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Rep. Murphy On Jan. 6th: We Came 'Perilously Close To Losing Our Democracy' - Deadline - MSNBC

Video Shows Black Teen With Hands Up When Shot by Cop

Happy Father's Day from the kid Herschel actually raised

DNA evidence identifies body found in Marysville landfill 45 years ago

Seahawks president releases statement on Lumen Field's successful World Cup bid

That's "rubber room stuff"

Incoming US Senators of 2022.

Wikipedia tidbits on John Michael Luttig

Evidence suggests Newsmax knew 2020 election fraud claims 'were probably false,' judge says in Domin

Tweet of the Night:

Gabby Giffords throws out ball for Red Sox game

Dan Rather: The More We Learn

Hershell Walker has more secret kids..maybe another son and a daughter

California Drought May Severely Impact Power Output This Summer.

Let's be real: Pence is no hero.

Columbo and his dog

Seattle Storm legend Sue Bird says 2022 is her final season

Seattle Storm legend Sue Bird says 2022 is her final season

After today's hearing

*PBS is rerunning today's hearing,

*WETA rerunning today's hearing.

Trump is a 'clear and present danger to American democracy,' former judge tells Jan. 6 panel

Lawrence O'Donnell tearing into Pence

Liberal Redneck - Mike Pence and "Team Normal" on January 6

Thank you Lawrence O'Donnell...

Lawrence O'Donnell - For Pence, the guy who did the right thing in the end, the question is why did

40 Feet - The Lincoln Project

Tom Hanks anger unleashed when overzealous fan knocks into wife Rita Wilson: 'Back the f*** off!'

DeSantis says Florida is 'affirmatively against' Covid-19 vaccines for young kids

Texas AG Faces Backlash for Saying He'd Tell Families Who Lost Children in Uvalde That 'God Always

TerraUSD Crash Led to Vanished Savings, Shattered Dreams

Texas recount underway between Texas Rep. Cuellar, Cisneros

Guilty: Trump Lawyer Says Coup Plotter Has A Problem

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

Jeff Tiedrich tweet of the evening:

Alabama church shooting: Multiple injuries, 1 in custody after active shooter

Judge orders GOP candidate Ryan Kelley to surrender his guns, over his objections

Let's talk about sharks, screens, shifting thought, and Hollywood....

Late Capitol Cop's Girlfriend Sends Icy Message To Jarvanka

California bill would make gunowners buy liability insurance

Rep. Adam Schiff on Trump's role in the Capitol insurrection, Ginni Thomas testimony

Elon Musk sued for $258 billion over alleged Dogecoin pyramid scheme

'We've Been Too Cautious': Key Lawmaker Backs Giving Ukraine Armed Drones

Abortion amendment moving quickly in California legislature

Do children in heaven stay children forever?

Parrot to baby parrots: I love you babies. Gonna feed the babies. Kiss, kiss.

New Mexico county official convicted of January 6 trespassing refuses to certify 2022 primary result

Gun found in diaper bag near toddlers, Texas School for the Deaf says

Pomeranian & her tiny puppies:

Sheep with zoomies:

Pence Lawyers Muddy Obvious Coup Crime, Says MSNBC Anchor - The Beat - MSNBC

Two kinds of dogs:

'Absolutely despicable': Brian Sicknick's partner says Ivanka and Jared could have saved his life --

More like Team coo-coo

NASA, Partner Establish New Research Group for Mars Sample Return Program

Cat determined to catch pictures of apples on mat:

A handful of lovebirds:

Arresting Trump Will Get Ugly, The Alternative Is Worse

I noted in that photo that Pence's wife was closing a curtain to

National Geographic video: eagle with camera gives us bird's eye view

2026 World Cup in North America host cities announced

A Likely Very Unpopular Question About Liz Cheney I Feel Must Be Asked

Seth Meyers - Rudy Giuliani Responds to Reports He Was Drunk on Election Night 2020 - Monologue 6/15

Hummingbird compilation (2nd tweet):

Comedian Shreds MTG For Comparing Jan 6th To George Floyd

Dog exercises with TV:

The U.S. Leaves Parents On Their Own for a Reason

The Traitor Mastriano

Council speaker claps back at AOC's budget gripes (NYC)

JinnyOops! / You and I

Dramatic rescue of whale caught in net:

9-year-old girl 'executed' by mom's ex-boyfriend during argument, Texas police say

The Rifle That Ruined America

40 Feet

The Daily Show: Trump's Pressure Campaign Against Pence on January 6th Revealed

I love Lawrence O'Donnell

Ginni Thomas: Come on Down!

Just had the most intense, bizarre, and memorable dream of my life

Talking about enablers, please remember BOTH of the Impeachments

Irony--Herschel Walker's son Christian ranting about absentee fathers:

Subpoenas reveal DOJ's criminal investigation into 'alternate electors' is focusing on Trump lawyers

The GOP Purge.

