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Maloney vs. Nadler? New York Must Pick a Side (East or West)

A Brief History Of The WORST Man-Made Famines: Holodomor

Chris Rea - Lets Dance

MSNBComcast is replaying

What happened in Lincoln, Nebraska - a "non intentional" car crash in only half the story

Tweet of the Night:

TFG has nothing left but spite

Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms

Right-Wing Organization Launches Chilling Map Marking Schools As 'Woke Hot Spots'

Just in: Labor (Australia) to govern in own right

Quantum Break

Sunset, southern MD

Care to help me plan my 60th bd party?

Tweet of the Night #2:

I really do not understand could someone explain how this is legal, I thought there was a law agains

If you are a political candidate, and your

Okay, so imagine that you are a stupid person.

The 2nd Amendment wasn't written when a personal gun could kill 20 people in less than a minute.

Obama reunites with the boy who touched his hair in the Oval Office 13 years after the iconic photo

Hosta plants in the morning light

Stanley Cup playoffs: NY Rangers vs Carolina Hurricanes

Florida man Corey Anderson threatened to go to 'nearest school' with weapons: sheriff

Thuggish threats to Trudeau's safety also threaten our politics and democracy

Donna Edwards was the Squad before the Squad. Meet her this Thursday!

Man exposes himself, defecates in surf shop, police say

Ancient footprints in New Mexico reveal new evidence of Ice Age humans that walked

Vaccines offer little protection against long Covid, study finds

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

There IS a mental health issue.

How long between Trump reading names and his stupid dance?

They are always a good guy with a gun

Eurovision winners Kalush Orchestra auction off trophy for Ukrainian army

'Sick and tired' of our country's inability to control gun violence (Opinion)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about if the ban worked....

Archaeologists Just Discovered Tens of Thousands of Ultra-Realistic Ancient Rock Paintings

Speaking of Ronnie Hawkins: What really happened.

Michael Moore with Srpingsteen song We Are Alive

E.U. agrees to phase out Russian oil but exempts pipeline deliveries

A shooting gallery, every single day

TX Democratic Lt. Gov. candidate Mike Collier leans into Abbott & Patrick's weapons-of-war failure

South Korea is one of a handful of countries to recognise animals as beings

Fierce fighting underway in Sievierodonetsk, situation 'indescribably difficult' DW News

Love and the Constitution is replaying on MSNBC

What Do You Say to a Thinking Forest?

Polarisation and the threat to democracy

Fmr. Federal Agent May Have Known Buffalo Shooter's Plan Beforehand: Report - MSNBC Live

Idiocracy - a metaphor for the devolution of the GOP

First she documented the alt-right. Now she's coming for crypto.

103-year-old Swedish granny breaks world parachuting record

The gun lobby's interpretation of the Second Amendment is one of the greatest pieces of fraud...

What Is Kevin McCarthy Hiding?: Rep. Lofgren - Lawrence O'Donnell - MSNBC Live

Dolphin ends up in family's house after floods in Brazil

40 shot. 6 killed in Chicago over mem weekend.

President Biden visits Uvalde, TX: Time to use executive orders to limit access to weapons of war

Tuesday Digit: 4/10 - Sun-scorching skies with uncomfortable 90s for highs. -Matt, CWG

Unique find! Ukranian Military Band

The El Salvador diaries: The psychology of mass incarceration

Hundreds of Ancient Mummies Discovered in Vast Egyptian Necropolis

Unusual Pulse Detected in The Sky May Be a Completely New Class of Stellar Object

Fmr. Federal Agent May Have Known Buffalo Shooter's Plan Beforehand (MSNBC)

The Time Ted Cruz Defended a Ban on Dildos

Coral Reefs Generate a Hidden Sound Underwater, And It Could Help Us to Save Them

Memorial Day Tribute - Matthew Cooke

The Human Heart Can Repair Itself, And We Now Know Which Cells Are Crucial For It

