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Help me out with the Ukraine analogy.

We are deeply and profoundly sorry: For decades, The Baltimore Sun promoted policies that oppressed

After sunset, southern MD

Serbian ambassador drowns at Boca do Inferno (Mouth of Hell), Cascais

Randy and Stella - Two Precious Lives Saved from Despair

19 Texas cops are indicted for using excessive force during 2020 protests

The LEO who shot Wright, mistaking her gun for her taser got 2 years?

The Daily Show: Russia Plays Chess with Ukraine's Border & Disney Rolls Out New Live-In Experience

Has anyone seen

DJIA doing crappily bc of threat of war. eom

Ohio Republicans in trouble...

Child poverty spiked by 41 percent in January after Biden benefit program expired, study finds

Friday Talking Points -- What Will Putin Do?

Judge Rejects Trump Effort To Dismiss Jan. 6 Lawsuits - MSNBC

The Threat of a Russian Invasion Is Crushing Ukraine's Economy and Culture

Ron Johnson tells Wisconsin worker not to worry about losing jobs to South Carolina

Creepy Youth Pastor of the Day

Clinical Data just out - Ivermectin does not work on Covid

Elon Musk's $5.7B donation sparks questions about giving

Opinion: Black and Native people are kindred spirits in adversity. Deb Haaland understands that.

The benefits outweigh the bad

Canadian Civil Liberties Association to sue federal government over Emergencies Act

My daughter, the deity

WH slams Gov. Kristi Noem for saying she doesn't know why LGBTQ people have high rates of depression

Miami-Dade schools could be out $72 million from state punishing district over masks

Some signatures of Florida voters whose registration changed to GOP doesn't match

Amazon raising the price of Prime $12.99 to $14.99... per this email received this morning...

Of course he did!

So quick question, if the DOJ arrests Trump for stealing classified documents

Republican Voters Are Finally Sick Of Trump's Election Lies - Ring of Fire

Seal Helps Man Who Fell Into Ocean Complete 5-Hour Swim to Safety

Trump lost in court THREE MORE TIMES today.

So they're *still* doing the Hillary thing?

Trump Took Classified Documents From White House, National Archives Confirms

Senate confirms health care watchdog assailed by Trump

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Nebraska (R) state senator to resign amid accusations from aide

A stipulation regarding Iraq:

Retired conservative federal judge slams Republicans for 'nonsense' and 'utter madness' after RNC ce

All 3 Repubs running for MI AG just stated that they oppose the ruling in Griswold v Connecticut

Latest propaganda from Fox Nation coming out...

Virginia attorney general moves to withdraw from ERA lawsuit

All 3 GOP candidates for MI AG state they are against Griswold vs. Connecticut

All 3 Repubs running for MI AG just stated that they oppose the ruling in Griswold v Connecticut

"Ukraine" or "The Ukraine" ?

Problem in Green Bay, that happened to me also.

The Doors - Light My Fire (live at the Hollywood Bowl)

Effort to Make Daylight Saving Time Permanent Passes Maryland House

Shields up': Biden administration moves to protect U.S. targets from Russian cyber attack

How Many Republicans Will Spend 4th Of July In Moscow This Year?

Seattle Police set up mobile precinct in Little Saigon neighborhood

Bird is back: Sue Bird finally re-signs with Seattle Storm

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Taking you back to AM radio days with The Boss 93 KHJ in Los Angeles

Commission releases first drafts of redrawn Seattle council districts

Don't Change Horses-Tower of Power

The Suicide Trucker Convoy: 'Freedom Convoy' In Canada Wants To Spread Anigov, Antisocial Msgs.

Biden administration requests $5 billion to fight COVID-19 globally

magical world

Rain, Snow & Much Colder Days Ahead: Puget Sound Forecast

Dolenz Jones Boyce & Hart I Wanna Be Free, Steppin' Stone, I'm A Believer Live 1975

SDOT: 7,500 potholes filled so far after surge in reports due to winter weather

This WABC aircheck helped get DJ Roby Yonge fired

Today in history....Justice Kennedy was sworn in as a Supreme Court Reagan.........

Police arrest dozens blockading Canada's capital - Reuters

Calls are growing for CA wildlife officials not to euthanize 500-pound Black bear in Lake Tahoe

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy thread! TGIF!

