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Why do babies cry when they're born? Because that's when the Supreme Court stops caring about them.

A suggestion for further over turning Constitutional Rights

From Janis Ian. Update from Janis.

Massive protests in Chicago, NY, and other cities

Ob-gyns slam Dobbs ruling overturning constitutional right to abortion

Chair of Texas Log Cabin Republicans group resigns after state GOP adopts new platform

How ironic would it be if

Miriam and Alan: Lost In Scotland - this evening on PBS

How many abortions were recorded in Kentucky before the ban? Here's the state data

Is it unusual for a SCOTUS disent to omit the phrase "respectfully disent" or the like?

College Grad SLAMS Roe v Wade Decision with Most Powerful Response Yet

Deborah Birx Says Trump Officials Made Her Change COVID Data Sent To States

The GOP's 'Stop Eric Greitens' campaign is officially underway

Time to put cameras in the Court.

"To God be the Glory" Gov. of Mississippi on hearing the news. We are a Christo-Fascist county.

Man Carrying Assault Rifle Publicly Was Totally Fine. But His Brass Knuckles Were Illegal.

Britain, Germany push G7 for halt to biofuel mandates to tame food prices

Just home from Pro-Choice demonstration in Charleston, IL.

DO NOT donate to Catholic Charities.

It's a terrible day in America, and you can thank Kentucky's own Mitch McConnell for it.

Post Malone "Reputation" Live on the Stern Show

Adorable 5-Year-Old Surprises Dad With Saturn's Rings Through Her Telescope for Father's Day

Dahlia Lithwick: Justices Are Not Kings

Rachel Maddow will be live at 9pm. I need an hour of her tonight

Could the US Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v Wade make Democrats win US Senate Elections in

Under pressure, Republicans reveal acceptable abortion procedure

So do all young girls get put on safe contraception when they have their first period,

Shouldn't all pro-lifers embrace forcing women to have their rapist's babies?

We are better than they are. We do not need to be violent. We are not deplorables. They are.

Men, if you go to a demonstration, this might be a very appropriate sign to carry

We won't go back! Find a protest:

So, Liz...

Clarence Thomas calls on court to undo rulings on same-sex relationships and contraception: 'We have

Bee Vs Man worth watching?

Sweep the elections. Impeach the Judicial Activists Judges

Quite an opening line to this statement from the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus:

How long until states impose travel restrictions?

Datafolha: Lula Leads by 19 Points over Bolsonaro in The 1st Round

There are 13 US court of appeals there should be 13 US Supreme Court Judges

(Jewish Group) What do Jews say about abortion?

(Jewish Group) American Jews gear up for wave of post-Roe activism

Brazilian Air Force Pilots Chase '15,000mph Craft' In 'Night Of The UFOs'

Rude Pundit: The Supreme Court vs. the United States, Part 1: Alito Loves Fetuses, Hates Women

Rachel on live at 9 pm tonight.

Glastonbury Festival is happening. lineup:

Paul Simon, Joan Baez, & Richard Thompson - "The Boxer"

Post Malone Covers Pearl Jam's "Better Man" Live on the Stern Show

David Hogg: Supreme Court Overturns New York's Concealed Carry Law - Rebel HQ

Fuck you, Amy Coney Barrett

Am I right in thinking

How many times i read

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about unpacking the Supreme Court decision....

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy thread! TGIF!

Found on Facebook. This is for you SCOTUS

Le Petomane, professional farter

Free vs. Forced

In a dystopian world of handmaids

Chris Hayes: Overturning Of Roe Is 'Raw Exertion Of Power By 5 Right-Wing Judges' - All In - MSNBC

Two years ago today my dog died.

Has the Vatican weighed in on the Roe decision

Rachel is on tonight

As Republicans celebrate end of Roe, Democrats vow revenge at polls

Mary Trump: For everybody saying it's unacceptable to change the number of Supreme Court justices

Patagonia says it will pay bail for employees arrested in abortion rights protests

How do they think they can make these unpopular policies stick ?

Al Franken FTW

House GOP Already Mulling National Abortion Ban

Letter to Planned Parenthood from Arkansas Dept. of Health re Abortion ruling today

Supreme Court Roe v Wade protest in Detroit, in pictures:

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the objection to unpacking the court....

UDATED: Pickup Truck appears to run down pro-choice protestors in Cedar Rapids

Next up: this illegitmate, stolen court will dismantle the federal regulatory apparatus on Monday.

This little video is not really funny yet but it is a compilation of their lies.

To the women of DU: You are loved and we stand with you.

Friday Night Vodka Buzz. Ask me anything.

Gov. Gavin Newsom signs bill to protect women who come in from other states for reproductive care

Meidas Touch: They. All. Lied.

Inside The 'Roe' Decision: Why Alito's Ruling Can't Be Taken At Face Value

It's a bench, not a throne.

Why does Ginni's hubby put targets Griswold, Obergfel, and Lawrence but not on Loving?

All those corporations that moved their HQ to Texas

Pro-choice VA state Senate president, L. Louise Lucas, threatened (TRIGGER WARNING)

Supreme Court Overturns 'Roe,' Puts Women's Health At Risk - The Beat - MSNBC

Rachel isn't gonna let us sleep tonight

I had a relative who was an abortionist.

Republican Gunning Mates - Mark Fiore - Political Cartoons

When I read "trump and so-and-so" knew it was illegal, I think to myself

Fuck all these corporations

"Kiss my ass!" or "Go fuck yourself!"


Will Bunch: America 1.0 had jumped the shark before Roe decision, but we can start anew

If Roberts were a patriotic American.....

They Lied

Governors are stepping up re: "will not cooperate with extradition requests from other states

Lawrence O'Donnell tweet

Warren On Ending Of Roe: 'Supreme Court Doesn't Get The Last Word' -- We Do - All In - MSNBC

You know those movies where someone will intentionally cut themselves in order to draw blood

Beside nest, @ sunset

Oh Me, Oh My.

