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Trump is constantly, and falsely, yelling "FIRE!" in a crowded theater

Winter weather chances late this week, for now, not worth hype and worry.

Would you want an amateur to do your root canal procedure?

Beto O'Rourke on KVUE - January 31, 2022

What happened about repealing drumpf's tax breaks for the rich?

AZ & WI: Legis. were told lawmakers cannot alter electors' selections or actions after an election

America defeats fascism:

duplicate post

What parents need to know about a possible COVID vaccine for children under age 5 - PBS NewsHour

RIP Norma Waterson

Please don't watch Fucker Carlson

Jill Wine-Banks; It's time for a special grand jury to be put in place.

Media barred from Justice Gorsuch talk to Federalist Society

Lecturer suspended over tweets criticizing Biden's promised Supreme Court selection

US, Russia agree to keep talking amid Ukraine crisis, Putin claims concerns 'ignored'

Oaf Creepers founder set to be deposed by the House January 6 Committee on Wednesday

45 Bombshell: Explosive Oval Office Meeting On Voting Machine Plot Revealed - The Beat - MSNBC

Anti-masker in subway train walks quickly by a masked person and call them a "f*cking idiot."

Union responds to MLB in latest CBA meeting

Merrick Garland is not going to indict Trump.

Former U.S. security officials urge Congress to act on China legislation

Texas secretary of state sued over secrecy of noncitizen voter purge program

I Believe I'll Go Back Home (a hot groove from 1927)

Man United's Mason Greenwood further arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and threats to kill

William Shatner - Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

Boarder Horse Optimystic this morning.

We know why Whinny Donny is not going to be charged and jailed

'Behavior Of Thugs': Trump Directly Linked To Voting Machine Scheme - The Beat - MSNBC

Authorities raid Michigan home of high-ranking Homeland Security official Vance Callender

Randy Newman -- "I Love L.A."

Russian gas: The energy crisis we did not prepare for

Found a copy 1981

For Many Americans, The Most Profound Legacy Of The Trump Era Will Be ...

Truckers and protesters against Canada Covid-19 mandates block a border crossing. Others tried to

Michigan To Build First Wireless In-Road EV Charging System in the US

Putin wants to push NATO away from Russia. Instead, he's getting more NATO troops on his border.

OM Systems will reveal the new "wow" camera on February 24.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin dismisses Republican governors' objections to National Guard vaccine

Falling Literacy Rates & Politics: 54% of Americans Rank Below 6th Grade Reading Level, Age 16-74

DONE WITH IT - Brittlestar

Putin Accuses U.S. Of Stoking War In Ukraine During Press Conference - Deadline - MSNBC

Paul McCartney - "Live and Let Die" - Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2010

House Probing Trump's Plan to Seize Voting Machines

FBI Director Wray says scale of Chinese spying in the U.S. 'blew me away'

Just curious... not a single post on the first page... the UCLA Maniac and his 800p manifesto?

Tucker Carlson LOSES IT over surprise Supreme Court opening - Brian Tyler Cohen

Jeopardy Spoiler.


Fla. Man Facing Hate Crime Charges for Allegedly Smashing Black Teens' Car Windows, Following Them i

Proposed bill could allow people to kill without proving self-defense

U.S. Has Far Higher Covid Death Rate

Senate panel votes down Wheeler nomination; fight not over

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats stand a chance of winning.

Ukraine to get bigger army but it doesn't mean war imminent- president

'Significant' amount of wire theft shuts down I-5 express lane ramps

South Carolina Senate Leader Unconvinced State's Hate Crime Proposal Will Protect Anyone

Record enrollment numbers send a clear message about health care affordability, access

NYC would get more seats in state Senate under proposed maps

Ex-White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany turned over text messages to Jan. 6 committee

Anti-vaxxers are buying stores out of wormwood, which they believe is the next miracle Covid cure

Light lowland snow possible in some areas Wednesday

The rising megalomania of Elon Musk:

The Supreme Court does not come close to representing the country

Doobie Brothers with Peter Frampton-Let It Rain

Texas Woman Travels State Registering Voters - Zerlina. - The Choice MSNBC

What hole? There's no hole...

Dr Oz just sent me a text.

The Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet With Butterfly Wings (Violet Orlandi COVER)

New Details On Trump's 'Spidey-Sense Of Criminal Liability' In Bid To Steal Power - All In - MSNBC

Two billion bid, now three, now three, will ya give me four?

Jock stands up against corporate playlists, fired on the air

I support Marilyn Mosby as she fights the charges against her and have since they were levied.

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread

The intersection of freezing temperatures, the

Trump's Personal Actions To Overturn Election - The Mehdi Hasan Show

When is the best time to go to Disney World in Florida?

Public funding is pouring into Texas' anti-abortion pregnancy centers while abortion access hangs...

