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NRA issues tots and pears on Uvalde, plans Texas convention over weekend

In Ukraine: Russian DPR / LNR conscripts officially stop fighting on VIDEO !!

About arming teachers ...

Elon Musk Sounds an Alarm on Italy, Hong Kong, South Korea

Designate the NRA as the terrorist organization as it is, along with all of their members..

Can someone help me understand something about Abbott's disability? Would never make light of

President Joe Biden to visit Texas after school shooting in Uvalde

President Joe Biden to visit Texas after school shooting in Uvalde

A teacher in Uvalde, Texas, describes 'the longest 35 minutes of my life'

WOW: Furious Beto O'Rourke interrupts Greg Abbott's press conference, SHREDS him - Brian Tyler Cohen


Heartbreaking watching Anderson Cooper talking to a dad.

It's all they got folks

WV: Governor Jim Justice Being Treated for Possible Lyme Disease

Lobbying by gun rights groups hit a spending record in 2021 - FORTUNE.COM

Triangle Shirtwaist Security Solutions LLC

Sunset, southern MD

Dallas police promote officer who pinned Tony Timpa to ground before he died in 2016

Antonio Delgado becomes 1st New York Lt. governor with Latino roots

Every Democrat should be doing what Beto O'Rourke did today.

Some women must decide whether an unwanted, possibly damaged fetus is more important than

from Jamie Raskin: The 2nd Amdt allows reasonable gun safety regulation.

Watch: Beto O'Rourke Confronts Texas Governor At Shooting News Conference - MTP Daily - MSNBC

Here's what republicans like abbott are really saying when they invoke "chicago" on gun violence

Why do people vote Republican?

Pakistan hits 120F as climate trends drive spring heatwave

Gov. Inslee tests positive for COVID-19

Gun, ammo found in 2nd grader's desk at Northern California school, officials say

O'Rourke's standoff with Gov. Abbott over Uvalde mass shooting marks the new era in Texas politics

Police suspect arson in fire at Casper, Wyoming abortion clinic site

O'Rourke's standoff with Gov. Abbott over Uvalde mass shooting marks the new era in Texas politics

Jim Jordan Contests Constitutionality of Subpoena

The leading cause of death for children is gun violence so the Republican solution is of course

BREAKING Oklahoma's Governor has signed the strictest abortion ban in the country into law.

'Spare me the bullshit of mental illness'

Biden: 'I Am Sick And Tired' Of Gun Violence In America - Deadline - MSNBC

Here's ONE thing that could reduce gun violence and start tomorrow.

Texas school shooting suspect's grandfather speaks out

Student arrested at Texas high school with pistol, rifle in his vehicle

Two innocent trans women smeared online after the Uvalde school shooting

Kelly Jones (ex-wife): 1/Yes, America, Alex Jones is already insinuating that the murder of #Uvalde

Chip makers could flee the US in 'months' unless Congress acts, Commerce secretary says

American Pie Singer Don McLean DROPS OUT Of NRA Convention Following Texas School Shooting

It wasn't so bad, because God was just calling them home

Rep. Swalwell: 'Parents Want Us On Offense' On Gun Safety - Deadline - MSNBC

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Beto O'Rourke's outburst at Abbott's news conference shows the spine Democrats need

I hope Sen.Chris Murphy D-CT is president one day! Such passion


Undoctored photo of Beto approaching Abbott onstage

Did Florida Rep. Randy Fine just threaten the president's life? Secret Service better find out

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

Special Envoy Deborah Lipstadt sworn in on unique Talmud printed by US Army in Germany in 1946

Parkland survivor David Hogg is on Chris Hayes

Whoopi Goldberg says if another Republican offers thoughts and prayers: 'I'm going to punch somebody

Why does anyone (Dem or GQP) even want to shoot a gun?

Roxanne Gay: What Is a Country That Won't Protect Its Children?

Police: Racially fueled attack saw man try to run down Black shoppers in Dearborn

Alex Jones, Wrecked By Sandy Hook Lawsuits, Calls Texas School Massacre 'Very Opportunistic'

Thoughts and Prayers Interrupted - Mark Fiore - Political Cartoons

Congressional Budget Office says inflation to last into 2023

The Carpenters "Bless the Beasts and the Children."

Starting now, Every Celebrity Sports or Entertainer Should Answer their Interviews...

Alaska pilots authorize future strike if contract talks fail

How about beating the NRA at their own game?

Lockdown lifted for Blaine School District after unspecified threat

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about ice cream....

Any recommendations? - cutting the cable cord and getting streaming services

Pope Francis calls for an end to gun trafficking.

After Sandy Hook massacre, Republicans rebuffed federal gun control nearly a decade

On the Horrific Texas Shooting

Seattle officials release video of man and woman hit by car in road rage incident at Pike Place

Hal Sparks - Marjorie Taylor Green Takes on Gates & Rick Scott is flirting with Racism

Abbott: Gunman Posted On Facebook About Shooting Grandmother, Elementary School - MTP Daily - MSNBC

Gun violence... Promises made. Promises kept... When was gun violence stopped? Ask republicans.

My 82 yr old Dem sister said, "BIDEN just can't catch a break!"

The Republican Gubernatorial Primary in Illinois is a mess

Texas Massacre Reveals Cruz's Weakness - The Beat - MSNBC

Chesapeake Bay Program The start of box turtle season is here!

Onlookers urged police to charge into Texas school

Abbott attended campaign fundraiser hours after Texas shooting

Search for teens who stabbed man to death in LA

Tomorrow is endex - hot wash is at 1800. So I'm hosting a get together for the night shift later

Onlookers urged police to charge into Uvalde school as shooting broke out

DOJ/federal grand jury squeezing Trump's lackey lawyers: Rudy, Eastman, Ellis & Chesebro

Bob Seger - Hollywood Nights

A Peaceful Lake Erie

So I was watching Chris Hays on MSNBC...

Hi. I like this song

Conservative Justice Warren Burger "2nd Amendment Fraud" - 1991 PBS News Hour

Mike Pence h.umiliates Trump's BIG LOSS in GA primary as ALL of his endorsements FAIL miserably

Hunting Human Beings': Outrage At GOP For Blocking Gun Control After Texas School Massacre

Did Whiny Donny comment on the GA elections?