MSNBC really blew it by not rehiring KO

Texas Paul Reacts to Hate Mail calling him Satan with Epic Response! - MeidasTouch

The Beatles - Happiness Is a Warm Gun

The Beatles - Hello, Goodbye

Brazil's Lula holds double-digit advantage over Bolsonaro: Poll

Brazil's Bolsonaro defends police after custody death

Yvonne Elliman - I Don't How to Love Him (from Jesus Christ Superstar)

Tx State Rep.: 'We Must Act Now' To Protect Kids From Gun Violence - Lawrence O'Donnell - MSNBC Live

I can't believe none of the reviewers caught this one: my Top Gun 2 review

I figured that this was the best day of the year to post this song.

US veteran calls Marjorie Taylor Greene 'a shame' and calls her out for 'craziness' 'I'm really hor

Morus Zero -- Vacuum Clothes Dryer: ULTRA BUSTED!!!

Eggs in Purgatory

Peter Navarro says he has been subpoeaed by the DOJ with regards to 1/6

Jailed Kremlin foe Navalny lambasts war in Ukraine

House Republicans Fight Each Other Over How Much They Want To Obstruct Legislation - Ring of Fire

Uvalde Mom 'Destroyed' By Loss of Only Daughter, Calls Texas Gov. Abbott 'Embarrassment'

A pot pipe that withstands the test of Time

Veterans Are Our Pride - Beto O'Rourke

It's time for Biden to strongly attack the White-grievance industry

Veterans Are Our Pride - Beto O'Rourke

Ice Age Footprints Full Episode NOVA PBS

"A Systematic Assault": GOP Rushes to Change Election Rules to Block Medicaid in South Dakota

Leader of Honduran Los Montes-Bobadilla Cartel, Herlinda Bobadilla was Captured & Her Son was Killed

Joy Oladokun "Purple Haze", on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert (new song)

See the controversial marketing used by maker of rifle used in Uvalde shooting - CNN

How many RWNJs in OK thought it was the beginning of the apocalypse tonight?

Plague at the Golden Gate - PBS American Experience

Active shooter drills: More harm than good? - NewsNation Prime

In case you're wondering how long until the next mass school shooting...

Famous painting in the background of "The Andy Griffith's Show" had a chilling backstory.

Biden pledges push for new gun laws as funeral visitations begin in Uvalde - PBS NewsHour

5/30 Excellent Public Broadcasting article on new lawsuits re: Portland protests 2020

The FDA is investigating a hepatitis A outbreak potentially linked to strawberries

Peter Navarro is litigating the contest of DOJ subpoena pro se

Turn! Turn! Turn! - The Byrds

How will blue cities in red states handle abortion? Austin Has a Plan for Texas' Post-Roe World

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Wooden Ships

How self-deception allows people to lie

level of concern by 21 pilots

every time a republican quotes a bible verse...

Rep. Gallego: Republicans Likely To Use Filibuster 'To Slow Down Any Real Gun Safety Regulations'

Sly & The Family Stone - Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)

New video shows police response to deadly Texas school shooting - ABC News

Wooly Bully - Long Version - Vietnam Background

Delaware County judge allows part of case against Google to proceed

Follow-up: Man sentenced after arson at Travis County Democratic Party office

How crypto mining could impact Texas' power grid in years to come

Breakfast Tuesday 31, May 2022

Officers respond to fatal shooting on Ohio Statehouse property

Crosby, Stills Nash - Helplessly Hoping

Turkish leader writes on 'risks' of Sweden, Finland in NATO

EU oil embargo targetting Russian economy - DW News

TFG ,Abbott, and Cruz claiming mental illness as an excuse is a lie,

Jeff Buckley - Last Goodbye

James Craig, Perry Johnson sue to make Michigan ballot amid forgery scandal

cross street in compton is black and covered in tire debris from weekly street takeovers

Russia and China are ahead of US in hypersonic missile technology. Here's why - CNN

Will there ever be a Republican reckoning?

