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Kremlin TV Asks 'Where's the Champagne?' as Ukraine's Kids Are Prepped for War

So what happens if russia is successful in

Willow snuggling with Dad.

Red Narn Radio is Live right now (6:00P, 2/23/22)

is media widely broadcasting TFG's praise of the putin ukraine invasion?

Texas governor calls on citizens to report parents of transgender kids for abuse

Does the 2010/2016 WI US Sen. Race have more to do with Feingold's weakness or Johnson's strength?

Colombia: Ex-Senator Cordoba Rejects US Conspiracy Against Her

Texas ERCOT warns of tight grid conditions tonight though Friday

Help us discuss this matter - garbage disposal

Big Majority Worldwide Support Single-Use Plastics Ban

The Texas power grid is now saying it expects tight grid conditions overnight and into Friday.

Whitmer signs bills into Michigan law to cut prescription costs, increase accountability

Had another exchange with a wanna be debate king.

Masha Gessen: The West is "Insane" for Thinking Sanctions Will Deter Putin Amanpour and Company

Whistling Jack Smith - I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman (on German TV)

What We've Learned After Top Prosecutors Resign From Trump Criminal Probe

I think some are getting mixed up between New York County judge and SDNY

Glenn Kirschner 's take on the resignation of 2 NY Prosecutors in Trump Org. investigation

A possible tweet of the evening....?

Ok, tennis do ya feel about the Russian, Medvedev???

Jackie DeShannon and The Searchers - Every Time You Walk In the Room

Ukrainian Crisis Reveals GOP's Inability To Form Positions, Message, Or Even Unify

Ukrainian media are reporting at least six government websites are down in an alleged cyberattack.

Trump Attorney Admits Entire Family In A Bind, May Take The Fifth

Tracey Ullman - They Don't Know

Do we know what's going on with the Navy ?

an old friend live

Zelensky:"Ukraine on your TV news & the real Ukraine are 2 totally different countries-Ours is real"

Beeswing - Richard Thompson

The Nylons - The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Colombia: Ex-Senator Cordoba Rejects US Conspiracy Against Her

Putin puts me in mind of an abusive husband standing outside his ex's home screaming

The Chantels - Maybe

Ellie Greenwich - And Then He Kissed Me/Be My Baby

Early voting in Texas will be affected by weather

I'm old enough to remember when politics stopped at our shoreline.

Understanding Ukraine: The Problems Today and Some Historical Context

Procol Harum - A Salty Dog (live with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra)

Profits at Starbucks are UP and the CEO got a BIG raise last year.

It's Like History Class Without The Facts

Russia is going to slaughter Ukraine...Hearbreaking.


My wife made a funny

The Pogues - Fairytale of New York

The Adolescents - I Love You

Jeopardy Regulars

A good #Greedflation meme to counter inflation attacks on Biden

Is the Working Families Party an actual third party or simply a "left wing group"?

Col. Vindman: A Major Russian Offensive Is 'All But Certain To Pass' - Deadline - MSNBC

Any fans of Chef John here?

Pray for people of Ukraine and their neighbors as they confront the challenges

Why are Republicans too stupid to understand who and what Putin is?

State Dept. Remains 'Open To Diplomacy But Only If Moscow Is Serious' - MSNBC

If we succeed in bankrupting the Russian oligarchs, will the GOP stop their lovefest with

Pachinko (TV series trailer)

Courts in North Carolina, Pennsylvania reject Republican-backed congressional maps

What's With Trump's Praise Of Putin? - Zerlina. - The Choice MSNBC

Does anyone else find it ironic that

UN Security Council sets an emergency meeting on Ukraine

Born 2/23/44 - Johnny Winter

Fuel prices spike amid Ukraine crisis, with some markets hovering near $5 a gallon

Racial aspect of Ukraine conflict ?

Republicans, which one is it? Russia the evil empire or Russia is our friend.

Russian media claiming Ukrainians are shelling Donetsk. Probably

The UK defense secretary boasted of British troops defeating the Russians about 170 years ago and sa

I just bought avocados with this label on them ("Apeel") and I remembered.... Matt Gaetz

Tweet of the Night:

As the waste of Life and Limb approach Europe again

Incoming US Senators of 2022.

I'm so excited that I got to meet CaliforniaPeggy today and it was a lovely random occurrence!

Democrats seize on GOP Senator Rick Scott's plan to tax more Americans

Screaming Trees and QOTSA front man Mark Lanegan has passed

Heh. "Convoy" leader Bob Bolus headed back to PA after getting lost on the Capitol Beltway.

'It feels like slut-shaming': GOP candidate Sarah Stogner responds to dropped endorsement

FBI Statement on the Ongoing Investigation into Bomb Threats to Historically Black Colleges and Univ

Donald Trump's Praise of Putin 'Despicable,' Says Former Mike Pence Advisor

He refused to accept the soft bigotry of low expectations.

Delta CEO Ed Bastian: Why we need a national no-fly list

Ukraine Crisis Kicks Off New Superpower Struggle

UN official says Russia, China arming Myanmar with jets targeting civilians

Traffic jam at 3:15 AM on the Russian border with Ukraine.

How Blocking the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Hurts Vladimir Putin's Plans

Trump Legal Nightmare Ends? Top Prosecutors Bolt Criminal Case in NY - The Beat - MSNBC

'This is our country': Putin's narratives hide the truth about Ukraine's superpower

For Ukraine

Ted Cruz praises Biden over sanctions tied to Nord Stream pipeline

Russia's copy-paste template for stealing land from its neighbors

SLO county board supports life extension for Diablo Canyon.

Frederick Douglass: In Five Speeches 9PM tonight on HBO

Rick Wilson's typically measured response to RW 'fucking traitors'

Sanders, Democratic rivals file to run for Arkansas governor

Did you sing this song at your elementary school cafeteria like I did?

Opinion Tucker Carlson Goes It Alone on Putin

Jokes from my brother #1

Engineer, law firm agree to settlements in Surfside collapse lawsuit. Terms undisclosed.

Jokes from my brother #2

Minn. gubernatorial candidate: Wives honor the Lord with submission to their husbands

Lauren Boebert's newest Democratic challenger Alex Walker announces campaign with flying cow pies

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread

Ukraine Set To Enter State Of Emergency - The Mehdi Hasan Show

Scoop: Texas Dems chair calls on party leader to resign after racist comment

It seems like Citizens United has opened the flood gates of corrupt, wealthy scum, to push the US

Statement on AG Paxton's opinion about certain types of healthcare for Trans children

Ukraine's top diplomat tells the United Nations a full-blown war with Russia would be 'the end of

Resources for helping Ukraine

Here's a couple of photos from Kyiv's Independence or Freedom Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti).

Donetsk and Luhansk 'people's republics' appeal to Putin for help 'repelling' Ukraine

On HBO now: Frederick Douglass:In five speeches.

Jimmy Kimmel on the disaster that's Truth (un)Social

David Corn: Is It Amnesia or Hypocrisy That Fuels the GOP's Crazy Response to Putin?

Library of Lost Gloves & Lost Loves

So lets say Ukraine is allowed to join NATO.

State Sen. Thomas Cullerton to plead guilty in federal embezzlement case

"Do you know who I am?" Speeding Florida republican candidate for Congress tries to bully a cop

The Texas GOP is full of RWNJs-Look at their primary ballot propositions

It's 2:30 am, and we can't go to sleep in Ukraine

Putin's legacy is Ukraine (my 2 cents)

Rep. Madison Cawthorn says petitioners are 'very close' to getting him barred from running for re-el

35 Russian oligarchs that should be sanctioned

Russians Forgot About Afghanistan

So, have the Republicans introduced resolutions to recognize the new Russian countries?