Bruce Springsteen - Tougher Than the Rest

Seeing Beto today reminded me of this poster from the sixties:

'Hunting Human Beings': Outrage At GOP For Blocking Gun Control After Texas School Massacre - The Beat

*'The gun lobby's interpretation of the Second Amendment

A Timeline Of The Elementary School Shooting In Uvalde, Texas

Why America's Gun Problem Is Worse Than Any Other Country, By The Numbers - All In - MSNBC

Schweit: U.S. Has 'Culture Of Guns' That 'Starts At A Young Age'

A couple of cartoons from years past

David Hogg: The Movement To End Gun Violence Is Stronger Than Ever - All In - MSNBC

Greg Abbott was at a fundraiser 300 miles away last night while

We Need a New Law to Counter Domestic Drone Threats

Moody Blues - It's Up To You

My god this guy is a moron. 😆😆😆😆

Events and Exhibitors at this weekend's NRA Convention in Houston

Wait until the anger hits the fan in about 3-5 weeks when Roe is likely overturned

Shootings aren't a sign America is 'broken'. It's working exactly as intended.

One from Jan and Dean

British broadcaster, Anthony Davis, puts into context how insane our gun laws truly are


Moral Migrations

Julian Castro: Texas Republicans Pushing Lie That 'More Guns' Is The Answer - All In - MSNBC

tweet of the day

Darkness, Darkness - Jesse Colin Young - The Youngbloods

Dobie Gray - Drift Away (studio version + Dutch TV show TopPop)

Texted to my RW propagandized brother last night

'Pro Life' Republicans Are Letting Our Kids Get Gunned Down In School

Republicans Slammed for Response to Uvalde in Rant of the Year! - MeidasTouch

Fed Up Beto O'Rourke Crashes Greg Abbott's press conference and gets Kicked Out! - MeidasTouch

Dad copes with losing daughter in Texas school shooting

Here is a balm for the soul.

Seth Meyers Addresses the School Shooting in Uvalde, Texas

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

GOP's ineffective alternatives are just talk, no action

Parkland Father To Cruz And Abbott: 'You Are As Low Of A Human Being As Can Be' - The ReidOut MSNBC

AWww my local radio wingnuts upset over "decorum" of Beto

Sobering statistic

The Supreme Court Is on the Verge of Expanding Second Amendment Gun Rights

Jimmy Kimmel on Elementary School Shooting in Uvalde, Texas

Abbott calls Texas school shooting a mental health issue but cut state spending for it

Hey Ted Cruz..... do you remember this.....

Solution to Guns

I'd like to see a protest at the NRA convention with protestors openly

June 11, 2022. Nationwide March!

Dems: Gun violence is out of control! GOP: Hold my beer.

Joy Reid: Replace Four Or Five Republican Senators And You Can Have Common Sense Gun Laws - The ReidOut

Need help finding links on mental health care votes

On Facebook

I posted this on Facebook 4 years ago. It was a punch to the gut then.

Jungle Blues - Wybton Marsalis

Lawrence: GOP Position Is Kids Have To Die Because The Constitution Says So - The Last Word - MSNBC

Lucasfilm warned 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' star Moses Ingram about racist Star Wars fans.

America is a gun

This is truly fathomless sorrow..... Father of Uvalde victim speaks to Anderson Cooper

Uvalde, Tx. mayor is a Republican who has appeared on the Tucker Carlson show.

(Jewish Group) Labour councillor questioned Priti Patel's race and accused rabbi of being paid...

Wynton Marsalis - Happy Feet Blues

Just watched Jen Psaki on Tonight Show

A 2019 tweet from Uvalde mayor to Chip Roy regarding immigrant families.

When the NRA Supported Gun Control

Afghan male TV presenters wear masks in protest against Taliban

Did they consider that maybe God is answering everyone's thoughts and prayers?

Seth Meyers - America's Urgent Gun Crisis and the Rewriting of the Second Amendment: A Closer Look

Over 100 rallies planned for March For Our Lives June 11th

GOP: Guns Over People n/t

Grateful Dead - 1989 - Iko, Iko

Why didn't the cops go in, or at least let the parents?

Lida Rose/Will I Ever Tell You? (A YouTube Exclusive) - Randy Rainbow

How often do you take or drive Ubers? What is your rider or driver rating?

Amerie Jo Garza's father, a med aide, says he found out she was one of the victims

11,498 new cases on the AZ Dashboard for week ending 5/24; 40 deaths

Jeff Beck-Nadia-(Nitin Sawhney)

Grateful Dead - Ramble on Rose - 1989

9-year-old Uvalde student speaks with KXAN News

The Crisis - Ennio Morricone

Eric Sati - Gymnopedies

Goodbye NYC; Estimates show big city losses, Sunbelt gains

Jimmy Kimmel on the Shooting

Sen. Murphy's Decade Of Pleading On Gun Reform - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

I couldn't stand John Howard

Grateful Dead - Not Fade Away - 1989

Don't Look Now, Republicans ...

Miles Davis - Time After Time

Beto O'Rourke: 'Now Is The Time To Stop The Next Shooting' - NBC News

Paul Simon - Late in the Evening -80s?

Beto O'Rourke speaks after interrupting Gov. Abbott's news conference - KHOU 11 News

Nina Simone - EveryThing Must Change

My name is Donald J Trump

'We Know That These Laws Work': Gun Safety Opponents Running Out Of Excuses - Velshi - MSNBC Prime

WAPO oped on Kara-Murza - Russian dissident hero

All My Sons

For the record. Henry Cuellar has a C rating with the NRA.

Could this Bumper Sticker help us in the midterms?

Republicans Press 'Good Guy With A Gun' Bromide Despite Fresh Failures - Ali Velshi - MSNBC Prime

Question about arming teachers

'She Was Just Amazing': Texas Teacher Remembered For Going Above And Beyond For Students - MSNBC Prime

Alternative math ...

New York Times front page tomorrow ... the faces of all the children.

