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FIRE's @1AMorey wrote to Kentucky today with a reminder about the law.

My Word Of The Day is FANCIFIER. I know it's a word since I just read it in one of

Exchange of the Day

President Biden Travels To NYC And Unveils New Steps To Curb Crime - Deadline - MSNBC

Norway bans breeding of English bulldogs, Cavalier King Charles spaniels

Supreme Court affirmative action case pretends we haven't already wrecked Black college access

Caribou Barbie Takes on New York Times in a Trial Targeting Press Protections

I received a stimulus check for $600 in January 2021 and a $1400 check in March 2021.

San Francisco becomes fourth California city to apologize to Chinese community for racist past

'We Hope Putin Chooses Diplomacy' Says White House Communications Director - Deadline - MSNBC

The day a vice president accused 'several million' Americans of being fascists

Drumpf won't run in 2024. His dementia won't let him.

St. Louis Lawyer Who Pointed Gun at Black Lives Matter Protesters Endorses Missouri Senate Bill 666,

​​Capitol Police say man previously arrested in front of Supreme Court has returned

A lone hacker on a revenge mission says he is the one who keeps turning off North Korea's internet

Sweardle, the 4 letter word guessing game (Just like Wordle, but with swear words)

Disagreements emerge over timing of sanctions on Russia as Kremlin shrugs off the threat

Greg Locke, a supposed "minister" burned books.

Al Gore's The Assault on Reason was prescient although

'America Is Not A Land of Crime, Horror, Murder, Hatred, and Bloodshed'

Inflation Receding

Va. Gov. Youngkin 'Disappointed' In Schools Suspending Students For Violating Mask Orders

Book Bans and Right-Wing Boobs - Mark Fiore - Political Cartoons

New memos connect Team Trump directly to fake electors scheme

Lauren Boebert is.....really not smart.

Doesn't Rudy Giuliani have any family who can help him

Mrs. Gilmore's Defining Black History

This is Madoc's best trick, yet!

Chris Alexander, former Conservative under Harper, calls out current Conservative Yahoos and trolls

Feel like it's all falling apart. My psychiatrist

WOW, look at all these misdemeanors!

Stop the EARN IT Act to Save Our Privacy

@RepShontelBrown: I am proud to become the newest member to support Medicare for All.

Sam Adler-Bell: Behind the CRT Crackdown

Armed With Teddy Bears, West Virginia Moms Fight To Save The Child Tax Credit

BREAKING: Gov Hochul signs NY redistricting map

If my doctor offends me by refusing to provide the Joe Rogan Covid protocol

I put an "I read banned books" banner on my Fakebook account

Pro tip: If you're going to bribe someone to not run against you, don't write it down...

'Cutting Very Close To Trump': Bombshell MAGA Memos Have 45 Scrambling - The Beat - MSNBC

How A Court Ruling In Alabama Could Boost Black Political Power Throughout The South

Was supposed to be 3 Bookmarks, but got carried away with Isle au Haut. Lol

On this day, February 3, 1938, Victor Buono was born.

Who remembers the Agony of Defeat?

Unmasked: Under Criminal Probe Giuliani Is 'The Masked Singer' And It Goes As You Would Expect

Washington state audit reveals Black voters' mail ballots were tossed at 4 times the rate of white v

New Riders of the Purple Sage - Panama Red

After review, U.S. maintains border policy of expelling migrants, citing Omicron

I just sold...

A mediating role for Erdogan in Ukraine crisis?

Given all the documents coming out from 1/6 committee about advance planning for the insurrection

Republican Party has a split personality on the issue of vowing to appoint a Black woman justice

60-pound dog turns grown man to mush

Exclusive-Biden to sign executive order boosting rights of 200,000 construction workers

Horse Mother Who Lost Her Baby Adopts A Foal As Her Own!

GOP Senate Candidate Pushes Big Lie While Simultaneously Urging People To Vote - All In - MSNBC

Pennsylvania lt. gov., Senate hopeful Fetterman: Republicans' use of critical race theory 'divisive

Tom Cotton says slavery was a necessary evil

DOH recommends fourth COVID-19 dose to some immunocompromised individuals

Gov. Jay Inslee discusses state's homeless crisis with Washington leaders

'Heal our entire community': Affordable housing geared at Native tenants opens in Pioneer Square

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread

Elemental panthers

Pelosi would give 'full support' if congressional staffers unionize, aide says

Ron De Santis Refuses to Condemn Nazi Rally

Lawsuit Challenges Youngkin Masking Order Under Federal Disability Rights Law

Anti-Vaxx Lunatics Shut Down Canadian Capital

Manchin facing pushback over Interior nominee second hearing

So? Let me get this right!