Trump's Words, and Deeds, Reveal Depths of His Drive to Retain Power

Does anyone believe Meadows, Flynn, Powell, and Waldron will all take the fall for Trump?

Senators release draft bill to combat election subversion

The Good Liars: We were surprised these republicans wanted to ban the Bible.

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema has a higher approval rating among Republicans than Democrats in Arizona: poll

Jimi Hendrix - "Red House" Live at Royal Albert Hall in 1969

Read a post that said DU sucks.

Broncos announce that the team is for sale

The Doors "Gloria"

Key Senate Dem considering a scale-back of the Child Tax Credit to please Manchin

At least SOMEONE likes the snow!

How Democrats Can Stop a Red Wave

Tea Pain snaps off another - at the RNC's new debate policy

Texas governor Greg Abbott starts making pre-emptive lame ass excuses for power outages

Eve Of Destruction Barry McGuire

Trump's Incriminating Outburst: "Pence Should be Investigated for NOT Overturning the Election"

OK, Justice Department, you have plenty of evidence to indict Trump now

A Trumpworld Beauty Queen Is Paying Kids at Target to Take Their Masks Off

Puddles Pity Party - Lazarus (David Bowie Cover)

Kansas lawmaker arrested on suspicion of DUI, the fourth arrested in less than a year

In the mood for some fun? I dare you to watch this video without...

10 States Are Now Trying to Copy the Texas Abortion Ban

(didn't see this here yet) MORE HBCUs threatened today: 14! Rachel's show

GOP to Tucker Carlson: We're the decision-makers on Ukraine, not you

Omicron Covid cases are dropping nearly as fast as they had risen

Trump will rat-out those Congressmen below him to save his own ass.

Don't Disturb This Groove- This System

A Normal Supply Chain? It's 'Unlikely' in 2022.

Madison Cawthorn Sues To Stop Inquiry Into His Role On Jan. 6 - All In - MSNBC

House Probing Trump's Plan to Seize Voting Machines

Have any congressional Republicans come out against the HBCU attacks?

Whoopi's suspended for two weeks, for her remarks.....

State Archives find Sojourner Truth's historic court case

The Lincoln Project - Last Week In The Republican Party

New to this group

Beto O'Rourke Rips Abbott's Texas Freeze Failure--And Inaction To Prevent Another - All In - MSNBC

Beto O'Rourke Rips Abbott's Texas Freeze Failure--And Inaction To Prevent Another - All In - MSNBC

Please watch

An Electrifying View of the Heart of the Milky Way

Whoopi Goldberg Suspended From 'The View' for Holocaust Remarks

Here's another video. This is a reaction video of the Divine One, Sarah Vaughan...

standoff with a felony suspect or Newport Beach (video in tweet)

Led Zeppelin - Bring It On Home (live at the Royal Albert Hall, 1970)

A warning from Steve Sack

Jen Psaki CRUSHES Ted Cruz with his own words after complaint about Black woman SCOTUS pick

Old white guy here. It seems to me that black people and female people have this in common:

GOP Attacks How Race & History To Be Taught - The Mehdi Hasan Show

does maddy caw realize if the election was "wrong" he would not be a congress critter

I watched CNN, MSNBC, ABC and PBS reported on Whinny attempted Coup. Did Fox?

U.S. Surgeon General Explains Possible Pfizer Vaccine Approval For Children Under Five - The ReidOut

Love this picture

MLB lockout threatens spring training

Goodnight, everyone.

No, Ukraine Should Not Have Kept Nuclear Weapons

Bad Touch w/Mollie Marriott (Steve's daughter)- Baby Get It On (official vid & live in Glasgow 2017)

Who Cares?

Start the Steal - Sack Cartoon

Moscow Mitch says he 'would not be in favor of shortening any of the sentences' of January 6 riot

Trump is crazy...says insurrectionists are not guilty, they're patriots, military & policemen

Music for Karens

Opinion: Mike Pence, this is your moment to rebuke Donald Trump - Olsen

People get upset when I asked if Tucker Carlson is breaking any laws

The One Ukraine Option That the Public Won't Abide

Tweet of the Late Night:

Opinion: Earth to GOP: All of Biden's top Supreme Court candidates are qualified - Gerson


Baltimore City State's Attorney Denies Charges She Calls Retaliation For Indicting Law Enforcement

Whoopi Goldberg suspended from "The View" after saying the Holocaust was "not about race"

"My Favorite Things" video by John Coltrane and McCoy Tyner.

