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Mariupol troops surrendered. Now they're registered as POWs, in a prison colony.

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

I was determined to take this photo before they moved

I have a long history of fighting for veterans. - Beto O'Rourke

TFG Endorsed Her. Now She Wants to Use State Power to 'Crush' the Left and Impose 'God's Moral Order

I have a long history of fighting for veterans. - Beto O'Rourke

Austin settles two more lawsuits from May 2020 protest, has now paid $15 million

House Min. Whip Scalise (R-LA) felates oil & gas companies then calls Joe Biden the "gouger-in-chief

Senate Democrats propose DOJ license requirement for gun purchases

Tweet of the Night:

Not a really important story on Ukraine but the replies to the original post

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz is the target of a bar association complaint over his role in undermining the 202

Secret Plot Busted: New Clarence Thomas Scandal Over Wife's Efforts To Override AZ Votes For Biden

Maybe we should start calling it "American Sharia Law"

Texas Paul REACTS to Bombshell Elon Musk Scandal

Elon Musk's freak speech spending spree


Sunset, southern MD

MSNBC's Glenn Kirschner - "Backing Trump Will Come Back to Haunt Them, June 9th Will be Lit!"

Giuliani testified today for a few hours at the House Jan 6th Select Committee. CNN

SCOTUS may be the cushiest job in Washington...

SCOOP: Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani met today with the 1/6 Select Committee.

LIVE 9pm ET: GOTV Rally with Bernie Sanders & Jessica Cisneros

Nearly 90,000 Small Businesses in US to Close After Senate GOP Kills Main Street Relief Bill

LIVE 9pm ET: GOTV Rally with Bernie Sanders & Jessica Cisneros

The trucker convoy whackadoos are turning on each other 🤣😂

Ghouliani met with 1/6 committee for over 9 hours today.

Texas Paul Reacts to Trump Candidate Banning Birth Control - MeidasTouch

At least 1 killed, 23 hurt in rare northern Michigan tornado

Dave Wasserman: I've seen enough: Summer Lee wins the #PA12 Dem primary, defeating Steve Irwin

Musk looks more and more like Donald Trump

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy thread! TGIF!

Texas resumes investigations into parents of trans children, families' lawyers confirm

I made some snark today.

China looks to clean hydrogen fuel to power future

[RANT] Male GOP senator on the "tone" and "decorum" of women senators [WATCH & LISTEN]

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about adaptation, Canada, and climate....

TCM Schedule for Sunday May 22, 2022 - Mothers in the Movies - Part 4

Racial minorities remain much more likely to be denied mortgages in Twin Cities, study shows

Friday Talking Points -- The Blunderful Blizzard Of Oz

TCM Schedule for Monday May 23, 2022 - Special Theme: Busby Berkeley

J6 prisoner (Proud Boy Dominic Pezzola) calls into rightwing radio show

The Daily Show Throwback: Jordan Klepper Meets the MyPillow Guy

BIG win for climate today in Colorado!

Oz, McCormick unleash army of lawyers in Pa. Senate race

Mike Luckovich-Tonight's script

[RANT] Male GOP senator on the "tone" and "decorum" of women senators [WATCH & LISTEN]

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn calls Ken Paxton scandals an "embarrassment"

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn calls Ken Paxton scandals an "embarrassment"

First on CNN: Giuliani meets with January 6 committee for more than 9 hours

Trump Dumps Perdue Ahead Of Georgia Primary Election - All In - MSNBC

speculation future results co-conspirators

Colombian leftist Petro holds lead in presidential race, poll shows

First on CNN: Giuliani meets with January 6 committee for more than 9 hours

A concrete way men and women can help pregnant people who need abortions.

Meidas Touch-#ACoupinPlainSight

A Lot of Democrats Are Mad at Sean Patrick Maloney

Meidas Touch-#ACoupinPlainSight

Biden officials consider inviting Cuban representative to Americas summit -source

Biden officials consider inviting Cuban representative to Americas summit -source

Sons of ex-Panama president to be sentenced on U.S. money laundering charges

Chris Hayes: Dems Should Pass These Two 'Tangible, Popular' Priorities Right Now - All In - MSNBC

Amarillo - Sally Jaye

6 days after Buffalo, Cawthorn says, 'It's time for the rise of the new right' to 'take command'.

Another Week at the Mercy of the Murderously Mediocre (Ferrety ol' Ferret)

Texas restaurant owner finds and donates baby formula amid nationwide shortage - CBS News

Wisconsin Supreme Court justice blasts 'nonsensical' law allowing abusers to get gun permits

Will the June public hearings about Jan 6 change any minds?