China sends 30 planes into Taiwan air defence zone

Status Quo - Pictures of Matchstick Men

Bob Dylan - Lay Lady Lay

"Owning" the cult...

"Happy Memorial Day"

Audio: Mayor Fouts allegedly mocks person with disabilities in latest leaked recording

People like Meadows, Navarro, Rudy, Eastman, have gotten away with Nothing!

More on US MLRS systems to Ukraine:


New poll spells trouble for Michigan Republicans peddling conspiracy theories and opposing abortion

Melanie - Ruby Tuesday

Tuesday TOONs - Boors Ban Doors

Criminalizing abortion

What's happening today at the Supreme Court?

The Black Keys -- Wild Child

Hanging in a little Bali restaurant.

Volbeat -- Still Counting

Charge up your flux capacitors. It's back.

Julia Child

The Liberal-Conservative Partition Isn't Just Helped By 400 Million Guns

New York lawmakers to take up election law measures

Food for thought

Coal ash workers dying as lawsuit over illnesses drags on

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 5/25/22

Boomb Tube: The Week of Comic Book Television, 5/22/22 - 5/28/22

The Rundown: May 30, 2022

The Rundown: May 31, 2022

The anti-abortion movement is about to win. Even it isn't ready for what comes next.

John Bonham was born on this date.

Navarro testifying in front of a grand jury.

The kittens have issued a non negotiable demand

Do you recall when the Reagan Administration called the terrorists in El Salvador,...?

Other things Elon Musk could have done with $44billion

Supreme Court leak investigation heats up as clerks are asked for phone records

JHC!!! Video appears to show Texas 911 dispatchers relaying information from children in classroom

Sievierodonetsk mayor says Russian forces seize half of city

So, we are a few days away from the J-6 Committee hearing?

The charge of obstructing congress is what Trumps inner circle should be worried about.

I live in Clintonville (Columbus) OH and we had somebody shot and killed about 3 blocks from ....

Jimmy Carter tried to wean us off of Fossil Fuels

Don't let this die.

161 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Deadlines and Primaries

There will be an American in the French Open semis

In Three Years, State Of New Mexico Issues Two Fines For Illegal Methane Leaks From O&G Operations

Now the far right is coming for college too -- with taxpayer-funded "classical education"

Australian Utility & GHG Giant AGL Imploding Financially; Years Of Coalition Meddling Revealed

McDonald's pulled out of Russia. Apparently Burger King & KFC have not.

The NRA Is Shrinking. Its Politics Are Stronger Than Ever.

EIA - Continuing Drought May Cut California Hydropower Output By 50% This Summer

Look, I know that just because one guy try to

Christy Matthewson

US mass shootings will continue until the majority can overrule the minority

Who is Leonna Hale? Outrage Over Missouri Police Shooting of Pregnant Woman

Murderer in SC shoots at random vehicles, severely injured 8 year old.

Russia Extends Control Over Key Ukraine City as U.S. Plans to Boost Kyiv's Firepower

"Much better for children to stay at home where they can shoot themselves with their Parent's guns!"

Russian State TV Discusses How to 'Destroy East and West Coasts of U.S.'

Abbott blamed school shooting on lack of mental health resources. But he reportedly cut more than

Seattle Starbucks Is 100th Store To Join Union

Dismantling the fossil-fuel economy at the Stockholm+50 UN Global Climate Summit

Overturning Roe v. Wade Could Make Maternal Mortality Even Worse

In big bid to punish Moscow, EU bans most Russia oil imports

If you're a teacher in Texas......

Will there be any political consequences if no one is indicted for attempted overturn of election?

A Quaker Activist Group Forced the City of Orange to Reveal Police Department's Inventory

I have slowly stopped the drug/s that put about 30 extra pounds on me.

Top Russian Officers: 'You're F*cked, Putin--Motherf*cker!'

Uvalde's "back-the-blue" values collide with outrage over police response to Texas' worst school sho

It Hurts Me Too

NY Times Wordle 5/31

Hey teachers.

