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Dolly Parton sings 9-5 via 90 cups of latte

Evangelical Pastor says churches have become "more partisan than Christian"

Russian Auto Industry Hit So Hard It's Reviving an 11-Year-Old Lada with 1990s Tech

A Chinese Telescope Did Not Find an Alien Signal. The Search Continues.

Trump Mocks CNN Putting 'A Clamp' on Big Lie: 'I Think They Realized It Wasn't a Big Lie'

Contractor fined for denying migrant workers' pay at Gorge

Snohomish County Sheriff's Office looking for missing woman Chelsea Hendrickson

Dan Crenshaw Confronted by Angry Republicans Calling Him 'Globalist RINO'

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will definitely win.

OMG the 2013 Cliburn Gold Medalist just came on stage & played Ukraine's National Anthem

How much money is needed for ideal life? Most are OK with 8m, study finds

Fmr. Sr. Pence Adviser: 'I've Been Wanting My Former Boss To Come Forward' - MSNBC

White fur, pink toes, blue eyes, wink at the end - too damn cute

W. Kamau Bell Urges Men To Stand Up For Abortion Rights - MSNBC

Trump's Dangerous Wannabes

Sand under a microscope:

I just got a 15 percent senior discount

Sunset, southern MD

Apple store approves union, the first in the U.S.

Subverting America (NYT 1973)

Will The Jan. 6 Hearings Impact Voters At The Polls? - MSNBC

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet

Apple store approves union, the first in the U.S.

Maureen Onyelobi is set to become the first incarcerated law student at an ABA accredited law school

RuPaul responds to proposed drag queen ban: 'Take away them guns, that will help your kids'

Boston - More Than A Feeling

US Harpoon missiles destroyed a heavily-armed Russian vessel in the Black Sea: Ukraine's military

The Cars - Moving in Stereo -All Mixed Up

CDC Panel Approves Covid Vaccines For Children Under Five Years Old - MSNBC

Jonathan Turley Sums Up January 6 Hearings Like He Didn't Watch January 6 Hearings

personal fyi, PAXLOVID is working for me, I have Covid

Rants By Herschel Walker's Son On Absent Fathers Go Viral At Awkward Moment

The Jan. 6 Hearings Have Thrown Team Trump into Chaos

Short work- Pink Rathian MHW

States Move To Protect Or Restrict Abortion Access Ahead Of SCOTUS Ruling - MSNBC

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Texas, Trump, and Log Cabin Republicans....

Ted Nugent Goes On Deranged MAGA Rant During Performance

Deep Purple - Highway Star

Astronomy - Blue Oyster Cult

Contractor Turns Demolished Confederate Monuments Into NFT Collection - MSNBC

Jan. 6 Committee Reveals Pence Hid In A Parking Garage During Insurrection - MSNBC

TV Past years - How many can you name?

DeSantis taps D.C. law firm billing $725 an hour to defend culture war laws

"If this doesn't spur Gun Control, nothing will"

"You've got a friend in me."

TCM tonight:

Behold, The Modern Republican Party of Jackoffs.

NO. Gas prices are NOT high because "Biden shut down production"

Drake - Honestly, Nevermind (Full Album, dropped Saturday)

I actually witnessed a uniformed cop with Alzheimer's.

Ginni Thomas Invited By 1/6 Committee To Testify - Symone - MSNBC

Don't forget Poilievre was trying to make Canada Bitcoin central:

A misinterpreted nugget addressed in the third Jan 6 hearing...

Hillary Clinton: 'We are standing on the precipice of losing our democracy'

So, a bit of a health issue for me, but all is good now!

So, when did you find out about Billy? Well, back in the summer of 2019, I heard this song

Zelensky hails Brussels' support for Ukraine as intense shelling hits Donbas - FRANCE 24

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick talks about people killed by guns

Engraving it on a National Monument.

Trains set on fire in India military hiring protests - BBC News

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Good explanation for the Jan6th Committee to hold off on sharing with the DOJ

'A Wounded Fawn,' a Shocking Horror Movie of Feminist Fury and Greek Mythology, Wows at Tribeca

June 14, 2022 - Flag Day

Hydrogen energy industry layout of 16 central enterprises in China in 2022

Just Watched The Movie 'Father Stu' & I Got To Nominate Mel Gibson....