Florida Teen Uses His 'Curly Hair' As A Euphemism For Being Gay In Defiant Graduation Speech

Florida Teen Uses His 'Curly Hair' As A Euphemism For Being Gay In Defiant Graduation Speech

Supreme Court may soon loosen gun laws as nation reels

Progress Is Possible On Gun Safety Despite Republican Obstruction - Ali Velshi - MSNBC Prime

Eric Holder On Gun Laws In America: 'We've Made Little Or No Progress' - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Ukraine savages idea of concessions to end war, evokes appeasement of Nazis

Texas Community Clings To Hope After Elementary School Mass Shooting - Deadline - MSNBC

How Horrible will the NRA weekend Conference Be?

NRA Shows Hypocrisy Ahead Of Forum - Zerlina. - The Choice MSNBC

Remembering The Lives Stolen In Uvalde, Texas - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Nothing is going to happen. This country is fucked.

When you vote for a Republican ...

The GOP's Only Answer to School Shootings Didn't Help in Uvalde

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/25/22

Stephen Colbert - Guest Admiral James Stavridis On America's Permissive Gun Laws

The Daily Patron.

More kids dead in Texas...

Wait....I thought cops were the answer?

Kenny Loggins - Return to Pooh Corner

GOP already hitting hard at Warnock and Abrams here in GA

Tots 'n Pears from these clowns....

GOP governor candidate Tim Michels reverses course, now wants to eliminate Wisconsin Election Comm.

GOP governor candidate Tim Michels reverses course, now wants to eliminate Wisconsin Election Comm.

NYTimes Wordle 5/26


March for Our Lives plans marches across the country on June 11

The sad truth is that they care more about the political issue...

Breakfast Thursday 26, May 2022

When even the Ukraine sends the US condolences...😒

Remember that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indiana Jones' back was covered with tarantulas?

Why guns are not allowed at the NRA Convention?

Should UN observers be asked to monitor the US elections?

Perhaps the stupidest shit you've ever read

Nebraska GOP blasted for attacking Democratic candidate over gun bill vote after school shooting

If you want to know what a well regulated militia is, here are a few clues

Holy fucking shit, he was inside for 40 minutes and the cops were afraid to go in!

SCTUS Roe draft has set voters free to make guns the single issue to vote against! GO FOR IT!! nt

'Appalled': World leaders call for action after hacked files detail Uyghur internment camps

In past few weeks, we've had three outrageous tragedies that have really shaken America to its core

Tommyguns (a/k/a machine guns) from WWI were banned in the U.S. in the Twenties.

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, May 26, 2022

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, May 25, 2022

NFT prices then and now

When you point one finger, there are three pointing back at you...

Thursday TOONs - "Once". If Only It Was Just Once!

Iowa lawmakers OK deer hunting with semi-automatic rifles

So the "good guys with guns" couldn't do shit for 40-60 mins?

Punchbowl News AM: Schumer's gun gamble

Levon Helm was born on this date.

Has anyone seen

Police: "We put our lives on the line EVERY day!!!"

Americans prefer Democrats' position on abortion to Republicans' - Reuters/Ipsos poll

Stevie Nicks has a birthday today.

So - Republicans will do NOTHING? Again. Then paste ...

Fortifying the schools what a bunch of freaks

How the NRA's "good guy with a gun" myth gave us the Uvalde nightmare


McConnell Group to Spend $43 Million This Summer

Democrats allowing a 10 day vacation right now is unfathomable.

Until we know all the facts......

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 5/25/2022

Art of the Week: Week of 05/25/22

The Rundown: May 26, 2022

Big Tobacco is killing the planet with plastics. No smokescreen should be allowed to hide that.

Millions Risk Losing US Healthcare If Covid Emerg. Declaration Not Extended By July 15: Medicaid

Anesthesia-Type O Negative

Biden's EPA Proposes Permanent Protection For Bristol Bay, World's Largest Surviving Salmon Fishery

Drip. Drip. Drip. Russian industry has begun running out of imported tech-supplies.

STOP IT! Stop Saying "We" or "Americans" or "Congress"... Start F*cking Saying "REPUBLICANS"!

New Mexico Mountainair cop resigns after video of his behavior at domestic call airs

Oz Election Results Not All Gravy: New Qland MP Founded A Straight-Up Climate Denial Org In 2019

OH's Portman, "My Heart goes out to the families of the victims f this horrible tragedy in Uvalde."

Madness - Muse

In my opinion, if you want to see a textbook example of "flop sweat", you have only to

We keep overlooking the best solution: Thoughts and prayers! (No, I'm absolutely serious.)

Ted Cruz on why this only happens in America: "Look over there! Is that a squirrel?"

Millions Risk Losing US Healthcare If Covid Emerg. Declaration Not Extended By July 15: Medicaid

91% Of GBR Corals Surveyed Affected By Bleaching; 6th Mass Event Since 1998, 4th Since 2016

Finland huge underground bunker system is ready for entire population of Helsinki if Russia bombs

Actress Susan Morrow was #BornOnThisDay May 25, 1932.

Sky News presses Ted Cruz: "Why only in America?"

MA Supreme Court Rules ExxonMobil Must Stand Trial For Climate Lies, Deceiving Investors

166 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Deadlines and Primaries

Jacobabad, Pakistan Hits 51C (123.8F); Most Of City's Trees Cut For Firewood; Water Supply Spotty

US Jobless Claims Fall More Than Forecast in Tight Labor Market

America! We're slaughtering one another.

It's mourning in America

You raised $247.00 on May 25, 2022 DU for Beto O'Rourke Gov TX

This is the front page of the Uvalde paper today:

Photograph by @veronicagcarde1 of Beto facing Abbott:

It's mourning in America...again and again and again and again and again and again...

Who else is done with Republicans being the "other side of the aisle"?

Perhaps the Catholic Church should refuse communion to assault weapon owners.

The word "chief" will no longer be used in reference to job titles in the San Francisco Schools

RI to launch nation's first COVID Test-to-Treat site

Even the French get it...."America is KILLING itself in a cycle of despair."

I went to Val Deming's rally yesterday evening at Broward College in Pembroke Pines.

Didn't the NRA hold a convention in Colorado, shortly after the Columbine school massacre?

