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Archives: February 26, 2022

Video of Ukrainian father saying goodbye to his kids while he stays behind to fight. Fuck war.

A cheerful message to the Russian Army...

Sailor facing court martial in fire that destroyed Navy ship

Why I care------

Martin Hyde appears to end congressional campaign after traffic flap

Dear Putin, 'Let's speed up to the part where you kill yourself in a bunker'

I am not watching the TV, but I have it on...

FCC probes media and telecom sector for Russia ownership

'Hank the Tank': DNA evidence spares 500lb burglar bear

Russian military is broadcasting that if Ukrainian soldiers don't surrender they will kill their fam

NY Prosecutor Hoffinger Takes over Trump Case After Veteran Prosecutors Resign. Who is ADA Hoffinger

Edward Snowden hasn't tweeted since the invasion started.

Journalism in Ukraine....

US Sen. Jim Inhofe has COVID-19; makes retirement announcement via speakerphone

Ukrainian woman offers seeds to Russian soldiers so 'sunflowers grow when they die'

Chef Jose Andres says he's going to Poland to aid displaced Ukrainians

NATO Allies to Provide More Weapons to Ukraine, Stoltenberg Says

Who is the Russian Army? GREEN 1 year of service. A quick study thanks to a DU'er comment today

Anyone like blues-rock motorcycle songs

North Carolina GOP seeks Supreme Court intervention in voting map dispute


Cell phone carriers waive charges, allow free long-distance calling to Ukraine

Alex Ovechkin calls for peace on his Instagram feed

Snapshots from Russian TV (via NBC News)

That time Jackson shredded Trump in a federal court ruling

Chef Jose Andres is at the border in Poland delivering meals.

Grandpa gets involved....

USAID: Ukraine Crisis

The Reflex - The Blessed Madonna BBC6 The Reflex Sweatbox Mix

Putties war is not going as planned..

Anonymous hacks and leaks the entire database of the Russian Ministry of Defense website.

Anti-War Protests In Russia Test Putin's Dictator Privilege

IOC Urges Sports Bodies to Cancel Events in Russia, Belarus

U.K. Bans Russian Private Jets

Zelenskyy in his evening speech...

Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

Congrats from Pres's Obama & Biden to Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson on her nomination to the SC

Defeat Putin (Stand With Ukraine) - MeidasTouch

Ambassador McFaul has it right

Moscow on the warpath: Updates on major developments in Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine

Ukraine's national anthem sung inside a bomb shelter.

Ukraine's UN Ambassador is a badass

Ukraine has asked Apple's chief executive, Tim Cook, to cut Russia off from the App Store and Apple

Could Republican support of Putin be explained by:

Munich, Rotterdam may fire Gergiev, London drops Bolshoi

Reminds me of other military blunders... Hitlers, Napoleons, et al

this is aimed at salmonenchanted evening and all gato and music fans

President Zelensky selfie video from the streets of Kyiv

Brand spanking new rewards program for kleptocracy whistleblowers. Keep a chunk of the Kremlin cash!


Russian Athlete Alex Ovechkin Makes Plea: "No More War"

Ukrainian national basketball team stranded in Spain

George Harrison-Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)

NASA Will Show You the Stunning Space Photo the Hubble Took on Your Birthday

'You cannot veto responsibility'

Ukraine says it shot down Russian paratrooper transport plane

Friday Talking Points -- A Changing World Order

'Pawn Stars' celebrity Rick Harrison sued by mother

'It's not rational': Putin's bizarre speech wrecks his once pragmatic image

For Ukraine: Colm Wilkinson - Bring Him Home (Les Misrables)

Can the US give armed drones to Ukraine?

After Ousting Trump, Biden Makes Historic Pick to Diversify Supreme Court - The Beat - MSNBC

Wroclaw, Poland:

Reality Sinks In For Ukrainians Fleeing To Safety

SCOTUS Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson On Love Of Country And Constitution - Deadline - MSNBC

Ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons with a promise of protection.

Inside Kyiv On Day Two Of The Russian Invasion - MSNBC

Canadian liquor stores remove Russian vodka

Fiddler on the roof - Anatevka

Tucker takes time off from praising Putin to put his hood on and attack Ketanji Brown Jackson nom

Opinion: The Clean Air Act -- and legal precedent -- are at risk this Supreme Court term

Many thousands Of Georgians Protest Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine

Would you fight, hide or flee?

Anybody else see Adam Kinzinger on CNN a little bit ago

Putin's Next Move: 'It's Almost Like Unfinished Business From The Cold War - MSNBC

Following bomb threats, Youngkin will ask for emergency funding for security at historically Black c

Issa questioned if VP Harris understood "black experience" because her parents were well educated

"We Americans should treasure our hard-won democracy and do everything we can to protect it."

Little Zoey is no more. She hung on for longer than expected but it was ultimately her time.

"It is not possible to work for a murderer and take a salary from him"

Republicans praising Putin and supporting his invasion of Ukraine had best remember:

Biden's hitting Russia's yacht-riding rich with sanctions. Will it blunt Putin's Ukraine invasion?

Eiffel Tower (featuring "Yellow")

National Portrait Gallery, Watergate exhibition 50 years later

NY Attorney General Letitia James says her Trump investigation won't be slowed by his efforts to del

Is Russia a legitimate permanent member of the UN Security Council?

Major hurdle cleared in plan to demolish 4 California dams

I cannot think of anything but those innocent people being slaughtered in Ukraine...

BTW - how about the women's college basketball in Iowa this year?

The Best Soul Food Spots in America to Visit on Your Next Road Trip

Bellingcat: Attack on Ukrainian Government Websites Linked to GRU Hackers

How Does a Russian Talking Point End Up on Fux Noise? One Researcher Has an Idea.

Hey everyone, is anyone else getting this nagging suspicion about our political climate?

Brazen Russian gaslighting at the UN

Anonymous message to Vladimir Putin - #OpRussia

Kazakhstan is denying a request for its troops to join the Russian offensive, NBC has reported.

Kazakhstan is denying a request for its troops to join the Russian offensive, NBC has reported.

GOP slams John Kerry for discussing climate ramifications of Russian invasion

Zombies - Time Of The Season

A while back I said that maybe the least-often asked question was "And then what?"

North Carolina Republicans Ask SCOTUS To Cripple Voting Rights in Every State

Biden's Court? Black Women Lawyers Cheer Barrier Broken At Supreme Court - The Beat - MSNBC

*Rachel's back again!

Russian Fighters

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy thread! TGIF! Robyn Kincaid subs for Mike!

The World Is Watching Russia Invade Ukraine. But Russian Media Is Telling a Different Story

Rep. Eric Swalwell - is called out by Fux News - doesn't go well...

