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How to play Wordle offline, free and forever.

Texting through an Insurrection

After a Jewish lawmaker's impassioned speech, Wyoming's conservative legislature rejects crt ban

OK Ready, Say "Chirp-Peep!" OK Ready, Say "Squeak!"

Putin is trying to do to the Donbas region

Single women are (STILL) losing in today's economy

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick pledges to end tenure for new hires at Texas public universities

"Canadian Bacon" come to life....only stupider.

Last Afghan refugees leave NJ base after chaotic evacuation

Even people in separatist Ukraine question 'evacuation' crisis brewed by Russian-backed leaders

George Washington

Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine more likely to be prescribed in Republican counties, study finds

If restrictions & mandates are being lifted, thank the silent majority that got vaccinated (Canada)

Arizona archaeologist says she's found artifacts linked to famed 1540 expedition

Thousands of elective surgeries set to continue in Washington as moratorium is lifted

And the GOP has moved to a new scapegoat:

Construction on new Bainbridge Island ferry terminal walkway begins this summer

Glenn Frey - Smuggler's Blues

Gabrielle Giffords leaves hospital following appendicitis treatment

Detailed 2022 congressional district maps for Illinois?

Latest grift: Trump Organization holding discussions to host events for new Saudi golf league

I need to vent

Photo: High-flying Siberian Jay, by Lasse Kurkela

9% of Texas Repugs running for something believe the 2020 election was legit.

Trump Facing 'Five-Year Felony' Over Classified-Docs Scandal: Kirschner

George Michael - Freedom! '90

Biden calls meeting of Natinal Security Council

Steak Medallions with Potatoes!!!!!

Maryland Lawmakers Consider Tax Relief on Diapers, Diabetes Care Products

The Daily Show: What The Hell Happened This Week? - Week of 2/14/2022

Easy to Be Hard

For 20 plus years my Houston family would go take the Austin folks to Chez Nous to

I'm in a mess that wasn't really my fault!!

Trucker caravan planned for DC.

Fox News Contributor Admits to Creating Fake Story About Canadian Woman Being 'Trampled' to Death

Finland likens Russia's treatment of Ukraine to Soviet threats

Tweet of the Night:

Ron John the clown reinforces his position on blocking Biden's nomination of William Pocan

Someday I'll remember

Anyone else notice

Russia-Ukraine crisis: Belarus warns it could host nuclear weapons

Georgians rally behind Ukraine against Russia

Gabriel Bach, prosecutor of Nazi criminal Eichmann, dies aged 94

Cruz Deletes Tweet With Claim Mounted Canadian Police Trampling Killed Protester

GOP Texas state House candidate among 19 indicted Austin officers

What we can do to curb rising sea levels in the U.S. - CBS News

Trump attorney urged to flee before she becomes 'radioactive' to future clients

Trumps Legal Setbacks

US Senate seats in states up in 2022 that Democrats are definitely to win.

Exquisitely Cut Paper Sculptures by Rogan Brown

Munehiro "Rock Me "

Early this week we received our 4 free test kits. This morning I walked in the market and got 3....

Canadian police use pepper spray, stun grenades in push to clear capital protest

Huzzah! to the clean athletes. Fuck the ROC and Fuck the IOC

Judge says tfg could be culpable for January 6, lawsuits against the former President can proceed

A Pulsating Light Room of Multi-Layered Glass by Claudia Bueno

Trump Has Forgotten That Mitch McConnell Saved Him From Impeachment Twice - Ring of Fire

Loving Horizon: Forbidden West

TCM Schedule Posting

"Boomers seem very resistant to understanding that the living standards"....

Trump The Failed Candidate Lacks The Privilege Of Trump The President; Can Be Sued

California's Green-Energy Subsidies Spur a Gold Rush in Cow Manure

Too Scared To Teach: New Restrictions In Classrooms Force Teachers To Self-Censor - MSNBC

This pupper needs a humidifier:

2nd Tweet of the Night:

As a resident of CO, I will like to see a female US Senator from CO. CO has not had a female US Sen.