Democrats Rack Up Redistricting Wins

Seniors In Public Housing: GOP Group Misled Them Into Changing Their Voter Registration

Baby raccoon eating jello:

Cats will be cats:

The COVID jerk

Playing the shell game with a mountain lion:

Don't ask for a big pay rise, warns Bank of England boss

The reason why we never say Tock-Tick nor Kong King...

COVID deaths rising as Omicron dies down

Medicare To Start Paying For At-Home Covid Tests

Medicare To Start Paying For At-Home Covid Tests

Where are the accolades?

Pence to speak on 'rule of law' after Trump insists he could overturn election

Republican CAUGHT Spreading Rumors About Canada

This got taken down today. Looks like they were planning on staying a while. At least

My toys!

Minneapolis Police Department shooting -2 Feb 2022

3-year-old skateboarder:

Katie Toupin & Daniel Martin Moore - "Piece Of My Heart" (Janis Joplin cover)

Republicans Who Voted to Impeach Trump Are Fundraising Laps Around Their MAGA Primary Opponents

"The concert, which featured electrifying performances of many of Linda Ronstadt's

Winter scene in Volendam, The Netherlands (1917)

In 15 Round fight with the law, don't bet the house on Trump

Dr. Oz rails against China on the campaign trail. But he made millions there.

School District Declines to Remove Michelle Obama Biography After Parent Complaint

Virginia Senate Panel Rejects Trump EPA Chief for Top Environmental Post

In New York City Sewage, a Mysterious Coronavirus Signal

Amazon increases the price of Prime nearly 17% to $139 per year

Netflix 2022 Movie Preview - Official Trailer

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman Sues Trump Allies

What's your favorite bowl of ice cream made at home?

Ted Lieu snaps a zinger at batshit loon Boebert !!

I thought Leo was injured but he's just a drama queen

Dog That Nobody Wanted Loves Ice Skating Now

So who is gonna watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony??

Hello There - Cheap Trick

anyone have experience with shingles?

Monsters Domain Playtest (PC)

Tweet of the Day

Islamic State's 'ghost' of a leader was plotting comeback when U.S. commandos cornered him

Gov. Hochul signs into law newly drawn congressional maps for New York

Tonight on Rachel Maddow.....

Friendly hummingbird:

Republicans rebuke Liz Cheney in unprecedented moves

RCMP will be called in to Ottawa to help the local police there deal

Good girl is so happy when Dad comes home from work:

Friday's digit: 5/10 - It's another Friday that may have a little something for everyone.

Democrats, Republicans Spar Over Whether Judge 'Unnamed Black Woman' Qualified For Supreme Court

Just saw a new Walter the Cat ad on the Olympics!

Giuliani's Masked Singer Debacle & Trump's Preposterous Plan to Steal all the Elections

A History Lesson For The Senators Troubled By The Biden SCOTUS Vow - All In - MSNBC

Arizona Republican House speaker effectively dooms GOP bill to allow rejection of election results

Joy Reid: Biden Returns To Foreign And Domestic Policy Wheelhouse After Tough Year - The ReidOut MSNBC

San Francisco Becomes 4th California City To Apologize To Chinese Community For Racist Past

Strategic question: Should Democrats "fight" for Biden's nominee?

Missouri 'Stand Your Ground' Bill Critiqued As Racist 'Make Murder Legal Act' - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Would you pay $4,850 for a Super Bowl parking spot? Resellers are pushing up prices

Sweden says it will end Covid restrictions, joining other European nations.

Biden to sign executive order boosting rights of 200,000 construction workers

'Life Or Death Consequences' Of Critical Blood Shortage

Once again people are getting gaslighted by "media"

The Daily Show: Putin Blames the West for Ukraine Tensions & The U.N. Holds an Emergency Session

Elderly Florida Democrats Say GOP Canvassers Duped Them Into Changing Party Affiliation

Police execute another young Black man in Minneapolis (video of shooting...WARNING)

Who Else Thinks Act Blue Could Accept Raising Money For Liz Cheney?

Auto workers vote for independent union at Mexico GM plant

Auto workers vote for independent union at Mexico GM plant

Anyone planning on attending a Superb Owl party?

The masked singer reveals himself: Middle Age Riot tweet--

The New Moon

Pink cat litter!??!

Teri Kanefeld: Indictments won't save democracy

Lawrence On Trump Election Conspiracy: When Does An Idea Become A Crime? - The Last Word - MSNBC

Tweet of the day

Uttini, Berlin, Weyse

Friday A.M. Jazz and Weekend Bossa Nova Jazz Vibes

Fox News is filling its editor positions with GOP operatives and Trump staffers

Harvard Professor Condemns GOP's Jan. 6 Response - The Last Word - MSNBC

The New Orleans Four ( it wasn't just Ruby Bridges, there were 3 other little girls)