Yo-Yo Ma and Gabby Giffords perform 'Sound of Silence' to honor lives lost to gun violence - PBS New

"The Automat" Is a Guide to the Wonders of Mid-Twentieth-Century Urbanism

How Russia And Ukraine Got Here - The Mehdi Hasan Show

Police experiment reveals Alec Baldwin could have fired gun in Rust shooting without actually pullin

Texas police unions want Travis County DA to stop announcing APD indictments until after election

Utah will stop releasing daily COVID-19 case data and close testing sites as the state's GOP

So many commercials for tulip bulbs, I mean crypto currency

Federal Judge: Trump Had A 'Tacit Agreement' With Capitol Attackers - All In - MSNBC

OSCE monitoring mission in eastern Ukraine should be boosted, Germany says

2022 US Senate Elections in states the Democrats will definitely win.

This is why Puti Pu has got his panties in a bunch:

Rouble tumbles after Russia-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine announce evacuations

Russia announces missile test launches day after threatening military response in Ukraine standoff

AOC had the perfect response to Tucker's misogyny

Colombia's police suspends paramilitary cooperation with Truth Commission

If we eventually have to live without Rachel,

Friday Night Gin and Tonic Buzz. Ask me anything.

There's music to play, places to go, people to see

Classified Docs Found In Trump's Mar-A-Lago Stash, National Archives Confirms - All In - MSNBC

Good News

The most vulnerable Democratic and Republican US Senator in 2022.

So, Dave Bromberg and his Quintet is playing at Snow Pond in Sydney, ME on 3/26/22.

Kurt Vonnegut's Rules for Reading Fiction

Gail Halvorsen, U.S. airman and 'Candy Bomber' in Berlin Airlift, dies at 101

Quentin Tarantino's Scrapped Star Trek Movie Certainly Sounds Like... Something

U.S. is discussing reinforcement of Baltic States - Lithuanian president

Carol Burnett show.....❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Marc Bolan: The Final Word (2007 BBC documentary, over an hour long, on YouTube)

Russia has lists of prominent Ukrainian figures to arrest or kill should Moscow invade

'What Pooty Poot did not want': U.S. approves $6B tank deal with Poland

I ask to turn the channel or I leave...

'You Separated Families At The Border!' Pence Gets Booed And Cursed At During Speech

Estonia delivers Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine

U.S. concerned about Zelenskyy's trip to Munich

Blind Faith - Presence Of The Lord (live at London's Hyde Park, 1969)

TFG would be a tragic hero,

A highway paved with recycled diapers may change the cloth vs. disposables debate

Blind Faith - Under My Thumb (live at London's Hyde Park, 1969)

Genesis - Return Of The Giant Hogweed

Such a Night - Mac and the Band.....

OS/2 Users will be getting the Otter Browser, based on Chrome, for that Decades Old Operating System

DOJ reveals new Signal messages from Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes...will remain in jail.

What is happening

Common 'Grandparent' Scam: There Are Some Really Rotten People Out There. Some Call You On The Phone

WI Republicans seek to jail officials as part of their review of the 2020 election

All 3 Republicans running for Michigan Attorney General oppose Griswold v Connecticut

I never heard about this program. It's rather chilling to see the parallels

Applying for a checking account

Traffic - Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys & Light Up Or Leave Me Alone (live in Santa Monica, 1972)

Remember This Asshole: 'This is going to end your career!' Trump-loving GOP candidate threatens cop

Welcome to the Bouncy Castle Insurrection (Everything is Very Stupid) Ferret/ShowerCap

New Movie about Elvis - Looks interesting, Tom Hanks is in it

Eric Clapton - Walkin' Blues

Elie Mystal: Judge Chu Cried Out For Sympathy For Daunte Wright's Killer In Front Of His Mother

Horse trainer with a horse jumping a log.

Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa - Black Coffee

trump says Hillary spied on him but also says she FABRICATED the information. Makes no sense.

Jorma Koukonen and David Bromberg - "Keep On Drinking"

Today is my

Bus Full of Orphans Makes Terrifying Getaway as Russian War Looms

The Weight

Build the Wall - the wall that is NATO to keep Russia contained. nt

miles davis - kind of blue

Russia Expert: Putin's Acts Are A Classic Play From A Dictator's Playbook - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Two Students Sue School District for Banning LGBTQ+ Books

I knew my college roommate had appeared on JEOPARDY! 20 years ago.....