Migrant died from multiple gunshot wounds in Border Patrol encounter, autopsy shows

See Jen Psaki's response when asked about Trump praising Putin

Vindman Rips GOP 'Cheerleading' Putin: They Will Own This When Blood Flows - All In - MSNBC

Mask melee in Illinois House sparks profanity, protests, penalties -- and an apology

Zelensky pleads for peace with Russia in televised address

Thursday forecast: Flurries to start the day

I had a trumper tell me Ukraine is

Lawyer who helped dismantle Pritzker's school mask mandate announces run for attorney general

UK: Ukrainians making plans to return home to take up arms


Builders and Butchers have a new song and it's a fucking rocker

I can't imagine Putin want's to risk things bogging down into an American funded insurgency

Russian state broadcaster RT just published Tucker Carlson's rant to defend Putin with Russian subti

High Cost of Ikea: 2/3rd of Romanias Forests & Violence

Ukraine crisis: Is Russia waging an information war?

Fellow Republicans skewer Sen. Rick Scott's rescue America plan as 'polarizing' and 'grist for the

Most Americans oppose major role in Russia-Ukraine conflict

3 Men Plead Guilty in Plot to Attack U.S. Power Grid

Zelensky addresses Russians in Russian.

Alex Wagner: Some Republicans Are Uniting Against Biden And Siding With Putin - All In - MSNBC

Forbes: Russian Troops Just Built A Pontoon Bridge Near Chernobyl

Citing drought, feds won't allocate any water to California farmers

Wisconsin's union presence shrinks dramatically, new report finds

LIVE - U.N. Security Council meets on Ukraine

State lawmakers try again for paid family medical leave program

Mary Trump: If you want to know what weakness looks like.

Lary Carlton and Robben Ford. No need to elaborate really

Putin just released a pre recorded speech:

Putin declares war.

Watching the UN Security Council meeting tonight, Linda Thomas-Greenfield is an EXCELLENT.....

TCM Schedule for Sunday February 27, 2022 - Black History Month

The next tell-all from inside the Trump admin William Barr's memoir

What time do Pompeo, Bolton, Don Jr, Eric, Jared, et al., address the nation, don't want to miss it.

The US Version of the Canadian Trucker Convoy Had a Tough First Day

Not everyone will agree but... I think we need more political ads like this (nsfw)

TCM Schedule for Monday February 28, 2022 - Divorce Remorse

I want to go.

Six EU countries send experts to help Ukraine deal with cyber threats

CNN live correspondent reporting explosions in Kiev.

Big explosions heard in Kyiv per CNN Mathew Chance on the ground in Ukraine

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet:

Explosions in Kyiv...

Aviation authorities restrict Ukraine airspace

Sand Road

Enya - Fallen Embers

Hey Republicans, remember Reagan's evil empire speech?

I just finished watching Mississippi Burning

If Russian tanks stood in the middle of 5th Avenue and started shooting, Trump and Fox

'Garry Owen' 'The Campbells Are Coming': Fort McHenry, Iron Brigade, 'Black Hats'

Alabama House committee approves bill banning abortion-inducing medications

Senate sends Evers bills to create new penalties for retail theft

Russia has decided to carry out a 'special military operation' in Ukraine, Putin says

I hope Democrats call out trump, pompeo, and those republicans supporting Putin over Ukraine,

Seth Meyers - Trump Praises Putin's "Genius" and "Savvy" as Ukraine Crisis Worsens: A Closer Look

Live -- BBC -- Putin announces military operation in Ukraine

GOP Lawmakers In Kentucky Apologize After Asking Government To 'Jew Down' Lease


Will trump call this a savvy and or smart move too?

Goddamn it, give Ukraine air support right fucking now!

As I listen to the opinions being voiced about "how far Putin will go", I am struck by

Tweet of the Late Night:

Hard Rain

Suspension of trucker licenses (Ontario):

Senate intelligence chair warns Putin cyberattacks could trigger bigger war

Who is the Kenya guy?

Tune into NBC! NOW!


Statement by the President

Russian President Putin Announces Military Operation in Ukraine-Watch Live

LIVE: Russian President Putin Announces Military Operation in Ukraine - ABC News Prime

A brief video on malignant narcissism

Albert Einstein

CNN: Advisor to Ukraine Interior Ministry says explosions in Kiev are missile strikes.

Kimmel: Tucker Carlson Spews Putin Garbage, QAnuts Side with Russia & U.S. Truckers Protest Pandemic

Russia Expected To Split Ukraine In Initial Military Campaign - TRMS - MSNBC

Russia should be expelled from the UN.

Unconfirmed Reports... Russia has seized Kiev Airport

What are they firing missiles on?

President Biden said he would work with NATO to coordinate a response.

Peter Doocy tries "gotcha" question on Jen Psaki, gets schooled INSTANTLY - Brian Tyler Cohen

I cannot state strongly enough how glad I am that TFG is no longer president

soviet UN ambassador giving hitler's speech from 1939 but not in the original german and

Russian 'separatists' should move to Russia

If the bastard is "peacekeeping" in the Donbas region

BREAKING: NC Supreme Court upholds new redistricting maps; candidate filing starts tomorrow

Biden tweet on Ukraine

When The Man Comes Around / Johnny Cash

Statement by President Biden on Russia's Unprovoked and Unjustified Attack on Ukraine

Anyone else here have friends or family in Ukraine?

Fuck Me, CNN had an AD

Who Lies More Russians Or Republicans

The Brothers Comatose and AJ Lee

Rep. of the яus federation just finished speaking at UN Sec. meeting. Words pretzel twisted.

I Wonder If Rupert Murdoch Helped Putin Plan The Ukraine Invasion

CNN reporting jets flying towards Kharkov

Russia announces military operation in Ukraine - ABC News

Are Russians really that gullible?

I was reading a magazine in the convenience store and

a collection of early tweets re: ukraine

Trump denounces Biden, claims Russian attack on Ukraine was "because of a rigged election" in the US

LIVE: Russia Begins Military Operation Against Ukraine - MSNBC

Can I STRONGLY suggest that people think about what they're posting...

Maybe Russian people are NOT on Putin's side. BBC reports major Russian lies to Russian people

Bonus Tweet of the Day

It is time for US Marshals to hunt down the children of the Russian oligarch swine

All Together Now

Hey man, my most sincere appreciation.

Descendents - Milo Goes to College (Full Album) 1982

Putin's going to get away with it

The Mueller Report Made The Ukraine Invasion Inevitable Says Fox

Headlines.....HE DID IT.......and who cares......

Slivovitz from a student of my husband's in 1997. "Here's to Zelensky, that poor bastard."

Putin Meet 20 Million Mockingjays

Definition: woke

CNN reports places where explosions heard in Ukraine

Market futures...

VIDEO: Ukraine ambassador to Russian ambassador at UN: There is no purgatory for war criminals. They

"You are likely in the last few hours of peace on the European continent for a long time to come."

The parallels are striking. Putin "created" Ukrainian "threats" to Russia and is willing to

Ukrainian UN Ambassador to Russian Federation (and President of Security Council) just now...

Here's the narrative.

Erin McGloughlin....Booms going off in Kyiv.

Missile attacks in Kiev reported.

