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Thousands gather across western Washington in support of abortion rights

TFG makes Buffalo tragedy about himself... of course.

Where are all these good guys with guns when you need them?

Getting a forbidden page

Why Biden is blasting the 'ultra MAGA' agenda, not Donald Trump, in his midterm push

Texas boy cracks whip on African American family's door (father is arrested for discharge of gun)

Question of the day at Detroit's #BansOffOurBodies rally/march:

Sunday Morning Happy Weekend Jazz and Bossa Nova for a Positive Mood Livestream

This Is Every Former Trump Official Promoting Their Book The Daily Show

8:00 PM Crossing Delancey (1988) TCM NOW

Covid 19

Holy shit, Ted Nugent goes there...

Reading my copy of the AARP Bulletin. There is a story

Putin Threatens 'Full-Blown Nuclear War' If Finland Joins NATO

Payton Gendron, Buffalo Mass Shooting Suspect: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

MeidasTouch: This says it all LOL

tiedrich: "you didn't have to tell me that the Buffalo shooter was white. I figured that out ..."

Dr. Scott Jensen wins GOP endorsement for Minnesota governor

DHS watchdog says Trump's acting DHS secretary changed intel report on Russian interference in 2020

And next is Yentl!

Tens of Thousands March to Protect Abortion Rts Coast to Coast- Chic., NY, Boston, LA: NBC News

Rescued Baby Goat Begs To Come Inside The House

Breaking: The Justice Department is investigating the Buffalo mass shooting "as a hate crime...

The Republicans Spouting Replacement Theory Incitement Ad Writes Itself

The first recording of John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison playing together.

СКАНДАЛ we are ukrainian band ( бо ми укрАiнiан band)

Nigeria student killing: Round-the-clock curfew in Sokoto after protests

AT&T, Walmart, Citi, and other megacorporations bankrolled a likely wave of state abortion bans

Abortion: A Founding American Tradition? - Into Context

5 Min. blackout in Texas - How's that grid thingie of yours working?

and ok, my husband and I we're having a discussion, men have jewels......what do women have??

Ooops! Actually this was the first one. That'll be the Day was second.

Twitch deletes shooter's live-stream video of Buffalo mass shooting

The far-right mystical writer who helped shape Putin's view of Russia

After sunset, southern MD

If Kevin McCarthy defies subpoena, concealing Trump's crimes, he is guilty of misprision of a felony

I have been getting FORBIDDEN when going back or other navigation this evening. Anyone?

Elise Stefanik and replacement theory ... re: today's shooter

USPS wants to hike stamp prices in July. It's just the beginning of a plan to raise prices at 'an un

reading this, sitting

Grand Central Market LA shooting

Faux News right now


Is the pattern clear enough to start suing the right-wing nuts for inciting violence on

Prison consultant working with Capitol-riot defendants says they never expected serious punishments

An 18-year-old white man was charged with first-degree murder in the Buffalo mass shooting that poli

What was that, Elise? - The Lincoln Project

Is there any way to wish ILL on someone who IS ILL ??

White supremacy is not a mental illness. It's an ideology encouraged by the Republican party...

Hennepin County DFL endorses Mary Moriarty for County Attorney

My friend in LA was in a mass shooting

10 Dead, 3 Injured In Buffalo Mass Shooting, Officials Say - PoliticsNation - MSNBC

I could use a few prayers!

For all you Bostonians, past and present - The Standells - Dirty Water

Francis EXPOSES Tucker Carlson's influence on Buffalo Hate Crime - MeidasTouch

The Monkees - The Porpoise Song

Sign for the next march

Arizona lawmaker Wendy Rogers calling Buffalo massacre a false flag

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Russia's GRU taking over....

Joe Manchin Votes Against Protecting Abortion Rights Despite Claiming To Support Abortion Rights

Sick Bed Blues. Buffalo Nichols

Does anyone know if ALL the networks covered the protests over the Alito rulling during

Steve Schmidt gives a profound analysis of our fascist path: And then the killings start.

☦ Orthodox Christian - Tavener's 'Funeral Canticle'

What Personality Type are YOU? Take the test.