7 Black-led movies to look out for in 2022

Well, I had my breakfast and to tell you how it was?

Patients Reveal Horror Stories About 'Abusive' Utah OBGYN

Patients Reveal Horror Stories About 'Abusive' Utah OBGYN

OMFG! More children die by gunfire in a year than on-duty police officers & active military members.

You raised $10.00 on May 30, 2022 for Admiral (ret) Franken US Senate IA

What does the MSM do when Pres Biden is doing a great job while facing major obstacles and crises?

Did anyone watch "The Longest Day" yesterday?

You raised $10.00 on May 30, 2022 Finkenauer for US Sen IA

Here are all the current links on the DU for donations (Ukraine + political)

Starting a pot business in California: A cautionary tale The Green Room

US senator visits Taiwan as China ups military threat

Why Canadians Are Warning About the Collapse of American Democracy

David Crosby on getting the Beatles high and how to roll a proper joint The Green Room

🚨Supreme Court DENIES Texas Legislators' effort to block deposition subpoenas in redistricting case

USA Gun Culture Circle of 'Life'

Emerson Lake and Palmer - Take A Pebble (live - it's about the talent)

a gun control proposal

The Democratic Deficit in the West

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- May 31, 2022

Biden: 'You couldn't buy a cannon when the Second Amendment was passed'

Ricky Williams tackles the cannabis stigma The Green Room

Matt Bors from 2018

Annandale students plan walkout after district leaders deem their pride signs as too political

Why 18-Year-Olds in Texas Can Buy AR-15s but Not Handguns

Annandale (MN) students plan walkout after district leaders deem their pride signs as too political

"Policing the Womb": Law Professor Michele Goodwin on SCOTUS, Anti-Abortion Laws & the New Jane Crow

Colombia's establishment backs Rodolfo Hernandez, who has called himself a follower of Adolf Hitler

Innocence & Guilt

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the EU quitting Russian oil....

California's cannabis exodus: The Green Room

Three dogs really hot out

And now Navarro has been summoned to testify on Thursday to a FEDERAL GRAND JURY - NYT

Marijuana Mania Humboldt & Mendocino Appellation Program

Florida principal who fought DeSantis over weakening Covid rules in schools dies from virus

The orcish tanks in Kyiv - Operator Starsky

Tweet of the Day

10 Facts To Savor About Van Gogh's Iconic Painting 'Cafe Terrace at Night'

Repuke talking point - "Libs are grooming our children"

Won't someone think of the hammers?

A "pink slime" news outlet is an outlet that makes a planted story look like local news.

Carlito vs Zverev (French Open)

Not your Mama's subpoenas

The Lincoln Project-Clarence Thomas is compromised

The Lincoln Project-Clarence Thomas is compromised

Andrea Mitchell Adrift.

37,144 Democrats voted in the GA Republican primary.

What happens when the public loses faith in the Supreme Court?

Disney handing out 'barf bags' to passengers on its new roller coaster: report

How Daniel Defense Gun Maker Markets Their Massacre Machines

If you post your work on IG, beware of scammers.

Sussman found NOT GUILTY

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 31, 2022)

Sussmann, who worked for Clinton, acquitted of lying to FBI in 2016

Home prices surged at record pace in March despite higher mortgage rates

Consumer confidence dips on worries over inflation and slowing U.S. economy

Pt Defiance Park, SAMI school

Tupperware should be called

How Did A Town That's 81% Hispanic Elect A Xenophobic Mayor?

How the AR-15 conquered America, as revealed by an industry insider

Chef Andres' World Kitchen in Uvalde

Its almost midterms and the usual craziness has set in.. even in DU

This is an older article,

Canada is doing it

Cross-post from GD: Hepatitis A outbreak potentially linked to strawberries

CA workers could get 'ultrahigh' heat conditions protections if bill passes

Speakers announced for The Next Scientific Revolution

Self-delete: the tweet has been removed.

Encore Episode: Tulsa Race Massacre

Shelter Cat Chooses a Man And Gets His Attention For Adoption

Wait till desperation sets in, Trumps circle of clowns are going down, look who we are dealing with.