MST3K - Is This Love?

U.S. Marine Reservist already charged in Jan. 6 Capitol riot case busted for fake Covid vaccine IDs

PM Update: Wind advisory Saturday afternoon as another cold front moves through

King Crimson - Heroes (live in Berlin, 2016)

The Ghost of Tom Joad - Bruce Springsteen, Tom Morello - Live

Real Time With Bill Maher (2-18-2022) - Full Show

I'm not one to play the hits too often, but this? Who could get tired of this?

Poll: Americans, especially conservatives, have lost trust in scientists since the pandemic started

# The Karen Convoy (great meme):

Mussorgsky 'Great Gate of Kiev'

Covid-19 hospitalizations average $4,000 in out-of-pocket costs per visit, research says

Sam Cooke - A Change is Gonna' Come

Ukraine military strategy?

Otis Redding - I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)

The Spotnicks playing Last Space Train to a hard French audience -

Woman Escapes Shark By Punching It On The Nose - Off Fla. Coast, Dry Tortugas

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 2/18/22

Clashes at international far-right meeting in Bogota

Listen up DU MA. Red Barn Radio is a definite follow.

US: Up to 190,000 Russian troops now along Ukraine border

Derek and the Dominos - Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad?

Mexico becomes United States' principal supplier of beef

Eminem Responds To Rudy Giuliani

What if Russia Wins? A Kremlin-Controlled Ukraine Would Transform Europe

Tweet of the Night:

U.S. Warns Of Imminent Russia Invasion Of Ukraine - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Construction begins on $12 million mountain lion crossing on Highway 17 in Santa Cruz Mountains

Saturday Morning Relaxing Jazz and Smooth Bossa Nova Music

Ottawa crackdown: police arrest 100 after 3-week protest

Brazil's deadly mudslides reflect neglect, climate change

U.S. Statement for the Vienna Document Joint PC-FSC Chapter III Meeting

Hypothetical question about when people are arrested for making threats vs Gov't officials.

US envoy warns geopolitics risk hurting climate efforts

Kirschner: 'Trump May Be Reaching The End Of His Rope' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Houston Elections Officials Urge DOJ To Protect the Vote in Texas

Far-right French candidate makes taboo term, great replacement, his mantra

Steve Vai, Joe Satriani & Orianthi - Little Wing (live, House of Blues, West Hollywood, 2011)

Cardinal in a palo verde tree

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slaps down Tucker Charlatan

Trump Took Classified Documents To Mar-A-Lago

Orianthi - Voodoo Child (live at the KaaBoo Festival, San Diego, 2016)

Positive Ukraine post by Olga Lautman

Biden 'Convinced' Putin Has Decided To Invade Ukraine - The Last Word - MSNBC

Republicans Who Opposed Racial Justice Protests Hope Truckers 'Clog Up' US Cities

Journey - Wheel In the Sky

Trump's luck may finally be running out

Chicken Kiev...the addictive garlic, butter chicken dish

Ivermectin ineffective in preventing severe COVID-19-study

Joe Cocker with Mad Dogs & Englishmen - Cry Me A River

Trump The Failed Candidate Lacks The Privilege Of Trump The President; Can Be Sued: Judge - TRMS

Joe Cocker with Mad Dogs & Englishmen - Space Captain

John Fogerty - Centerfield

Locals fret as Colombia to declare hippos invasive species

Sing, Sing, Sing -- Benny Goodman

I voted today

Republicans Invent Reasons to Blame Biden for Ukraine

Senator Rand Paul's son charged with assaulting flight attendant

Nebraska Sen. Mike Groene says he will resign from Legislature amid allegations

Mike Luckovich-More time to spend with kids

'Be On High Alert' About GOP Election Deniers Seeking Office

Guardian: 40 pct of Russian forces along Ukraine border are in attack position.

Goulash - NOT the American version of mac & hamburger meat

New York City Plans to Stop Homeless People From Sheltering in Subway

With Businesses Failing, Trump Taps His Political Supporters To Maintain His Wealth - TRMS - MSNBC

Here is the No Reservations episode where Anthony Bourdain visits Ukraine with sidekick Zamir.