Selena Gomez hosts SNL. Post Malone is musical guest. N/T

Supporters of abortion rights rally in D.C., nationwide - The Washington Post

☦ Orthodox Christian giving thanks for St. Anthony of Padua. Again.

N.Y. Gov. Hochul Calls Deadly Mass Shooting In Buffalo An 'Act Of Barbarism' - American Voices MSNBC

Elon Musk says Twitter legal team told him he violated an NDA

I'll be at JFK airport tomorrow with an extended layover

TFG discusses Buffalo shooting at his rally.

What the "Life of the Mother" Might Mean in a Post-Roe America

Lunar Eclipse, in Washington DC


In America they shoot

Ben Haim's 'Pastoral Variee'

Putin's negotiators have arrived in Kyiv...

Valerie Coleman's Wind Concertos, Imani Winds

On This Day in History May 14, 1804 Lewis and Clark depart to explore the Northwest

RU bananas? Ukraine trolls the Russian Military

Mass shooting suspect appears in Buffalo court - Associated Press

Not on the Vogue Cover, what the hell?

Oh dear Tesla, I need some reason.

Trump is charging $5000 to attend his rally so they can hear Trump give a "motivational speech!

Use This CVs if you're looking for a job.

Sundown sky

"If we will not endure a king as a political power, we should not endure a king over the production,

Russia retaliates against Finland as Sweden weighs joining NATO - ABC News

Sunday Funnies 5/15/22 Plus Doonesbury

"If we will not endure a king as a political power, we should not endure a king over the production,

Britney Spears has suffered a miscarriage early in her pregnancy

Lyft driver cancels ride on racist bar owners, gets threatened and derided for it.

Mike Myers, Canada, Messieurs Trudeau, Buffalo, The Pentaverate relevancy ...

☦ Greek Orthodox Wonderworker St. Phanourios, finder of that which is lost/cake recipe

Thank Zeus love life, love Lounge & certain Stendhal " Happy Few"

Eddie Vedder - Hard Sun

Eighteen-Year-Old Ukrainian To Raise Siblings After His Mother Was Killed In Shelling

SNL: Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Trial Cold Open

Carl Orff - O Fortuna Carmina Burana

No Democrat Should Be Applauding the Senate Bill to "Protect" SC Justices "Privacy," and Here's Why

Bonus Tweet of the Day

my first time watching "Bohemian Catsody - A Rhapsody Parody Song for Every Cat Queen and King!"

Bobby Darin - Simple Song Of Freedom

SNL: Weekend Update

SNL: Inventor Documentary

Elephant Ears

Stunning video of close combat in Ukraine

Ukraine wins 2022 Eurovision song contest as UK finishes second in Turin

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Yabba Dabba Edition

Ba.2 covid starting to get legs

NYTimes Wordle 5/15

Moving out of rural red area.

Decided not to fight it and got out of bed before Madoc started attacking my toes.


See how quickly the Senate passed laws to protect the SC judges

Doonesbury - I Never Said It Was A BIG Jam

Breakfast Sunday 15, May 2022

Kalush Orchestra - Stefania - Ukraine 🇺🇦 - Official Music Video - Eurovision 2022 Winner

Barbara Boxer actually supporting a big tent Democratic party, which by extension

Our Electricity rate is going way up. We are hitting a

Laura Ingram is confused?

Klobuchar to Georgia Democrats: 'Get mad and vote' in response to potential overturn of Roe v. Wade

DUer Lucky Charm

It seems the girls prefer baskets to boxes

Looking for something different" Check out "The Bra"!

Dog Flatulence!

Once a fringe idea, many Georgia Republicans now push for total abortion ban

Tennessee's Democratic gubernatorial candidates call for Medicaid expansion at Knoxville forum

Sleepy Feeling

15 year old Georgia gamer sends SWAT team to the homes of other gamers

Why do I fear, 'if' the right wing continues to promote violence in the US,

Ivan Ilyan & Putin's Christo-Fascist Embrace By Western Oligarchs In 2022

threatened a school shooting / was given psychiatric treatment - but still legally bought 3 guns

I noticed President Zelenskyy did not tweet any thanks to the repubs who visited him:

three foot thick Underground Wall Could Be Hitch for SF's Millennium Tower Fix Plan

Bruce "Utah" Phillips was born on this date.