Texas shooting: America is killing itself, as the Republican Party looks the other way

Gun maker and sporting good store made $5000 selling weapons to Texas Killer

You raised $70.22 on May 25, 2022 DU is out for BLOOD for Gov NE

Music Scene

Bob Dylan - A Hard Rains A Gonna Fall

I heard all this stuff about the NRA being broke and Wayne LaPiere stealing millions from

Surprise! Consultant Pushing Anti-BBC Bullshit Also Sells Climate Lies: Worked For Johnson, Brexit

For Cars They Use Sophisticated Crash Test Dummies To Determine Effects Of A Car Crash On Humans....

Our Arts and Craft show season starts this weekend.

Why is climate 'doomism' going viral - and who's fighting it?

Those in support simply spoke of love.

DEAR GAWD. *THREAD* - "Lots of nervous Barney Fife types with their hands on their pistols,"

Australia enjoys another peaceful day under oppressive gun control.

Beto VS Abbott

Republican lawmakers Christmas pictures of their families with guns, please post

The Beto O'Rourke "RESPECT MA AUTHORITAH" moment

You raised $25.00 on May 25, 2022 DU for the victims in Ukraine

The Daily Patron. EXTRA!

In a country where politicians don't like the

On January 6, 2021 an armed shooter could have done to Congress

Abbott & Cruz can not look Beto in the eye

Parents Accuse Police of Waiting Outside During Uvalde Shooting: Video

Things we can do NOW to protect our children in schools:

Your vote doesn't count, your cash does.

The new "thoughts and prayers" appears to be "horrified and heartbroken"

Conservatives on TikTok are a special breed of stupid

Because I love you...

After court battle, Marilyn Mosby releases list of 305 Baltimore police officers with credibility is

WEC delays election of new chair following resignation of Republican commissioner

According to Vice reporter

Uvalde Police Let Gunman In But Tried To TASER The Parents

Meanwhile, Texas Republicans are concerned with banning books in schools

Men With Guns Are Holding Our Democracy Hostage

Good morning! + later

Florida GOP Candidate's Bisexual Daughter Slams Mom in Viral Video

Didn't these mass shootings start in Texas? Remember


With all the new information coming out about Uvalde shooting I hope the protect the videos.

I'm shaking. I am literally shaking right now with anger!!

There's too many doors in this country. Regulate doors.

The biggest problem with gun violence is the mental heath crisis

Rescue Mink Loves Diving In His Swimming Pool

Here's How We Can Defeat The Gun Culture - Without Congress

Incarcerated teens seek justice as adults: documentary on racism, gun violence, capitalism

Texas shows how moved they are by the murders of 19 Fourth Graders....

These Robb Elementary details are sickening.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Cops Waiting Outside, Rule 303

republicans are mass-shooting enablers...

Guns for "Defense?"

Police narrative on Texas school shooting in question as new details emerge

Perhaps we should steal a play from the conservative playbook.

Journalist Bess Kalb retweets every statement made and amount of NRA money each took.

Tweet of the Day

Greg Abbott Said, "It Could Have Been Worse."

I think it's time to start calling it what it is - We have a Disaster Porn Industry

Thoughts and prayers.

Is the reason the cops waited 40 minutes before going in.....

Chicago Public Schools know better about controlling children's safety.

HELP!!!!! (Luckovich 'toon)

Police suspect arson in fire at Wyoming abortion clinic site

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- May 26, 2022

Lander schools cut sexual orientation, gender, veteran status from non-discrimination policy

Charles M. Blow: Republicans Have Turned America Into a Killing Field

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022.

Let me make this pellucidly clear

'Why only in America?' Sky News asks Ted Cruz about gun reform

A standard .223 AR-15 round will go through a quarter in steel plate like it was butter.

Bedrich Smetana Ma Vlast: The Moldau

Ron DeSantis is being bankrolled by an 'extraordinary' number of billionaire donors: report

Hundreds of thousands of Israeli 18 year olds handle heavy weaponry, they have mandatory 24 hour ...

Cipollini Onion Jam Recipe (video)


I'm so sad that GOP gun mania

Cancun Cruz and Gov NRAbbott are outraged

sky news reporter confronts ted cruz.

Jeff Tiedrich tweet: holy fucking shit. Republicans want to turn schools..

Someone please explain Herschel Walker's gibberish (his new solution, today, to school shootings)

Think about it! NRA as a Russian asset. For your reading pleasure. Lest we forget.

So cops won't stop school massacres because of George Floyd?

Chuck Schumer's scathing words for Greg Abbott.

Here's some context about the understanding of the world and how it pertains to the 2nd Amendment

By request, the children who were slaughtered in Uvalde.

7.2 temblor rocks peru.

know the warning signs

Tell me what do you see in this Rorschach test image?

Why Must We Wait Until Age 18 To Be Allowed To Purchase A Gun?

High and Mighty Color : Living/YOU

High and Mighty Color: Living/You

Time to drop the filibuster..Rant On!!

Dear Republicans: We Tried Your Way and It Does Not Work

Doctors, hospitals in crisis-hit Lebanon go on 2-day strike

I fear there was a racist police response to Texas shooting, Parents were yelling for them to go in

Russia uses Orwellian propaganda news vans in Mariupol

Moving to Canada is starting to look more attractive every day!

In my little corner of the world, all is well.

Illinois law on booze. What do you think?

The Thin Yellow Line

I am going to say it out loud

I wonder if a "good guy with a gun" showed up at Robb Elementary?

JinnyOops!/ラバーソウルラバー(Rubber Soul Lover)

Student arrested for bringing AK-47 pistol and AR-15 rifle to Texas high school: report

Abbott attends fund raiser hours after the school massacre.

Jimmy Kimmel on Elementary School Shooting in Uvalde, Texas

So it appears that cops love to shoot unarmed people but not armed people so much

"Texas is an open carry state, ... " Police don't know who the bad guys are!

Found on FB

Very Sad Truth..Horrific Truth: "Ain't the first time, And it ain't the last"

Fox has 50 solutions to mass shootings in less than 24 hrs. after the massacre

Tweet of the decade (about school massacres, posted by a British journalist):

Republican toilet paper?

Harvard just gave an honorary degree to jos Ramn Andrs Puerta

Putin's 'Foot Soldier' Ramzan Kadyrov Vows to Take Poland 'in Six Seconds' After Ukraine

DeSantis could be worse than Trump.

You know the worst part of this whole thing is?

On May 25, 2007, Charles Nelson Reilly died.