Polish, Czech governments sign deal on lignite mine

US Navy appeals Hawaii order to drain military fuel tanks

The great gaslighting: how Covid longhaulers are still fighting for recognition

Four of Boris Johnson's Top Aides Quit

Two dead from Listeria outbreak linked to Dole packaged salads, CDC says

Report: Trump Allies Suggested NSA Data To Help Overturn Election - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Geraldine Mucha - 'Tempo di Mazurka'

Infection and hospitalization by vaccination status (CDC)

TCM Schedule for Friday, February 4, 2022 -- What's on Tonight: Teacher Tales

California Recall Election Cost Taxpayers $200 Million

Something's bonkers. Don't think it's happened previously. Or mb it has. I just clicked on 'play'

TCM later:

Ron Johnson participated in a Jan. 4, 2021, session at a Trump hotel on the potential delay of the

No TRO: Judge rules in favor of Hawaiian Airlines mandate

Kris Kristofferson - Jesus Was A Capricorn (Owed To John Prine)

Local anchor HUMILIATES Republican, laughs in her face live on air - Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump Army - The Lincoln Project

My daughter works for a private prison

RNC Plans To Vote On Resolution To Censure Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger

Cook Report 2022 Redistricting scorecard-Democrats are on track to net 2-3 seats

same all over usa ??? Poll finds Portlanders frustrated by homelessness, crime, city leadership

picture of books being carted off from school library

LGBTQ book ban proponent faces felony child molestation charge in Missouri

If repugs get a majority in the House or Senate...

White House is wearing the red, white, and blue tonight for all the athletes repping the US

Seen this ad yet?

Seth Meyers - Senator Kennedy Expresses Concerns About Biden's Supreme Court Pick - Monologue 2/2/22

Ukraine in Crisis: A sobering conversation with two U.S. Senators

Pulled Over For Driving 2mph Under The Speed Limit - LackLuster

Fact check: Sculpture is evidence of antisemitic 'blood libel,' not false QAnon theory

Series of Indictments Nearly Wipes Out Entire Llano Police Department - Police Brutality Matters

As Omicron peaks, the US healthcare system is left 'broken beyond repair'

Bonus Tweet of the Day

delta asks what's your #1 travel goal this year. dan price replies

Brilliant moment. Dua Lipa asks Stephen Colbert how his faith and comedy overlap

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/3/22

I put vegetables 🥦 into my InstaPot and push the cake button

China's pandemic Olympics begins, with lockdown and boycotts

Only Christians need apply? Gov. Mike Parson's 'Christian values' statement prompts legal concerns

Long COVID-free, isolated Pacific islands hit with outbreaks

White-metal fins form abstract exterior of Buro Ziyu Zhuang's Chamber Church

South Africa seeing more cases of Omicron sub-variant, monitoring it

Beijing Games are like IOC's reward to China for bad behaviour: Rippon

Figure skating - Team Competition Day 1 Results

Putin arrives in Beijing for Winter Olympics with gas supply deal for China

Today's Wordle - 2/4/22

Why Claiming British Identity Is Complicated

Cash-strapped Sri Lanka appeals to expats to send money

Disturbing video shows aftermath of raid killing ISIS leader (CNN)

Ghost Army, a World War II Master of Deception, Finally Wins Recognition

Meet the Sisters Making Wine More Accessible for Black Customers

Meet the Sisters Making Wine More Accessible for Black Customers

Friday TOONs - Suppression And More Suppression

My opinion : I think there needs to be a Twitter Group here.

BBC: Africa's week in pictures: 28 January-3 February 2022

Biden's schedule for Friday, February 4, 2022

BBC: Your pictures of Scotland: 28 January - 4 February 2022

Breakfast Friday 4 February 2022

Biden joins pope, imam in calling for 'human fraternity'

They Need To Ban Catch-22 Because

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will going to be ending up winning.

CBC*: The Impact Of My Child's Teacher Showing Up To School In Blackface

Ut oh! Ohio State's secretary finds 52 more fraudulent votes in the 2020 election!

i29 enlivens 17th-century canal house in Amsterdam with pops of colour

As Trump Worked Presidency's Power To Seize Voting Machines, Local Backers Got The Message - TRMS

An honest question:

Art Cooley, co-founder of Environmental Defense Fund, dies

The Lincoln Project-Note the difference

Art Cooley, co-founder of Environmental Defense Fund, dies

Note the difference-The Lincoln Project

Relieved to see Mittens the Kitten and Scooter, this morning

GOP Men Hardly Punished For Illegal Votes; Black Woman Given Six Years For Sign-Up Error - TRMS

Susan Sarandon really *IS* a truly horrible person!

Who remembers "Black Like Me"? It was published just as...

Speed-talking Don Jr. Calls Lindsay a RINO & weak establishment Republican:

Over 300,000 people without power amid massive winter storm

Putting things in perspective...

Guardian: The week in wildlife - in pictures, February 4, 2022

What Makes Hans Landa One Of The Most Terrifying Villains In Film History

Russia, China push back against US in pre-Olympics summit

Bernie Moreno drops out of OH race for Portman's seat

Please don't post any Olympic results in your thread title.