Trampled Under Foot - Led Zeppelin

Georgia GOP chair tells 1/6 committee that Trump campaign directed alternate elector effort

Harris County DA Kim Ogg says she will not prosecute parents who provide medical care to transgender

How protesters in Russia and Ukraine are avoiding internet censorship -- and jail

So glad Rachel is back

Putin has picked up a trick from Trump.

King County expects to lift indoor mask mandate March 21 based on new CDC guidance

Vladivostok - Prism

Tucker: What's happening in Ukraine is similar to what's happening in Baltimore.

Delta cuts Aeroflot ties as fallout from Russia's invasion of Ukraine spreads - CNBC

Alex Wagner JUst Did A Report On Manafort & How He Got Viktor Yanukovych Elected

Trump, who was impeached for withholding nearly $400 million in military aid from Ukraine

It's early, but I nominate the Ukrainians for people of the year.

How One U.S. Citizen Escaped Ukraine - Zerlina. - The Choice MSNBC

China lifts restrictions on Russian wheat imports

Two Souls in Communion

Tucker Carlson Hoping We Can Just Forget About All The Times He Insisted Putin Was The Best

Georgia GOP chair tells January 6 committee that Trump campaign directed alternate elector effort

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

The heroic stand is admirable, but I wish Zelensky would get out

Famous Syrian rebel wants to go to Ukraine to fight against Russia

Any word yet from the Seven Stooges?

Trump has reportedly discussed withdrawing from NATO. That would be great for Russia (2019)

I saw a young Ukrainian boy crying, saying he doesn't want to die.

NYT - Friedman with an interesting take - "We Have Never Been Here Before" - worth a read

Judge Ketanji Brown Makes History - Zerlina. - The Choice MSNBC

Slava Ukraini! Heroiam slava!

Radio Free Europe Reporter Arrested at Russian Protest

Striking Teamsters make new offer; Seattle-area concrete suppliers call it unacceptable

2 new GERMS artworks...

Update on Albuquerque gas prices: A few days ago I posted about buying regular gas

Striking Teamsters make new offer; Seattle-area concrete suppliers call it unacceptable

Carmel man thought he was Trump, parents were Clinton's before deadly attack

This feels huge. Not sure about you, buy my wife I have discussed we have no idea (yet) of the

U.S. to sanction Putin directly, White House says

Apple Stops Apple Pay Transactions in Russia

The Fixx - Stand Or Fall

Kremlin says sanctions will cause Moscow problems but they can be solved

Republican Senators: Trump's Ukraine Actions Were Wrong, But We Don't Care

Water Song

We've been shocked by Drumpf breaking norms: Time Russia *OFF* UN Security Council - n/t

Army posthumously promotes first Black colonel to one-star general

'Dangerous slide in America.' Judge in Jan. 6 case says what Florida needs to hear Editorial

I've held off on posting this: I have friends in Kyiv

Ukraine's Courage, Putin's Logic, and the Fox News Axis of Evil - The Problem With Jon Stewart

Wonder how Putin would like to get the Fox treatment...

Youngkin to request emergency funding for Virginia's HBCUs amid bomb threats

Russian soldiers brought their phones

Assholes On Parade In Florida

A nice profile of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson on PBS NewsHour last week

Friday Night. I have anxiety, I have whiskey.

High Profile Russians Speak Out Against Ukraine Invasion - All In - MSNBC

This is what Russia signed on Dec. 5, 1994

Greg Abbott to assist Ukraine's fight against Russia

Retired SWAT officer acquitted in movie theater shooting

Retired SWAT officer acquitted in movie theater shooting

Marjorie Traitor Greene sinks even lower.....shows up at Nazi AFPAC

We're in here. We are in Kiev. We defend Ukraine - President Zelensky official Facebook page

Media needs to stop the BS about Gas prices, supply chain, blah blah blah

Huge protests throughout Moscow

Knockoff Hitler Gets His War, and Other Unmitigated Horseshit (Ferret/Shower Cap)

My Friday night sewing project....

How The Republican Party Has Evolved On Russia - All In - MSNBC

In light of recent cancellation of things Russia, like vodka in Canada and the Bolshoi . . . . .

Legendary Shack Shakers.

Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer

Zelensky Everything TFG Is Not

Hillary Rodham Clinton: A State of Emergency for Democracy

Endless gunfire & artillery in Kiev

Formula 1 cancels Russian GP

Ukrainian Government Hands Out Guns To Citizens - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Guardian: Russia could be excluded from the Swift global bank payments system

The Russian Civil War

seems like it would be easy to shoot down those russian helicopters, right?

Friday Night Gin And Tonic Buzz. Ask me anything.

Ukraine Following Russian Troop Movements on Google Maps ??

Would anything compel EU NATO to intervene militarily?

"With you, all roads lead to Putin." - Speaker Pelosi

We're dealing with a man who threatens nuclear war.

MAGA rioter accused of threatening kids says he's 'willing to die' in defiant pre-trial statement

Putin's latest Message: From Stephen King's twitter

Putin has blasted Russia back into the Dark Ages on the International Stage

When you have lost Sam (the buttlicker) Graves

Around 15,000 Soviet troops died in Afghanistan, 1979-1989.

If I stand on an overpass that has a sidewalk on it and wave the Ukraine flag

President Zelensky fighting for the people of Ukraine.

The Simpsons have weighed in

With all the shit swirling, I have forgotten. Does TFG still get classified briefings?

Best way to contact Social Security?

Arizona governor: GOP senator with white nationalist ties 'still better than' a Democrat

Up to 300 Russian Paratroopers KIA as TWO transport aircraft shot down in Ukraine

Ben Sasse?

T. Boone Pickens' Mesa Vista Ranch is up for sale. Here's everything the property includes

That Russian tennis player who wrote No To War

What Happens in Ukraine Doesn't Stay in Ukraine: 10 global issues to watch as Russia's war unfolds

Ukrainian Children in a Bomb Shelter in Donetsk

Ukrainian Parliament Member On Brandishing Kalashnikov Rifle In Anti-Russian Show Of Strength- ReidOut

GOP House Candidate Martin Hyde Caught Threatening Cop During Traffic Stop

Biden Tweet:

The Phone Call

Cryptic Marco Rubio Tweet about Putin's condition

Live Camera View Kyiv/Kiev, Ukraine - Let's speak All the languages

Russian Mobile Creamatoriums

He ain't dead & I'll confess I had my doubts about a "comedian" not anymore

Russia says attacks not hitting civilians. Scenes in cities tell a different story.

