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Rudy Giuliani Spends Nine Hours Under Oath With 1/6 Committee - Deadline - MSNBC

DU has a transphobia problem

So Captain Marvel zapped him between the eyes!

How Rapid Reinfection Has Changed the Covid Fight

Rabbit finds dinner in Walmart plant section

Georgia, Alabama, Texas and more: the primary races to watch on Tuesday (and why)

Turkey's Erdogan gets pouty with Greek PM

Vladimir Putin 'survived assassination attempt' soon after Ukraine invasion

This OP has been haunting me since morning

Yes to Finland and Sweden in NATO

The Army chose Sig Sauer for its next-generation rifle and not everyone is happy about it

BREAKING: State elections bureau says Craig and Johnson did NOT file enough valid signatures.

52 year old paid student leader's 32 years in college may end

Texas Lawmakers Target Businesses Over Abortion

MI-GOV: State elections bureau says Craig and Johnson did NOT file enough valid signatures.

I am guessing that the GOBers didn't do their job?

Maddow: GOP Preparing For SUCCESSFUL Coup in 2024

Moscow not sure it needs resumed ties with West, will work on ties with China - Lavrov

Pentagon says more high-tech weapons going to Ukraine

Manchin spars with GOP Sen. over the Trump tax cuts, saying they were 'unfairly' tilted for the weal

Sen. Klobuchar Says It's Important Sweden, Finland Join NATO

More than 2,000 Afghan refugees have arrived in Colorado, with more expected through summer

Federal judge mocks January 6 rioter for asking permission to attend a corporate retreat in Cabo

Former Trump aide Kellyanne Conway memoir recounts the toll White House stint had on her marriage

January 6 felony defendant denied request to visit pharma company's 'boondoggle' in Cabo

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

Did you see the Simpsons last night?

Posted in behalf of BigmanPigman!

Tucker Carlson Under Fire For Fawning Over Authoritarian Leader, Touting Hungary As Model - The Beat

Satellite images appear to show Russian ships loading up with Ukrainian grain in Crimea

Some NFL owners look to oust Dan Snyder as accusations mount: report

In Georgia, the Brian Kemp-David Perdue primary has turned into a Donald Trump-Mike Pence feud

From the Cabinet of Recent GOP Curiosities: So Many MAGA Stars Come From the Same Talent Agency

After Debunking Trump Denialism, Neil DeGrasse Tyson Tackles 'Unexplained' Flying Objects - The Beat

Wide open King County prosecutor race draws just two candidates

Monkeypox in the Seattle/King County area: What you should know

Colbert on impossible missions

Seattle Pacific University employees must refrain from same-sex sexual activity, board decides

As Insurrection Hearings Set to Open on June 9, Reasons for Optimism that Trump will be Indicted

How My Hometown Produced a Jan. 6 Sedition Suspect

Madoc snuggled up for some extra cuddle time, tonight

Ex-Pierce County Sheriff's sergeant is accused of felony assault. Now he wants $18M

Aren't the books about Trump's dysfunctional administration and family just so truth telling?

Why Dogs Can't Walk Across This Bridge Without Jumping to Their Deaths?

I have never visited this group before, but would like to hear your opinions.

Select committee effort to obtain RNC files faces appeals court test

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about hurricanes and supply chains....

Tuesday Morning Happy 😀 Jazz & Bossa Nova Music for a Good Mood

Leading GOP Candidates For Michigan Guv Could Be Disqualified Over Wave of Fraudulent Signatures

Stacey Abrams Calls Georgia 'The Worst State In The Country To Live' In Portions Of Speech - MTP Daily

presumptive case of MONKEYPOX in King County WA

Russian diplomat quits; Biden says Putin needs to pay for 'barbarism' - CNBC Television

Paul Simon - " Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard"

Global economy is 'out of balance' says World Economic Forum Founder - CNN

Photosynthetic Battery Powered a Computer For 6 Months Using Algae

Satellite images show Russia stealing Ukraine's grain - CNN

Republican State Legislatures Are Incubators Of Fascism

How a German Shepherd and a Kitten Became Best Friends

Raskin On Giuliani's Jan. 6 Testimony: 'Definitely Has A Lot Of Information' - All In - MSNBC

Russia did not capture an American Admiral in Azovstal steel plant - FRANCE 24

Randy Rainbow shares his "pink glasses" story...

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Gun culture ... Last 36 hours - between family and neighbors

Alex Jones Spews Bonkers Male Genitalia Conspiracy Theory To Sell Fake Vitamins

Jamie Raskin Reveals the Jan 6 Committee's Plan to Expose the Insurrection (Full Episode) MeidasTouch

Southern Baptist Church responds to Sexual Abuse Task Force inquiry

So here's my real life housing situation

Starbucks completing exit from Russia

Manhattan DA Tells Judge to Proceed With the Case Against the Trump Org and CFO Allen Weisselberg

Partygate: Boris Johnson under fresh scrutiny after new party pictures emerge - Guardian News

GOP threatens to release Jan. 5 footage -- but obtaining it will cost them

Fire - For anyone who wants to donate

Ted Cruz Questions Pete Davidson's Sex Appeal

Rep. Madison Cawthorn Investigated For 'Improper Relationship' With Staffer

Pence Campaigns Against Trump-Backed Candidate For Georgia Governor - All In - MSNBC

can we name ONE repuke who was NOT involved in j6 or had NO knowledge of it?