If you're a pharmaceutical CEO,

Nobody complains about the deficit when:

All Along The Watchtower

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes -- The Platters

Dem Blasts GOP After Candidate Says Come 'Armed' To Polls - The Last Word - MSNBC

Don't Be A Snot Goblin

I've posted this one before. It's just so effin' good it's worth a replay

Fox Made Him A Celebrity For Refusing A Vaccine Mandate, Then He Died Of Covid - The Last Word MSNBC

Starbucks raising prices after 31% increase in profit and raising CEO's salary to $20.4 million

Trump Claims Democrats 'Were Staging a Coup,' Blames Pelosi for Jan. 6 Capitol Attack

Powerful solar flare from recent sun eruption should reach Earth Wednesday

Honoring Black History Month & VP Kamala Harris

'Whites and Jews shall die'- Man arrested after UCLA mass shooting threat

New round of election bills gives legislature say over money, naming WEC lawyers

SenatorShaheen on BIF. "Broadband like water and electricity is a necessity."

J-Rock's finest--- THE GazettE live

'we also moved a 27 year old, 19 week pregnant mother of 2 to the morgue.' unvaxxed.............

Mary Trump also exits Spotify

Gaetz's Battered Campaign Bled Almost $100,000

2nd day of search for missing kid..cory bigsby

Particularly fond of 'this' Takacs 💓

Biden Administration Is Paying Out Thousands to Victims of Anti-Gay Discrimination

Sticker shock

Wednesday A.M. Jazz and Positive Bossa Nova Vibe for Chilling & Cafe

$3000 missing after traffic stop. Trooper of the year under suspicion

1000's of Russian Intellectuals, Activists Urge Kremlin To Avoid 'Immoral' War With Ukraine

Kaia stood up for her right to kill her classmates! You go girl!...............

Irish Fishermen Stare Down Putin's Navy And Won - The Last Word - MSNBC

Growing homeless problem frustrates Portland residents

NEW: Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch will speak at a Florida Federalist Society event featuring M

Former Pence Lawyer Hailed As 'Patriot' For Lengthy Testimony To January 6 Committee - Rachel Maddow

Federal Investigators Focused On Rash Of Threats Against Historically Black Schools - Rachel Maddow

Trump Puts Pence in the Doghouse, Giuliani Ordered to Seize Voting Machines & Tom Brady Retires

When Lunar New Year and the first day of Black History Month fall on the same day

No Wonder Trump Is Nervous: NY Attorney General Looking At Trump Bid For D.C. Hotel - Rachel Maddow

Lowes employee tries to gaslight woman who was told "go back to your country" by another customer

Right-Wing Pastor Greg Locke Organizes 'Massive' Book Burning

Art Spiegelman Says 'Maus' Ban Is 'Harbinger of Things to Come'

Trump Sought Means Of Seizing Voting Machines In Wake Of His 2020 Election Defeat - Rachel Maddow

(Jewish Group) How to spot gaslighting: 6 things that gaslighters say to manipulate you

Fury over early release of Chicago officer convicted of Black teenager's murder (Laquan McDonald)

Fury over early release of Chicago officer convicted of Black teenager's murder (Laquan McDonald)

Rachel Maddow last night- Gregory Jacob

Where's the media at?

KC KittyCat

Stephen Colbert - Monologue, Correspondent Clarissa Ward from Ukraine and Opening - 2/1/22

Ohio Turnpike snowplow damages at least 40 vehicles, injures 12

LGBT Rockers MUNA has the best crowds!

anti-vaxer, covid denying son and father. Son is dead. Father in bad shape

Looks like I just got a reminder that Aravosis is still an asshole.

I'm working on a pun about the wind 💨 but, right now

Hello. My name is Shadow. Daddy forgot to paste my picture earlier. He says "Oops . . ."

Hello. My name is Shadow.

Psst, GOP ...

The Space Station is bright and beautiful in the Kingston sky this early morning

My wife is a major hoarder and I need suggestions on how to proceed

Firing Line-William F Buckley Jr-Is There a Liberal Crack-Up? R Emmett Tyrrell, Christopher Hitchens

It's Time for a Wednesday Dance!

Breakfast Wednesday 2 February 2022

Dennis Brown has a message for DUers

Today's Wordle Wednesday 2/2/2022

The 19-year-old who turned down $5,000 from Elon Musk to stop tracking his private jet has gotten a

Georgetown Law lecturer suspended over " we'll get lesser black woman" on SCOTUS tweet

"kosk" covers nose only so wearer can eat

Groundhog Day TOONs - I Got You, Babe

Biden's schedule for Wednesday, February 2, 2022

My FB account was hacked. I changed my password and logged out.

Euro zone inflation unexpectedly hits new record high

My FB account was hacked. I changed and saved a new password.

The new name of the Washington football team?

A peaceful moment for you today

Winter storm brings freezing rain, snow to wide swath of US

History Of House Music - Best Of 2005, Episode IV/IV: The Swedish Thing

We're Not Going To Win If We Keep Saying We're Losing

how creepy is this: man sneaks into neonatal unit and bottle feeds baby

Red State Conundrum 2.0

An Ex-President demands his own Vice-President be criminally investigated?!....pause...

Looks like that former wrestler called The Rock likes Rogan.