Chile's top court overturns ruling freeing Mapuche leader Facundo Jones Huala

Hillary Clinton On Fire! Slams Fox News Attacks

Judge orders Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes to remain in jail until Jan. 6 sedition trial

Judge orders Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes to remain in jail until Jan. 6 sedition trial

U.S. VP Harris will meet Ukraine's Zelenskiy, urge Putin to pull back

New Texas GOP Voting Rules Tie Election System In Knots; Thousands Of Ballots Rejected - TRMS - MSNBC

Trucks towed away in downtown Ottowa. View from a Hotel Rm.

Behind China's Olympics, the saga of a chained woman unfolds

America can be imperfect and ***STILL*** better than what the Putins of this world are offering.

ANNISOKAY - Bonfire of the Millennials

Ukraine rebels order troop mobilization amid invasion fears

US mulls booting Nicaragua from trade pact over crackdown

"I Didn't Know What Time It Was" by Sarah Vaughan is sublime.

high level GA employee faked two pregnancies/births for paid time off. wore fake baby bump

Study says Dutch troops used 'extreme' violence in Indonesia

Bill named in memory of Lorna Breen, doctor who died by suicide on frontline of pandemic, passes Con

"the big sort" Americans are fleeing to places where political views match their own

CNN Executive Gollust Was Ousted After Discussing Interview Topics With Governor Cuomo

CSU chancellor resigns amid firestorm over handling of sexual harassment complaints

Pennsylvania man accused of torturing employee in Iraq

Ukraine conflict: Rebels declare general mobilisation as fighting grows

Robert George sentenced to prison time FINALLY... 9 years after he threw handcuffed woman to ground

Breakfast Saturday 19 February 2022

NYTimes Wordle 2/19

Biden's Schedule for Saturday, February 19, 2022

After a Jewish lawmaker's impassioned speech, Wyoming's conservative legislature rejects CRT ban

VP Harris at Munich Conference seen on BBC

Space station sighting, Saturday morning

It's a Drag: Many Gay Bars Are Closing, But We Can Still Save Them * The Walrus

AP: Judge rejects effort by Trump to toss Jan. 6 lawsuits

RODENTS: Family Dollar items possibly contaminated

Wordle 245 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

Was it a fair sentence?

Safe housing is a basic need for a REASON.

You know how Republicans show their hand by projecting their own illegal behavior?

(Texas Monthly) Latinas Are Pushing a Political Revolution in South Texas--to the Right

How electric stoves are poised to dethrone the mighty gas range

How electric stoves are poised to dethrone the mighty gas range

Protests grow in Puerto Rico amid demands for higher wages

Protests grow in Puerto Rico amid demands for higher wages

It's not the gate's fault, kitty.

Va. Gov. Youngkin lost on his Cabinet pick, but could gain influence on vital state boards

Donald Trump's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week in court

Hillary Clinton uses the M word

Temp in the teens, wind chill below zero, wind advisory in effect (with some really hefty gusts)...

I Fought The Law

This week's major U.S. economic reports (February 21 - February 25)

In my opinion, there are only two possible outcomes.

Putin's Dream

FDA warns of potential contamination of Family Dollar products in Alabama after rodent infestation

Absurdle is an adversarial variant of Wordle

Putin is a parasite

Youtube has a lot of videos of cats singing with guitar accompaniment.

I'm pretty sure Trump voters have seen the video of Trump talking about the 5th.

Weekend TOONs - Got Nothin' Positive, That Is

On February 19, 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order (EO) 9066.

Global Trends, Drivers in Consumption, Income-Based Emissions of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons.

3 Types of Baby Formula Recalled After Reported Bacterial Infections

Epstein 'pimp' found hanged in his cell

Empty beds and waiting lists. Missouri's veterans homes suffer from staffing shortages

Has Tucker Carlson commented on Russia intent to invade Ukraine?

How to research the history of your St. Louis home -- and learn all about its past residents

Bi-State takes control of troubled Loop Trolley, must restart operations by June

Missouri researchers to see if music boosts development for premature babies

Missouri to receive $458M in settlement with J&J and other opioid distributors

No one's perfect.

Dog person reluctantly adopts a cat. See how that turned out.

Wash U study shows higher rates of depression, anxiety in COVID-19 survivors

Wentzville school district leader wins National Superintendent of the Year award

Whoa! Why did Fox suddenly lose interest in Hillary Clinton?