Biden should call a meeting with GOP reps

Democrats and Republicans eye First District seat following Hagedorn's death

Reuters is reporting an amphibious landing operation by Russian forces of the Black Sea fleet in....

Tulsi Gabbard literally issues a statement in support of Putin.

NATO officials say Russian attack on Ukraine has begun special coverage

Trump reacts to Ukraine invasion by denouncing the 'rigged election'

DFL Senate Minority Leader Melisa Lopez Franzen will not seek re-election

Ukraine ambassador to UN calls for Russian Federation to "relinquish responsibilities":

BBC - forgotten story of America's first black superstars....

Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't Russia get bogged down in tiny Chechnya

Trump is busy commenting on attacks.

CNN just reported a rambling rant by Putin threatening anyone who interferes. That along

Sunny is scolding the tar out of me right now.


I would accept $6 gas

Putin orders military operations in Ukraine, demands Kyiv forces surrender

Oil just topped $100/bb

BBC - why grace jones was the most pioneering queen of pop

One benefit to Putin conquering Ukraine is that it further divides America & helps his allies in USA

CNN: Russian missles targeting Ukraine air defenses around Kiev.

Fox News monster Tammy Bruce thinks it's "amusing" people are upset about Ukraine

Trump's praise for Putin will look 'atrocious' when tens of thousands die: former ambassador

3 men plead guilty in white supremacist terror plot to disrupt power grid, trigger race war

CNN: Russian troops reported landing in Odessa, and crossing the border near Kharkov.

I am hoping that the fascist Republicans here supporting Putin have shown enough of their

Biden to speak at noon Thursday on Ukraine.

Do you think Putin would attack a NATO member?

NYT: Many Russians Feel a Deep Unease Over Going to War

Live Webcams from Odessa, Ukraine (Reuters/CNN reporting Russian troop landings)

'Tear This Deal Up': Outrage as DeJoy Finalizes Plan to Buy Gas-Guzzling Trucks

Putin's video address declaring the invasion was filmed on Monday

Fuel prices spike amid Ukraine crisis, with some markets hovering near $5 a gallon

Rep. Jeff Shipley Says Trans Iowans Have Mental Illness, Compares Them to Cancer

Are We Going To Let Tr**p Get Away With This?....

I think this earlier post makes an important point about this invasion in relation to our elections:

Household Tyrants

Agent Orange - Living In Darkness (Full Album) 1981

Stupidest question of the night

Iowa Supreme Court hears arguments in abortion case

BBC - why disco should be taken seriously....

How does a distinguished artist admire Drumpf? - re: David MAMET

The cars leaving Kyiv now at 7:02 Ukraine time heading for the border with Poland.

Russian Invasion Of Ukraine LIVE Situation Room INDB Russian Military Advancing

Sirens sounding in Kiev, MSNBC.

Pres. Zelenskii declared martial law imposed across Ukraine.

National anthem of Ukraine, with lyrics including English translation

Blasts Heard In Ukrainian Capital City Kyiv After Putin Announces Military Operation - MSNBC

Iowa bills would codify definition of antisemitism, prohibit state funds for companies that boycott

I am crying right now for the people of Ukraine and the world.

Biden Condemns Russia's 'Unprovoked And Unjustified Attack' On Ukraine

Ukraine version of Carol of the Bells

(Jewish Group) This Amsterdam neighborhood was once inhabited by Jews. None are left to celebrate...

Futures down 2%. Oil spikes over $100.

Do we have any patriotic corporations in America? Will they sacrifice anything to help President as

Who is Alvin BRAGG - (I'm on a roll) - am sure will know more for time to come.

(Jewish Group) Posts on Indiana University Greek life forum call Jews the 'worst' people

(Jewish Group) Eastern Ukraine's Jews brace for food shortages and antisemitic provocations

(Jewish Group) Amidst conflict, Ukrainian Jewish women are thriving -- and preparing for...

Oh please tweet. Make it happen in every GOP precinct:

McFaul calling for NATO Defense Force to be brought up,

Junior Walker & The Allstars - What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)

Whatever the outcome of this attack by Putin, when it is over over there, FOX news and all their

CNN is reporting troops are entering Ukraine from the border crossing with Belarus.

We are entering some very dark days

CNN showing video of troops crossing the border

TSOL - Change Today? (Full Album) 1984

Putin's aggressions tonight are a result of almost total impunity granted to him for years

MSNBC's Hayes Brown on possible Ukraine effort to oust Russia from UN Security Council

Putin threatens "those who may be tempted to intervene" in Russia's military action

CNN has video of Russiantanks crossing into Ukraine from Balarus

Republicans Introduce Redundant Crime Bills

I can't believe I have to say this,


*Ruble in free fall.

My wife is in the other room, watching MSNBC on the invasion.

Keep an eye on Moldova as well. I think Putin may make a play there, especially for Transnistria.

Bird flu found in Delaware commercial chicken flock; how you can protect yourself

China Opposes Russia Sanctions, Calls U.S. Actions 'Immoral'

Steve Bannon and Erik Prince say we should be supporting Russia because Putin is anti-woke and has

The ruble is in freefall

With their effusive support of Putin,

News on the Ukrainian military fighting back

Biden to Impose 'Severe Sanctions' on Russia, Meet with G7 Leaders

'There is no purgatory for war criminals, they go straight to hell.'

Stevie Wonder - My Cherie Amour

Rouble trading suspended as currency dives after Russia invades Ukraine

LISTEN: Sirens Sound In Ukraine Capital As Russia Launches Military Action - MSNBC

Ali Velshi taking first MSNBC break in HOURS,

Trump's praise for Putin will look 'atrocious' when tens of thousands die: former ambassador

Biden, Zelenskyy Speak After Reports Of Russia Military Operation In Ukraine - MSNBC

Ahh...if only Russia produced something we could boycott.

ACLU said Wednesday that Abbott's letter and Paxton's opinion "have no legal effect"

ACLU said Wednesday that Abbott's letter and Paxton's opinion "have no legal effect"

Ukraine shoots down 5 Russian jets, helicopter: Reports

If the US ban trade with russia will companies

CNN Reporter stops Mid reporting to put on protective gear

Yasushi Akutagawa's 'Music for Symphony Orchestra'

Is this the start of

EV Sales should skyrocket now

So will IQ 4.5 continue to praise his boss Putin? And how will trumpers react?

The Ruble is falling faster than Bitcoin

President Zelenskyy, about half an hour ago:

Here's a link to

Trump made it ok to hate "the others" worldwide and in the open. Thus,

Ukraine Declares Martial Law In Response To Russia Attack - MSNBC

Is any western state, including US talking about stopping immigration of Russians and banning

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin lit up in the colors of the Ukrainian flag tonight

The next SOTU is going to be extremely awkward ...

Maryland lawmakers resurrect paid family, medical leave bill, as other states make it law

Rather than cover war, Fox is having Laura Ingraham chat with TFG

Nailed it!! The essential being of Donald Trump.


Putin is going to find himself in the

Good night

Is invading Ukraine Putin's swan song?

Help I'm alone tonight.

WATCH: Video Shows Tanks From Belarus Crossing Into Ukraine - MSNBC

This is an article about the Artic, and Russia

TCM tonight:

Republican Lawmakers' Challenges to New Congressional Maps Survive Motions to Dismiss

Report: Bombing In Podolsk Kills At Least 6, Wounds At Least 7 - MSNBC

The Coming Energy Shock

European Union Speaks Out Against Putin, Vows To Assist Ukraine - MSNBC

Why Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons -- and what that means now.