As they blindly marched forward, self mutilating along the way.

Clyburn Pushes Management-Side Labor Attorney for Supreme Court

Next year, on 2/2

Cascading chaos: Nonstate actors and AI on the battlefield (Brookings)

Dem Blasts GOP After Candidate Says Come 'Armed' To Polls

Is not it clear to all by now that the only way to stop Trump and those who support him is to

Snow started late so I have no need to worry about the ferals navigating to the food

I know it's hard to be objective about tfg, but try, OK?

Top Republican donor on possible Trump opponents within GOP (CNN)

What A Surprise! 2 Months After COP, UK Govt Approves Yet Another Offshore Oil Development


Brian Augustyn, Comic Book Writer and Editor, Dies at 67

The Weekly Pull: Sabretooth, Monkey Prince, New Masters, and More

Companies unexpectedly cut 301,000 jobs in January as omicron slams jobs market, ADP says

Comics Should Be Cheap (2/2/22)

Soliciting Multiversity: Image's Top 10 for April 2022

This Month in Comics: January 2022

The Webcomics Weekly #171: Eternal Silence (2/1/2022 Edition)

The Rundown: February 2, 2022

First Flowerings In UK Now Average Nearly One Month Earlier Than Pre-1986 Average

What actually did Trump plan to do with these voting machines?

Extreme Ocean Heat Passed Point Of No Return In 2014; Impact On Sea Life Like Forest Fires

Ten years ago, today.....

Washington football team are now the Washington Commanders!! Nt

The restaurant business will probably never recover from Covid

There's a pill for everything

Ohio AFL-CIO supports Shontel Brown. Look at this billboard and message from them!

Amazon Workers Confident They'll WIN Union Election Rerun in Alabama February 4

Just a reminder, GOP

The Belichick text has exposed what most of us already know about the NFL.

Study: US Flood Losses Will rise 26% By 2050 Even If It Hits COP 26 Climate Targets

Washington Football Team announces 'Commanders' as its new name

"You asshole!" Canadian granny stops shoplifter.


Science Is Not Settled By Public Debate

Pic Of The Moment: Happy Groundhog Day

Missing Justin Townes Earle this morning

COVID diary: ICU nurse details her experience with burnout

I saw this when it originally aired and now it haunts me. It needs to become the next Rick Roll.

Anarchists are Building DIY Heaters to Keep Unhoused People Warm

Climate-driven extreme heat is 'new normal' for oceans: study

The snowfall, thus far. It started coming down late but made up for time, that's for sure

I'm waiting for Studebaker to sue for trademark infringement.

Raith Rovers sign David Goodwillie who was found to have raped a woman by Civil Court

NEWS CONFERENCE: CT's groundhog makes Groundhog Day prediction

January 6 committee member says Trump 'absolutely' tampering with witnesses

02-02-2022 or 2022/02/02/. Whole lotta twos today. NT

Bad Touch cover of the Edwin Starr classic "Twenty-Five Miles"

Just my opinion, this may be the reason why Garland has not indicted Meadows, yet

Biden dispatching additional U.S. troops to Eastern Europe

Two Pitties Rescued Together Have The Sweetest Reunion

How about this conspiracy theory?

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 2, 2022

Serious question- isn't destroying public records a crime?

I love the throwback stoner rock vibe of All Them Witches

On February 2, 1959, the 1959 Winter Dance Party played the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa.

Wouldn't it be ironic if a foreign country gets more protection than US citizens do?

January 6th committee-Rep Aguilar says former President Trump is "absolutely" tampering w-witnesses

Trump has the same personality traits as the BTK killer. Investigators, prosecutors could do this.

The Lincoln Project-Democracy is on the ballot

The Lincoln Project-Democracy is on the ballot

Animal Moms Reunited With Their Babies

Lt. Colonel Vindman sues Junior, Rudy and Dan Scavino!

Kennedy: "I want a nominee who knows a law book from a J. Crew catalog..."

Eric Boehlert: New York Times ❤️ Ron DeSantis

Vindman lawsuit accuses Trump Jr., Giuliani of witness intimidation, retaliation

Sea Level- King Grand (you will love it)

Companies, executives donated nearly $300,000 to Manchin after he publicly blocked Pres. Biden's BBB

Tonga, struck by twin disasters, goes into lockdown over five virus cases.

The Lincoln Project - Winter Is Coming

Donald Trump's having an awful week -- and it's only Wednesday

Tesla drivers report a surge in 'phantom braking'

Gov. Ron DeSantis lashes out when asked about anti-Semitic incidents (CNN)

The Lincoln Project - Winter Is Coming (Abbott fiddles as Texas freezes)

Trump is the absolute worst of the worst.

The Other Epidemic and we're spreading it worldwide.

8329 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed; 24 deaths

AOC asks whether public-housing residents should seek warmth on Sen. Joe Manchin's 'yacht'

Very Pretty Morning Sky Before the Sunrise

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Sonny Stitt was born on this date.