Is there anybody else John Durham wants to waste 3 years and $40 million prosecuting?

Experts at the art of facial reconstruction had of be brought to Uvalde


Hi everyone. Meet journalist and activist @lawindsor

Trump is now claiming there was fraud in last week's Georgia Primary

If I had a hammer...

Coriolus (Turkey tail)?

60th Van Cliburn piano competition begins June 2 in Ft Worth

Supreme Court won't shield Texas legislators from testifying in redistricting lawsuit

Gary Moore - Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

The cows are coming home to roost...

Is the Greg Stillson scandal survivable?

It's already written; Trump voters will be remembered for this, for all time.

Young caregivers 'exist in the shadows,' offer crucial help

Young caregivers 'exist in the shadows,' offer crucial help

Help Wanted: State Misinformation Sheriff

U.S. Vets with PTSD Smoke Weed Together Strange Buds Cut

Richard Scarrys Busy Busy 21st Century Classroom

North Dakota legislator set to resign, mum on investigation

Former Cops Smoking Weed Strange Buds Cut

Doug Mastriano, Christian Nationalism, and the Cult of the AR-15

Dog living his best life:

Herschel Walker Says Trump is Lying About Asking Him to Run For Senate: 'I'm Mad' He's 'Taking Credi

Somebody said something to me so correct, so true,

Lion with natural bangs:

Ukraine Destroys Russia's Giant Mortar

You never think it's going to happen to you

Has Boris Johnson resigned yet, Pooh?

Who Actually Controls Gas Prices? Climate Town

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey's office misused COVID-19 relief funds

Did DOJ subpoena Navarro?

Rescued Tiny Gosling Thinks This Bull Terrier Is Her Mom

NY-12: Justice Democrats-backed candidate drops NY primary bid after redistricting

The Supreme Court and the Originalist Fallacy

Last light before night over the city.

May be the cutest cat crab puff walk ever (be sure to watch to the end):

Maybe Make it Very Expensive to Own Guns like an AR-15

Something to ponder...

NY Times Pitchbot: Would banning assault rifles be fair to those who have already been shot by them?

How long can Russia's forces sustain their momentum? - DW News

The Top 396 Stupidest Quotes From NRA Convention-Goers After America's Latest Child Massacre

About Uvalde, I can't help but wonder...

Canada proposes total freeze on handgun ownership

My final post about Snowflake.

Trump aide Peter Navarro ordered to testify before grand jury over January 6

'Stark rebuke': Clinton campaign lawyer acquitted of lying to FBI - CNN

How the Right Rigs the Book Game

The people who rescue giant ships

The Real Reason America Doesn't Have Gun Control

Lazy day dinner

Michael Sussmann found not guilty of lying to FBI in Durham investigation

Every state in the union has now enacted a congressional map!

Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas: 'Trans Women Are Not A Threat To Women's Sports'

9-year-old girl survives rare cougar attack in Washington

Sonic Workers Find An Absolute Nightmare Lurking Just Behind The Fry Machine

White supremacists radicalize young white men. Gun makers sell them guns. The NRA makes both look..

NRA Chief pranked by comedian at Houston meeting, 'thoughts and prayers' mocked

Kellyanne Conway Isn't Wearing Wedding Ring, Says Husband George Isn't Either

Doctor Selling COVID-19 "Cure" Sentenced to Prison

Ohio Republican Senate nominee JD Vance has called for a total ban on porn

Corrupt Fascists in Missouri targeting schools

During the Omicron Wave, Death Rates Soared for Older People

British Columbia is the first province in Canada to de-criminalize possession of small amounts of

Horse kicks tree, farts on dogs, then runs away

Strawberries Likely Caused Hepatitis A Outbreak, FDA Says

Shady "Woke Heat Map" so fascists can "fight back" against a "woke agenda." Targets schools.

Rep Swalwell on this week vote to raise weapon buying age to 21.