January Jobs report smashes expectations! +467,000 jobs UE at 4.0%

January jobs report: Payrolls jump by 467,000 as unemployment rate rises to 4.0%

I hate it when someone rings my doorbell, cause I to stop what I'm doing and

John Fogerty & Wynonna Judd - Proud Mary (live, 2011)

I stand with Brian Flores

Got To Give It Up

Yesterday the National Butterfly Center announced it was closing its doors for three days due to a w

Pancreatic cancer cells feed off hyaluronic acid

David Fahrenthold jumps ship

Early January Brought Highest Tides Recorded In A Century To Seattle; Coastal Flooding In WA, BC

Stupidity Explained in Two Graphs

Thousands of Planes Are Flying Empty and No One Can Stop Them - Wired

Dance boy Sean Spicer self owns on jobs report:

Milton police investigating swastikas, other hateful graffiti at Curry College

'Ground up and spit out': Inside the Hill staffer Instagram rebellion

Russia planning

Here's an oldie but goodie about dealing with winter weather.

Opinion requested.

Texas leans on new voting law to reject thousands of primary ballots

Dog Fighting For Life On The Street Meets His Foster Sibling

I think Putin's days are numbered right now

Jacksonville Jaguars hire Doug Pederson as head coach

Alice Cooper (Vincent Furnier) has a birthday today.

Probably the most inspiring confluence of world class craft endeavour and sustainability I've seen

Maskless Youngkin confronted by shopper in Alexandria

Watching Midsomer Murders again has convinced me not to visit there. Especially

The Zucker story is unfolding

Woman takes disabled raven under her wing

New York Times Reporting Reveals: How Trump lawyer provided legal rationale for fake electors

Protecting Coal, Gouging Consumers, Greenwashing - It's The Money-Grubbing Manchin Way

Album released this date in 1977

Came up with a great title for a detective story: "Sherlock Holmes And The Mystery Of The Vicar's

Where Bronx housing went awry

1/6 Suspect Asks Judge for 'Right to Defend Himself' From Prison Guards

Stone Roses - Waterfall (live on British TV, 1989)

Biden to sign executive order boosting rights of 200,000 construction workers

Joe Biden's Strong Jobs Report Shows Resilience of Economic Recovery

Fulton DA details next stage of Trump probe

Emergency declared in some Texas counties. So far its freezing rain that has caused problems

Fox news and Doocy: What vaccine do you get for job loss?

Michael Flynn envisioned 'a Myanmar-style military coup' for the US -- and he hasn't given up

Stone Roses - Waterfall (live on British TV, 1989)

Maddow, on her show last night, planted a crazy image in my mind.

Paris's First Gondola Finally Gets a Green Light

Electricity costs skyrocket along with oil usage

Daily Maskhole Update

Eric Boehlert: Zucker's CNN legacy -- selling drama over news

Research on Ancient Massive Solar Storms Suggests a Need to Prepare for the Next Ones

Back On The Record With Bob Costas: Why the Olympic Ideals Ring Hollow (Ep 1 Closing Remarks) HBO

( Tweet ) Mercury News @mercnews: Minneapolis release video of fatal shooting

Michelle Obama book makes white girls feel 'ashamed,' Texas parent says

San Francisco 49ers fan punched at NFC Championship Game in medical coma

Mitski drops a new video for her new album"Laurel Hell"

Well, I guess you all are stuck with me. 2 days out from surgery.

Body camera video shows Minneapolis officers shooting Black man during no-knock warrant.

Charlie Baker has a 'pretty solid commitment' on a deal with the feds to rebuild Cape Cod bridges

Hello wise ones. Question, why have my PDF's converted to Chrome icons?

Why US Senators Are So Old

The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell Highlights: Feb. 3

What is your morning beverage?

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Week (Friday Roundup)

'Wrong and a horrible dancer': Sean Spicer mocked after massive jobs report destroys his prediction

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: Feb. 3

Where you'll find Shadow on a frosty winter's morning.

Pretty impressive snow storm - yikes

9077 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri; 100 deaths

Company (Penzy's) loses 40k customers after calling Republicans 'racist'

Activists, lawmakers say Massachusetts public bank is solution to lending disparities

Texas governor turns to Bitcoin miners to bolster the power grid and his re-election

Here's What a Tesla Model 3 Is Actually Like After 100,000 Miles

Wordle 230 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

Scientists criticize flaws in study that found lockdowns do little to reduce COVID deaths

What to know about Mayor Michelle Wu's proposed real estate transfer tax

Passenger pulled from plane at Logan Airport in Boston for refusing to wear mask

YouTube Blocks Ukraine Videos As U.S. Warns Russia Creating Fake Clips To Spark War