My Kitchen is Under Surveillance

Election deniers quiet on fraud claims after primary wins

TFG pledges to never ride a bicycle (yes TFG is bragging about being out of shape)_

I'm not suggesting that this applies to anyone here, but ...

Appliances Made to BREAK! What Should You Buy Built to LAST?

Kellyanne Conway discusses confrontation with her husband over Trump - CNN

SNAP tweet of the day !

Federal judge will draw new Louisiana congressional map after Legislature fails to act

Americans Are Buying Souvenirs Online From Ukraine War

Perfect description of Trump:

Ex-Generals See Nuclear Blackmail 'Trinity' in Russia, China, North Korea

Barack Obama: The Obama Foundation & next generation of world leaders

Meet Coltrane

Duque obstructed peace in Colombia 'deliberately'

Colombia subjected to worst levels of violence in decades

Pagan Community Notes: Week of June 13, 2022

John Brennan on Pride Month:

Bruno Pereira, Dead at Age 41, Left His Position to Work with Indigenous People in the Amazon

opinion: Tragedy Exposes Lawless Land in the Amazon, Sponsored by the Bolsonaro Government

"Hollywood on Trial" documentary, 1976. Names and other names

Democracies Aren't Always Democratic

Mark Shields has died.

The Texas Chapter of the Log Cabin Republikkans haz a sad

The Dan Crenshaw story should be a lesson for the legacy GOP--the alligator will eat you, too.

Mike Pence and the Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations

Tight Colombian runoff pits former rebel, millionaire

How Cuba became a pioneer in covid-19 vaccines for kids

BBC interviewed Lavrov on Friday

Ringleader of Crenshaw Altercation Claims He's the Real Victim of Congressman's 'Private Police..."

'A Way Out of No Way' Review: Raphael Warnock of Georgia, Symbol of Hope for America

U.S. lawmakers ask President Biden to facilitate distribution of Cuban COVID-19 vaccines

Puppy prankster:

How to win an argument:

What an adorable puppy!

So cool! National Geographic Picture of The Year:

Cutest little elephant baby. That face!

It all started with a kiss:

Lion's cuddly interaction:

Ancient rock paintings identified at forest area in Bargur

Sunday Funnies 6/19/22 Plus Doonesbury

Mummified Shaman in Exquisite 18th Century Attire Discovered in Siberia

tiedrich: "what kind of shithole county allows insurrectionists to remain part of the government ...

Homes burn to the ground after Pride flag set on fire: 'Hate has been unleashed in this country'

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will definitely be winning.

After the sun set. Times photos taken beneath them.

Iraq's 'pearl of the south' Lake Sawa dry amid water crisis,

The Final Resurrection of Honduras' Montes-Bobadilla Clan

Online right-wing extremists amp up anti-LGBTQ rhetoric during Pride Month

Hitler came up with the term "Assault Rifle"? Seems appropriate for what we are living through

Community rallies behind tamale vendor after racist taunts

Am a GERVais Fan but reconsidering

dear ghosts....

A Sundae🍨Bunch by Josef Myslivecek

I entertained at a pride event today

David Bruce's 'Cymbeline'

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will be definitely going to win.

Diminishing Returns

100K rural AZ residents lost internet and cell phone services for more than 48 hours

Gotta love this music from OBI WAN KENOBI

Solomon Islands reassures Australia they won't allow China to build a military base - ABC Australia

Handcart for Boris

What the GOP wants

CDC and FDA clear the way for COVID vaccines for kids under 5

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) No Reaction Edition

Breakfast Sunday 19, June 2022

Some unbelievably f**ked up stuff happening here

Stats: Online Casinos

"Heart of Champions". Uplifting film starring Michael Shannon.

Anyone else have problems with parties?

Flirtin' with Disaster - Molly Hatchet

Buttigieg: US may act against airlines on consumers' behalf


When Trump discovered this he could not resist the evil power it gave him.

***JUNE/SPRING Seasonal Photo Contest WINNERS***

Happy Fathers' Day to all the DU dads and grandpas 😀😀😀😀

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Kirschner is on MSNBC saying this.

reworking some old drawings

reworking some old drawings

reworking some old drawings

Wausau nurse charged in grandmother's death

I am now telling people I know to be prepared for a monumental, historic event heading our way.