My wife and a friend in Vancouver asked me if this is WW3 or not.

Tweet of the Night:

Map of Eastern Europe shared by Bette Midler

Ukraine soldiers told Russian officer 'go fuck yourself' before they died on island

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 2/25/22

Ukraine shoots down second Russian paratrooper transport aircraft

Swedish Olympic Star Gives Away Gold Medal to Protest Beijing's Abuses

John Meacham on MSNBC had a great

Ukrainian woman offers seeds to Russian soldiers so 'sunflowers grow when they die'

Kiev authorities ask residents to check roofs for target marks by Russian saboteurs

If Putin really is taking steroids, then that could explain his unhinged, aggressive behavior

President Zelenskyy's, speech to the Russian people [English subtitles]

Timothy Snyder: Putin's language of "denazification" is a perversion of values and a pretext...

Lincoln Project: #PrimetimePropaganda

Reports of Russian landing operation in Uman

Banning Russia From SWIFT Back in Play

Injured Ukrainian Child Pleads With Putiin

Communist Party member & State Duma deputy Mikhail Matveyev calls for an immediate end to Russia's..

Good twitter account to follow about Ukraine

Russian invasion heightens concerns around Arctic sovereignty

Russia must withdraw its troops from Ukraine immediately.

I keep seeing people refer to the Ukrainian conflict as the worst fighting in Europe since WWII.

Street fighting begins in Kyiv; people urged to seek shelter

Seth Meyers - Russian President Vladimir Putin Declares War Against Ukraine - Monologue 2/24/22

The cop that shot the guy in the movie theater over popcorn got acquitted!!!!!

Ukrainian Government Hands Out Guns To Citizens

Russia vetoes UN resolution condemning its own invasion of Ukraine

Ghost of Kiev artwork

Anticipating Repression Under Putin, Ukrainians Fight For Their Lives - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Kyiv Residents Fearful As Russian Invaders Close In - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Ukrainian 'tank man' trying to block Russian military convoy

This is who AZ Gov Ducey said was "better than a Democrat"

Should NATO enforce a no fly zone over Kyiv?

The World Is Watching Russia Invade Ukraine. But Russian Media Is Telling a Different Story

Tucker Carlson says Ketanji Brown Jackson's nomination means that Biden wants to humiliate, degrade

Loser vs legend

Protesting Invasion of Ukraine

Zelensky's office said they agreed to Putin's offer to meet for negotiations

Buildings around the world are displaying the blue and gold of Ukraine's flag...

Sorry Vlad, that ship sailed a long time ago...

Russian Forces Advance On Kyiv - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Putin's Historic Miscalculation May Make Him a War Criminal

🎉 Help me throw a party! 🎉

The best outcome from the Ukraine would be disgusted Russians overthrowing Putin

Bwahaha.....Joe Arpaio at the Nazi AFPAC conference

Phil Mickelson loses some more sponsors

This is what I think is a huge suggestion

"The Ukrainian Reaper."

Why Putin's Reasons For Invading Ukraine Are 'Total Fiction'

Use a banana to clear off the table!

Zelensky video from a few minutes ago.

U.S. & Allies Impose Sanctions Directly Against Putin - The Last Word - MSNBC

The "Russian Mobsters" - criminals? Or undercover operations?

Sen. Schumer Pledges 'Fair But Expeditious' Supreme Court Confirmation - The Last Word - MSNBC

Former Georgia president on lessons from Russia's invasion of Georgia

Look at this Twitter thread!!

Zelensky video this morning....don't believe disinfo

Paraguay: The New Safe Haven for Brazilian Traffickers, Money Launderers

Russian Losses according to Ukraine's military

Ukrainians flee west as Russian forces invade - ABC News

Syrian rebel famous for taking out more than 140 of Assad's tanks wants to fight for Ukraine

Zelensky taking Refuge

Bill Maher insists that Democrats forgive&forget this whole Trump stuff

We Are Not Going To Leave Any More

As Russia Invades Ukraine, Miami Herald Columnist Tweets, "Should Biden Help Himself to Cuba?"

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy: 'We Won't Put Down Our Weapon' - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Batshit crazy letter from the Russian Federation to the Canadian Government

Report: Russian missile hits Japanese freighter in Black Sea

Woman confronts Rick Scott at a coffee shop

Russia bombs residential tower

Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden Refuse to Play World Cup Qualifying Playoffs in Russia

Russians Reject Putin And His War On Ukraine - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Maybe Japan Could Send Ukraine 10,000 Anti Tank Rocket Launchers Since Putin Shelled Their Freighter

Momentum grows to ban Russia from SWIFT payment system

Is it the right time now for a special group formed by the DOJ,

Images Show Ukrainian Resilience And Strength In The Face Of War - NBC News

With Biden's Nomination Of Ketanji Brown Jackson, A Strengthening Of Democracy: Ifill - Rachel Maddow

Starbucks workers in Mesa, AZ have WON their union election 25-3.

Melanie: I hope you enjoy this new track from my new live album...

Joe Biden signs order to provide $600m military assistance to Ukraine

"Sun is up in Kyiv. The shooting in my neighborhood stopped. I can hear birds. Feels like an end of

Nicaragua convicts 7 more opposition leaders of "conspiracy"

Chelsea Football Club may face going out of business if the government were to impose sanctions agai

(Jewish Group) Fighting anti-Semitism where it starts

GOP Arizona Guv Argues It's Better To Have A White Nationalist In Office Than A Dem

Ukrainians continue to hold out against Russian attack - KTLA 5

Russia Issues Ominous Warning to Finland, Sweden Should They Join NATO

GOP candidate says "back the blue" -- but campaigns with felon who plotted to kill an FBI informant

Conservative students sue University of Houston over anti-harassment policy

Anyone have a link to that photo of all those GOPers in Russia?

☦ 💙 ☮ Ukrainian Orthodox Church Chants

Ukraine's Zelensky rejects US evacuation offer: I need ammunition, 'not a ride'

Just as Putin helped Trump and the GOP take over our government in 2016, Putin's Ukraine aggression

''Why should our government entertain your presence here when you're acting as an apologist for

"We are in a Queue"

Stephen Colbert - Monologue, Rescue Dog Rescue with John Oliver! and Opening - 2/25/22

UT-Austin can't call its new think tank The Liberty Institute. Another group already owns the rights

The treacherous right and perfidious Trump lean heavily into Putin, because of course... meanwhile..

Its heartbreaking to see what Russia is doing to Ukraine, however, I am

Maybe...just maybe...Putin bit off more than he can chew...

Theater shooter acquitted in FL?