Alice Cooper - Desperado

Alice Cooper- Second Coming/The Ballad of Dwight Frye/Sun Arise (Happy B-day Alice)

2021 Edgar Award Nominees

david byrne & brian eno - strange overtones (studio-2008) and a couple covers of this great track

They're Burning Books in Tennessee

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 4, 2021

Under the Biden administration the future is so Bright I gotta wear shades

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: Feb. 3

Watch The Beat Highlights: Feb. 3

Cleveland Clinic cancels Eastlake man's kidney transplant surgery because donor not vaccinated

Texas Faces Power Outages, Freezing Temperatures During Winter Storm

Shed No Tears for Jeff Zucker, Trump's Great Enabler

"Love & the Constitution": Rep. Jamie Raskin on Son's Death, Trump's Coup Plot & Protecting the Vote

Where you'll find Shadow on a frosty winter's morning.

The 199,000 'disappointing' jobs number from December has been revised to over 510,000

Bill changing Florida nursing home standards was written by the industry, emails show

Memo: Vos asked if legislature can change presidential electors after election

Russia shuts DW's Moscow bureau, withdraws staff credentials

Jon Stewart sides with Joe Rogan as more artists leave Spotify: 'This overreaction is a mistake'

Rep. Betty McCollum @BettyMcCollum04: Today I'll vote to pass the #AmericaCOMPETES Act

16 Penn swimmers say transgender teammate Lia Thomas shouldn't be allowed to compete

Localised spikes in air pollution far in excess of acceptable limits, Dept of Environment confirms

Environmental groups wanted to remove a dam in R.I. They hit a wall of opposition.

The CBC and Miss Rosa Parks birthday

LAT: Anti-democratic extremists are set to take over this California county.

How Democrats will retain control of the US House?

Holy crap, I got Wordle on the first try! What are the odds of that?

The Brennan Center: "How Republicans Lost Their Party"

My son works at a grocery store and told me about this customer ...

Uyghur athlete delivers Olympic flame in opening ceremony after global criticism of China

Val Arkoosh Drops Senate Bid In Pennsylvania

Experts test technical research for a hypothetical central bank digital currency

We can stop the white-collar insurrectionists from doing it again: Here's how

Preparing for the Big House...

Good Day DU (February 4, 2022)

Family Fed a Stray Cat, And She Came Back To Them With a Surprise

Multiple Fox Corporation executives have maxed out support to a Big Lie candidate in Nevada

"Yeah, look around you governor, you're in Alexandria. Read the room buddy!"

Adjusting to Our Current Time Warp

UPS Driver Captures The Cutest 'Clients' He Meets On Routes, And People Can't Get Enough

Shoppers tell maskless Glenn Youngkin to "read the room"

NRA Membership down as much as 30%

Revealed: Trump reviewed draft order that authorized voting machines to be seized

Bookmark this: A complete guide and amendment tracker for proposed changes to PA's Constitution

The RNC Joins the Insurrection

Sports betting remains hot topic at the state capitol

RNC's Ronna McDaniel says January 6 committee is a 'Democrat-led persecution of ordinary citizens wh

Cute email scam this morning.

Good 'foggy' morning + daring Cedar Waxwings

Arizona GOPer Compares Not Letting Legislature Throw Out Election Results To Lynching

UN calls on US to halt evictions by Native American tribe

My latest favorite cartoon.

D.C.-area forecast: Rain ends late day as cold air pours in and winter makes a return

Biden Boom -Jobs created per month by US Presidents

South Florida seniors alarmed after political party was unknowingly changed to Republican

Fauci is the villain in new GOP campaign ads

FOX hosts giddy anticipating massive job losses until just *seconds* before Jan jobs report released

Adams looks to controversial ally to run mental health office

Good News

The Struts - Only Just A Call Away (live, acoustic, from the Merci Gallery in Tucson, 2016)

Jayapal's early leadership maneuvers raise House Dem eyebrows

Rare move by United Nations nudges US to intervene in Native American eviction dispute

Rep. Adam Kinzinger blasts GOP over 'conspiracies and toxic tribalism' after RNC votes to advance ce

Touro Synagogue's future uncertain, as long-time Newport congregation faces eviction

Touro Synagogue's future uncertain, as long-time Newport congregation faces eviction

Fox News reacts to the strong January jobs report

White men in media who shaped sexist coverage of Hillary '16 -- as she ran against a sexual predator

Does anyone else avoid clicking likes when it's at 44?

Montco Commissioner Val Arkoosh Drops Out of U.S. Senate Race

Albert Bierstadt: American Landscape Painter: Artists You Should Know

Florida GOP rejects rape exception in 15-week abortion ban

Wireless mouse not scrolling sometimes

Massive Winter Storm Knocks Out Power, Moves To Northeast

McKee has narrow Q4 fundraising lead in RI race for governor

Cranston dentist who defied RI COVID vaccine mandate sues for right to see patients again

DJ sets up sovereign micronation in the middle of the CA desert. Meet Slowjamastan...

