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You can watch the eclipse here

Self owning at its best

Another shooting in

White House economist: 'We really need legislation' on affordable housing

'World's oldest woman' celebrates 128th birthday

60 minutes - Amazing story aired tonight!

Rape Victims Should Be Forced to Have Rapist's Baby, GOP Gov. Openly States

2 dead, 3 hurt in shooting at Houston flea market

Texas 9-Year-Old Brings a Whip to a Black Family's Porch to Demand Their Daughter Emerge; Boy's Fath

Fauci says he would not serve under Trump again

Apparently Dewi has had an exhausting day

In the case of the Buffalo tragedy, is Fox News AWOL? And why?

Sometimes you need a lot of talented help... Monster Hunter World #deviljo

Russia Lost A Third Of Its Forces In Ukraine. Now It's Losing The War.

A Russian soldier said his commander shot himself in the leg just so he could leave the war in Ukrai

9:00 Stanley Tucci visits Umbria CNN

Trial set to test special counsel probe, Trump's 2016 allegations

Finnish president says he was 'astonished' that Turkey's President Erdogan suggested he might block

Primaries spotlight coming battles over state supreme courts

New study links support for Brett Kavanaugh to the endorsement of hegemonic masculinity

The Governor of Oklahoma is about to find out

Republican Candidates Jumping Into PA Race

Audie Murphy, 'What's My Line?': One of the Most Decorated Combat Soldiers of WW2, Texan, Democrat

Pro-choice rally in Seattle draws thousands amid national abortion debate

Dove bars taste so much better than their

The Cards are playing their best game this year on ESPN

While this trump goes off the rails about Biden.....and its on Fox .....go figure

Pentagon: Ukrainian servicemen have completed training on Phoenix Ghost kamikaze drones

Solar Noon in Tucson is at 12:35. When is solar noon where you are?

Posting this image without additional comment or further ado

Did you ever own a car named after an animal?

How far-right media brainwashed a father -- and a nation

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about shy community networking....

MTG's gripping speech

We must restore the 2nd Amendment to its original intent

Is it true that Fetterman is favored over Connor Lamb?

Are we ready for some Blood moon lunar eclipse?

How Bellingcat is using TikTok to investigate the war in Ukraine

Hey Elise Stefanik - You failed to secure

Sometimes "just give them up for adoption" comes back to stalk you decades later

A Fracture in Idaho's G.O.P. as the Far Right Seeks Control

I wish men had treated Janis better.

Deadly shootings like the one in Buffalo could be prevented. Here's how: CNN Peter Bergen

Two door Nissan sports model with life-sized white AK-47 window decal front window along right

Al Franken: Dahlia Lithwick and Joyce Vance on the Alito Draft (May 15, 2022)

Alito seriously, while Swift satirically

Let's Spend A Day Or Two Talking About What Can Be Done To Curb Gun Violence

Rush - Closer To The Heart (official music video + Rick Beato on what makes the song great)

Malcolm Nance Sounds Off! Talking Gabbard, Greene & Tucker Carlson - Political Voices Network

tiedrich: "what kind of shithole country tolerates this much gun violence"

The intersection of oligarchy and white nationalist terrorism

Game 7 OT in New York

Cat is not happy with the food service. Lazy ass hoomans.

Putin's new "surgical silent mobilization" plan...

Multiple Injured at California Church Shooting - Politics Nation - MSNBC

SUNADOKEI - L'arc en ciel

ZORRO: Check out this experiment with bulls (and other neat videos that follow)

SUNADOKEI - L'arc en ciel

1 killed, 5 injured in Orange County church shooting - KTLA News

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 17: Around the World in 80 Movies

Anti-racism expert condemns 'great replacement' conspiracy pushed by Tucker Carlson and GOP

Elise Stefanik Blasted for 'Despicable' Facebook Ads

You don't look so tough with your car rolling away...

Ukrainians reach the Russian border!

Let's Get It Over With, Give 'Em What They Want, Make It MANDATORY To Carry A Firearm At All Times

If dogs had a customer service line....