A Doctor Claimed he had a Miracle Cure for COVID. He's Going to Prison

Talia Lavin: Hopeless and Hopeful

Plans for memorial day?

I Ain't Worry- One Republic (from Top Gun Maverick]

Lawyer: Uvalde teacher did not leave door open that gunman used to enter school

Trump Rages About Clinton Lawyer Sussmann Not Guilty Verdict: 'Our Country is Going to HELL ...

FOX News personalities blame jury pool for Sussman verdict.

There's a British expression: "What's this in aid of?"

My Plan for Fighting Inflation by Joe Biden (Wall Street Journal Op-Ed)

Christ! That's hot!

"I'm a Republican, and I approve this message"

Changing our DNA: 'The age of human therapeutic gene editing is here'

Chauvin, Minneapolis police named in two federal excessive force lawsuits dating to 2017

President JOE BIDEN: "My 3 Step Plan for Fighting Inflation"

Cowardice is no longer an excuse

It's Time for REAL Gun Safety Legislation.

Brooke Baldwin (formerly CNN) on how networks handle mass shootings

Iran lied about banned nuclear activity using stolen documents - Israel

John Durham Accidentally Debunked Trump's Russiagate Theory

Tweet of the Afternoon:

The Navarro subpoena was suspicious,

Daily Distraction 31/05/2022

JOIN BETO 💙 DALLAS TX Town Hall, Wednesday June 1st 5:30-6:30pm

Daily Distraction 31/05/2022 Posted in Photography

Things that need to be discarded or got rid of

Imagine cutting a huge fart while speaking at a podium

Comedian trolls Wayne LaPierre at NRA convention and so confuses the attendees that he.....

"One of us just spent $600 to find out the other one has gas" (& other pet to vet short stories)

The 59th meeting of two giants in tennis......NADAL vs The Joker (DJOKOVIC)

It's so hot, I saw a fire hydrant chasing a duck

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Georgia showing Wyoming the way....

Scottsdale New Faces Day Relief Centers

Question - did DOJ say that they subpoenaed Navarro?

Just another typical week....

GJ subpoenas Navarro, confirming criminal investigation of Trump; Trump feels the squeeze in GA too

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 1 June 2022

Small-scale possession of illicit drugs will be decriminalized in B.C. starting next year: federal g

Just finished watching "Bridge over the River Quai." William Holden was a terrific actor but died of

Kent State Shootings College Students, May 4, 1970: 'Ohio' Crosby & Venice; CSNY; Jackson State

Ancient Cannabis Cult / History documentary

Mike Luckovich-Which gets banned?

Now on MSNBC. Dan Goldman does not believe Navarro.

BREAKING: Supreme Court blocks Texas' social media censorship law by an unusual 5-4 vote.

Supreme Court Halts Texas Law on Social Media Content Moderation

Supreme Court Halts Texas Law on Social Media Content Moderation

He shot them in the face! . . . Let the N.R.A. stare at this!

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

🚨BREAKING: SCOTUS pauses 3rd Circuit's order to count undated mail-in ballots in PA judicial race

Lin Wood loses appeal to block Georgia bar from seeking mental health exam

'My top economic priority': Biden op-ed lays out plan to fight inflation

Am I the only person on Earth who hates Crocs?

Tweet of the Afternoon #2:

Which Gets Banned? (Luckovich)

The House Ethics Committee is investigating the timing of three GOP lawmakers' stock trade reporting

Osprey on channel marker, 'my' river 6 miles south of my house, southern MD

RUDE PUNDIT: "Let's not be like the Uvalde cops."

Junior whines about Sussmann verdict.......

Five takeaways from Biden's inflation plan

What's for Dinner, Tues., May 31, 2022

Republican's sell hatred. Democrats try to sell democracy.

Just found out today on MSNBC that the Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick of Texas is not just...

Uvalde PD have stopped talking to investigators

'Very angry': Uvalde locals grapple with school chief's role

Don't understand why American people are judging President Biden so harshly as opposed to tyrant45

As the open hearings draw near, the grand juries subpoenas are rolling out.