Sixteen Tons

I'm curious. I've been unsuccessful in finding out what Judge Regina M. Chu's sentencing history of



Why is nothing being done about making the District of Columbia a State?

Reports of Ukrainian-Russian Separatists

Oh, the humanity!: Thousands of luxury cars -- Porsches, Lamborghinis -- set ablaze in cargo ship fire

Bipartisan plan to protect Okefenokee Swamp

Oath Keepers leader to stay jailed until Capitol riot trial

MVP Harris meets with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy

Who's Obsessed?

Dinosaurs had no coffee, bacon, or booze!

Reuters: In pictures: Police move in on Ottawa protesters

Virginia's new AG pulls state from effort to recognize ERA ratification


EPSTEIN PAL DEAD Jeffrey Epstein pal Jean-Luc Brunel who 'shared' Prince Andrew 'sex slave' Virginia

Stan Kenton was born on this date.

Smokey Robinson has a birthday today.

Lou Christie has a birthday today.

FOR SALE: How Donald Trump Sold Pardons For Personal Gain

Harris warns Russia of unprecedented sanctions if it invades

Today's Image Dump (2/19/22)

Law students organize discussion on reproductive rights after controversial Federalist Society event

Seal has a birthday today.


Hillary getting a redux on Faux Noise...

MeidasTouch on Trump taking the 5th:


Should we all start calling TFG a Quisling?


The Ghetto

A six year old boy accused me of grabbing him by the neck and choking him

After A Bitter Breakup, National Arboretum Bald Eagles Welcome New Egg

Du'res, any of you taking the "Balance of Nature" supplements?

Madison man arrested for 7th OWI, sheriff's office says

Western Europe cleans up after storm leaves at least 12 dead

Hey Ernst and your plutocratic supporting crowd any family members in the service ......


Zellenskyy (Ukraine President) is speaking now

This might be lede of the day if @DougJBalloon was writing it, but otherwise, no.

The great irony about Russia and NATO...

It's not too humourous to break your humerus

Comparison of Kim Potter's sentence versus Crystal Mason's sentence

My VP!

A Thug, Who Hates the Constitution, Agreed to Subvert It, Pontificates On How to Save It.

Is there any way to avoid being scalped?

Juice Newton - Angel Of The Morning/Queen of Hearts (live)

EU chief: Russia could be cut off from markets, tech goods

Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Heading For All-Time Record Low - Bottom Likely Next Week

FDA recalls certain Family Dollar products in 6 states over rodent infestation at plant

Sitting down here by the campfire light searching for the ghost of Tom Joad

Tucker: Is it just us or does that sound like an invitation to a booty call (about AOC... creeper):

Right-wing media abruptly stopped covering false Clinton story

Coincidence? Hmm... Current Republican effort to find scandals vs. Doonesbury last century reruns.

Despite Astroturf Groups & Cheap Words, GOP Stands Firm On Doing Nothing Substantive On Climate

Hillary Clinton's Keynote Address to NY Dems Convention

New Rule: Stop Kowtowing to China Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Something has been bothering the Hell out of me...

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas takes top spot for 2nd time in Ivy League swimming championships

So, why is Ukraine's president so quiet about Russian aggression?

January Calving From Remnants Of Larsen B Ice Shelf 3X The Size Of New York City

Yardbirds' 1966 Great Shakes Commercial

Lenticular clouds off to the west this morning.

Could Trump face charges over classified docs?

The UK Guardian has excellent coverage of the Russia/Ukraine crisis

Zelenskyy Warns Russian Invasion Into Ukraine Should Be Considered 'War In Europe' (MSNBC)

Source: Angela Baker becomes 2nd female assistant coach to join Brian Daboll's New York Giants staff

The right's ongoing anti-vaccine propaganda is "literally ritual human sacrifice on a mass scale"

David Zin' s remarkable street art -

NYT: Putin's Baseless Claims of Genocide Hint at More Than War

GOP Slate Of Sec. of State Hopefuls Seem 'Willing To Lie, Willing To Cheat, Willing To Steal'

2739 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat;105 deaths

Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

What do you think of dash-cams in cars?

