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Bless you, Mr. President

My experience with anti-vaxxer cousins

Macro & Putin sitting at a ginormous table

Virginia Republicans block gay marriage, voting rights proposals

Jeopardy! National College Championship

Processing my familial PTSD

Republicans can do what the Nazis failed to do

US offers $10m reward over IS-K terror attack

'Maladjusted' Long Island death-metal rocker busted for Capitol riot role

Brett Kavanaugh's sneaky, underhanded new voting rights opinion, explained

FBI Arrests Jan. 6 Rioter While Out On Bail For Attempted Murder - Deadline - MSNBC

Republican Colorado County Clerk arrested

"We are not racist. I have all type of friends. Colored friends, Spanish, Chinese..."

You can't run fast enough Kevin....

On this day, February 8, 1968, "Planet of the Apes" was released.

The Ottowa trucker event is the kind of thing I expect in Atlanta,DC

As Florida Attempts to Make it Illegal, an Argument for the Sacred Work of White Discomfort

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters arrested after allegedly recording court hearing

Sen. Warnock releases first TV ad of 2022 campaign

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Dan Harmon (creator of Rick and Morty) - "Say you're not a nazi!"

Opinion: The grim fate of the Voting Rights Act in the hands of the Supreme Court

Donation site for Ottawa truckers' 'Freedom Convoy' protest exposed donors' data

Opinion: The grim fate of the Voting Rights Act in the hands of the Supreme Court


Florida voters claim they were duped into changing party affiliations

Global chip shortage gives US manufacturing an opportunity

Trump Busted Hiding White House Records At Mar A Lago - Ring of Fire

Supreme Court in crisis: Justices keep digging themselves deeper

Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye - Steam

Everything is beta with Feta.

Internal Investigation Confirms Border Patrol Failures Leading Up to a 16-Year-Old's Death...

Trumpy Colorado County Clerk Tina Peters Arrested After Resisting Search Warrant

Pfizer accused of pandemic profiteering as profits double

What did the IRS want with your selfies?

GOP Rep Lashes Out At Capitol Police, Claiming Plot To 'Destroy' Him

House passes bill to reform Postal Service operations

This guy: Every Republican.

Somebody loves me

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Stuart Stevens tweet re: Supreme Court

Have y'all been listening to The Politics Girl podcasts?

Appeals court rules in Biden's favor on abortion referrals

that is a qood question...

WATCH: Trump-loving Colorado clerk Tina Peters scuffles with police during arrest

Trump's Twitter substitute sees stocks tank after another delay

I would say FINALLY but if Dejoy had anything to do with it...could mean privatization

Sidney Powell Fights Disbarment, Claims Conspiracy Theories Could 'Be True'

Detectives' union files ethics complaint against state pol over 'anti-police' tweets about NYPD

Kavanaugh complains about Kagan's criticism of him and his GOP allies in Court opinion on

How can we miss him if he won't go away?

Thanks much for the ❤️

AG files civil rights lawsuit against Wenatchee veteran's nonprofit, CEO


WA Lawmakers Pitch $16B 'Move Ahead Washington' Transit Package

Moscow Mitch signals skepticism on need for Russia sanctions legislation

The whole Amir Locke death should put to rest the idea that having a gun

Word of the day is 'inquination' (15th century): the action of polluting, defiling, or corrupting.

Rona McDaniel doubles down on her Trump love

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Remember that extra $200B in exports China was going to buy as part of Trump's "yuge" trade deal

Stuart Stevens tweet re: Mike Pence

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Why Biden's judges are different -- and what that means for the Supreme Court

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art. my brain just can't. watch these!

Democrats will definitely retain majority control of the US Senate in 2022.

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I'm late to the game, but Google Lens!

The new GOP is Biden will spend $30 million on crack pipes refuted in tweet.

Addressing flood risk on I-5 in Nisqually basin now a priority for Pierce County Council

Wait....wut?!?? Dems don't care about the opioid crisis because it kills off people who don't vote D

Another tea leaf to read. Mitch parts ways with TFG over RNC censures. That augurs well for our side

Shame Cometh: The Jared Kushner Story

My USPS Overnight mail has disappeared in the Postal Service

Nominees for the 94th Academy Awards have been announced: (list)

I was able to give blood today after 8 months. Makes me so happy!

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Mike Pence Plays Himself Again, As MAGA 'Wolves' Stay On The Hunt - The Beat - MSNBC

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade has rejected Trump's Arizona election fraud claim as "an outright lie."


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Additional funding for SUNY and CUNY 'must start this year,' higher education advocates say

Leon Russell - Back To The Island (for a much needed trip)

Methinks Nehls is trying to get out in front of some bad news.

So now we know that the language "legitimate public discourse" was not in Bossie's censure res.

Canadian trucker protest spreads to second city, threatening U.S. auto industry lifeline

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

Republicans Try To Straddle The 'Pro-Coup' Line After RNC Censure

Is season 3 of Stranger Things brand new?

The 'but Hillary's emails' crowd goes silent about Trump's document destruction

GOP lawmaker apologizes after insulting Rep. Joyce Beatty after she asked him to wear a mask

Trump's Obstruction of Justice and the Running of the Clock: A Statute of Limitations Discussion

Kicked to the curb: DOT does not want sheds in permanent NYC outdoor dining program

Kimmel Spots Legal Fine Print That Could Keep 'Pathetic' Trump Out Of Office

Thank you to the nice person

Trump voters twice as likely as Biden voters to say Russia-Ukraine conflict is 'none of America's

Spying On Trump's Critics? Mehdi Hasan

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Another GOP FAIL!!!