Former Prosecutor Calls Trump Out for Attempted Murder of VP Pence - MeidasTouch

Long COVID Could Be a 'Mass Deterioration Event'

Choices, choices...

"Ginny, Ginny, Ginny, won't you come along with me?"---Little Richard. nt

Mary Trump is next on Lawrence's show nt

Tonight is literally the 50th anniversary of the Watergate break-in into the DNC

AmEx Uses Airplane Metal for Limited-Edition Delta SkyMiles Card

Multiple People Shot at Alabama Church, Police Say

Somehow I got on the WRONG phone list.

What will be the most direct link between tfg and Oath Boys?

Kimmel: J6 Hearings Get Crazier, Trump Screams About Equal Time & Marjorie Taylor Greene's Dumb Take

Where have all the climate activists gone?

Thank you!

There is a not insignificant number of Americans who want a dictator.

please refer to the riots/insurrection as the republican party insurrection. hawleY/ the republican

Justice Dept. secures first guilty plea for threats to election workers

Hakeem Jeffries hits it out of the park!

Undercover reporter Exposes John Eastman Boasting of Crimes in Secret Video - MeidasTouch

New footage of Patriot Front getting arrested from inside the U-Haul truck 🤡

Repuke House candidate approached me

Floor Sealant served as Milk to Elementary Students in Alaska

Just watched the George Conway interview from

Golden State Wins!!!!!

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, June 17, 2022

Anderson Cooper: Testimony shows Trump knew election plot was a crime


Congrats to the Warriors!

Senators tack $45B onto Biden's defense budget

Just about 5 years ago, I heard this song, and it attracted my attention

Jan. 6 Committee Wants A Word With Ginni Thomas The Katie Phang Show

Life expectancy for Native Americans has stagnated -- even long before Covid

The Jan. 6 insurrection, 1 year later PBS NewsHour presents

Joy Reid: It Seems Eastman Knew His Plan Was Unconstitutional And Illegal - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Clues to Long COVID (

How come Stephen Miller's name

DeSantis says Florida is 'affirmatively against' Covid-19 vaccines for young kids

"She voted for Abbott last time. She cannot in good conscience vote for him again." - Beto O'Rourke

Lawrence O'Donnell: Why Did It Take So Long For Pence To Do The Right Thing? - The Last Word - MSNBC

Mike Pence and the Secret Service driver

Down by the River (2009 Remaster) by the one and only Neil Young

The LA Times now speculating that Gascon's policies killed 2 police officers

Fetterman Trolling Oz on Twitter

When is the next Committee Hearing?

Don't Misunderstand Me - Rossington Collins Band

Manen's Violin Concerto - 'Concierto Espanol'

Mary Trump On Donald Trump's Criminal Intent - The Last Word - MSNBC

White supremacists are riling up thousands on social media

Ur rock lead guitar circa 1950:

Seth Meyers - Jan. 6 Hearing Reveals Trump and John Eastman Knew Their Plan Was Illegal: A Closer Look

Early English songs from the Young Tradition

Presidential Historian: 'Please Do Not Canonize Mike Pence' - The Last Word - MSNBC

When is the Jan 6th Commitee fourth meeting?

Former Russian FSB Officer Now Fights For Ukraine

Sen. Warnock: 'All Remain Vigilant' As America Grapples With Jan. 6 - The ReidOut - MSNBC

'Stop Draggin' My Heart Around,' by HSCC

After the sun has set.

San Diego's Ivy Energy partners with Sunwest Bank in $150 M of solar financing for multifamily homes

WATCH: Judge Luttig speaking swiftly and coherently.

2 killed, 1 wounded in shooting at Alabama church, suspect in custody

Jan. 6 Hearing Witnesses: Violence A Recognized Factor In Trump Coup Plan - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

New Book: Jack Welch Broke Capitalism, Ushered In an Era of Distrust Amanpour and Company

Maryland Man Charged With Hate Crimes After Allegedly Spray-Painting 'Groomer' On Two Libraries

J6C invites Ginni Thomas to appear before them

Covid question: should I go see my friend?

Chris Hayes: 'We Were One Mike Pence Away From A Coup' - MSNBC


The Justice Department wants to see the Jan. 6 committee's transcripts

Sen. Whitehouse Joins The Last Word on MSNBC to Talk Gun Safety, Jeffrey Clark, SCOTUS, and Jan. 6th

Does canned sweetened condensed milk go bad?

Disney delays moving Southern California jobs to Florida

Pence Mindset On January 6th Seen In Mistrust Of Secret Service - MSNBC

New Mexico legislators meet with White House officials over abortion

"God's Favorite Idiot" on Netflix

Ohio dispatcher under internal review after calling 911 caller a 'little liar' in near drowning

Ecuador seeks partner to stop gas flaring as anger rises in the Amazon

Five suspected over murder of British journalist

White House approves New Mexico expansion of Medicaid postpartum care

Bolsonaro blamed as UN denounces Amazon murders

Class I railroads slammed over gaps in rail service recovery plans.