Sometimes, when asked to do the hard thing, you have to look adversity in the eye and say:

Panel denies US skaters' appeal to get Olympic silver medals

Just what Democrats Need: Another Round of Self-Flagellation (sarcasm)

"We told you to leave-We gave you time to leave-We were slow-YOU were assaultive & aggressive..."

How many people at the Daytona 500 will be pulling for this car/driver?

Mittens the Kitten might not recognize my footsteps in the snow, but she sure knows my voice

Jalan has regrets

Krysten Sinema getting funding from the GOP?

Happy February - Sweet Winter Morning Jazz Cafe & Bossa Nova for a Positive Day

This just flat out sucks

Truss: Ukraine could face 'worst-case scenario' as early as next week

Tweet of the Weekend

"Dad, How Do I?" (I love this!)

If Biden can get Putin to back down, It would be a major political victory for Biden.

Matt Damon from Howard Zinn's speech: The Problem is Civil Obedience

Good Day DU (February 19, 2022)

The Supreme Court is not being honest with you

After $73M win, Sandy Hook families zero in on gun marketing

"If you're innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment"

Canada police clear Parliament street in bid to end siege

Black Cop Who Watched George Floyd Die Thought He'd Be Fired If He Intervened

Sydney Powell using a new batshit conspiracy theory about Jan 6 to raise money

Daily touch of France - Saturday edition - Once upon a time in Aix

Daily touch of France - Saturday edition - Once upon a time in Aix - Photography Group

Do you know what separates Russian troops and the city of Kiev?

Black women missing from breast tumor data. Here's why...

Black women missing from breast tumor data. Here's why...

Meidas Touch-By his own admission #TrumpIsGuilty

Oz: Who wears anything for eight hours in a row?

Meidas Touch-By his own admission #TrumpIsGuilty

I had forgotten about Berger. Remember what he did?

Trump Litigation Tracker

How could you NOT laugh?!?

Virginia's AG withdraws state from legal effort to have Equal Rights Amendment recognized

One adult ticket, please.

A bad two weeks for conservative media's crusade to find Democratic scandals

Germany's Scholz says now is 'moment of truth' for Iran deal

Founder of collapsed $1.7 billion mutual fund charged with fraud

'The Criminal Conspiracy That Is Donald Trump Is Being Exposed' Says Rep. Plaskett

In a well thought out plan, timing is everything...

Ukraine's President and Prime Minister are Jewish. Russia claim they're neo-Nazis is a lie

What is Ted Cruz hunting for?

Pearl Jam - Wishlist (studio version & live on Letterman, 1998) + Eddie Vedder with the Earthlings

Art, Music Therapy: Seem To Help With Brain Disorders. Experts Want To Know Why; Anxiety, PTSD, Alz

A sincere thank you for your replies of support and love.

Watching a Gen Z bartender try to figure out

Federal monitor claims FBI aware of alleged SPD sexual violence

Art, Music Therapy: Seem To Help With Brain Disorders. Experts Want To Know Why; Anxiety, PTSD, Alz

Ukraine's president urges sanctions against Russia before possible invasion, not after

So do DUers think the Chambers of Commerce would have remained this silent if the trucker ptoyrdters

Camille Pissarro: the Jewish grandfather of modern art

Pearl Jam - Wishlist (studio version & live on Letterman, 1998) + Eddie Vedder with the Earthlings

Fed approves rules banning its officials from trading stocks, bonds and also cryptocurrencies

This is what would happen to Earth if a nuclear war broke out between the West and Russia

Breakaway Regions in Ukraine Issue Call-Up Orders as Russia Tests Missiles


Despite years of preparation, Ukraine's electric grid still far from ready for Russian hackers

Sticker shock: 80% of car buyers now paying above suggested retail price

Patty Melt! I'll say no more!

Push to change banking laws as pot shop crime wave builds

Ukraine's president calls for meeting with Russia's Putin to avert crisis

Jeff Bezos' new Lord of the Rings show is angering fans because it has Black dwarves

My one mile walk for cold winter days:

Dad, How Do I?

A Scary Demonstration of What Unchecked Face Recognition Could Look Like

Winter Olympics: Kamila Valieva treatment by entourage 'chilling' - IOC

Vet Helps Bald Eagle Learn How To Fly Again

The Guardian: Jean-Luc Brunel, held on suspicion of supplying girls to Epstein, found hanged.