Russia says military aid to Venezuela will not be used to attack Colombia

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Dan Bongino Blames Staff After HUMILIATING HIMSELF on Fox News!!!

Funny Figure Skating photo collection

To everyone who gave me a heart, some William Wordsworth.

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Jonny Greenwood guitarist from Radiohead interview on NPR on scoring music for films

Is this better or worse quality than what you have now?

Sen. Coons Is 'Hopeful' A Russia Sanctions Package Agreement Will Be Made - Deadline - MSNBC

Why is the media still carrying the narrative that the GOP will win the house in 2022 ?

Michigan judge weighs charges for parents who bought high-school shooter his gun

Mikaela Shiffrin skied out again!

'All kinds of discrimination': inside the secretive world of New York housing co-ops

A funny from the Facebook 😇 🎅🏻

The whole world should be worried by the 'siege of Ottawa'

Analyzing the Very Bizarre Sale of Melania Trump's $170,000 NFT

Supreme Court Guts Yet Another Provision Of The Voting Rights Act - All In - MSNBC

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Opening up*****February Contest Submissions*** for second photo

You have one job

This is what epic failure looks like

"We know that Karl Marx wanted to destroy the American family" - said today in public

TCM Schedule for Friday, February 11, 2022 -- What's on Tonight: Future Shock!

TCM Schedule for Saturday, February 12, 2022 -- What's On Tonight: Seeing Red

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Coming up on TCM:

I tested positive for COVID!

Alberta ending its vaccine-passport system as of midnight

Fauci Says 'Full Blown' Pandemic Phase Is Ending (Astroturfing trucker convoy timed it perfect).

People Saying the Last Election Was Stolen Want to Run the Next One - VICE News

Testifying in Palin libel trial, former Times editorial page editor takes responsibility for errors.

WOW! Can you imagine what an extraordinary visual imagination this artist must have?

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A meme on FB said we know trump organised the insurrection because

Shadow art:

A thought

So in regards to Trump stealing/destroying White House records and the US Code

Tweet (tweet tweet) of the night:

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Who is the Democratic senator who "does not expect" Trump to be prosecuted

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Top Ten Stupid Pet Tricks from Letterman

Wife Watched 2 Robberies In Downtown Seattle Today

Gorgeous, but how would they get this angle? Wouldn't an eagle attack a drone? Is it CGI?

The First Quadruple Asteroid: Astronomers Spot a Space Rock With 3 Moons

Dear Anonymouses... Anonymice? Anonymi? Anonymous Secret Admirers,

Baby emu gets excited while playing with a cat toy (sound on):

Anonymous heart giver/You made my day.

Chimps observed medicating themselves -- and others -- with insects for the first time

Have You Seen the Saucers?

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Activists On Supreme Court Declare Open Season On Voting Rights Of People Of Color Experts Say MSNBC

Dead - Beat It On Dowb The Line - 1972, Paris, France (warning - Multiple Cuts....could get lost.)

The Monkees Star Collector

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*Great discussion on Lawrence Show, 'Supremely Qualified,'

Employee status sought for college athletes as group files complaint on behalf of UCLA, USC players

I love a hot dog

Marian Anderson: what a voice! what life!

An Old Village Voice article you gotta read about Bill Barr will leave a nasty taste in your mouth.

Epic thread on Merrick Garland ( by Tomi T Ahonen )

Rep. Cori Bush isn't backing down on "defund the police" slogan

Trump Swiped Things From the White House & Jimmy Kimmel's Favorite Movie SNUBBED by the Oscars

One more "thanks for the heart" thread...

Arrests in Ottawa as Canadian truckers block main bridge to US

why can't I access my insurance website on my desktop anymore?

UCLA settles gynecologist sex abuse suit for $243.6 million

Chimps Seen Performing First Aid on Themselves and Each Other

Heart - Magic Man (live on UK TV, 1976) + Ann Wilson interview

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Longtime LIRR employee sentenced to 8 months in prison in overtime fraud scheme

India's Karnataka state to shut schools after 'hijab ban' triggers protests

Fla. GOP bill allows parents to sue if their child requests a vegetarian meal and they're not told

I fault myself for lapsing into cynicism too often, but I am a "piker" compared to

I know this is not a popular topic here, but is anyone else sick of maskne?

McConnell ignites feud among Republicans with bombshell announcement - Brian Tyler Cohen

Gary Moore - Hey Joe (live at the London Hippodrome, 2007, with Mitch Mitchell & Billy Cox)

McCarthy v McConnell - The Lincoln Project

Wednesday A.M. Jazz & Great Feeling Coffee Shop Bossa Nova

Tennessee Gov. Signs Voting Map Splitting Nashville in Three

Green Onions

3 graduate students file sexual harassment suit against prominent Harvard anthropology professor

Rep. Lofgren: Jim Jordan Said He Had Nothing To Hide On Jan. 6

Rep. Lofgren: Jim Jordan Said He Had Nothing To Hide On Jan. 6 - The Last Word - MSNBC

Americans Are Frustrated With the Pandemic. These Polls Show How Much.

Lawrence: RNC Is A Cult For Calling Jan. 6 'Legitimate Political Discourse' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Plans for a convoy-style protest in the U.S. gain supporters online.

