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Donating to help women get abortions is a First Amendment right - protected by Supreme Court precede

Democrats Post-Roe Message To Voters Is Bad, Opinion

Can Trump Secret Service agent be forced to testify? Clinton's was

Obviously Garland is gonna charge him after today,

Fortenberry gets probation! Former Nebraska Congressman.

Cassidy Hutchinson Provided 'Damning' Testimony: Rep. Luria - Deadline - MSNBC

Washington Is One Of America's Most Independent States: Study

Level 3 evacuation issued in parts of Grant County due to wildfire

Wouldn't the beast have security cameras

Gableman sued after comments about deleting public records linked to the 2020 GOP election review

Fmr. 1/6 Committee Advisor: 'I Don't Think The American Public Has Seen Anything Yet' - Deadline MSNBC

Underhand serve by Andy Murray

" . . . . and we're gunna go to the KYAPITTLE . . . . "

"Hearsay" Lesson for Gym Jordan & the GOP House Judiciary Committee

Nothing is more dangerous than being a Black voter who comes in contact with this Supreme Court.

Will any of the hearings affect the 70% of Republicans that believe Trump's big lie?

Tweet of the Night:

Lauren Boebert Just Came Out as ANTI U.S. CONSTITUTION!!!

Tweet of the Night #2:

Tweet of the Night #3:

John Dean's testimony in 1973 before the Senate Ervin Committee

interesting bio of prosecutor chosen by Garland for coup investigtion

There was another pro-choice march down Woodward Avenue in Detroit this evening.....

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, June 29: Movie Spoofs

I hope Hutchinson and her family have a secret place to live for a while.

"Voting is just like driving...

The Foods That Keep You Hydrated

The Hollies - If I Needed Someone (Beatle cover)

singin this one today after tossing and turning all night-

Creaky Blinder -- 10 Bad Questions for Atheists Answered (yet another batch)

So the Gropenfuhrer says she was a minor WH player...

Cassidy Hutchinson did NOT testify the Secret Service told her that Trump...

Angry, violent, reckless: testimony paints shocking portrait of Trump

Billy Idol - Eyes Without a Face - Live, with Steve Stevens.

Monster - Steppinwolf ... in honor of the poor little boy in a limo who did not go the Capital.

Star Trek Voyager's worst episode animated and condensed...

Getting very uneasy about West Virginia v. EPA

TCM tomorrow, not great timing, but

Insult chart - For the less creative

Is Kathy Salvi, the 2022 Republican candidate for IL US Senate the wife of Al Salvi,

Today's Primaries

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

IL-6: Congressman SEAN CASTEN blowing out Congresswoman Marie Newman


'Devastating': Bob Woodward calls Jan. 6 testimony Trump's 'political obituary' - CNN

IL-1: Jonathan Jackson leading

Code Name Mogul?

What do you do when over a third of your countrymen and women think an unhinged President is

Sunset, southern MD

'Unhinged' Trump Exposed! Shock Testimony On Agents Grabbed, Warning For 'Every Crime Imaginable'

Man fires handgun at teens who said they mistakenly pulled in his Va. driveway (arrested and charged

J6 hearing reveals Trump knew mob was armed, wanted to lead them to the Capitol to stop Biden's win

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's denials from the committee....

IL-17: Litesa Wallace leads in Toss-up District

A perspective

After nailing Meadows, Ms Hutchinson to Vice-Chairman Cheney:

***Transcripts of January 6th Committee Hearings (all 8)***

Biden Isn't to Blame for Inflation - Blinder, WSJ op ed

NY-GOV: Andrew Giuliani leading early in Republican Primary

What Cassidy Hutchinson said about what happened in the vehicle:

Senor (Bob Dylan cover)

NY-GOV: Gov Kathy Hochul leading comfortably in Democratic Primary

I know one Republican who DEFINITELY believes Hutchinson's testimony

Boebert's winning handily, I'm afraid

Now We Know The Truth

Gov. Whitmer to Detroit pastors: Misogyny, racism and threats to democracy rising in Michigan

All Fall Down. John Hartford.