If You Run (Official Video) - Desert Sessions Vol. 11

Flight attendant union president slams Musk over sexual misconduct allegations

Montana not following transgender birth certificate ruling

Trump Endorsed Her. Now She Wants to Use State Power to 'Crush' the Left and

This is why I miss living in Germany so much!

Seth Meyers - Elon Musk Predicts an Increase in Political Attacks on Him - Monologue 5/19/22

Ana Kasparian with the MIC DROP!

New Report Claims Ginni Thomas Messaged AZ Republicans To Overturn Biden's Win - The ReidOut MSNBC

Most of us have experienced a zit. Maybe one that festers just below the skin . . . .

Families Of Buffalo Victims: 'That Racist Young Man Took My Mother Away' - The ReidOut - MSNBC

U.S., Colombia Plan Closer Military Ties

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 5/20/22

Saturday A.M. & Exquisite Weekend Jazz & Bossa Nova Live/Elegant Bossa Nova Jazz for Dinner

States Ranked By Their Musical Artists

Colorado Woman Expected to Pay $1,337 for Surgery. She Was Billed $303,709

Dogged determination: migrant and pup cross eight countries en route to US

Is Putin Dead? Pay Attention When Russia Starts Broadcasting 'Swan Lake'

Cuddly nap for baby monkey & ducklings:

There's a movie out there: TCHAIKOVSKY's Wife. Review (not by me)

Raccoon's adorable hands:

Love Death and Robots

Extra Bonus Quote of the Day

The 7 things Americans have to fund on their own as adults

Bunny steals baby's cracker:

Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Pete Davidson and Kyle Mooney leaving Saturday Night Live

safety issues with tesla-- interesting thread on twitter from guy who worked in quality control



Sounds like a Carlin joke....


Ralph Nader prediction...

How sick are Texas politics...

Rupert and his gang of liars just can't tell the truth...

How sick are Louisiana politics...

11.5 Tons of Drugs Seized in Simultaneous Raids at Sea

Will justice prevail...?

Trump-appointed judge says US must continue to expel migrants under public health law

We no longer have a SCOTUS. It's now, DEFINITELY, a "SCROTUS".


Tucker Carlson asked Hunter Biden for help with son's university application, says report

GOP Restrictions On Teaching About Racism Hinder Teachers Addressing Buffalo Shooting - MSNBC Prime

Are a couple of the recent congressional votes politically exploitable?

Mississippi abortion rights activists confident abortion pills will circumvent SCOTUS decision

This episode of "Southpark" should be enough to sink Dr. Oz's campaign.

The Lincoln Project-Clarence Thomas is compromised

The Lincoln Project-Clarence Thomas is compromised

New Reporting Shows Extent Of Ginni Thomas Activism For Trump's Big Lie - MSNBC Prime

It's Mariposa Lily time.

New Texas plan for federal Hurricane Harvey aid: Funds diverted away from Gulf Coast

New Texas plan for federal Hurricane Harvey aid: Funds diverted away from Gulf Coast

I just got this from a "friend." This is enough for me to say you're no friend of mine.

Hardware Store Cat approves of your purchase

DNC Chairman: The GOP Is Built on "Fraud, Fear, and Facism" - Amanpour and Company

3 throwbacks

The Decisive Phase of the Conflict, Peak Ukraine War Lieutenant General (Retired) Ben Hodges

I guess I just miss my friend

Colorado Woman Expected to Pay $1,337 for Surgery. She Was Billed $303,709

Religious Extremists Mix Trump Worship With Christian Nationalism - MSNBC Prime

Ukraine to seek damages from Russia over huge environmental harm

Tell me why I should care about Biden's current approval rating

NJ grandmother has a mission: Find the group of local teens played with her autistic grandson

Parents Shocked Over Racist Prom Invite at Orange County's Aliso Niguel High School

man gets more than a year in prison for loosening lug nuts on woman's car


Alabama Coach Accuses Deion Sanders of Bribing Recruit at HBCU

Montana not following transgender birth certificate ruling

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/20/22

Anyone watching the election?

Herschel Walker's ties to veterans program face scrutiny

Gaylord Michigan Tornado May 20, 2022, video compilation from local residents.

Texas power grid concerns ahead of summer - CBS News

Elon Musk is a neo-Nazi

United Nations to inspect Uighers human rights situation.

