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Archives: June 23, 2022

A gun bill is coming out of the Senate .. and President Biden is putting together a way to cut gas

New coronavirus subvariants escape antibodies from vaccination and prior Omicron infection

So we just had some crazy weather

I got the nicest compliment today from a friend I haven't seen in years. Made my day!

Poilievre in trouble. What is the purpose of a new convoy?

Nasa is shutting down the Voyager space probes after 44 years

Kamikaze' Drones Strike Russian Oil Refinery, Looks Like Model Sold On Alibaba

World Rainforest Day is observed on June 22. The day has been set aside to raise awareness and encou

AZ House passes voter-rejected universal voucher expansion #HB2853 on party lines

Department of Justice subpoenaed GA GOP party chairman for info about the fake elector scheme.

Megayachts Running Low on Safe Harbors as Russia Sanctions Bite

This guy Rusty Bowers sits and testifies how he was pressured by Trump to

Variable speed limit signs to begin along I-95 in Virginia.

Jon Stewart Acceptance Speech 2022 Mark Twain Prize

Sitting Republican Lawmakers Are Now Directly Implicated In Trump's Fake Elector Scheme- Ring of Fire

We've issued a Yellow Weather Alert for the possibility of flooding

27 Haitians Rescued From Uninhabited Puerto Rico Island

Monterrey suffers weeks-long water cutoff amid drought

Brazilian judge probed for blocking abortion for raped child

DOJ subpoenas Georgia Republican Party chairman as it expands Trump fake elector probe

anyone know why weather underground stopped using its interactive radar?

Feds want 25 years for Chauvin for violating Floyd's rights

Senator Ron Johnson Caught Faking Phone Call To Avoid Fake Elector Questions

Joe Cunningham (SC-GOV) campaign ad: "Geriatric Oligarchy"

Guttenberg On Gun Bill: What We Hope To Do 'Is Nothing More Than Save Lives' - Deadline - MSNBC

The Supreme Court's Legitimacy Crisis: From Recusal Issues to Blatant Partisanship

Jeff Tiedrich slaps Gym Jordan on Twitter

Employees returning to the office find shoes not fitting: Gainesville podiatrist responds

Trump Attacks Created Crisis For American Election Workers, 6th Hearings Show - MSNBC

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

Jethro Tull - The Witch's Promise (it's always time for Benefit)

Russian collaborators (traitor to Ukraine) car blown up

Russian forces boost efforts to seize eastern Ukraine city - Al Jazeera

I really don't think Trump knows what's coming, because he has gotten away with so much.

Kelli Ward is melting down over Rusty Bowers' testimony to the House J6 committee

Are we in for a real cooker of a summer this year?

The mass murders in Buffalo and Uvalde were not the result of the "boyfriend loophole" or

No J6 hearings after tomorrow for a few weeks,

Anyone have any "How hot is it" jokes?

Brazilian judge probed for blocking abortion for raped child

David Nicholson, director of NC apple festival asks: "Just when is the 'Old Fat White Man Day'?"

I'm planning to get an ice cream making machine soon.

J6 hearings & pardons: Kushner drafting them; Perry and Eastman requesting them; Rudy/Don Jr/Ivanka?

Reuters Musk says Tesla's new car factories 'losing billions of dollars'

Jan. 6 committee delays hearing schedule until July

'Derrick Evans is in the Capitol!' he yelled. Derrick Evans has now been sentenced for storming the

Tucson-based Asarco faces new union charges as NLRB hearings loom

Hundreds of thousands evacuated in China amid heavy rains, floods - Al Jazeera

GOP Senator (Ron Johnson) Caught Faking Phone Call On TV - The Beat - MSNBC

Washington State man arrested after threatening mass slaughter of LGBTQ people

Joe Rogan interviews the Director of Idiocracy - 2004

The Supreme Court distorted a Missouri law. Now taxpayers will fund religious schools

"Basically unaware" sounds like a weasel to me.

Trump-Backed Lawmaker Wants To Mark Jan. 6th As "Remembrance Day"

She was given a ticket for indecent exposure. This is what she is wearing. Louisiana btw. Smfh...

Easiest photo sharing site for DU?

As Latin America embraces a new left, the U.S. could take a back seat

U.S. seeks probe of Trump-allied lawyer's funding of Oaf Creepers defense

Another tip for Country song: Recycling beer can in my pocket not my creaking knees

'There Is Nowhere I Feel Safe': Election Officials Describe Threats Fueled by Trump

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a judge in Kentucky and name recognition....

Two Republicans endorsed by Donald Trump lost in Georgia tonight.

Birth of Al Hirschfeld

Tucker: FDA is banning Juul to ruin your testosterone levels and make you passive & easy to control

House GOP joins NRA in opposition to bipartisan Senate gun reform bill

Rep. Castro: Uvalde police response was 'one of the worst we've seen in history' - ABC News

The Siena Presidential Ranking Poll Screws Up Again. Unfair to James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson.

Biden officials to expand monkeypox testing amid fears of undercounting

Rachel just mentioned the National Archives, which brought a question to mind...