Biden's Schedule for Saturday, February 26, 2022

This week's major U.S. economic reports (February 28 - March 4)

U.S. Consumer Sentiment Remained Subdued in Late February -- University of Michigan

This is what "help" from Russia looks like

'That is fraud': Report gives new details into Florida GOP scheme to trick voters into switching par

NYTimes Wordle 2/26

Russian War Crime!

Trump Doubles Down on Calling Putin "Smart," Gets Confused on Fox News: A Closer Look

Right wing school board group to hold summit in Lynchburg on Saturday

Kyiv Still Holding, Saturday Morning

Georgia GOP chair tells 1/6 committee that Trump campaign directed alternate elector effort

GREAT idea. When can we start?

Judge: New admissions policies at Thomas Jefferson High School discriminate


Head of US Ukrainian Catholic Church urges Americans to 'call out people like Tucker Carlson'

Oil Industry Uses Ukraine Invasion to Push for More Drilling

Talented, Savvy, Genius

Finland, Sweden to receive enhanced access to NATO intel over Ukraine

Ukraine defeats a Russian column in Kherson region

Wordle 252 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

Dear RNC: we at the @CatoInstitute make no apology for our amicus brief in Al-Marri v. Spagone ...

TFG said the invasion of Ukraine wouldn't have happened if he

Zelensky says Ukrainian forces 'repelling' Russian assault on Kyiv

Russian vessel reportedly seized in the English Channel

Just my opinion, Russia will face never ending guerrilla warfare in Ukraine.

So Podium Guy was only sentenced to 75 days in prison plus a fine

Breakfast Saturday 26 February 2022

North Carolina Republicans Ask SCOTUS To Cripple Voting Rights in Every State

If TFG or a republican was in office we could be seeing a similar thing here,

Youngkin administration ends equity initiatives at the Virginia Department of Education

How about supplying road side bombs to the military, people, of Ukraine?

Are there any sanctions on energy?

There Are No Guiltless Republicans

Do Russians care about casualties?

Time to get up. Here's the Alarm

Walked past the Russian Embassy in London on my morning constitutional

C-Span callers this morning

Five Stories from the Invasion of the Ukraine you may not have seen

I am not an expert on Russian manufacturing, but they must import a lot of stuff.

A Sign in a Chemical Journal that the World Is Waking Up to Energy Reality.

Night & Day - am I correct about the US's night fighting superiority

Just Married in Kyiv

Why wasn't Russia cut off from SWIFT?

Could Sen Mike Lee (UT) be in danger of being shown the door?

A genius?

Monique Hanotte, Belgian resistance member who rescued 135 downed Allied airmen in WWII, dies at 101

❗️#Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki also confirmed that #Hungary is ready to support all

Even Japan's snowiest towns are overflowing with record snow

Zelensky rejects U.S. offer to evacuate: "I need ammunition, not a ride"

how about we kick the Russians off the ISS?

Johnny Cash was born on this date.

Why can't Victor Orban support his friend Putin in his hour of need?

92 Hostages Held Captive By Russia At Chernobyl

This Could Be Huge: The FCC Is Investigating American Media & Other Companies For Russian Ownership

The Russian army has deployed the TOS-1 heavy flamethrower which shoots thermobaric rockets,

Stranded, lost Russian soldiers have no idea what's going on


My wife is crying over Ukraine and now she read about 17 year old Russian soldier

Republicans help defeat Arizona abortion pill ban

Should I join Twitter? The reason I ask is that I'd like to see if

3 Hours on OSINT and Here's some things that look to be true about Ukraine war

Are there religious undertones to the Ukraine Russian conflict?

100,000 Ukrainians cross into Poland - border agency

Glass Microbiology Sculptures Explore Science Behind Modeling Viruses and Bacteria

Ex-Worker Wins $36.5 Million From Company That Hid Asbestos Damage

February 26, 1969 📻

War is such a waste.

A New Brand of Sticker Shock Hits the Car Market

Soul Man

Never forget...

Cell phone carriers waive charges, allow free long-distance calling to Ukraine

Just add an "a"

Kyiv high-rise apartment building hit by missile strike

Ukrainian civilians slowing down Russian tanks.

We are starting to go out again, and tonight

Fats Domino was born on this date.

Turkey to ban Russian warships from Black Sea

France detained Russian cargo ship

Today's Image Dump (2/26/22)

Ron Filipkowski @RonFilipkowski : The mystery "surprise guest" at AFPAC tonight was Marge Greene.

Thousands of Latvians sang Ukraine's national anthem in front of the Russian embassy in Riga Friday

Russia Used Beatings and Tricks to Forcibly Send Rookie Troops to Ukraine, Rights Group Says

Putin has lost Orban!

CDC's new approach to covid means most Americans can go without masks

How a possible cyber-attack could affect Americans and how to prepare

'Band-Aid on a Tumor': Critics Blast Biden Rebrand of Trump's Medicare Privatization Scheme

Intel source thread

BritBox will be dead to me at the end of the month! After signing up I learn that some more recent

my latest bust from the social media ministry of truth

Al Jazeera: 'Photos: Kyiv after a night of explosions and street fighting Feb. 26, 2022

"They voted for a fool and got a president. The rest of us vote for presidents and get fools."

President Joe Biden on Donald Trump calling Putin "savvy" and "genius"

Originally I thought the US should stay out of Ukraine

Conservative group bombards Orlando with anti-Trump billboards during CPAC 2022

It was true then & it is true now.

When a large powerful country invades a small country willing to fight to the end

V. Putin is very smart!

Putin supposedly furious that the war is not going on Twitter, fwiw....

Paul Manafort...Impeachment 1 (Ukraine)


Today's anecdotal report from Moscow

How to pronounce and spell 'Kyiv', and why it matters

If you have Facebook, look up this guy:

My computer prevented me from opening

Does your dog believe in conspiracy theories?

Steven Greenhouse@greenhousenyt:In an extraordinary move,Starbucks sent nationwide note to employees

Surreal isn't it?

China's support for Putin wavers The Daily Mail

CBC*: 'PHOTOS On foot, by train and in vehicles: Ukrainians cross border to flee war

With respect,

US lobbying firms rush to cut ties with Russian businesses hit with sanctions

Tucker Carlson leads rightwing charge to blame everyone but Putin

Smerconish poll (fwiw) reports 77% of his viewers (38,000+) believe NATO

I'm just gonna leave this here...

Russian official issues stark threats to the West

'Hank the Tank': DNA evidence spares 500lb burglar bear

Real pretty sunrise.

Getting dressed for a ball in 1820:

Fact Check-Photo of children saluting Ukrainian tanks dates back to 2016

Yes, you have a dog in this fight

Weekend TOONs - "DeNazify Ukraine"? Then Get Out!