Winky eyes

GOP Lawmaker Wants Asylum for Truck Protesters

Okay, I admit it

Casablanca on PBS tonight was kind of fitting for these times

Republicans Are Figuring Out They Can Defy Trump And Survive

What Should We Do with Joe Manchin & Kyrsten Sinema? (FUNNY!) - Political Voices Network

Fox News, But Not THAT FOX NEWS!!!! :)

Saturday Night Snark Snark from Tea Pain...

Tweet of the Day

Stuart Stevens tweet:

Western powers await Vladimir Putin's next move - ABC News

Malcolm Nance responds to J.D. Vance's idiotic comment about Ukraine:

Street art...

Trump's predicament reminds me of a line from the film "Where's My Roy Cohn?"

A guy I talk to on Skype...

Moon rising in east, over creek which is barely visible below. Waning Gibbous, 92% visible

How well camouflaged is this snow leopard?

Who's telling the truth on the Ukraine conflict? - Inside Story - Al Jazeera English

gas prices

Republican positions are abhorrent and radical. Democrats must go on the attack

Elvis Presley & the Jordanaires - When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again (on "The Ed Sullivan Show")

Maybe the jazz hands were too much...

Ted Lieu calls out the hypocrisy of Wisconsin Republicans

Waning Gibbous, 92% visible

Gee, crazy RWs really want to see their kids succeed...

First Oath Keepers trial (in the non-seditious conspiracy case) cont'd from April til after NOVEMBER

So what do you think a gallon of gas ought to cost at the pump?

Favorite period in AH -- the Revolutionary War

Ted Cruz is a POS (bad enough to piss off John Pavlovitz)

Police on scene multiple shooting in Portland OR 55th NE Hassalo.

Here's where mask mandates are in effect in DC, MD and VA

Freedom Caucus members now embracing immigration reform

"I feel like one of these buttons doesn't get used much."

'I think I found a real live gun:' Police investigate after 8yo finds gun at indoor play center

Welp....that's one way to eat out your bowl...

When your human wants to make another silly video.

*Tom Lehrer - Live in Copenhagen 1967 TONIGHT, NOW, WHUT,

Solar energy reality vs fossil fueled disinformation

Essential oils?

The Allman Brothers Band - You Don't Love Me - Live, Fillmore East

Tweet of the Late Night (possible Q unmasking):

American RWNJs have imported their hatred of the media to Canada

We Finally Know What Putin Planned for a False Flag Op Against Ukraine

Good graphic on support for Karen Convoy in Canada:

Last Night I had The Strangest Dream

Oops....Dr. Oz forgot to delete this tweet advocating for masks

Kenny takes the Fox Side of course after initially asking for the federal governments help

San Francisco Chinatown parade

San Francisco Chinatown parade

QAnon believers rejoiced over the San Francisco recall. Now, they're confused.

Thousands crowd San Francisco's Chinatown for Year of the Tiger Parade

Olympics SPOILER - Men's Hockey Finals - Finland Vs Ruskies

"Insurgency" Author: The GOP Lost Their Party and Got Everything They Wanted - Amanpour and Company

Bolsonaro Calls Orban His Brother, Uses Fascist Motto and Suggests Influence over Putin

Reuters: Trump Social Media Platform to launch Monday on the App Store

Like she just don't care

Decatur teen accused of breaking into neighbor's home, trying to kill him for being gay

Republicans Are "Petrified" That Trump Is Ruining Their Midterm Chances - Ring of Fire

One Sundae 🍨 Baroque Piece for the Bassoon Lover in You (Plus Others)

FDA Considers Approving 2nd Covid-19 Booster Shot - Report

Happy February Winter Jazz and Bossa Nova for a Positive Good Mood.

How giant otters respond to human activities

Brazil's anti-slavery wins bring new test: how to compensate victims

FDA Considers Approving 2nd Covid-19 Booster Shot - Report

What was the first song you heard that made you fall in permanent love with Radiohead?