Stomping Ground

DU Poll: Is it time we accept Covid is here to stay and we just need to get on with our lives

April Showers

Michael Haydn's 'Symphony No. 1'

January 6 Committee Weighs More Subpoenas - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Nowhere To Run - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas

The Clash - Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Spain Circa 1936. For all those who think it can't happen in America

Classic Country, Elvis, Big Bands, Aznavour - my go to music for relaxation/background noise BUT

First Quarter, 44% visible

What Democrats say vs. how Republicans spin and twist it in the media...

Madison Cawthorn is having a very bad week

The hacked account and suspicious donations behind the Canadian trucker protests

Republicans Rift Over RNC Censure - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Tweet of the Day

Mike Luckovich - Traitor

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Mike Luckovich-Federal Penitentiary

'Stop the Steal' Organizer, Ali Alexander, Scored Big Payout at Curious Time

"Do not mention race while testifying"

Mamo Sebsibe

As GOP Seeks To Usurp Control Of Elections, Wisconsin Democrats Are Mobilizing Locally- Velshi MSNBC

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Don't Cry for Mark Meadows (Or Let Him Cry to You)

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Could Trump be prosecuted and disqualified from office for destroying White House records?

David Bowie & Lou Reed - I'm Waiting For The Man & White Light/White Heat (live, 1997)

Economist: Biden administration got it right. Err with some inflation rather than unemployment

A Panelist pushed back on Stephanie Ruhle on Biden judges: Why aren't you covering it?

Supreme Court lets Alabama use GOP-backed map of the state's congressional districts

Wisconsin GOP Looks To Block Abortions If Heartbeat Detected

Casey Jones - Jerry Garcia - Isolated Guitar

Missouri Supreme Court disciplines St. Louis lawyers who waved guns at BLM protesters

The Daily Show: Mike Pence Rebukes Trump & The Metaverse Responds to Virtual Groping

Steve Schmidt: 'Autocratic' GOP Has Become A 'Cult Of Personality' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Putin Is Operating on His Own Timetable, and It May Be a Long One

Steve Goodman - Souvenirs

The 'but Hillary's emails' crowd goes silent about Trump's document destruction

Banker Who Tried To Buy His Way Into Trump Administration Gets A Year In Prison - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

This is the person the GOP is placing all their bets on...("Least Popular President Ever Polled")

Beach Boys - Sloop John B

Unifying power Of January 6 For Extremist Groups Being Examined By Congressional Panel - Velshi MSNBC

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Supremely Qualified For The Supreme Court: Leondra Kruger - The Last Word - MSNBC

FDA's agenda in limbo as Biden's nominee stalls in Senate

Van, Cleaning Windows

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Demon in Disquise

The Moderna HIV vaccine trials are underway

Irresponsible GOP Rep. Hal Rogers 'assaulted' Black Rep. Joyce Beatty: She asked him to wear a mask

Norman Solomon discusses America's misguided Russia/Ukraine policy that all should heed.

Kansas GOP fails to undo veto of remap plan hurting Democrat

A highly virulent variant of HIV-1 circulating in the Netherlands

A highly virulent variant of HIV-1 circulating in the Netherlands

Jellyfish, "Bedspring Kiss"

Prince and the NPG - The Exodus Has Begun

Sweden to scrap all Covid border restrictions for EU travellers

Switching to a Healthy Diet can Add 10 Years to Life


Prince 100 MPH

Paul McCartney and Wings - Mull Of Kintyre (+ 2016 video from Paul about writing/recording the song)

Glazunov, Dvarionas

Los Angeles nun, 80, gets prison for $835,000 school theft

☦ Orthodox Christian 'Kontakion for the Departed'/St. George's Round Church, Halifax

California votes to require paid sick leave for virus cases

"Republicans In Disarray", headlines in 5,4,3,2,1

White House denounces Florida GOP over 'Don't Say Gay' bill

Colgate University receives $25 million from trustee; most to go to athletics

Voters, NC board: Cawthorn candidate challenge should remain

Trump Is Furious at 'Weak and Frightened' Joe Rogan for N-Word Apology

Vatican names new Louisville archbishop, who has history of fighting 'grave sin of racism'

Rugged Mars has taken big bites out of the Curiosity rover's wheels (photos)

Will US Turn Away From Fascism and Abandon This GOP Death Cult Before It's Too Late?

The Full Snow Moon will reach its peak at 11:57 a.m. Eastern on Thursday, February 17

Opioid fight needs new strategy, Cabinet leadership: report

Opioid fight needs new strategy, Cabinet leadership: report

De'Von Bailey lawsuit against city of Colorado Springs settled for nearly $3 million

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Breakfast Wednesday 9 February 2022

Time Ghost Pre-WWII History has parallels to the TFG Situation

Trump 'tearing up documents like a toddler' demands DOJ grow a 'spine': former prosecutor

🟩 Wednesday's Wordle - 2/9/22

Watched a TV 📺 Show on how Iron Workers join steel girders.

Cop Shoots four Bystanders by Mistake Trying to Stop Car Thief

Crucification - Marian Anderson

The 'but Hillary's emails' crowd goes silent about Trump's document destruction

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Why TFG hasn't exposed his proof the election was rigged like he claims?

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carts and chalked instructions used to inform driver to park better

Bison herd runs OVER car

Is the quiz show 'The Chase' on tonight, Wednesday

Biden Administration Tests Four-Legged Robotic "Dogs" on U.S.-Mexico Border

As of February 3, all 72 Wisconsin counties are experiencing Critically High COVID-19 case activity.

One of you DU sweetie pies gave me a St. Valentine's Day heart,...