Government announces settlement with private wall builders



I watch russian tv so you dont have to.

Senator Van Hollen hospitalized after stroke, but expected back in senate this week

Tweet of the Night:

Pete Buttigieg says Biden administration working to end baby formula shortage - Face the Nation

So I'm going to try, and the key word is TRY, to make some jewelry.

Tweet of the Late Night:

Valley Blvd.

Valley Blvd.

Laguna Woods Church shooting details emerge...

Names of 7 of the victims in the terror attack by a white supremacist in Buffalo, NY.

Valley Blvd.

Justice Department investigating Buffalo shooting as a hate crime - Face the Nation

The spelling may be awkward, but I believe XCOTUS gets the point across.

A new generation of white supremacist killer: shedding blood with internet winks, memes and livestre


Lunar Eclipse, Rome

Man unknowingly buys former plantation house where his ancestors were enslaved - 60 Minutes

NYT: Replacement Theory, a Fringe Belief Fueled Online, Is Refashioned by G.O.P.

Monday Morning New Week Jazz and Bossa Nova Music for a Good Mood Livestream

Dr. Eric Topol: The Covid Capitulation

Relaxing Exquisite Mood Smooth Jazz Music for Coffee Break

2 years ago

The Mamas & The Papas "Creeque Alley" on The Ed Sullivan Show

Setting Sun's Light Encircling, Enveloping Dark Clouds

Thought this question encapsulates the question of Tucker Carlson culpability.

Defender of Azovstal sings "Stefania" during russian bombing.

This weird red colored full moon is definitely a sign!

I just looked at the Lunar eclipse...

Chip Roy is a POS. *Bonus* Paul Gosar is also a POS

I swear this is an Ewok.

The Funniest Outdoor Signs From This Vet Clinic That Dad Joke Lovers Will Appreciate

Aunt Crabby Tweet:

The Association - Windy - 1967

Aging Wheels: This Electric Zero-Turn Mower is Great! Until it Isn't... (Buyer's Remorse)

'There has to be vigilance,' to guard against domestic terrorism: Speaker Nancy Pelosi - ABC News

Poulenc's 'Nocturnes',1-8/Pascal Roge on Piano


Thinkers Of Great Thoughts

Alito's DIY Precedent Kit - Mark Fiore - Political Cartoons

John Corigliano's 'Elegy', Amy Beach's 'Theme and Variations'

My First Successful Total Lunar Eclipse Photo, May 15, 2022.

Anyone following PA Lieutenant Governor race?

Margaret Atwood: I Invented Gilead. The Supreme Court Is Making It Real.

Moonshot. Air seemed turbulent, but I gave it a try.

The Real Tragedy of Samuel Alito's Logic

Woman's surprising response to homeless couple living on front porch of her new house

Portrait of Keith Moon I got from a guy on ebay 19 years ago...

Christian Academy of Louisville and their homework assignment

Don Winslow Films - #HerschelWalkerForSenate


The Daily Show Throwback: How Social Media Filters Are Destroying Our Mental Health

Colombia elections: the spectre of political assassination

Genes of a Lost South American People Point to an Unexpected History

Patron the Wonder Dog takes some personal time.

Genes of a Lost South American People Point to an Unexpected History

"Russia is the top exporter of ammunition to the U.S" ..2018 Artcle, LATimes.

In Texas visit, Donald Trump rallies Republican voters to deliver a GOP wave in November midterms

Colombia's Narco Wars Just Got Deadlier

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott still leads Beto O'Rourke in governor's race, poll shows

☦ 'One Hour of Ukrainian Catholic Church Choir'

Former US Secretary of Defense says Trump asked Guaid to kill Maduro

Will 22,000 Russian soldiers escape or become trapped by Ukraine counter-offensive?

Has Texas seen a $20 billion increase in property taxes under Abbott?