Marjorie Taylor Greene makes most DISGUSTING claim of her career - Brian Tyler Cohen

Jennifer Warnes - "First We Take Manhattan"

Donald Trump slammed after sharing call for Civil War - MeidasTouch

A new Jomini on Ukraine is up on twitter.

PINK GLASSES (A YouTube Exclusive) - Randy Rainbow!

Stephen King on Banning Books

Marvel Studios' Thor: Love and Thunder - Official Trailer - Theaters July 8th

State seeks to remove Thin Blue Line flag placed on Interstate 90 under memorial for fallen

'Out of a 007 movie': Police pull over Mercedes equipped with license-plate flipper in OC burglaries

Considering buying I-Bonds...

Jimmy Kimmel Emerges from ANOTHER Bout with COVID, Trump vs Kellyanne Conway & Monkeypox Outbreak

Chris Hayes: We Must Pay Attention To 'Urgent Crisis' Of Extreme Heat Events - All In - MSNBC

Marlon Brando's Ear-Piece

Question: anyone else here identify as

Christian University Mulls Banning Unmarried Sex and Limiting Gender Expression


A kind of "GPS" system from 1971, using cassette tapes, from the BBC Archives...

Adam Schiff - "Trump is the Chief Architect of this Coup!" - Political Voices Network

Who Built the Gallows?

Stacey Abrams On 'Lifting Georgia To Greatness' If Elected Governor In 2022 Primary - The ReidOut MSNBC

Hubble telescope looks deep into the Needle's Eye in this dwarf spiral galaxy photo

McCormick takes Pa. Senate ballot fight to court

*Movie Philomena on HBO now. Ch 552

Hand-sized baby piggie gets belly rubs:

Yet another "Honorable" Republican

Seagull hits the jackpot:

"We surrender to you, Morpheus. "

Moonlight Desires - Gowan

Latest Russian super weapon the "terminator"

Funny Zelensky-Macron joke:

the new rules of war GOP style

Tweet of the Late Night:

Monster tornado near Morton, TX today

As Insurrection Hearings Set to Open on June 9, Reasons for Optimism that Trump will be Indicted

Seth Meyers - Jan. 6 Panel Grills Giuliani for Nine Hours; Kellyanne Conway's New Book: A Closer Look

The Daily Show Throwback: Jordan Klepper vs. Iowans Who Think Trump Won

Mayor Breed opts out of SF Pride parade over police uniform controversy

Rep. Madison Cawthorn faces a House Ethics investigation

Mastriano A Danger To Democracy Across America Says Josh Shapiro - The Last Word - MSNBC

(Jewish Group) Black and Jewish communities are under attack: Here's how we protect ourselves

San Francisco mayor boycotts Pride Parade over ban on uniformed officers marching

Tucker Carlson Under Fire For Fawning Over Authoritarian Leader, Touting Hungary As Model For U.S

Voting Rights Activist: GA GOP Were Hell-Bent On Making Sure They Redrew Lines - The ReidOut - MSNBC

DeJoy still at the USPS, William Barr not indicted for obstruction of justice

Look at this new graphic on Covid in N Korea....

Joyce Vance - "Ginni Thomas is the Forest Gump of J6, She is Popping Up Everywhere."

How Microsoft aided Ukraine in combating Russian cyberattacks

Explain something to me about the 1/6 public hearings

Halupki, Pirohi, International Food Festival in Woodstock, GA

Recount likely in Pennsylvania Senate GOP primary race - CBS News

Sometimes I just can't help opening those Bored Panda emails...

IZ Somewhere over the rainbow

Ukraine Prosecutes First War Crime Since Russia Invasion - The Last Word - MSNBC

Two by Ernest Chausson

☦️ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: Ascension Tropar in Various Languages, 02 June 2022

Political Strategist: GOP Might As Well Stand For 'Gouging Our Prices' - The Last Word - MSNBC

David Pakman: "We Went to the Trump Texas Rally. It Was a Disaster."

US 'evaluating' inclusion of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua voices in Summit of the Americas

Anthony Albanese pledges climate commitments while meeting with Quad leaders in Tokyo

Anthony Albanese pledges climate commitments while meeting with Quad leaders in Tokyo

Abrams is right: For many, Georgia is one of the worst states to live in.

Abrams is right: For many, Georgia is one of the worst states to live in.