Single mother faces prison for letting her 14 year old babysit

Trumpy Colorado County Clerk Tina Peters Arrested After Resisting Search Warrant "LET GO OF ME!"

Cerro San Cristbal will become a gigantic artistic mural (google translation)

North Carolina elections board says it has power to bar Cawthorn from running over Jan. 6

Twitter is ablaze with tfg going bankrupt with moronlago and...

The numbers game in the senate

AMA awards Dr. Peter Hotez with Scientific Achievement Award for COVID work

CBC*: "Anti-Black racism 'deeply entrenched' in nursing, report calls for immediate action

Hitler Never Gave the Order... It's easy to see many similarities to the Trump administration.

Good morning and a heartfelt thanks for the hearts!

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Mike Pence set Republicans free to abandon their demented leader

Around the World in 80 Days: Phileas Fogg's Backstory

Brazil podcaster on air calls for creation of Nazi party, faces backlash

All Creatures Great and Small, Season 2: Matthew Lewis' Guide to Cricket

Guardian: 'Congo's first major (music) festival since the pandemic - in pictures

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will going to end up winning.

Remember when we talked about Obama's scandals, crimes and behavior for over a year after he left?

Wordle 235 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

Dropping Indoor Mask Mandate, New York Joins Blue States Easing Covid Rules

"Oh, Trump's not so bad. He can be nice and friendly. "

Guardian: Blak Lens: emerging Aboriginal photographers join forces - in pictures

The repig party is full of parasite's that takes from us

Question about the convoy Truckers' mission.

Wednesday TOONs - Upon His Country's Ruin

Slovakia lawmakers approve defense military treaty with US

Video: Thomas Deininger: Trash Artist - Finalist - Best Documentary Short - LEFF 2019

So the question for MoscowMitch is

How Jose Huizar's lavish Las Vegas jaunts tripped alarms for FBI in L.A. bribe case

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I have been remiss so here's an image from a few months ago

Joy Reid and Elie Mystal Explain the Clarence Thomas Conflict of Interest Problem

Dueling Banjos aka Country music is part of the African Diaspora

Biden's schedule for Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Rebel Music


My hope for Joe Biden's choice for the USSC:

A Stormy Daniels comment that needs to make its way to trump

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Police arrest and pepper spray military man

Eric Boehlert: NY Times loves hyping GOP, ignoring Dems

Right-wing conspiracies have a new target: a tool that fights actual voter fraud

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Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS). NSFW (somewhat graphic)

Another heart -- and just as valuable as the first!

Foot long hot dogs can't find them anymore

Illinois governor set to unveil exit plan for mask mandate

The Weekly Pull: Moon Knight, The Joker, Crema, and More

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Comics Should Be Cheap (2/9/22)

Watching the news last evening, Mrs. A turned to me with a puzzled look on

The Webcomics Weekly #172: Brush Strokes and the Two Jacks (2/8/2022 Edition)

The Rundown: February 9, 2022

Antsy McClain & The Trailer Park Troubadours. Live sampler for those who love comedy w/their music

I am overwhelmed and humbled by all of the hearts!!!

lmao @ DURBAN ON mORNING jOE JUST NOW (updated w/ video link)

The Fight for Democracy Will Be a Long, Long Haul

UK Tories Turning Climate Into Culture War Issue, Because They Care So Much About The Poors

I'm about to become wildly unpopular ...

Stormy Daniels WINS the internet with this WOW quote about Michael Avanenatti

Christian revival prompts student walkout in WV school

Carole King is 80 Today.

Biden's grade on the economy rises to A-

Loud 'racist dog-whistle'

Truckers misrepresenting employers by joining Ottawa protest, companies say

Happy 80th Birthday to Music Legend Carole King.

A few unique animals have evolved with more than one heart 💗💕

The opposite of a gun

USA Today: The 'but Hillary's emails' crowd goes silent about Trump's document destruction

Like, the problem is not really the racist, misogynist dickhead. The problem is THEIR AUDIENCE.

Pelosi Moves to Ban Stock Trades by Lawmakers

Biden Honors 117 Individuals and Organizations with Highest U.S. Award for Science and Math Teachers

Thank you for this lovely heart.

Divorced Madison Cawthorn ripped for "nuclear family" tweet.

Has anyone here seen the T.V. series Insecure?

Louisiana Senate Candidate Literally Torches a Confederate Flag in New Campaign Ad


Abrams apologizes after maskless photos with masked students

What She Wrote Changed His Life

Today's Image Dump (2/9/22)

"Old Crow" McConnell Laughs Off Trump's Criticism

Thank so much

Did they arrest him yet ?

Pack up your sorrows

Before Trump, Alex Jones and QAnon: How Robert Welch created the paranoid far right

House Republican Claims Pelosi Is Dressing Up Capitol Police Like Construction Workers To Investigat

The Georgia investigation: Trump's point man/secretary/errand boy, is a big, big, target.

You raised $10.00 on February 8, 2022 for the kick US Senator Grassley's butt fund

FBI arrests MAGAt who stormed Capitol while on bail on attempted murder charge

Tesla recall: Heat pump won't defrost windshield fast enough

Is Canada's democracy on the brink of collapse?

Fusion Energy Breakthrough

Clown Show - The Lincoln Project

E-book price drop alert 2/9/22 - "It Was All a Lie: How the Republican Party Became Donald Trump"

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Rescue Pittie Is Such A Goofball Around Grandma And Grandpa

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Instead of asking, is this good for the economy, we ought to be asking,

Today's Google doodle - Toni Stone. First woman to play regularly American pro baseball

It's quite simple, the people at the top make too much

Thank you folks. Every heart you give makes me smile.