Michael Beschloss thinks the Supreme Court could be pushing us toward civil war

Remarkably enhanced direct dissolution of plutonium oxide in task-specific ionic liquid

Preparations for violent riots after SCOTUS

3 Supreme Court Justices Lied Under Oath' Jun 24, 2022 Zerlina

MeidasTouch: Supreme Court justices sit on a bench. Not a throne.

Brazil's fourth COVID wave is a "time bomb," warns researcher Lucas Ferrante

If you can afford it, please contribute to Senate campaigns

Now is the time to insist on Medicare for All.

I fear the culture war will turn to being a WIDELY hot war. Real bullets. Real dead people.

Alito says he's returning the issue of abortion rights to the democratic process of the states but

Sunset, southern MD

Rebecca Traister: The Necessity Of Hope In Post-Roe America - All In - MSNBC

Native American women who sought abortion were sterilized by doctors in the 60s and 70s.

Just how is this going to work? Police are reluctant to protect school children, and yet

Aunt Crabby Tweet #2:

I Hope Ruth Bader Ginsburg Haunts the Shit Out of These Assholes (Th'Ferret)

What are these called? Wild, and delicious.

Liz Cheney Tweet on the abortion ruling

Pelosi says Supreme Court abortion decision is 'eviscerating Americans' rights' Jun 24th

I was a senior in high school in 1973.

Roadtrip Story (SC to ID, for fire season 2022)

Supposedly, the overruling of Roe v. Wade will not curtail abortions for those with money and means.

School of fish

Lawrence O'Donnell just commented on something that we never talk about.

Cook County Hospital in Chicago had a "septic abortion ward"

I almost went to a demonstration tonight.

The big con before the big lie. Remember when Trump was pro-choice before he wasn't?

Coat hanger abortions

Seth Meyers - Supreme Court Overturns New York Gun Law Restricting Concealed Weapons - 6/23

HAIR...James Rado, Co-Creator of the Musical 'Hair,' Is Dead at 90

If there was ever a time for Big Pharma to exercise their control over politicians, it's now.

Fallback Friday: Let's reconsider Vicki Larson's "It's time to regulate men's reproductive rights"

Are Manchin, Collins and Murkowski mad enough about being lied to

PSA: The same people that signed on to the Insurrection

List of company Headquarters. Atten. TX, FL, TN, OK

They just gave order to doctors to let women die.

I'm gonna fight

We are beginning to enter the RW endgame

You know what to do

Lawrence O'Donnell's show tonight is tremendous. A definite must see.

Ideal Supreme Court

Not as 'nice' a person as I used to be

The "Supreme Court" declared itself nothing but a political tool

College grad slams Supreme Court Decision

Companies Are More Vocal Than Ever on Social Issues. Not on Abortion.

PSA: #1 all time abortion provider with no significant peers.....?

Paul Simon - "The Boy In The Bubble" (Hyde Park)

Security ramped up at Justices' homes, Supreme Court after Roe ruling - NewsNation Prime

Amazing pro-choice anthem I just happened across. Evie Joy - The Right

How is it legitimate for Alito to base an opinion of US law on 17th Century English law?

Please sign the Arizona Right to Reproductive Freedom initiative

Cushman & Wakefield must turn over 1,000 appraisals to NY Attorney General Letitia James' Trump prob

Now That Women Are Legally Nothing More Than Walking Incubators....

Marjorie Taylor Greene brags in the middle of a pro-choice protest, instantly regrets it - BT Cohen

So what happens when sodomy laws go back on the books and Lawrence v. Texas

I'm fed up

Women and kids are collateral damage.

With all the stuff that's been going on, I tried very hard to keep this to myself

A question on USA law and the midterms

I got a shitload of Democratic notifications today.

The headlines today are something else

Donald Trump Jr suggests overturning Roe is direct result of Obama humiliating his father

I am beginning to think that Republican/Con/Trumpism is an anti-social disorder.

MTG's Solution For Gun Violence Is Just As Dumb As She Is - Rebel HQ

so did scotus do this today because the J6 hearings yesterday were so damning?

I will be your aunt you want to visit

Must Go See The New ELVIS Movie!!

I don't suppose they can be prosecuted for perjury?

Your son made me take plan b after we hooked up but carry on

Made the mistake of turning on faux news

Covering "Gringo-Style" Shootings in Mexico

can state protections be challenged in federal courts?


OK, time for me to re-read MLK's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail".

I don't think I can in good conscience ever step inside a church again

from Jamie Raskin:

Protesters walk onto 110 Freeway in DTLA after Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade


Juul can keep selling e-cigarettes as court blocks FDA ban

Rights to abortion, contraception, marriage, relationships, and privacy ARE in the US Constitution!!

After a nearly two year hiatus, Q of QAnon infamy is posting again.

We should have a new group, call it DRU. Democratic Reproductive Underground.

BREAKING: Gov. Hochul to call NYS Legislature into emergency session

Has Sen. Collins made a statement yet?

Sen. Klobuchar: If We Can Take Back 2 Senate Seats We Can Codify Roe v. Wade Into Law - The ReidOut

Capehart and Gerson on the end of Roe v. Wade - PBS NewsHour

The End of Roe. v. Wade Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 6/24/22

Can Gorsuch, Kavenaugh an Barret be

Real Time With Bill Maher (6-24-22) Full Show

They smell.

These states that want to criminize someone getting an abortion in another state

Legal Expert: Expand The Court With People Who Believe In Secular Government Not Theocracy - ReidOut

HuffPo - Marjorie Taylor Greene swarmed outside Supreme Court

If abortion is going to be illegal, then dads need to pay

We should have raised holy hell about Garland.

'The government should stay out of your bedroom': Sen. Maria Cantwell - ABC News

Great piece on Abortion in the old days..How women got Organized before Roe v Wade.