WAPO OP ED: Our gun epidemic is a symptom of our broken democracy J. Rubin

Republicans won't pass "red flag" laws, yet they will award $10,000+ to anyone who turns in

Trump loses appeal, must testify in New York civil probe

Musk sued by Twitter investors for delayed disclosure of stake

First-quarter GDP declined 1.5%, worse than thought; jobless claims edge lower

AZ GOP 'CRT' ban would outlaw teaching about the Buffalo shooter's racist motivations

Trump loses appeal, must testify in New York civil probe

What are you doing to get Democrats elected in November?

CNN showing new video of parents outside of school begging police to do something.

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 26, 2022)

John Oliver Tweet:

It is a crazy world we live in.

Chris Hayes: I am more certain of this than I have ever been. Stop lockdown drills in all schools...

New York's civil liability law for gunmakers survives legal challenge

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Pending home sales slide for sixth straight month in April

Everyone is invited to the DMZ Circa 1970

Trump Ordered to Testify Under Oath

Abbott calls Texas school shooting a mental health issue but cut state spending for it

If the founders of the Constitution knew what was going to happen, would there be an 2nd Amendment?

I have said this before, The American people have two choices.

Perhaps it's time to put TSA in charge of school security

Teachers across US question profession, gun laws after Texas school shooting

U.S. first-quarter GDP contracted at slightly faster rate, revised data show

'Goodfellas' star Ray Liotta dies at 67

'Goodfellas' Star Ray Liotta Dies at 67

Actor Ray Liotta dies in sleep at age 67..

Conservative Loses Bid to Oust Arkansas Supreme Court Justice

MUST SEE: David Hogg on All In with Chris Hayes Tuesday night: (encouraging)

Apparently, we're not doing something right when it comes to police training.

They might as well say "Just duck behind cover and your health will regenerate after a few seconds"

Ukraine Slams Idea of Swapping Land for Peace

I read that 29% of pet owners let them sleep in bed with them so I tried it. When I woke up I found

Video of Uvalde parents with cops -- "y'all keep fighting with us, go fight that mfer!"

Orban's Right-Wing Regime in Hungary Serves as Model for US Conservatives

How can a cop vote for Republicans? It could kill them.

GOP Rep. Paul Gosar spread a baseless transphobic rumor that the Uvalde school-shooting suspect was

The Way Back Machine keeps receipts: Republicans are full of s**t.

Where does US gun control go from here?

Dan Patrick bravely comes out against doors because it's never about the guns.

Nothing Will Shock Republicans Enough To Abandon White Nationalism

2A ass and trash a question I ask

It's the dinosaurs fault they were all killed by that asteroid. They shouldn't have all been

RIP Ray Liotta

It's gonna be surreal when 2024 rolls around and Trump tells us all to be afraid

How Bannock Bread Is Preserving Indigenous Culture in British Columbia

Republicans eating their own

Senate GOP blocks domestic terrorism bill

Farmers allowed to pull land out of federal conserved contracts amid global food crisis

Alan White has passed

Armed Law Enforcement Was on the Scene in Uvalde. They Just Didn't Do Anything

Powerful words by Jimmy Kimmel on Texas school shotting

Powerful words by Jimmy Kimmel on Texas school shotting

Powerful words by Jimmy Kimmel on Texas school shotting

'Pence should be H.ANGED' Trump 0VERHEARD supporting D.EATH threat chant of mob by White House staff

Sen. Joni Ernst $3,125,000 in Russian/NRA* money.

Jon Meacham: We're Talking About Taking Military Weapons Out Of Civilian Hands

Texas teachers, make that ALL teachers, should stage a walkout and not return in the fall until

UK imposes 25% energy windfall tax to help households as bills surge

The 2nd Amendment is completely obsolete and that's what we are fighting over.

The Maria Butina Song (I Can Get A Man With A Gun) by Sandy and Richard Riccardi


Trump reacted with approval to 'hang Mike Pence' chants from rioters on January 6


'We need more patrol:' Downtown Seattle art gallery says it was broken into via gunshots

Kevin Spacey charged with 4 counts of sexual assault in the U.K.

Menopause Rhapsody - Bohemian Rhapsody Parody Song for every Queen

LAT: Texas forces companies to be neutral on guns or lose business

Georgia's Herschel Walker says he is more than qualified for U.S. Senate

It IS Political! Christopher Titus Armageddon Update

Ever wonder why those red MAGA caps don't have "reservoir tips"? nt

Cruz storms off after being asked why mass shootings happen 'only in America'

Germany's dirty Colombian coal

A legislative fix on background checks.

SADIE: Kagerou (heat haze)

Humor had all three dogs in car

and there will be more

School Shootings Confirm That Guns Are the Religion of the Right

The 2nd Amendment is completely obsolete and that's what we are fighting over.

Yes, these massacres are caused by insanity

The GazettE - Silly God Disco Live

The Ohio Supreme Court struck down the state's legislative maps for the 5th time yesterday

The Awful Litany

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about cops waiting outside, Rule 303, and the way....

Whatever shop sold this sicko his guns should be the target of a mass demonstration.

Yes drummer Alan White dies aged 72

Just watched Cruz and others saying that locking doors at schools would solve the problem of

How women are resisting Poland's abortion ban

How women are resisting Poland's abortion ban

How women are resisting Poland's abortion ban

How women are resisting Poland's abortion ban

When one solution becomes a problem

The next time I hear the defense, "We don't want to take your guns away..."

AK-47 and Student 'Hit List' Found Destined for Another Texas School, District Says

Mere buds of little boys and girls, they'd not know their time of blooming,

'The only way is to convince Putin he can't win' Former Four Star General Wes Clark

Asian Kung Fu Generation: Siren

Troll pwned!

Go Rest High On That Mountain - Vince Gill

Bad Time For Greg Abbott To Reveal New Machine Gun Legs


May 26, 1964 📻

Asian Kung Fu Generation: Rewrite

Love and Justice, Women's Anthem by Victoria, Australia Women's Chorus

Calf rescue

Love and Justice, Women's Anthem by Victoria, Australia Women's Chorus

yes - tempus fugit (studio-1981) featuring the late Mister Alan White on Drums

OMG No, No, No,

Let's do the math

I've been hearing a lot about those cops who stood outside the school. I remember...