So I go for a bike ride yesterday in Madison...

Mont Blanc Weather Station @ 15,584 Feet Hit 10.4C Yesterday At 2 PM (That's 50.7F)

At Least 41 Dead, Millions Stranded Or Displaced In Bangladesh, Eastern India As Rain Continues

I gotta figure.... everybody knows Trump won. The election was fixed. AND

Water Reaches Engine Room Of Loaded Abandoned Tanker In Red Sea; UN Tries Crowdfunding Salvage

Heat Wave Moving East, Intensifying Week Of 6/19-25; Low 100s In GA, SC, NC, AL, TN

What is the chance we will see

Will the GOP/Right-Wing eventually celebrate the Jan. 6 attackers

Here's a nutshell of Trump's speech yesterday-

Disappearing scoop: story of Johnson's 100,000-a-year favour to his future wife Ministry of Truthed

Pres. Biden responds with three hops and a jump rope motion when asked how he was feeling


Lester Flatt was born on this date.

The Po, Italy's Largest River, Drying Up After 110 Days w/o Rain; Hydropower Output Already Down 55%

Racist asshole confronts a Latino vender and the community responds.

Morale is concern as NATO chief warns war could last 'years'

Source: Police never tried to open door to classrooms where Uvalde gunman had kids trapped

You raised $45.00 on June 18, 2022 for Rev Sen Warnock GA

Trump's the Disaster, Not Biden: Pittsburgh Post- Gazette

Source: Police never tried to open door to classrooms where Uvalde gunman had kids trapped

Joe Biden is the best President of my lifetime

You raised $15.00 on June 18, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken IA US Senate

Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture

How much power did the Founders want the President to have?

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads on DU!

Glenn Kirschner makes compelling case that D.J. Trump committed treason

Glenn Kirschner makes compelling case that D.J. Trump committed treason

You raised $15.00 on June 18, 2022 Democratic Underground for Ukraine

142 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

On the history of Juneteenth, a very very brief overview

Non Sequitur - When "ponderous" was "The Good Old Days"

UFOs explained

Adam Kinzinger's Family Threatened With Execution

Merrick Garland will be remembered as the most consequential AG

I woke up this morning (which at my age is a great start) thinking that

Judge Michael Luttig addresses why he spoke so slowly during the Jan 6th hearing

The next level stupidity is a feature not a bug

ALL of the fur babies decided to sleep with me, last night

The committee has complained Garland is not doing enough. Then,

A Startling Technique: Solution Phase NMR of Live Single Cells for Metabolic Studies.


Cover of the New Yorker - June 2022

Why the Jan 6 Committee may be reluctant to provide DOJ with their findings...Any ideas?

The Guru Papers: masks of authoritarian power, by Kramer & Alstad

Happy Father's Day to THIS daddy! His son is a little scamp, but Dad is so patient.

Did anyone else take it personally that on Fathers Day

George Takei for the win


Horse playing with a ball:

Wanna go for a ride?

Juneteenth - The Lincoln Project

Midwest Democrats jockeying to come out on top in primary calendar shake-up

C'mon! Play with me!


Shadow and Ashley and Megan

It is pretty clear to me now that the Republican Party belongs to Trump and must be outlawed

Vietnam War in Zippo lighters

Biden Celebrates Pride Month Amid Attacks on LGBTQI+ Communities

It's time to get loud.

Opinion: Democrats shouldn't be so quick to throw Biden overboard

This is... perfect. Ronald Reagan would approve this hypocrisy.

Ya know what today is?

I'm Black And I'm Proud Happy Juneteenth and Father's Day

Wildfire reaches Kitt Peak. Telescopes safe (

WaPo: Peter Thiel has set his sights on transforming American culture -- funding Culture Wars

MSNBC new poll, 60% of the American people want Trump charged for Jan 6th.

The closest Trump has been to bicycle in decades.

Rationality vs. opportunism and emotional stampeding

Justices seem poised to hear elections case pressed by GOP

It Took Me 49 Years to Ask the Right Question About My Father

Dads and Fathers - Some Jokes to tell the kids

The Crypto Crash: all Ponzi schemes topple eventually

Why do babies cry when they're born?