Video captures moment in radio call of child saying 'I got shot'

Copperheads are out in the Mid-Atlantic region. Here's what to know.

So much for the Special Investigator Durham and Trump's attempt to get revenge on Hillary!

Is there a position that Biden could appoint Liz Cheney to

Dogecoin Co-founder: Elon Musk A 'Grifter' Who's 'Really Good At Pretending'

BREAKING: Trump Prosecutor Humiliated as Jury Acquits Clinton Lawyer in Sham Case - MeidasTouch

Uvalde police, school district no longer cooperating with Texas probe of shooting

Funny Memes Of People Grasping The Reality That They're Old(er) Now

Pa. GOP Senate race upended by court cases

Germany Slashes Summer Train Fares More Than 90 Percent to Curb Driving, Save Fuel

Uvalde police, school district no longer cooperating with Texas probe of shooting

Here's an interesting take: Students should refuse to go back to school.

Stupid - The Lincoln Project

Stupid - The Lincoln Project

Record Wind in Scotland Means Grid Tells Some Turbines to Stop

One dead, two injured after gunfire breaks out after Morris Jeff graduation; 'This is horrible'

Putin is on verge of losing his eyesight due a rapidly progressive spreading cancer.

'Star Wars' calls out racism after attacks on Moses Ingram

We Clerked for Justices Scalia and Stevens. America Is Getting Heller Wrong.

Supreme Court case may determine winner of Pennsylvania's GOP Senate primary

Jill Wine-Banks on MSNBC: Maybe the reason Navarro is representing himself is that

GOP Rebuked As The Party Of Mass Shootings And Guns, As Parents Demand Answers - The Beat MSNBC

Ha! Trump's statement on the Sussmann verdict!

Justices Put Texas Social Media Law on Hold

Led Zeppelin - Four Sticks (for Bonzo's B-Day)

All words, no action. - Beto O'Rourke

All words, no action. - Beto O'Rourke

Is it paranoid to think

The Sky Pirates - all-female steampunk metal band FATE GEAR

Jim Acosta leaves NRA board member SPEECHLESS with one basic question - Brian Tyler Cohen

dlk ....has said this basic truth... . "If nothing changes, nothing changes."

Tweet of the Evening:

Wow: NRA Boss Contradicts Himself with Unhinged Statement in Speech - MeidasTouch

Misusing Words Like 'Groomer' Isn't Just Wrong; It's Dangerous

Do you have a dedicated listening room/theater?

Meanwhile in Canada....

If the bipartisan committee assembled by McConnell

This whole story out of the area I live in, has gone beyond stupid.

French Open - spoiler

TFG is now blaming two 50 point blow-outs in Georgia on ... wait for it ...

Xavier University shooting

Whenever I see a school/University/city trending on twitter

I'll tell you when meaningful gun control will become a reality.

"The Best Man Holiday" star Nia Long, also "Friday" and many other films...

After this event, changes were made everywhere..."Our Ladies of Angles Fire in Chicago"

I would not disturb the Court of Appeals' informed judgment about applicants' entitlement to a stay

Led Zeppelin - Moby Dick (studio version & 15m live, Royal Albert Hall, 1970)

I'm Watching Showtimes 'First Lady' And This Last Episode Was....

We declare it's summer in the D.C. area.

Holy shit! Am I missing something?

U.S. asks court to reverse order lifting airplane mask mandate


Just before the ducks crossed the road

Supply Chain Failure Exposes Cracks In Capitalism

Where am I? What IS this?

DISNEYLAND DEAL: California residents can visit Disneyland Resort for as low as $83 per day. $83?

Learn how to kiss 😘, from 1911 gum company ...

Refresh my memory. Haven't we (in the past) voted for issues? Or, is that just state issues?

Didn't Dipshit Hannity Say "A Grand Jury Could Indict A Ham Sandwich?" Apparently Michael Sussmann