What's with all of the adversarial nonsense toward people who are actually prosecuting the perps?

Pressure On Pence Focus Of Third Jan. 6 Public Hearing - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Harmony Montgomery's Family Told To 'Prepare For The Worst' As FBI Remove Fridge From Father's Home

Jan. 6 Committee Pursues Interview With Ginni Thomas, Wife Of Supreme Court Justice - The 11th Hour

The Last Thing: Seven Years After Trump Descended 'The Famous Escalator' - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

This is wordy long, but I feel it fits here.

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/16/22

US Senate Elections in 2022 that the Democrats are likely to win.

MN man tried to keep his 47 cats while homeless

Role of body armor scrutinized in mass shooting debate - ABC News

Kimmel: Celtics & Warriors Battle it Out, Governors Place Bets and Basketball Injuries Skyrocket

Jimmy Kimmel vs 14-Year-Old Spelling Bee Winner with Special Guest Pronouncer Mike Tyson

'This is something that never should have happened': GOP Rep. on Jan. 6 - ABC News

Short rant: Another popular littering season.

Breakfast Friday 17, June 2022

Arundhati Roy: 'India is becoming a Hindu fascist enterprise' - Al Jazeera

(Jewish Group) The Scourge of Antisemitism Has Returned to America

Moldova: Next in Line? - Al Jazeera

Boomer Dad makes a discovery:

Top British official orders Julian Assange's extradition to U.S.

European leaders back 'immediate' candidate status for Ukraine to join EU - BBC News

Prof. Phillips OBrien on the supposed Russian military advance.

Russia tells BBC "we did not invade Ukraine" and there is "no war" there - BBC News

Patron's latest project!


Takeaways from the Warriors/Celtics series IMO

Patron: the stamp!

It's like this, Republicans

How Russia is weathering international sanctions - CBS News

Darth Putin speaks!


Why does gods plan never include republicans doing the right thing

EU backs Ukraine's membership bid as war brings huge shift

How anti-abortion activists laid the groundwork for rollback of Roe v. Wade - PBS NewsHour

"The things I do for Ukraine".

Biden's Schedule for Friday, June 17, 2022

Can anyone recommend a beginning cookbook?

Grift Made Donald Trump and the Modern Republican Party, and It Could Take Them Down

Jeffrey Toobin being very annoying on CNN

The DOJ may have better evidence than the committee when it comes to the proud boys, oath keepers.

So Eastman told Trump what he was plotting was illegal, they went through with it anyway on 1/6/21,

St. Charles County district on hook for $70,000 settlement with parents' group

The Floppotron 3.0 - Computer Hardware Orchestra

I think it is fair to say the committee has proven this.

GOP Death Panels

Heat/Humidity In SW Kansas Kill An Estimated 10,000 Feedlot Cattle

It will be interesting to see What happen the New Mexico County Commission

Extreme Fire, Drought And Heat Seem To Be Tied To "Stuck" Jet Stream - a.k.a. 7-Wave Pattern

50 years ago on this date, security guard Frank Wills discovered a door latch taped open in

Pick Up The Pieces

Barents Sea Warming "Off The Scale"; Rate Of Warming Five To Seven Times Global Average Increase

Top Stories of the Morning

DeSantis decides what is best for for young children and the Covid vaccine

No TOONs post today. Late start.

Gov. DeSantis' hypocrisy on parental rights

A Quick Reminder That RealClearEnergy Is Koch-Funded Greenwashing Disinformation

What happened to CNN this morning?

I had no idea of all the challenges involved in applying makeup.

Adam Kinzinger, on the J6 Committee: Why so quiet so far ?

On this day, June 17, 1902, Sammy Fain was born.

DC/VA/MD: How to get around this fall's Blue, Yellow Metro line construction

Japan top court: Govt not responsible for Fukushima disaster

DOJ Reveals Investigations, Prosecutions In Request For January 6th Interview Transcripts - MSNBC

Yes, Donald Trump is an "American monster": But he wasn't built by a mad scientist

Governor Gavin Newsome joins...TRUTH SOCIAL

This European airline just ordered a fleet of airships

The Rundown: June 17, 2022

Tim Sale, "Batman: The Long Halloween" Artist, Dead at 66

You raised $15.00 on June 16, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken IA US Senate

Shifting 'Red Lines' Gave Trump Enablers A Pretense Of Principle - MSNBC

Art of the Week: Week of 06/15/22

Was Trump's "Big Grift" Illegal? - The Katie Phang Show - MSNBC

I think we need more "self censorship".

So, where would Trump go should he decide to make a run for it?

Who needs the Republican Party?

How some think

I believe Trump and his inner circle are approaching the Little Big Horn.