Bernie: "beyond belief" that Putin would start a war, "tragic" that he is rejecting diplomacy

Principal caught popping rainbow balloons supporting LGBTQ students

Cartoons 2/19/2022

Ukraine's Zelenskyy calls on Putin to meet as tensions soar

Australia says China warship fired laser at its patrol plane

Russian Duma member says Russia ready to defend separatist republics against UKRAINIAN invasion.

Viral Video Crushes Donald Trump With His Own Words About Pleading The Fifth

Just a Few Months in Space May Permanently Rewire Your Brain

Wyoming Bill To Open Primaries To All Voters Dies

#FailedCoupGuy's Legal Problems Just Keep Getting Worse

U.S. Intelligence Accuses Conservative Website Of Secretly Helping Putin

2,500 still without power following Storm Eunice

Principal caught popping rainbow balloons supporting LGBTQ students

International Skating Union to propose higher minimum age

Rescued condors spread its massive wings soaring the Chilean Andes

G7 foreign ministers' meeting on Ukraine ends, warning of costs to Russia

Have Nato Put 3,000 Tanks On The Polish Border With Ukraine

Australia marks 80 years since Japanese bombings

Police are out of control, this is fascism.


Epstein associate accused of supplying girls to financier, found hanged in prison

Fawks isn't news and should no longer be labeled as such -- op-ed

Making NE clam chowder for the first time today. (UPDATED)

Who Is Behind QAnon? Linguistic Detectives Find Fingerprints

CDC FAQ on vaccines -- pass it on to your anti-vax friends

Dan Patrick's voter suppression meant giving them envelops with the wrong address on them.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday 2/22/22

How misinformation becomes fact while the truth is "getting its pants on". Twitter thread.

Bengal Tigers Abandoned for 15 Years by Traveling Circus Finally Rescued in Argentina

Where Trump's border wall left deep scars and open gaps, Biden plans repair job

Steven Mnuchin's Mysterious Link to Creepy Epstein Model Scout (from Sept., 2019)

Posted by Keith Olbermann today: Steven Mnuchin's Mysterious Link to Creepy Epstein Model Scout

Agreed. LOL.

V.P. Harris And Ukrainian President Zelenskyy Meet In Munich

US House Democrat Pick Up - Jim Hagedorn Dies

Does anyone recognize the insignia on the jacket of this arrested occupier?

US lifts ban on avocados from MexicoThe U.S. resumed avocado imports from Mexico on Friday, one week

Analysis of Perfluoroalkyl Pollutants with the High Field 21 Tesla Magnet FT-ICR Instrument.

'You're A Creep Bro': AOC Puts Tucker Carlson On Blast

UK, USA, Norway, Military Training Together

Franklin Graham tells his followers to "pray for Putin"

Nat Myers - Kentucky steel guitar picker & blues singer

Spurs at City -- What a game!

The Party of 'NO!'

Trucker Protests Expected In Washington, D.C.

No rocket scientists here:


Bank Accounts of Canadian Protesters Seized

'Irreversible': No easy fix for water fouled by gas driller

Trump properties in talks to host lucrative Saudi golf events

Three galaxies are tearing each other apart in stunning new Hubble telescope image

Derek and the Dominos - Bell Bottom Blues (studio) & Clapton live, Staples Center, 2001

Actor Lindsey Pearlman found dead after going missing in LA

You know what I am going to miss when the battle starts in Ukraine is

They're just toddlers having a tantrum.

I'm getting the feeling the U.S. and Ukraine

Art and music therapy seem to help with brain disorders. Scientists want to know why

Is Putin Sane?

Ex- modeling agent and friend of Epstein found dead in French jail cell.

Republicans seek to jail more WI officials as part of review of 2020 election

Who Is Behind QAnon? Linguistic Detectives Find Fingerprints

TCM tonight:

Republicans Invent Reasons to Blame Biden for Ukraine

"I'm automatically attracted to classified documents -- I just start stealing them."

Renewed opposition to Trump stirs among establishment Republicans

Stuffed Animals :)

Mexico to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz: At least our presidential candidates accept defeat

Amy Coney Barrett is not being honest about what the Supreme Court is up to

The number of LGBTQ-identifying adults is soaring

Watch: Helicopter Crashes Into Miami Beach

Nathan "Nearest" Green, a former enslaved Black man who mentored Jack Daniel...