Star Trek The next Generation, then and now

Ghost towns left in the wake of fighting for Colombia's drug spoils

Star Trek Theme Music

Marine Named In Conspiracy To Arm Mexican Cartel Agrees To Plea Deal

Southern Baptist "morality" unzipped

Lula, allies begin crafting strategy to beat Bolsonaro's "authoritarianism"

Boric enacts minimum-wage increase bill for Chileans

Meidas Touch-#PerdueFailedYou

Meidas Touch-#PerdueFailedYou

New Reporting Shows Shameless Self-Dealing By Trump Admin's Jared Kushner, Steve Mnuchin- Rachel Maddow

Nearly 34,000 arrested under El Salvador's state of emergency

Kushner, Mnuchin Self-Dealing Shows Need For Better Anti-Corruption Laws After Trump - Rachel Maddow

Bakersfield business owner /sons under arrest, catch burglar, tie him up, beat him for 45 minutes

Russia Ramps Up Nuclear Talk As Position In Ukraine Weakens - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

GOP Congressman Walks Back Denial Of Capitol Tour Ahead Of Jan. 6 - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Liz Cheney Lays Out Needed Truth When Accepting JFK Profile In Courage Award - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

3D printed satellite antennas can be made in space with help of sunlight

Trump profited off visit to Vegas mass shooting victims

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/23/22

"Pence has my total support."

VA: Finally, Some Good News Out of Loudoun County - School Board

White holes: What we know about black holes' neglected twins

Hubble identifies unusual wrinkle in expansion rate of the universe

The Daily Patron

Hubble captures a peculiar pair of spiral galaxies

Couch Potatoes at Higher Risk of Coronary Heart Disease Study: Reduce TV Watching

Pulsars may power cosmic rays with the highest-known energies in the universe

Breakfast Tuesday 24, May 2022

Nine-year-old boy given huge shock after bumping into PUMA in school toilet

'Kind of complicated': Growing grapes in the world's driest desert

Green light for return of red-footed tortoises to Argentina

Stephen Colbert: Actress Patti LuPone on audience member who refused to wear a mask

Yoko Ono Unplugged

NYTimes Wordle 5/24

San Diego College cancels event with Alice Walker, author of "the Color Purple" as speaker

Karl, the always interesting Estonian Intelligence Officer, speaks:


Los Angeles homeless outreach workers caught tossing food into dumpsters

McCormick sues to boost Pa. mail-in votes in tight Senate GOP primary

Party At The U.N.

Office for Students chair speaks at same CPAC event as denounced racist

New York State Covid Cases Drop for Sixth Straight Day

The Buddha

The "Recon Tours" could become a major scandal during the open hearings.

[...] teacher under fire after allegedly offering students a perfect score for buying his books

So David Perdue! You think "Stacey Abrams should go back to where she from"?

Tuesday TOONs - The Ownership Society

Pretty good start to the day

😃🇺🇸🐌🗓❗️ Love em or hate em?

TX GOP lawmakers ask SCOTUS for emergency shield from disclosing redistricting map 'motive"

Was the simple creation of "alternate electors" an illegal act?

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, May 24, 2022

200 bodies found in Mariupol as war rages in Ukraine's east

Bob has a birthday today.

Nazis, fake christians, misogynists? Not enough! We need terrorists, too!!

The Blue Angels return to the skies of Annapolis, Maryland, to celebrate U.S. Naval Academy ...

9 primary races to watch Tuesday in Georgia, Texas, Alabama and Arkansas

The Royal Mint releases rainbow 50p to mark 50th anniversary of Pride UK

The Republican Solution

The Royal Mint releases rainbow 50p to mark 50th anniversary of Pride UK

Walmart Expands Its Drone-Delivery Service to Reach 4 Million Households

DUers watching Morning JoeScum

The Rundown: May 24, 2022

Boomb Tube: The Week of Comic Book Television, 5/15/22 - 5/21/22

Reports: Washington Commanders purchase land in Prince William for possible stadium site

Two arrested in Louisiana for illegally transporting house, abandoning it in road

The best time to start an argument with someone is when they have

With Climate Outlook Degenerating, Momentum Grows For Keeping Nuclear Power Plants Online

Maryland Man Who Was 'Front and Center' Attacking Police on Jan. 6 Gets Years Behind Bars

Feilden Fowles completes timber-framed dining hall at University of Cambridge

Search for Supreme Court Leaker Falls to Former Army Colonel

This New Daily Game Is Like Wordle for Art

MAGA Reps answer to 5 January "Tours"

Scientists Thought More CO2 Would Help Wetlands Keep Ahead Of Rising Seas - It Didn't

168 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Deadlines and Primaries

Newsom signs compromise law raising the limit on medical malpractice damages

The answer is CONTROL

King for a day...

Good morning, Media Group members! I'd like to start a new project. Would it be OK if I host?

I honestly have a hard time remembering which Georgia gubernatorial candidate is which vis a vis...