ICC Prosecutor Is Monitoring Ukraine Invasion


MAGA argument is "Putin didn't invade Ukraine under Trump. Which means he saw Trump as strong."

Boycott Russian Oligarch Owned Curaleaf

We see you

Russians are using civilian clothes and civilian vehicles in Kyiv

Russian space chief threatens International Space Station over sanctions

Just a reminder It's currently 10:15 AM. You have 1Hr 45 Min to play the morning edition of Wordle2

Poland refuses to play Russia in World Cup qualification playoff match after invasion of Ukraine

Italy's (PM) Draghi supports Russia's disconnection from SWIFT -Zelenskiy

Respect for POTUS

An apology from an amazingly courageous young Russian woman.

Tracy Bonham - Mother, Mother -Live (this one could wake you up a bit)

NEVER forget the Republican traitors who chose Moscow over America on July 4th:

"our secret sauce...young white men."

Bars In U.S. Pull Russia Vodka Off Shelves

Republicans take notice

Germany still blocking arms supplies to Ukraine

Something on a lighter note

My eternal thanks and gratitude to the people of Ukraine.

Russia thanks its GOP comrades. by TLP

US lobbying firms rush to cut ties with Russian businesses hit with sanctions

Angry UKR man reprimands Russian troops in Melitopol

Powerful MeidasTouch video: #DefeatPutin

Worth a listen. This guy can bring folks, especially guys, to the side of sanity.

THIS is hitting them where it hurts!

For reference: Trump spent more than four years undermining Ukraine and promoting Russian interests

Racist Hate Monger Marjorie Taylor Greene Speaks At White Nationalist Conference

"thousands of Romanians have been waiting in their personal vehicles to pick up #refugees"

How do you deal with a lunatic with nukes?

American Politicians and Media Supporting Putin and Bashing Biden Should Take Note

Finland questions Hanhikivi nuclear plant prospects amid Ukraine conflict.

Wrong as usual -

If someone's documenting Russian war crimes, here's a video from a Ukrainian paramedic from outside

Young Russian soldier cries as the local residents of Sumy tell him that he is not welcome in....

Republican secret sauce is "young WHITE men" chanting "Putin, Putin."

Ukraine supporters plan second protest at Texas Capitol Saturday

It's already in Wikipedia

Russia's credit rating cut to junk by S&P as other agencies mull or take downgrade action

Two Russian 'saboteurs' go on a rampage, shooting at civilians

Steve Schmidt on Zelensky:

Now that we see how isolated Putler is on the world stage,

Kitten chooses the perfect spot:

The distinction between patriotism and nationalism has never been clearer than before now

Pic Of The Moment flashback to August 2018

According to this Florida forced birth* activist, birth control doesn't prevent abortions.

US official: Russians about 18 miles outside Kiev

Calls to the Michigan gambling problem helpline nearly tripled last year

This is an interesting US Senate read from 2018. (Minority Staff Report on Putin, Russia & Nat.Sec.)

According to this Florida forced birth* activist, birth control doesn't prevent abortions.

I have a WWII ration card that I found in a drawer after my parents

"One of these guys thought he could intimidate the other guy."

Profiles in courage and cowardice

That time they waved Russian (Trump) flags at CPAC

I keep hearing from MSM that Rs are divided over support for Russia

Federal labour minister pushing provinces to mandate paid sick leave

My 96 year old Russian Mother-In-Law on Putin: "He'll die in shit with his throat cut!"

What is a thermobaric bomb? Fears Putin will use weapon which can destroy cities block-by-block

Ukraine Avatars

Stray kitten creates instant bond with woman out on a jog:

France, enforcing sanctions on Russia, seizes ship in Channel

Lt. Col. Vindman: Trump 'Absolutely' at Fault for Russia's Ukraine Invasion

🇨🇦Canadian liquor stores remove Russian vodka from shelves after Ukraine invasion🇨🇦

This is what a REAL Commander in Chief looks like

If you haven't done so yet, get thee to Netflix and watch "Occupied."

Germany OKs weapons for Ukraine in major shift on military aid

Ukrainian offers to tow out of fuel Russian tank back to Russia:

Smartphone in hand, Ukraine's president takes centre stage in a capital under attack

North, south, east and west, "Russian, Go F*ck yourself."

Sting - Russians (Official Music Video)

U.S. May Sanction Russia's Central Bank

You have your own country': Russian soldiers reprimanded by elderly

Russian trolls are all over internet now. Here is their MO

As if things are not bad enough

Some of dis and Some of dat

Videos of Trump trashing NATO, Videos of Trump blackmailing the leader of Ukraine,

How American conservatives turned against the vaccine

Ukraine Shuts Ports as Conflict Threatens Grain Supplies

Maersk Halts Port Calls in Ukraine

Viking Supply Ships' AHTS Quartet Deal with Russian Client Hangs in Balance

the ferocity of the ukrainian people

13 Dead after Tourist Boat Capsizes in Vietnam

Putin thinks he's the hero of Russia's story. He couldn't be more wrong.

Russia has blocked access to Twitter and Facebook

Crowds of Ukrainians spent Saturday making Molotov cocktails

War Via TikTok: Russia's New Tool for Propaganda

I am hoping Sweden and Finland decide to join NATO as a result of Putin's actions

phone attacks

Well, look who popped up on Russian propaganda TV: Maria Butina

A Prayer for Volodymyr Zelensky

Well, you gotta give Russia credit for this at least

Ukranian Pres. Zelensky is using a cell phone to stay connected. Remember Assad targeted journalists

Bob, the South Florida Water man, had some thoughts on Russia, Ukraine, and the US

In Feb. 2020, 52/53 Rethug Senators voted to let Trump BLOCK US military aid to Ukraine

Pardon my sad thoughts this morning/afternoon

Ukrainian American Adam Parkhomenko recommends we watch this documentary about Ukraine

Can someone please explain this to me.

Alexander Vindman posting on Russian convoys being destroyed or abandoned.

Leaked document shows Russia is preparing for 'a massive medical emergency' of Ukraine war casualtie

Leaked document suggests Russia is anticipating a 'massive medical emergency' due to Ukraine war

The juxtaposition of the "Freedom Convoy" and Ukraine is, frankly, embarrassing.

Ukraine Tough

Brian Tyler Cohen interviews President Biden

Will anybody in our "liberal media" ask any of the Moscow 8 what are their thoughts on ....

Breathtaking bravery of the Ukrainians

The Line Must Be Drawn Here

Russia's losses as of Feb. 26: Ukrainian Defense Ministry

"I need ammunition, not a ride."