So the info that Deutsche Bank loans were in the stolen documents was a Strzok joke.

Tamara Lich suddenly wants to be with her kids again

Trump looking to host Saudi golf tournaments

Jack Danforth wants to find an independent candidate to run for U.S. Senate in Missouri

Stray German Shepherd Was Crying Nonstop Until She Was Rescued

Melania Trump Suffers Hostile Public Meltdown Over Charity Scandal

I read FX is bringing back the Justified

'Like a Jersey Shore episode': Sisters arrested for drunken naked brawl at Disney World

Jack Danforth wants to find an independent candidate to run for U.S. Senate in Missouri

Guilty Dogs video...

For us Wordle fans on DU, I found a new word game.

The Lion Attitude 🦁

Ominous Legal Stories for Trump: Justice is Too Long Coming but Investigative Circle IS Tightening

Mrs. Aristus is at her knitting convention for the first time in three years.

A method in TFG's madness when attacking papers?

Can someone go check on Harvard?

What's for Dinner, Sat., Febr. 2022

Republicans attempting to derail airline request for federal 'no-fly' list for disruptive passengers

'We don't know what we're doing': Inside Boris Johnson's fractured Tory party

I think the administrations "Russia on the verge of invading" is a stroke of geniius

Trump properties in talks to host lucrative Saudi golf events

2022 US Senate Election in the states the Democrats have a chance of winning.

A Father Accidentally Shut Down His Town's Whole Internet in an Effort to Limit His Kids' Screentime

Class action lawsuit suing convoy organizers, donors, truckers for $306 million -- and counting

Alexander Gabuev writes from Moscow on why Vladimir Putin and his entourage want war

Hear why right-wing media abruptly stopped covering false Clinton story

This is what your unsolicited advice sounds like

Income-tax phaseout up for debate in long-poor Mississippi

Unraveling the biology of a mysterious condition: stuttering

Richard Grenell supports freedom for diarrhea!

Legislature Approves "Fairness In Women's Sports Act" Day After Biological Male Sets Women's

-Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson: "In the Emergency Act we can confiscate the trucks and sell them."

Seen pulling up at Mar-A-Lago

The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon

Nixon---Reagan---W. Bush---and now, Trump.

The Bobby Fuller Four - I Fought the Law

How to remember the Japanese incarceration, 80 years later

MoscowMitch turns 80 tomorrow

The Count Five - Psychotic Reaction (San Jose, CA.'s rock heritage, part 1)

...because sometimes, it's easy to forget the important stuff over contemptible MAGA nonsense

Beachgoers barely react to the chopper crash in front of them. 2 injured

People - I Love You (San Jose CA.'s rock heritage, part 2)

Why Trump will never be locked up.

The Syndicate of Sound - Little Girl (San Jose, CA.'s rock heritage, part 3)

It goes back to Reagan

Fox Reporter Shuts Down Colleague Who Linked Ukraine Crisis to Durham Report

Heart Butte basketball team refused service

Five Man Electrical Band - Signs

A century ago, Mississippi's Senate voted to send all the state's Black people to Africa

I just want to know.

Wyoming, PacifiCorp Strike Deal To Keep Jim Bridger Power Plant Operating

John Lennon with Dennis Elsas live on NY radio in 1974

How Black archives are highlighting overlooked parts of history and culture

There's Still No Penalty for Shamelessness

Georgia Satellites - Keep Your Hands To Yourself

Judge Orders Trump And Children To Testify In New York AG Investigation

Sit Down I Think I Love You

So hey, the Repubs are loving their Blacks.......15 million dollars to Tim Scott's campaign.....🤬

WINDY southern MD sunset

Mehmet Oz is getting trollier by the day:

China stresses diplomatic solution to Ukraine crisis

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #2

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #2

Bay City Rollers - Saturday Night

What a ridiculous hill to die on

Ottawa police Feb. 19 update

Pepsi Dog Blames Cat!

Wet Willie - Keep On Smilin' (studio version & live at Volunteer Jam IV, 1978)

I just had to express my gratitude once again.

WaPo: *rump properties in talks to host lucrative Saudi golf events

Big Sur Living Architecture: $6,950,0001 (pic heavy)

Grateful Dead - Unbroken Chain (come in-relax for a while)