11th Circuit Upholds Corporations First Amendment Rights Against DeSantis' Social Media Law

"Jesus Guns Babies" -- Republican campaign slogan imitates parody

Jeez, even NPR this morning had the line...

Anaheim Mayor Harry Sidhu Resigns After FBI Reveals Anaheim Corruption Probe

A Top California Democratic Party Official Resigns After FBI Arrest Becomes Public

Try These 3 Cucumber Salad Recipes for Your Next Picnic or BBQ

Maryland Man Who Was 'Front and Center' Attacking Police on Jan. 6 Gets Years Behind Bars

WaPo Opinion: Government Workers Should Be Back in the Office

Henry Kissinger - Still Alive. Still Terrible.

If you're not in Davos, Switzerland, you're probably on the menu.

Rudy Giuliani stonewalls Capitol attack investigators during lengthy deposition

Large suitcase and tuck him in

Fascist Fashion: How Mainstream Businesses Enable the Sale of Far-Right Merchandise - Bellingcat

Henry Kissinger: Ukraine must give Russia territory

FBI issues search and arrest warrant against DPRK "special delegate" Alejandro Cao de Benos

The U.S. Failed Miserably on COVID-19. Canada Shows It Didn't Have to Be That Way

Dictator Reveals Putin's Wet Dream for a 'New World Order'

Bring On The Lucie (Freda Peeple)

Yet another Trump enabler writes a book

Contractor quitting puts Shell in spotlight over climate

Colin Cantwell, who designed the Death Star for 'Star Wars,' dies at 90

In large tent on White House South Lawn, Nixons, Phyllis Diller, Irving Berlin, Sammy Davis, ...

'This is an apocalypse': Southern Baptist Convention leaders accused of covering up sex abuse

Racist attacks on Nazem Kadri, NHL hockey player.

Stefanik echoed 'great replacement' theory. But firms kept donating.

Scammers are not even trying very hard these days.

Denmark offers Ukraine Harpoon missiles to fight Russia's Black Sea blockade

Yes, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W-Va.) is still saying he wants to pass a party-line package that would

Celebrity Crypto Destroys Itself

An ex-priest, a flier and the arrest that legalized protests at Md. homes

I started this morning by reading a disturbing post about breaking into abandoned buildings

We could use some really good vibes. UPDATE

Here are all the current links on the DU for donations

We know how to lower gun violence . . .

American Conservatism Just Threw a Party for Hungarian Fascism

Oz's lead over McCormick shrinks to less than 1,000 votes as automatic recount nears

Considering the scale of the Southern Baptist sex abuse scandal...

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- May 24, 2022

Screw "Hillary's E-mails"!

Across the Desk - S5:E19 (Sen. James Lankford and Replacement Theory)

I'm convinced that being a hypochondriac will one day

Automatic voter registration rebounds in Georgia after error corrected

Can anyone identify this movie? Way back about 1960 I saw an old movie on TV.

prime example of...

The Lincoln Project Just Released A Brutal Must Watch Take Down Of Elise Stefanik

The Lincoln Project Just Released A Brutal Must Watch Take Down Of Elise Stefanik

Gutless Corporate Caving To Christofascism: State Farm Drops LGBTQ Kids Books Program After Backlash

We knew how good Psaski was for the WH

New York City to bid on 2024 Democratic National Convention

Chinese and Russian nuclear bombers fly over Sea of Japan as Biden visits Tokyo

In 2022, NoVA Police Solved Multiple Murders Stretching Back To 1987. They Were The Work Of One Man.

The Supreme Court just condemned a man to die despite strong evidence he's innocent

Meanwhile, in the Secret George Soros Deep State Lab that can only be reached by Secret Tunnels...

Anyone has details on U.S. Capitol Police officer Howard Liebengood's

Stephen Stills - 4+20 (live)

Do dentists call their XRays

U.S. business activity slows in May, survey shows

It's Guoda be good

U.S. births rise for the first time in seven years in 2021

As real as it gets

5 GOP Michigan Gov Candidates May Be Disqualified Over Fraudulent Petitions

'I Was Just 16': Pastor's 'Adultery' Confession in Church Goes Off the Rails

Ex-girlfriend says anti-abortion Oregon GOP House nominee paid for her abortion

Monkeypox Conspiracy Theorists Are Already Blaming Bill Gates and the Democrats

The walk to the pub takes 15 minutes.

California aims to shield against Texas-style abortion laws

The Supreme Court Just Said That Evidence of Innocence Is Not Enough

Central Florida 'ghost' candidate, other figures tied to scandal charged

Rudy Giuliani stonewalls Capitol attack investigators during lengthy deposition

NOAA forecasts seventh straight busy Atlantic hurricane season

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Middle Age Riot tweet:

The Guardian - Cosmopolitan no more: Russians feel sting of cultural and economic rift

Can you watch the babies while I run a few errands?