Religious Right's Power Goes Up In Flames In Trump Dumpster Fire - The Beat - MSNBC

Arizona's Rusty Bowers Says He Would Vote For Trump Again Despite Coup Plot - All In - MSNBC

Why are the Slobfather and his goons being allowed to terrorize

This is the video of the false Trump electors meeting in 2020, which the Arizona GOP posted publicly

Fresno pastors criticize Pride events at downtown rally, call for day of prayer, fasting

Weaponizing transphobia against hungry children.

US nuclear scientist reportedly rescued from Ukraine - ABC News

Alt-right Coloradans went to war with an alpaca farm- and farm won.

Illinois grain shipper opposes CN request to force CP and KCS to divest

FDA plans to ban all Juul vape products - ABC News

Trump fundraiser Barrack loses bid to dismiss UAE lobbying charges

Now is not the time for pearl clutching or getting on your moral high horse

Former Ravens DT Tony Siragusa, Member Of Super Bowl XXXV Team, Dead At 55

Texas Paul REACTS to Despicable Texas GOP Platform

The High-Stakes Gamble Of Democrats Boosting Extremists Candidates - All In - MSNBC

Oldest species of tree-climbing reptile discovered in New Mexico

God of Thunder - Kiss

Biden again blames Putin for global gas price increase - ABC News

Man charged with assault after allegedly sucker punching Louisville mayor

Strictly anecdotal & it may mean nothing but maybe some people are paying attention to the hearings

Ancient Inca tomb discovered under home in Peru capital

Ancient Inca tomb discovered under home in Peru capital

Top British Broadcaster Smacks Down Ted Cruz for his statement on Roe v. Wade - MeidasTouch

I'm not that much of a hockey fan here

FBI seizes Nevada GOP chairman's phone as part of fake elector investigation

Ron Johnson fakes phone call/throws staffers under bus on fake elector scheme.

Robert Reich: Liz Cheney For President? - OpEd

I-5 reopens in Marysville after cow on the loose briefly shuts down the roadway

Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) live on Colbert

Sen. Murphy: 'Strong Belief' That Senate Will Pass Bipartisan Gun Bill - All In - MSNBC

Apparently, Jarad ALSO has a Master Class in producing History Making documentary films !

Opinion: Think state supreme courts will save abortion rights? Think again.

BREAKING: GOP says it will OBSTRUCT federal gas holiday and immediate gas price relief

I-Team sources: FBI seizes Nevada GOP chairman's phone as part of fake elector investigation

Texas Paul Reacts to New DOJ Subpoenas Targeting Trump Fake Electors Scheme - MeidasTouch

Pittsburgh to appeal weapons ban ruling to state Supreme Court

$2.38-per-gallon gasoline draws a crowd for Neb. governor

Hang them all': January 6 committee members target of violent rhetoric on right-wing social media pl

Rep. Mo Brooks says he's willing to testify in public as Jan. 6 committee prepares to reissue him a

Rep. Mo Brooks says he's willing to testify in public as Jan. 6 committee issues subpoena

Was just on here checking things out and got so depressed at the state of things

The Biggest Takeaways From Tuesday's 1/6 Hearing - Zerlina. - The Choice MSNBC

Photography is Patience and Persistence, and then

Half Russian separatist force in Ukraine 'dead or wounded' - BBC News

FBI Seizes Nevada GOP Chairman's Phone

FBI seizes Nevada GOP chairman's phone as part of fake elector investigation

The Daily Show - Senate Breakthrough on Gun Reform & Biden Pushes for "Gas Tax Holiday"

The G.O.P. Tries to Build a Gay Ghetto

cameras... suggestions please

Trump will be ranting shortly.....

Al Franken on the panel on CNN Tonigh with Sarah Sidener. FYI He thinks

This is what I think

MTG has an enemies list...

The metastatic spread of breast cancer accelerates during sleep

A mix of selections. These just on radio earlier...

Progressive cuts ties with insurance agency over racist Juneteenth sign

Justice Department investigating online mental health provider Cerebral - CBS News

My political group organized a fundraiser for PA this evening, including John Fetterman

Seth Meyers - Pence Claims He Will "Always Be Proud" to Have Worked with Trump - Monologue 6/21/22


When a call to the police for help turns deadly

Jim Jordan's Rejection For Jan. 6 Committee Was The Right Move Says Dem. Strategist - The ReidOut

The Shady Side Of Elon Musk

Publix not offering covid vaccines to kids under the age of 5

Chilling Revelations From The January 6th Panel - The Mehdi Hasan Show

We are being challenged to live up to the ideals we have insisted made our nation "exceptional".

Amazon's Latest Trick: Pipe In a Dead Person's Voice Through Alexa's Speakers

DOJ subpoenas Georgia Republican Party chairman as it expands Trump fake elector probe

Justice Matters Special Edition: Proof beyond a reasonable doubt of Donald Trump's criminal intent

Cruz says that he wouldn't be surprised if Merrick Garland riots after Roe v. Wade is overturned

READ THIS! 70 percent of LGBTQ+ Americans report regular discrimination, annual GLAAD study finds

How "legit" is the British "documentarian"?

Missing Women in Peru - Pain that Never Ends

Lawrence O'Donnell: 'The Texas Coverup Is Collapsing' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Meidas Touch video: AZ's top drag queen tells all about Kari Lake's hypocrisy

We could be in a world war like that right now.

Seth Meyers - Giuliani Admitted Trump Team Had No Evidence for Election Fraud Claims: A Closer Look

Tom Nichols: What Are Trump Supporters Afraid Of?

'We're still getting half-truths,' Texas state senator sues over Uvalde records - NewsNation

Can't Find My Way Home (Blind Faith) - Rachael Price Live from Here with Chris Thile

An idea to combat high gas prices. Encourage companies to allow their workers to Work From Home.

You Could Win This Drug Lord Mansion in Mexico City for $10

☦️ Orthodox Christianity: Sermon On 'Light'/St. Mary's in Cambridge, MA

Tomorrow's Jan. 6 hearing to focus on Trump's alleged efforts to corrupt the DOJ - CNBC Television

ExxonMobil CEO Predicts Years Of Tight Oil Supply - NBC News

Sen. Whitehouse on Renewable Energy and the Financial Risks of Climate Change in an EPW Hearing

DOJ subpoenas Georgia Republican Party chairman as it expands Trump fake elector probe

The secret of why evangelicals love Herschel Walker (and Donald Trump)

DOJ subpoenas Georgia Republican Party chairman as it expands Trump fake elector probe

DOJ subpoenas Georgia Republican Party chairman as it expands Trump fake elector probe

Six Questions To Help Follow The January 6th Investigation - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC (2 videos)

Warren to Powell: Don't drive this economy off a cliff - CNN

It is a fact that Abbott has failed Texas

It is a fact that Abbott has failed Texas

Rep. Schiff on ABC 7: Donald Trump Put Enormous Pressure on Election Officials

What have you recently run into that got your attention about current inflation?

Tweet of the Day

perfect example of racism (IMHO) by the Alabama media on FB

These images show Russia's intentions for Kharkiv, Ukrainian commander says - CNN

Boris Johnson Facing Double By-Election Defeat, Warns Poll Guru John Curtice

Democratic Donors Back 2022 Races To Head Off Trump 2024 Plot - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

January 6th Committee Makes It Clear That Trump Was The Mastermind Of The Coup - Ring of Fire

Mounds of plastic waste appear off Guatemala's shores

Sen. Whitehouse Remarks on DOJ Oversight in a Judiciary Committee Nominations Hearing

Afghanistan earthquake: Taliban appeal for more aid as death toll set to mount

Lawrence O'Donnell: Mark Shields Was A 'Stranger To Self-Importance'

2 from Kevin Ross, 1 from Ella Mai, 1 from Maze/Frankie Beverly

Preview Of January 6 Committee's Final June Hearing - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Trump's Election Lies Impact On Election Workers - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Guns ownership as I think it should be

Uvalde school police chief Pete Arredondo placed on administrative leave - WFAA News

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/22/22

Yes we can.

Trumpet the bloodhound wins Best in Show at Westminster Dog Show

The Daily Show: Dul-Sayin' - The Commercialization of Pride

Poll of likely GOP New Hampshire primary voters.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz: "We will defend every square meter of NATO territory" - DW News

Will North Korea ever give up its nuclear weapons? - DW News

Western sanctions start to bite in Russia's aviation sector - DW News

Cry Me a Fuckin' River

Breakfast Thursday 23, June 2022

Danger Danger Danger Danger

I believe they've got it. By George, I believe they've got it.

S.C Law Allows Doctors to Refuse Care Based on Conscience

Herschel Walker Says There Are 52 States

Heroes Are Helping The Tiny Refugees Of Ukraine


It looks like the main goal of the coup plotters was too imprison themselves.

US coach makes dramatic rescue of artistic swimmer at worlds

Cuteness Overload: Chaba the Baby Elephant

Just saw this on twitter.

Cat Family Rescued From Dangerous Construction Site

Tony Siragusa, Super Bowl winner turned fun-loving sideline reporter, dies at age 55

Perhaps we can name it the Bowers Syndrome.

Michigan county sheriff's office says it's already run out of gas money,

We now know there is a federal and State investigation taking place in Georgia.

Worse than Giuliani, a former prosecutor, insisting that his "theories" be accepted without evidence

Thursday TOONs - Targeted

I'm glad that those GOBers are testifying before the J-6 Committee...

It's time to get myself situated so I can be on the road to the vet, in 45 minutes

Gasoline prices: Difference between 1973 and 2022

European leaders are poised to grant Ukraine candidate status, a move that usually takes years

California primary's lesson for pundits: Don't speak too soon in the age of mail-in voting

Sweet Talking Guy by The Chiffons & Manhattan Transfer

Baby knows fat shaming when he hears it:

We are being challenged to live up to the ideals we have insisted made our nation "exceptional".

A peaceful moment for you today

SCOTUSblog: LIVE Announcement of opinions for Thursday, June 23

CO2 Emissions From Global Cement Production Have Doubled In Past 20 Years

Nebraska Congressman Don Bacon says he will not support former President Donald Trump

Officials, advocates offer differing versions after Proud Boys disrupt Pride Storytime event

Texas is NOT going to secede from the union

Most Americans support gender equity in sports scholarships, poll finds

Fellow DUs we know our enemy

Waking up this morning and watching the news it is clear to me:

Gov. Youngkin--protect the SCOTUS justices--ugh!

Between Gas prices, Inflation and property taxes

Monica Lewinsky to Ron Johnson: "Dude. Don't blame the intern."

Warning: Covid cough is not a dry cough.

Heat Records Will Tumble Across Southern States With Heat Indices As High As 110F

Statesboro Blues

I believe Garland/DOJ are going to throw the Book at the fake electors.

DOJ wants to know if Sidney Powell is funding Oath Keepers' defense

138 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

As Great Salt Lake Dries Up, UT Political Interests Fight Tooth And Nail To Save Sacred, Holy Lawns

A faulty forensic test sends mothers to prison for killing their newborns. MAY BE DISTURBING TO SOME

Berkshire Hathaway buys 9.6 million more Occidental shares, raises stake to over 16%

Feds seek delay in Proud Boys conspiracy case as it collides with parallel January 6 inquiry

Boris Johnson faces double verdict as polls open in byelections

You raised $575.00 on June 22, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken IA US Senate

GOP senator considering blocking school meal funding deal over transgender policy fight

red states more likle to search for transgenger porn

'Buy the Dip' Faith Has a Last Bastion: Individual Investors

You raised $10.00 on June 22, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Tim Ryan US Senate OHIO

Europe's Economy Slows Sharply as Recession Risks Grow

VP Harris Marks 50th Anniversary of Title IX By Shooting Hoops at AU

Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Scores on Billion-Dollar Natural-Gas Gambit

U.S. Jobless Claims Held Near Historic Lows Last Week

Back from the vet's office with two very healthy kittens

Frequent Flyer free tix

Garland, being an institutionalist, may actually work out in our favor.

Some things are best left unsaid. Which I usually realize

Pittie Who Was Flat As a Pancake Now She Loves to Chase Around Her Baby Sister


Want to win big in '22? Every single republican voted against trying to stop price gouging on gas.

Book bombs: Trump aide tell-alls fail to sell

Tension over role of racism in public health strains Va. agency under Youngkin

On this date in 1972

GQP Climate "Policy" - Demanding That SEC Abandon Attempt At Requiring Business Carbon Disclosure

Sen. Tina Smith unveils bill to codify abortion pill access

Jesus H Christ people... at least the President is trying to get something moving

Book bombs: Trump aide tell-alls fail to sell

Did you know that Rudy's entitled spawn sued Duke university for dropping

Surprise! New UK "Climate Policy" Group Opposing Any Action Tightly Tied To Farage, Putin

Speaking of Watergate

I know none of the pundies on teevee this morning pump their own gas,

Who you'll hear from and what to expect in today's Jan. 6 House committee hearing

I would not vote at all if my only choice was Donald Trump.

Val Demmings (FL-SEN) campaign ad: "Protect and Serve"

Robert Hunter, lyricist for the Dead, was born on this date.

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- June 23, 2022

Billionaires devote millions to blocking GOP election deniers

What Trump Has Taken From Us

Tracy Gardner: Avery Ayers Mystery Series

Would America be better served with a parliamentary system of government?

What time does the hearing start today

Trump Shares Poll of Him Crushing DeSantis as Rumors Swirl Over Challenge

Lauren Boebert may be forced to close her gun-themed restaurant after landlord yanks her lease

Wandrea "Shaye" Moss

A former military pilot has gone to the dogs

The points from the hearings most shared on social media. Fascinating.

"The Famine Is Coming": War in Ukraine & Climate Crisis Contribute to Food Insecurity in Somalia

Texas Paul REACTS to GOP BANNING Gay Republican Group from Republican Events

Subpoenas Served

Lot's of theories, not much evidence.

Closet Cases - Republicans secretly love what they publicly hate

Great escape on Netflix: Third season of Umbrella Academy.

Cat reunited with owners 16 years after running away

Trump-abandoned Mo Brooks retiring after "bad guys won"

Have You Noticed America has Gotten Meaner?

Great escape on Netflix: Third season of Umbrella Academy.

Is American democracy already lost? Half of us think so -- but the future remains unwritten


The Texas police involved in the school shooting are making a big mistake.

Supreme Court says N.Y. gun law is too restrictive, violates right to carry guns outside home

Tenn. representative asks Gov. Bill Lee to halt COVID vaccine distribution for children

Are cats going to be judging you today? - stinkeye pictures

Dear "supreme court", if you're going to continue to flood this country with guns

Glenn Kirschner: J6 hearings & Pardons:

J6 hearings and pardons: Glenn Kirschner

"In my mind" - Trump's big problem

🚨 The King Supremes are on a roll! NY gun law struck down, Cops and Miranda rights - meaningless

Russian Workers: "Wow, a drone. Is it Ukrainian? - Of course not!" Both laughing. (w/video)

Die Toten Hosen - Steh Auf (Stand Up). German & English versions, & live in 2022

It can't be clearer after the anti-choice Supreme Court ruled in favor of open gun carry.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about pals at DARPA being too quiet....

You can't pretend the second amendment can be treated like the first amendment because,

FDA orders Juul e-cigarettes off the market, citing insufficient and conflicting data

Dogs That Will Crack You Up

Amazon Shows Off Alexa Speaking in the Voice of a Dead Relative

Hearings are starting to spook allies of TFG

When it happens and you're looking for reasons, start with the fucking savages on the court.

Supreme Court strikes down New York gun law restricting concealed carry in major Second Amendment ca

A Friend's Experience with Poison Ivy

I Had My Doubts, But Now I Think There's A Fair Chance We Get The Overturning Of Roe Tomorrow

It wasn't me (Twitter video)


Some of those children were decapitated

Question about uninstalling gmail app

Supreme Court just fucked New York

"But, but, but, there's no difference between Republicans and Democrats!"

Biden wants new protections for trans students, sexual assault survivors

Posting again my idea for gun control

Supreme Court sides with inmate who wants to die by firing squad

SCOTUS/Thomas has just opened the flood gates for more mass shootings.

Two pals chasing each other around the apartment

Neal Katyal tweet

Judge Agrees To Postpone Trial For Proud Boys - MSNBC

I had dinner last night with a very progressive friend of mine.

This Thomas opinion on guns is a hate crime against historians. 🤣

'I Think The Evidence Is There': Senator On Why AG Garland Should Hold Trump Accountable- MJ - MSNBC

Time to load up on smith and wesson stock

David Hogg: This "is a reversal of 200+ years of jurisprudence that will get Americans killed.

Mary Trump: I'm not sure how much more evidence we need

FDA bans JUUL ecigs

So, how many ways are we absolutely fucked right now?

The use of originalism to judge the 2nd amendment is a fools errand.

SCOTUS will pick off every place where there are gun constraints. DC will be next -- so TFG's

Glenn Kirschner FTW

i wonder how many previously normal people

Succinct but accurate commentary from Molly Jong-Fast:


I'm going to the movies today

About those 6 pesky USSC people.

Some of dis and Some of dat

All Hillary Basher's can celebrate today

welcome to california monsoon season . ( not wabbit or duck season. had to throw in a pun)

Confused - What time is the 6/1 Hearing today?

I will ask Mrs. A to post a notice of my demise if I am gunned down in a local business.

Mike Pence: No President in my lifetime lies more than Biden

Today's ruling about concealed carry.

Jan. 6 Panel Says It Has New Evidence of Trump's Pressure on Justice Dept.

Biden on the Supreme Court gun ruling today

Top US Air Force general says the Russian air force's struggles in Ukraine are surprising because Ru

Farms in Central Washington boost their yield with solar energy

Farms in Central Washington boost their yield with solar energy

Justice Department asks appeals court to overturn judge who dismissed Capitol riot charges

Supreme Court limits ability to enforce Miranda rights

What happened to States rights... Now that SCOTUS has knocked down NY needing a permit for

Germany declares natural-gas shortage after Russia throttled its supply over the Ukraine war

Homemade Vanilla and Chocolate Pastry Cream (video)

Ken Griffin (Citadel and Richard Irving financier)

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (June 23, 2022)

Supreme Court rules for GOP lawmakers in voter ID case

Trump will 'go nuclear' to sabotage any 2024 GOP nominee that isn't him: elections expert

Well, the NRA, the Republicans and Trump has the Supreme Court they always wanted!

The governor of NY pretty much told the Supreme Court to piss off.

Barr summed up.

Just so I am clear

Did Thomas Write That Opinion THe Way He Did To Take The Focus Off Ginni ?

Eric Adams speaking against the SC decision. Only on Bloomberg currently. It is a scathing rebuke

it's called accelerationist. it's a thing. wisdom from beau of the 5th column-

I guess the protesters outside houses of Justices will be able to carry guns now

Photos From the 2022 Westminster Dog Show

Originalism is a scam. But we all knew that.

Free guns, get your free guns here....

Young black police graduate gets profiled and harassed by Joshua PD cops in Texas

6 Justices who should not be on the court

Link: PBS NewsHour- WATCH LIVE: Jan. 6 Committee hearings - Day 5

GOP Can Defend North Carolina Voter Law, Supreme Court Says

'Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird' by Wallace Stevens

How about requiring gun owners to carry insurance?

'Frightful in its scope': Hochul to call special session after SCOTUS gun decision

Sydney has a real Karen's Diner:

What Trump's anger at Kevin McCarthy really says about Jan 6th

NY governor calls SC ruling "absolutely shocking" & says she's already prepared new gun legislation

Humping guns. Hugging bibles. Hating "THEMS."

Long Island Library Pulls All LGBTQ Material in Children's Section During Pride Month

Russia Should Pay for Its Environmental War Crimes

Federal agents searched the home of former Trump DOJ official Jeffrey Clark Wednesday

Gas tax holiday could end up costing us even more

I'm Hoping That This Documentary That The J6 Has In Their Possession Will....

SCOTUS on guns - It's about overturning the will of blue state voters and destabilizing blue cities

Forecasts show ERCOT may need reserve power Thursday afternoon, as demand could reach all-time high

Cartoons 6/23/2022

Lynnwood set to buy Goodwill for $8M, making way for city center park

Silly me.

400 youths will get a free laptop in effort to boost digital literacy

Biden Blasts The Supreme Court For Betraying Common Sense And The Constitution In Gun Ruling

There are heroes among those counting ballots

I feel like we're insulting the actual Supremes

As Biden urges federal gas tax holiday, Inslee opposes state tax break

Federal Authorities Search Home of Trump Justice Dept. Official

Inflation ate free lunch, but you're still better off

So Ron Johnson is apparently conducting an investigation of his fake elector scandal.

Texas power grid changes cost the state millions in the first five months of 2022

This Texas teen wanted an abortion. She now has twins.

Three months with no gas tax? Congress and states are skeptical of Biden's gas tax holiday proposal.

DOJ releases statement that they "respectfully disagree" with SCOTUS gun rights ruling

So, the Trumpublicans are now saying McCarthy screwed up when he pulled all of his choices

Prosecutors seek 30 to 55-year sentence for Ghislaine Maxwell

Clue: DOJ is actively investigating senior Trump officials

New COVID-19 variants raise limited worries of new spikes

I'm wondering how the 1% envision their lives in a gun-soaked country.

Feds search home of Jeffrey Clark, former DOJ official who pushed Trump's false election fraud claim

Officials: US to send rocket systems, other aid to Ukraine

Rep. Eric Swalwell Shares Recording Of Death Threat After Marjorie Taylor Greene Attack

So I can openly brandish a weapon in Times Square

Mo Brooks, Who Lost Senate Race, Now Says He'll Testify Before Jan. 6 panel

Marge Greene feels her life is threatened by stickers. What a baby!

Whenever I hear or see Supreme Court rulings I feel like I am on a sinking ship


January 6th Committee Fifth Public Hearing - June 23 at 3:00 PM ET, 12 PM PT - CSPAN

WATCH LIVE: Jan. 6 Committee hearings - Day 5 - PBS NewsHour

Trump campaign official subpoenaed by FBI appears to be at meeting of fake Arizona electors

06/23/22 Select Committee Hearing - June 23 at 3:00PM ET - January 6th Committee

I'm innocent, I swear!

Jan. 6 panel set to dig into Trump's DOJ meddling

Family heading toward the 'beach!'

FBI at Jeffrey Clark's House. Are they having tea? Planning a perp walk?

U.S. to give some 'Havana syndrome' victims six-figure compensation

Front loader used to ram into Chase Bank in Lynnwood

Gorgeous, majestic creature:

The journalistic laziness of the lie: " widespread voter fraud..."

"The right to keep and bear arms..."

Wisconsin election investigator says he deleted records

Today's womp womp - Proud Boys pelted with prisoners' poop and piss

New Footage-Pence Reaction to the 25th Amendment

Ready for takeoff:

Our three-branched government is analogous to a three-legged stool.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell schools Gym Jordan on the first amendment

Trump's allies were assured editorial input before filmmaker was subpoenaed

We can't regulate guns, but we can regulate a uterus. We can't provide safety for children, but we

Almost 6 in 10 say they are following Jan. 6 panel's work closely: poll

One good thing about the SCOTUS Gun Ruling

Slate: The Terrorizing of Lady Ruby Was Part of Trump's Plan -- Dahlia Lithwick's column

Ron Johnson scrambling

When talking to people who haven't watched the hearings

Trump avidly hate-watching the Jan 6 hearings


Horse repeatedly demands back (butt) scratches:

Man takes his puppy to meet an adult German Shepherd in a nearby car:

AND Furthermore...

My Prediction: DeSantis will be the 2024 GOP Nom

Biden asked the oil companies to adjust their BS prices, and the news mostly focuses on tax holiday

leaked memi..Amazon to run out of employees ( turnover is 3% a week)

Compilation of dogs & cats being cute and funny:

I made a low-sugar blueberry crumbtop pie

Trump's push to corrupt DOJ in order to overturn 2020 election takes center stage

James Rado, co-creator of 1960s Broadway sensation 'Hair,' dies at 90

How to Read a U.S. Supreme Court Opinion (short)

The Holder Document videos

Arizona Republican lawmakers want you to pay private school tuitions for wealthy families

They are closing in on TFG and his attempted coup plotters.

Equifax Breach Settlement (from 9/2017 event) -- Received an Email Today, 4 Days Left to Register.

Important real world question

I just hope I'm long dead before they start burning heretics at the stake.

The Myth of the 'Good Guy With a Gun' Has Religious Roots

So if they carry guns openly how about allowing shooting off a few rounds at random next?

The documentary filmmaker says the Trumps did NOT have editorial control.

Another rant---Dear Mr. Thomas:

The Mythology of Guns In America

Well, the SCOTUS just ruled that "NO LIVES MATTER." GOTV DAMN IT!!

West Memphis Three denied the right to test DNA evidence

Largest Python in Florida history discovered

****1/6 Committee Hearings Day 5, thread ONE (3:00 pm EDT) ****

US Senate Elections in 2022 that the Democrats are most likely going to win.

'Positively unglued' Arizona GOP boss is livid Rusty Bowers testified against Trump

John Dean and Bernstein are on CNN now

If they ever prosecute you for the crime of "Being A Democrat",

CDC panel recommends Moderna two-dose Covid vaccine for kids ages 6 to 17

Garland sure does do a lot when he is doing nothing.

Minneapolis ordered to cease implementation of 2040 plan

Today, Justice Alito ruled that you have constitutional rights but no right to know what they are.

Here's the trailer for the Trump "documentary"

Before the festivities begin, remember what happened 50 years ago today

We Need a 1/6 Insurrection Version of this Watergate Diddy

The Teevee said it was going to be hot today.

Sean Penn has a front row seat!

ligthing related story and when u hear the thunder roar , stay indoors.

Uhg... very unhappy

'Absolutely Shocking': New York Governor Reacts To Supreme Court Ruling On Guns - MSNBC

Set your alarms early Friday...really early!

Cheney is sending mail to Wyoming Dems with instructions on how to switch parties for primary vote

I heard that a pajama clad Jeffrey Clark was escorted out of his house

Which Democratic candidate in the 2022 WI US Senate Election is a strong general election candidate.

Exhausted US airport workers see hope in minimum wage bill as summer of travel chaos looms

Tweet of the Afternoon:

Newly elected GOP congresswoman spread Capitol riot conspiracies and QAnon hashtags in now-deleted t

Who would have guessed that people don't want to be ruled by six unelected oligarchs...

The right in Canada is trying to make Canada exactly mirror the USA.

Thank you Adam Kinzinger

New dress code outlaws dresses and skirts in Texas school district

Portly python: heaviest-ever snake captured in Florida tips scales at 215lbs

Barr-Without investigation into fraud allegations, there may have been no transition

'We're going to get you': Eric Swalwell blames Marjorie Taylor Greene for threatening voicemail

FBI: Navy petty officer arrested on Capitol riot charges had arsenal of guns, praised Hitler

Krugman makes the point I often think of

Transgender footballers in Germany can choose men's or women's team

'Ukraine's future is in the EU': Zelenskiy welcomes granting of candidate status

Takei with a question regarding originalist

Right now Fox News viewers (if they are watching) are getting a big dose of "the real" with ....

Daily Distraction 23/06/2022

Daily Distraction 23/06/2022 Posted in Photography

Mr. Donoghue, about those isolated cases of election fraud,

Record bacterium discovered as long as human eyelash

Seems to me that a couple of Senators and Representatives may be in danger of jail-time. nt

FASCISM: An In-Depth Explanation

****1/6 Committee Hearings Day 5, thread TWO****

How many people do pitbulls kill vs guns?

We're not gonna take it -- Let's bring back "Amerika."

FTC revs up 'right to repair' fight with Harley-Davidson agreement

Keith Olbermann - It has become necessary to disolve the Supreme Court

🙄 Yesterday, parties were supposed to submit congressional maps to the court in Louisiana and...

in order to avert a repeat in 2024

Battleground 2022 US Senate Elections in states the Democrats will win to remain in the majority.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 24 June 2022

Feds raided jeffery Clarks home

New documentary footage reveals Pence reacting to a resolution calling for him to invoke 25th amendm

"These allegations [of election fraud] simply had no merit."

Analysis: Jeff Clark joins the likely indictment list.

Let this sink in

Donahue unbelievable statement

Sam Alito shows what an asshole he really is

Just so everyone knows, these are the states... that had one of their gun laws overturned today.

What's for Dinner, Thurs., June 23, 2022

What a Ship of Fools: Trump, Rudy, Eastman, Powell

full miranda decision from the supreme court . some one please boil it down so my head dosent hurt.

Elie Mystal: The Supreme Court Strips Us of Miranda Warnings

Freya is on her way to her new forever home so now it's just me and my three boys

Besides the obvious criminality and attempt to destroy democracy

This documentary that Trump had made and everyone is taking about

Ron Johnson: WI/MI fake elector information came from PA congressman Mike Kelly.

Jeffrey Clark was blocked from releasing disinformation related to DOJ election investigations.

Tweet of the Day

Presidential call logs started identifying Clark as Acting Attorney General

Jerry Hall divorcing Rupert Murdoch

Anyone else

Jeff Tiedrich tweet about Jeffrey Clark:

Trump's DAG, Richard Donohue, is a legend

****1/6 Committee Hearings Day 5, thread THREE****

Damm the entire gop congress was begging to get pardons

Asked for pardons...

Perhaps New York State needs a new gun law...

@1420 heavy rain in sonora ca . !!!!!!

"You get a pardon".

Guns, Bullets, and Weed: Ezra Miller Housing Three Young Children and Their Mother at Vermont Farm

Cheney's closing was beyond excellent.

It's hotter than Satan's ball sack!

Wow another hearing and yet I feel like I've been sucker punched and I am

Sidney Powell was promised the role of special prosecutor by TFG to investigate 'election fraud'

Thank goodness for our #### fine public 'servants.'

Ukraine's Anti-Drone Rifle Takes Aim At Russian UAVs

Shame, shame shame. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Conspirators: These Republican members of Congress asked for pardons.

imagine if gym jordan and matt gaetz had actually been on the Jan 6 committee panel

I don't want to hear anyone ask again how we could "know" trump knew it was wrong.

What's your favorite lawyer joke?

Eric Herschmann to Jeffery Clark....Congratulations,

Top 10 Conservative Idiots Presents: Throwback Thursdays Vol. 2!

Okay, so I've been out most of the afternoon...

You can probably count on two hands the number of actors that saved American democracy.

When Privatization of Education Goes Corruptibly Wrong

remember when Liz Cheney said to Gym Jordan "You fucking did this"

Landlord Moves to Shut Down Lauren Boebert's Restaurant

In case you missed it...

Donald Trump attorney coordinated with Ron Johnson to pass false elector document to Mike Pence

I found Arthur a snuggle bunny

Dobbs may be worse than the leaks suggest

Boy, the history books have been rewritten and not for the good, all because of Trump and his goons!

Who is the man sitting behind the main interrogator?

Greene asking for a pardon-wasn't she sworn in on the 3rd???

Here's the full email Rep Mo Brooks sent the WH re: pardons:

US Senate Elections in the states the Democrats are definitely going to win in 2022.

Matt Gaetz has a sad

Iran orders US to pay compensation for slain nuke scientists

Was Fox aware there were important hearings today ?

Herbie Hancock - Gentle Thoughts

The Select Committee

I am fairly sure Obergfell is next

Criminal Intent - got you Slobfather

Given any return of Twitler to

Any news on the Jan 5, 2021 bomber?

The Fabulous Thunderbirds - Why Get Up

The Calvert County Sheriff's Office asks citizens to be aware

The Trumps did not have editorial control. Full stop.

Come the Midterms, I think At Least 1/2 Dozen GOP Reps

Brian Kemp to Testify in Trump Probe

Patrice Rushen - Puttered Bopcorn

Another dust storm watch for Phoenix

So now the Supreme Assholes are attacking Miranda? Vega...

Trump electors in Michigan being served with federal subpoenas

The Balance, the Synchronicity, the Impossibility of G U N Z

Ronnie Laws - Stay Still (And Let Me Love You)

I think the fact that Herschel Walker tried to take on Stacey Abrams,

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Confidence in U.S. Supreme Court Sinks to Historic Low

"Don't sit next to this man on a plane"

Need some advice, please

Open Carry (Luckovich cartoon)

It was all about the letters that were to be sent to the battleground states.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a TV show, survival, and generational conflicts....

This GenXer is listening to Jefferson Airplane's "Volunteers"

There's Always One Guy in the Office Who Will Act on the Boss's Worst Ideas

Joy Reid guest will be the English guy who accompanied Slobby's campaign

I would tell "MO" he wasn't in a position to make demands-fuck him

Guy Starts With Fostering One Cat Then Gets Hooked

At last, the state of Georgia has come through for Trump

There seems to be a fear that some of these GOP players have a pocket pardon to pull out once the

Tweet from Ukraine Minister of Defence regarding HIMARS rocket launchers:

Conservative YouTuber Whines About Black Classmates And School Integration

At last, the state of Georgia has come through for Trump

One of Ari Member's guests is totally clueless.

Lauren Bobert says House GOP are working together with the Supreme Court to expand gun rights

FedNat Canceling 68,200 FL Home Insurance Policies; "This Is Not A Survivable Market"

How can we get more comments and threads on this group????

Maybe trump will get so pissed at "kevin" that it becomes obvious he will never be speaker

Pardons and paid legal fees seemed the bait trump chummed.

Peak 2022: Jeffrey Clark Edition

The NY gun law had been on the books for more than 100 years .

George R.R. Martin confirms a Jon Snow 'Game of Thrones' sequel is in development at HBO

Are some of these SCOTUS folks

Hey Jeffrey-Good News/Bad News

Bankruptcy Filing For One Of West's Biggest Coal Plants Shows Utilites Looking For Exit w/i 5 Years

Massive amount of gunfire near Ft Worth Tx today

"Are there revelations from your interviews with Donald Trump that will shock people?"

Lawrence O'Donnell on Joy pointing out that DOJ guys were insulting Clark

Scott Perry still denies seeking a pardon (*shocker*)

Wingnuts Fight Back Against "Woke" Shareholder Proposals - And So Far They're 0 For 52

Does anyone else find it odd, that just a week ago, a bill was passed to keep SCOTUS judges safe.

Adam Schiff points out Clark wasn't trying investigate election fraud

The two words I'd tell Merrick Garland to his face

Did anyone get when the Holder documentary of trump and spawn...

So how should Trump be punished?

For those who had Covid, my husband was prescribed three things, none of which

Had a big swan come on to me this morning

Did TFG really think he was going to get away with this?

The Supreme Court's new gun ruling means virtually no gun regulation is safe

I can't make out what Jeffrey Clark said in the video right before the break

For those of us that have never (knowingly) had Covid are you tired of the lax attitudes?

U.S. broadens Jan. 6 seditious conspiracy indictment of Oath Keepers

Michael Beschloss asks:

Smith and Wesson stock up nearly 10% today. nt

And here in New Jersey 😢

Keith Olbermann goes there (Andrea Mitchell)

CBS: Ivanka backed father's election challenge

Queen's full set at LiveAid 1985 in HD

Don't count your chickens before they hatch..

NO, MO. You have to go down with the rest of the rats on the ship Trump.

Five types of gun laws the Founding Fathers loved (They came for our guns!)

Nehls says he could have asked "very serious, deep questions" if he were on J6 Committee

Some GOP members of Congress could face 15 years in jail -- and disqualification from office: legal e

You're more likely to be hit by a meteorite than eaten by a wolf. Unless ...

I never realized how good The Cure is... damn...