Loosely Tight - Walls Between

Cassidy Hutchinson

Fugelsang right now saying today was a victory for the GOP

Kathy Hochul is Democratic nominee for New York governor

No constitutional knowledge needed.

I wonder what Tucker is saying now...

A cautionary tale from history ...

"I don't f-ng care that they have weapons. They're not here to hurt me. Take the f-ng mags away."

CNN: "It is worse than we ever imagined"

Daughter of Anti-Abortion Politician Calls Out Her Dad for Not Speaking With His Living Kids

Luna Sea - rousing the ghost

Trump has responded to the testimony he behaved childishly in the Oval Office dining room:

With about 13% of the vote in Andrew Giuliani trails Lee Zeldin 30.6% to 34.8%

Silvio. Bob Dylan/Robert Hunter

Just heard on ABC that the SS agents and the person who Cassidy said told her about the Beast

I Bet This Engel Guy Already Perjured Himself

Tight race in IL-7

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a solid to slight margin.

Sounds like a couple layers of 'hearsay' here today,

Pete Souza: President Obama's place setting for lunch in the dining room adjacent to the Oval Office

Donald Trump offers a responsible opposing viewpoint.....

Indictment? Trump Linked To Armed Violence By Star WH Witness - The Beat - MSNBC

Telltale has brought out a new video on his original channel in his classic style!

Venus in Furs. Velvet Underground.

I find it weird that there is so much focus on whether he lunged at the SS agent

Rory Gallagher - There's A Light

Special Election early results US House NE Dist 1 LOST by only 4,400 votes

Unusual developments in NE-01 Special Election (replacing Jeff Fortenberry)

Gawd, I hate that man more than ever.

Lee Van Cleef. Primus.

Hannity moving the goalposts: "Zero guns were discharged by those who breached the Capitol"

Donald Tr**p - Worlds biggest loser ....

Conservative legal group wants SCOTUS to rule that Establishment Clause doesn't apply to states

The J6 Committee Already Deposed Engel


Nevada governor issues order to protect abortion patients from out-of-state prosecution

Pam Anderson wins Colorado secretary of state's primary, handily beating indicted Mesa County Clerk

MSNBC: Bobby Engle was driver of vehicle Pence refused to get into

"Ginni" Thomas backs out of testifying.

He wasn't in The Beast, he was in a Suburban.

Tuesday Afternoon-The Moody Blues

Is there a current list of tRump crimes that he has committed?

Midterms 3's: GOP - Inflation, Gas, Immigration. Dems - Roe, Guns, 1/6.

By the way: Ghislaine Maxwell is still alive...

anti-choice states kicking around ideas to stop out of state abortions

Flynn Pleads Fifth When Asked About Peaceful Transfer Of Power - MSNBC

They're back! NPRs Tim Mak's Dogs of War:

Beau talks about the Supreme Court and dealbreakers for the Democratic Party

Looks like Mary Miller, who thanked TFG for 'victory for white life' will win IL-15 GOP

Magic Garden near me

This "OMG! A 'source' close to Secret Service says" gobbledygook is the equivalent of

Wednesday Digit: 8/10 - A step down from Tuesday's late-June perfection.

Eastman has dropped his lawsuit to block the Jan. 6 committee from getting Verizon phone records.

Did you know today is Mel Brooks' birthday?

Just curious- Utah

Election Denier Tina Peters LOST the R SOS primary

Robert Plant - Big Log

Fox host abandons Trump ON AIR after devastating January 6 hearing

Betting markets on the Senate, but not House, have moved in our favor - link

Let's start with the fact it was not in The Beast. It was in one of the SUVs.

"Ask not what your country can do for you"

Question for a defender of You Know Who...

Adam Schiff Just Said - "At This Time We See No Sign That DOJ Is Investigating The Former President"

supertramp - don't leave me now

Mark Meadows 2 phone calls.

Thank Goodness..

Another Tim Mak Dog of War.

If you can't agree you believe in the peaceful transfer of power

Given today's testimony this becomes required reading.