Wait for it:

Thoughts & Prayers (tm)

'Idiots': Reed's father blames Marjorie Taylor Greene for delaying son's release

U.S. Senate candidate sues over mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania midterms primary

Putin made 'big strategic mistake' in Ukraine, NATO chief says in Davos

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 24, 2022)

Photos That Prove There's Nothing More Exciting Than Life With a Pet

Pro tip. If the niece of the most infamous terrorist mastermind is shilling...

Whoa! Did you see that?

Jared Yates Sexton: This is Going to Get Really Ugly, Really Soon

Herschel Walker Is Such A Fraud He Wants To Bring People Together

Sinn Fein says 'hearts and minds' need to be won for Irish reunification

Penguin gets pets:

Numb - Linkin Park

Let us prey!

Kissinger says Ukraine must give up land to Russia, warns West not to seek to humiliate Putin with d

Penguins on a walkabout (2nd tweet):

Conservatives of SCOTUS make a new rule: New evidence can only be in the form of dreams, acid trips

Looks Like A Beautiful Day!

Interesting info about red pandas--plus one being cute:

Ukraine's Getting Harpoon Anti-Ship Missiles. They Could Free Up A Whole Tank Brigade.

Mo Brooks on Andrea Mitchell's show

Excuse me all to hell, Mikey!

Texas AG Paxton squares off against Bush in Republican run-off

Working from home with pets:

The anti-American GOP has become so crazy the jokes practically write themselves

An appeals court upheld a block on Florida's social media 'censorship' law, saying it violates free

Stacey Abram's unforced error - Georgia is not the worst state

Who's grooming who?

Rosanne Cash has a birthday today.

Mercer Capitol riot suspect claims curfew, ankle bracelet harming family life

Jen Psaki Will Join MSNBC With New Show Debuting in 2023

Proposal to add deputy prosecutor to focus on hate crimes in King County gains support

Bush's Freudian Slip: Similarities between Iraq & Ukraine wars with nonchalance coy disregard.

Just had a Monty Python moment. Or from Chinatown when NICHOLSON

Monkeypox has almost nothing to do with monkeys. Here's why the disease was given its misleading nam

I'll take "Activities To Trigger Thalassophobia" for $100 Alex !

Dinesh D'Souza PO'ed because no one will carry his election fraud myth

I don't usually post this kind of thing but this kid has super-powers.

Seminole County Republican Chair, two others arrested in 'ghost candidate' case

Media freak-out over the MYTHICAL CENTER fall in Pennsylvania. Neo-con and neo-liberal FAIL!

Russian logistics v. Western logistics of artillery ammunition and more.

Longtime Trump Gatekeeper Rhona Graff Subpoenaed by New York AG in Trump Org Investigation

I don't believe the American people, in general, know how serious the Jan 6th investigation is.

Hey, if this monkeypox thing actually takes off, at least we know that people will adhere...

PM Boris Johnson pictured drinking at crowded Downing Street party during lockdown

Could we stop wringing our hands and whining each time one of ours makes an

DATABASE: ABC15 finds 1,800 officers on AZ 'Brady' lists

Daily Distraction 24/05/2022

Primary today in CD-1....Be sure to VOTE...

Daily Distraction 24/05/2022 Posted in Photography

George P. Bush's family name proves to be key obstacle in his race against Ken Paxton for AG

George P. Bush's family name proves to be key obstacle in his race against Ken Paxton for AG

OMG! Laughably pathetic Republican election fraud PROOF. MI fraudulent signatures

ISIS Plotting To Assassinate George W. Bush In Dallas

lmao! Tweet of the day!

Autopsy: Dwayne Haskins was legally drunk when fatally struck by truck in Florida

This Dog Thinks He Is A Horse

Return of wildfire season brings new concern

Sad Baby Cow Needed A Friend...Then This Baby Goat Came Along

"Join uuuuuussssss"

Ex-Bothell mayor accused of misleading real estate investors

Stunning picture: Jupiter + 4 moons:

Cartoons 5/24/2022

Got my 9 euro train ticket for June

Amazon river from space:

Let us pray

This woman adopted a judgmental chihuahua. And got what she deserved.

Marysville to pay $3.5M to former students for alleged sex abuse

Brain fog, other long Covid symptoms can last more than a year

Kellyanne Conway...

Butterfly Nebula:

Trump's bid to reshape GOP faces biggest hurdles in Georgia

White nationalists thank Tucker Carlson for mainstreaming their "great replacement" conspiracy...