LAFD caught on video beating man caught trying to enter fire station

Herschel Walker's ties to veterans program face scrutiny

Franklin County Dem primary voter given R ballot

Wordle--4 again

'I'm smiling': Ret. Lt. Gen. Hertling reacts to Putin news - CNN

Convoy news for Saturday, May 21, 2022

Trevor Reed describes conditions in Russian prison and fearing for his life - CNN

Top 10 Super Chill Animals

Breakfast Saturday 21, May 2022

Russia cuts off gas exports to Finland after payments dispute - FRANCE 24

Cat reunited with owners 16 years after running away

A generation of LGBTQ advocates hopes the clock isn't ticking backward


Biden's Schedule for Saturday, May 21, 2022

Biden signs $40B for Ukraine assistance during Asia trip

SE Cupp: The real reason Elon Musk is planning on voting Republican

This week's major U.S. economic reports (May 23 - May 27)

Harrowing account shared by man inside store at time of deadly Gaylord tornado - FOX 2 Detroit

Weekly mortgage demand from homebuyers tumbles 12%, as higher interest rates take their toll

Palisades nuclear power plant shuts down early despite state's push to keep open (Michigan)

I want this question answered because it is insane how many people were involved in the coup.

Actor Raymond Burr was #BornOnThisDay, May 21, 1917.

Australia has just turned hard on its conservative government in national elections

Pre-war Mariupol was emerging as one of Ukraine's cultural capitals What was lost:

Principles v. Politics... TFG and abortion

For your Saturday AM amusement:

Labor leader Anthony Albanese to become Australia's next Prime Minister, networks report

National Dems are calling in a new communications expert: Eric Adams

Here are all the current links on the DU for donations (Ukraine + political)

Does the name Larry Ellison ring a bell? And what does he have to do with the 2020 election?

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Fox News Lies, Says Biden Gave Putin Money To Invade Ukraine

SNL Closing Theme

A new name to remember: The American Muckrakers PAC

Do we not realize there are limits to growth? And there should be limits to profits.

Ginni Thomas emailed Arizona lawmakers pushing to overturn 2020 election results, records show

171 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Deadlines and Primaries

"The Gang That Couldn't Coup Straight" ...

Cutest Photobomb Ever!

Australian Labour Party to form a new government

Fats Waller was born on this date.

People who say they're willing to vote for "good" Republicans apparently believe it's possible

The Great Replacement - Revealed

Cat Loves Jumping In And Stealing His Mom's Baths

So much for "Ozark". Oh well! 🚨POSSIBLE SPOILERS🚨

Oz leads by only 153 votes THIS IS WRONG. See my notes below:

The reason we don't yet know who leaked Alito's draft opinion might speak volumes!

Do You Have a GOTV Plan Yet?

Weekend TOONs - Not The Results He Expected

Surfside condo site sold for 120 million

Second Saturday in a row. My car is getting

OREGON 6th District Candidate Loretta Smith Calls on Gov. Kate Brown to Declare State of Emergency,

Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Kyle Mooney Expected to Exit 'SNL'

PA-12: Summer Lee wins Democratic primary in historic bid for Congress

Why America is crisis-oriented.

The 'Dark MAGA' movement dreams of a vengeful Trump destroying his enemies, and is using 'meme warfa

North Korea's Covid caseload passes 2 million amid global concern about regime's pandemic plan

'I wanted to choose them both': Dem congressional colleagues fight it out in Georgia's 7th

This could be the next r campaign song

Clackamas County tested ballots printed in-house, not from printer responsible for blurred barcodes

' photo of Russia burning Ukrainian history books in the name of denazification'

Nancy Pelosi refused holy communion by archbishop

It's ORB DAY!!! 5th Anniversary ⚪️ HAIL ORB!

Roy Buchanan - Down By The River (live)

That Ain't Right - Fats Waller & Ada Brown

POLL on a Windfall Profit Tax

Proposing new holiday Patriots Day Jan 7, 2021 - A Reminder with the Hearings Coming Up!

Secret Service agents sent home from South Korea after drunken incident

Do you enjoy a bath?

Elon Musk is really doing an incredible job educating the public...

True or False? - The attempted coup ended when Joe Biden became President on January 20, 2021.

Ring of Fire - Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash

This 715-song playlist is scientifically verified to give you the chills, thanks to "frisson"

US, SKorea open to expanded military drills to deter North

Silicon Valley of the Donalds

Is the website of the Archdioceses of San Francisco down?

Judge Approves N.Y. House Map, Cementing Chaos for Democrats

A look at what's wrong with childcare in our country

We sure have a real dandy in Shawano county...

Breaking news: Pelosi will no longer allow archbishop to give her communion.

So What Is That Doorway On Mars? And Other Strange Objects Discovered To Date

America health care vs. the world

Who wore it better?

Disappointed in "Marketplace"

Eva, the hero dog, beats back a mountain lion that attacked her owner on a hike

Made the Front Page of the Star-Tribune.