This is the story of the Knight and the Dragon

Walter Trout - "Ride"

The Bottom Line

The Entire GOP Is Complicit in the Coup Attempt

Rep. Michael Guest, Sheriff Mike Ezell win Mississippi runoffs.

Rekeased 39 years ago today. Bananarama - Cruel Summer

George Duke - Love

Metro Transit Police will soon start wearing body cameras.


Missouri lawmaker Tricia Derges (R) found guilty of wire fraud, illegal prescriptions, lying to feds

Former federal prosecutor explains Trump's legal risks after Jan. 6 hearings - CBS News

Andrew Giuliani beaten by Zeldin 😂

'The Letter' The Box Tops ... 1967

The Fortunes have a message for the Trumpers unwilling to testify

To Those Who Bash Liz Cheney,

The Daily Show: Trump's January 6th Fury Revealed by Cassidy Hutchinson & Giuliani Gets "Slapped"

Mary Trump up next on Larry O'D, MSNBC.

Dead Flowers - NRPS

An Ornato anecdote / reminder

Video compilation of missile strike in Kremenchuk

Florida synagogue sues over state abortion restrictions (audio interview)

Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Rep. Raskin: Jan. 6 Committee Will Strongly Oppose Witness Tampering, Obstructions Of Justice - ReidOut

Ginni Thomas' lawyer wants more info on why January 6 committee has asked to speak with her

BREAKING: The Sun will rise in the east tomorrow!!!

Bad news tonight, but a glimmer of hope.

Soldier Boy Guest Appearance on Solid Gold

Eleventh Hour on MSNBC?

the perfect people to love if you... claim you love Jesus, but actually dislike people who breathe.

Looks like Bobobert has won her primary

*8 states' elections discussed next, on MSNBC,


U.S. House Rep. Lauren Boebert wins Republican primary in District 3

E-mail from Patty Pansing Brooks:

Marjorie Crazy Greene wants to hold her own J6 Hearing... No, stop laughing, she really does

Castle Point VA to stay open

Special Election 2022: Flood projected winner for 1st Congressional District seat

Eric Adams Suggests Giuliani Could Be Prosecuted For 'Assault' Claim: 'Falsely Reporting a Crime.."

The General

If only ...

Anyone Else Hammered?

Indicted Election Denier Tina Peters Loses Her Own Election--and Denies She Lost

Trumps legacy, the image that should define him in the future

Head of Hercules statue found near Greece

Abbott scrambles to exploit deaths of migrants found in Texas

300,000 NATO Troops On High Alert In Response To Russian Threat - NBC News

Sting - Epilogue (Nothing 'Bout Me)

Tori Amos - Girl

Joy Reid: John Eastman Effectively Laid Groundwork For 'Fake Electors' Scheme In 2020 - The ReidOut

Anyone see AOC on Colbert? She was inspiring about what Dems will do if we gain seats.

Is there any legitimate reason for Pence not to testify?

Paxton is looking at prosecuting TX companies that provide $ for employees to travel for abortions.

Trump White House attorney disputes Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony about handwritten note, per ABC

Trump Embraced Armed Rally Attendees; Sought To Join Them In March: Jan. 6 Hearing Witness - MSNBC

Ukrainian Pres. Zelenskyy Interviewed By Richard Engel For Aspen Ideas Festival - NBC News

Mississippi GOP Rep. Steven Palazzo ousted in primary runoff

Secretary Pete Buttigieg Addresses Chaos In Travel Industry - NBC News

Congratulations DUers. You saw some history today

Historian: This was a president who led a coup d'Ětat, an insurrection against the people of the US

Why Mary Trump Isn't Shocked By Damning January 6th Testimony - The Last Word - MSNBC

It's been a long day... So with this, I bid you all a good night

Full House star describes being pushed to the ground during a pro choice protest.