Colombian Presidential Front-Runner Petro Sees Approval Rating Gain

Violinist Tianwa Yang Plays Sarasate

Americans Are Fleeing To Places Where Political Views Match Their Own- 'Sorting'

FDA considering second COVID-19 booster in coming months

douchebag dad throws fit about having to wear mask on ski lift while his kids watch

(Jewish Group) A writer seeks clues of his great-grandmother's murder in 1913

(Jewish Group) Eyewitness account of the Felshtin massacre in 1919

This is so funny. Black Cat Blues

Saw a FaceBook post of someone lying in the hospital with tubes in her throat (not COVID).

The world's oldest pants stitched together cultures from across Asia

Lin Wood Prediction ?

An Ornate, 5,000-Year-Old Stone Drum Is the U.K.'s Most Significant Prehistoric Art Find in a Centur

Stray cat. Sad ending.

Warming Temperatures Are Turning Antarctica Green

The Western U.S. Is Experiencing the Worst Drought in More Than 1,200 Years

2,000-Year-Old Buddhist Temple Unearthed in Pakistan

news anchor told "Your makeup makes you look like a whore. Do yourself a favor and clean up"

But sure. Blame Biden.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Top Bunk Edition

San Jose Auto Mechanic Helping Homeless People Repair The Cars They Rely On

The economic toll if Biden is right and Putin invades Ukraine

'Lizard Lick Towing' star says son killed in N.C. shooting

Furious tfg Says Taking Home Classified Documents Was Part Of 'Routine' Process

Wordle 246 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

Smiling Florida MAGAt Who Carried Nancy Pelosi's Podium Wants No Future Jail Time

Pretty Ballerina - Left Banke

For TEN MINUTES this morning Boris Johnson refused to say whether he should quit if he broke the law

CBC*: PHOTOS Intense emotions on display in Ottawa as police confront protesters

Breakfast Sunday 20 February 2022

Cute pupper excited to "help" make dinner:

Cat eats with his "hands":

🟩 NY Times Wordle 246 - 2/20

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, February 20, 2022

Enjoy the Show!

'Woman in Michigan' Governs the No. 1 Economy

There was a time I could set the table in the morning, when I'm hosting the family Sunday dinner

Good Morning!

Queen tests positive for Covid

Non Sequitur - Loving Pooh Bear even more

Who's watching the Closing Ceremony of the Winter Olympics? n/t

"The Tomorrow Man" with John Lithgow & Blythe Danner

Nevada Dems sound alarm over 'single most vicious suppression attempt' yet by GOP

Queen Elizabeth has tested positive. So far just

Former top Trump Russia adviser details the sharp contrast between the former President and Biden

WORDLE2 #65 Midnight to Noon 2/20/22

Photos: A Rare Yellow King Penguin

Is there any news on the Unemployment overpayment?

Raptors In Flight: Striking Portraits by Mark Harvey

Were any Canadian protestors trampled by horses in Ottawa?

Ansel Adams was born on this date.

Greenhouse Gasses in Air Conditioning Equipment

Fish asks diver to pet him.

Shelling in east Ukraine, Russia nuclear drill raise tension

Diver and fish become friends:

4K Origami Time-Lapse: Knight, Sword, Shield, from Single Sheet of Rice Paper

Kitten and Pittie:

J. Geils was born on this date.

"Hello Sir, we've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty..."

Randy California of Spirit was born on this date.

"Smile of the Day goes to this little man trying queso for the first time."

Adorable little stoat:

"Choose your leaders with wisdom and forethought."

"A kiss for you, two for you and one for you and... kisses for everyone!"

Pupper really enjoys his rock! (Is actually a clam.)

Room for one more?

I fear, with the courts as they are...

My pants, shoes and the floor are covered in cinnamon. I was funneling cinnamon from the package to

Wanna see a rightwingdingaling and his rightwingdingaling family gain quick respect for science

'Not once did I see him do anything to put America first. Not once. Not for a single second.'"

36 years of marriage and I just found out my crap stinks

Feisty baby elephant tells car to get back:

Mama cat & kittens play on the wall:

"When the new guy takes your favorite spot":


College faculty are fighting back against state bills on critical race theory

I'll Take You There

Tweet about consequences of Republicans demonizing good Democratic ideas:

Today's Image Dump (2/20/22)

He shot a man over tossed popcorn, prosecutors say. His defense: Stand-your-ground.