Lantana bridge tender terminated after drawbridge raises with car still on it

Trump splinters Republicans with praise of Putin

tweet of the minute (Jeff Tiedrich)

Russia's state TV is proudly showing off Mike Pompeo's recent commentary

that California couple that stole millions of covid $$ and fled the country... caught in Montenegro!

Maryland lawmakers littered with comments on bill to outlaw declawing cats

It is 5:46, September 1, 1939

Ukrainian defenders have repelled the attack on the town of Shchastia, Luhansk region. Fifty Russian

This is a video link for Mariupol

Still Buying Putin's Oil / Gas?

Donald Trump Jr. tweets this ... getting a lot of pushback

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/23/22

Using reliable sources becomes important in a war where information is weaponized

Tweet of the Early Morning:

Maryland House gives preliminary approval to recreational marijuana

Kayleigh McNINNY tried to start some anti-Biden nonsense. getting blowback

What are the odds of a Covid outbreak in Ukraine?

Maryland school board votes to end masks mandate for students

Stephen Colbert: John Heilemann, Mark McKinnon & Jennifer Palmieri from Showtime's "The Circus"

Ukraine destroyed four tanks of the Russian Federation on the outskirts of Kharkiv

U.S. Supreme Court declines to hear challenge to Ocean City topless ban

Ukraine asked Turkey to close Black Sea waterways to Russia -ambassador

Yay I was able to get my phone fixed faster than expected...

Here's a link to what India is reporting

So Putin Wants To Be The Next Hitler

'Darkest hours for Europe since World War Two'

San Francisco's sinking, leaning Millennium Tower also sliding horizontally

I'd just read that in Scottish law they can return a verdict of "not provable"

Here is a live YouTube video looking onto Kiev's Maidan Square aka Independence Square

Breakfast Thursday 24 February 2022

The Seven Habits That Lead to Happiness in Old many are you doing?

Thank you to GOPuppets!

Do voters want Republicans or Democrats in Congress?

Some good news. Good Samaritan helps elderly woman after dangerous fall.

Once again another black man shot and killed.

NYTimes Wordle 2/24

GOP Senator Denies Wanting to Raise Taxes... After Releasing Plan to Raise Taxes

There's snow business in Albuquerque last night and this morning. Last night just before

Republican Footsie With White Nationalists Has to Stop

Russia Central Bank Bans Short Selling as Stocks Plunge

Al Jazeera Photos: Aftermath of Russian air strikes in eastern Ukraine's Kharkiv

Fed Up With Google, Conspiracy Theorists Turn to DuckDuckGo

Hochul Proposes Bringing Back Private Prison Labor

Wordle 250 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

Behind The Scenes At NYC's Most Legendary Babka Factory

We need to bash Putin

Gary Kasparov is on Morning Joe

Oil prices rocket, stocks plunge, possible recession, Trump more likely to win in 2024.

An elderly Ukrainian woman waits alone at a bus stop, the only person headed in the direction of...

Seems strangely appropriate today.

Dolphins hit by Deepwater Horizon spill at risk from new drilling and river plan

Madison Cawthorn wants to destroy Social Security to 'incentivize' the elderly to work

$8 Plates Of Ukrainian Food In NYC 🥟 Streecha

Sunset in Ukraine is in three hours.

I am going to bash every thread with a fury

Federal lawmakers introduce legislation to end tax exemption for sports stadiums

Should have used 'stand your ground' and bombed the Russians as they were marching in.

Leesburg officials voice opposition to potential NFL stadium in Loudoun

'The Dollars Have Run Out': Russians Crowd ATMs As Sanctions Take Effect

Guardian: Russian invasion of Ukraine begins - in pictures

Milla Jovovich- The Alien song (for those who listen)

A Shady App Is Tricking Trump Supporters Into Thinking They've Joined the True Truth Social

Radio Free Europe: Nalvany makes a statement on Ukraine from prison

Guardian: 'House of love': the calm, creative space changing young lives in Karachi

The Waco Biker Shootout Left Nine Dead. Why Was No One Convicted?

While Putin Attacked Ukraine, Donnie Called Laura Ingraham

You Guys Can't Imagine How Stupid Rick Scott Actually Is

Intensification Of The Planet's Water Cycle More Than Double Scientific Projections

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 2/23/2022

#Slackers: Our Staff's Thoughts on Comixology's Overhaul

A Fifth Of Australia's Fossil Energy Sites Release Up To 20X More GHGs Than Estimated

Art of the Week: Week of 02/23/22

Old Man (Putin) - The Lincoln Project

The Rundown: February 24, 2022

Air Raid Emergency sirens going of in Kiev (during BBC stand-up)

My dismissive attitude towards the small snow berm at the end of the driveway was a HUGE mistake.

Invasion Following an announcement from Putin, Russia's military begins attacks against targets

Vladimir Putin's Carbon Tax

There should be a calorie credit for stuff that didn't

Jobless claims: Another 232,000 Americans filed new claims last week

Reuters: In pictures: Russia invades Ukraine

Just finished binging "Space Force"

Britain 'will not look away' from Ukraine crisis, vows Boris Johnson as Russia invades

Video of aerial attack on Kiev Airport (confirmed by The Guardian)

With Russian banks frozen,

'Fantasy is not history' Historian Victoria Smolkin assesses Putin's claim

2/22 Drought Monitor - Nearly All Of Lower 48 W. Of Mississippi River In Level 0-4 Drought

Crazy real estate video from Raleigh: line of cars with people to see house priced under $300K

Speaking of taxes!

Spokesperson for The Manhattan DA office: "The investigation is on going, no further comment"

It's Flag Day In Mexico - February 24, 2022

CNN: Ukraine officials believe Russian goal is to seize Kiev and topple the Government.

until sociopaths and psychopaths are removed from positions of power

Anyone notice that when Ukrainians crowd gun stores to buy AR-10s and AR-15s, the media

Of course Trump blamed the invasion on his "rigged election"

I am surprised Putin decided to go all in, now he risks losing control of the situation.

Michelle Childs, Jim Clyburn, and One Man's Love of Hunting Quail

The distorted "freedom" of the truck convoys: "A huge number of Americans want a dictatorship"

CNN doing live stand-up in front of Russian forces at Antonov airbase near Kiev.

Tucker Carlson, downplaying Russia-Ukraine conflict, urges Americans to ask, 'Why do I hate Putin?'

37 times Trump was soft on Russia

You raised $5.00 on February 23, 2022 for the kick US Senator Grassley's butt fund


Trying to unionize despite union-busting efforts? Here's what you should look out for

Jesus Christ

Remember this one? Groundhogs taunts dog by eating pizza right in front of him:

Has Trump called his BFF Putin to congratulate him?

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, February 24, 2022

"I'd like to stab that guy, but it's a hell of a long way to walk!" Thought the guy who

The full attack on UKR will begin in about a week after larger cities are emptied of people.

SLU vaccine researcher works to get ahead of future epidemics

Just one family caught in this horror in Ukraine.

'I knew what she was capable of': Joel Schwartz on the evil of Pam Hupp

FL-GOV/FL-SEN polling

Illinois State Museum to Host the Mobile Museum of Tolerance

This is a nice song, and the video looks like heaven to me:

A good time for NATO members to expel all Russian nationals sympathetic to Putin from their nations

Biden convened a national security council meeting this morning on Ukraine

Thursday TOONs - The War Head

Looking at webcams in Odessa. Not seeing any signs of conflict or panic.