The Hypocrisy of the SCOTUS that really upsets me

Just saw this on Mary Trump's Facebook Page

The Daily Show: Supreme Court Strikes Down NY Gun Restrictions & Chicago Police Ban Foot Chases

Triana posted this years ago. Time to repeat it. Got my stiletto heels on.. Let's tread on you

If Thomas wants to overturn Obergefell

Beschloss really went after the court

There are midnight fireworks in the Capitol Hill area

Steppin' Out - Joe Jackson (1982)

California, Washington, Oregon Commitment to Reproductive Freedom: West Coast Offense

Roberts' Confirmation Hearing's discussion of Roe, Casey and stare decisis with Sen. Arlen Specter

Rep. Katie Porter: SCOTUS Abortion Ruling 'Tramples On Our Liberty' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Ron Brownstein: America Is Growing Apart, Possibly for Good

Not fighting like hell for Garland was a big mistake and not getting RBG to retire before 2016 was

Life Is Precious . . . Unless It's Not

@RepSpeier: GOP states are telling women your options are govt-mandated pregnancy or jail time

Jack WHITE's Wiki page is awesome. BETTER yet his BLAST at SCotUS & Drumpf!


post Roe tactic to thwart anti choice zealots: Information

Lawrence O'Donnell: Never Forget The GOP Presidents Who Overturned Roe - The Last Word - MSNBC

Speaking of politics, here's a fun fact...

Phoenix, AZ: Firing teargas right into the crowd straight from the Capitol windows

I think there will be lots of violence from police & infiltrators at protests. Here's AZ

'We are in a health care crisis in this country': Gynecologist - ABC News

Tear Gas on peaceful protesters in Az

Browsers are fighting each other on my computer

NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on the SCOTUS decision

Night folks...I'm taking the hit from my second COVIC booster.

Rock and Roll Queen - Mott the Hoople

GOP lawmaker says she trusts Utah women to control their 'intake of semen'

The string theory.

So You've Ended Roe. How Are You Going to Support Women and Babies? The Bulwark

Scott Lemieux: Getting Real About the Post-'Roe' World

Here's Where Abortion Rights Will Be On The Midterm Ballot In November

Procol Harum - The Devil Came From Kansas

Middle Age Riot tweet of the late night:

Lawrence O'Donnell just said that GWB was the first guy to lose the popular vote and still win

LAPD: "I'm trying to protect you!" *shoves her violently to the ground*

XRay Spex - Oh Bondage! Up Yours!

Sen. Tina Smith: SCOTUS 'Does Not Have The Last Word' On Abortion - The Last Word - MSNBC

This moment demands action - Beto For Texas

New Mexico

Tired facepalm

Mississippi abortion clinic plans to move to New Mexico

Brian Laundry wrote he killed girlfriend Gabby Petito as a mercy killing.....

Watching the Rachel Maddow rerun. Holy crap!

Krystein Sinema raises her crazy head to speak on Roe

If the 6 senators who asked for a pardon are locked up

tweet: A nationwide ban on abortion is on the ballot in November. Do you have a plan to vote?

the world's wealthiest human being...

Tweet of the Early Morning:

i hesitate to post this cartoon but it seems to be so appropriate for 6/24/22


I'm going to bed

Glastonbury 2022 - Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - When the Levee Breaks

stephen king tweet: "Welcome to THE HANDMAID'S TALE."

Mike Luckovich-You still have the right to choose

"Thank God none of them are fetuses..."

Manchin says he trusted Gorsuch and Kavanaugh....and is disappointed

$1 million donation to Planned P

"Be sure to set your clocks back 50 years before you go to bed tonight."

Requiem for the Supreme Court (Worth the read)

I'm sure that majority of filth on the SCOTUS is sleeping safe and sound tonight.

Republican Supreme Court Could Impose National Abortion Ban Without Help From Electeds - TRMS

A question

"A Field Guide to Understanding GOP Authoritarianism and the Future of America"

Teri Kanefield: It's All About Controlling Women

Hey y'all! Quit whining and volunteer.

Dear Justice Roberts, time to step down

Texas AG and future felon Ken Paxton declared today a state holiday for AG personnel

Republican 40-Year Political Project Achieves Goal With Supreme Court Ending Roe v. Wade - TRMS

Texas AG and future felon Ken Paxton declared today a state holiday for AG personnel

First time in 5 years

Beethoven's 'Piano Trio No. 7' - "Archduke", Camerata Pacifica

I don't want to hear any more

How about a sporting/music/event protest

what these religious terrorists on the court will do is gonna be worse for the USA than 9/11

Thomas Announces Targeting Of Gay Rights; Tacit New Direction To Anti-Abortion Movement - Rachel Maddow

Salon - Amid all the gloating, anti-abortion right dreams of bigger wins -- and possible violence

T-Shirt I Saw On Facebook

Ginni Thomas is a traitor.

Polish, Ukrainian LGBT+ parades unite in Warsaw

Threat Of Anti-Abortion Terrorism Amplified As Bans Reduce Number Of Providers - Rachel Maddow MSNBC

C'mon, we all know this. Joel Olstein has told us

American Women Face New Era Of Very Big, Invasive Government - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Black religious group protests black churches. Judge strikes restraining order

SCOTUS Says Everyone Can Have A Concealed Weapon, Just Not Near Them - Ring of Fire

Fair to say that the Roberts "court" will go down as the most corrupt, extreme and hated in history?

Seen On Facebook

Norwegian police say two people have been killed and more than a dozen injured in a mass shooting

Oslo shooting: Police treating bar killings as terrorist attack

The Backlash Cometh

OH CRAP! Just when I thought it was safe to like just 1 republican. "Once a Cheney, ALWAYS a Cheney"

Wow, Rachel blew me away on her 6/24 show

Truck Driver Rams Into Abortion Rights Demonstrators At Roe Rally In Iowa

You know those massive crowds at Costco gas pumps? Beware. My credit card was cloned there

Oslo Pride cancelled after shootings kill two and injure dozens more

BRICS summit: Chinese and Russian presidents criticise West - Al Jazeera

For those who say "it's God's will" ...

Yesterday, at the Supreme Court

'A good day for Europe': EU grants Ukraine candidate status - Al Jazeera

Russia appears to be running out of artillery shells?