Freedom riders' 1947 convictions vacated in North Carolina

I hate when I get up in the morning, check DU and there are no NEW

Well, I'm sure this isn't foreshadowing of how things will look if the GOP has power. At all.

The Groomer

Under federal law, inciting to riot, carries a penalty of up to 5 years in prison.

East Virginia Blues - Bob Dylan, Earl Scruggs & Family - Live

Hawaii's governor signs 3 bills supporting LGBTQ community

CFPB and New York Attorney General Shut Down Debt Collection Ring

"Getting wrapped around the axle" Did anyone else notice this phrase in one witnesses' testimony?

What's happening with Ukraine and the evil empire? I feel guilty I don't know.

Morning Joe On Thursday Revelations: Trump On Jan. 6 Was Working To Cause Harm Or Death To Pence

Happy Dog Shadow!

Happy Dog Shadow!

Upended: How Medical Debt Changed Their Lives

DU is a fount of knowledge, and I want to take this opportunity to thank

Do you foresee Chief Justice Roberts EVER taking control of his court?

Wanna bolster your chances in a Republican primary? Get arrested.

FDA authorizes coronavirus vaccine for young kids with shots likely next week

144 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

This week's major U.S. economic reports (June 20 - June 24)

USB-C iPhone could become mandatory in the US as senators push for common charger law

Total Proof Trump didn't care...Sitting in front of TV watching, & Not Doing Anything, Even when

Trump DEMANDS equal time

If Pence ran against DeSantis

I've been watching Fox News since 9 o'clock to see how they would cover yesterday's hearing. It's

And the bumper sticker winner is...

I believe these two women will follow Trump to the gates of hell in order to nail his ass.

Trump & the attempted murder of Mike Pence.

On this day, June 17, 1963, Abington School District v. Schempp was decided.

A major talent silenced!😏Market Hotel cancels sold out John Hinckley Jr. concert.

America's belief in God hits new low

1st official NZ holiday of "Māori new year" Matariki, June 24 2022

NBA Finals: Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors blitz Celtics to win dynasty's 4th championship

"No Asians" in real estate advertisement:

US: Industrial Production rises by 0.2% in May vs. 0.4% expected

Townhouse Trash - The New Underclass?

Biden Vs. Trump

Rep. Boebert proposes classifying fentanyl as a weapon of mass destruction

As Po dries up, Italy's food and energy supplies are at risk

Flabbergasted by what Trumper Carlson said about Biden last night

3 branches of gov't/Incest

US Senate Elections in 2022 that the Democrats are going to win.

What do Phil Niekro, Rod Carew, Gaylord Perry, Ferguson Jenkins, Ernie Banks,

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Poll: Half of Americans Now Predict U.S. May 'Cease To Be A Democracy' Someday: Yahoo News

NYT - How the Proud Boys Breached the Capitol on Jan. 6: Rile Up the Normies

Rand Paul refuses to talk with N.J. judge whose son was murdered, then blocks judge protection bill

Mike Pence and his daughter on J6

Yesterday evening, I had an almost full hummingbird feeder;

Hitachi enters the region while Metro plans for all 8-car trains

Navarro pleads NOT GUILTY. UPDATE: Trial set for November 17th

Palestinian reporter for Iranian agency beaten in West Bank

Elon Musk's SpaceX fires at least five over critical letter

Poco - My Kind Of Love (early Richie Furay Poco)

Christian Walker ranting about Nick Cannon for, you guessed it, fathering kids out of wedlock

Hospitals Are Sharing Sensitive Info With Facebook

Will Ginni Thomas testify before the Jan 6 Committee?

"Stand Back and Stand By"

Who is going to be the next Democratic speaker of the US House of Representatives?

Animals That Can Easily Boost Your Mood If You Have a Hard Day

Little green gummy bear, we hardly knew ye:

Denmark summons Russian ambassador after warship violated Danish territorial waters

VDARE published a screed over the fact that national media didn't cover a rally put on by neo-Nazis

I don't know anything.

The Cars - Drive (Live Aid 1985)

Someone please explain Biden's low polling.

Colorado rainfall

Larry Nassar loses last appeal in sexual assault scandal

Carl Paladino said "hungry and dumb" Black people were "conditioned" to vote for Democrats and...

Times Celebs And Public Figures Proved That They're Completely Out Of Touch With Reality

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- June 17, 2022

The CDC on 'Post Covid conditions'

Dog tries to talk like human and keeps failing

What are Mandela Barnes chances of defeating Ron Johnson-R in the 2022 WI US Senate Race?

Car plows into Trump store

Just made a big decision. Need some time off to find myself. I'll be leaving for awhile.

Arlington smoke shop employee found not guilty in shooting case

🚨 Iowa Supreme Court has now overruled its *2018* ruling [in a twist shocking absolutely no one]

I have a sty (stye?)