Scorched Earth: The Catastrophic Environmental Costs Of Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine

13 Facts You Didn't Know About Jewish Comedian Gilda Radner

Rep. Schiff: Difficult For DOJ To Avoid Investigating Trump - The Last Word - MSNBC

Indicted Colorado clerk refuses to concede after losing SecState bid: 'It's not over'

Legal expert uses OSU wrestling scandal to explain 'hearsay' to non-lawyer Jim Jordan

Former Pence Aide: Cassidy Hutchinson's Testimony Shows Her 'Courage' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Sixth Hearing Adds New Dimension To Mark Meadows' Role In January 6th Insurrection - MSNBC

Garbage - I Think I'm Paranoid (Official Video)

Rare 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' star survives death by supernova, returns stronger and brighter

Trump Sought To Wield Violence By Loyalists, January 6 Hearing Testimony Shows - MSNBC

There were a large number of Secret Service agents who were TFG supporters

After the hearing, the analysis with David Muir and Terry Moran

Could TFG face murder charges for Jan 6th?

Jan. 6 Committee's Highlighting Of Witness Intimidation Adds To Pressure On Garland - MSNBC

Trump Claims Ketchup Would Never Have Hit Wall if Giuliani Had Not Ducked

The New York Times Dropped Massive, Multi-Part Investigation They Conducted Against Fox News' Tucker

A new Patron (via link)

Photo of the last meeting Pence had in the Oval Office on January 6th

Land Turd Mop (anagram for) Donald Trump

WORDLE June 28th - 1st time try in five! I'm always late to these types of trends.. SPOILER !!

Kind of can't believe this. Doctors cannot treat ectopic pregnancies now

Another link to Patron (I think). These should be good!

This Week In Texas: Restoring Reproductive Rights - Beto For Texas

Garbage - Stupid Girl

Secret Service Episodes On Jan. 6 Show Complicated Mix Of Duty And Political Allegiance - MSNBC

Here's one more reason to believe that Trump really did assault that SS agent

1.7-Billion-Year-Old Chunk of North America Found Sticking to Australia.

The Entire GOP Is Complicit in the Coup Attempt

Democrats use unique strategy to influence GOP primaries - ABC News

Seth Meyers - Corrupt Republicans Shredded the Supreme Court's Legitimacy with Roe Ruling: A Closer Look

As you all know I followed a lot of 1/6 stories on DU

Donald Trump Supporters Call on Gay Marriage to Be Overturned Next

"There is Future if There is Truth": Colombia's Truth Commission Launches Final Report

HHS announces plan in response to Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade - ABC News

Ecuador protests: President withdraws from talks to end strike - Al Jazeera

You ever take a breath, look at the big picture, and realize how fucked up all of this is?

uproar at Stanford med school. letter implying abortions would continue only because they had to

Tweet of the Week

Jennifer Higdon's 'Viola Concerto', Roberto Diaz on viola

Attorney General Ken Paxton says he will defend Texas sodomy law if Supreme Court revisits Lawrence

Clip of Debbie Reynolds discussing her harrowing abortion ordeal on Joan River's show

Jennifer Higdon's 'Oboe Concerto'

'Diamond' Bridge opens in Georgia's spectacular Dashbashi canyon - Al Jazeera

Man gored by bison at Yellowstone National Park in second attack this year

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/28/22

the abortion scramble: Buying vans to park near borders, light aircraft pilots to transport patients

How holographic patients are being used to train doctors - BBC News

Stephen Colbert: Guest Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Trump and any other would-be dictator only do what the people around them allow them to do.

Get ready for his outlandish claims,

Why is Kaliningrad crucial to the war in Ukraine? - BBC News

Ginni Thomas' attorney wants "better justification" before Jan. 6 committee interview

Cassidy Hutchinson puts her former boss and assorted Trump-supporting cowards to shame

Breakfast Wednesday 29, June 2022

Secret Service Agents Deny Claim of Violent Trump Freakout in Limo on Jan. 6: WaPo

George Takei for the win!

I feel

Rudy Giuliani's son rejected by New York Republicans: report

Economic fallout continues for Russia after defaulting on foreign debts - CBS News


Colorado GOP rejects candidates who back Trump election lie

Turkey agrees to support Finland and Sweden NATO membership; Russians target school in Kharkiv - CNBC

For 4 years the Whitehouse was an insane asylum. We are lucky Trump didn't kill all of us.