Pelosi pushes back on archbishop who denies her Communion

Amber Heard on trial: Johnny Depp's defamation case is radicalizing young men

YAASS - Yet Another Active School Shooter

Poll: 61% of Trump voters agree with idea behind 'great replacement' conspiracy theory

Several students being treated at hospital following active shooter in Uvalde

Perdue says Abrams 'demeaning her own race' ahead of primary

"Forget I said anything!" Just left my dentist's office after a checkup. He said I'm going to need

Golden pup dunk has ear infection the drama of man torturing him

Search for Supreme Court leaker falls to former Army colonel

Tuckems' Latest Projection

Dave Wasserman quote on congressional maps:

Greene's divisive politics face test in Republican primary

I'll bet Tucker Carlson is the type who'd kick if they hung him with a brand new rope! nt

NARUTO THE MOVIE: Climbing Silver RE:Anime

Elon Musk Is Trying to Figure Out How Racist He Can Be

A cute Japanese girl Yuka-chan guided me around Asakusa by rickshaw😊 Rickshaw in Asakusa, Tokyo

#IfNotNow needs to be listed as a Hate Group by the ADL

What #Elongate Is Really About

Teacher, 28, Started Slurring Her Words in Class. She Learned She Was Having a Stroke

Rainy day

Recipe for Birria, a Mexican stew

A Brief Observation On Election Fraud

Louisiana men who tried to illegally transport house leave trail of havoc

Republicans Plot Foreign Intervention Pullback

Another Russian General Reported Dead in Ukraine

'The Gray Man' Trailer: Gosling vs. Evans In Netflix's Most Expensive Movie Ever Made

Ukraine Is Reviving the World's Largest Cargo Plane to Honor the Defenders of Mariupol

Hey! Check out this Beach House 😳🌊

New evidence suggests Shireen Abu Akleh was killed in targeted attack by Israeli forces

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden, China, and intent....

I know I never asked this before, but for those of you who enjoy my own videos

Convoy news for Tuesday, May 24, 2022: The People's Convoy Is Over

Thank you ProIsrael @AIPAC moms

Mushrooms May Communicate With Each Other Using Electrical Impulses

question re bird behavior

The 5th wave: Omicron BA.2.12.1 has become dominant among new U.S. COVID case

Enough rain for you? This is the second wettest May in the last decade in the DC area.

You Can Now Explore an Open-Source Encyclopedia of 10,000 Years of South Asian Art

Texas GOP voters are getting tripped up by their own party's new voting restrictions

Texas GOP voters are getting tripped up by their own party's new voting restrictions

Ugh -- the Memorial Day weekend forecast for DC is trending more unsettled

U.S. officials prepare to release monkeypox vaccines as more cases emerge - CBS News

Scotland Issues Formal Apology to Thousands Accused of Witchcraft

Scotland Issues Formal Apology to Thousands Accused of Witchcraft

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto #1

Mercury's Cratered Crust May Hold Glittering Gemstones

Biden to Sign Executive Order on Policing

Kyiv's National Opera House defiantly reopens as war rages on in Ukraine.

Fascism is perpetual war against the people within a country too. It is not just about

Manhattan Beach Farmer's Market Photos!

Pluto's Hidden Ice Volcanoes Hint at the Possibility of Life

Huge, dust-filled tornado awed storm chasers in Texas on Monday

Huge, dust-filled tornado awed storm chasers in Texas on Monday

MacKenzie Scott gives $123M to Big Brothers Big Sisters

Genetically Modified Lettuce May One Day Help Space Travelers Fight Bone Loss

Madonna: Deeper and Deeper

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez invited to G-7 summit

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is expected to win Republican primary for Arkansas governor

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez invited to G-7 summit

Tweet of the Afternoon:

In October of 2015 I brought home a little EWOK. In 3 months he became even cuter.

What's for Dinner, Tues., May 24, 2022

2 children killed and 12+ wounded after a shooting at an Uvalde, TX, elementary school

Rarely Seen Paintings by J.R.R. Tolkien Portray a Lush 'Lord of the Rings' Landscape

The Naming Commission charged with renaming military installations with Confederate-linked names

For every new billionaire created during the pandemic

School shootings in Texas.

I asked google if COVID is still prominent in the US-- do you still wear a mask?

Wandering Salamanders Skydive From Some of the World's Tallest Trees

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about renaming military bases....

Indiana lawmakers enact trans sports ban with veto override

Scientists Recreate Cleopatra's Favorite Perfume

Oxendine Charged in Health Care Fraud Scheme

I don't care if I do go to hell for it, but I just

Volunteers Uncover Rare, 4,800-Year-Old Stone Circle in England

Most pundits believe history repeats itself. It doesn't

ExxonMobil loses bid to nix Massachusetts climate change lawsuit

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

How come the Republican primary voters in OR-6 nominated Mike Erickson?

Montana bars birth certificate changes, even with surgery

Indiana lawmakers enact trans sports ban with veto override

Cargo Ships Are Killing Whale Sharks

It is nearly the end of Spring

MSNBC just broke with covering the school shooting in Texas.

Tucker thinks Democrats need to de-escalate.

Fuck your guns!

Per MSNBC (via Gov Abbott) 14 children and a teacher now dead, plus the suspect is dead as well

Dr. Oz on mass shootings..... in 2018 vs. now

Top Southern Baptists plan to release secret list of abusers

CNBC UPDATE: 14 children and 1 teacher dead.