The true history of adoption in America.

Trini Lopez was born on this date.

K.T. Oslin was born on this date.

Brian Eno has a birthday today.

177 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Deadlines and Primaries

Gov Kathy Hochul is on CNN now n/t

Rescue Dog Was Scared Of The World Until She Went On A Bike Ride With Mom

😃🌎🥃🗓❗️What's your favorite whiskey?

Martin O'Malley: All time wifeguy

Pikun and kun Yai sing a song to each other.

Went out to look at pre fab homes other day a ramble

Patron the Wonder Dog rules!

#Eurovision winning song Stefania, filmed in destroyed Kyiv suburbs Buch, Irpin and Hostomel.

Trump-backed FL U.S. House candidate calls Buffalo shooting a "set up" orchestrated by HHS

Across the Desk - S5:E18 (S5:E18 (SQ 820 - The End of Prohibition in Oklahoma?)

Tucker Carlson is a clear and present danger to modern American society. If anyone else said/did

WHAT KIND OF ASIAN are you? (Stereotypes)

Alex Dang - What Kind of Asian Are You? ASIAN HATE

This phrase perfectly describes certain utterances.

2022 Horse Racing - 2022 Victoria Mile(JPN)

Study suggests modern shipping is killing far more of the endangered species than previously thought

Statement by President Biden on Mass Shooting in Buffalo, New York

Finland has confirmed that it will apply for Nato membership

Actor Richard Deacon was #BornOnThisDay, May 14, 1921.

West Ham vs City on right now...halftime...n/t

Don't forget: In January 2016, Donald Trump was already retweeting accounts titled "White Genocide."

New Weekly CO2 Concentration Record Set at the Mauna Loa Observatory 421.13 ppm.

I agree with Fareeds on US sanctions. Russia YES! Cuba, Iran, No

So I had some "Valerian Fisherman" outside my window caught on video!!!!!

This Ol' House

A little more Tolkien---for those in shadow.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about how South Korea learned to love the bomb....

A lull in Ukraine?


I'm proud of the men and women who participated in the demonstration RE: RvW yesterday

Convoy member lawsuit claims motorists were killed when they drove into MPD barricade

You raised $60.00 on May 14, 2022 For the OFFICIAL DU for Ukraine

One detail in the NY massacre that is not mentioned anywhere

I am having one of those days when I bounce back and forth between being exhilarated by

You raised $100 on May 14, 2022 for Abby Finkenauer for US Senate IA

FOX Propaganda & it's new-Nazi hosts & Republicans should be held accountable too.

Rep. Elise Stefanik's Staff Reportedly Backs Off Her 'Pedo Grifter' Theory On Formula Shortage

Stunning timelapse of Earth rising over the Moon captured by lunar orbiter spacecraft Kaguya:

The Tucker Chuckle

You raised $3.50 on May 14, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Beto O'Rourke Gov TX

Puppy slide:

A line of puppies waking up:

Trying to decide if this cartoon is funny (or not)

Feds interview deadly supermarket shooting suspect's parents

As Americans pay more at the pump, the stock prices of oil companies have surged.

Russian prisoners saying their commanders executed their own wounded.

Ukraine releases 'Stop The War' MV of Eurovision prize winning song, Stefania

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Tonga eruption was 'record atmospheric explosion'

"Nancy," the comic strip, for June 23, 1972, followed by an updated rendition

Hochul pledges pursuit of justice after shooting, calls on sites to crack down on white supremacist-

Scott Jensen (far-right) wins GOP endorsement for Minnesota governor

Great Grey Owl Lands on Wildlife Photographer's Camera

Detroit rallies for reproductive rights, in pictures:

Nebraska GOP governor says he will call a special session to pass total abortion ban ......