If what we have learned

'I would not at all bet on Russia': EU Commission President talks Ukraine war - C. Amanpour - CNN

James Fallows...

Wednesday TOONs - Jesus! Take The Wheel?

Aye, the "ketchup" is the rub. Makes the story very believable to me.

Just to rattle TFG's cage ...

Just a reminder; Prosecutors can give immunity to people who have committed minor crimes.

Army Drops Requirement for High School Diploma Amid Recruiting Crisis

No one should believe any of Trump attorneys. All of them lie. nt

How did Senate Sargeant at Arms Michael C. Stenger die?

The Pipe Bombs Were Part of the Plan

Will the G7 be able to bankrupt Russia? - DW News

The urgency to get Hutchinson's testimony made public.

Fascist Fox viewers see little or none of the explosive January 6th testimony

Aldous Huxley's letter to George Orwell following the release of 1984:

105F In Rome; New June Record Highs In Norway, Italy; 15-35F Over Normal In Much Of E. Europe

U.S. ambassador to NATO discusses Europe's biggest security crisis in decades - PBS NewsHour

NBC is pushing the opinion that it's a mistake for Sweden and Finland to join NATO.

Won't Someone Think Of The Ponzi Children?!? Crypto Electricity Consumption Collapses By +/- 50%

Japan Drops Funding For Coal Plants In Indonesia & Bangladesh, Effectively Killing Both

Illinois nazi Mary Miller won her primary

Far-Right VA Lt. Gov. Says "the mother is not having a lizard"; the fetus' blood is "not her blood"

$30B from Russian oligarchs frozen under REPO seizure effort

The Weekly Pull: Batman/Catwoman, Iron Man/Hellcat, Public Domain, and More

Soliciting Multiversity: Image's Top 10 for September 2022

The Webcomics Weekly #192: Going Down to Elephant Town (6/28/2022 Edition)

Faux and F'ers lead story at top of show is the border "crisis".

132 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

132 Days until the Election,

"But Why Didn't You Vote Against Them, Mom?"

Some teachers alarmed by Florida civics training approach on religion, slavery

Who do you think was on the phone with Meadows during the 1/6 Insurrection?

What's wrong with the GOBers in Colorado?

Husband takes the wife to a disco.

You raised $180.00 on June 28, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken IA US Senate

They want to threaten the doctors

You raised $15.00 on June 28, 2022 Democratic Underground for Patty Pansing-Brooks

'Cassie Hutchinson is under oath on Capitol Hill. Trump is on Truth Social making his statements.'

Weed, guns or abortion pills? - Facebook is lying.

US economy contracted more than initially reported in Q1 as consumption dropped

Shared as per the request of the signatories, a coalition of grassroots pro-abortion organizers

Everyone's claims deserve scrutiny. But the price of entry is testimony under oath.

Hard Truth about Democracy to live.

Meadows knows everything and Cassidy Hutchinson was there...

Bryan Cranston on Religion

St Stephen's Food bank Phoenix/Clothing bank Sctsdle

Did you see the questions Flynn took the 5th to yesterday?

It's Probably Me

Military people, what is the correct terminology...

I'd like to see Flynn try to take the fifth with ucmj court martial

Univ. of Pittsburgh ordered to stop fetal tissue research - could lose funding

New All-Time High Temp Record For June In Finland: 30.6C (87F) At 70 Degrees N. Latitude

Let's remember who Anthony Ornato is..

More on Ornato and his interaction with Pence

And this is why Jrock is so damn satisfying

China Sends 3 H-6 Bombers With Supersonic Missiles To Fly Near Japan's Coast

"The committee welcomes anyone who wishes to provide additional information under oath."

Hutchison testified as to what she was TOLD happened with the Limo driver and Secret Service

This is What a Post-Roe Abortion Looks Like

Good Boomer Humor (found on Reddit)

It would be interesting to hear what the 'valet' has to say...

"Mother-killers." Call them what they are.

TFG raged all day on his "Truth" site -- a barrage of insults from a former POTUS

Takei cracks me up

Why are the US taxpayers on the hook to pay a pension for a guy who DOESN'T believe in Democracy

"Women are going to hospitals with a life-threatening nonviable ectopic pregnancy but ..."