Russian airborne troops have taken airport in Kiyv

"Eventually militarily" stands out here in a very big way. (Boris Johnson)

"Hello, welcome to Heaven. Would you like to be attacked by puppies or kittens??"

When I Got Untethered From The Comfort of Religion ...

Colin Kaepernick launches new initiative to offer autopsies for police-related deaths

When asking "How can I help?"

Would a "Mr. Smith goes to Washington" have a chance in today's treacherous political

Ukrainian parents are marking children with their blood type

Edwin Starr - War (What Is It Good For?)

'It's a sanctuary': the magic of quiet, low-cost, allergy-free 'passive' homes

Russian Forces Trying to Seize Chernobyl, Ukraine's President Says

Nothing violent. I just wish Moscow was hit with a huge EMT.

GOP candidate threatens Sarasota cop's career over ticket

Gen. McCaffrey: Trump, Pompeo's Support Of 'Murderous Thug' Putin Endangers America

Russian helicopters attack an airport near Kyiv

The Republicans are killing their mid-term election chances.

David Bowie - Five Years (seems about right, give or take)

A tsunami of Golden Retrievers:

U.S. Oil Prices Surge After Russia Attacks Ukraine

What is your cheapest gas price per gallon in your area?

Most read story today in the TampaBay Times: 1983 Playboy picture in a courtroom...

International Space Station and Russia...

Do you now or have you ever subscribed to Audible? Your experience with it? Nt

Anybody heard what's

Today's Image Dump (2/24/22)


Winslow Homer was born on this date.

BREAKING: Ohio Supreme Court to hold contempt hearing against Redistricting Commission

Vindman Rips GOP 'Cheerleading' Putin: They Will Own This When Blood Flows

Does Ukraine not have weapons to strike inside Russia?

When you go to the gas pump in the coming days

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 24, 2022

We have thousands of Republican traditors who subport Putin over their own country.

I've been "rate-limited" on Twitter. No idea why.

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: Feb. 23

Watch The ReidOut Highlights: Feb. 23

Financial Times: What is the end game?

'It's Tragic, It's Irrational, It's Evil': Why Ukraine Attack Will Come At 'Terrible Price'

My childhood memories are returning now that Ukraine has been invaded and attacked.

Our military power is meaningless against Putin's craziness

It's Estonian Independence Day today. Will it be the last one?

WTF? EU unlikely to cut Russia off SWIFT for now, sources say

Father Carlson: TuckerCarlson is on Russia's side.

7 dead in Russian missile strike near Kyiv, Ukrainian authorities say

An country with 44 million people and a centuries-old history and culture: "A great piece of land."

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

Navajo Frybread Recipe

NATO vows to defend its entire territory after Russia attack

Ancient Incan water whistles recreated different bird calls. No blowing required.

A running list of the fake photos & videos of Ukraine flooding social media

World expresses outrage, plans stronger Russia sanctions

India--ice cafe at 14,000 ft.:

At the risk of violating Godwin's Law Putin is evocative of Hitler.

Random thought - could Russian infrastructure be "hacked"?

So You Didn't Think This Could Happen or That Could Happen?..Anything Can Happen!!

What is your opinion? Is MAD still in effect?

Should Republican's who side with Putin be detained?

Mama & baby servals share a contagious yawn:

US, Russia and Britain promised Ukraine security

Democracies do not go to war with one another

Offshore Wind Development Moves Forward in the New York Bight

Putin plans to denazify Ukraine, weird cause President Zelensky is Jewish.

Husky reacts dramatically to stinky Durian fruit:

Distressed Venezuelan Supertanker Discharging Oil Cargo in Asia - Sources

Wordle2 #73 2/24/22 Midnight to Noon puzzle / 6 letter word. New puzzle @ Noon.

Ukraine's president says Russian forces are attempting to seize control of Chernobyl nuclear power p

Ocean Infinity Orders Six 85m Robotic Offshore Vessels from VARD

Jerry Lewis co-stars accuse late star of sexual abuse

"Truly Appalling": Russia Attacks Ukraine as Putin Ignores Diplomatic Pleas and Launches Invasion

Stock Market Drops In Response To Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

A reminder for anyone consuming news as fast as they possibly can.

Wesley Clark: Heavy ground fighting around Kharkiv (on CNN)

Awwwww! Little guy cries happy tears as he gazes at his new baby sister:

The real reason Putin played a pussycat during the Trump presidency

The United States better wake the fuck up and deal with

The media should stop saying president putin

/r/WorldNews Live Thread for the Russian Invasion of Ukraine part IX (reddit)

Feeling overwhelmed. There's just so much chaos going on right now.

'Strange, Mysterious': Trump Criminal Probe Stalls As NY Prosecutors 'Walk'

Beau of the Fifth Column - Let's talk about what happened in Ukraine last night....

Ohio Supreme Court ORDERS members of the Ohio Redistricting Commission to appear in person

Half of the outside workforce for my company is out today.

"What self-serious old person twaddle."

One thing NATO can do

New evidence undermines case against Black US woman jailed for voting error

Tx Gov Abbot failed to secure his domain name..'Someone' got it 🥂

It is time to stop threatening Putin with words.

It is over. We can mourn the short experience of an independent Ukraine

Flush Vlad now. I don't care how.

Maia Sandu, President of Moldova "Our borders are open for Ukrainian citizens.

A woman carries her cat as she walks near Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi railway station

Texas's primaries are happening on a legally disputed congressional map

If it's yellow

CNN: Map of locations where Russian attacks have been reported

SHED gives mid-century Golden House in Seattle an extensive update

Wintry weather disrupts travel across the heartland

Pushing falsehoods about Biden's election is a plus for Republicans vying to be Texas' top lawyer

Why Mark Esper hoped Democrats would win presidency in 2020:

For all of those gun rights folks that love TFG and Putin

For my 33,333th post...

Kurt Eichenwald -Don't forget: AFTER he lost election-Trump withdrew from the Open Skies Treaty...

Russian Attacks On Ukraine --

Judge: Sarah Palin seeks new trial in defamation lawsuit

Always remember, Russian media is using tRumps kind words about pooty as propaganda,

Anyone watching court tv's "popcorn" murder trial?? The cop kills the dad in a movie theater.....

The Hoarse Whisperer had some great threads on TFG's narcissism

Help! How do you move someone out of a house they've lived in for 40 years? Where to begin?

Proposal to nix derogatory term targets hundreds of US sites

Good Day DU (February 24, 2022)

We never bought "Putin's soul" Shrub claimed he saw. It's on full display now. n/t

For the third straight day I know the Jeopardy Final Answer (I think)!

Al Franken weighs in....

Philip Glass - Metamorphosis

GOP House Candidate Seen Berating Cop, Calling Her 'Immigrant' During Traffic Stop

Swedish government firm on not joining Nato despite Russian aggression

It's way past time for a boycott of Fox, OAN, etc. They are traitors and so is anyone who is

Kentucky Elects First LGBTQ+ member, Keturah Herron

Kentucky Elects First LGBTQ+ member, Keturah Herron

Warmongers like Putin are products of toxic masculinity.

An bit of an unconventional breakfast

On this day, February 24, 1954, Plastic Bertrand was born.

Kremlin website, as well as most Russian government websites, are down

Any word on MAGAts traveling to Ukraine?

Just called Marco Rubio and Rick Scott

Texas Supreme Court takes up challenge to state's restrictive abortion law

Omen: NATIONAL SECURITY 2016 RNC Delegate: Trump Directed Change To Party Platform On Ukraine Suppor

Milwaukee thug gets 15 years... (I would have given him more.)