Clothing question

A Russian billionaire acted as a 'straw owner' to hide true owner of $1 billion worth of superyachts

I made a little video showing art works and got the music online. The music itself is public domain

Turkey may blackmail NATO to prevent Finland, Sweden from joining

Grandmother, 86, and retired cop are first named victims of 'racist massacre'

Well, it looks like all THREE of Arthur's siblings now have forever homes

Are most Americans in denial or somehow disconnected from what happened on Jan 6th?

The winning issue for Democrats?

Oklahoma governor warns tribes not to create abortion havens

Fox News Calls Star Trek Woke, DS9 Writer Calls Them "Morons"

Amtrak train from Seattle to Vancouver, B.C., postponed

Finland, Sweden move closer to seeking NATO membership


Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 15, 2022)

Vice President Harris: "We are seeing an epidemic of hate."

High gas prices are not Biden's fault

If Zell Miller and Max Cleland are both alive. Who would they both be supporting in the

Pelosi says Stefanik tweet on baby formula shortage 'irresponsible'

computer can't connect to internet.

Rob Reiner: "There are not fine people on both sides."

Why Now? After all these years of existing with Roe v Wade

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell wants to file lawsuits in all 50 states to keep pushing election fraud cla

Raining death at Azovstal (9M22S thermite-based incendiary munitions)

McConnell, GOP senators to visit Helsinki amid NATO talks

What Fiction are you reading this week, May 15, 2022?

I have figured out what the Republican Party platform is.

Nebraska Governor is a POS

Every GOP spokesperson I heard today speak about the Buffalo massacre addressed only the mental

Pelosi: Current Supreme Court 'dangerous' for families, freedom

Pelosi calls Title 42 hold-up in COVID-19 bill 'blackmail'

Fire weather worsens as heat wave spreads across southern US this week

"It's really important to examine how the media talks about white shooters"

Well! Trump has inserted him into something that he should have never spoke about!

Molly Hatchet - Dreams I'll Never See (live at the Capitol Theatre, Passaic, 11/10/78)

How do we combat Republican terrorism?

McConnell sees swift Ukraine aid passage, backs NATO expansion & Russia designated terrorism sponsor

Ukraine's Defense Ministry: The time has come now to denazify the Russians

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 16 May 2022

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg: Ukraine can win this war

In intercepted phone call, Russian soldier confirms use of forbidden weapons

Official: Buffalo gunman had threatened school shooting

It did - it did see a puddy kat

Ukraine's foreign minister to German counterpart: We'll join EU anyway, but you can choose to lead

I checked the baby food section of my local CUB supermarket today.

Kash Patel has written a children's book perpetuating the lies about the Steele dossier

The everyday heroes

K. Wyking Garrett, the leader of the Africatown Community Land Trust, fought hard for land acquisiti

Solution to Gun Control? Reject 2nd Amendment. It is that simple.

Durham trial starts tomorrow

May Photography Competition Preliminary Voting Round - Thread One

May Photography Competition Preliminary Voting Round - Thread Two

May Photography Competition Preliminary Voting Round - Thread Three

Opinion: Seattle, how important is equity to you?

The Preliminary rounds are up in GD

Cartoons 5/15/2022

Everett rally draws 400-plus abortion rights supporters

Clout chasing off a mass shooting

computer can't connect to internet.FIXED IT!

Even after housing 'nightmare,' new tenants pay more at Grand Apartments

Anyone else seeing a huge, sudden uptick in right-wing spam?

The Buffalo shooting suspect apparently posted a manifesto citing 'Great Replacement' theory

'Reprehensible': Oz condemns GOP opponent's tweet on Islam

M. Atwood Roe v Wade, The Atlantic, The Handmaid's Tale; J. Raskin, Buck v Bell 1927 Steril Eugenics

Classic Rock bands whose discography has been whittled down to 2 or 3 songs by FM radio - A thread

Ukraine has deployed new U.S. howitzers at front lines - embassy

Racist Republican Lawmaker Claims White Supremacist Buffalo Shooting Was False Flag

What is the credibility of Reddit?

Ted Nugent craps himself again

Total Proof that ..."Changing a Law, Over Time Saves Lives" Please read the chart at link below.