I blame George HW Bush, George W Bush, and Trump!

Crooks & Liars: Hey Gang There's A (Grifty) Credit Card For Conservatives!

Suddenly these scenes seem very prophetic

Breakfast Saturday 25, June 2022

I thought the whole point of America was that this couldn't happen.

Man claims animal rescue is holding his alligator hostage

What states have laws protecting a woman's right to choose?

Florida judge approves $1 billion settlement in Surfside condo collapse - CBS News

"Horrific": World leaders react to end of Roe v. Wade in U.S.

Rare long-lost Batman (Adam West) UK Road Safety Advert - 1967

Why aren't there ever any headlines that read ...

Does overturning Roe mean that TFG is not needed anymore, he's disposable?

I just read about in the NYTimes,

"A group of perjurers ...

After watching Rachel Maddow

'Prove That Freedom Always Wins': Zelenskyy's Message To Glastonbury Festival - NBC News

Arthur has a MAJOR case of Krazy Kitten, this morning

Cute dog & horse video and a question for our horse people:

Long time DUer Akoto is asking for a little help (update #2)

Long time DUer Akoto is asking for a little help

On this day, June 25, 1978, the rainbow flag appeared in a parade for the first time.

NBC's Richard Engel speaks to Volodymyr Zelenskyy - CNBC Television

Know your protest rights.

The SCOTUS is inching closer to becoming an offshoot of Italy's Corte Suprema di Cassazione.

No Senator's wife, Governor's daughter, or SEC quarterback's girlfriend will be forced to give birth

Dear Pelosi and Schumer: Cancel recess. Expand the court. Nuke the filibuster

June 24, 2022: The Day Chief Justice Roberts Lost His Court - The New York Times

IVF is on the chopping block next - Thanks "pro-lifers"


Next on the proverbial chopping block for those states banning abortion.

The Supreme Dictatorship Court: Biden, the Democrats need to remind, educate the people about this.

Ukraine abandons Sievierodonetsk: What did Russia gain? - DW News

Sundaes 🍨🍨🍨🍨on Saturday

The chances of me returning

And here it comes from the king justice ass wipe Thomas.

Weekend TOONs - The Liars' Club

If I were Pelosi, I would devote much of the remaining legislative session to

SCOTUS response to reveal of lies to Congress

I think they are prepared to take other rights from pregnant women

Waterfall in Peru Looks Like a Bride Wearing a Wedding Dress and Veil

Don't panic, the abortion ban is going to fail miserable just like prohibition did.

Chief Justice Robert's Court

Have any of you heard of a violent pro abortion

Word choices matter, so make them count.

Just a rumor I heard on the news; Some Republicans want to classify abortion in this way.

US infant mortality is one of the WORST in OECD, Its *NOT* about babies AT ALL !!

(Jewish Group) I've been spoiled for a while But this week at my new job

So, the Handmaid left it up to the men to speak for her?

What is the official religion of the United States?

Merrick Garland Says States Can't Ban Abortion Pills

😃🇺🇸🐈🐟🗓❗️Yum or Yuck?

Privatization In The United Kingdom - The God That Failed Electrical Service, Clean Water, Transport

I have questions about the timing of the release of the overturning of Roe yesterday in light of ...

Oroville Reservoir At 55% Of Capacity, Shasta At 40%; Drought Tightens For California's Water System

Kyle Rittenhouse unveils video game where players shoot 'fake news' turkeys

Chinese Premier Calls For Even More Coal Production As Heatwaves Drive Electrical Demand

"I'm sick of living in a country..."

The GOP is no different than ISIS

Just to give you an idea on how big Arthur is growing

With every other goddamn thing that 'Grab 'em by the Pussy' Trump has wrought...Now this

In The Summertime

"When republicans say they're going to do something,

WV Vs. EPA Likely Means That Kids The State Forces You To Bear Will Face An Unsurvivable World

They all lied.

Straight up Christo Fascism with the minority telling the majority what they can and can't do.

Many have said J6 was a 'dress rehearsal.' The truth of that needs to be fully understood.

Blue States say no extradition

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today: Peach Tree Dish Edition

Harold Melvin was born on this date.

"Let this radicalize you rather than lead you to despair.

I have been looking at profiles this morning.

"Super Judiciary"

OK Ladies!!! You've been holding out on us all these years!!!!

Rallying in Greenville, SC

Remember: Christine Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez, and Julie Swetnick

Supreme Court justices lash out at each other as tensions boil over

You raised $165.00 on June 24, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken IA US Senate

To all of the women, I am sorry I have let you down.

There is only one proper response to this travesty

'Disturbing' Campbell County church letters revealed. {scary religion}

Patients sat in abortion clinic waiting rooms as Roe fell. They all had to be turned away.

Oslo shooting near gay bar investigated as terrorism, as Pride parade is canceled

You raised $198.84 on June 24, 2022 for OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Beto O'Rourke

'The dog that caught the car': Republicans brace for the impact of reversing Roe

Attacks on Abortion clinics, doctors and other workers are terrorist acts

Abortion in the era of surveillance capitalism

You raised $125.00 on June 24, 2022 Democratic Underground for Patty Pansing-Brooks SPECIAL ELECTION

2016: 41% of women voted for trump...

MJT: "What evidence do you have that people were armed" on J6? --Raskin: "Oh, just wait for it"

This sounds crazy but can someone sue SCOTUS?

A truck driver plowed through multiple pro-choice protesters in Cedar Rapids, IA on Friday, sending

You raised $105.00 on June 24, 2022 OFFICIAL the DU is out for BLOOD (Gov NE)

Ana Navarro sets the record straight to rethuglican strategist on abortion

Canadians concerned for Americans who may lack abortion access in wake of top court ruling

It's Saturday so I will remain calm and carry on photographing flowers.

Partial list of companies who cover medical travel expenses.

I think it's time to end the concept of cheap/"unskilled" labor

Marjorie Taylor Greene Admits Arming Fetuses Is 'Impossible'

Biden Signs Bipartisan Gun Bill, Ending Years of Stalemate

George Carlin from the grave (1996 hbo set) on "pro life" anti-women cons

Overturning Roe is a talibangelical jobs creation program. After all, the woman-hating

Whitmer implores Michigan Supreme Court to decide whether state constitution protects abortion right

Protesting June 24 2022

How soon until we have our own Magdalene laundries?

so, when do the "unwed mother's homes" return? and

Missionary position will be enforced.

overturning roe was always a trojan horse. it was rly about

Stephen King's tweet on the Supreme Court rulling has a great thread.

Arianna Huffington on SCOTUS: "So life begins at conception and ends in a mass shooting"

America Is About to Confront the Bloody Consequences of Banning Abortion

Pro life woman don't know they are also in danger.

As a married woman living in TX, I will no longer be having sex

"My own uterus no longer belongs to me. Nor does my vagina. Or my life."

Republicans don't believe in history, it is a fatal flaw.

Buy stock in a company that makes adult toys - a good investment opportunity.

31 Powerful Pro-Choice Sign Ideas For Your Next Abortion Protest

31 Powerful Pro-Choice Sign Ideas For Your Next Abortion Protest

Those who put Jack the Ripper into position for his murder spree want you to know they "feel misled"

Abortion Ruling Info Specifically for Floridians:

Yesterday I saw an article from Jezebel telling people NOT to donate to Planned Parenthood

Starting the process for citizenship in another country

Unaccountable extremists control your life.

Killing a baby in the womb is outrageous!

Part of How They Took Away Your Bodily Autonomy Was Through Terrorism

Just wondering if the birth rate drops now.

I'm off to the woman's march for Roe in Ft Worth!

Sens. Warren and Smith urge Biden to declare public health emergency following abortion ruling

Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch Are Destroying Their Mentor's Legacy

One thing

This is a rogue court packed with religious terrorists

If I didn't have grandchildren here, I would be following her...

If it was really about babies...

Y'all still not understanding. People see children as a punishment for women having sex.

Universe 25: Of Mice & Humans

The Sedition of James Lankford & 'Friends' And How You Can Report Them To The Jan 6th Committee

Liberty and Justice for All

Pritzker says Illinois will remain 'safe haven' for women after SCOTUS ruling

Witches could become a problem. After all, they're women.

When Repukes get back Congress/Presidency-They will SHITCAN the filibuster in a second.

So republicans are bracing for fallout from Roe ruling. They should be.

Men also have a dog in this fight. Not just child support, but reputations destroyed

If you are a woman, minority, or in the LGBTQ community...

I just don't get it, I guess. Seems like we win either way on Roe being overturned.

The Far-Right Is Fearmongering About Abortion Activists Attacking Churches

i no longer belive in our pledges , oaths and creeds since some ppl decided to make themselves

where is it written in stone that we have to say the pledge of alegience. sing the national anthem

I have some stupid questions, and some comments.

Abortion is on the ballot. Traitors are on the ballot.

Goddamn It and Goddamn Them

The Right (A Pro-Choice Anthem) by Evie Joy

success. goallllllll. socooooore. feat.

Shouldn't Amnesty International et al put the US on a violation watch list now?

Looking for a T-shirt post featuring a gun handle and...

Every man who causes an unwanted pregnancy...

We should call "it just sends it to the states" what it is -

Arizona "over 30 patients scheduled for abortions today and they all had to be turned away"

Just sent $500 toward expanding our hold on Congress

I think when tfg was talking about shithole countries he was PROJECTING his plan for us.

Right-wing leaning Supreme Court, setting the foundation for an autocratic take-over.

My newest hosta garden.

Dear Justice Alito . . . .

My Vagina, My Vote

Answer from babylonsister:......... "Vote out the right wing miscreants"

Even Pro Life Women should support Abortion rights ... A heart to heart from an older woman

Cancel recess and immediately take up a rape and incest bill

Julia Louise Dreyfuss matching donations to abortion funds. Info...

15-year-old in critical condition after hitting head while surfing on top of NYC train

Men Want To Know: What Can I Do To Prevent Abortions?

Thomas unenumerated rights heterosexual marriage in all 50 states, but gay marriage banned in some

Gloria Steinem: The Roe v. Wade Overturn Has Made Ratifying the ERA More Urgent Than Ever

Prediction: Obergefell falls in 2024. The case will come from Texas

Piglet in boots:

The "My Body, My Choice" vaccine refusers sure have been quiet in the past day.

Never posted here, but enjoy following ma.

Huh? Semen Intake Control

A bunch of Border Collies and a ballooon:

November, November & November Vote in November. Vote for Pro Choice Only.!!!!!!

Ah, tuna

If I can be forced to give birth, why can't they be forced to take a LIFE SAVING vaccine

Deliver a subpoena to Clarence Thomas

I used to love the 4th of July

Curiosity question about the truck driver running into a Pro-choice crowd yesterday.

Please remind folks who do not understand.

Re Abortion laws: Surprised to see Montana stand alone in a sea of red states w/out a trigger law?

Tiffany bringing up a good question on MSNBC. Why is Andrew Gillum being

Its so obvious that the Thomases are hell-bent

To hell with Lysistrata.

The GOAT goat--you can see him doing calculations:

Best signs from women's marches

Consider the Lysistrata women approach

Congress should subpoena Alito, Barrett and Kavanaugh

Waiting to have sex

Just a simple suggestion:

"Pity the nation whose people are sheep

Fellow DU women, a question.

Hearings? What hearings?

In a pub staying cool until the march starts.

Wings - Junior's Farm (live Abbey Road Studio 1974)

Third party morons blame President Obama, RBG, and "Democratic normies",

U.S. National Cycling Championship : women take knee to protest Roe decision

You WILL treat your brother with some repect - That Mother look

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (June 25, 2022)

Governor Baker signs executive order for people out of state seeking reproductive health care access

Went for my daily walk, stopped and talked to some women about yesterdays decision.

Eric Greitens' Embarrassing Fantasies of Political Violence

Biden signs bipartisan gun safety bill into law: 'God willing, it's going to save a lot of lives'

OUR REVOLUTION is using the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe to...beat up on Democrats (email)

I HATE this SC decision. The comfort i get though is

'Abortion Is Just the Beginning': Six Experts on the Decision Overturning Roe

COVID-19 Casualty: World's Biggest Cruise Ship Has No Buyer, 1st Voyage May Be To Scrapyard

We will need to either end the filibuster or get 60 Senators.

HIPAA won't protect you if prosecutors want your reproductive health records

Samuel L. Jackson goes in on Clarence Thomas with a Supreme Court decision reminder that hits close

Pro women's field at US Nationals kneels in protest of Roe v. Wade decision (cycling)

TCM Schedule for Sunday June 26, 2022 - Fathers on Film - Part 4

GOP governors in four blue states pledge to uphold right to seek abortion

Woman Uses Apple AirTag To Track And Kill Her Boyfriend: Report

TCM Schedule for Monday June 27, 2022 - Special Theme: LGBTQ Directors

Cannonball Adderley - Country Preacher

Fuck Bill Maher

Mrs Betty Bowers Explains Religious Freedom

Should women continue to enlist in the military?

Gov Pritzker's new campaign ad:

These US companies will cover travel costs for employees who need an abortion

Arianna's Supreme Summation

RETHUGS want guns. SC judges want guns. Maybe it's time to

It's time to say it: the US supreme court has become an illegitimate institution

Tear gas used as Roe V. Wade protest disrupts last hours of 2022 Arizona Legislature

Taking Pictures Interview with Serena Dzenis: Out of This World

Green says school kids should be taught to use a gun.

Putin Ally Announces First City Russia Will Strike if World War 3 Starts

Republican lawmakers say they won't pursue anti-abortion legislation, despite warnings from Inslee

We must turn out to vote in November like a colony of fire ants. It may be our last chance. n/t

I know it's a stupid thought, but I can't help but wonder

Ruling overturning Roe v. Wade sparks protests in western Washington

U.S. Army private admits plotting attack on military unit

Washington state providers preparing for out-of-state patients seeking abortion

Terrapin? Box? The state has 22 species!

Police Use Tear Gas On Abortion Rights Protesters Outside Arizona Capitol

My apologies for this morning

Laura Branigan - Gloria

Cats Judging The Supreme Court *tweets*

The strategy of "death by a thousand cuts" re Dobbs

Got a Freya update. Things are going GREAT at her new home. Pic included

Waning Crescent, 10% visible

Joe Biden Outlines How He Will Battle States Over Abortion in Post-Roe U.S.

Will Fusion Plants Have Worse Reliability Problems Than The Disastrous "Renewable" Energy Scheme?

Eric Holder tweet:

Sen. Cornyn wants Plessy reinstated?

People keep asking why evangelicals love a toad like Trump.

States that respect women's rights should immediately enact legislation to:

Kavanaugh believes their is a right to interstate travel for an abortion.

Now do you believe?

'It's a hell of a scary time': leading US feminists on the threat to Roe v Wade

'It's a hell of a scary time': leading US feminists on the threat to Roe v Wade

A heart filled fuck you

'It's a hell of a scary time': leading US feminists on the threat to Roe v Wade

MD has 22 species; which is this?

The Role of Men in Preventing Unwanted Pregnancies.

5 big truths about the Supreme Court's gutting of Roe

US Passport Fees

"A pregnant woman has no rights the country is bound to respect."

Loving v Virginia is in fact where Clarence Thomas is heading

great tiedrich tweet

Ivanka getting called out on twitter

Vermont dad uses excavator as state troopers attempt to arrest his son

another tiedrich tweet

Global 20th-Century Atrocities Highlight the Dangers of a Post-Roe America

Global 20th-Century Atrocities Highlight the Dangers of a Post-Roe America

Global 20th-Century Atrocities Highlight the Dangers of a Post-Roe America

Global 20th-Century Atrocities Highlight the Dangers of a Post-Roe America

John Cornyn tweets back at Barack Obama. Yes, he really wrote this:

The crudeness of the decisions is its own message (Dobbs & Bruen)

Rick rolled theme is 35 years old

A little good news....

Abortion on Our Own Terms: 'Supreme Court Justices Can't Put Abortion Pills Back in the Bottle'

Abortion on Our Own Terms: 'Supreme Court Justices Can't Put Abortion Pills Back in the Bottle'

Abortion on Our Own Terms: 'Supreme Court Justices Can't Put Abortion Pills Back in the Bottle'

Abortion on Our Own Terms: 'Supreme Court Justices Can't Put Abortion Pills Back in the Bottle'

Fishing feud at end of the world split US and UK over Russia

Cartoons 6/25/2022

Abortion Clinics' Post-Roe Future: 'We Will Be Forced to Close Our Doors Within 30 Days'

Abortion Clinics' Post-Roe Future: 'We Will Be Forced to Close Our Doors Within 30 Days'

Abortion Clinics' Post-Roe Future: 'We Will Be Forced to Close Our Doors Within 30 Days'

Abortion Clinics' Post-Roe Future: 'We Will Be Forced to Close Our Doors Within 30 Days'

Woman at Trump rally is asked his biggest accomplishment in office:

A few somewhat pithy comments, but there's something in them, I think.

These governors believe their states' abortion-rights stances can lure businesses

A brief timeline of Pacific Northwest boarding schools

North Dakota's only abortion clinic will be moving across the border.

Nasty, fast moving, very political, trumper wing of scotus

Clarence Thomas told his law clerks in the '90s that ...

They have spent $20-30,000 on gas to attend Trump rallies and are complaining about gas prices.

Roe v Wade/Right v wrong: US Supreme Court guilty on abortion

Summer starts on sweltering note with year's first heat wave

Roe v Wade/Right v wrong: US Supreme Court guilty on abortion

Roe v Wade/Right v wrong: US Supreme Court guilty on abortion

Roe v Wade/Right v wrong: US Supreme Court guilty on abortion

A Chilling Portrait Of T****'s Attempt To Steal The Election By Weaponizing The DOJ

59% to 29% - voters say that the economy will be more important than Roe in November.

Some firms expand health coverage after abortion ruling, others mum

His new name is: Asslito

Manufacturers struggle to keep pace with vinyl record demand

Resisting the Overturn of Roe: What U.S. Feminists Can Learn From El Salvador

Resisting the Overturn of Roe: What U.S. Feminists Can Learn From El Salvador

Central Park Les Dudek

Resisting the Overturn of Roe: What U.S. Feminists Can Learn From El Salvador

Resisting the Overturn of Roe: What U.S. Feminists Can Learn From El Salvador

Army Guard troops risk dismissal as vaccine deadline looms

How your phone documents your abortion experience (and what to do about it)

Scripps Research scientists identify sensor underlying mechanical itch

Guns and abortion: Contradictory decisions, or consistent?

A couple of things about the protests:

Heron using bread as fishing bait:

New Supreme Court portraits

Will Gustavo Petro live up to his promises to Colombia's women?

Golf looks pretty easy:

Talking point: Republicans want to take away your freedoms, especially a freedom of privacy

Requiem for the Supreme Court by Linda Greenhouse

The woman who brought down Roe vs. Wade wants to take abortion battle to California

Stunning picture: Kingfisher diving for dinner--

136 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

David Bowie - Five Years (Old Grey Whistle Test, 1972) [HD Upgrade]

Jonathan Alter: The Coup Plot Thickens -- Day Five

The Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade completes the GOP's three-step nanny-state plan

For those looking for regularly updated information on putler's invasion of Ukraine, check out

Prepare yourself for some Saturday afternoon 'SQUEEE!!'

2 Kdramas with interesting women lead characters

Montana Got it Right. A Right to Privacy that is. Important Lesson in Fight for Women's Rights.

'A revolutionary ruling - and not just for abortion': A Supreme Court scholar explains the impact of

Unpack the Court, end the filibuster.

Can we now say that America is ruled by a cult?

'It's the high-capacity magazines, stupid'

80+ US Prosecutors Vow Not to Be Part of Criminalizing Abortion Care

AG Josh Shapiro Confirms He is Pro-Choice.

Inslee outlines Washington state's next steps to defend abortion access, patients

Inslee outlines Washington state's next steps to defend abortion access, patients

To those criticizing people who are looking for a way out of this, now official, "shithole country".

Russia is 'weaponizing' food, Joly tells Commonwealth partners

The White House just came out against expanding the Supreme Court - BBC Live Blog

Spurred by Roe overturn, senators seek FTC probe of iOS and Android tracking

She's 5 weeks pregnant and thought she "beat" Texas' restrictive 6-week ban

Senator in 2010 deposition: 13-year-olds can consent to sex

Cats Become Obsessed With Their Mom's New Vitamix Packaging Box

MN's governor just issued an EO prohibiting state agencies from cooperating

The Market For Contraception Products Is Huge....

Roe v Wade: senators say Trump supreme court nominees misled them

She was fed up with anti-abortion protesters, so she broadcasted them on TikTok

Altercation: Will the Oligarchs Who Own the U.S. Media Save Democracy? Don't Bet on It.

Russia will soon exhaust its combat capabilities, Western assessments predict

So my radiant heat barrier arrived & was (mostly) installed yesterday!

천상의꽃 Heavenly Flower

Sources of Greenhouse emissions in the US

Suddenly 'Q' of the QAnon conspiracy theory has returned after a years-long hiatus

Tiny Dumpster Puppy Learns How To Be A Dog

Any help?

Purple Mountain Majesty

Daily Distraction 25/06/2022

Once more with feeling, dammit.

Daily Distraction 25/06/2022 Posted in Photography

HBO is running a 'Game of Thrones' marathon. Not sure I should be letting Arthur watch it

Maybe Hollywood Should Stop all Film Production in States that make Abortions Illegal

Russia will soon exhaust its combat capabilities, Western assessments predict

Shithole Country, indeed.

"Old White Democrats" are NOT the problem in this case

What's for Dinner, Sat., June 25, 2022

"Just say the election was corrupt...."---

The Dissenters Say You're Not Hysterical

Clarence Thomas has a cunning plan.

Very cool mantis:

Astounding vocal sounds from whales in Puget Sound from our friend David Neiwert

Time to modernize the Supreme Court - end lifetime appts and implemet ethics requirements

Dartmouth College eliminates undergraduate student loans and replaces them with scholarship grants

Bad Company - Can't Get Enough (studio version + live in Florida, 2008)

Things Got Wild At Different Protests Last Night

Dick's Sporting goods

The reunion of two sisters, Chana and Sai Thong.

Why call it "clean energy" given the statement of the problem?

Tiny octopus being born (hatched):

Just back from the Ft Worth Women's March.

Constitutional sheriffs' want to be able to seize Dominion voting machines for 'investigation'

This piglet was facing euthanasia. Then he met the man of his dreams.

Gladys Knight & The Pips - Mr. Welfare Man

My Wordl #370 sure reflects something (spoiler)

The Republicans Who Wanted Pardons for Their Trump Coup Actions

Prominent Atlanta lawyer will rep anyone prosecuted for abortions for free

I. Don't. Care. If. You're. Christian.

Lunachicks - Fallopian Rhapsody

Tweet of the Afternoon:

Jupiter Formed by Eating Tiny Planets

Walz signs order to help shield abortion patients, providers

Disney says it will cover employee travel costs for abortions

Dead Men Don't Rape 7 Year Bitch

102 in sonora ca @ 1356 hours

My proposed choices for all GQP men

Love Olivia Rodrigo

A US tourist in Malta was refused a life saving abortion. It is the 'hellscape' coming post Roe

Quick legal question... can Roberts be replaced as Chief Justice with another SC judge?

Ani DiFranco - Hello Birmingham

Glastonbury 2022 - The Jesus and Mary Chain - Just Like Honey (Feat. Phoebe Bridgers)

Canada Will Allow Americans To Cross The Border For Abortions: Trudeau

So, Squalito

The battle of the Jeffs

Nina Simone - Mississippi Goddam

Glastonbury 2022 - beabadoobee - Talk

Question about Senator Cornyn, his recent tweet about Brown v. Board of Education and electability..

Glastonbury 2022 - Joy Crookes - Feet Don't Fail Me Now

US right-wing influencers stoke fears of left-wing mass violence after SCt ruling on abortion

The supreme court is no longer fit for the 21st century and should be disbanded.

Arturo O'Farrill & The Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra - Clump/Unclump (aka "Trump F**k Trump")

Glastonbury 2022 - Phoebe Bridgers - I Know The End (Feat. Arlo Parks)

Since we're airing out SCOTUS regrets...

When it happens . . .

Zatarain's mix is really good

Fellow Michiganders: if you have not yet signed a petition, you can find info/events at this link:

Virginia's first 3D-printed home unveiled in Richmond's southside

Glastonbury 2022 - Confidence Man - Holiday

Lehto's Law: Doctor Gets Vehicular Homicide Charge After Victim Crossed Center Line and Hit Him

I Will Never Forget ...

Climate damage caused by growing space tourism needs urgent mitigation

Having the most gayest birthday ever

Glastonbury 2022 - TLC - No Scrubs

Representative Mary Miller of Illinois (TrumParty): " Hitler was right on one thing "

America... land of the free, home of the brave

What's incredible is that so many people went along with a plan to overturn the U.S. Constitution

Glastonbury 2022 - Blossoms - Spice Up Your Life

twitter addresses of top White House staffers, to share your ideas

Can Supreme Court Judges Be Impeached For

The World We Now Live In

Tweet of the Evening:

Olivia Rodrigo has some things to say (and look at the SIZE of that audience!):

MN DFL Chair invites everyone who wants to go "camping" in his state. He will drive them.

COVERAGE of Protests of Supreme Court Decision Overturning Roe with Meidas Panel

Hmmmm ... could we see an upswing in vasectomies soon ?

Deniece Williams - Free

Roe was never about religious beliefs. It was about divisiveness

My 9000th post!

If you're a second grader at Uvalde being decapitated by a monster and his gun.

Horror on Oslo Pride day as gunman goes on deadly rampage at gay bar

A post elsewhere discussed discussed gun laws "loved" by the Founders

Pictures are up! Women's march Ft Worth

I have to admit, I'm very discouraged and feel like giving up.

To understand the framing of the right wing

U.S. Supreme Court protects police from 'Miranda' lawsuits

Teddy Pendergrass - Cold, Cold World

KKK being KKKrazy: Now do Plessy vs Ferguson/Brown vs Board of Education.

Kim Weston - Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing

Scientists Warn Of Spontaneous Death During Increasing "Wet-Bulb" Conditions

Welp! It's that time again!

Tweet of the Evening #2:

Krugman history class in 6 tweets.

Here's a short-term Roe v. Wade overturn solution. Democrats must stop being spineless in the fight!

Minnie Riperton - Rainy Day In Centerville

Did Kavanaugh have a flippant comment regarding the Roe decision?

Automatic Man - Automatic Man

Today's Google Doodle is about Anne Frank.

The Huna Death Prayer and How It Can Be Used to Heal

The Huna Death Prayer and How It Can Be Used to Heal

So what's the status of the SCotUS leak investigation?

TFG-backed GOP candidate for Texas House charged with impersonating a public servant

Canada Will Allow Americans To Cross The Border For Abortions: Trudeau

Lisa Stansfield - Sincerity

Cornyn says "Now do Plessy vs Ferguson/Brown vs Board of Education"

Hey everybody, good news. I got gas for $1.57 today...

Animus/revenge in SCotUS decisions should be disqualifying. Clarence THOMAS declared 43 yrs revenge.

Useless to wait for DOJ to subpoena Ginni Thomas regarding fake elector plot?

Harry Chapin - What Made America Famous

The Episcopal church's stance on the overturning of Roe

Blast from the Past: The Protest We Need is "Human Carpet"

Crowded House - Don't Dream It's Over (Glastonbury 2022)

Off-duty cop punched a woman twice in the face at a pro-choice protest in Rhode Island.

"When the penalty for aborting after rape is more severe than the penalty for rape, "

Why Republicans are obsessed with pedophilia, gender identity, gay people, and abortion

Tweet of the Day

Justin Trudeau: US abortion ruling could mean loss of other rights

The TFG cult members and low IQ idiots are gathering for TFG rally

Time Zones are Crazy

Why American Jews Love Stella D'Oro Cookies

Over 50 companies have now come out in support of pro choice,

Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko demands clarification after deep fakes

Seeking Freedom and taking chances

Dueling narratives of Arizona protests ended with tear gas

No matter what you say, cats were not engineered to be bathed

How climate change makes hurricanes worse

Utah Republican Says She Trusts Utah Women To Control Their 'Intake Of Semen'

Writer who got leaked Roe opinion: 'You could see more'

Biden doesn't support expanding the Supreme Court, White House says

Who is the one who is going to tell Mitch that the natural progression is that him and Chao

"there's a WHOLE lot of men whose lives, careers, and families have benefited from an abortion" AOC

Google tells employees they can 'relocate without justification' after Supreme Court ruling

Florida emerges as key battleground in state-by-state abortion fight

Florida emerges as key battleground in state-by-state abortion fight

George Carlin - America the Beautiful

Pro-life is not just opposing abortion, Vatican says after U.S. ruling

Post Removed

What would Repubs do if the tables were turned?

Tim Ryan: You want Madison Cawthorn in your bedroom?

Even Mitch McConnell's Daughters Probably Hate Him (article from Jezebel)

Tucker Carlson says corporations are helping their employees get an out-of-state abortion because th