The local auctioneer died

Graham has a birthday today.

This little one is running a protection racket:

NYT:U.S. Has Far Higher Covid Death Rate Than Other Wealthy Countries

Trump: Lindsey Graham, My Biggest Cheerleader, Is a RINO

Why Won't Biden End The Pandemic??!

Republicans to field more than 100 far-right candidates this year

Black History Month 2022 Jeopardy Game - Week 1

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will likely win.

Republicans' silent collusion

I got one.

Jeff Zucker Exits CNN After Relationship With Senior Executive

Memories - Elvis Presley

Jeff Zucker just announced his resignation to a stunned CNN.

My wife "they named the Washington team the Commanders?" She's a fan of

The question Putin didn't ask when he decided to amass troops on the Ukraine border:

The plan was simple: Infiltrate MAGA world and tell everyone what she saw.

'Building back worse': Wisconsin's fight over the production of USPS vehicles

Graham Nash- Military Madness (Happy 80th Sir)

Ahead of the storm I ordered groceries for delivery

Dana Milbank WaPo piece - verbatim excerpts from Virginia history textbook.

Republicans are Just Trolling Now

NASA plans to retire the International Space Station by 2031 by crashing it into the Pacific Ocean

On this day in music - 2/2/1979 - Sid Vicious dies

I Feel Good

Reckoning With Lynching in Liberal America

Democrats, GOP set to huddle on deal to fund government, avert shutdown

First wireless EV-charging road in U.S. to be built near Michigan Central Station

Born on this day - 2/2/1942 - Graham Nash

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: Feb. 2

Good Day DU (February 2, 2022)

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: Feb. 1

Weirdest scam call you ever received?

The Adventures of Dillon Helbig's Crismas

U.S. jets deployed to Estonia to bolster NATO defense


AOC - supporting someone like Ruben Gallego over Kyrsten Sinema in a primary would be the easiest

Memorable dinner experiences.

Republicans To Field More Than 100 Far-Right Candidates This Year

And tell me please: why is DeJoy still at the helm of USPS?

Let America Be America Again

Making Pre-rolls At The Weed Factory

L.A. Metro Board approves route for initial segment for West Santa Ana Branch Project......

Got a birthday greeting this morning from Jimmy Choo

Proposal to endorse removing Cheney and Kinzinger from House GOP Conference gets more than 50 RNC co

"Stacey Abrams raised more than $9.2 million since entering the race for governor in December...."

"All I want is equal justice!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

"Strike up the music The band has begun The Pennsylvania Polka!"

Changes to FB

Stiglitz: Argentina and the IMF turn away from austerity

"I have something important to tell you but you CANNOT share this with anyone."

Furries Are Leading the War Against a Book-Banning Mississippi Mayor

Biden deserves a lot more credit on covid-19 than he's getting

"Mark Knopfler has an extraordinary ability...

Brawl Breaks Out Over Golden Corral's Signature Sirloin

On Rope

"That's a goddam lie!" ---- something we need to say more often.

CNN's Jeff Zucker, the Man Who Made Trump

Sage against the machine. Savvy Simon makes learning Mi'kmaq look easy

Leaked document reveals Patriot Front's barhopping, neo-Nazi-filled, fact-finding trip in Europe

Where Republicans Lose the 2022 Mid-Term Elections

Damnit Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow!

The NFL's image is sure taking a beating from the bombshell Brian Flores suit.

Antique Brass Drawer Pull Choker Necklace Set with Vintage Czech Glass Cabochon

Emptywheel: While TV lawyers wailed, DOJ obtained communications from Rudy, Powell, Meadows

Lol... Natasha Bertrand's tweet about today's Wordle word (potential spoiler):

President Biden: I suppose there's room for two Commanders in this town.

Why Trump will never be convicted of a crime.

LOL - Jr gets schooled by Maddow

Impatience with the seemingly slow pace of DOJ indictments

Dammit, how are we supposed to interpret this? ---- prognosticating groundhog dies

Sheriff: Charges coming for Neo-Nazi's accused of attacking Jewish UCF student

What's your opinion of Packers QB Jordan Love?

New poll shows ex-president, DeSantis in close race for Florida GOP primary in 2024

'Building back worse': Wisconsin's fight over the production of USPS vehicles

Donald Trump's involvement with Sarasota election fraud group deeper than thought

Magpie Asks For Belly Rubs From Her Favorite Kid

NEWS CONFERENCE: CT's groundhog makes Groundhog Day prediction

Lt. Col. Vindman Files Lawsuit Against Giuliani And Other Trump Allies

Melinda French Gates Will Pivot $11.4 Billion Fortune Away from Foundation

Texas woman recounts her mail ballot hassle: 3 forms, 28 days, lots of guesswork

Texas woman recounts her mail ballot hassle: 3 forms, 28 days, lots of guesswork

Youngkin Laughably Claims "Working Papers" FOIA Exemption on His Bizarre "Snitch Line"

The Texas butterfly center in the middle of a right-wing conspiracy theory is closing indefinitely

Do you support sanctions if Russia invades Ukraine?