If by "Woke" you mean "On to Your Criminality," yes.

Survivor found in burning ferry off Greek island; 11 missing

February 20, 1972 📻

How to decide if you should continue wearing a mask

When people ask why Russians don't protest---

grey squirrels

Remember then?

The Trump nuts running for election jobs, offices, will commit crimes.

From Amazon: the sum of all human knowledge

The Boeing Shitbaggery

Im pretty sure now

We could have had "Ernest Goes To Washington" and that's going to haunt me.

You can't always get what you want, or be careful what you wish for.

Billy Squier - Lonely Is The Night (studio version & live, Santa Monica, 1981)

Mandatory bicycle helmet law revoked in Seattle area

Trump could end up broke with only his pensions if Letitia James shuts his business down: David Cay

Melania Trump slams 'dream killers' in the media after reports on Florida charity probe

This one's a throwback. In 2015, WSJ reported on foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation, ...

Black Crowes - Hard To Handle

One can only guess what this canine is up to.

Baby elephant Chaba does an "oopsie" when trying to slide into the mud pit.

Facebook misled investors about battling fake news: SEC filings

John Fetterman leading the Dem primary for Pennsylvania US Senator

Mark Knopfler - Romeo and Juliet (live) - (Sunday morn mellow)

Ky's Republican legislators want to rewrite history to keep schools safe from reality

Dolphin Population Goes Extinct After Its Last Member Gets Entangled in Fishing Gear

Where have you gone, Christopher Wray-O ?

It looks like the open hearings will focus on the top coup plotters around Trump.

People Think This Lady Has A 'Bear' In Her Backyard

What if the truckers blockade an interstate in a red

Bernie Sanders congratulates billionaires for contributing to drastic wealth inequality.

Guy Bases His Day On His Senior Pug's Mood

Making spaceflight history: John Glenn orbited Earth 60 years ago today

Southern Company Vogtle Nuclear Plant Costs Approach $30 Billion; Startup Delayed To Early 2023

Across the Desk S5:E6 (The Oklahoma GOP Attack on Medical Marijuana - 2nd Dose)

Canadian Govt Dumps Further Funding For Trans Mountain Pipeline As Costs Spike 70%

Nepal's Parliament debates US aid grant amid fierce protests

Roofs & Steeples Blown Away As England Experiences Highest Winds On Record

The Ukraine-conflict is not about NATO. Putin is actually afraid of Ukraine joining the EU.

"Truth has become a matter of opinion"

Ethiopia starts partial power generation from Blue Nile dam

UK: People with COVID in England won't need to self-isolate

Calm prevails at Poland-Ukraine border despite growing fears

I just ran across this on Reddit. Judyrecords site you can search millions of court cases.

Despite Block On New O&G Leases, 100s Of New Wells Can Still Be Drilled Near Chaco Canyon

Well, my wife went out of town for 5 days and I was tempted

Two glasses of wine enough to hit daily sugar limit

Fox Sunning On The Ice

Shooting at a Portland Protest Against Police Violence Leaves 1 Dead

Voter Rights MUST remain as a top issue!

Israel to allow unvaccinated tourists into country

Prosecuting Trump would set a risky precedent. Not prosecuting would be worse.

A really nice video on youtube.

2043 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun; 4 deaths

Paul Quinn surprises hundreds of high-schoolers with acceptance letters for them, family members

Caring for Older Relatives Is So Expensive That Even AARP's Expert Filed for Bankruptcy

VH1 Behind The Music Documentary - The Black Crowes

How a Book Is Made

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - VH1 Legends Documentary

Speaking of malice

Paul Krugman: Covid's Economic Mutations

Condoleezza Rice on GPS with Fareed Zakaria

Russian State TV Is So Ridiculous Right Now It Looks Like a Farce

Americans need to be shown this stuff

Russian troops will remain indefinitely, says Belarus, as fears rise of Ukraine invasion