JHU US COVID data Feb 2 and Feb 9 (cumulative)

Pipeline - The Ventures

It's called eugenics': GOP congressman blasted for 'obscene' minimizing of COVID deaths of children

Led Zeppelin - Bron-Y-Aur Stomp ( mellow Zep in the morn)

Ernest Tubb was born on this date.

Hear doctor's grim prognosis for unvaccinated Covid-19 patient (CNN)

Biles and Vonn rally around Shiffrin after latest Winter Olympics DQ

TX GOP candidate Shelley Luther complains that students can't make fun of transgender children

Costs of California's troubled bullet train rise again, by an estimated $5 billion

Cartoon: Mar-a-Lago confetti shower By Clay Jones -February 8, 2022 3:23 PM

Some good news I think...

Joe Ely has a birthday today.

Barry Mann has a birthday today.

GOP wants to let management control 'notoriously left-wing' unions

Body of 70-year-old Italian woman found sitting in chair, two years after her death

Imagine if Woodward and Bernstein Buried the Ties between the Burglars and Nixon in Paragraph 26?

Thank you for the hearts.

#NationalPizzaDay & maybe you can get yourself a deal on pizza

Supply chain issues now being exacerbated by Canadian "trucker-surrectionists"

Arizona Bill Peddles Debunked Election Fraud Claims

#NationalPizzaDay & maybe you can get yourself a deal on pizza

Oxford school shooting: Witnesses detail the Crumbleys' dark world

How many of you are comfortable eating in a restaurant

McConnell's goal is to try and separate and save the Republican Party from Donald Trump.

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 9, 2022

Hillary Clinton trolling Trump's record-keeping

That was then

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: Feb. 8

Fact check: Debunking false claims about the Canadian convoy protests

Had no idea Olympics had changed this much

Watch The ReidOut Highlights: Feb. 8

5402 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed; 34 deaths

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: Feb. 8

Woman hears rattling in her car. Garage finds human teeth inside

Supremely Qualified For The Supreme Court: Leondra Kruger

Why the Internet is Making Our Societies Self-Destruct

"My momma told me ..."


The Daily Show: 7 Federal Laws We're Pretty Sure Trump Hasn't Broken

Representative (?) Hal Rogers said KMA to Joyce Beatty for

Rep. Jeffries: RNC Is A Cult For Calling Jan. 6 'Legitimate Political Discourse'

Someone gave me a heart ♥️ thank you.

Thanks for the hearts ya'll....😊

America demands our government scream louder at Covid?

SpaceX loses 40 satellites to geomagnetic storm a day after launch

D O L L Y ! ! !

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Major breakthrough on nuclear fusion energy

Another GOP governor rejects Mitch McConnell's invitation to run for Senate

More specs leaked on the OM 1 (yes, that's the official name)

U.S. December wholesale inventories revised slightly higher

Sen. McConnell's 'Clear And Unambiguous' Rebuke Of January 6

One in five applicants to white supremacist group tied to US military

If the RNC can revise it's policy on Ukraine re: 2016 for Trump...

British passenger arrested on suspicion of raping woman in business class on US flight to Heathrow

It looks like the unwritten agreement between Trump and Putin is failing.

"I wish the Canadian truckers were half as tough as their women."

Florida man drunkenly claiming to be Mick Jagger in downtown Naples arrested

Snowbird kitty: Lost cat heads home to Maine -- from Florida

A humble thank you for the hearts...

After telling colleague to 'kiss my a--," GOP Rep. Hal Rogers says his words were 'not acceptable'

Does this make sense?

Piglet & 2 baby emus chase each other around the house:

Carville promotes new super PAC for Conor Lamb

Garland would be accused of being incompetent if he indicted Meadows for contempt now.

Trump does not want to be President as much as he wants to stay out of jail...

Wolf Alice win Group Of The Year at BRITs 2022: "I'm gonna get battered"

Friends who have attended every Super Bowl plan final trip

Small glitch******Photo submission thread for February - here is your chance

"shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States"

LIVE: Speaker Pelosi Holds Weekly Press Conference

Good Day DU (February 9, 2022)

"Don't Look Up": David Sirota on His Oscar Nod for Writing Blockbuster Climate Crisis & Media Satire

1993. Star Spangled Banner. Grateful Dead. 😍

Geomagnetic storm toasts 40 of 49 SpaceX/Starlink Satellites. Musk is going need some burn ointment

Video: Striking Concrete Workers Shut Down Seattle

David Bowie - I'm Afraid of Americans


Current Defence Forces' capabilities leaves State without credible protection - report

Global craziness (ie truckers in Canada) due to

Kitten doesn't want you messing with his little teddy bear:

'This is only going to lead to one place': Madison Cawthorn foreshadows violence over ballot disqual

February Contest *****All Filled up again***** Thank you all!

Environmental Commission looks into acid waste spill at Samsung facility

Thank you so much for the extra hearts!

Giuliani asked Michigan prosecutor to give voting machines to Trump team

Here is why I think it is taking a lot of time to...INDICT, TRY, AND CONVICT TRUMP..

First woman to land a quad in Olympic competition

Trump should not be able to rely on Rudy for attorney-client privilege after he was suspended.

Stunning Photos Reveal the Architectural Interiors Hidden Within Classical Instruments

Facebook: "The hacked account and suspicious donations behind the Canadian trucker protests"

Biden tells LGBTQ children 'you are loved and accepted just as you are' after Florida advances 'Don'

When is the news media going to call Trump for who he is?