Young Black Teen Attacked, Threatened In White Neighborhood

Boris Johnson has offered to launch a major training operation for Ukrainian forces

Chris Rufo is telegraphing his next move in the culture war. And it will work.

🚨 BREAKING: Louisiana asks the U.S. Supreme Court to reinstate its blocked congressional map

Tornadoes and the Climate Connection

Dog uses critical thinking skills to accomplish his goal!

Anti-Vaccine Doctor Sentenced To 60 Days Prison For Capitol Riot

trump demands equal time. he shoudl be given it

Boris is back!

Chris Hayes Says It Out Loud: Trump Tried To Have Pence Killed

Pence Plots 2024 Bid as Jan. 6 Hearings Remind Voters of His Break From Trump

Russia Steps Up Shelling in Ukraine's East as EU Discusses Kyiv's Bid to Join Bloc

Finally! A Comeback to "This is a Wendy's, sir."

Does anyone know what the next hearing is going to cover?

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (June 17, 2022)


Canceled flights rise across US as summer travel heats up

New CNN Boss Seeks to Create a Less Divisive News Network

'Hard to Believe': Jan. 6 Committee Presents Email from John Eastman Blaming Riot on Mike Pence

Gilbert refuses to concede to Lombardo, signals lawsuit over Nevada GOP primary election results

Caught in the culture wars, teachers are being forced from their jobs

Montana governor faces backlash for taking 'personal trip' without explanation amid devastating

Ted Lieu corrects Fox "News" ... Again

Watching the hearings is like watching a documentary of a past crime that was solved.

Best explanation I've ever read about Republican mindset and messaging

Governor Gavin Newsom joins Donald Trump's Truth Social to call out 'Republican lies'

95% of area planted: Ukraine spring crop

Britt holds double-digit lead over Brooks in Alabama: poll

Update on Alabama church shooting:

Jimmy Carter shakes hands with every passenger on his flight

Farmers restoring ancient food forests

Idaho man arrested in downtown Coeur d'Alene is an Idaho National Guardsman

Soaring fuel costs pose threat to Biden administration, overall economic recovery

Hawaiian farmers restoring ancient food forests

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Long but excellent deep dive by The LA Times that explains planning of the big lie (link)

Today would be a good day to indict Donald John Trump

I love ramen

A rural Iowa school could become a test case for a state law that bars teaching divisive concepts

Iowa court: Abortion not protected by state constitution

Clarence Thomas Should Be Investigated, Majority of Americans Think--Poll

Baby monkey eating big slice of watermelon:

Chimpanzee feeding the fish:

I picked blueberries today

Tiniest puppy:

DeSantis hopes to use 'woke indoctrination' survey in campaign ads

Oh for Pete sake.......I Duck Duck Go looking up other remedies for bone on bone knee pain......

Margaret fighting nazis in Washington

Ferrets playing in a tube:

Putin lashes out over Western sanctions 'blitzkrieg,' claims Ukraine invasion was forced

The Trump administration and their lies/incompetence in a nutshell:

He who postpones doing the right thing, until there is no other choice but to do the right thing,

New Mexico election crisis intensifies as deadline looms

I-405 in Bellevue to close for construction this weekend

2022 Midterm Election Prediction.

pride month seems to be cranking up in florida ..........

Fremont Fair and Solstice Parade returns to Seattle this weekend

"the Constitution was mediocre men and women who thought their moment of glory had

Mike Pence owes it to the American people.

Navarro pleads not guilty to contempt charges, will face jurors in November

Mike Luckovich-The Price of Gas has gotten high

2022 Midterm Election Prediction. Democrats will gain seats in the Governoship and the US Senate.

The "Election Integrity" Fraud crosses the RUBE-I-CON


Nearly a century before Patriot Front, Margaret L. Weaver was confronting the forces of white suprem

Video: How the Proud Boys Breached the Capitol on Jan. 6: Rile Up the Normies

Who is going to be the Democratic nominee for the 2022 MD Gubernatorial Election?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Day 3 of the hearings....

The wider crowd welcomed the Proud Boys. "We love the Proud Boys!" a woman calls out

Ginni Thomas...pressured White House chief of staff Mark Meadows to have the election overturned

DeSantis will allow Florida health care providers to order COVID-19 vaccines for children under 5

Media twisting themselves into a pretzel : "But was there a crime committed?"

My final thought before making most decisions:

Iowa Supreme Court says abortion rights aren't protected by state constitution

The origin of Super Villians: Gillian B. Loeb

Anti-LGBTQ threats, fueled by internet's far right 'machine,' shut down trans rights and drag events

Opinion: BDS detours into old-school antisemitism - Milbank

As US crawls out of baby formula crisis, troubled plant floods, shuts down again

Fifty years ago today....