National Black Women's Anthem

The Second Amendment End-Around

Insecure Ted Cruz Blames Women For His Own Romantic Shortcomings

Jordan seeks Jan. 6 panel evidence as condition to comply with committee

niyad asked to me to cross post my post about Jan Kemp in this forum

Why do we have a dark web???

Sen. Chris Murphy (2nd tweet): "it only takes... minutes assault rifle to kill 20 or 30..."

On May 25, 1921, Hal David was born.

Mitch McConnell: 'Get Your Crying Done Now Because We're Not Passing Shit'

From what I'm hearing, two women put themselves between the shooter and

Together, We Heal!

Cartoons 5/26/2022

Gun Control Now - GET MAD AS HELL

Brace for Memorial Day weekend traffic and long ferry lines

Accomplices. Guilty. As. Charged.

'Why only in America?' Sky Correspondent challenges Senator Ted Cruz

Jim Jefferies -- Gun Control (Part 1) from BARE -- Netflix Special

★ UnsraW - SWITCH [ High Quality ] ★

As COVID trends up again, officials 'strongly recommend' masks

Quote from former chief justice Warren Burger

Ohio Lt. Governor Joins Bank Board

538: The Twisted Logic Behind The Right's 'Great Replacement' Arguments

How about this for a new slogan

Kelly-AZ,Warnock-GA,Cortez Masto-NV,Hassan-NH,Fetterman-PA,and Barnes-WI are the must win

Japan, US fly fighters after China drill, N. Korean missiles

I have a departure date for 2 of the kittens so I'm getting in my snuggle time

I have to admit I'm a little surprised

Oklahoma governor signs nation's strictest abortion ban

Big Majority Don't Want Justices to Overturn Roe v. Wade

After Mass Gun Killings, Other Nations Changed Course -- to Notable Effect

Dispute over mosque becomes religious flashpoint in India

Le Monde writes "America 'Exceptional' at One 'Bloody' Thing: Mass Shootings"

Abrams-Kemp slugfest promises to be pricey, long and ugly

TRANSPORTATION Maryland Purple Line construction will resume in August, officials say Most light-rai

Exchange of the Day

States divided on gun controls, even as mass shootings rise

Delta cutting flights due to staffing, COVID, weather disruptions

U.S. Senate Republicans block bill to battle white supremacy

Herschel Walker fumbles gun control response - twice

Crazy covid dream

"Thoughts and Prayers"

Don't let MAGA Republicans off the hook for enabling violence

Tucker Carlson Cooks Up Absurd New Scapegoat For Texas School Massacre

AIPAC spent millions to attack progressive women of color

Repost from earlier: Missing niece of my daughter's nanny in NYC.

The shooter in Uvalde, TX shot 38 kids & adults. Why is this being ignored in reporting?

Debunking 3 Viral Rumors About the Texas Shooting

Universal background checks. Now. No loopholes.

regret about previous post/question about mental health care and political views

Beto O'Rourke's Tianamen Square moment

"What is the threat of gun violence doing to our littlest people?" Mom asks her 5 yo about lockdown

Cancer and Transfer Request

Real toll of mass shootings beyond the dead

Stereopony - Hitohira No Hanabira

Illinois Will Investigate Possible Civil Rights Violations in Student Ticketing

Republicans won't do anything to stop mass shootings because they benefit from them

What the what?

McConnell says he has directed Cornyn to engage with Democrats on a 'bipartisan solution'on gun viol

So sick of seeing "law enforcement" parading around in those stupid cattle cowboy hats.

A few years ago, I read an article about the survivors of the attack in Norway.

OMG! That's it! The border problem has been solved!

I'm not sure my disability meeting went well

In the aftermath of the Uvalde massacre, police officers can't get their story straight. Why?

The press conference in Texas is lame.

What?! A parent DID make it inside Robb Elementary after having been briefly HANDCUFFED

A lawsuit says a 13-year-old Black boy had his hands up when Chicago police shot him

Moonrise and Venusrise over the Washington Monument

Which Casey's PA US Senate Election is Fetterman's margin of victory going to be similar to?

Arthur being Arthur

NEW Texas DPS now says that Ramos was NOT confronted once before walking into the school

Kharkiv hit by fresh strikes amid fears city is still on Russian agenda

Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks with 16 Babies Cross Front Porch

Chatmoncy: YODAN (Digression)/MAKE up Make Up!

'The Board of (Calvert) County Commissioners joined U.S. Senator Ben Cardin and

Girl Spends All Her Free Time Trying To Catch Escaped Calf

How to Murder Your Husband writer found guilty of murdering husband

Foreign Reporter asks Carnival Crux the simple question "Why Only in American?" and Cruz runs away

Ted Cruz Shredded for Fake Outrage at Beto in Wake of Uvalde Massacre - MeidasTouch

Again I have watched a press conference held in Uvalde, Texas by law enforcement and

Meadows burned papers after meeting with Scott Perry, Jan. 6 panel told

We need to start calling Republicans what they are. IMMORAL

Ray liotta died

Who is Orenthal James supporting in the 2022 GA US Senate Election?

Another Uvalde child victim has died

Moderate Democrats win two key South Texas runoffs, while another is too close to call

Gonna leave this right here..

Madonna: Lucky Star

Not that it should matter to ANYONE but here's how Beto O'Rourke got that nickname

Ted Cruz storms off after Sky News reporter confronts him over weak gun laws in America

The next slimy, disgusting creature discovered by science should be named after Tucker Carlson.

Former President of Louvre Museum Charged In Art Trafficking Case

Texas cops are so brave they can kick in doors and shoot unarmed people sleeping in their bed

(Jewish Group) Bay Area antisemitic leader allegedly spotted terrorizing guests at Beverly Hills Hil

Former President of Louvre Museum Charged In Art Trafficking Case (Artists)

Rep. Adam Kinzinger: I Think The Age For Buying A Gun Should Be 21 - Morning Joe - MSNBC

(Jewish Group) 2 Jewish cemeteries vandalized in Germany amid reported rise in antisemitic crimes

We all should wait to all the facts come in about the shooting.