Giuliani asked Michigan prosecutor to give voting machines to Trump team

GOP's New Fake Racist Meme for the Midterms--"Biden is Handing Out Crack Pipes"--Is Upon Us

LOL! "This baby looks like he's ready to pour you a pint at his pub":

Thanks for my heart!

GOP lawmaker apologizes after this tense altercation over masks (CNN)

Today's Google doodle - Toni Stone. First woman to play regularly American pro baseball

Are Canada's Conservatives on the brink of collapse?

Alberta lifting COVID-19 restrictions, ending vaccine passport program

A bear walks into a bar:

The RNC's provocative response to its censure critics

Ron DeSantis, 'Don't say gay,' and the new GOP 'snitch culture'

The DOJ Wants You! You Can Help the DOJ Do Its Job!

If elected as Georgia's governor, David Perdue will pardon Trump, Meadows, et al.

Back in the day, Feb. 9, 2008: An Obama blowout at Nebraska Democrats' first-ever caucuses

These boys absolutely love their toddler sister:

Vermont lawmakers send constitutional amendment guaranteeing right to abortion to voters

Careful there, Ronny... Pete Souza has the receipts:

Rogan: "If you're taking vaccine advice from me, is that really my fault?"

The bowl game I'm looking forward to

2-seater drone (concept):

China misses trade targets it promised to Trump

Lia Thomas will swim in Ivy League championships, conference says

Aixoise winter style - Palais du Justice - Aix en Provence

He finishes his sketches with shadowed objects:

Nearly one in five applicants to white supremacist group tied to US military

Speaker Pelosi to GOP: "Take back your party from this has been hijacked."

Abstract light - Paris

Thank you for the heart!!!

Kevin McCarthy: Run away! Run away!

Inside Gov. Hochul's Decision to Lift 'Mask or Vax' Rule in New York

True or False: "I can ALWAYS spot a Republican/Trumper"

Unionization efforts gain momentum on Capitol Hill

Singer/actress Carmen Miranda was #BornOnThisDay, Feb. 9, 1909.

Jason Kenney apologizes for comparing unvaccinated people to AIDS patients

Biden's Big Chance to Lower Drug Prices

Is anybody else getting calls from 800 Service?

Puppy Bowl clip:

Trump-Endorsed Arizona Secretary of State Candidate Has A Show Bill To 'Decertify' 2020

Kansas GOP bring in member on oxygen to override Gov's veto of obviously gerrymandered map

Shame Cometh: The Jared Kushner Story...A tale of hubris and disgrace.

Perky 'Canada' Has Own Government, Laws

To the Trump Treason Cabal: " tyrants I will give no quarter..."

Peter Thiel is backing a new generation of Trump fluffing Republicans


Giuliani asked Michigan prosecutor to hand voting machines over to Trump:

Greg Casar and Eddie Rodriguez Fight for the Progressive Mantle in TX-35

Street shots in Aix-en-Provence

Under Stewart Rhodes, the Oath Keepers Militia Built a Sprawling Network of Political Allies

Republicans are willing to risk their lives and those of others to gerrymander. Priorities.

Marco Rubio is an idiot

Keep an eye out for new info on the funding of Siege of Ottawa by truckers.

Hey Hey I'm finally among

Results from King County's February special election

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Special election results: See how school levies are faring across Pierce County

Summer of Soul DVD

Capitol Police denies baseless claim its officers spy on GOP

I just read ZORRIE

Musk helping restore Tongan internet; virus outbreak growing

The GOP Has No Standards Now

Let Freedom Honk: Why Some Texas Republicans Are Obsessed with Canadian Truck Drivers

JFK Profile in Courage Award nominations

Pressure grows for Inslee to roll back mask mandate

Of all the valuable things Peter Navarro could have stolen in the Great White House Heist

Madison Cawthorn mocks Dan Crenshaw's lost eye:

Do we have a food post

WATCH LIVE: White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds news briefing

Jamie Raskin MSNBC documentary "Love and the Constitution"--anyone know where to find a replay?

Ron DeSantis, 'Don't say gay,' and the new GOP 'snitch culture'

Do you think letters to the editor in newspapers have an impact?

Kentucky DUers, how do you cope with asshats like Thomas Massie?

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Patriotic Texas Human cow Patty

"David Perdue, with his Youngkin vest, packing in another enthusiastic, diverse crowd...":

Wait...wut?!?? Hudson (OH) mayor thinks ice fishing leads to prostitution

atheist comedians

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Pete Souza spills some tea on Ronny Jackson:

Pro-ivermectin Kansas senator reached 'agreement' to switch key redistricting vote

List of R's who are scared to death of Mail-in Ballots

Trump reportedly took 'Sharpie-gate' Alabama hurricane map after leaving office

This just in from Ottawa

On this day, February 9, 1974, ABBA won Melodifestivalen 1974.

Multiple bomb threats at DC schools. Schools are currently being evacuated.

Dove Comes To Visit The Family That Rescued Her Every Day

He failed as a designer dog. So he was dumped.

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HRC: Mmmhmm.

The Olympic medals for team figure skating are delayed, raising three big questions

German Shepherd wants to hula hoop..

Why Texas's Power Grid Still Hasn't Been Fixed

The Clash - Train In Vain (Stand By Me) - live at the Lewisham Odeon 1980 + studio version

Antisemitic flyer campaign targets homes in San Antonio's Alamo Heights neighborhood

Cartoons 2/9/2022

North Dakota tribe to supply natural gas to hydrogen plant

Does ice fishing leads to prostitution? File under Stupid Republicans.