Judge acquits key figures in Panama Papers scandal

Judge acquits key figures in Panama Papers scandal

Cartoons 6/17/2022

3fer, Netanyahu, Musk, Drumpf - not just wingnuts, more like *bizarre*

Sick and struggling to pay, 100 million people in the U.S. live with medical debt

Inslee appoints 2 new Snohomish County Superior Court judges

Thought the gardening was mostly done.

SpaceX fires at least 5 employees after internal letter criticizes CEO Elon Musk

"Coup buses" - she better get a good fucking criminal lawyer - (found out this is satire)

Edmonds chef reps Pacific Northwest on new Food Network show

Vince McMahon: WWE CEO steps down amid misconduct inquiry

Stay strong Mike!

Bombshell: update on Ginni Thomas testifying for January 6 Committee - Brian Tyler Cohen

Fourth former fraternity brother pleads guilty in hazing death of Adam Oakes

Amid criticism, Everett gun show on graduation day postponed

Cosmetics maker Revlon files for bankruptcy in US

Gavin Newsom joined Truth Social to call out Republican lies

10M gallons of partly untreated wastewater discharged in Everett

Shy Pittie Starts To Blossom Thanks To Her Foster Brother

Should the Presidential Pardon have some limits?

Expert: Eastman knowingly broke the law to 'keep his guy in power' -- and the DOJ must act

Increased scrutiny fails to deter extremists and conspiracy theorists

Well, they found Gianforte.

TV is getting more expensive...damn!

Threats, Intimidation, nothing new to Climate Scientists

The least vaccinated places in the US

Thomas Zimmer: The January 6 hearings aren't acknowledging the elephant in the room

CoreCivic seeking to block prominent attorney from speaking out against its private prisons

Scott Walker calls Jan. 6 hearing "obsessing over something that happened a year and a half ago"

TFG demands equal time

As abortion ruling nears, U.S. Supreme Court erects barricades to the public

Congressional covid funding deal appears doomed after GOP criticism

The punishment for sedition

notes from the earle family rabbit hole.

Capitol rioter describes specifically looking for the "electors" after breaching the building.

The wind is picking up in Alexandria.

Netherlands says Russian spy caught seeking war crimes court internship

In 2018, Charlottesville decided that freelance writers needed a business license.

There are two streets outside my driveway...

After Meadows, Eastman, Clarke, etc,


In a May 19th court filing, John Eastman's lawyer claimed constitutional protection against ...

Uvalde Hires Private Law Firm to Argue It Doesn't Have to Release School Shooting Public Records

LTE: How to get protection from gun violence: Be a Supreme Court justice

White Republican Claims in Lawsuit Fox News Helped Black Republican's Win in Georgia

US Capitol rioter who carried weapon loaded with hollow-point bullets pleads guilty

SpaceX Said to Fire Employees Involved in Letter Rebuking Elon Musk

Stunning Trump revelations raise fears of a dark, violent future

Texas Paul REACTS to GOP Plan to Raise Taxes and ELIMINATE Social Security

Preventive gun laws are about the prevented tragedies that you don't see

What I like about Trump ranting on Truth Social

Troll level: MASTER

Thank you so much.

I was curious about the current status of QANON and stumbled upon this..

DeSantis Reverses Course on Covid-19 Vaccines for Kids

character actor Philip Baker Hall dies at age 90 of emphysema (library cop on Seinfeld)

Many Independents Still Undecided on Midterms

"As Attorney General of Texas, let me ask you this. . ." Please come CAPTION Ken Paxton!!!

A frightening thought keeps reoccurring to me! It's the image of

Maybe that DOJ letter did the trick

Gallup: US Belief in God Hits a New Low - especially among young, liberal and democrat

Jean-Louis Trintignant dead at 91: 'A Man and a Woman' star was French film icon

mrs unblock just got us a grocery delivery which included "whole wheat naan"

Bishop craps on Catholic school for flying BLM and Pride flags

Chile to search for detainees disappeared during Pinochet years

Indigenous Surveillance Followed Bruno and Dom's Footsteps and Accumulated Evidence about Fisherman

Good GOTV opportunity

I hear Trump is losing his mind on his social media site.

A gas station manager accidentally set gas price at 69 cents.

The Jesuits' complicated past in Haiti: From owning plantations to serving the Black community

Oil down over 7% today.


Journalist's disappearance in Brazil shows risk of reporting in the Amazon

"I hate the fucking Eagles man!"

AOL News blurb: schlumpschlepovich weighs another run....

Final version, apparently, of the Texas GOP's legislative priorities (Insanity!)

J.D. Vance dismisses red flag laws; says the term "gun violence problem " is inaccurate

Trump Paid $12.6 Million to January 6 Rally Organizers

Harvard Law prof predicts former student Merrick Garland will criminally charge tfg (Tribe)

China launches high-tech aircraft carrier in naval milestone

Cornyn gets viciously booed during the Republican Party of Texas Convention.