Oddly timed DC Circuit Court opinion has started speculation of pending SCOTUS announcement

DU dont forget

The Cold War anthem that is so appropriate again


Greg Abbott's Operation Lone Star has been a bust and is hurting Texas Naitonal Guardsmen

Garry Kasparov: Putin Has Been Preparing This War In Plain Sight

Virginia Senate committee kills religious freedom bill

Binging on 40s/50s Film-Noir ...

Man who pointed gun at Delaware rally gets 4 years in prison

Why the surprise and shock?

We need to totally Ban Putin

Trump siding with Putin could be:..."End of Donald Trump."

S.D. governor 'sad' most LGBTQ people have suffered anxiety, depression

It is time for the regular folks of this world to stand up and demand peace.

"Domestic Terrorists Unite"...

Yep, Putin and Trump and FAUX

even though i left in anger , with the ukrane situation in play i feel that i need to be

Report from west of Kyiv

LIVE: Rep. Schiff holds news briefing on Ukraine

It is outrageous, if unsurprising,

T.rump gets away again . New newyork d.a. backing off

Russian Embassy entrance in Dublin splattered with blood-red paint

NYC mayor pushes Christian 'Death to Gays' politico for city post

LIVE: Biden remarks on further action against Russia

A lack of willingness to fight and risk our lives will doom us all to dictatorships

Is Putin exhibiting "'roid rage"?

This is scary, My doctor just called me, told me to come see him now and he wouldn't say why.

At Point Reyes, Elk Have Become the Canaries in the Cattle Industry's Dying Coal Mine

Putin doesn't care about peacekeeping in Ukraine

Hey look, China

If you agree with this, please copy and paste it to any who still call themselves "Republicans".

David Bowie - Slow Burn (Top of the Pops, 2002 + studio version)

Russians apparently seize Chernobyl power plant

final covid update . after my last post , i went to see my primary care

Excellent live coverage of the Ukraine crisis on the BBC website

Elton John's private jet forced to make emergency landing

Horrifying Photos Show Immediate Effects Of Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine

RUSSIA now: "If you can't hold up a sign without being arrested ..."

A far-right website created 36 days ago is more popular on Facebook than the Washington Post

U.S. new home sales fall in January as prices march higher

how many of you heard of this peice of music.

The Auschwitz Memorial statement on the situation in Ukraine.

Important to remember now and TALK ABOUT in run up to November...

Russian state broadcaster RT just published Tucker Carlson's rant

Russian TV is now showing Trump's praise of Putin to justify their invasion.

Will an FBI raid boost Laredo progressive Jessica Cisneros' bid to unseat U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar?

Fox News hosts play down Russia's attack on Ukraine.

President Biden Remarks on Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Per Reuters via Ukranian adviser to Zelenskyy, Russian forces have captured Chernobyl power plant

Russian War In Ukraine - Russian Low Altitude Airstrike Nearly Hits House With Family Inside

Las Vegas Sands launches $2 million PAC to continue its push to legalize casinos in Texas

Tweet of the Day

Colin Kaepernick behind offer for free autopsies in deaths caused by police

WATCH: Moscow police 'snatch' people chanting 'no to war' as protests break out across Russia

Propaganda-wise, this is NOT going well for Russia:

I had to laugh yesterday

Russians Now See a New Side to Putin: Dragging Them Into War

AntiWar Protests in Moscow, London ..1-2 hrs ago

85 seconds of dumbass - Trump gets confused. Fox host has to correct his stupid ass

Karma at it's finest

CNN: Russian riot police tell protesters to disperse in Moscow

Metadata of video shows that Putin's speech of declaration of war was pre-recorded 3 days earlier.

Portland Protesters Victimized: First by a Gunman and then by the Police

Abbott faces nationwide condemnation over new policy ordering transgender care to be investigated as

Putin's Fifth Column is actively at work in all NATO countries, esp US - important thread

Former President George W Bush condemns Russia's attack

Say Hello Again to the Office, Fingers Crossed

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Twitter admits it mistakenly removed Ukraine open source intelligence accounts

As I watch hundreds of "Stop The War" protesters being arrested by uniformed police in

Biden vows consequences as Putin stages full-scale attack on Ukraine

Here is a list of US lobbyists serving Putin's rogue regime

Russian TV is now showing Trump's praise of Putin to justify their invasion.

Russian stocks crash and ruble plunges to record low

In case you didn't already know Michael Flynn was a traitor and a patsy for Putin...

Why Indigenous voters who helped elect Kyrsten Sinema feel betrayed

MP urges government to seize Roman Abramovich assets

Russian Tanks running over Ukrainian civilian vehicles.

Ron DeSantis Beats Donald Trump Among Florida Voters in 2024 Poll

People on the march in Moscow:


Two California high school officials arrested for failing to report sex assaults on campus

The Man Who Fell To Earth (2022) Official Trailer - SHOWTIME - Streaming Apr 24th

If we're looking for a place to house Ukrainian War refugees, Sunny Isles Beach is a good start.

from Robert Reich:

World leaders divided on whether to eject Russia from Swift payment system

"You have to understand, George. Ukraine is not even a country."

Now is the time to remember what Fox's own lawyers said about Tucker Carlson

Watch Applebee's ad air on CNN during war coverage of air raid sirens in Kyiv

CNN's Erin Burnett is in Ukraine, she was talking to a woman there

Alexandria Firefighter Union Wins Historic Collective Bargaining Vote

Poland, Czech Republic, and Sweden are refusing to play their 2022 World Cup matches in Russia

White House science office to hold first event on countering climate change denial and delay

I'm kinda surprised Dump didn't name his new social media platform GoVladdy

Russia's stock market has lost nearly 40% of its value today

Justin Trudeau Responds to Russian Invasion of Ukraine I LIVE

Veselka (famous NYC Ukranian restaurant) redesigns the famous Black & White cookie

Number of Americans collecting jobless aid falls to lowest level since 1970

Taiwan warns Chinese aircraft in its air defence zone

I wonder what Bolsonaro & Putin

Now is the time to remember what Fox's own lawyers said about Tucker Carlson

Hundreds of people detained in anti-war protests around Russia, according to independent monitors

Why does my DU look so weird?

European Union Aviation Safety Agency: Conflict Zone Information Bulletin

Once again, reliance on fossil fuels drives policy

US moving fighter jets to Baltic Sea, Black Sea regions

How many FISA warrants need to be issued?

Biden has been presented with options for cyberattacks against Russia (updated)

Ukrainian Jews Angry and Appalled at Putin's 'Denazification' Claim

(Jewish Group) Ukrainian Jews Angry and Appalled at Putin's 'Denazification' Claim

Do I have this right? Putin said he was invading Ukraine because IF they joined NATO, he'd have a

Justice Department sues UnitedHealth over nearly $8B deal

The Onion Guide To TFG-Backed Truth Social

Ukrainian woman confronts Russian soldiers in Henychesk, Kherson region. Asks them why they came....

Pro-Ukraine demonstration in Times Square

Biden on now n/t


"Putin Wouldn't Have Invaded Ukraine Under a Beefy Piece of Man Meat"

UN condemns brutal killing of eight polio workers in Afghanistan

biden speaking now

This isn't gonna just stop with Ukraine.