Why did Trump throw the plates at the wall?

NATO formally invites Finland and Sweden to join the alliance.

Headlines are going to piss The Pisser off today.

Trump White House Lawyer Pat Cipollone Needs to Testify to the Jan. 6 Panel, Liz Cheney Says

Some, including me, are comparing the Trumpians and Trump to the mob. Then I remembered

One of the best cartoons re Trump resurfaces after Hutchinson's testimony to Jan 6 Committee

We probably should've known that presidency would end with ketchup dripping down a wall

And now for something completely different.

🚨 OK v. Castro Huerta: Kavanaugh writes for 5-4 Court that

Cassidy Hutchinson received at least one of the 'witness tampering' messages revealed by Jan. 6 comm

If you're making negative comments or disputing something someone under oath testified to

Washington Examiner: "Trump is a disgrace" & Republicans have far better options in 2024."

I cooked with squid for the first time last week. In retrospect, I should have anticipated ...

Did he reach for the steering wheel, or grab it?

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a solid to slight margin.

Proof that Faux News viewers don't actually want news, but an echo chamber....

Ann Coulter

🚨 Torres v. Texas Dept of Public Safety. Court holds that states agreed to give up their sovereign

And so it begins

just found out that randy shilts is from my hometown.

The Wisconsin Legislature's deluge of lawmaker retirements in 2022

Do you know what scares me? No! Well, I'll tell you.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Elmo and a phrase I never thought I say....

Supreme Court says states can be sued for discriminating against veterans

Pic Of The Moment: Memorable Presidential Quotes

Pittie Begs For Makeup And Gives Herself Mud Masks

Hip replacement? Cortisone shots?

Cassidy Hutchinson revealed the Party of Trump as a shambling corpse bereft of moral impulse

Woman thinks this dog was a human in past life

SCOTUSblog: LIVE Announcement of opinions for Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Silence is telling

What in the world is AOC doing

Letter from the IRS - Regarding Tax Filings for Deceased Parents

John Eastman drops challenge to House subpoena for his call log data

1/6 Wild Protest Flyer

Latinx High Schoolers Train To Be Border Patrol Agents

Question. I don't have kids.

"There were no guns whatsoever." -- Trump to Fox News on 7/11/21

7 killed, 46 injured in 10 weekend mass shootings nationwide

Freddie Mercury and Lance Bass, has broken up after several years together.

Is it possible that the threatening letters that Cheney showed at the end

Supreme Court Narrows Ruling for Tribes in Oklahoma

Officials who disputed Cassidy Hutchinson bombshell testimony were Trump's "yes men": report

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- June 29, 2022

Kansas City area health system stops providing Plan B in Missouri because of abortion ban

Video of suburban leaving looks like a lot of movement inside

The Iroquois Women

Gorsucks' mom

if you need a laugh -

Would the J6 committee solicit public, shocking, testimony without confirmation? I say no.

This gentleman right here is Alton Toussaint Lemon, for whom the famed "Lemon Test" was named.

Hutchinson Says Trump Was Warned of Potential Violence, Didn't Care: "They're Not Here to Hurt Me"

Here's what I don't understand;

Are we now ready to enter the "Cover-Up" phase?

THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS for Clarence & Ginni, who are going through "a particularly stressful time."

Austonia: Men are stepping up, saying Roe v. Wade ruling was 'the final push' to get a vasectomy

Googling "Can the Supreme Court be sued? Or can individual Supreme Court Justices be sued?

The ketchup incident and the attempt to steer the car are telling but

Garland can give Cipollone immunity in order to compel him to testify in front of a grand jury.

PELOS! - Receives Communion From Pope

Death toll in Missouri Amtrak derailment climbs to 4 as probe begins

Middle Age Riot tweets:

Make no mistake, there is a hurricane approaching, it's named Justice.

Why do you suppose Trump wanted to go to the Capitol on 1/6?

Did Trump truly want to lead the mob into the Capitol?