Congressional Workers Union launches organizing effort one day after Pelosi said she backs Capitol H

Suspected Chinese hackers hit News Corp with 'persistent cyberattack' in January

The President announcing military operations

Some elections in Washington could look different in coming years because of these 3 proposals

Bill proposes alert system for missing Indigenous people

Republicans in Congress were in on Trump's coup plot

Texas GOP leaders must move away from TFG's poisonous ideas on elections, pardons

Texas GOP leaders must move away from TFG's poisonous ideas on elections, pardons

Alabama Senate passes bill to prevent taxing Alabamians for COVID benefits

TFG was poised to appoint Kraken lady as special counsel to help overturn election: report

Ginni Thomas invited DeSantis to join her weekly "cone of silence" Groundswell meetings

House passes bill to invest in manufacturing and research and counter China's influence

Texas GOP leaders must move away from TFG's poisonous ideas on elections, pardons

Third Avenue is Seattle's endangered lifeblood

US, EU agree to resume oyster and mussel trade, ending 10-year dispute

One hold out in the Avenatti trial?

After Six Amazon Employees Were Killed, Workers Are Demanding Safer Working Conditions

Why are sponsors supporting Fox, I know for greed....but when a organization does the following

These Canadian truck protests are giving off a distinct French "Yellow Vests" vibe to me.

Foggy southern MD morning

Cartoon: Rudy unmasked By Clay Jones -February 4, 2022 11:03 AM

Inspired by a DU post: Do you buy Goya products?

Why seize voting machines? What was the goal there?

An oldie but goodie: I could watch this all day--

My free covid-19 tests arrived today...

Debate over kids and face masks heightens as COVID-19 cases fall in US

These 24 House GOP candidates are COVID-19 misinformation superspreaders

The GOP's vile new punishment of Liz Cheney shows Trump's true impact

Mitt Romney criticizes RNC over resolution to censure Kinzinger and Cheney (CNN)

Tag, you're it! Catch me if you can:

O'Fallon councilwoman's ouster presents First Amendment concerns, attorney says

I am always amused by the fact that the Olympics must only be non-political

Sale of animal-linked NFTs raises conservation funds for South African reserve

My son committed suicide 1/27--he was 25 years old

Disappearing bear:

"Let the Dark Do the Rest"

Pregnant Mama Dog Has 9 Puppies On Woman's Couch

Fort Carson soldier dies in Syria in 'non-combat incident'

Does anyone know of the status

Romney's tweet on RNC

Lawmaker Wants to Rename Fort Benning for New Medal of Honor Recipient Alwyn Cashe

Monarch migration:

Prosecutor investigating Trump lays out timeline

Is this where the love of Trump began? In 2012?

Opinion: Biden is on a roll as commander in chief - Rubin

Pro tip regarding coffee

If you love tennis, this will make you smile!

"Governor, where is your're in Alexandria; Read the room, buddy!"

Puppy sees himself in mirror--experiments to see if it's really him:

Manhattan District Attorney, Under Fire, Adjusts Lenient Policies

RNC approves censure of Cheney, Kinzinger at winter meeting

Whidbey Telecom receives $9.5 million to expand broadband

Highlands College unveils newly opened campus on U.S. 280

G.O.P. Declares Jan. 6 Attack 'Legitimate Political Discourse'

G.O.P. Declares Jan. 6 Attack 'Legitimate Political Discourse'


Cartoons 2/4/2022

Pence, Trump tensions rise, raising questions about a break

Most vaccine-hesitant healthcare workers got COVID-19 shots

50 Badass Moves by Women

Mount Everest's highest glacier is losing decades' worth of ice every year, scientists warn

Ridgeland Mayor's Plan To Ban 'Homosexual Materials' From Library Inspires UM Religion Talk

Covid-19 Commission Modeled on 9/11 Inquiry Draws Bipartisan Backing

May I assume it to be common knowledge that Jeff Zucker is a major, years long, Mango Fluffer?

Okay. BUT - and hear me out on this

Breaking on CNN - Gym Jordan spoke with the Slobfather for 10 minutes on the morning

Where has ghost been?? Haven't seen it for two weeks, what's up with that?

Statue of Racist Ex-Gov. Bilbo Quietly Moved in Mississippi

North Korea Hacked Him. So He Took Down Its Internet

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win to stay in the majority.