The Mark Meadows e-mails, the Eastman e-mails and two handwritten notes from Trump.

Republicans fear angry Trump 'could sabotage his party again'

Sweden in NATO: Prepared from day one

I watched the 60 min story below twice.

How about we treat every young man who wants to buy a gun like every woman who wants an abortion--

Voting is surging in Georgia despite controversial new election law

Oregon's Kurt Schrader appears to have lost reelection to Congress

One Seattle Day of Service unites communities and offers opportunities to give back

Sound Transit plans raise concerns in Chinatown-International District

Anthony Albanese promises to unite Australia with vision of optimism as new prime minister

Pro-Trump counties continue to suffer far higher COVID death tolls

A damning new report proves the deadly cost of Trump's working class betrayal

U.S., other APEC delegates walk out on Russian speaker

I just gassed my car up, that hurt!

Biden says meeting with Kim Jong Un would depend on if he's serious, sincere

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 21, 2022)


Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, the Kingmaker of Georgia....

I am hoping the American people repeat what they did thru the years 1932-1952.

How the CIA's Hunt for a Russian Mole Blinded It To Putin's Rise

THE THINGS CATS ENDURE - Just for free food, care and love

Dr. Oz tries to attack Fetterman... it ends in disaster - Brian Tyler Cohen

She joined DHS to fight disinformation. She says she was halted by... disinformation

Caste discrimination in America

550-pound alligator goes for a dip in Florida family's swimming pool

Cartoons 5/21/2022

Songs that make you cry? Here's the one that gets me everytime.... (wipes tears away...)

Some Saturday afternoon cuteness

As filing ends, campaigning shifts into a higher gear

Life In Russia Under Sanctions: Empty Stores, Rising Prices, Personal Tragedy

Hey, Patches, hot enough fer ya?

Finland joining NATO would crush Russian power

Elon Musk taking Henry Ford's path; that's a bad idea

Tonga Eruption Was Loudest Sound On Earth Since 1883, With A Wave Reaching Higher Than The ISS

Australian voters deliver strong message on climate, ending conservative government's 9-year rule

Colorado and Nebraska jostle over water rights amid drought

StandWithUs. NYC's Celebrate #Israel Parade on Sunday. 40,000 +

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Official Trailer

Local News Anchor Busts Lauren Boebert For Saying The Quiet Part Out Loud

Grumpy Old Looking Cat Just Wants To Play Like A Kitten

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Official Trailer

StandWithUs. NYC's Celebrate #Israel Parade on Sunday. 40,000 +

StandWithUs. NYC's Celebrate #Israel Parade on Sunday. 40,000 +

Scathing Supercut Argues GOP Is Basically A Party Just For Trolling Now

What's Shame Got to Do With It?

ANOTHER WIN for President Joe: US Economic Growth Rate surpasses China, 1st time since 1976! 🔥

As GOP states restrict classroom talks of racism, student outrage grows: 'We're not going to be

Marion, Pa. Democrat given GOP ballot, was told Democratic primary was on a different day

Russia bans 963 Americans, including Biden and Harris -- but not Trump.

On Indicting Trump

It's time for local journalists to reckon with the racism we overlooked

San Diego Trolley equipment finds new life in Argentina

San Diego Trolley equipment finds new life in Argentina

This Anti-Masker Christian Movie is Even Worse Than You Think

MAGA Makes the Pilgrimage to Authoritarian Hungary

"Our Maternal Death Rates Are Only Bad If You Count Black Women"-- Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy...

Eric Adams Eyeing White House Bid

George Carlin's American Dream: What George Meant To Me Featurette HBO

Must Read - the Root of Haitian Misery

Kylian Mbappe's decision LIVE: Reactions as he rejects Real Madrid to stay with PSG

Predict It currently has Oz 89 to 11 as the favorite over McCormick

Funny Trump meme:

Biden gets legal defeat, and political reprieve

Is the purpose of editorials like this to motivate Democrats to vote in the midterms?

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Another Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Another Middle Age Riot tweet:

Suggestions on best place to buy online bumper stickers

At the airport:

SNL Tonight:

Willow waits for the storm

Sherrilyn Ifill. Book on abortion & disenfranchised voters. "Stealing the Crown Jewels"

Hamster and the Temple of Doom:

Attention please! (Sound on.)

The Daily Beast: D.C. Attorney General Lets the Trump Swamp Win Again.

Please pet me!