Cop Racially Profiles Lawyer, REGRETS It Immediately - Rebel HQ

Cryptocurrency firms are trying to buy influence with a Dallas Congressional seat

Foo Fighters - Everlong (live on Letterman's final show, with lots of old clips from the show)

Senator Pushes Back Against GOP Colleague Slamming Dems

Dana Bash asks US Sec. of State Antony Blinken if Russian President Vladimir Putin is bluffing as he

LINKIN PARK & Ken Jeong - Carpool Karaoke

Cuba defies odds as it seeks to share home-grown vaccine success with the world

Finnish Skier Suffers 'Frozen' Penis In Winter Olympics Cross-Country Race

Who needs ICBMs when your enemy has FB & population prone to disinformation w-more guns than people?

Ukraine: Russia plans biggest war in Europe since 1945 - Boris Johnson

Oh Canada

The Nigerian artwork challenging British history in St Paul's

Handy chart

Elder care is expensive now. Wait till Trump's 'DCE' Medicare privatization scheme is complete.

Daily touch of France - Sunday edition - Time to relax

Since Rs disparage & make fun of everything Ds believe in

Daily touch of France - Sunday edition - Time to relax -

Immigrants could help the US labor shortage -- if the government would let them

Exclusive: This young Cuban boxer hopes to make his legendary grandfather proud

Many millions of Russians and Ukrainians died during World War II.

Why in the year of our lord 2022 am I still getting robocalls???

'I'll kill you!': Mexico's nature defenders put lives on line

ABC's This Week might as well be on Faux. Raddatz, Jon KARL & panel LUNTZ, "our" BRAZILE

I was wondering what happened to Alexei Navalny and found out they are trying to give him 15 more

Unprecedented oil spill catches researchers in Peru off guard

talk about constant reminders

Buried in his faulty cause & effect logic, a Palm Beach Post reader offers us some hope for Florida.

The Queen tests positive for Covid

Why the White House stopped telling the truth about inflation and corporate power Robert Reich

Petting a dog vs. petting a cat

Mikaela Shiffrin pens love letter to the media

Downtown Ottawa streets quiet for first time in weeks

This Week With George Stephanopoulos 2/20/22 ABC News Today Feb 20, 2022

Steve Schmidt Twitter rant @ Gen McCaffrey v. JD Vance

2022 US Senate Election in the states that the Democrats will be likely to win.

Rep. Raskin Discusses How Trump's Ally's Are Cooperating With Jan. 6th Committee

MAGA Rioter Jenna Ryan Says She Was 'Tortured' in Prison Because She Couldn't Use Her Phone

California man who raped and abused 20 children gets life in federal prison

What Fiction are you reading this week, February 20, 2022?

The perils of skiing -

Kirschner on Twitter: loser WILL BE

Historians just ranked the presidents. Trump wasn't last.

Phil Mickelson's willingness to entertain a Saudi-sponsored golf tour is shameless.

Invite Russia to join NATO

The media industrial complex doesn't even pretend anymore.

Anne Applebaum: Great insight into the situation in Ukraine

Boz Scaggs - Lido Shuffle (studio version, video from Scaggs's channel & live in Japan)

Hillary Clinton calls out right-wing media over Durham coverage

Tweet from Bob Rae the Canadian ambassador to the UN

Do you remember when Trump fired Sally Yates?

Whatever goes wrong in Ukraine will be Biden's fault.

Macron and Putin agree on trilateral talks "in next hours," lyse Palace says

Nearly 200 people arrested in Ottawa

Speaking of skiing! 🥃⛷

Larry Carlton - Smiles and smiles to go

THE NERVE: Altria says that they are moving beyond tobacco. This is offensive.

Steve Schmidt: Cannot let these people back into power until the autocratic faction is underground

Today's Wordle...

Joy-Ann Reid sets the record straight about the Biden administration purchasing crack pipes.

Starving Bulldog Doubles In Size (And Has The Biggest Head!)

Sailing to Philadelphia - Mark Knopfler (ft. James Taylor) Nice laid back Sunday music.

Death & Taxes 2021 @ our house

Giuliani is back to blaming the FBI and Antifa for January 6th


5 officials at TX Christian school arrested for failing to report alleged locker room sexual assault

Look at this young man go after Cawthorne!