Why gas prices always end in 9/10 of a cent

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (June 19, 2022)

A monument dedicated to Tennessee's 20,133 US Colored Troops who fought for the Union

Oz trying hard to be the perfect MAGAt

When Trump asked OPEC to boost production to make up for Venezuela, it's good policy

Possible J6 outcome

What Fiction are you reading this week, June 19, 2022?

George Takei with Tweet of the Day

Happy Father's Day 2022 to all the dad's out there...

How the US got so dependent on baby formula

Women born before abortion was legalized are now organizing against a possible overturn of Roe

How the US got so dependent on baby formula

Anne Wilson has a birthday today.

The Single most likeable, important, or...WHATEVER? cartoon character ever created..

George Carlin had it right.

The gun-violence plague is evolving, dangerously

Justices seem poised to hear elections case pressed by GOP

Ex-Trump aide says trump admitted privately that he lost the election

Happy Father's Day!

"Emancipation Day" celebrated in Richmond, Virginia, April 1905, forty years after Union victory:

ABC/IPSOS Poll: 6 in 10 think TFG should be charged for 1/6.

Meanwhile, in Detroit: Historic LGBTQ Spot Woodward Bar & Grill Destroyed in Fire

The Casket Girls - Ashes & Embers

The Enemy of my Enemy is.....

Read today.

Heather Cox Richardson June 18th newsletter - Luttig and Texas Republicans

Juneteenth Grandmother, Dr. Opal Lee, 95, is setting on her 2.5 mile walk

On this day, June 19, 1876, Nigel Gresley was born.

Let's talk about the TX GOP and Crenshaw....

Republican Drive to Tilt Courts Against Climate Action Reaches a Crucial Moment

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

On this day, June 19, 1902, Guy Lombardo was born.

Texas Republicans

TFG's admissions that he lost to Joe Biden

Juneteenth Being Commercialized

Mehmet Oz made the first 'Juneteenth' post on Truth Social on the left, where he said ...

Mike Lee volunteers to talk with Jan. 6 Committee after texts about overturning election

Krystal Ball just schooled the fuck out of Bill Maher on inflation

LTE: Trump's the disaster, not Biden

M$NBComcast is now repeating the J6 hearings from Thursday

Are you ready, here is how Trump is defending himself about Jan 6th.

Do you think Donald John Trump should be criminally prosecuted for his role in the 1/6 insurrection?

MSNBC is showing the hearings again- I like this on a sunday

I have a whole shipment of, The Farmers Dog, food.

Reddit thread "AMA" by 14 yo back from two week church camp

Doctors 'thrilled' to order COVID vaccines for young kids after DeSantis changes course

Will the 1/6 committee explore Trump's Command Center meetings at the Willard Hotel?

non-appearance of antifascists on Jan. 6 played a critical role in the failure of Trump's coup

UN urged to impose travel ban on Taliban leadership over oppression of women

Pooty Poot 'threatens action' against ex-Soviet states if they defy Russia

Seven ways you can financially prepare for a recession

Justices seem poised to hear elections case pressed by GOP

Germany to fire up coal stations as Russia squeezes gas supply

Dr. Oz ditched the word "equality" in his tweet, to pacify the deplorables:

"i don't mean to brag, but...

Times Animals Did Things For The First Time, And Had The Funniest Reactions

Trump's a hacker of the human system

A Triumphant 25 Seconds

Yellowstone National Park south loop to reopen Wednesday, but only certain visitors will be allowed

No deal to end gun violence, U.S. Republican lawmaker says

Jeff Tiedrich tweet about Father's Day:

Fina bars transgender swimmers from women's elite events if they went through male puberty

Texas GOP wants to abolish popular vote for statewide offices

Justices seem poised to hear elections case pressed by GOP

Texas GOP wants to abolish popular vote for statewide offices

Outside Yellowstone, flooded towns struggle to recover

Jamie Raskin says Trump doesn't regret his actions before the Capitol riot and would 'do it again'

**The wait is finally over! #EndeavourPBS premieres tonight at 9/8c

After 91 years, Black teen exonerated by defense lawyer's great-grandson

Rainbow-colored toys and clothing are seized in Saudi Arabia for indirectly 'promoting homosexuality

Basketball robot:

For those saying "Open Keystone Pipeline" here are a few things you need to know...