Video of low flying Ukrainian fighter jets

Michelle Obama Reflects on Leaked Abortion Opinion Draft by Supreme Court: 'We Don't Have to Stand

So, you think Texas is a free-market paradise? Try buying a car direct from Tesla

Teri Kanefield: Voter Suppression, Doomsayers, and Nihilists

Fox News claims it's an "Entertainment" network. Then why are they allowed WH Press Credentials?

'Hot mess' Madison Cawthorn faces judgment day in North Carolina

JFC -- temperatures hit 49C in Delhi today

For Putin, a Nordic Nightmare Is Springing to Life

Abbott -all about money- has lobbyists to lower regulations

Holy Modal Rounders - "Euphoria" (1964)

Pete Buttigieg calls on "every politician in this country [&] media figure in this country, left,

Just one example of what we're up against (re: Buffalo mass shooter and social media).

How America Lost One Million People

The rightwing brainwash themselves.

Although he has ALS, George Kooymans of Golden Earring will release a new album next month

Tweet of the Day

Regarding the arrest of the Buffalo terrorist

'Our Resolve Must Never Waver': Biden Addresses Buffalo Shooting At Law Enforcement Memorial - MSNBC

NBC News Releases New Polling - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Thank you all -- I got the job!!

Brave Bull And His Brothers Escape The Slaughterhouse

ice cream shop reportedly turned away a disabled customer / son when they refused to take masks off

I'm pro-life which means that I'm pro-choice.

This is not a partisan observation. This is a public safety warning."

(Jewish Group) Avowed antisemite and white supremacist kills 10 in Buffalo, supermarket shooting

shoulder surgery went ok, not as bad as I thought... now mom's in the hospital

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Was at laundromat I ran into Oscar the dog he loves watching clothes dry.

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

January 6th Committee Escalates Probe By Issuing Subpoenas - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

A tiny kitten found abandoned outside. A family's DOGs took him in as their own.

Kash Patel's book for kids -- wish I were joking.

Can the country survive if there is no justice for those that planned the overthrow of the election?

Former AG Eric Holder's New Blueprint To Win The Voting Rights Fight - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

"Stand Up Fight Back" chants heard at rallies across the country

Mitch McConnell essentially reinforced John McCain's comment that Rand Paul works for Putin.

Fascists are gaming gun laws.

Photos: Max the Belgian Shepherd Dog, abandoned by Russians, to serve in Ukrainian army

Beto is out with an ad slamming Greg Abbott for his unwillingness to #FixTheGrid:

Quote of the Day

It's 19 weeks into the year and America has already seen 198 mass shootings

PA-SEN: John Fetterman had a stroke Friday.

Tweet of the Weekend

I'm an old man. Yesterday I was at a wedding.

So, what does everyone think of my new sig line?

Russia Has Lost a Third of Ground Forces in Ukraine

Pa. Lt. Governor John Fetterman Recovering After Stroke

NATO talks on Russia-Ukraine war: Key takeaways - DW News

Support for Abortion Rights Hits New High

Want to get your kid out of bed in the morning? Download the sound of a dog throwing up to their

Heavy Payton Gendron, Buffalo Mass Shooting Suspect: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a problem at an intelligence school....

what is the difference betwen a skilit, a griddle and a grille? thanks preplexing question.

Look who was here!!!

Mike Gibbons campaigned on getting rid of red flag laws in Ohio

I think there's a mainstream media right-wing shadow narrative and I caught some glimpses on CNN's

What's for Dinner, Sun., May 15, 2022

Arthur Alexander - Anna (Go to Him)

Upnorth Wisconsin Bar

Three years after fire, a race against time to restore Paris's Notre-Dame Cathedral - FRANCE 24

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds" on Paramount Plus....

ICC prosecutor, to Ukraine: Largest deployment of investigators ever

Matthew Dowd excoriates GOP for this latest white supremacist mass shooting that is now the norm.

Tweet of the Afternoon:

Yippie, my hummers are back......have seen a few around just got the feeder up today......

Canadian candidate for Conservative leadership Oops moment.

Wow, a hawk comes visiting.