Lawmakers Rip Rep. Lauren Boebert For Her Most Clueless Constitution Claim Yet

Exclusive: Newly obtained records show Trump and Jim Jordan spoke at length on morning of January 6

Jan. 6 Defendants Keep Losing Challenges To A Felony Charged In Hundreds Of Cases

Imagine Dragons - I Bet My Life (live in Toronto, 2015 & studio version)

'We have this all backwards': Ottawa police 'should be fired' for taking cautious approach to

Free Admission For Washington Birthday Planned At Mount Vernon

Exclusive: Newly obtained records show Trump and Jim Jordan spoke at length on morning of January 6

TFG suggests Facebook's user base declined because people quit to get ready for his social-media

getting "forbidden" a few times when I try to move around on the site

Pennsylvania Senate Republican race between Oz and McCormick turns ugly early

Gov. Reeves Signs Medical Marijuana Law; Allows Fewer Patients Than Initiative 65

Insurrectionist lawyer prev. filed notice in court that they planned to subpoena as witnesses Trump

Texas Is Freezing Again. Did Ted Cruz Learn Anything?

AZ Republican says death of his bill allowing lawmakers to reject election results...

Louisiana school board task force rejects $80 million budget increase for public schools

Let's talk about staying warm without power....

Disclosing the fallout over my wife: Re - Her Green Card

What happens between the initial and the revised jobs report?

Republicans on track for gains in state legislatures in 2022 midterms

Biden touts stronger than expected jobs report: 'America is back to work'

The Rolling Stones - "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" -- mono-stereo comparison

I volunteered for a poll worker slot

Democrats pitch second majority-minority district in Congress for Louisiana; Republicans resist

Too Much Butter?? - Butter Boiled Chicken - 18th Century Cooking - Townsends

To DirecTV people, does Direct have Free Speech TV

Remaining States to be redistricted...

David Brooks: The Dissenters Trying to Save Evangelicalism From Itself

Records now reveal that Rep. Jordan spoke with Trump by phone for 10 MINUTES on the

A Missouri health official is the latest vaccine proponent to be pushed out.

Oklahoma bill would fine teachers $10k for teaching anything that contradicts religion

Henderson State University short of cash, sets staff furloughs

Former UVA employees fired due to previous COVID-19 vaccine mandate can reapply

CNBC "I've Never Seen Anything Like This!' Half-a-Million New Jobs

Timeline of important (to me) coup shit.

"Name a snowplow" contest --- 8 Winners

OAN: The Country's Future Depends on Liberals Dropping Dead From Vaccines

Feds propose designation to protect rare flower habitat at proposed mine site

The well worn path I trod to the stock the feline buffet

Jan 6th was 'Legitimate Political Discourse' -- This TRASH Republican party! Unfuckingreal.

Avenatti found guilty

Michael Avenatti convicted of stealing from Stormy Daniels

Virginia legislator loses third aide in less than a month. Here's why.

There is a movement to try to get a Truck Convoy in Washington, D.C.CBC news n/t

Valentine's Gifts 15-20% off thru 2/15


Bills Would Force Doctors to Provide Unproven Treatments

Guy suspected of beating football fan into coma identified by car registration

Across the Desk - S5:E3 (Special Guest - Red State Revolt Host and Activist, Mark Faulk)

Arlington judge granted school boards temporary restraining order to allow requiring masks

Quote of the Day

Zucker's CNN legacy -- selling drama over news

Maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will end up with after 2022 is 56

Hong Kong activist arrested ahead of Olympics protest

Rotterdam may dismantle historic bridge for superyacht reportedly owned by Jeff Bezos

Have you heard of Will Reynolds?

"Name a Snow Plow" contest --- 8 winners (Minnesota)

State plan to protect workers from extreme heat gets pushback from industry

Breaking: 7 VA school boards just won their law their lawsuit against Glenn Youngkin

I gor a couple of spam calls from area coxe 862. Just out of...

Looking for Valentines Day Gifts?

It has been 6 months since my little man, Voodoo, left us.

Given The Crap That Is/Has Happened In The NFL - How Can We Be Sure That.....

Proposed ballot measures would repeal all-mail ballots, create voter ID requirement

Media matters video on FB: Fox News was giddy with anticipation of massive job loss...

Goddamn I Need a Teacher

CDC to ramp up wastewater surveillance

Arizona House speaker quashes bill to allow lawmakers to reject election results

Pence: "President trump said I had the right to overturn the election. President trump is wrong."

Pence says he followed the Constitution on Jan 6. He is either

Regulators approve Apollo to buy Sands after questions about former chairman, Caesars

I think my peace sign is pissing off morons

TCM Schedule for Saturday, February 5, 2022 -- What's On Tonight: Cinematography by Michael Coulter

Russia bans German broadcaster Deutsche Welle...

"President Trump is wrong. I had no right to overturn the election," said a defiant Pence

Right Wing Pundit Gets Permanently Banned From AirBNB For Attending Hate Rally

Today, ballots will be mailed out

'Trump Is Wrong,' Pence Says of False Claim About Overturning Election

Stormy gets 'screwed' again..........