Edmonds mayor: Reopened budget process causing staff 'distress'

Just when I think I've heard it all ...

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School funding measures failing in 7 Snohomish County districts

Democrats propose federal gas tax holiday ahead of midterm elections

Marian Anderson

15K laborers will soon be idled if concrete strike continues, contractors estimate

Foley from old Disney (sounds)

Justice Dept. announces $3.6B crypto seizure, 2 arrests

Organizers of truck convoy

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Bearing an Olympic Torch, and a Politically Loaded Message

Systemic Racism? No Thanks Every How Did We Get Here (Part 1) The Amber Ruffin Show

Ukraine's fate linked to "deeply flawed" Minsk Accords

I am just me

GOP Senator Slammed For 'All-Time Great Cowardly Politician' Quote

Missouri Supreme Court suspends McCloskeys' law licenses indefinitely

Christian revival at school prompts student walkout in W.Va.

Jennifer Rubin: Republicans are trying to turn red America into a dystopia

Miniature artwork:

Now you can trash the real world while saving the metaverse

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Rory Gallagher - Shin Kicker (live at Montreux, 1979)

Massie's entry for dumbest Republican

5 states sue Biden over minimum wage hike for federal contractors

What a bottle of ivermectin reveals about the shadowy world of COVID telemedicine

Firestarter - Official Trailer

Texas GOP candidate 'not comfortable' around transgender children

Czech minister: Putin gave Europe 'gift' as gas crisis showed alternatives exist

Cove, hovering/landing over creek, & river

Archaeologists Uncover 18,000 Ancient Egyptian 'Notepads'

What's getting more expensive? Everything but grazing fees.

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Rubio says 6 January wasn't an attempt to overthrow the government because there's no way it

Nearly 90% of Arizona voters use early ballots. Republicans would eliminate that to combat imagined

Man claims to have grenade in his ass

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***** Photo Contest February***** "Part of the Whole" Thread 1 of 3

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I bought dried chilies at the Asian grocery

Will the EPA partially close a Wyoming coal plant that's one of the nation's largest polluters?

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Devin Nunes Just Cost Trump's Social Media Investors TONS Of Money

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12 Angry, still so powerful.

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Thread 3 of 3 ***** Photo Contest February***** "Part of the Whole"

Going to Iceland next week

Texas GOP candidate and ex-teacher upset that kids can't laugh at transgendered classmates.

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Governor Hochul lifts vax or mask mandate for NY businesses, keeps it for schools

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Amy Winehouse & the Rolling Stones - Ain't Too Proud To Beg (live at the Isle of Wight, 2007)

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On this date in 1964, the Beatles debuted on "The Ed Sullivan Show."

Marines accused of felony vandalism charges make first court appearance

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Controversy over gold medalist Eileen Gu skiing for China misses the point

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Fauci: US exiting 'full-blown' pandemic phase of coronavirus crisis

Fauci: US exiting 'full-blown' pandemic phase of coronavirus crisis

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Archives asks Justice Department to investigate Trump's handling of White House records

It's not complicated:

DU4 Update: Text editor and Subscriptions

Germany to host 4 NFL games through 2025

Jewish student reprimanded for revealing class' Nazi salute

Archives asks Justice Department to investigate Trump's handling of White House records

Beau of the Fifth Column - Let's talk about the RNC, McConnell, and Trump....

Democrats Fear Supreme Court Will Deal Another Blow To Voting Rights Act

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NC elections board says it can disqualify Rep. Cawthorn

Michael Bloomberg to head Defense Innovation Board

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White House approves contingency plan to evacuate Americans from Ukraine in case of Russian invas...

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Pasadena (TX) police made up evidence to arrest man for drunk driving, civil rights lawsuit alleges

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Michael Bloomberg named to Defense Innovation Board

Phishing scam

Canadian website names and shames disruptive truckers

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will going to be ending up winning.

Ex-Trump Aide Testifies to House Select Committee

1 GB broadband

I sincerely hope that when they end mask mandates that I will still have the right to wear my mask

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Archives Asks Justice Department to Investigate Trump

Snow is possible in D.C. area on Super Bowl Sunday.

A 10-year-old girl died of covid after her teacher appointed her the 'class nurse.'

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A Feckless, Weak, Tired Man'

The RNC has the GOPers tied up in knots!

Madam ⁦VP ⁩Harris will travel to Germany to attend the Munich Security Conference.


Anyone know anything about English Bulldogs?

Biden's Big Chance to Lower Drug Prices

Sahil Kapur @sahilkapur : Sen. Tuberville on plans to ban lawmakers trading stock

Trump attacks McConnell after he criticizes RNC censure of two House Republicans probing Jan. 6

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Senate fundraising as of 12/31

Tommy Tuberville wants to keep breaking the rules around trading stocks

Lesser-Known Historical Facts

FNX/First Nations Experience is a PBS TV Station that airs all around the U.S.

A modest suggestion to rein in some of the Trump wannabes:

Singapore Moves to Ease Public Concern Over Impending Tax Hike

"Sugar Magnolia/Scarlet Begonia" by the Grateful Dead live 3/27/88 Hampton Va.

Putin's Attempts To 'Undermine Ukraine' Began In 2004

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Sharice Davids isn't saying much about KS redistricting. Her fundraising emails are.

The Faces with special guest Keith Richards "Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller"

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Still hope for the R's?