This Breakthrough Cancer Treatment Has Prevented Leukemia Relapse for Over a Decade

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes to appear virtually before January 6 committee

Corrupt GOP hotshot is brazen even in Court. Larry Householder is as he always is

TFG charges $250,000 for Mar-a-Lago forum - to boost his own Super Pac

Behind the 'power law': How a forgotten venture capitalist kick-started Silicon Valley

Punny Jokes

How to quit Spotify without losing your music

Opinion: Ron DeSantis is following Trump's white supremacy playbook

Russia crisis exposes deep divide Trump created in GOP foreign policy

Opinion: Ron DeSantis is following Trump's white supremacy playbook

Opinion: Ron DeSantis is following Trump's white supremacy playbook

How QAnon's latest baseless claim terrorized and shut down Texas' National Butterfly Sanctuary

Trump Never Ever Getting Back Together With RINO Loser Lindsey Graham

Parrot enjoying his iPhone videos:

On January 7th, I went to Mayo Clinic

Activity under Three Sisters volcanic region monitored by experts

Bear is very determined to make contact:

Here's what new director had to say about future of Tacoma's venues, including the Dome

Doe can't resist approaching harp music:

Pierce County Superior Court's first Latino judge has died

Josh Hawley, tootin' Putin

Trump Lashes Out At Prosecutors Like a Man Who Knows He's About to be Accountable

NASA's Artemis 1 final prelaunch test delayed until March

Fox News could be in big trouble: Dominion's huge defamation lawsuit makes a strong case

Downtown Seattle Association hires private security guards amid police staffing issues

Wandering hen taken into custody at Pentagon security area

Senate Bill 666 makes Missouri a safe haven for the lynching of black men.

Anyone think there will EVER be another TFG?

This is embarrassing.

Transgender movement will result in you meshing with machines. Wait...wut?!!??

White chinchilla enjoys being groomed:

Ursular - Nocturne

Virus enters Tonga along with disaster aid, lockdown planned

Iron Butterfly -- "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" (long version)

RIP: The $14,595 Chevy Spark, America's Cheapest Car

It's seal pup season: Here's what to do if you spot one

King Co., Kirkland, in discussions to use La Quinta Inn for housing homeless

Did the NYT photo editors select a photo of a much younger trump for this article?

Celebrating Robert Johnson

20 more Thurston residents die of COVID-19 as virus activity remains high

Anti-vax cop quit to avoid mandate, told governor to kiss his a$$, & dies from COVID weeks later

Jeffrey Clark is meeing with Jan. 6th Committe. Getting warmer?

Conservative MPs vote to remove Erin O'Toole as leader

This kitteh wants IN for a cuddle:

Two events that Pence did save the country

Wa Na Wari Offers Free African Diasporic Food for Black History Month

The Plan Was Simple: Infiltrate MAGA World and Tell Everyone What She Saw.

I like this picture

Ezra Klein: Americans have more money in the bank than before the pandemic. Some truth-telling.

Everyone Is Making The Same Extremely Accurate Joke About The Washington Commanders

Elvis Presley - "Jailhouse Rock"

Gorgeous horse trotting through the snow & ice:

14 states take Alabama's side in redistricting case at Supreme Court

Republican U.S. lawmakers funnel money to colleagues who crossed Trump

Rotterdam bridge taken apart to let through Jeff Bezos pleasure yacht

Graham Nash is 80 today, please go give him some love on Twitter and wish him a

Rotterdam bridge to be dismantled so Jeff Bezos' yacht can pass through

Liberal Redneck - Recent Holocaust Rhetoric in America

Tell me you work for Putin without telling me you work for Putin.

Students protest book bans by distributing 'Maus,' 'Beloved'

Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley together on TV

The mail

Raise my confidence level: In what election has an underdog challenger with a lower campaign chest

Whew! Just did the first clearing of the drive and walk ways.

Happy Birthday to the Dirtiest Book of All

Former Trump DOJ official Jeffrey Clark meets with January 6 committee

I just love it .. when President Joe Biden says "folks"

Army To Begin Involuntary Separations for 3,300 Soldiers Who Refused COVID Vaccine

Psaki Says Hawley Is 'Parroting Russian Talking Points'

(Jewish Group) World's first collection of Jewish NFTs launched by JCC Russia

Tony Bennett - I Left My Heart in San Francisco

What Do I Do With A Frozen Iguana? Handling Florida's Reptile Rain

What in the hell is wrong with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis?