Tucker Carlson Blasts Lindsey Graham for Ukraine Remarks

Texas man accused of attacking Asian family over racist coronavirus fears pleads guilty to hate-crim

Texas man accused of attacking Asian family over racist coronavirus fears pleads guilty to hate-crim

Rothkopf: Ukraine Invasion by Russia Is the Beginning of the End for Putin and His Friends

Russia's invasion of Ukraine prompts Syria to cut spending

Ukraine Invasion by Russia Is the Beginning of the End for Putin and His Friends

Ukrainians shelter from war in subway station (CNN)

Abbott hints at exoneration for officers indicted over tactics at racial justice protests

Russian government websites -- including ones for the Kremlin and the legislature -- went dark after


Old Man - The Lincoln Project

Local Ukrainians anxious about families, fate of homeland

Earlier it was reported that Sean Penn is in Ukraine... He's filming a documentary... timely

Updated reading by Maryanne/ Revealing Light Tarot...

Peter Douchey being his typical assholish self

MSNBC Correspondent Shelters In Kyiv Parking Lot After Warning Of Incoming Missiles (MSNBC)

I hope everyone is listening to Biden's speech and presser right now 2.00 pm 02.24.2022.

McConnell: 'Ratchet the sanctions all the way up'

U.S. national gets death for raping, beheading Pakistan ex-diplomat's daughter

The White House press corps are a collective disgrace

UK Sanction starter list

Vindman says GOP 'attacks on our democracy' emboldened Putin

Mike Pompeo speaking at Bastion Institute event

Want to support the people of Ukraine? These apps and websites can help you send money

2022 US Senate Elections from states Democrats are likely to win.

Wordle2 #74 2/24/22 Noon to Midnight puzzle / 6 letter word. New puzzle @ Midnight.

Bernie Sanders says Trump's praise for 'Putin's murderous invasion of Ukraine' is 'outrageous'

Been seeing this pencil necked motherfucker all morning. His face says it all . . . . .

covid 19 passport

Republicans see an opportunity to create 'the biggest block of single issue voters' as they pit

Hostomel, a town at a 39km distance to Kyiv has fallen to Russian forces, -- UNIAN

The jobless claims lowest since 1970

Putin Sent in Troops Disguised With White Peace Monitor Symbols and Ukrainian Uniforms, Says Kyiv

Applebees: Enjoy a cold one while Ukraine gets blown to bits!

U.S. Supreme Court Spurns Bid for Religious Opt-Out From Vaccine Rule

Bitter cold to continue with snow in several places

LIVE: White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds news briefing

Recognizing we may be on the edge of WW3, what event would cause you to accept military engagement?

The sanctions purpose are no longer a deterrent. There purpose now is to make this as painful as

The UN Secretary General

These primped-up, snarky "reporters" are repulsive. That, & armchair gamers (media yakking heads).

Charles P. Pierce: Trump Is Walking Between the Raindrops in a Hurricane

What Fox Viewers Are Hearing

Gulf Coast Village at Sunset

"He's not crazy. He's sick"- Ukrainian interviewed on CNN


Trudeau announces sanctions: Canada aims sanctions at Russian oligarchs, banks

David Corn: Here's how Trump's Russia hoax led to death and destruction in Ukraine

Dear Russia: We don't hate you.

D.C. Truck Convoy Organizer's Plan Sputters Like a Busted Engine

Trudeau announces sanctions to punish Russia for its 'horrific' attack on Ukraine

Putin wouldn't have launched this invasion if he weren't certain of a divided America

Silicon Valley Must Pull the Plug on the Kremlin

Donald Trump is a co-conspirator to Putin's war on western democracy.

There was an American port

Greedy European banks/bankers are blocking SWIFT sanctions

Why in the world did Russia capture Chernobyl?

The trucker 'convoy' is demanding our attention. But what do they want?

Truth Social Bans Account Mocking Devin Nunes

In support of the Russian and Ukrainian people-Maya Angelou

Sometimes, difficult choices have to be made.

The trucker 'convoy' is demanding our attention. But what do they want?

Oh dear oh dear. Seems TX Gov. Abbott didn't buy his own domain name

Treasury Targets Belarus Too

A silent DU thread in support of our brothers and sisters

Inhofe Rumored to Be Resigning

Inhofe Rumored to Be Resigning

George is 72 today.

I am absolutely gutted watching videos of Ukrainian soldiers saying goodbye to their loved ones

All About Mark Zuckerberg's Expansive, High-Tech Real Estate Holdings

Russian citizens in Tel Aviv burning their passports in support of Ukraine

My tweet to Rep Elise Stefanik who wants to blame Biden for Putin's invasion

Random thoughts about Russia, Nazis and NATO.

When will FOX News have to register as a Foreign Agent?

IAEA confirms Chernobyl nuclear power plant seized by Russian forces

Cartoons 2/24/2022

Housing Hope to build affordable housing near Edmonds church

This is sad.

Cat Hides From Her Foster Mom For A Year -- Then She Does This

Legislation focused on pot shop robberies nears final hurdle

Update on my doctors visit. The news is not good.

Nicky Hopkins was born on this date.

Czechs to propose EU tightens passport rules for Russians

Meanwhile back in the US our markets

Russia's attack on Ukraine came after months of denials it would attack

This Dog Was Found On The Side of The Road -- Now He Loves To Run On The Beach

My Ukrainian grandfather fought the Nazis with Russians. Putin's war terrorizes us again.

Italy's Draghi promises "whatever it takes" to restore Ukrainian sovereignty

This unwanted dog was dumped on freeway. It was the best thing that happened to her.

'Two Nauseating, Fearful Pigs'

Spotify Removes 'Alex Jones Show' Podcasts That Were Recently Uploaded to the Service

Why dont' Republicans be honest with themselves and register as Communists? nt

Remember this Republican politician?

Qultist Candace Owens on the verge of a groundbreaking discovery

Good Noise - John Gorka (needed something that's always guaranteed to pick up my spirits today.)

Don't like high gas prices. Remember 2020 when everything

Rudy G is a rude stupid man............

Did anyone else here notice that throughout Pres. Biden's address to the nation

TFG's Truth Social app censored an account that poked fun at the app's CEO, former Rep. Devin Nunes

The 30% is convinced Putin is the good guy and his top man here (Flynn) is a literal saint

The distorted "freedom" of the truck convoys: "A huge number of Americans want a dictatorship"

Funny tweet* - Putin's timing.

We've been here before.

He is the richest person on the planet - sanctions affect only the little people

Finland says debate on NATO membership 'will change' after Russian invasion

Republicans pick Putin over democracy -- and Rick Scott's creepy blueprint for America shows why

War with Russia

I'll never forget the physical dynamics during Helsinki 2018:

Trump is Gonna Try to Run to Pooty! Lock Him Down! Pull his Passport n/t

Ukraine re-takes Hostomel Airfield from Russian forces

Blue Moon

Biden Warns Oil & Gas Corps

Russian state media is using Tucker Carlson, Mike Pompeo to bolster Putin's moves in Ukraine

I'm so upset at russia. I gotta ask this here.

January 2019: America's Electric Grid Has a Vulnerable Back Door--and Russia Walked Through It

1400 Russian protesters "detained"

It's time WE make a stand: Either the GOP disavows the Q-wing or they aren't legitimate

Statement from President Barack Obama on Ukraine

It's the BBC or nothing for me. I am done with the talking heads. I was up most of the night

Meanwhile back in the states the dow went positive erasing

Stock Market recovers, all indexes up today

How Russia Could Be Impacted By New Economic Sanctions

Some Prospective Russian Deterrent Objectives For US Lead Cyber Shutdown Attacks

Over half of U.S. abortions now done with pills, not surgery

In most cases, "Corporate Greed" only works if consumers have the cash to play along

A remarkable Republican statement on the Ukraine invasion

I don't often agree with Wayne LaPierre, but I do think that a Russian

God bless the people of Ukraine who fight harder for democracy than the Trump lovers do.