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My ssdi lawyer started my appeal

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The Rolling Stones - "Jumpin' Jack Flash", Madison Square Garden

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OK- I was wrong - Jan 6 Committee issues subpoena to Navarro based on that Ari interview

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January 6 committee subpoenas one-time Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro

Billy Preston - "That's the Way God Planned It" from the Concert For Bangladesh

One year anniversary of "I'm not a cat"

Texas National Guard soldier killed in accidental shooting

What's for Dinner, Wed., Febr. 9, 2022

Wordle - not a spoiler

The Who - Pure and Easy ( an afternoon pick me up)

Peter Navarro subpoenaed by 1/6 committee.

"Kansas will be sued". ...Marc Elias

Ohio mayor says "ice fishing might lead to prostitution."

Jerry Reed - Amos Moses

Dave Chappelle speaks out AGAINST affordable housing program

The Select Committee subpoenas former White House trade advisor Peter Navarro.

Idioms in a nutshell

Christian revival in WV high school prompts student walkout

"A true leader ..."

LNG from Japan to arrive in Europe in March

Gazpacho Police!

Philippine presidential campaign gets underway

Speaking of stereotypes...

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Heavy snow forecast for eastern Japan

Kittens were found in a shed, covered in ice and nearly frozen to death are so happy now

Albert King - "Blues Power" (live at Fillmore East)

Biden to appoint Jack McCain to Naval Academy board

Man pleads guilty to sexual assault on cabin crew member

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Roger Waters (with special guest David Gilmour) - "Comfortably Numb" live at the 02

Judge won't readmit four students involved in slavery petition

Pelosi has just gone too far now. Soup police??

A good news story from Columbus, OH

Missouri state leaders move forward with $400 million broadband expansion

Pakistan: Police hunt for 'healer' who hit nail into woman's head

Teddy Thompson (Richard & Linda's son) Don't Know What I Was Thinking (from Transatlantic Sessions)

LIST: Who the January 6 committee has subpoenaed or requested to appear

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So, the radical right wants a civil war to prove that white supremacy reigns in America .....

Just to clear things up, @RepMTG

New Truck Convoy coming into Ottawa from the East. Bet they

Grrr!! GOP Bets on Black Conservatives As Key to Victory: 'We Change or We Die'

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Vintage tech

Pretty Stray Cat Gives Birth Under A Guy's Bed

MTG word of the day "Gazpacho"

In Trumpublican world, if you don't talk about these issues, then they don't exist.

Florida bill allows parents to sue if a child is given a vegetarian meal without parental approval

I Support the Gazpacho Police...

Republicans in Congress are downplaying COVID deaths however they can

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 10 February 2022

2nd Suspect in Alleged Governor Kidnap Plot Takes Plea Deal

Seattle-area Mazda drivers report radios are stuck on the local NPR station (Thanks Antifa!)

The Before-times

Postal Service reform bill heads to Senate after bipartisan House vote

House Jan. 6 committee issues subpoena to former Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will be going to ending up winning.

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From The Guardian: Face masks make people look more attractive, study finds

Tesla says state civil rights agency investigating 'systematic racial discrimination'

Did Capitol Police Put Wire Taps In GOP Rep. Troy Nehls's Underpants, Or Is He Just Babbling?

Yesterday I noted what I saw as an increase in cynicism on DU and wondered aloud if maybe I was not

'Predator' Gets 60 Years For Twice Raping 6-Year-Old Alton Girl

Metadata on earliest draft of EO to seize voting machines linked to Christina Bobb/OANN reporter

Did Kansas state Sen. trade map vote for bill squashing his COVID investigation?

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Former state lawmaker launches bid for Arkansas governor

GOP lawmaker aims to strip state funding from school districts that defied Gov. DeSantis on masks

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Figure Skating: Why would a 15 year old test positive for a cardiac drug?

Marjorie Taylor Greene's worries about Pelosi's "Gazpacho Police"

Exclusive: DHS warns that trucker protests in U.S. could begin on Super Bowl Sunday

Across the Desk - S5:E4 (The OK GOP Attack on Public Education)

Navarro subpoenaed. Is he big enough to fall into DU's proverbial "big fish" category?

Anyone here afraid that Nancy Pelosi will have her "Gazpacho Police" spy on them? MTG again....

It's dinner time, but I'm not hungry. Too many servings of Gazpacho

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Rhythm & Roots Festival comes to an end. UPDATE: REVIVED AND REINSTATED!

Sharon - David Bromberg

The Media's Neo-McCarthyism on Russia Is Getting Worse

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WV HS Students Hold Walkout After Forced To Attend Church Revival At School W 'Doors Locked': ACLU

Caught on video: Thieves shatter jewelry store glass displays at mall in Central California

We Have Probably Twice the Trucks and Truckers We Need.

Revenge of the Patriarchs. Why Autocrats Fear Women

Deal reached on Violence Against Women Act after controversial provision is scrapped

GM/FORD Canceling Shifts

The Great Leap the Human Race Needs to Make -- And Fast

Htgn. WVa.: Students Hold Walkout Protest After Forced To Attend Christian Assembly At School

Louisiana Senate candidate Gary Chambers burns Confederate flag in latest viral ad

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DOJ now has 3 criminal referrals

Come on, kids, let's vote for Nixon. He's far out.

The offensive, bizarre, and offensively bizarre questions Republicans have asked Ketanji Brown...

MTG photo cartoon...

This song is going out to Marjorie.

Ending masks and we are on track for 200k new cases and over