(Jewish Group) Whoopi Goldberg isn't the only one who doesn't understand antisemitism

I am really glad that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is going to induct said artists

I posted this nearly 14 years ago. In light of our President's just-announced "cancer moonshot",

The Elmer Rhodes deposition today.

Pfizer versus Moderna side effects

Cartoons 2/2/2022

Oh My! Jeff Zucker Resigns From CNN Over Relationship With Colleague

(Jewish Group) ABC suspends 'The View' co-host Whoopi Goldberg over Holocaust comments that ignite..

Snohomish County turns a corner on omicron, but it's not over

Whoopi Goldberg suspended for 2 weeks over Holocaust remarks

Latest iPhone update (15.3, 2/1/22)

It's time: Rep. Mike Sells says he won't seek re-election

(Jewish Group) Judge orders Ann Arbor congregants to pay legal fees for the 18-year protesters...

Workers at an Everett Starbucks seek a unionization vote

Jewish Group) After delays, Lipstadt, Biden's antisemitism monitor nominee, to get confirmation....

(Jewish Group) Florida Gov. DeSantis won't condemn Nazi rally in Orlando

Winter storm: More than 100 million under weather alerts as people from Texas to Maine brace for a t

The Beatles' first appearance on U.S. TV was not "The Ed Sullivan Show"

Hunger crisis looms in Nigeria's 'food basket' amid conflict

Republicans pretend organ transplant rules are a new penalty for the unvaccinated

TFG throws Lindsey Graham under the bus

UK scrambles jets to intercept 4 Russian military planes

Lunch & an update on my brother Eds' cancer surgery today.

A new Supreme Court case could make it nearly impossible to stop racial gerrymanders

At the Beijing Olympics, a Kashmiri skier will carry India's flag -- all by himself

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: Feb. 2 MSNBC

"Trump considered blanket pardons for Jan. 6 rioters before he left office":

Graham Nash- Immigration Man (some things never change)

S5:E3 (Special Guest - Red State Revolt Host and Activist, Mark Faulk)

U.S. threatens Russia with a chip blockade

Celebrating Black History Month, a toast to Nina!

Afghanistan's Taliban told they can't take their guns to the funfair

Keith has been saying a lot about Jeff Zucker today

A Beto tweet

Graph: cumulative deaths per capita during the Omicron wave:

Hue Jackson suggests he was paid extra for losses as Browns head coach

Living Rent-Free Next to Millionaires

Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry

Army to immediately start discharging vaccine refusers

Missouri man who fought to ban LGBTQ books from schools now faces child molestation charge

Leonard Peltier is America's longest-held Indigenous prisoner. He should be freed

NPEU Members at CAP vote to put all actions on the table to raise wages

Ted Cruz update

Ok, I've done the best I can to make it easy for the ferals to get to their food

Why are US rightwingers so opposed to a Black woman supreme court nominee?

Adam Kinzinger calls Josh Hawley 'one of the worst human beings' and a 'con artist'

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win.

FBI identifies 6 juveniles as persons of interest in bomb threats at Black colleges

When it comes to Supreme Court picks, just remember that we are living in a period of white backlash

Fox Made Him A Celebrity For Refusing A Vaccine Mandate, Then He Died Of Covid

Endemicity Is Meaningless

External energy source may explain 'Havana syndrome,' panel finds, renewing questions

Waxwings beside Cedar, +

I am enjoying a snow day-rare for our district. Dreamed that ole Teddy was in Sandals next to our

California bill would require students' parents to detail gun ownership

Couple Kicked off Delta flight in Fort Lauderdale

Naked Street Puppy Is So Big And Fluffy Now

US involvement in Trucker Convoy:

External energy source may explain 'Havana syndrome,' panel finds, renewing questions about possible

Sea Angel

do this

Middle Schoolers Save Dogs From Fire at Neighbor's House

Sheriff's Association President Blasts Texas Over Growing Mental Hospital Waitlist

The Pa. Supreme Court just took over a redistricting case and will decide the state's new congressio

Parents of University of Missouri student sue fraternity over hazing

How many versions of the Party's Over do we need?

A Florida man took his grandson magnet fishing. Police are now investigating what they reeled in

Centralia Man Sentenced For Maintaining Drug House

Texas governor says 'no one can guarantee' there won't be power outages in winter storm

QAnon John Shared an Anti-Semitic 'Synagogue of Satan' Post on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Russia demands 'clear answer' from Irish Govt over security

CNN Chief Jeff Zucker Has Resigned After Not Disclosing A Workplace Relationship

When Lunar New Year and the first day of Black History Month fall on the same day

Will California become the first state to pay Black people reparations?

Opal Lee is known as the 'grandmother of Juneteenth.' Could 'Nobel laureate' be next?

Conservatives hitch their wagons to the convoy protest without knowing where it's going

Trump's Mega-Fans in Moscow Declare They're 'Ready to Elect Him Again'

Tchaikovsky, composer of the world's most uplifting ballets, had crippling self-esteem issues.