What's for Dinner, Fri., June 17, 2022

The January 6 hearings aren't acknowledging the elephant in the room

The Hidden Fees Making Your Bananas, and Everything Else, Cost More

Georgia officials set to testify at Tuesday's hearing before January 6 committee

For the billionth time...

How dumb does the GOP think its cult members are? Pretty fucking dumb.

In a bit of a surprise move, DC has hit a record high today!

Clear and Present Danger

(Jewish Group) Andre Geulen, Belgian woman who rescued hundreds of Jewish children, dies at 100

(Jewish Group) Texas rabbi who founded underwear nonprofit named CNN Hero

Hilarious thread (in video format) about the gold eagle sconces

Ted Cruz loses it over "lesbian toys" and Disney's new "Lightyear" film

Trump claims he never asked Pence to overturn the election on Truth Social after .. Jan 6 hearing

Corn's coming up.

Ypsilanti (MI) Starbucks location becomes 10th in state to vote in favor of unionizing

Gee, didn't see THAT coming...

(Jewish Group) Holocaust Survivors Welcome Ukrainian Refugees to Poland

MSNBC. The committee will begin handing over transcripts to the DOJ.

Cuoy Griffin defying order to certify election results; sentenced to 14 days for Jan 6th conviction

Tweet of the Day

White House: Florida doctors can order under-5 COVID shots

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about MLK and black people wanting more....

"Please respect my client's professional experience..."

Raffensperger & his deputy Gabe Sterling will testify publicly at the next Jan. 6 Committee hearing

Trump indicates he will pardon the January 6 defendants if he becomes POTUS again

All eyes are on Sievierodonetsk but I'm keeping track

The most charitable characterization of someone still wearing a MAGA cap and flying a

It may not be related to anything, but

Tuesday's Jan 6 Hearing: come early for good seats...

Why is MSGOP trying to suggest trump didn't understand when they told him it was illegal?

US Senate Elections in 2022 that the Democrats will win by a single digit margin.

Librarian faces hate crime charges after vandalizing Prince George's County libraries (MD)

Capitol police officer: Pence was only brave one day

Debbie Dingell Says Loudermilk Gave Multiple Tours

Michael Flynn flashes white power hand symbol and wants viewers to give "tithings to America"...

Georgia SOS Raffensperger will testify at Tuesdays hearing. Trumps infamous phone call.

(Jewish Group) Tevye der Shvartzer Khazn

Will We Ever Know the Truth About Uvalde?

Navarro Pleads Not Guilty In Contempt Case While Pushing To Delay Trial For Book Tour

Dad threatened to "show up & kill somebody" if drag queens performed in his kid's school

I'm sorry time to reshare, ty

Gavin Newsom joined Truth Social. His first post is BRILLIANT...BTC

Final Parent in College-Admissions Cheating Case Found Not Guilty

A creepy night lamp that crawls on robotic spider legs . . . Umm, no thanks (Twitter video)

Statement by President Joe Biden on the authorization of COVID 19 vaccinations for youngest patients

I LOVE this comic book cover.

So much better without the pauses

U.S. inflation vs the world.

Thanks to all of our 'toon posters!

Screams, threats as New Mexico counties try to certify vote

The no-brainers who are um sort of okay why not with Trump

I finally updated my reading blog...

When your mom cuts your hair instead of taking you to a qualified stylist (Twitter)

Democratic primary for U.S. Senate Kansas

The bare minimum doesn't need to be praised

No time to explain. Get in.

Has anyone else ever thought about things they couldn't afford when they were young

Is it just me, or does anyone else find the whole idea of a "pardon list" bizarre?

"Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican congressmen."

Uvalde Hires Private Law Firm to Argue It Doesn't Have to Release School Shooting Public Records

Pence chief of staff Marc Short says this never happened.

Ex-Trump Adviser Peter Navarro Pleads Not Guilty To Contempt Of Congress Charges - MSNBC Reports

Democrats guide to 52 US Senate seat without worrying about the outcome in the GA runoff in 1/2023.

Is Loudermilk a Confederate sympathizer?

Ken Paxton POS

John Cornyn was booed off the stage at the Texas GOP convention

Bernstein: Trump is 'first seditious President of the United States' - CNN

Both the DOJ and the Committee may have interviewed the same people, separate investigations.

GOP FEC commissioners block investigation of $781,584,527 violation by Trump & his campaign.

Amy Klobuchar: In 230 years, not a single room in the Senate has been named for a woman. Last week

Diamond and Silk

BREAKING: Trump gives UNHINGED Speech in Tennessee doubling down on coup

Trump says he would look 'very, very seriously' at pardons for Jan 6 defendants if reelected

Would you rather face Trump or Desantis in 2024?

Ginni Thomas-tied Facebook group 'FrontLiners for Liberty' could be a new focus in Jan 6th investiga

"Intent", still not quite there.