From vodka to soccer, campaigns to boycott Russia build momentum

We see you Ukraine.

Kyiv curfew from 5pm today until Monday

Golden Earring - Eight Miles High (live, acoustic, in Amsterdam, 1992)

Russia faces heavy losses as it attacks Ukraine on all fronts

In 2020 the DOJ hid from Congress 24 Trump emails regarding Ukraine military aid.

Sean Penn, on the ground in Ukraine, says Putin has made a horrible mistake for all of humankind

The World Court should meet in emergency session.

Russian Billionaire Jets, Superyachts Roam Free Amid Attack

Champions League: Russia angry over "political" decision to move final

War in 2022. Urban warfare expert advising Ukrainian civilian resistors online.

Whoever Set the Expectations for Russia's Invasion is Either a Genius or an Idiot

" poorly wiped rectum." Sounds about right. (Stefanik criticizes Biden, unfoundedly. Natch.)

What we're seeing in the Ukraine leaders right now? Daddy called it "grit".

Zelensky has become more than a man - a symbol.

"Bravest women in the world"

China vows cooperation with North Korea under 'new situation': KCNA

Blondie - Dreaming (official video & live in Asbury Park, NJ, 1979)

Germany Approves Weapons Transfer To Ukraine In Reversal Of Longtime Stance On Lethal Military Aid

President Zelensky is among the singularly bravest national leaders I can think of.

More driftwood pics

This is Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine at the Western Wall in Jerusalem two years ago

Russia may be planning a dirty bomb attack on its own territory

Right-Wing heads will explode! Condoleezza Rice says the Biden Ukraine policy is on point.

Russian army deploys its TOS-1 heavy flamethrower, capable of vaporizing human bodies, near Ukrainia

Doug Baldwin calls out 'Christians' who say they support Putin

Doug Baldwin calls out 'Christians' who say they support Putin

On actNow with Julianna Forlano to discuss Texas trans bill & Gov Abbott

Just a guy driving down a country road & stopping to talk with soldiers invading his country 💀

Hillary Clinton slams GOP: It's for those in GOP left with common sense to do what's right.

ICBC and Bank of China have stopped doing business with Russia - STATE OWNED BANK

How to counter Putin: NATO's former supreme allied commander for Europe weighs in By WESLEY CLARK

Merchant ships have been targeted by Russian missiles, while the French Navy intercepted a cargo ves

Zelensky Has Become More Than a Man

Scottish Violinist Plays Ukrainian Anthem (Beautiful)

U.S. pledges $350 million more aid to Ukraine, tells Russians, 'You do not deserve a pointless war'

S.V. Date tweet: "This was just auctioned off at the Ronald Reagan dinner at CPAC for $12,500."

Amnesty Says Russia's 'Indiscriminate Attacks' in Ukraine May Be War Crimes

MIT Cuts Ties With Russia Tech Center in Protest of Invasion

Let us not forget about Covid-----

U.S. Companies Should Prepare for Putin's 'Gangster Diplomacy' As Risk of Russian Cyberattacks Grows

A different piece of driftwood. Omicron??

Are more Russian troops refusing to fight Ukrainians?

More for my part to reduce the doom scroll

Cheney Rips Trump, Pompeo for 'Praising' Russian President: 'Putin Is Evil'

Ukrainian men 18-60 are told to stay and fight for their Country

How the Missouri Botanical Garden is helping save a critically endangered agave plant

"I do not know Nick Fuentes. I never heard him speak." Marjorie Traitor Greene after AFPAC speech

TCM, 'now'

Sheltered workshop or community jobs? Missouri debates disabled adults in the workforce

Odd question. My little rescue kitty has severe ptsd from his life on the street.

Zelensky says Ukraine has gotten Europe to agree to cut Russia off from SWIFT

Bus driver shortage drives Metro Transit to change 18 bus routes beginning March 21

Pressure mounts on major tech companies to take tougher line against Russia

Smaller-brained birds shrink in response to climate change, Wash U study finds

Russia says: Eest not missile. Eest sprinkler leak. Building hast sprinkler leak.

Allman Brothers - Blue Sky (live, 1998 & studio version)

How a Kirkwood octogenarian became an international money mule

IDOA And State Fire Marshal Encourage Farmers To Practice Safety While Working In Grain Bins

so how does one get supplies to ukraine like stingers and anti tank shells?

Poland refuses to play Russia in World Cup qualification playoff match after invasion of Ukraine

Official Kremlin Website Down Amid War in Ukraine

I understand that Putin, at 5' 7", is extremely sensitive about his short stature. SO-O-O---

Elvis Presley & The Jordanaires - Peace In the Valley (on The Ed Sullivan Show)

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

To all the Ukrainian people

Swift: EU leaders line up to back banning Russia from banking network

Moscow. July 4, 2018. Johnson is second from the left.

Formula 1 didn't want to cancel the Russian Grand Prix, but then the drivers canceled it for them

The Mickey Mouse Club Theme (TV show opening)

World Curling Federation Board has removed the hosting of the European Curling Championships

Sanctions swing toward Putin himself as Ukraine anger grows

How about all the non-Russians on Russia Today (RT) quitting?

UK: Priti Patel cancels Belarus' basketball visas over country's support of Putin

I've added a simple Ukraine flag avatar to DU's avatar collection

Norway ski body says Russians not welcome to compete there

Alexander S. Vindman tweets

Zelensky has proven to be twice the man Putin is...

India walks tightrope over calls for Russia's isolation

Daughter Of Chelsea FC Owner Roman Abramovich Shares Anti-Putin Message

Star Wars theme (and crawl from "A New Hope")

"What we do in life, echoes in Eternity!"

China is Russia's best hope to blunt sanctions, but wary

Chris Licht, a Creator of 'Morning Joe' and 'Colbert' Producer, Is Set to Run CNN

How GOP evolved on Russia

BREAKING: Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich to hand control over to club's charitable foundation.

"The Huanan market was the epicenter of SARS-CoV-2 emergence"

Zelenskyy welcomes offers to moderate talks with Russia

If Putin wanted to "de-Nazify" something he should have invaded CPAC.

Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich gives up "stewardship" of Chelsea FC

I know this sounds weird, but Russia has lost control over one of its geopolitical weapons:

2001: A Space Odyssey theme (Also Sprach Zarathustra)

Cartoons 2/26/2022

"Photographer Captures People ... To Show Their Different Ways Of Living"

Russian cargo ship seized in the English Channel

After losing temper, Sen. Liias apologizes to Oregon governor

2A and Tyrannical Governments

Putin may take Kyiv; holding Ukraine another matter

Eveyone on DU,

Here's why Putin won't win

2001: A Space Odyssey - Johann Strauss waltz scene

Not sure what I just in video out of St Petersburg, but was that cop thugs arresting a . . . .