Break out those thoughts and prayers you miserable motherfuckers!

14 kids dead and one teacher.

Young Artists Capture the Beauty of Endangered Species

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 25 May 2022

governor abbott tweet from 2015. urging people to buy more guns ...


14 students killed, 1 teacher dead in elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas

U.S. to end Russia's ability to pay off international debt

I don't know about anyone else, but I just started crying...hard.

Tweet of the Late Afternoon:

Ted Cruz "is fervently lifting up in prayer" today's victims in Uvalde

14 Kids, 1 Teacher Dead After Shooting At Texas Elementary School

"Vote for me because I'm white."

Alexandria High School Student Fatally Stabbed During Fight at Bradlee Shopping Center

Do we know yet why the school was a target?

Here's the problem. Right here. It's logic like this.

This remains, sadly, correct:

Greg Abbott. FUCK YOU

Ok, I will say it

Ohio man allegedly linked to assassination plot against former President George W. Bush

#BREAKING: Well-Regulated Militia Opens Fire In Robb Elementary School in Uvalde TX

Russian Prank Call Duo Trick George W Bush into Talking About Ukraine [FULL] Must See!

It is time to put up or shut up if you're pearl clutching over 14 small children and their teacher.

florida high school class president told not to say "gay" or they'd cut his mic replaces "gay" with

Will Abbott give undocumented immigrant families an Amnesty on

I told my son what happened.


Texas AG Ken Paxton mentions arming teachers and other administrators after todays shooting

We are all at the mercy of gun owners in this country.

Chris Murphy on the Senate floor

Chris Murphy (D CT) on the Senate floor:

that was an awesome speech from Chris Murphy just now (on MSNBC)

Uvalde is 78% Hispanic/Latino.

How do we stop this??.. how?? When?? 15 dead. .. elementary children

"There are more of us than there are of them" no longer seems to mean much.

Where are all the pro-lifers?

50% of guns sold in TX do not get a background check.

Meet Tony Gonzales , who represents the district that contains the Uvalde elementary school

Betty Bowers nails it

I have family in Texas.

Republicans unleashed the insane. The insane are murdering everyone they can.

Today, let's not forget what the GOP claims they stand for:

This is on YOU, Abbott

Republican Texans would prefer you homeschool your kids.

"Now is not the time...thoughts & prayers, thoughts & prayers"

did someone hack tucker carlsons twitter account?

If You're Not A Fetus, You're Fair Gain To Them nt

GOP is for Guns Over People. That's it n/t

Smooth + Havana Santana and Camila Cabello Mashup Cover by Color & Canvas

2022 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats win all of the states Biden carried in 2020.

Safe Schools. That should be on the Democratic platform.

MAGAt Head Detonation Alert: New Names for Army Posts Announced

If the Republicans want to talk about "groomers"

[PASSIONATE VIDEO] Sen. Chris Murphy on floor begging for his colleagues to do something minutes ago

The GQP WANT public schools to be unsafe. It's all part of dismantling the public school system.

Congratulations to the hugely deserving co-winners of the 2022 Robert F. Kennedy Book Award:

Because of this school shooting,i Would like to see Senator Schumer call up the senate until

Looking for a good time? Then don't go to this "swingers' party" house.

Okay. I figured it out. Given the circumstances...

I turned on Fux out of curiosity

They wont even mention what happened today...

Jesus Guns Babies

Switch over to Faux News while CNN was having ads

Crypto Billionaire Could Spend $1 Billion in 2024

I'm teary eyed over this school shooting today and made the mistake of switching over to Fox

Am I right in thinking

If it were up to me...

Mark Hamill on Force Awakens and His Relationship with Daisy Ridley

Sen. Chris Murphy on the Senate floor moments ago pleading with Republicans

Every American voter who opposes gun control bears responsibility for today's terrorism

Donald Trump to address NRA at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum on Friday, May 27 in Texas

it's about the $$$$$$

How the world sees us: "America is a gun."

he killed his grandmother too [UPDATE] apparently she was shot and wounded. not killed.

Texas Gov. Abbott: 14 Children 'Horrifically' Killed In School Shooting - NBC News

Appeals court temporarily blocks Jan. 6 committee from getting RNC records

Sen. Chris Murphy: our kids run for their lives we do nothing? What are we doing? Why are you here?

Today is the 24th day of May. The 144th day of the year. SO FAR we have had 49

Dara Briain Full Q&A Oxford Union

Mike Quigley on CNN

OYE! Attention COMMUTERS using The Fort McHenry Tunnel

A *NON*-snarky question for ABBUTT & other wingnut gun-nuts:

MSNBC Keeps Showing Abbott's News Conference

When did the American people make lying our national pastime?

a collection of hot shit-takes from Freeperville (TX school shooting)

When I was in school in the 1950s and 1960s, we had play practice, etc.