Conservatives Freak Out As January 6th Committee Reveals Their Dirty Secrets - Ring of Fire

Eric Swalwell: I've decided this should be on the pardon list, if that's still in the works. (LOL!)

U.S. Captives Surface in Russian Propaganda Videos

Roe v Wade fallout in Wisconsin

Speaking of ramen, does anybody have suggestions for what can be done

Stop with this Climate Change will kill off humankind nonsense

Live Otero County meeting where GOP fascists don't want to certify election

[Unpopular Opinion?] Mike Pence was not 40ft away from being murdered.

An entire classroom was massacred with an AR-15 just 280 miles from this stage, and the Texas GOP is

Houston named one of host cities for 2026 World Cup

Ginni, I thought you had nothing to hide?

Police Militarization Gave Us Uvalde - The Atlantic

Jan. 6 Committee Cooperating With DOJ On Transcripts - Deadline - MSNBC

Gunman kills 3 seniors over potluck dinner at Alabama church

I'd say the Republicans are on their way to losing the Arizona Governorship...

'Stop' (Sam Brown), by SingitLive, featuring Zkye Compson-Harris

Russia frees captive medic who filmed Mariupol's horror

Is any DUer overseas getting much of an indication of what the rest of the world thinks

RUDE PUNDIT: Call It What It Was: An Assassination Attempt on Mike Pence

Happy 45th Wedding anniversary to President and Dr Biden

"Stone Cold" -a 1991 box office bomb might have some relevance

NYC Mayor Adams backs Council Speaker Adrienne Adams in broadside against AOC over budget

(UK) Female Labour MPs call on PM to scrap new rape victim guidance

Expanding Medicaid in Texas - Beto For Texas

NJ Transit engineers call a wildcat sick-out

Senate passes the PACT Act

NJ Transit engineers call a wildcat sick-out

Urgent aspirin, ibuprofen, & acetaminophen recall: 400,000 bottles declared poisoning risk

Uvalde cops come up with new excuse... They didn't want to accidentally shoot kids.

DeSantis Signs Immigration Enforcement Bill, Announces 'Strike Force'

Will Elon Musk succeed in buying Twitter?

TFG whines about Jan. 6 committee, Pence as new details come to light

False Theory Fueled Trump Pressure Campaign on Pence - Voice of America

YouTube Deletes Jan. 6 Committee Video for Including Trump's False Election Claims

MBTA cutting weekday service on subways in response to federal safety directives

Sources: NASCAR close to bringing street race to Chicago

Mass.: MBTA cutting weekday service on subways in response to federal safety directives

This is what courage looks like and why our side will win ... 2015 Picture Columbus Com Fest

Michael Cohen Decodes Trump's Mob-Style Threats Threats Against Pence - MeidasTouch

So how is the investigation going of trump

He discovered the Watergate break-in, then died destitute and forgotten

Friday Talking Points -- 50 Years From Watergate

RadioShack Gone Wild 😳😂

Another disturbing trend I'm seeing - Youtube

Would you ever buy a Tesla

Bonus Tweet of the Day

R22 (Freon) CFC refrigerant is definitely going up in price.

Our Senator and a dog in NYC yesterday by Connie Schultz

Soaring US car prices compel buyers to travel thousands of miles for deals

Candidate for Mich. Governor Leads GOP Poll After He's Arrested by FBI for Alleged Role in Capitol R

Queens man convicted of murdering NYPD detective shot by fellow officers

Remains of UK journalist Phillips identified in Brazil

Remains of UK journalist Phillips identified in Brazil

Ginny Thomas calling on her husband, Clarence, to resign???

Sounds like they're pushing for an investigation into a Triumph the Insult Comic Dog segment

Reagan appointee US Seventh Circuit Judge Michael Kanne Dies at 83

Group of federal lawmakers working to remove slavery loophole in U.S. Constitution

Coast guard searching the Puget Sound near Mukilteo for missing diver

Pierce County Councilmember Hans Zeiger Announces Resignation

Avian flu kills baby raccoons in Washington state park. It's a 1st in North America

Harris meets baby formula shipment outside DC

A bunch of baby white bats:

Texas Republicans say feds should pay costs of Gov. Greg Abbott's border operation

Crimes of Trump lawyer Eastman exposed; will Ginni Thomas testify; DOJ demands all J6 transcripts

Pupper pinwheel:

New Mexico county certifies election results, bowing to court order

Recovered Alcoholics


Watching Joy Reid on MSNBC reporting on Uvalde cover-up.

I say Pence had one job, just one job to do on Jan. 6...

"Big Lie" Vigilantism Is on the Rise. Big Tech Is Failing to Respond.

Boeing hires 'hundreds' of engineers in push to certify 777X, 737 Maxes

Thom Hartmann on forgiving student debt.

Mike Lindell Throws Tantrum After Walmart Dropped MyPillow

Does anybody not like the Minions?

It's not just money that scares Repubs away from the mildest gun regulations; it's this: