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Has anyone heard of any investigation/arrest/charge made for all the death threats?

I just got a flyer from a county candidate going door to door!

Movie Theater in Oklahoma Says It Has Removed Controversial 'Lightyear' Warning Sign

Rachel et al just starting

Have Shaye Moss and Ruby Freeman filed suit?

Gronk Retires (Again)

Justice Department and Meta settle landmark housing discrimination case

(Jewish Group) Which European countries are best for Jews? A new study offers unexpected answers.

The full implication of De Santis ever winning the presidency just hit me.

President Biden I needed a palate cleanser.

Rick Scott calls Americans "the most spoiled people on Earth"

WATCH: Rep. Adam Schiff delivers closing statement for Day 4 Jan. 6 hearings - PBS NewsHour

The term 'Fellow republican' is code for

Fleetwood Mac Keyboardist Brett Tuggle Dies at 70

Wall Street ends broadly higher after sharp losses last week

Officer husband of slain Uvalde teacher was detained, had gun taken away after trying to save wife.

I noted that MAGA Hordes "protesting" at locations and individuals

Katie Britt, Mo Brooks fight for GOP Senate nomination in Ala. runoff

The British filmmaker was brought in by ... Jared.

Richard Ojeda Rips Treasonous Texas Republicans - Rebel HQ

J6 hearing exposes more Trump election crimes AND his victimization of election worker Shay Moss

It is a shame Senator McCain is still not in office. nt

Black woman who fought gold miners elected vice president of Colombia


Supreme Court limits reach of federal gun crime law


TedxHartford by Mala Matacin, Why Gender Pronouns Matter

January 6 Committee Adds Another Hearing

Denver Riggleman: 1/6 Committee Has 'Made Facts More Attractive Than Fantasy' - Deadline - MSNBC

Today's Primary and Runoff Results

What Are Trump Supporters So Afraid Of? The voice inside that tells them how wrong they are.

Adam Schiff gives MOST POWERFUL speech yet on Jan 6 hearings

'Bringing us together': The Ann Richards Legacy Project releases new book 'The One Ann Only.'

'Bringing us together': The Ann Richards Legacy Project releases new book 'The One Ann Only.'

I can't stand my governor, but he did one thing I have to give him props for

Veteran ROASTS Right-Wing Gun Nuts

Dr. Oz Drops Trump Branding

Youngkin Signs Virginia Budget with Tax Cuts, Spending Increases Educ., Law Enforc.

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

Where can we send cards of support for Shaye Moss, Lady Ruby Freeman, and her mother?

State Republicans Resisted Trump's Subversion in 2020. We Got Lucky.

Remember Vernon Jones?

Trump Henchmen Tried To Ambush Pence With Coup Docs On Senate Floor - The Beat - MSNBC

Seattle facing $117 million revenue shortfall in 2023


Poland's 155 mm Krabs Are Latest Allied Howitzers Aiding Ukraine's Artillery

Say it ain't so, Mo.....

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Day 4 of the hearings and security....

Gov. John Bel Edwards signs abortion bill -- with no exceptions for rape, incest -- into law

Sunset, southern MD, Longest day!

Am I mistaken but did Trump TFG or I mean #45 call Ruby

The secret lives of mites in the skin of our faces - interesting sexual positions

They. Lie. About. Everything. - Marco Rubio Edition

Ranking the US Senate Races the Democrats will win in 2022 based on candidate quality.

'Rednecks 4 Rainbows': Surge in small-town Pride events helps LGBTQ folks find home. Is it enough?

OK, so far, who do we have going down for sure?

POTATO means Person Over Thirty Acting Twenty One 🥔

Damning: Jan. 6 Probe Reveals Trump Was Directly Involved In Fake Electors Plot - The Beat - MSNBC

Anyone here remember the "Look For The Union Label" ads?

Jan. 6 committee weighs changes to hearing schedule, citing new evidence

Former Watergate Prosecutor: Trump Could Be Indicted In GA Over Coup Plot - The Beat - MSNBC

Does Jamie Raskin get to lead

Is it possible there is pastry food truck

Brett and Amy and Neal and Clarence and Sam and John get federal protection by Shaye gets none.

Relaxation video to calm jangled nerves

This was my 73rd summer solstice and it seems to me that ALL of the days of the year---

Fox News Host TURNS ON TRUMP after Jan 6th evidence!

I can picture DeSantis

Herschel Walker: "Do our Lord Jesus Christ have a mental illness...?"

Remember Ruby 💢 ❣️

South Dakota attorney general Jason Ravnsborg removed from office over fatal crash

Ron Johnson pretends to be on his phone and is busted by reporter

Rep. Luria: Pressure On Election Officials Culminated In Pressure At Capitol - Deadline - MSNBC

***THURS hearing @ 3 p.m!

Obama and apple pie

Looks like there actually could be hope for some repubs

Brazil's Lula sets out 'net zero deforestation' aim in election bid

There, didja hear it?? Just happened. A FART IN A WINDSTORM

No more Mo Brooks!

Senate votes to advance bipartisan gun deal, breaking 30-year logjam

Heads-up for Wednesday afternoon and evening: HEAVY RAIN threat

Mayor Muriel Bowser wins DC Primary Election, will go on to run for third term in November!

Contemplating on what I heard in today's J-6 hearing?

June 23rd hearing to be at 3pm instead of primetime as previously scheduled

Cruz said us Dems are planning organized riots/political terrorism over Dobbs decision.

Lawrence O'Donnell is making a great point on MSNBC.

Mark Kelly (AZ-SEN) campaign ad: "Tough Choices"

MI Secy. Of State On Election Workers And Preserving Democracy - Deadline - MSNBC

Senators reach final bipartisan agreement on a gun safety bill

I have an honest question

A potentially helpful page you might want to read, if you're a gringo/gringa!

U2 - Bad (Live Aid 1985)

Trump campaign demonized two Georgia election workers - and death threats followed (Reuters)

Why Election Worker's Testimony During Jan. 6 Hearing Will 'Go Down In History - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Ivanka Trump told documentary maker Trump should pursue every avenue to challenge election

Trump whistleblower's TEAR-FILLED response to Jan 6 Hearing

new mexico gettings lots of rain past 3 days and upcoming few days, a good soaking....

Witnesses for fifth hearing focusing on Trump pressure on DOJ on Thursday

South Dakota AG convicted on 2 impeachment charges, removed

Good time to remember the other star in the Georgia SoS press conference they played in the hearing

Trump's guilt Exposed in the best Jan 6 Hearings Recap Yet - MeidasTouch

U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday (live in 1983 for the German TV show Rockpalast)

US Senate races in 2022 that the Democrats will win by a landslide to narrow margin.

Mark Twain award to Jon Stewart - If you missed it, catch the replay overnight.

"I do not want to be a winner by cheating."


The Daily Show - Giuliani's Thirsty Calls & Uvalde Police Lies Exposed

I was just sitting here thinking that if we have a civil war,

Billionaire's Socialite In-Law Was Found Splattered With Blood Near Crime Scene Of Slain Cop

George Soros personally hands me a crisp new $50 bill

Joy Reid: Giuliani's Baseless 'Smoking Gun' Was Thoroughly Debunked At Jan. 6 Hearing - The ReidOut

Where the Shelling Never Stops: Near the 'Zero Line' With Ukrainian Soldiers Trying to Maintain in..

The GREAT John Waters will get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

As I age, I am more appreciative of Hank Thoreau's advice: "Simplify, simplify."

Turnout differences by demographic groups

Why haven't some of these people sued Trump?

Otter parents with six pups:

Trump Demands Networks Give Him 'Equal Time' To Spread His Lies - Ring of Fire

Would it be possible to make stochastic terrorism a crime or would the lack of a specific intended

The hearings broadcasts are ingenious

Remembering longtime NewsHour political analyst Mark Shields

Two Jesuits murdered defending person in Mexican parish

Tweet of the Late Night:

Ecuador: Repression of protests is causing a human rights crisis

Ex-Watergate prosecutor: Trump's infamous call to Brad Raffensperger is enough to send him to priso

The Next Sound You Hear

Trump told Bower to "Let the courts decide."

Apt Tweet from John Mellencamp

FBI hunt man fleeing Mexico after girlfriend's body found in trunk

Intel Reveals Putin Plan to Weasel His Way Into American Hearts

Expensive Energy from Cheap Sources Hampers Brazil's Economy

'Sesame Street' episode allegedly removed for being too frightening is posted to social media

Pattern In Trump's Pressure Campaign Emerges At January 6th Hearings - MSNBC

The actual criminal charges

Two selections that are delightfully 'quirky'. 😁

L.A. mayoral primary turnout rises as Bass widens lead over Caruso

Jason Johnson on threats to GA election workers.

Lawrence: Trump Can't Understand Why GOP Officials Wouldn't Steal 2020 For Him - The Last Word MSNBC

Just got a new weird response loading a page

The Battle of St. Leonard's Creek, Calvert County MD, my front 'yard!'

Battle of St. Leonard Creek

Jan. 6th Cmte. Reveals Trump Call That May 'Be Used As Evidence' fmr. DA Says - The Last Word MSNBC

I wish Trump's 2020 scandals and J6 would be viewed/analyzed in the context of the rest

Remember when you whacked that croc with a frying pan?

Jan 6 Committee's 'Shocking' Evidence Links Fake Elector Scheme To GOP Senator's Office - The Last Word

I just wanted to get your input on an embarrassing personal problem that I'm having.

Sunset over Kittitas County WA -- Two Views

Brazil's 'Pablo Escobar' arrested in Hungary

Excited baby elephant splashes in water with his trunk:

Dom Phillips was 'collateral damage' in drunken ambush, claims Brazil vice-president

My "Lightyear" review: Is THAT what all the fuss was about?

Police Are Lying About Cops Overdosing From Fentanyl Exposure

Trump Impeachment Lawyer: Jan. 6 Cmte. Revealed 'Evidence Of A Crime' - The Last Word - MSNBC

He Bullied My LGBTQ Child Online- and Va. Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) Promoted Him

Ex-UA professor sentenced to year in prison for lying about Chinese patents

Will we soon find out TFG was behind these groups of people terrorizing people at their homes?

What We Learned About Trump's Fake Elector Scheme At The Fourth January 6 Hearing - Rachel Maddow

Stacey Abrams backs winners in Georgia Democratic runoffs

Ruby Freeman has a fundraiser!

Jan. 6 Committee Plays Video On Trump Campaign's 'Fake Elector' Plot - MSNBC


UVALDE SCHOOL SHOOTING Uvalde City Council denies leave of absence for Pete Arredondo

Uvalde City Council denies leave of absence for Pete Arredondo

I'm going to admit that I've been teary eyed all day. Re: Ruby Freeman.

Mike Luckovich -Uvalde police active shooter drill

Why Ron Johnson Is Right To Worry About Trump's Fake Elector Scheme - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Adam Schiff: Trump Used His Big Lie As A Bludgeon To Bend Officials To His Will - Rachel Maddow

Election Workers Terrorized By Trump Make Compelling Witnesses At January 6 Hearing - MSNBC

Examining The Efforts Taken To Overturn 2020 Election Results In Several States - The 11th Hour MSNBC

Jan. 6th Committee Witnesses Testify About Threats And Intimidation - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

TFG's followers must think he's really stupid,

Question that I need clarification on: Is Putin's war the #1 reason for the high inflation and gas?

The situation in Severodoentsk - Lysychansk

Pitiful, Pathetic Pence

Stephen Colbert - Monologue - Rescue Dog Rescue! - and Opening - 6/21/22

Breakfast Wednesday 22, June 2022

Retail inventory is ballooning !! Another sign most of the inflation is NOT organic

Biden to make speech today on Congress passing gas tax holiday

MAGA: Tearing apart families since 2015 (and even earlier than that)

Tweets from Alexander S. Vindman

Where Trump got it wrong

Afghan quake kills 950; toll seen likely to rise

Teen Photographer Captures Incredible Moon Photo with His Phone

Giant unfinished cruise ship to be sold for scrap

Beyond Bewilderment

Nominating Trump again would 'lead to chaos': Georgia lieutenant governor - ABC News

Ron Johnson, WI-R, is an absolute idiot when it comes to trying to cover his own actions and guilt!

Let me be clear. They are all traitors and they are all guilty. The evidence proves it.

Wordle 6/22 ***SPOILER THREAD***

Wednesday TOONs - Against My Oath

A WWII Propaganda Campaign Popularized the Myth That Carrots Help You See in the Dark

The Minneapolis Alano may have to close - donations less than 1/3 pre-covid levels

Natalie Merchant - Carnival

sign: "Juneteenth it's whatever... We're closed. Enjoy your fried chicken & collard greens."

Press group: Ukraine journalist, soldier 'coldly executed'

What do DUers know about the

What does "Accountability" mean to you?


Just to put the Afghanistan quake into perspective. Warning: very sad

If a person goes to Wal mart and attempts to steal an item

Andreas Frege (Campino, Die Toten Hosen's frontman) is 60 today.

John Sweeney's Kyiv Diary day 118: A War Not Going Well.


Bad mornings don't last long when you have kittens

More Patron!

Ron Johnson Must Resign

Jacobabad, Pakistan At Edge Of Survivability; 51 Straight Days @ 100F+ Through March; 123.8F In June

Can Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss sue Trump and Giuliani and file criminal charges against them too?

Mo Brooks Delivers Bitter Concession Speech

It's So Cool When You Fuck The Climate & The Grid So Crypto-Bros Can Keep Ponzi Schemes Afloat!!

Special Thanks to Rhiannon12866 for posting important videos from hearings & otherwise

Stand By For SCOTUS Decision To Destroy Federal Ability To Regulate Carbon Dioxide - For Starters

Lubber Grasshopper on Red Sunflower

139 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

Do you think there's any chance ...

Lubber Grasshopper on Red Sunflower

Method acting is a useful skill to learn...

Time for High Speed Rail in the U.S.A.

Don't believe that all MAGAts will "wake up" and realize they bet on the wrong horse,

Mo Brooks ought to be the poster child for Trump and Republicans.

The gobsmacking audacity of the alleged scheme to keep Trump in office

Child Sacrifice Through The Ages

A lamp in the darkness

Down Memory Lane - GOP Senators Tell Contradictory Stories About Moscow

Todd has a birthday today.

Yesterday's hearing: A few items you may have missed...

Sometimes it feels like a war between good and evil...

Victoria State, Australia bans the display of the Nazi swastika

When traitor ron johnson makes his next trip to Moscow, do you think that

Trump administration's relationship with Proud Boys 'will be the subject' of future J6 Committee hea

Can a Senator be removed from office. A few are eligible IMHO.

FOX wanted Obama impeached because Bill Clinton spoke to AG Lynch while her plane was on the tarmac.

For 2nd Time - Experts Consider Trump One of the Worst Presidents


You raised $150.00 on June 21, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken IA US Senate

A pardon question for lawyers

Another Biden judicial nominee confirmed

Officer Harry Dunn and Shaye Moss. This is what heroes look like.

You raised $28.00 on June 21, 2022 DU for Chris Jones Gov AR (Beat Sarah Huckabee Sanders)

Angel From Montgomery

You raised $25.00 on June 21, 2022 for OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Beto O'Rourke

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Bundled Payments

The Cost Of "Resilience" In Miami Beach Is A Carbon Tax By Any Other Name - Guess How It's Going

Here are all the current links on the DU for donations (Ukraine + political)

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- June 22, 2022

The Christofascist takeover of America is well underway

Last Week in the Republican Party (6/22/22) - The Lincoln Project

A Bald Eagle painting I recently did.

No posts from me the rest of the week. I'm on vacation. :) see ya next week! nt

Wassup Vlad?

The insanity of our gun laws...

Top Arizona Republican Testifies He Rejected Trump Plot to Overturn Vote, Then Faced Violent Threats

Central/Northern California: Chance of dry lightning this week

"Whatever You Can Do": Jan. 6 Hearing Lays Out "Fake Electors" Scheme to Rig 2020 Election for Trump

I welcome chump as the 2024 nominee

?Hero? Rusty Bowers Says He Would Vote for Trump Again

Women for Trump Founder and Jan. 6 Rally Organizer Turns on Trump: He is 'Disconnected from the Bas

CNN anchor, Laura Jarrett, this morning indicated that they have not gotten quite close enough

Report: Record corporate profits are driving inflation, not labor costs

2024 intrigue: DeSantis declines to ask Trump for reelection endorsement

The Phrase For The Day is: lip service.

Police Militarization Gave Us Uvalde

Georgia Poll Workers Falsely Targeted by Trump as "Scammers" Faced Racist Harassment, Lived in Fear

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about what happens if Trump is acquitted....

'Want To Cry': Bill for Uninsured Hospital Stay in Italy Stuns Americans

Baltimore Ravens LB Jaylon Ferguson dies at age 26

"Let me help you" (Twitter video)

Blackbird flying coach on OspreyStick Airlines

"We didn't have any hope left": Medical debt crippling U.S. families

A bagworm moth caterpillar and his log cabin, lined with silk in which to shelter. (Twitter video)

Andrew Gillum, DeSantis' 2018 opponent, faces indictment

A 34 year old woman and her four children were murdered

North Texas man jailed for crime he didn't commit is free at last

Ivanka Maybe NOT America's Patron Saint Of Peaceful Transitions Of Power?

Shelter Pittie's Favorite Person Is A Tiny, Little Human

So, who is Ron Johnson aide Sean Riley?

Are Republicans running scared?

Young people go to European court to stop treaty that aids fossil fuel investors


New PT TV show suggestion for Fall 2022: 'Law & Order: Insurrection 10620'

Young people go to European court to stop treaty that aids fossil fuel investors

Rain, this morning...

You should be happy to know , your mites have assholes (In case you wondered or were worried)

"This Is Not A Drill"

Ohio State University trademarks the word THE. changed from patent to trademark for accuracy

An "oldie" revisited:

Senators Tester and Booker tackle Big Ag 🤣

Ohio State University trademarks the word **THE**

Do you think the Constitution was "divinely inspired" as Arizona Speaker of the House, Rusty Bower d

Pic Of The Moment: Warning: Harmful If Swallowed

Bowers said he'd vote for Trump again... Defies all logic.

Ron Johnson running and pretending to be on his phone is a preview of the Republican majority

UPDATE: Woman involved in multiple car accidents charged

GOPers Block Biden's ATF Nominee To Stop Gun Law Enforcement

An unusual kamikaze drone struck a refinery in Russia today

Polio found in London sewage, but risk of infection considered low

Former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum indicted

Traces of polio found in London wastewater

A Letter To The MAGA Loving Goons Who Stormed The Capitol

Who Stops a 'Bad Guy With a Gun'?

When it comes to guns, the GOP has taken America to new levels of crazy

Broken Arrow open-carry incident raises law enforcement questions

Over 1,000 pilots for Southwest Airlines are protesting outside Love Field in Dallas

As Greene complains about a Colbert crew allegedly 'stalking' her in Congress, a reminder:

SCOTUS 6 Action Group confronts forced-birth group at Supreme Court

Molly Jong-Fast: What My Mom Told Me About America Before Roe

Breaking- ReTHUG Senator Kevin Cramer who was injured in his yard

Here are some of the lucky winners of the Save America PAC lottery

Biden calls for three-month federal gas tax "holiday"

NBC: WHO recommending more investigation into the theory that Covid-19 leaked from a Chinese lab

Ukraine claims 'significant losses' to Russia in airstrike attack on Snake Island

Lawmakers on Jan. 6 committee ramp up their security as threats increase

Rare ancient mosque discovered in Negev desert by Israeli archeologists

I heard this in the hearing yesterday.

Jeff Tiedrich tweet about Eric Greitens' ad:

The UN briefed

Elon Musk's Daughter Files Court Request To Ditch Her Dad

Explained: Why is Kaliningrad so important to Russia?

More details drop about the (video) Tapes: Filmed over 10 months. Behind the scenes on Jan 6.

Racist sign on Millinocket storefront sparks backlash

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Tampa-based Project DYNAMO rescues US nuclear scientist to prevent Russia from capturing him

The best way to define many Republicans is this.

4 lessons from Trump's pressure campaign on election officials

In an old interview Herschel Walker says he has multiple personality disorder, just like God:

The Lincoln Project - Retire

Lawsuit filed against Arvada PD in Olde Town shooting

Russia closes in on key twin cities as Ukraine suffers eastern setback

On this day, June 22, 2009, two Metrorail trains collided between Fort Totten and Takoma

Officer husband of slain Uvalde teacher tried to save her. His gun was taken away.

On this day, June 22, 2009, two Metrorail trains collided between Fort Totten and Takoma

Lithuania Blockades Kaliningrad: What happens now? - TLDR News

The Lincoln Project - Stupid

Ivanka Trump said a month after 2020 election father should 'continue to fight'

Cops help Proud Boys to disrupt LGBT event in Wilmington, NC

Revive I-5 work will occur over high-traffic Pride, July 4 weekends in Seattle

Texas state Sen. Roland Gutierrez has sued the Department of Public Safety for records on shooting

Texas state Sen. Roland Gutierrez has sued the Department of Public Safety for records on shooting

Trump's attempt to overthrow the government

Dawn, southern MD

I got a random text that read

Proper launch sequence for a cat

SDOT Findings Show Traffic Fatalities Continue To Plague Seattle

Texas senator sues DPS for records from school shooting at Robb Elementary

Sunny Hostin, on the View, indicated that Lady Ruby and her daughter are

House panel to debate bipartisan comprehensive data privacy bill

Want to hunt pythons in Florida this summer? This professional has tips

This political decision will live in infamy. The damage it has done cannot be measured yet.

Joe Manchin signals he won't support Biden's call for a gas tax holiday

Trump's candidates faceplant again in Georgia's House runoffs

The Big Lie was always about racism

So ANTI-secession (Texas) is *settled law*?! - wait a minnit! - where have we heard "settled law"

Fox calling for violence against trans people

Great ad by from Lincon Project, 1 minute ad, posted by- magicguido, link below:

"The L-Word Not Used" - emptywheel (lynch)

Madison Cawthorn Says Trump's Lies Absolutely Played a Role in Causing the Jan. 6 Riot

Gascon recall says it has enough signatures while he is blamed for the deaths of two officers

Democrat Joe Manchin signals he won't support Biden's call for a gas tax holiday

Rudy Giuliani Still on the Hook as OAN Formally Settles Georgia Election Workers' Defamation Case

'Hang them all': January 6th committee members target of violent rhetoric on RW social media

(When) Will SCOTUS Hold that the Establishment Clause Violates the Free Exercise Clause?

Seattle chamber loses appeal over JumpStart payroll tax

A video that nicely sums up the nature of current Russian patriotism.

"Wait, not that kind of school!"

Cartoons 6/22/2022

Anti-Abortion Group Urges States to Pass Sweeping Criminalization Laws Post Roe

Snohomish County prosecutors face 'deluge' of police referrals

Dr. Oz now hurrying to distance himself from Trump:

Comment: Supreme Court erodes wall between church, state

'Heightened alert': Abortion providers brace for ruling

Oil prices have been this high before

Afghanistan quake kills 1,000 people, deadliest in decades

Mike Luckovich-Bad Guy with his guns

Do women routinely try on each others' shoes?

Joe calls for three month pause on gas tax.

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet

Chateau Ste. Michelle lists its 118-acre Woodinville property for sale

'The system held, but barely': Jan. 6 hearings highlight a handful of close calls

A community poisoned by oil

Mary Trump's on the phone

Ted Cruz Is A Microtransaction Whale

At the risk of being seen as not sympathetic...

FTC Issues Report On Using AI to Address Online Harms

Man Wakes Up Before Sunrise to Help 100 Homeless Cats in Hawaii

Could New York City Lose Its Last Remaining Jewish Congressman?

Marjorie Taylor Greene's Husband Invested in Companies That Support BLM and LGBTQ rights!

U.S. woman fearing for health after Malta refuses abortion

Fox News parent must face defamation lawsuit over election coverage

Assistant fire chief killed in I-70 shooting

Cyclist unresponsive after crash, suspect wanted

Jim Obergefell Helped Secure the Right to Same-Sex Marriage. Now He's Fighting to Keep It

Legitimate Go Fund Me link for Lady Ruby and Shay right here!

(Jewish Group) 'Against a wall': Boston's Jewish leftists conflicted by BDS map

Stray Cat Finally Found a Reason To Smile After Years On The Streets

(Jewish Group) More than shtetl and pogrom: Inside the movement to translate Yiddish

Republicans Supporting Modest Gun Reform Are Under Fire From Trump and the Far Right

(Jewish Group) 'Nazi hunter' Eli Rosenbaum tapped to head team investigating war crimes in Ukraine

(Jewish Group) Jozef Walaszczyk, Poland's oldest rescuer of Jews, dies at 102

MAGAt AZ Gov. Candidate Vows to Defy Federal Gun Laws, Dares DOJ to Stop Her

A key moment in Moss' testimony from yesterday

Why Coeur d'Alene's 'Pride in the Park' became the target for white supremacists

Severe thunderstorm watch in effect for much of DC area until 9p Wednesday.

Adam Schiff's powerful three minute speech- Midas Touch

TV weatherman unveils his drag alter ego

The Uvalde shooting story has been changed more than a donald trump diaper...

8th Circuit ruled today that boycotts are not protected by the First Amendment.

Tess and I can't thank you all enough,

Rudy Giuliani went from a highly respected former mayor to a complete fool with one decision.

Justice Dept. expands Jan. 6 probe with fresh subpoenas

Rep. Henry Cuellar clinches Dem primary win over challenger

DC Circuit Nominee Selected to Replace Ketanji Brown Jackson Sails Through Confirmation Hearing

Nixon had 18.5 minutes missing on his tape.

Justice Dept. expands Jan. 6 probe with fresh subpoenas

Tweet of the Day

"If you didn't want your kids to be attacked, you should have made better life choices"

Uvalde City Council denies Pete Arredondo's leave of absence request

How Did Rudy Gooliani Come To Become So Close To TFG?.....

Why red states will rebel against the gun bill's most important measure

T****'s Relentless, Illegal Scheme To Overturn The Election GOP Candidate Goes RINO Hunting

Mike Pence is still a mealymouthed Trump stooge

Per a member of the J6 committee

BTRTN, the Midterms: A Close Look at the House

BTRTN, the Midterms: A Close Look at the House

Justice Dept. expands Jan. 6 probe with fresh subpoenas

A Fool Such As I

Justice Dept. expands Jan. 6 probe with fresh subpoenas (Fake electors)

A man who phoned the cops to say he was outside Kavanaugh's house is being arraigned today

Danish Road Safety Council / Helmet has always been a good idea

It doesn't matter if you approve of Republican witnesses

FDA to Order Juul E-Cigarettes Off U.S. Market

Moffat, Routt county law enforcement not yet seeing increased calls as Rainbow Gathering nears

Jazzy Kitty

Religion in schools-- one Eisenhower way...

Dang it. After dodging it for two years, wife and I have the Rona

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about important news on the Colorado River...

What's for Dinner, Wed., June 22, 2022

Big Majority Says Capitol Attack Was Planned

Any DUers have the YouTube clip with Ron Johnson discussing electors between Jan 2 and 4 2921

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show?

. i'm trying to post two links for cook county voters for judges & pro choice

MSNBC banner: Rachel live from NY tonight.

weaather observations for sonora ca.

"History In Color": 30 Beautifully Colorized Historical Photographs

A note to so-called "conservatives": if you do not wholeheartedly approve of everything

Just when we didn't think Dave Chappelle could sink any lower, this new audio leaked and... ew

Saw Top Gun, Maverick again.

Documentary (by George Clooney's Production Company) about Ohio State Sex abuse

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 23 June 2022

Judge Delays Proud Boys Trial


Chasten Buttigieg to Boebert

Meanwhile in Poland

Wildfire threatens unspoiled Georgia island rich in history

Storms in Virginia this afternoon

The Office Minions:

Dusty Springfield - Wishin & Hopin

The 8th Circuit rules politically

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

John A. Stoehr: It's not a crime when a Republican does it. It's freedom

Joni Mitchell-A Case of You

GOPers like Oz, DeSantis starting to shift from Trump ahead of midterms

Ex-NFL DT Tony Siragusa, 'The Goose,' dies at age 55

Anti-Abortion Centers' Databases Could Be Weaponized Post-Roe

LilBit and Koz love Du

Supreme Court adds extra decision day on Friday

Forever Young - Joan Baez

So we lost Voting Rights, Seperation of Church and State

Bill Barr:The justice dept is not an extension of your legal team

All my nestlings have now successfully fledged!

Joan Baez Farewell Angelina

Having trouble with Imgur so trying out alternatives.

Sometimes - Gerry Cinnamon

Anyone heard a peep about where the J6 Committee

GOP senator considering blocking school meal funding deal over transgender policy fight

Another version of 'No Plans for Love'

Historian Seth Cotlar: The power of Trump's accusers saying they'd still vote for him

There are more ReTHUG rats jumping ship than the Pied Piper can handle

Republican Rusty Bowers was America's newest hero. It didn't last 24 hours.

The fake electors investigation has grown into a large conspiracy case.

Highly publicized congressional hearings with 1,000 depositions is a monstrous problem for DoJ

Lady Ruby - The Lincoln Project

Kinks - Starstruck

Lulu - Here Comes The Night -w/Jeff Beck on Guitar

The Lovin' Spoonful "Darlin' Be Home Soon" Live On The Ed Sullivan Show

Left Banke - Pretty Ballerina

A tweet from John Mellencamp on gun control.

Here at the Western World

Nina Simone - To Be Young, Gifted, and Black (Live from Harlem)

The Pump 🎸🎶🎵 Carlton & Lukather

Touching moment between Shaye Moss and her mom

FDA Investigates Death of Another Infant Given Abbott Formula

Daily Distraction 22/06/2022

The Chambers Brothers "Time Has Come Today" on The Ed Sullivan Show

Daily Distraction 22/06/2022 Posted in Photography

Tweet of the Evening:

In world's first, Spain's Seville to name and classify heatwaves

Damn it I still miss George

Umpire Angel Hernandez alleges MLB manipulated reviews to make minorities look bad

Are you my mama?

3 little pigs, safe in the brick house:

Black hole with eyes:



This looks like a scary scene from "Jurassic Park," doesn't it?

Fetterman leads Oz in Pennsylvania Senate race: poll

I can help you get that:

Dog knows how a hula hoop is supposed to work:

Wisconsin Republican lawmakers reject abortion ban repeal

Alpaca helps little girl peel an apple:

'nuf said.

Poor little joey getting too big for Mama's pouch:

BREAKING: Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall to divorce after six years

An example of the sort of ads that raise the hairs on the back of my neck:

So is former White House counsel Pat Cipollone going to testify?

New Law Safeguards 50 Million Children From Threats Of Gun Violence By Adding Them To Supreme Court

Video shows how drastic the falling water levels are in Lake Mead

Quinling Panda (brown subspecies of Panda)

Anyone around here think Trump is evil .... as in Anti-Christ Evil ?

SCOTUS Decision this Friday. What is your guess?

Did GOP Get Away With Fake Electors? Featuring Jeff Mandell

SC Democrat seeks age limit for 'geriatric' politicians

Uvalde school district puts embattled police chief Pete Arredondo on leave

Don Winslow Films - Subpoena Ginni Thomas

Judge Upholds Defamation Suit Against Fox Corp

Desert Mountain Tribe - Take A Ride

'We could never ask a teacher or child to go back': Robb Elementary to be torn down

The Wide Role Brazil's Military Has Played In The Destruction Of The Amazon

Wingnuts like the idea of "owning" us "libs." They also liked owning slaves.

Uvalde schools police chief placed on leave amid fierce criticism of school shooting response

Uvalde schools police chief placed on leave amid fierce criticism of school shooting response

What Roe V. Wade Decision Could Mean For Abortion In PA

El Salvador: Gang Bosses Now Operating From Mexico

Don't serve your pet this brand of dog food. It might contain Salmonella

In Case You Were Curious: The Fux and Fiends Scoreboard This Morning

Warren Warns Powell That Fed's Rate Hikes Could Drive US Economy 'Off a Cliff'

Florida Republican House candidate Christine Quinn is upset people are boycotting her company

"I think I'll shower without the shower chair," he says

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about important news on the Colorado River....

Strike begins to take a toll on Cuenca: A protester is found dead at a Tarqui roadblock . . . .

For Father's Day, My Son Bought Me the Book "Putin's People" by Catherine Belton.

Top Republican goes full panic when asked devastating question - Brian Tyler Cohen

Chile meets controversy in remaking the role of first lady

"Uh, Senator Johnson? That's A Box Of CHICKLETS You're Trying To Make A Call From..."