Canada, Mexico brace for influx of Americans seeking abortions

Stephen Colbert Returns To 'The Late Show' After Recent Covid Scare

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Utilities

Construction Workers Uncover Massive 800-Year-Old Aztec Dwelling in Mexico City

Construction Workers Uncover Massive 800-Year-Old Aztec Dwelling in Mexico City

Ukrainian soldiers put up a blue and yellow post at Russian border

Despite Rhetoric, Ecuador's Laws Contribute to Sharks' Decline

Piano Concertos from Ludwig Thuille, Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco

Es dis da chaise longue?

Trumpsters are complete morons!

Middle Age Riot tweet: main difference between Donald Trump and Charles Manson

Grief, shock and anger in Buffalo after gunman targets Black community in racist attack - PBS NewsHour

Could a nationwide abortion ban imperil state-level marijuana legalization?

Apathy is the fertile ground for fascism to prosper

Nuclear downwinder reparations bill clears US House

If Roe goes, Nevada's clinics would be strained by influx of out-of-state patients

Maryland's Sen. Chris Van Hollen Treated for Minor Stroke

I Pranked America's Most Racist Man

Margaret Thatcher statue egged within hours of going up in home town of Grantham

NYTimes 5/16

Idaho state GOP sues county GOP, claiming its 'illegal conduct' will harm Republicans

All Democratic candidates for Idaho governor have been registered Republicans

St. Luke's hospital system sues Bundy, Rodriguez, People's Rights and others

As a Taoist, I'm so lucky to suffer tremors in my old age.

A 'Lone-Wolf' Shooter Has an Online Pack

Wolves are noble animals

This is so disturbing

Here is where we are.

Howard Stern - "How Much More of this Bull Sh*t Are We Going to Take?"

All who traffic in it, use it as a basis for political power,

Breakfast Monday 16, May 2022


McDonald's to sell its Russian business, try to keep workers

Train Whistle Blues

Monday TOONs - Let's Replace Tucker With Video Games

I was telling the boys how cool I was in school this morning

Judge tosses COVID vaccine objections of hundreds of Hanford and PNNL workers

McDonald's to sell its Russian business, try to keep workers

Washington is the first state to require all-electric heating in new buildings

War Games: The Battle for Taiwan

Best of the big corporate banks

Holy Shit Joe Scum finally makes my point

Crypto Billionaire's Super PAC Goes Negative in Final Days of Oregon Congressional Primary

12 Most Beautiful Lakes in the United States

Ten years cancer free. Not me but a courageous young lady.

Biden's Schedule for Monday, May 16, 2022

Question about the Constitution. Dems want to codify abortion and maybe other things


'Morning Joe blames 'powerful cable news network' for Buffalo massacre'

Lebanon is in political crisis. Sunday's elections won't change that.

How North Korea Went from 'Zero COVID' to 1.2 Million Cases in 72 Hours

McDonald's to sell its business in Russia after 30 years

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 5/11/2022

The Rundown: May 16, 2022

Alabama political ads atm...

The Daily Patron.


6 months in, Biden's infrastructure plan has 4,300 projects

(NY/NJ) Port Authority Will Regulate Airport Food and Drink Prices After Travelers Report $27 Beers

The speed of this merganser running on water

Buffalo: This is where Donald Trump's race-war fantasies lead

A License To Hate

MTP Full Sanders: 'How Could Anyone Think That What's Going On Right Now Is Good'

Several spectators watched the 'Super Flower Moon' of May rise behind the ancient temple of Poseidon

Ben Bernanke on forgiving student debt:

Judges: We must set 'record straight.' Ohio Attorney General 'flatly misstating Ohio law'

Amazon, Tesla, AT&T and others corporations will pay travel expenses for reproductive healthcare

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson could see the Nazi in the GOP a long time ago.

LP released on this date in 1966.

LP released on this date in 1966.

I went inside a bank last week here in Montana. A sign on the door read "NO WEAPONS."

It seems Dewi found this morning's cooler weather to be a bit TOO cool

A-fib treatment,

I would imagine that the haters are pretty darn proud of themselves.

Robert Fripp has a birthday today.

Russia's thwarted Ukraine river crossing was so bloody, pro-Russia war bloggers are publicly griping

Human remains found in missing Oregon man's submerged car

May 16, 1962 📻

Schwiekert signs spotted

Scrutiny of Republicans who embrace 'great replacement theory' after Buffalo massacre

Rwanda president suggests UK extradite genocide suspects after asylum deal

Rwanda president suggests UK extradite genocide suspects after asylum deal

CSPAN Caller Calls Host 'Racist' For Saying Buffalo Shooter Is White

I'm sorry, but bring back death penalty in New York! I know I will be flamed for this.

Tomorrow is a litmus test for the level of insanity of the Pubs

To all the victims left behind...

Melania Trump Continues Her White House Legacy: Bitter and Petty as Ever

Judges accused of sex discrimination, bullying, internal survey shows

The Buffalo Shooting Is the Latest White Rage Backlash, Brought to You by the GOP

176 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Deadlines and Primaries

Viral story leads to donations of $1 million for coach of underdog debate team

How would we react if terrorists kidnapped Donald Trump

Sen. Bernie Sanders tells NBC that Manchin and Sinema "sabotaged" Biden's agenda.

Starbucks to cover employees' travel expenses for abortions, gender-affirming surgeries

On this day, May 16, 1919, Liberace was born.

Freedom isn't owning 25 rifles...

Convoy news for Monday, May 16, 2022

When Everything Goes Right

All these companies that say they will pay abortion expenses.

Pure Prairie League - Kansas City Southern

Elise Stephanik is still at it:

Living and working in Europe 2021

Liz Cheney accuses GOP House leadership of enabling white nationalism

"Quartet" on Netflix

The Untold Story of the White House's Weirdly Hip Record Collection

question about bread making...

"What does the color of your urine tell about you?"

Some of dis and Some of dat

Woman and her dog are raising a feral pig

Biden Approves Plan to Redeploy Several Hundred Ground Forces Into Somalia

Supreme Court set to give the most extremist movement in the US a big win -- and it's not abortion

What overturning Roe vs Wade means for Wisconsin

Supreme Court Sides With Ted Cruz In Campaign Finance Case

You raised $20.00 on May 15, 2022 MOPINKO for Westlund WI State Senate

In an immigration case, SCOTUS rules 5-4 that federal courts do NOT have jurisdiction to review ...

You raised $15.00 on May 15, 2022 for Admiral (ret) Franken US Senate IA (kick Grassley's butt)

Supreme Court strikes down campaign loan repayment limits

You raised $5.00 on May 15, 2022 Democratic Underground for Patty Pansing-Brooks SPECIAL ELECTION

'I cannot survive on $260 a week': US retail and fast-food workers strike

Thoughts & Prayers (tm) nt

In victory for Sen. Ted Cruz, Supreme Court strikes down campaign loan repayment limits

New FRA program to facilitate development of intercity passenger rail corridors

Federal Hydrogen Regulation In The United States: Where We Are And Where We Might Be Going

You raised $50.00 on May 15, 2022 for the Rev Sen Warnock GA

Sweden follows Finland in confirming it will apply to join Nato

Composite shoots of blood moon over Stonehedge

'We hurt those already hurting': why Los Angeles is failing on homelessness

You raised $20.22 on May 15, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Beto O'Rourke Gov TX

Morning Joe blames 'powerful cable news network' for Buffalo massacre

Pic Of The Moment: Liz Cheney Condemns GOP Leadership For Grooming White Supremacists

Russian army is targeting Ukrainian literature, destroying all books in Ukrainian in occupied cities

Judd Legum: The right's embrace of a deadly racist conspiracy theory

White Power, White Violence

You raised $25.00 on May 15, 2022 for Stacey Abrams Gov GA

32 years since we lost this guy...

Ukraine's Defense Min tweets about call w/Sec Def Austin, discussing Austin's talk w/Russian def min

There is dog vomit slime mold growing on my mulch

You raised $25.00 on May 15, 2022 for Abby Finkenauer for US Senate IA

New online campaign reminds us that street harassment isn't a rite of passage. It's a public health

The Ukrainian spirit is indomitable

Here are all the current links on the DU for donations (Ukraine + political)

Germany to stop Russian oil imports by end of 2022 regardless of EU sanctions

Chernihiv starts restoration of critical infrastructure

Fuck the Supreme Court! 🤬

Garry Kasparov on a grandstanding, traitorous Senate buffoon

Cats Remember Each Other's Names, Japanese Study Suggests

The words should NOT be "Pro life", the idea, meaning and concept is "ANTI-CHOICE". We all

When you put a non-disparagement agreement in the contract,

So I have tested NEGATIVE for Covid. I do, however, have symptoms like coughing and

SC sides with Ted Cruz, striking down cap on use of campaign funds to repay personal campaign loans

Where would Republicans be without "God," guns, greed and hatred?

Man caught golfing on side of I-75

Is multiple-gun ownership an age-related thing?

Ukraine's Military Regains Ground in Northeast

Snowshoe at Mt. Rainier, end of April 2022

McDonald's is Selling Its Russia Business After 32 Years

Racist UPenn Law professor Amy Wax tells Tucker that US minorities resent 'Western peoples':

Sweden's Nato bid 'no immediate threat to Russia', says Putin

Hillary's correct again

How US Companies Are Supporting Workers on Abortion

Once neutral Sweden seeks NATO membership in historic shift

Perspective: What everyone gets wrong about evangelicals and abortion

Explained: The next six steps to a Swedish Nato membership

Exclusive-Former top Republican lawmaker in Colorado received leak of voting data

The Supreme Court Makes Ted Cruz A Half-Million Dollars Richer

Online hate under scrutiny after Buffalo shooter streamed massacre on Twitch

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 16, 2022)

Turkey demands extradition of PKK members from Sweden, Finland for Nato bid

Company wants to build 120 megawatt Bitcoin mine in Texas

I was just watching President Biden during the 'Medal of Valor' ceremony

Elie Mystal: Democrats Must Become As Brave and Righteous as Abortion-Clinic Escorts

Dartmouth Health, Catholic Medical Center deal falls apart after NH AG calls it unconstitutional

Dartmouth Health, Catholic Medical Center deal falls apart after NH AG calls it unconstitutional

Our local TeeVee news was talking about the rallies/protests over the abortion ban....

"We're following the leader, the leader, the leader":

White racists should learn this certain truth.

How Often Can You Be Infected With the Coronavirus?

Help with security cameras?

Young bear visits golfer:

QAnon's chief enabler ran a website where he brushed off concerns about pedophilic content

Meet the Sword-Wielding Grandmother Bringing Women Back to Indian Martial Arts

good news bad news abc polls

Taking one from Tucker who fears his vote will be diluted every time we "import a new voter."

Pupper begs cat to cuddle:

Supreme Court limits review of factual disputes in immigration cases

with the obvious

Matt Gertz on Media Matters - "Fox News is the Republican Party"

Guinea pigs imitating Lady & the Tramp:

Police say an Arby's manager urinated in the store's milkshake mix

Cutest thing you'll see all day:

First all-Black American team Full Circle Everest summits Mount Everest, makes history

How Elise Stefanik and the GOP sanitize 'great replacement' ugliness

What transit riders need to know about updates to ORCA cards, including new app

This dog has the most adorable way of demanding attention:

June 9th is closing in on all the traitors.

Renton police warn residents of bear season after 4 were spotted in a backyard tree

This guy brilliantly impersonates Disney cartoons:

Boris Johnson slaps down Jurgen Klopp for defending Liverpool fans booing national anthem

Did the Death of Randy Weaver

Black Caucus chair on Buffalo shooting: 'Thoughts and prayers are not enough'

Hispanic Republican Ana NAVARRO names names, points fingers, hits it out of the park

Biden set to redeploy U.S. troops to Somalia, reversing Trump withdrawal

State will likely take over Disney World's Reedy Creek, DeSantis says

Should Dems run on adding more Supreme Court justices?

!!! GOOD DAY! They're HOME!

Simple Minds - Alive And Kicking (music video + live in Rotterdam, 1985)

The Moscow city government is to take over a factory belonging to the French carmaker Renault

will tucker be allowed

Ron Johnson Tells Pregnant People to Suck It Up and Go Out of State for an Abortion If They Want One

Donna Brazile has a stark warning for Democrats: STOP SLEEPING AT THE WHEEL! Engage the community.

School where my daughter teaches is on lockdown.... nutcase with AR-15 in Publix parking lot

I've noticed . . .

Court's Redistricting Plan Erases Democratic House Gains in New York

Well played DU, well played

Erdoğan says Turkey will not approve Finnish and Swedish membership of Nato

Exclusive-Former top Republican lawmaker in Colorado received leak of voting data

Advice on home for elderly mother in law

Cartoons 5/16/2022

Afghanistan, Ukraine refugees get bikes, bus passes and rides

In Snohomish County, CSA produce boxes are safety nets for small farms

16 GOP Primaries To Watch In North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Idaho And Oregon

Omaha VA named ENR Project of the Year LEO A DALY receives top, national award for design & construc

Dr. Jha on who's dying from Covid now

White House fires back after Bezos tweets about inflation

Strengthen Not Weaken American Technology Ads Whats Up?

Millhiser: The Supreme Court just made it much easier to bribe a member of Congress

FLA's quack surgeon general says it's great that DeSantis didn't require healthcare workers to

Pussy Riot Member Shtein Placed On Russia's Wanted List

Biden takes actions on affordable housing, aiming to close gap in housing supply in 5 years

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about why the gun control debate is about to change....

Across the Desk - S5:E18 (SQ 820 - The End of Prohibition in Oklahoma?)

EXPLAINER: White 'replacement theory' fuels racist attacks

The 9 Best Night Markets Around the World

Bombshell update on Elon Musk's Twitter takeover - Brian Tyler Cohen

Police: Buffalo gunman aimed to keep killing if he got away

US deaths from COVID hit 1 million, less than 2 1/2 years in

Texas Republican calls for Death Penalty Moratorium

How heart-wrenchingly, hand-me-more-tissues SAD to see Chuck Toad out of the afternoon lineup

Joan Walsh: The Ideas Behind the Buffalo Massacre Are Now Mainstream on the Right

Rep. Gym Jordan (R-OH) claims Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) "altered" Jordan's texts to Trump Chief of Sta

Should we push back on the notion that the baby formula shortage is a government problem?

NY Times, "A Fringe Conspiracy Theory, Fostered Online, Is Refashioned by the G.O.P."

Foster Dog Nurses 7 Orphaned Puppies

Surging Pennsylvania Senate Candidate Was Part of Mob Marching to Capitol on Jan. 6

Georgia voters appeal decision on Rep. Greene's eligibility

Hamster Destroys Almost Everything His Dad Feeds Him

Supreme Court limits review of factual disputes in immigration cases

Fauci and Birx at odds over angry encounter with Pence

Echoes of past replacement theories (The Great Gatsby)

Trump, Don Jr., Imagine Themselves MAGA 'Royalty' In Cringey Memes

Omigod! So now De Santis is planning for the State to take over the Reedy Creek District.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about why the gun control debate is about to change....

Jake Daniels becomes first UK male footballer to come out as gay since 1990

John Legend Lambasts Fox News' Tucker Carlson For Poisoning 'The Minds of Millions'

Junior posts MAGA King & MAGA Prince images. No self-awareness at all!

'Great Replacement Theory' Embraced By Growing Number Of GOP Lawmakers

The Supreme Court just made it much easier to bribe a member of Congress

Trucker Convoy Returns To DC With No Idea What They're Protesting

N. Korea jumps from reporting zero covid cases to 1.2 million in 72 hours

Rise in remote jobs could be a sea change for job seekers with disabilities

My Supreme Court solution

I would LOVE to see Trump's warehouse full of BEDMINSTER PGA 2022 UNUSABLE merch.

Blanket student loan forgiveness is redistributing wealth upward

what S-4 merger registration statement Digital World Acquisition filed with the SEC ACTUALLY SAYS:

David Archuleta former American Idol star at LoveLoud 2022

The lying liars are lying, still, and more boldly, and without any shame.

A little wardrobe advice requested

One is parody, one is real (Trigger warning)

Jeannie and I got our second booster yesterday at a Walgreens store.

*Karine's on, for her first.

More good news from Ukraine

FDA set to allow sale of foreign baby formula in US, hoping it's the magic bullet to end shortage

Elisabeth Borne becomes France's first female prime minister in 30 years

Oakland Teen Saves Pearl Jam Concert After Drummer Gets COVID-19: 'Kai Neukermans from Local Band

Elisabeth Borne becomes France's first female prime minister in 30 years

young man went on a violent spree in an Anchorage complex for seniors. An 88-year-old fought him off

Rockfish season on the Chesapeake Bay is May 16 through July 15, and resumes Aug. 1

The Fire in New Mexico You Can See From Space Is Establishing Its Own Weather Phenomena

I got an email from Donald Trump

Biden will travel to Buffalo on Tuesday following mass shooting, official says

Now we know it was a conservative who leaked the SC decision:

The Supreme Court's Plan To Overturn Roe Would Turn Back Women's Economic Gains

Laguna Woods church shooter is Vegas man 'upset about political tensions between China and Taiwan'

Tucker Carlson and the Buffalo Shooter, Compared

Question on Senate elections on the ballot

What would happen if hypothetically Clarence Thomas stepped down from the SC before the Roe decision

Doggies either love the water or------

The name of your new rock band is the color of your shirt/blouse plus the last thing you ate.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Ukraine invading Russia....

KY co-workers pool their money for 10 years playing lottery. Win $2K each. "hit it big"?

Would this solve the Proud Boys/Three-Percenters/Oath Keepers problem?

I just watched The White House Press Briefing with Karine Jean-Pierre.

this guy has a unique sound - What the World Needs Now is Love - guitar cover

Orange County, CA (laguna woods) shooting was hate crime: Chinese immigrant anti Taiwanese

Per Bloomberg TV, Musk is saying he might vote republican, plus the "Twitter deal at a lower price


learned a new term today: "misprision of a felony" (on Stephanie miller's show w/ glenn kirschner

What's for Dinner, Mon., May 16, 2022

Tucker called White Supremacy "a hoax" after El Paso massacre.

Deadly church shooting motivated by Taiwan-China conflict: Police

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Is this true? Fox News:

Laguna Woods Mass shooting Politically based... Anti-Taiwanese immigrant from China.

Where are the regulators?

Let me know if this doesn't cure his snoring (Twitter)

Good Mornin'!

Today I got a thank you card in the US Mail

The Buffalo Shooting And Fox News: Don't Look Up!

Krugman reacts after crypto co-founder

Terrorist threats today in Buffalo

Judges most Americans ignore will decide your right to abortion if Roe falls

Order 8 more free COVID-19 tests!

Six Years In the Making, the Elaborate 'Grand Jardin' by Lisa Nilsson Pushes the Boundaries of Paper

Judge: California's women on boards law is unconstitutional

Tweet of the Afternoon:

Luckovich tweet

FDA comes to agreement with baby formula factory to resume production

Tucker Carlson's 'Great Replacement' Theory Comes From An Anti- US, Nazi French Thinker, Rene Binet

I'm rich, rich I tells ya, according to Mr M. zuckerberg.

18-wheeler crashes and spills thousands of pounds of eggs, shuts down Dallas highway

Sweet little brothers

Just in (Monday, 3:50p): Severe thunderstorm watch issued for DC area thru 9p.

Joe Biden knew exactly what he was doing when he gave the Slobfather that fake King of MAGA title

I'm LMFAO & had to share

Fenugreek spice tea for increased lactation

Wyoming gop senator booed for sex identity remarks at graduation

The Siege at Azovstal Steel Plant may have come to an end.

An extremely rare moment of candour on Russian

Could someone please explain why Madison Cawthorn is such a terrible embarrassment

Who has heard anything about this?

Hyundai Doubles Down On Hydrogen Power With New US-Bound Trucks

Here's a much needed history lesson from legendary CONSERVATIVE Supreme Court Justice Warren Burger.

Store guard confronted Buffalo suspect during March visit, online account says

A tiny thing to do for the cause.

How Often Can You Be Infected With the Coronavirus?

Ukrainian troops pinned down by Russian fire in key frontline village - BBC News

Deadline Whitehouse, first hour, Frank Figluzzi, on 4-chan and domestic terrorists...

Republicans: "Clearly, video games are to blame for mass shooting"...

SCOTUS sides with Cancun Cruz.

AZ State Senate has voted to have its ethics committee investigate Sen. Wendy Rogers

AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers under ethics investigation

Karine Jean-Pierre holds first news conference as White House press secretary

Remember the meaning of the coins on Memorial Day.

Anyone on here work for Amazon? or knows someone?

DeSantis signs law making picketing, protesting outside a person's home illegal

JetBlue launches hostile takeover of Spirit after its earlier acquisition was rejected

Russian State Tv's assessment of the war isn't as rosy as one might think.

Was Humpty a SCOTUS Justice when the 2nd Amendment was "reinterpreted" in HELLER?

Probably not the right sort of discussion re Roe

My conclusion - our species is insane. We are doing the same things and expecting different outcomes

Four Bills Hall of Famers planning support of shooting victims

Indian parents sue son, demanding a grandchild or payment of $675,000.

Kagan Pens Scathing Dissent as Supreme Court Kills Another Campaign Finance Rule

Blah Blah Blah, DeSantis of Florida.

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

She's Having An Abortion: What to Say, What NOT To Say

PM Update: With storms gone, a pleasant night and beautiful Tuesday

Quote of the Day

Watch this reef squid go from transparent to opaque in an instant

Millions Could Soon Face Surging Health Insurance Premiums Unless Congress Acts

DeSantis eyes state takeover of Disney's special district

This SCOTUS could save a lot of time if they'd just announce that any appeal approved by

Russian Allies Get Tongue-Lashing at Putin's Ultimate Pity Party

Arby's Restaurant Manager Accused of Urinating In Milkshake Mix: Washington State

Doug Mastriano Aide Was at Capitol on January 6

Bezos Praises Manchin for Sabotaging Biden/Dem Agenda

Ukrainian force begins evacuating from last Mariupol stronghold

Brook Benton-The Boll Weevil Song.

baby monkey

selective color

Ukraine Aid Bill. Here are the 11 who voted "no" to moving it forward...

BREAKING: Florida trial court removes the automatic stay on our Florida redistricting victory!

Pittsburgh to Ukraine: Locals prepare for overseas journey to deliver humanitarian aid

Russian Failures Fueled by Putin's Meddling

Zelenskij meeting a pack of weasels

Skip James - Hard Times Killing Floor Blues (live)

Dogs Have Been Successfully Trained to Sniff Out COVID

We're saved...

Aunt Crabby Tweet:

"The New Republican Party" by The Elements. Let's get this sucker viralized!

PA12, please vote for Summer Lee for US House.

She's Having An Abortion: What to Say, What NOT To Say

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet:

Two Senior NYC Democrats Pitted Against Each Other in Draft Election Map

(Honduras) Matriarch accused of leading drug clan captured

I am actually scared of what will happen from here on!

The blood red moon, handheld, through the trees.

US Plans to Boost Penalty on Russia, China Export Violations

Russia's Ka-52 Attack Helicopters Have A Serious Vibration Problem

Reversing Trump measures, U.S. will expand flights to Cuba and resume family reunifications