Here's when traffic will slow as state strings cable across I-5 through Bellingham

Blind Boy Paxton: No More the Moon Shines On Lorena

Republican who voted to impeach Trump says former president 'will be hard to stop'

No other president could have done any better

Democratic Rep. calls on Biden to oppose suspension of the federal gas tax

Donald Trump Has 'Zero' Defense in Georgia Investigation: Akerman

Does anyone know what Fox News watchers know about the hearings?

Schiff: Pence subpoena for Jan. 6 testimony a possibility

Tweet of the Day

Horse Wouldn't Let Anyone Touch Him Until He Met The Perfect Mom

Hurricane Agnes and the Susquehanna: How devastation inspired mitigation

Republicans Are Now Threatening To Shoot School Librarians

I hope I don't mess up my 200th post on DU

The Hidden Driver of High Gas Prices

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will be definitely going to win.

France's Macron set to lose majority - projection

Most Think Trump Should Be Charged with a Crime

Recession isn't 'inevitable' despite 'unacceptably high' inflation: Janet Yellen - ABC News

Happy multiple secret children day!

Ex-Trump Aide Says Trump Admitted He Lost

Something it took me a long time to fully appreciate

Bitcoin-boosting Salvadoran leader asks for patience

What Hundreds of Photos of Weapons Reveal About Russia's Brutal War Strategy

Oregon City mayoral candidate wants homeless to live like 'the Japanese'

GOP attempt to gaslight their base by literally changing the definition of a common word.

Freedom Convoy protesters set to return to Ottawa for Canada Day, stay through summer

A Karen With A Family Tree With Roots Deep In Slavery.

Cartoons 6/19/2022

$1 billion to fund 5 new hybrid ferries, but who wants to build them?

Hey Herschel!!! How many phone calls...

Here's Cornyn trying to reconnect with the MAGATs

There is no question: Merrick Garland must put Trump on trial - The Boston Globe

Large-capacity ammo magazine sales ban starts soon in Washington

Guy Gently Rescues Bird Stuck In Fishing Line

Bitcoin drops below $20,000 as crypto selloff quickens

Dotard junior's comments about Biden's bike spill slammed on Twitter

I'd rather have Ru Paul watch my kids

4 buildings at observatory in Arizona lost in wildfire

Breeze/13+- mph NW on the river, southern MD

Group of U.K. Soldiers Booted from NATO Deployment After On-Base Orgy

A bit of jazz/blues we did

Ted Cruz getting heckled and harassed by a RWNJ at the TX GOP convention

The harrowing, homegrown American threat connecting Jan. 6 and Pride Month

Dan Rather: The Coup Continues. There is nothing past tense about January 6, 2021.

If Pence is going to be praised for not stealing an election...

I know we have many more important things

Food for thought, not consumption.

Remember that story about the LA rapist awarded custody? It gets worse.

Since COVID I have lost two of my favorite places to exercise.

How can we tell that Trump led the coup?

How about this for a scenario?

Judge Luttig, darling of the right, says Trump "clear+present danger." Trump proves it in TN speech


Republican Drive to Tilt Courts Against Climate Action Reaches a Crucial Moment

Just wanted to give a shout out to all the great dads here at DU.

The Economy's Crashing Because We're an Industrial Civilization on a Dying Planet

Pres. Biden releases statement honoring Juneteenth.

i had a difficult dad.

I have an idea for a strategy for the Democratic Party.

FL Dept. of Health sends email saying they DO NOT RECOMMEND Covid vax for kids

Election investigator Gableman called back to the witness stand Thursday the 23rd. n/t

Judge Luttig reveals why he spoke so slowly at Jan. 6 hearing

India's 49C heatwave - how extreme heat became the norm

The Beach Boys - All Summer Long

Daily Distraction (2) 19/06/2022

As promised, another great hummingbird going daisy crazy.

Daily Distraction (2) 19/06/2022 Posted in Photography

Interesting poll posted about guns on Fox News...

From George Lakoff: People do not necessarily vote in their self interest.

Third Gender: A Short History

Biden: "Great nations don't ignore their most painful moments. They confront them to grow stronger."

Trump takes advantage

The Senate's Only OB-GYN Is Pushing Misinformation About The Abortion Pill

I have an idea on how the GOP can largely denounce Trump and rid themselves of him

Michael Harriot: Yall wanna hear how the fear of Black ppl's freedom led to...

US is worried about Russia using new efforts to exploit divisions in 2022 midterms

My new favorite movie

Colombians turn out in force to vote in a new president

Chilean experts try to innovate children's diet with 3D printed food

This isn't Social Media

U.S. Warns Tourists To Be Cautious After Dark In Cancun, Playa Del Carmen And Tulum

Macron's bloc falls short of absolute majority, leftist coalition second, large gains for far right

Dance Of The Thousand-Hand Quanyin. Stunning

Brazil police identify five more people linked to killings of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira

My Eyes!

Last year's osprey hatchlings, with mother.

Bird watchers:

Bedrich Smetana Ma Vlast: The Moldau

Michael Cohen discusses why "I'm not going to be your friend" is mafia speak:

Russia advances in battle for eastern Ukraine city as NATO warns of long war

BREAKING: Trump reveals that the 2020 Election was "a fruit bread of nuts, spices..."

Michael Cohen explains trumps mafia speak:

Kinzinger Warns More Political Violence Is Coming

Queen of the corvids: the scientist fighting to save the world's brainiest birds

The Texas GOP Platform: Repeal The 1965 Voting Rights Act

These kids look miserable

*Endeavour* is back tonight!

The Traitors Among Us

I wonder if Trump will pick Pence as his running mate in 2024

Austria's government announced Sunday that it would reopen a mothballed coal power station

Russia Has a Plan for Ukraine. It Looks Like Chechnya.

Germany will fire up coal plants again in an effort to save natural gas.

Crocodile cloud?

I am 72, my father died in June 1960.

TX: Triple-digit temperatures and record usage led to mid-June power outages, Oncor says

What the f- though ? Where the love go ?

Has your house or apartment flooded before? In Florida, good luck finding out

8 Texas residents among alleged white nationalists arrested in Idaho with plans to riot

8 Texas residents among alleged white nationalists arrested in Idaho with plans to riot

Gustavo Petro wins the Colombian election, becoming the country's first Leftist president.

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will be going to definitely win.

Trump to Be Implicated in Fake Elector Plot: Adam Schiff

What's for Dinner, June 19,2022

Ain't SH*T Gonna Happen!

Pandemoniom, by Mark Bryan (Twitter)

6 in 10 Americans say Trump should be charged for Jan. 6 riot: POLL ABC News

It's Father's Day. My father is dead and I don't miss him at all.

Planned parenthood of WI has announced it will suspend abortions after June 25.

Texas Republicans warn divisions could hand the governor's seat to Beto O'Rourke

It's Time To Use The "F Word"

In Praise of Red Drink: The Origin Story Behind Soul Food's Most Iconic Beverage

Help me out here. I'm confused about the New Mexico county that was ordered by NM. SC to ratify!

Greg Abbott skipped or did not speak at Texas GOP Convention

Ted Cruz gets heckled and harassed by a right winger at TX State GOP Convention

Just checking: I plan to vote for every Democrat on the ballot in November no matter what their

CNN story on family of Covid victims.

How do I know the Idaho arrests were fake news?

Trump privately admitted he lost election to Biden: Ex-White House aide

Rhode Island passes bill requiring teaching of AAPI culture

Opinion on Trump

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about what's next for the committee....

Is the United States headed toward a two-state solution?

Very loud boos for John Cornyn as he takes the stage at the @TexasGOP convention.

Very loud boos for John Cornyn as he takes the stage at the @TexasGOP convention.

January 6 Committee member issues brutal news for Trump on air - Brian Tyler Cohen

Krystal Ball schools Bill Maher

Opinion Texas AG Paxton's shameful Uvalde cop-out: 'God always has a plan'

Texas AG Paxton's shameful Uvalde cop-out: 'God always has a plan'

Do you have a favorite advertisement?? Here's this one.

Monster hunter world: Beotodus, threat in the Snow

Texas AG Paxton's shameful Uvalde cop-out: 'God always has a plan'

The "I did that sticker"...

Oxford High School students sue for changes after deadly mass shooting last year

We're An American Band - Grand Funk Railroad