North Korea implements nationwide COVID lockdown - Al Jazeera

Anybody miss the "Sunday Funnies" today?

Fox hosts LOSE IT in full meltdown on air - Brian Tyler Cohen

The Hallowed Parquet Floor

Righteous Rothkopf rant: It's the guns, but it's not just the guns.

Da libs have been lying to us!!!

Update: DC has storm threat both Sunday evening and late Monday afternoon.

Multiple people shot at Orange County church, sheriff says

Republicans Must Answer for 'Great Replacement Theory' Violence

I planted a little garden today

OK Governor threatens the state's more than 40 Native American tribes.

Turn Pushers of This 'Anti-White' Conspiracy Theory Into Pariahs

"Our Father" on Netflix

Wait..... They're back to selling steaks again?

The queen walks into event to standing ovation

What are the factors that lead us to say a country is great or

Tweet of the Evening:

Stupidass has a lead article with melina tfg saying she believes she'll live in the WH again

What are your current Projects and what time of year do you the craft?

Two people are dead and three others are hurt in a shooting at a Houston flea market.

History is important and we should never turn our backs on anyone's hisotry.

Biden urges unity to stem racial hate after Buffalo shooting

Multiple people shot in a church in Southern California

Post a Rock & Roll Trivia Question

traditional repubs raise alarm about growing strength of militia , racists and john Birch (Idaho)

Amerikanska toppolitiker p blixtvisit: "Vi kommer att skynda p processen"

Multiple People Hit in Shooting at Laguna Woods Church; Suspected Shooter in Custody

Now I need a baby red panda.....

Did McTurtle visit Zelenskyy in person so that

The boys seem to have completely lost interest in the kittens

Marina Ovsyannikova, the Russian journalist who interrupted the state's Channel One television main

The Buffalo Shooter Isn't a 'Lone Wolf.' He's a Mainstream Republican

We're Losing Track of COVID--and It's Going to Bite Us in the Ass

Princes in the tower on PBS

Reclaiming the beauty means the world

Al Franken with timely advice:

I'm sick of taking shit for calling Nazis, Nazis

Tweet of the morning, tweet of the day, tweet of

Mass shooting at California church

curious about Lawn mower maintenance

Endicott Store Sold Conklin Teen Rifle Used in Buffalo Massacre

Buffalo, Houston, California mass shootings within 48 hours. Speechless and afraid.

Will the Buffalo gunman spend the rest of his life in solitary confinement?

It . Is . About . One . Thing : GUNS

Well, that's good to know!🙄

Making Sense of the Racist Mass Shooting in Buffalo

The DOJ is 100% politically sending a case (D affiliated) to trial based on semantics !!!

Why NPR isn't using the word 'manifesto'

Is a slave owner racist?

So where's De Santis? Did the murder of 10 black people in Buffalo by a white racist

Alex Jones LASHES OUT at QAnon in Hilariously Melodramatic Rant on InfoWars

'Millions of people absorb this garbage': Acosta calls out Carlson for dangerous rhetoric

Man who allegedly talked to supermarket gunman day before shooting speaks on attack

Boebert and Greene Got into a HEATED Argument and Had to Be Separated

Poll:Will MSM finally link right-wing violence to Repub party tenets?

A girl was abducted at a Mavs game and found 200 miles away being trafficked for sex

They're Coming for Fertility Treatments Too

Pennsylvania Senate hopeful Fetterman recovering from stroke

The ever shrinking Russian offensive in Donbas:

Pennsylvania US Senate candidate Fetterman suffers stroke...

When wil we be allowed to be angry and scared about the apparent future?

Lincoln Quote of The Week...

Oklahoma's GOP governor threatens the state's more than 40 Native American tribes

I had this walking stick carved for Mr Lake. It's so beautiful. I had to share

Sunset, southern MD

Fox News blaming recent mass shootings games

'It was by design': Black residents try to come to terms with horror of shooting

Gary Moore & Phil Lynott - Parisienne Walkways (live, Hammersmith Odeon, 9/28/1985)

I love mushroom... anything mushroom...

David Rothkopf: "It's the guns, but it's not just the guns..."