While War In Ukraine Rages Below, Astronauts Cooperate Above

653 arrests at anti-war protests in 40 Russian cities tonight, according to monitor @OvdInfo . Most

Pro-Trump GOP Challenger Won't Disclose His Finances

Republican Cowards Pledge Allegiance to Putin & Russia - TURN THEIR BACKS ON AMERICA & ALLIES!

The same asswipes criticizing President Biden now

Remember this shit Republicans proudly wore?

the typwriter song.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 25 February 2022

leroy anderson composor

Mike Luckovich- Bloodbath

"He can't feed his people," Tuberville said. "It's a communist country, so he can't feed his people"

While War In Ukraine Rages Below, Astronauts Cooperate Above

Biden imposes additional sanctions on Russia: 'Putin chose this war'

Nature or nurture? Beats me, all I know is parents & children who share genius should be celebrated

Let's talk about Ukraine and Russia's economy....

Russia assembling troops & equipment in Brest, near the Polish border.

Do I tip movers?

'Severely disabled' Washington woman, 28, left abandoned in towed car for 9 days in frigid weather

Our intelligence are assisting Ukraine forces

Challenges to Madison Cawthorn can't proceed under new district, elections board says

So does the Slobfather expect Putin to declare him president?

Rachel tweet....she will be on at 8pm ET tonight....

Meat identification class

Trump Junior Hit With Major Lawsuit For Witness Intimidation And Retaliation

Horrifying Photos Show Immediate Effects Of Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine

Captured Russian soldier.

If the sanctions work better than expected

how to make non app folders on apple iphone home screen.

What about delisting Russian corporations from western exchanges?

France 24 news showing russian faked propaganda vids and calling them out

Daily touch of France - Thursday edition - A bit of Aix

GOP Senate candidate identifies more with Putin than Biden..😬

How are Trump's assets handling this?

Need advice on re-uploading an app

Daily touch of France - Thursday edition - A bit of Aix - Posted in Photography

Cahokia Mounds Releases Second Phase Of Popular Augmented Reality App

Russian helicopter shot down

One of Nicole Wallace's guests suggested shutting down all RT and other media outlets

Ireland to provide 'initial 10m humanitarian fund' to aid Ukraine

Ex-Minneapolis officers guilty on all civil rights charges related to George Floyd's death

Ukraine-born journalist Larisa Alexandrovna (DU,HuffPost): Ides of March

USCG's First Polar Security Cutter to be Named Polar Sentinel

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #12-5: We've Got A Great Big Convoy Across The USA Edition

DeSantis took his CPAC time to attack Biden, Canada and Australia while ignoring Russia

Putin's Useful Idiots

Thank goodness these passed by today.

"Putin's Christian Values"

If it hasn't been mentioned

U.S. Treasury Targets Belarusian Support for Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Putin is a little guy

Republicans are getting more and more violent in midterm campaign ads

Having just heard Sen Tuberville "explain" that Putin invaded Ukraine because he "needed

Is the US and other allies providing

We're going too easy on Russia

Ukrainian ambassador says Russian platoon surrendered to Ukrainian forces

Rep. Adam Schiff calls for the US to sanction Putin directly

Cops Sued For Unlawful Arrest - Most Triggered Cop - LackLuster

My two doses of anti-anxiety medication

Putin rival Navalny speaks out in court

Western companies in Russia should consider shuttering.

Something to consider regarding our response to russia.

Panic, Fear, Disbelief: Russia's Invasion of Ukraine Could Prompt Humanitarian, Refugee Crisis

Anybody see this about the orange gasbag? He really should not be allowed out alone..

Clarissa Ward reporting from Ukraine in a subway, turned bomb shelter

BBC radio interviewer torn into by Amercian

Minneapolis officers found guilty of violating George Floyd's civil rights

I just looked at 5 minutes of Fox News and

Russian cargo plane & CPAC, both in Orlando now.

Anyone have that quote that was posted here recently...

It appears that the Ukrainians just won an important battle at the Hostomel Airport outside of Kyiv.

European defence stocks rise as Russia invades Ukraine #cybersecurity #cyberattack

St. Petersburg

The breathtaking bravery of the Russians who know they'll be arrested for protesting this war ...

Do us a favor, and just get it over with Trump-conservatives, just be honest with us AND yourselves

BREAKING: Ukrainian President Zelenskiy orders general mobilization

Ukrainian band Jinjer's anti-war song

Russia Used Beatings and Tricks to Forcibly Send Rookie Troops to Ukraine, Rights Group Says.

Never let your pets go out unleashed

NCIS Latin mistake

Is TFG really Pennywise?

The Pentagon orders another 7,000 American troops to Europe.

BREAKING: President Biden has appointed Texas Governor Greg Abbott to take down Russia's power grid.

The 3 other former police officers involved in the George Floyd case......

U.N. Security Council to vote on resolution condemning Russia, U.S. official says.

Started / Armageddoning

So I was curious what the freepers were thinking about Ukraine. No links or quotes

Now might be a good time to think about cracking down on a few things like South Dakota trusts that

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Febr. 24, 2022

Pa. rep. proposes bill to eliminate school property tax

Sean Penn on the Ground in Ukraine Filming Documentary About Russia's Invasion


Gang of alleged arsonists has been busted after targeting Walmart stores

The Auschwitz Memorial statement on the situation in Ukraine.

Sally Kellerman of M*A*S*H dies at 84

Biden Announces 'Additional, Strong Sanctions' Against Russia - MSNBC

Hostomel airport-"The Russian landing party has been destroyed"

The Salang Tunnel Fire

Roger Waters-The Bravery of Being Out of Range

I think I've created a monster.

Old school D*** Pics

My friend, who still has family in Ukraine...Fearful for them.

JD Vance, R/Moron insults Ohio Ukrainians, then realizes his error. A series from twitter

Putin has mobile crematoriums following his troops.

U.S. Intelligence Comes Through

'We Are Facing death:' Ukrainian Journalist As Russian Invasion Continues - MSNBC

What if they assassinate Zelensky

80 year old grandfather shows up to join the Ukrainian Army, for his grandkids

QAnon supporters and far-right figures hail Russian invasion of Ukraine as Putin taking down the...

Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe Reportedly to Resign Within Days Despite Being Reelected in 2020

Why are Russian forces massing near Polish border?

Biden's face as Peter Doocy launches into his latest dumbass questions.

'It's Clear Putin Was 'Never Interested' In Diplomacy Says Amb. Bill Taylor - Deadline - MSNBC

Thanks, He-Man

We imposed a travel ban on South Africa because

3 ex-cops convicted of rights violations in Floyd killing

Tweet of the Week

Let's pray this trend continues

Tucker's sponsors 2/23

Russians Aren't Buying What Putin Is Selling

Did you notice that most of the people in Ukraine wear masks?

Russian TV Celebrates Pompeo's Praise Of Putin: Trump and Republicans embarrassingly heaped praise

Will Trump ask his daddy to make him the puppet ruler of Ukraine?

Bomb strikes Turkish-owned ship in Black Sea; no injuries reported

Oakland mayor: Defund the police push went 'too far'

Incredible 70-step trick shot

Gergiev, Putin friend, out of Vienna Philharmonic US tour