(Jewish Group) Jewish groups condemn Texas elementary school shooting, but only some push for action

(Jewish Group) Watched 'Beauty Queen of Jerusalem'? 7 other movies and shows that feature Ladino

Abbott calls Texas school shooting a mental health issue but cut state spending for it

Tweet of the Afternoon:

Abbott calls Texas school shooting a mental health issue but cut state spending for it

To Henry Kissinger from Ivan Drach, founder, the People's Movement of Ukraine (1936-2018)

(Jewish Group) Antisemitism envoy Deborah Lipstadt talks Buffalo shooting in first NY speech

Over 100 rallies planned for March For Our Lives June 11th

...Federal Court Rules Insurrectionists Can Be Barred From The Ballot

Will Bunch: Don't be 'horrified and heartbroken' at Uvalde. Get mad as hell and do something.

Watching a bunch of cops in body armor with AR 15's fighting with parents

Guns, and what they have become

(Jewish Group) Supreme Court declines hears 2 different attempts to stop longtime Ann Arbor protest

Mushrooms in Multi-Color

Daily Distraction 126/05/2022

Multiple country singers pull out of Houston's upcoming NRA convention in wake of Uvalde

Daily Distraction 126/05/2022 Posted in Photography

Abbott as a governor should be required to...

Stephen King on the purpose of semi-automatic weapons

Schumer calls Abbott an 'absolute fraud' - Washington Post

FTC, DOJ Fine Twitter $150M for Improper Use of Users' Phone Numbers

The police need to pick a side

Republican pattern when you try to discuss gun safety measures with them

Tweet of the Afternoon #2:

NEW: Uvalde doubled its spending on school security since 2017.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about metaphors, hair, and Florida....

Dout : Aoi Tori Blue Bird (English translation)

Texas Republican politicians are the mental health issue.

In a pig's ass!

Since when do we need U.S. Flag retirement

Tweet of the Afternoon #3:

Texas Police Now Say No Armed Officer On Duty When School Shooting Began - MSNBC Reports

Georgia measures to create 3 new cities fail in primary vote

The Second Amendment is not what you have been told.

Wajahat Ali: In America, It's Good to Be a Gun

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 27 May 2022

Biden is a trader

K-pop band BTS and Biden to meet to discuss Asian inclusion

More incompetence and malfeasance from the Uvalde PD

Survivors, ex-employees say unreported abuse at Kanakuk camps in Branson spans decades

Kevin Spacey charged in UK with 4 counts of sexual assault

No deity has ever stopped humans from killing other humans. It is up to us to do it!

Mark Meadows burned documents after meeting with GOP congressman, former aide testifies

Gas Toons

Survivors, ex-employees say unreported abuse at Kanakuk camps in Branson spans decades

You have to be shitting me

UCLA to pay record of nearly $700M in doctor abuse lawsuits

Ted Cruz - a fucking moron

What's for Dinner, Thurs., May 26, 2022

Andy Fletcher, Depeche Mode keyboardist has reportedly died.

Look which Republicans have sold their souls for the NRA's BLOOD MONEY:

Citing "conflicting accounts", Rep Joaquin Castro (D-TX) requests FBI investigation into timeline of

Conservatives on gun control Bingo

I can visualize all the Texas LE types watching

Charleston Police: Woman stops gunman at party

Abbott said the shooter had a 'mental health' issue. A month ago, he slashed funding to help.

New reporting disclosing Trump's statement about Pence suggests Trump committed the crime of treason

CNN, MSNBC If you're listening

Can anyone tell me why Schrader(OR) lost his party's nomination by a wider margin than

Ted Cruz after every mass shooting

OH HELL YEAH i want one!!!

In the meantime, two more weeks until all the traitors are exposed.

Texas Paul Reacts to Incoherent Herschel Walker Fox Interview - MeidasTouch

Maybe we should get the ultrasound photos of the Uvalde children

Why do we see dead bodies in Ukraine but never

On this day, May 26, 1946, Mick Ronson was born.

They're changing the narrative to

Should Biden tell the Head of the US Marshalls and Border Patrol their jobs are on the line unless

Read This Before You Buy a Genetic Testing Kit: Consumer Reports

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #12-16: My Loudermilkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard Edition

After 40 years in law enforcement, this is my message to the GOP about gun rights

Texas is about to pass a new gun law.

Star Wars: Andor - Official Teaser Trailer (2022) Diego Luna

On this day, May 26, 1886, Al Jolson was born.

John Williams conducts a performance of his new theme for Kenobi

Well, Madoc has shown the ultimate sign of acceptance of Arthur

The Miami Heat urges fans to call their senators about gun law reform

Grieving husband of teacher killed in Texas school shooting has died, family says

On this day, May 26, 1891, Mamie Smith was born.

Tedeschi Trucks Band - Anyday (Derek and the Dominos cover; Portland, ME, 4/16/22)

Vile MAGA Queen Boebert says you can't

It's Too Early To Expect Answers Or Solutions

Man fatally shot by police after carrying rifle near several Toronto schools, police say

Has it occurred to anyone else that it was the rootin'-tootin', rompin'-stompin',


The 1994-2004 federal Assault Weapons Ban worked.

Ron Johnson says critical race theory, 'wokeness' responsible for school shootings

Post analysis of Texas DPS director's update on school shooting - ABC News

In a few weeks it will be sheer madness. 14 cats in the house

Grieving husband of teacher killed in Texas school shooting has died, family says

RIN: Android

Time to decide - with your vote!

Which NY Democratic US House member is going to lose in the primary?

From Jimmy Kimmel last Night

Sanders, Graham set to square off in new debate series

Oxford High student walkout honors victims in Texas shooting

Onlookers: Uvalde Cops Seemingly Just Stood There

An Exclusive with Fred Guttenberg - "Our Kids are Dying in Record Numbers Because of Them..."

Man in Arlington, TX shoots self with own gun in elementary school today

The Cops in That Texas Town Didn't Have a Clue. Neither did the School Board. They were sure this

whats the longest u all had to wait on the phone for social security to pick up?