China says U.S. warship sailing in Taiwan Strait 'provocative'

Current reporting on MNSBC

Is there like a "Go fund me" for the Ukraine military?

This is the highest carbon intensity for Germany in comparison to France in "percent talk" I've...

Tucker Carlson condemned for Ketanji Brown Jackson 'Rwanda' comments

DeSantis Wants to Lead the Culture Wars

War Is Hell.

GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger calls for U.S.-enforced no-fly zone over Ukraine

Flying outside the @CPAC resort: "Trump and Tucker are Russian traitors." 😅

Arm the raccoons

Lost Dog Shows Up on Hidden Camera One Year Later

NATO Deploys Response Force For First Time

Germany to Send Weapons to Ukraine

Woman brings home a wife for her lonely bunny

CNN reporter spots major Russian tank movement

Russian Missile Crushes Kyiv High Rise Apartment (Multiple Angles)

Plant sunflowers, sunflowers, sunflowers -- Ukrainian emblem.

Why Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich handed the club over to trustees instead of selling.

Russia thanks its GOP comrades.

Russian Oligarch to stop laundering his money through beloved football club

The Soul Box Project

Why hasn't Pootie used TFG's favorite method of making things go his way?

Lot of Goddess of Death and Crone energy out and about in Ukraine

Trump continues to praise Putin, forcing GOP to fall in line or splinter from former president

Irish TV journalist tears into Russian ambassador to Ireland

I have received this 5 times today-Vladimir Pozner: How the United States Created Vladimir Putin

France intercepts Russia-bound cargo ship 'Baltic Leader' in the English Channel and 'escorts' it to

Calls to expel Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene after speech at white nationalist event

Third Starbucks Store Votes To Unionize, Arizona: Organizing Momentum

Third Starbucks Store Votes To Unionize, Arizona: Organizing Momentum

Ukrainian Tennis Player Dayana Yastremska's Heartbreaking Instagram Post

Bestest baby duck herder in the world.

Radio Free Europe/Ukraine

Ukraine military take a big Chechen scalp.

I think cabbage rolls and perogies are definitely on.

Perhaps its time to rethink whhether Russia's claim to a permanent seat on UN is legitimate.

Why Ukraine thinks Russia doesn't belong at the United Nations

BBC pictures from the war zone

YouTube has suspended multiple Russian channels, including the state-funded media outlet RT, from

Poland, Sweden Refuse to Play Russia in World Cup Playoff

If Zelensky is killed, will Putin be able to survive as Russian leader?

My wife makes me laugh.

NO JOKE! Republicans to raise taxes on middle-class as Rick Scott channels Romney. Dems will win!

Looks like Russia plans to burn Ukraine down

Michael McFaul: I've watched and listened to Putin for over thirty years. He has changed.

Fly Ukraine's flag, light your city with their colors, sing their Nat'l Anthem

KungFu Necktie - Frankford Avenue - Don't mess with me. 2011 archive pic

It sadly took the needless COVID deaths of tens of thousands of Americans to defeat Trump...

Photos: Traditional Ukrainian Flower Crown Headdresses Recreated

New Hampshire outlets to begin removing Russian-made and Russian-branded spirits

One thing I have learned over the years. Neither side knows how this will unfold

'Colbert' producer Chris Licht will be the new president of CNN

Russian thermobaric "vacuum bombs" launcher seen by CNN team in Ukraine

Flying outside the CPAC resort: "Trump and Tucker are Russian traitors."

Firefight (?) footage between UKR partisans/soldiers and Russian tanks

Ukrainians taking down road signs to misdirect Russians. Overhead sign says "Go ____ Yourselves"

Germany is #1!

Dominik Hasek calls Alex Ovechkin a 'chicken (expletive),' wants NHL to suspend all Russians

JOhn Spencer, urban war studies specialist, on how to defend your city from invasion.

My dad and his animals

You Know If The Russian People Wanted To Rid Themselves Of Putin - This Is Their Chance.....

Ukraine's Zelensky asks (Israel's) Bennett to mediate with Russia, host talks in Jerusalem

Tweet of the Afternoon:

Kyiv, digital road signs have been updated

(Jewish Group) Ukrainian Jews have thrived under democracy. I pray my ancestral country endures

(Jewish Group) Jewish history is repeating itself in Ukraine. This time, we must fight Putin back

(Jewish Group) Here's how to help Ukraine's Jewish community

Ruth Ben-Ghiat: Putin thinks he's the hero of Russia's story. He couldn't be more wrong.

Just lock this guy up.

JUST IN: ... Germany is dropping its historic position of not providing lethal military aid to...

Way to go, people of Romania!

Germany decides to send weapons from its military to Ukraine DW News

My friend in Latvian just sent me a message that she heard Ukraine was victorious.

A proposal

Is there a Brutus to Putin's Ceasar?

Russia ban from SWIFT on the table as Germany drops opposition

German priest sentenced to 12 years in prison for sexually abusing children

A great issue of Marc Elias' Defending Democracy

Russian thermobaric "vacuum bombs" launcher seen by CNN team in Ukraine

Convoy protestors "jealous" over focus on Ukraine

Avatars & Signatures

14 shot at Vegas hookah parlor; 1 dead and 2 critically hurt

Return "Russia" to its traditional rulers: the Mongols, Slavs, and Vikings

The magnificent A Fish Called Wanda was just on Pluto

Al Jazeeera: Photos: Hundreds arrested as Russians protest invasion of Ukraine

Alexander Bilkun, former translator for former Ukrainan President,

Kentucky lawmakers advance bill aimed at teaching American principles

Now, this is what Ukraine is claiming as the losses Ukraine's military has imposed on Russia

Minneapolis bridges lighted in support of Ukraine

Russia-Ukraine live updates: Ukraine says Russia will be disconnected from SWIFT

I have the live webcams on Kyiv and sirens are sounding

Besat Reports Belarusian Troops May Join Attack On Ukraine


14 shot at Vegas hookah parlor; 1 dead and 2 critically hurt

BBC - Ukraine: Is Russia's invasion going as expected?

Daily touch of France - Saturday edition - French faces

Biden orders up to $350M to be released for military aid for Ukraine

Ministry of Interior asks people to turn off geolocation on their cell phones

Democracy In Decline, World's Chilling Return To Authoritarian Rule, Human Rights Abuses

There has been a lot of talk of groupthink inside Putin's inner circle


For those without cable

Putin seems like the type who won't take failure well

What's for Dinner, Sat., Febr. 26, 2022

Putin using 'Nazi' narrative to justify attack

Time's Up For Donald Trump, Says Ex-AG

Example of Ukrainian Soldier Moral !