The only thing Biden needs to say after expressing condolences is

TCM later:

Alleged plot to kill George W. Bush - NBC4 Columbus

Climate inaction could cost world USD178 trillion: Deloitte

What's evil about the Republicans and gun control is they do more than block gun laws.

TX shooter hit 2 officers in gun battle that killed him

The gun nuts solution will be.....

I am sure tax cuts will curb gun violence

Conservatives managed to weaken the First Amendment to allow cross-overs

14 Children and 1 Adult's life ABORTED in gun insane Texas. Udated 18 Children 3 Adults

Republicans control women, empower guns and attempt coups.

Former Southern Baptist Lobbyist Calls the Sexual Abuse Crisis "The Southern Baptist Apocalypse"

Repeal and replace the second amendment

2nd, 3rd & 4th graders killed. I went to 3 different schools in those grades. ALL SAFE.

I find it IMPOSSIBLE to express the grief and anger I feel as more CHILDREN die by gun

Don't stop at arm the teachers!!

The Republican Go To On Days Like This ...

House Ethics Office: 'Substantial Reason To Believe' Rep. Ronny Jackson Violated Law By Using Campam

Never forget where this Congressman--@GOP Rep. Ronny Jackson from Texas stands on guns...........

Amanda Gorman poem on school shooting (this broke me)

I'm in Georgia, and we had fewer machines at the poll today

Two contradictions with which I am totally comfortable: I refuse to tolerate intolerance and

Rep. Ruben Gallego: Just to be clear fuck you @tedcruz you fucking baby killer.

Biden to address country at 8:15 ET

NOW, Vice Pres. Harris Statement on Texas Shooting...

Death toll in TX now 18 children and 2 adults.

Over-consumption in the world's richest countries is destroying children's environments globally

I hope when PRESIDENT Biden speaks about today's killing of young

WTF is this? Another shooting? In Texas, ferchissakes?

Mike Luckovich Crosses to bear

U.S. commission recommends renaming nine Army bases to strip Confederate legacy

President Biden should make Executive Orders

I think I've come closer today to giving up than any other time in my life...

'Great Replacement Theory' isn't about voting. It's about whiteness.

Perfect sentiment in light of Uvalde tragedy

'We're Failing Ourselves': 15 Die In Texas Before Buffalo Shooting Victims Are Buried - Deadline MSNBC

'What are we doing?': Sen. Chris Murphy gives emotional speech on Texas elementary school shooting

It's not guns. It's the pandemic. The new media meme.

Parkland Father Reacts To Texas School Shooting: 'How Many More Times?' - Deadline - MSNBC

CBS pulls 'FBI' season finale after Texas elementary school shooting

I just read Robb Elementary is grades 2 - 4.

Start calling school shootings "Very-Late-Term Abortions"

SCOTUS Just Handed Workers Who Sue Their Employers a Surprising, Unanimous Win

The shooters guns from his social media post.

Young People's Concerts: The Anatomy of a Symphony Orchestra

Well here we go again...

Pres. Biden orders flags flown at half-staff in U.S. and abroad "as a mark of respect for the victim

Always Remember all of our problems are made by or made worse by conservatives

Vice President Kamala Harris Addresses Texas Mass Shooting

Mikie Sherrill, who alleged reconnaissance tours, 'sadly' unsurprised by Jan. 6 findings

The thing that pisses me off...

What's the Bigger Picture?

I think the civil war has already started

The murderer reportedly bought 2 assault rifes on his 18th birthday.

There was a time, wasn't there?

Toyota Cuts Production by 100,000 as Car Industry Craters

Senator Joe Manchin says he will not support ending the filibuster to pass gun safety legislation

It's the Republicans. It's the gun industry. It's the gun websites. It's the states.

If It Were Up To Me - Cheryl Wheeler

Per the Texas Rangers (via MSNBC) the death count is now 18 children and 3 adults

Florida Warns Against CRT and 'Social Justice' In Social Studies Textbooks

Candidates Can Be Disqualified For Being 'Insurrectionists,' Court Rules In Madison Cawthorn Lawsuit

Fuck you, Thom Tiillis. Fuck you very, very much.

Gloria Steinem has a great suggestion

I cannot imagine what it must be like to be a Sandy Hook parent today.

You would think...

Flight in the World's Largest Aircraft

18 students killed.

18 children and 2 adults is the latest count per CNN

US warns Turkey against new Syria offensive

I suppose we can comfort ourselves knowing that

So how does one approach being contacted on Linked-In?

Here is the form that Governor Greg Abbott keeps handy for situations like Uvalde

AP: Midterm updates Warnock wins Georgia Senate primary

Here is the form that Governor Greg Abbott keeps handy for situations like Uvalde

What's the root cause of all this? You can't fight gun violence without knowing this...

So how will rightwingdingaling media spin this

Charles Pierce: Governor Abbott, People Told You This Would Happen