An emotional Beto O'Rourke Brings the House Down with must see rant - MeidasTouch

Tweet of the Evening:

People are People - Depeche Mode

Democratic Lawmaker Tears Into Ted Cruz And Other Republicans For Bowing To NRA - Ring of Fire

The cops that were keeping parents away all had

Get the Balance Right - Depeche Mode

Question for any Constitutional scholars out there

Venn Diagram for commonality in shootings USA

Tearful Uvalde Residents Thank Police For Protecting Parking Lot From Gunman

Depeche Mode - Precious

Call The 2nd Amendment Nuts What They Are: A DEATH/SUICIDE CULT! Just Like Jonestown...

They smeared blood on themselves, hid and watched their teachers get shot. These are the survivors'

Today's the day!! D'Souza's "2000 Mules" & 'True the Vote'

11 Year old smeared friend's blood on her and played dead. Survivor stories from Uvalde TX

My House testimony on Medicare for All

A Child tells how a cop got one child to yell for help before they breached the room, &

South Korea: the drinking president

My classroom has a back closet. It is big enough to hold 25 students +me. I also have wasp spray

So, the Retrumplicans plan is to arm the folks "grooming our kids to be anti-American Godless gays"?

RIP Andrew Fletcher of Depeche Mode

The Go Fund Me For The Garcia Family Is Almost To Half A Million Dollars

Recent Mass Shootings and the time they lasted.

New York appeals court rules Trump, Ivanka and Don Jr. must sit for depositions

WOW! Heard a call outside my living room, and

Outrage in Brazil as mentally ill Black man dies in police car 'gas chamber'

Outrage in Brazil as mentally ill Black man dies in police car 'gas chamber'

This woman takes her lizard on outdoor adventures to make him happy

5 GOP Candidates for Michigan Governor Ruled Ineligible

Uvalde Police Face Questions Over Delayed Response To School Shooting - Deadline - MSNBC


My fervent, pipe dream wish...all who have, use, love guns

Russia using phosphorous or thermite in Donbas

chatmonchy 【染まるよ / Somaru Yo】


Larry Gatlin, citing 'outdated and ill-thought-out positions,' will not perform at NRA Convention

After the Uvalde shooting, even parents can't enter Buffalo schools without notice

don't know if this is to be believed,

A bit of history on the AR-15 in America and how we got in this mess

White hot anger at what is happening with guns must be

Dysfunctional Republicans Bail on Gun Violence

There were wounded students alive in the classroom with the gunman during the hour delay

The Uvalde shooting conspiracies show how far-right misinformation is evolving

Black, Asian and Latino communities all faced mass shootings in 2 weeks. How they're showing support

4th grade student survivor shares story on Uvalde shooting - KCEN News

Why 18-year-olds can buy AR-15s in Texas but not handguns

If Roe falls, more women will be prosecuted for miscarriages

are the survivors going to be responsible for hospital

I don't understand the police waiting for a key, they have these things

We should rename the "AR-!15" the "Republican Senator" Because it costs lives & is too easy to buy.

Depeche Mode keyboardist Andy Fletcher dies

Texas School Shooting Updates: Gunman Walked Through Unlocked Door 'Unobstructed'

Ya know who supports gun control???

Hear me out please. We may be focusing on the wrong part of gun reform.

makeshift memorials, Meghan Markle pays her respects

Yes and John Lennon drummer Alan White has died as well

CNN peddling a story about a bullshit gesture by McConnell

Tweet of the Evening #2:

Probe OK'd of Arizona senator's comments on Buffalo shooting

The award for "Stupid rhetoric of the day", goes to Senator Teddy "Cancun" Cruz!

Watching the news conference from Houston.

West mulls having Russian oligarchs buy way out of sanctions

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Wow... the New York Yankees:

Albania offers ex-Soviet built naval base to NATO

You must read and rec this post Maybe if it becomes "National News" something will be done..

Even a scintilla of discussion on moving forward with gun reform by REPUKES is about one thing only

Philippines: Marcos Jr. to stand by South China Sea ruling

Guess I'm not going anywhere, for a while.

If he didn't do anything wrong in the Jan. 6 riot, why is Gym Jordan so afraid to appear before his


Laws Matter: Facts Contradict Gun Lobby's Lie That Regulation Can't Stop Gun Violence - MSNBC Prime

Putin's Elite Soldiers Getting Wiped Out as Russia Makes Mistakes--U.K.

Beto O'Rourke to rally against gun violence outside NRA convention

Image: Plot of rising US mass killings since 2004 end of assault weapon ban--

Uvalde police practiced an active shooter drill last week.

CNN reporter calls out Texas police official at school shooting press conference: 'We've been given

Just for sake of argument ...

A mother who was handcuffed outside the Texas school shooting later ran into the school and pulled

Guns will be banned when Trump talks to the NRA tomorrow.

Tweet of the Night:

Department of Justice investigates pro-Trump alternate elector scheme - CBS News

Justices won't block Biden policy on 'social cost of carbon'

Well, I feel so much better now after watching ABC Nightly News...

Trump E.P.A. Chief 'Endangered Public Safety' by Ordering His Drivers to Speed

Chile apologizes to woman forcibly sterilized for HIV status

Troutless Maryland stream gets restoration green light.

US to send long-range rocket systems to Ukraine -

Family of Black man killed by deputies files federal lawsuit

Officials find Canadian citizen in U.S. waters with nearly 1,500 pounds of meth

WA DOH Asks Everyone To Mask Up For Memorial Day

Victims' families speak out following Texas school shooting - ABC News

Elon Musk Says Earth Is 'Basically Empty' And City Folks Are Just Living In Illusion

Larry Gatlin - It's the teachers' fault

US general: No need to add ground forces in Sweden, Finland

Climate Change Could Release World-Ending Super Bacteria

TX Police Lt. Says Cops Were Reluctant to Engage Gunman Because 'They Could've Been Shot'

Uhhhhh.... Elon is a sexual perv or he doesn't like Jack Dorsey. You decide

About McConnel, He has had many attempts to improve gun control, He's done."absolutely NOTHING!!

Democratic US House members that will lose their seat in the primary.

Uvalde Shooter Fired Outside School for 12 Minutes Before Entering

St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office Increase Patrol Checks at Schools.

My response to those wanting Ukraine to concede real estate to the Russians.

Sigh- Here we go again - Conservatives vs. vaccines

Best headphones for the price I've ever owned. 4 years outstanding performance.

We lived near Dulles Airport on 9/11. My school was actually soundproofed because we were right

The murders continue after the shooting stops