You've got to watch both videos.

The Hypocrisy of the Rethuglicans!

I wasn't going to post this, but I lmao at this pic in the replies (Snorty McSnortson):

DeWine stops purchase, sale of Russian Standard Vodka in Ohio

EU countries ban Russia from airspace

Consider the United Nations

Here is a list of Ukrainian NGOs to help, media sources to read, and Twitter feeds to follow

Pillow Guy having a normal one

Kremlin web site down

Does Anyone Know If Putin Just Lost His Plan B? He Must Have Had A Plan B Right? Right?

If things go really south for Putin his son Donald might ask the GOP to request military aid to him

Watch This Street Dog Transform Into The Fluffiest Puppy

Nukes? Putin and Trump are cut from the same piece of cloth, and an ugly one at that!

The Lincoln Project Freedom isn't free.

Gov. Abbott asks Texas businesses to remove Russian products from shelves

Ukrainian forces hold Kyiv amid fierce fighting as Russian advance slows

Anonymous claims it has hacked & taken over Russian state TV

We need Pete Seeger today

Surprise, surprise: "Pro-Putin GOP wing shrinking"

Windows 10 will not allow me to save a cropped photo

RU soldier: "We don't know who to shoot -- they all look like us"

Someone needs to negotiate a ceasefire. The longer this goes on the risk for an unthinkable event

Video shows man try to stop Russian tank with his body

Ukraine's Civilians Take Up Arms Against Russia's Invasion

Navy assumes responsibility for security at Mexico City airport

Russian artillery fire has struck Kyiv's children's cancer hospital Okhmadyt, killing one child and

Yanis Varoufakis: Europe must stand with Ukraine, condemn Putin & roll back NATO to restore peace

Am I the only one who's thinking we should want fighters like Ukraine in NATO?

Just In: The leader of the Chechen Republic says he "does not want to fight against Ukraine." This

Cops Owned, Fired and Sued by 15yr Old

I wonder if those young Russian soldiers have any idea how dangerous Chernobyl is

Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway - "Dooley's Farm"

Republican attacks on Biden over Ukraine are hypocritical gaslighting

The Domestic Impact of Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

U.S. And Allies Begin Cutting Russia Out Of International Financial System SWIFT

"If Russia lays down weapons-there is no war. -If Ukraine lays down its weapons-there is no Ukraine"

Obviously, no one told Zelensky that Ukraine "couldn't win". nt

Doppelganger? Stunt Double? Steroids?

US + EU commit to removing selected Russian banks from Swift

Selection of live webcams - Lviv, Odessa, Kiyv, more

DU is always my go to website for major current events

Anita Komuves - I have never cried while reporting. Until today.

Steven Van Zandt Conversation Part 3: "Let's Make Two Senate Republicans An Offer They Can't Refuse"

The impact of throwing Russia out of Swift

I watched "No Way Out" (1987) with Kevin Coster and Gene Hackman this afternoon.

Ukrainian mother hugs her children brought to safety by a stranger

Curious changes in Putin's appearance pointed out by former CIA agent when asked about his health

Tweet is now deleted. Seems it was a mistake-Kadyrov (Chechen Republic) not wanting to fight.......

EU's Von der Leyen announces agreement on disconnecting Russian banks from SWIFT

I made this poster for the grandmother who confronted the Russian soldiers with these words

Certain Russian banks being disconnected from Swift plus more restrictions

Ukrainian Parliament Member On Brandishing Kalashnikov Rifle In Anti-Russian Show Of Strength

Is there an unannounced contest between GOP governors

2 major scientific studies point to a market in Wuhan, China as birthplace of COVID-19

Now, right now is Putin's chance.

Ukrainian citizen confronts Russian soldiers after tank runs out of fuel

Hey DU ..great to see all the UKR avatars popping up!! Such a supportive group

Anti-war sentiment grows in Russia despite govt crackdown

Yet there is faith

Booker T. Jones - "Representing Memphis"

Trump's cpac speech tonight is set against the background of Russia continuing to invade Ukraine. I'

Fire could produce a pulsing glow , right?

Ukraine has 36,000 women serving in the military

I keep seeing reasons Why is Ukraine important?

Sheila E. w/ Prince - A Love Bizarre (12" LP Version) [HD]

Ketanji Brown Jackson a quick overview of her qualifications.

Elderly resident reprimands Russian soldiers: 'You have your own country'

Reports that the financial director of Gazprom has committed suicide in Saint Petersburg today

Mike Lindell was just confronted by CBS News' Robert Costa at #CPAC.

In A Major Shift, Germany Will Send Weapons To Ukraine

Would you like to see a tiny baby turtle react to getting its tummy washed?

LockPickingLawyer: Mandatory USPS Locks for Apartments & Housing w/Centralized Mail Recepticals

Joint Statement on Further Restrictive Economic Measures

Elon Musk says SpaceX's Starlink satellites active over Ukraine after request from embattled country

Is Mexico sending troops or munitions

Russian Government Websites Suffer Disruptions

Chechan General KIA in Ukraine.

Kharkiv under massive bombardment.

I think Ketanji Brown Jackson is a wonderful choice

Did NATO promise not to enlarge? Gorbachev says no

Putin's Apologists. Or as I like to call them, the Blame America First crowd

Republicans found their reason to oppose Biden SCOTUS pick

People who think the Soviet Union still exists are the ones mandating what your kids learn in school

Simon and Garfunkel - The Boxer

I have listed Snowflake on an adoption site.

Tweet of the Night:

So what kind of illness would cause Putin's face to swell?

First post: how can we REALLY help the Ukrainians? I mean money, aid, how?

Invocation for Berehynia, Ukranian Protective Goddess

JD Vance. A complete shithead. Love mom

I contacted Dish Network today regarding RT

Zelensky - what the toxic masculinity crowd...

Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich gives up control of London's Chelsea Football Club

NENA 99 Luftballons Live Video

Preview of Trump's expected bullshit at CPAC tonight

Tweet of the Evening:

Kyiv is under heavy attack. Just switched to CNN.

Alice Cooper - Halo of Flies (quite the adventure)

How Ukraine is maintaining its defense against Russia's invasion

The man who grabbed Pelosi's podium during the Jan. 6 riot gets 2 months

Some bars and liquor stores pulling Russian vodka off their shelves and promoting Ukrainian brands

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats are likely going to win.

The ignorance of some Americans is astounding.