POTUS: More infant formula is on the way

How Islam Settled Roe v. Wade Centuries Ago

Two red pandas front & wrestle:

Catholic official denies Speaker

Biergarten Zeit

9 more bodies found in Kashmir tunnel collapse, toll at 10

Tried a recipe from a German Cookbook

The Buffalo Shooter Shopped at their Gun Stores

Mehdi Hasan The Mary Trump Show

MI State Rep Candidate Has Great Plan To Ruin Sex For Everybody

Heads up: Jif recalled for Salmonella outbreak

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about an unusually honest message....

SOMEthing in early morning south eastern sky.

Blood sets sights on Nebraska general election race for governor

Daily Distraction 21/05/2022

Daily Distraction 21/05/2022

COVID19 home rapid tests that have expired or are due to expire soon? Don't discard them yet!

Little free art galleries are popping up around the Bay Area

Jif Peanut Butter Products Recalled Due to Salmonella Outbreak

Dangerous DIY Baby Formula Recipes Go Viral as Parents Get Desperate

How White 'replacement theory' evolved from elderly racists to teens online to the alleged inspirati

What's for Dinner, Sat., May 21, 2022

Mass shooting leaves 1 dead, 8 wounded in San Bernardino

Decades after taking it, feds set to return Minnesota land to Leech Lake band

Backfired on 'em! Georgia voting

Trump, Jr. winds up in felony poaching scandal in Utah after killing a bear baited with pastries

My vocabulary & conversational skills (devolving?) to Dog Talk level

Greg Olear: Eight Ways Rand Paul is a Kremlin Stooge

From guns to religion: Supreme Court is juggling major controversies besides abortion

Another "bug" in Costa Rica. He's bigger than a Bic lighter.

PM Update: Sizzling heat continues on Sunday, with afternoon storms.

Women' Right to Vote. May 21, 1919, U.S. House of Representatives passes 19th ammendment

Steve Schmidt. Happy Saturday

Dahlia Lithwick: The Biggest Mystery of the SCOTUS Leak Isn't 'Who Did It?'

The Pro-Lie Governor

NY-10: Progressive state lawmaker joins primary for House seat to replace Nadler

Rosmarie Trapp, Whose Family Inspired 'Sound of Music,' Dies

I recall being instructed by my Dad as to several "rules to live by" beginning back when

A nice profile of John Fetterman in TIME magazine

Georgia Republicans who despise Gov. Brian Kemp threaten to stay home this November if

Stevia sweeteners.

Anyone watching Outlander on Netflix? I finished the

Group That Leaked Cawthorn's Nude Video Now Out To 'Fire' Lauren Boebert

Elected officials: Starr County loves Congressman Cuellar

Another win for the Biden Administration

Working Families Party say 'dirty politics' is at play in Congressional District 15

Was there another mass shooting today?

George Carlin documentary on HBO.

Congratulations, Class Of 2022

Jif peanut butter recall---salmonella

Oh my gosh.....two buglers one male, one female playing the "call to the post".

Clinton Campaign Tweet on Trump, Russia 'Misleading Disinformation': Musk


The Defenders of Mariupol

'Anything's on the table': Missouri legislature may revisit contraceptive limits post-Roe

Ted Cruz to campaign in Alabama for Mo Brooks

Careful, mate

So Cawthorn is going to unleash the "Dark MAGA" on those who helped ousted him?

Barnes & Noble pressured to restrict sales of most banned book

Human skull found by Minnesota kayakers 8,000 years old, experts say

With shoe on the other foot, suddenly the GOP wants votes counted.........

Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) on SCOTUS revisiting interracial marriage

'Extremely active' jumping worms that can leap a foot raise alarm in California

Nebraska Supreme Court rules in favor of a meatpacking worker fired during the pandemic

This is why we see the rise of antisemitism in our politics

Uncertainties ahead for abortion issue in Nebraska Legislature

Zelenskyy says UN, Red Cross order Russia to take its 'mountains of corpses'

Donald Trump Jr. killed a bear and a cougar.....

Let's hope it's an omen: Early Voting wins the Preakness

Tomato List '22

Andriy Zagorodnyuk: 'Those who say Ukraine can't win don't understand the situation'

How far are with from taking the vote away from women by constitutional originalists.??

Giuliani interviewed for hours by 1/6 committee

World has just 10 weeks of wheat left

Kansas Supreme Court disbars former Shawnee County prosecutor for unethical conduct

Giuliani testifies; friends of Stone are flipping; Ginni Thomas insurrects & Loudermilk gets quiet

Hakeem Jeffries: The map prepared by an unelected, out-of-town...partisan Republican judge

2022 Horse Racing - 2022 Preakness Stakes

Tiger Woods Withdraws From PGA Championship After Third-Round 79