Spotify stock plunges as forecast for streaming subscribers comes in low amid controversy

Bedrich Smetana Ma Vlast: The Moldau

Some of dis and Some of dat

Opinion: Democrats are gerrymandering ruthlessly. Good for them.

Opinion: Democrats are gerrymandering ruthlessly. Good for them.

Opinion: Democrats are gerrymandering ruthlessly. Good for them.

Uncle Ruckus the Maltese Monster Saying Hello!

Seniors, kids, & people with disabilities in my community have been sleeping with bubble jackets on

Doctors: Cancer patients cured a decade after gene therapy

Well, the trip to Disney World is out.

Mike Luckovich - A bipartisan show of Tears

Mary Trump joins Spotify exodus after Joe Rogan controversy

What's for Dinner, Wed., Feb. 2, 2022

Who else is tired of progress getting blocked over, and over, and over, and over...?

Jan. 6 select committee subpoenas phone records of Arizona GOP chair

Today's food for thought....

"Maybe Republicans are banning books because reading and learning turns people into Democrats."

CBC*: [Ottawa's police chief says the response to the protest has been a success.

The Plan Was Simple: Infiltrate MAGA World and Tell Everyone What She Saw. Then She Was Found Out.

COVID Derangement Is Working Out Just Fine for the GOP

Trump Doubles Down On Giving Pardons To Jan. 6 Rioters

PM Update: Rain likely late tonight, with more expected on a warmer Thursday.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 3 February 2022

Special New Holland farm tractor -- "Driver's Ed" model.

Why David Weil Is the Most Important Biden Nominee You've Never Heard Of

CBC*: These Edmonton students are educating their peers about Black issues

Are the furries taking over our schools?! (The answer is no)

For my 13,000th post I'd like us all to remember The Carpenter's Creed...

Lujan Expected Back In Senate In 4 to 6 Weeks

Outlaws - Green Grass And High Tides - 11/10/1978 - Capitol Theatre

Looking for an alternative to Spotify?

Select Committee Seeks Records of Arizona GOP Chair

INFLATED: Ivanka Trump under fire for suspected lending fraud

For a moment there it was 2:22, 2/2/22.

Video appears to show plow truck in New Jersey intentionally target Orthodox Jewish men with snow, i

Santana - Black Magic Woman - 8/18/1970 - Tanglewood (Official)

Alexander Vindman sues TFG Jr, Ghouliani

One of the ripped up documents found at the National Archives

Sunset, southern MD

I lost my phone at the store...

Cuccinelli said no! And Giuliani?

GOP senator worried Biden's SCOTUS pick won't know a 'law book from a J.Crew catalog'

NEO-NAZIS aka National Socialist Movement out in public in Orlando.. DISGUSTING

This cartoon:

EPA presses USPS to halt purchase of up to 165K gas-powered vehicles

It never went away, alla yinz just quit paying it any attention. Real Country

Army to Begin Discharging Unvaccinated Soldiers

Boop! I'm gonna boop ya!

Your best friend may be just two cars away:

Brent Terhune: ban the books NOW (parody)

Tweet of the Day

Keith "KILL THEM ALL" Wrede Police Brutality Lawsuit Costs Colorado Springs $175K

I never saw this before but it's funny - re Charlie Kirk

Southeast Mo. prosecutor: Senate Bill 666 is a 'make murder legal act' DefaultMono SansMono Serif

Roy Moore trial: Both sides claim victory after jury says neither party defamed the other

short cellphone clips vid I made at Pipeline surf break on Oahu last week

Docu-Style Comedy 'Guru Nation' From Bob Odenkirk & David Cross In The Works At Paramount+

Are Republicans traitors?

Maybe this guy SHOULD be in charge of everything

Awesome way a mom & her 5yo daughter celebrate iconic Black women

Harris County DA Kim Ogg wants to hire 82 more prosecutors. Democrats haven't been receptive

Study: At 1.5C, All But 0.2% Of Planet's Coral Reefs Will Bleach At Least Once Per Decade

trump meddles in Georgia race to get candidate to back his 2020 falsehoods

GoFundMe puts anti-vaccine mandate protest fundraiser on pause

As Public Rage Grew, UK Environment's Top Priority Was Blocking Internal Dissent On Sewage Crisis

Putin Says He Deserves Ukraine as Consolation for Losing White House

Just a though. Maybe the growth of cryptocurrencies are why

Four charged in drug death of The Wire actor Michael K Williams

Trump Grasped At Every Straw To Try To Overturn The Election

Wordle will be free forever because you can right-click to save the whole game

Any opinions on Alex Lasry?

3 Washington counties rank among worst COVID-19 infection rates in U.S.

The inability of Americans to recognize insanity and criminality when they see it.

Karen McDougal to Melania Trump: I'm sorry