Family Dollar closes 400 stores, recalls products after FDA finds decaying dead rodents in warehouse

2022 US Senate Elections from the states that the Democrats are likely going to be winning.

New world order: China and Turkey want to mediate Ukraine crisis

Three Potential Whistleblowers Drop Dead in Vicious Presidential Race in South Korea

Anybody Speak Russian?

AH by JinnyOops

TFG's New Social Media Platform 'Truth Social' Reportedly Set to Be Released on Monday

JinnyOops Rusted Hope

#StandWithUkraine rally held in Seattle as tensions rise in Ukraine

Campaigning AOC electrifies crowds as Democrats fear brutal midterms

JinnyOops ACDC

Covid Is More Like Smoking Than the Flu

Pupper wants to be carried:

Cancun Cruz plays the race card again.

Bakuon Headphone Music --JinnyOops

Why Did Cristiano Ronaldo Sell His Trump Tower NYC Condo for a Loss?

Bill Which Prevents Employers From Enacting Non-Compete Clause Moves To House

Biden has been revolutionary on judicial diversity -- states should learn from him

JinnyOops-- Light of Hope

Colorado governor: Anti-LGBTQ laws are 'un-American'

Leaping dolphin pod:

Gym Jordan Should Be Disqualified From Ballot Over Jan. 6: Protestors

Sidney Powell Sues Verizon To Keep Her Communications Hidden From Investigators

Attending to the World (The Convivial Society: Vol. 3, No. 2)

@ Cove/Sandbar/River and Pool

Blooming Saku. --AnCafe

Coaches, administrators arrested for failure to report sexual assault

The Problem with nuclear weapons is that Trump and Putin are not the end.

Revealed: Credit Suisse leak unmasks criminals, fraudsters and corrupt politicians

Nerdle fans: Not quite unlimited play, but the archive so far

Fox News Fans Actually Believe The Lies, That's Why They're A Lost Cause

Storm Eunice delivers an unexpected gift:

Discovered this morning

cartoons 2/20/2022

Fun vid of a guy leaving a pile of peanut butter in the woods with a trailcam watching

Flu season stats: 5 deaths reported in Washington

6 Cops Lose Qualified Immunity in Lawsuit - For Not Understanding Basic Law

Comment: Transportation bill moves us ahead to greener future

Old but still good. Colbert losing it on air

A Ukrainian reservist learns fighting skills she hopes never to use

How The Ottawa Anti-Vax Trucker Occupation Collapsed

Putin's Baseless Claims of Genocide Hint at More Than War

West could cut U.S. dollar access for Russian companies, UK's Johnson says

Tweet of the Afternoon:

Spider Cat

I had a silly idea for a game

Is my preparedness warranted? Am I being paranoid?

Bernie Madoff's sister and husband found dead in suspected murder-suicide


Amendment to Florida's "Don't Say Gay" bill requires schools to OUT LGBTQ students

'People's Convoy' to protest COVID-19 mandates will begin at Adelanto Stadium

Trump's attorney turns NY court hearing into clown show

Tweet of the Day:

Deutsche Bank was warned about highly suspicious money -- but moved it anyway (Oligarchs)

New Wordle clone contributes to revitalization of B.C. First Nation language

Remember when Our President's Glare made Putin Wet himself? Then along came TFG who drank it?

Christian nationalism is rooted in stupid tough-guy misogyny: What would Jesus say?

Donald Trump's Long Week of Legal Woes

2022 US Senate Elections in the states that the Democrats are going to be winning in.

Signatures for Florida Party Switchers Don't Match

Chuck Todd Gets Totally Shut Down As He Tries To Blame Democrats For Russia/Ukraine Crisis

Activists rally in support of Ukraine at National Mall.

So I listened to part of the sentencing of Officer Potter

Looks are deceiving...

