon Statement Against Interest

Trump is as culprit for what comes Putin's actions!

Spam calls.

Scranton man accused of threatening to burn down Governor Wolf's house

COVID Reporting is going to change

We really do live in a stupid timeline, don't we?

White House accuses Russia of cyberattacks targeting Ukraine

My sister says the booster is now only

You want a conspiracy theory? I got one for ya, Tucker. Lauren Boebert was the bomb planter.

Masks no longer required in California

Police arrest dozens of "Freedom Convoy" protesters in Ottawa, Canada

Tweet of the Day

Bernie: Maybe the Senate should consider a resolution congratulating the billionaire class

Playing For Change - When the Levee Breaks

NYC: Another Adams Pick With Anti-LGBTQ+ Views Shows 'Trend'

Judge rejects Trump effort to toss lawsuits accusing him of Jan. 6 conspiracy

The Less You Have ...

Republicans' buffoonish, disingenuous attacks on an Innocence Project attorney

'Freedom' Convoys are being organized around the country

Reported explosion of a gas pipeline in Eastern Ukraine.

Ten things that only Shinu Inu owners only know

The desert is NOT supposed this cold! 🧊🥶

New report on COVID vaccine misinformation trends

How convenient for the rethugs that all of this

NY Judge Slams Trump, Don Jr. & Ivanka, Orders Them to Sit for Deposition in AG James' Investigation

Just a Few Months in Space May Permanently Rewire Your Brain

Where is Jill Stein when we need her?


Minn. GOP gubernatorial candidate: Wives honor the Lord with submission to their husbands

SmartWater: The forensic spray helping keep women safe

Putin has decided to invade Ukraine

Biden is putting Putin's shit right out in the front yard!


Mr. President, "why do you think Putin has made the decision to invade Ukraine?" Highly placed

2022 US Senate Election in states that Democrats are likely to win,

Joe Manchin Remains Undecided on Biden's Fed Nominees, 'No Decision' Stand Keeps Doubts Swirling

Biden says he's now convinced Putin has decided to invade Ukraine

Outside of sending troops to Ukraine

This may upset some DUers but after Iraq it's hard to watch the same hacks talking

Tom Suozzi courts Latino vote in his bid to become NY governor

Former Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson answers questions from Jan. 6 panel: report

"But, --- NOTHING!"


Russia Planning Post-Invasion Arrest and Assassination Campaign in Ukraine, U.S. Officials Say


Ok, time for some distraction from crazy world stress

Svengoolie for Saturday night, February 19, 2022: "Attack of the Puppet People"

Republican lawmakers bar journalists from statehouse floors

Blended tax rate?

A War Time President.

silly goose parade in Denmark

Number, Please (Harold Lloyd. 1920)

Protesters assault officers during operation to end Ottawa occupation, police say

Arizona State quarterback Jayden Daniels enters college football transfer portal

Milk Street Radio - "Food thieves: Missing cows, fake fertilizer and heisted almonds."

The Doobie Brothers - Song To See You Through (a little slide into the weekend)

Breaking- judge rules against the Slobfather- updated with CNN link

I believe our march toward an autocracy is bordering on the inexorable

Pastorale - Stravinsky

Chain Lightning

Covid Infect. Increases Risk of Mental Health Disorders, Study. Brain Changes, Neuroinflammation

Several musicians performing one of my favorite songs remotely during the pandemic.

White House records taken by Trump contained classified information, National Archives confirms

I just hosted two Students from Japan for ten weeks

Andrew Scott in Hamlet - To Be Or Not To Be

According to my 1998 Bob Ryan Weather Almanac, sunset today is at

got a bad email from a member

How many more

Crowds clash with the police as arrests continue (Ottawa)

As covid-19 cases wind down, we should be so grateful for all the great health care workers

Biden: If Russia Invades It Will Be Responsible For 'Catastrophic' War Of Choice - MSNBC

It's time the media tell the truth

Former teacher admits to giving students sperm-laced cupcakes

Prosecution, defense rests in federal hate crimes trial of Ahmaud Arbery's killers

History is not there for you to like or dislike...

Fmr. Amb. Taylor On Russia-Ukraine Crisis, Putin - MSNBC

John Sebastian - Younger Girl

Almost everyone can use a comfort dog

Argentina fires rage on in Corrientes, burning an important wetland

Argentina fires rage on in Corrientes, burning an important wetland

The Rolling Stones - Let's Spend Some Time Together (The Ed Sullivan Show)

This Is 'A Very Grave Moment' Says Fmr. Ambassador To Russia On Ukraine Crisis - MSNBC

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick proposes ending university tenure to combat critical race theory teachings

CROCUS in southern MD!

Tiny Tim - The Viper (Live at the Fillmore)

U.S. Congress asks Facebook: What role did fake overseas accounts have in promoting Canada convoys?

Caught in front of neighborhood restaurant, even tho FIERCE wind.

Video: Putin has decided to invade Ukraine & President Biden cited US intelligence as basis

Linda Ronstadt and the Eagles - Silver Threads and Golden Needles


Linda Ronstadt - Tumbling Dice

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick pledges to end tenure for new hires at Texas public universities

Suffice to say bad time to plan travel to Europe

The Rolling Stones - Tumbling Dice (from 'Ladies and Gentlemen, the Rolling Stones")

MP Nestor Shufrych of the pro-Russia 'Ukrainian Choice' organization gets clocked on live TV by Ukra

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Turkish Rondo

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Turkish Rondo