Boom (Ginni and Clarence)

Florida Republicans Switched Seniors' Party Registration To Republican Without Consent

Nothing "legitimate" about it. (The Lincoln Project)

Idaho legislator asks U.S. Congress to close Yellowstone's 'zone of death' loophole

Little Boy And His Pittie Have The Sweetest Reunion

The self-styled look of Madoc

Pentagon: Deadly Afghan airport attack was not preventable

Johnson struggles to rally team as pressure on him builds up

Will the conviction of Michael Avenatti hurt his Presidential ambitions in 2024?

The Fed is about to shaft American workers

Legislature hears proposal to legalize psychedelic mushrooms

The Ship of Fools is leaking . . . ???

We Almost Forgot About the Moon Trees

Meanwhile, Youngkin security detail seems to try to silence actually legitimate political discourse

I happened upon this fascinating video when looking for something else....

Auburn business owners convicted of felonies for stealing from employees

Funny clip: Youngkin Confronted For Not Wearing Mask In Store

Luxury sales tax proposed for Oregon to help low-income parents, former foster youth

The BananaRepublican Party

Great Political Quote


Sheriff wanted for sexual battery hasn't been arrested cuz he's on a religious mission out of state

FBI seizes mobile phones of top GOP Rensselaer County officials (NY) (election fraud)

John Hartford - "In Tall Buildings"

Judge Blocks Constitution-Challenged Glenn Youngkin on Masking in Schools

Been one hell of a day on DU.

Somewhere in South Florida...

Paul Lee Teeks strikes again: BREAKING: in an attempt to get Speaker Pelosi's attention....

Officer faces court-martial for refusing mask mandate, COVID test

About half way through this song will grab ahold of you, and it won't let go.

Some may find this post offensive because of what it asks you to imagine.

Lesson from 1918 re: mask wearing.

The most beautifully dressed angel in the Bible

Happy Lughnasad or Imbolc

I can't think of a single thing...

Rep. Andy Levin @RepAndyLevin: Next week, I will introduce a resolution with other members

Three FL Nazis arrested!

Kansas governor vetoes redistricting plan targeting Democrat

Hell has frozen over.

Youngkin's office will not release 'divisive practices' tip line emails to the public

G.O.P. Declares Jan. 6 Attack 'Legitimate Political Discourse'

Liz Cheney to Jim Jordan: 'You Fucking Did This' / President Trump and Rep. Jim Jordan spoke on ....

70,000 people are without power in Texas. Texans shouldn't be losing power, Greg Abbott should.

Republican Candidate for Governor Stan Pulliam Acknowledges He and His Wife "Explored Mutual

Ro Khana becoming a force of and for Nature.

Revealed: Trump reviewed draft order that authorized voting machines to be seized

I Want To Say Thank You To DU...

"Fascism arrives slowly. Then very fast."

I was gifted a bottle of Screwball Peanut Butter Whiskey.

GOP Becomes Party Of The Insurrection With Censure Of Cheney And Kinzinger

Dan Goldman's opinion on DOJ

Anyone wanna start a pool for when Pence will reattach his lips to that flabby mango colored ass?

Surveillance video shows beaten 49ers fan as aggressor or instigator

Michael Avenanti found guilty of stealing!

Boris Johnson rocked by wave of No 10 resignations

Got a picture of Sunny loaded!

Democrats guide to retaining control of the US Senate in 2022 is-

Happy Birthday, Nicole Wallace!

Pence - Trump Was Wrong - Pence Is Still a Scumbag Asshole

BREAKING - NC Supreme Court rules against republiqan redistricting plan

President Biden Just Declared War On Big Corporate Exploitation

Looks like the Lincoln Project sending a message to TFG:

Praying for Spring

I'll skip the Olympics. You should, too.

Here is the truth.

An OP about women and men mentioned a Bernie Sanders piece. I thought of this

Just now on MSNBC Gym Jordan spoke to #$@% for 10 minutes that MORNING

Nashville rises, Pittsburgh crashes out in 2024 GOP convention search

Michael Beschloss: Profile in Courage:

Maybe THIS is why Mike Pence made that speech today:

Trump has a brand new gig: DJ. Let's guess the Playlist!

Good Job China - Siding With Bloodthirsty Putin Pissing Off The Entire World

Ron Klain On January Job Growth: 'It's A Start But It's Not The Finish' - Deadline - MSNBC

Tweet of the Evening:

So is Fucker Carlson going to get Pence on his show now?

What's for Dinner, Friday, Feb. 4, 2022

Here's what they are calling LEGITIMATE POLITICAL DISCOURSE

Residents Suing Truckers:

The New Girl In The Office

Michael Flynn Is Still at War

'A hush fell over the room': Reporter describes the moment Pence said 'Trump is wrong' - CNN

Disturbed - The Vengeful One [Official Music Video]

New Emails Suggest Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Was Communicating With Ron DeSantis

Supreme Court of North Carolina Strikes Down Congressional and Legislative Maps