Signatures of Florida voters whose registration changed to Republican different than prior samples

Small pharmacies compel lawmakers to rein in drug middleman

Right now, a U.S. toddler is starving because of Pat Toomey, Joe Manchin and 49 other Senate cowards

Something's brewing: Biden cancels trip to Wilmington

WATCH:"Trump Is Guilty" Is Top Trend As New Viral Video Uses Ex-President's Own Words To Make A Case

Tweet of the Day

Here are the things Ron DeSantis thinks are "woke"

Right now, a U.S. toddler is starving because of Pat Toomey, Joe Manchin and 49 other Senators

93 million y.o. crocodile found with baby dinosaur in its stomach

Hey Adelanto Truckers - Before you jump off that cliff...

Court Judge Mark Thompson Back On Bench After Pleading Guilty To Weapons Charge

Interior Secretary Wants to Tell America's Story

New intel adds to US fears that Russia is readying for military action

Pelosi, Congressional Delegation Conclude Visit to 2022 Munich Security Conference

Corgi puppy plays with her cat brothers:

Chris Rufo absolutely wants to destroy public education

What's for Dinner, Sun., 2/20/2020

2022 US Senate Elections in the states that the Democrats will definitely be winning.

Hanoi Traffic Rush Hour

Pittie Learns How To Be Friends With...Kittens!

Republicans wince at Wisconsin GOP crack-up

What is WRONG with these people? Can someone tell them it is 2022?

! tiedrich ! "...isn't that what you shitheads tell me every time cops shoot some black woman...."

Wyoming governor: State pay raises top priority in budget

Marjorie Traitor Greene: We shouldn't back Ukraine because...wait for it...Hillary.

How To Draw A Pig

Paul Gosar asking the *hard* questions. Yes, he's a ginormous POS

Sidney Powell Sues Verizon To Block Phone Records From Jan. 6 Committee

So... Durham may have a bit of a conflict going on

The GazettE - Reila

If he crashes the stock market, Putin's a dead man.

Bill Evans Trio - Waltz for Debby (Full Album)

Fox News Contributor Admits to Creating Fake Story About Canadian Woman Being 'Trampled' to Death

Sam Waterston Is Still the Face of 'Law & Order'

Masterpiece PBS Official Teaser: Ridley Road

Real Time last week

National trucking organizations strongly OPPOSE anti-mandate convoys in the US, just as in Canada.

Wouldn't it make NASCAR more interesting if they turned around at 250

NHK World -making hand made brooms

Vast Leak Exposes How Credit Suisse Served Strongmen and Spies

US virus cases, hospitalizations continue steady decline

Japanology Plus : Cats in Japan

DeathSantis: school districts that defied no-mask mandate to lose $200m

Sunset, southern MD

Five Keys to Growing Your Own Epic Tomatoes

Black women's groups marshal to defend and celebrate Biden court pick

Finland president says world now in 'colder situation' than during Cold War

Three abortion bills pass introductory votes in Wyoming

Three abortion bills pass introductory votes

Let Me See Your War Face

HEADS UP DEMs: Hillary is the wrong messenger, but she's doing what Democrats must do immediately!

FCC Proposes $45 Million Fine Against Robocalling Telemarketer

Queen - Liar ( the Trump Family theme song)

Investor pushes McDonald's to change the way it buys pork

Saint Louis Closet Co. Donates $3,176.00 For Care STL, Helps Fund Medical Care For Local Rescue Anim

Canada's foreign affairs minister returning early from Europe trip amid rising Ukraine tensions

Biden Needs a Trump Substitute

To me this was the most chilling video of TDFG's pResidency

Sashimoto woodwork in Japan - NHK Begin Japanology

Hockey Hall of Famer Emile Francis dies at 95

Day Of Remembrance Of Japanese American Incarceration During World War II

Let's say Russia attacks Ukraine. What happens next?

Astronomy Picture of the Day - 2022 February 20 - Aurora Over White Dome Geyser

Happy (?) Pluto Return!

Marge Traitor Greene going after McConnell

Truth Social: The launch of Trump's Twitter clone is reportedly delayed until March

Proof you're on the wrong side of history

Australia: Chinese warship shone laser at Australian aircraft

Anaylsis: Russia blows past another off ramp in the Ukraine crisis