TX AG Paxton wants to prosecute companies that pay for travel for employees who need abortions:

Psychopath in Chief


NTSB official addresses train crossing safety measures after deadly Missouri Amtrak crash

Did I understand this correctly?

Father kills himself after finding 18-month-old son dead in hot car

Jan. 6 Bombshell: Trump Physically Attacked Secret Service Agent, Demanded to Join Mob at Capitol

Seriously, what would be the penalty for

Morning Joe offers profane advice to longtime 'buddy' Mark Meadows

Hutchinson was dissappointed because Trump had done so much good for the country

Gov. Inslee issues emergency order after semitruck damages I-405 overpass

COVID vaccine developed at UW Medicine wins approval to be used in South Korea

At the risk of sinking to their level. Someone should point out that Governor Abbott

Found on FB

We don't have to convince any of "them"

Major retailers limit emergency contraceptive sales after Supreme Court decision

The steering wheel story is similar to the Russian pee tape in the Trump-Russia scandal.

Hawaii senator who had to flee from Jan. 6 rioters: Bombshell testimony 'gives me chills'

AOC on Colbert 6/28/22

Top NY Doctor: New COVID Wave Is Starting, With the 'Worst Version' of Omicron

"The Capitol was dressed like a slut and was asking for it"

Yesterday, South Bend, IN: Seven Proud Boys disrupted Rainbow Story Hour event at Tutt library.

Illinois governor race, GOP primary. Damn it.

Today we saw a patient in Dayton who has cancer. Her doctors told her she would have to terminate

Russia warns West: Don't take your assets in our country for granted

I took the time to list the possible charges and their penalties, under federal law.

January 6 committee investigator John Wood is launching an independent Senate campaign in Missouri i

Does anyone else feel like the Congressional Investigation bled

Insurrectionist video talking about all the guns in the crowd.

POWERFUL, Remember

Here are 3 major cases the Supreme Court is about to decide on

Hey Gym Jordan and other MAGAS

A friend's Nephew worked with Coach Joe Kennedy in the Navy shipyard in Bremerton...

Tweet from Stephen Colbert

Does this Nebraska special election result mean anything?

Did we get to the bottom of the Mar-A-Lago Strangler story yet?

Rudy contradicts himself:

There's an issue we need to seriously consider here

If Flynn is convicted: Some people here have brought this up.

My sons swear they never knew Cassidy Hutchinson.

Surprise! Abortion clinic scams are blossoming.

Orlando Teachers Banned From Wearing Rainbow Items, Having Photos Of Same-Sex Spouses On Desks

The similarities of these rat faced fascists:

Christo-Fascism is here. Yes. It really is. I warned a buddy back around 2004-2005.

Breyer retiring Thursday per CNN

"Trump 'more than likely to be charged' after testimony?"

UPDATED: Breyer makes it official: He's leaving the Supreme Court on Thursday at noon

Secret Service to 'push back' against Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony: report (free flights to states that offer abortion)

Stephen King.....

Cass mentioned what I call the republican motto

Stick library: I love this idea!

dear gawd. Parts of twitterverse are freaking about Justice Breyer's announced retirement tomorrow

The Nikon Z 400mm f4.5 is announced.

A "child" was the one who said it. The adults all stood silent. "The emperor has no clothes!"

Flu Vaccination Linked to 40% Reduced Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

"We are the Christian Taliban and we will not stop until The Handmaid's Tale is a reality..."

Tiny puppy tentatively touches human's hand:


Cartoons 6/29/2022

Another Conversation Ornato Says Never Happened

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (June 29, 2022)

In 'emergency acquisition,' 226 acres of Whidbey Island's farmland, forest saved

The Steepwater Band - Dust My Broom (live at Callahan's, Auburn Hills MI, 2017)

Seal pup cuddling human's feet:

LTE: Abortion foes need to step up and provide help to infants

What Do They Know?.....

The Steepwater Band - Dust My Broom (live at Callahan's, Auburn Hills MI, 2017)

Since we're having more kids, how do we care for them?

Elephant toddler can now pick up and hold her own bottle:

19th-century standards used to limit women's rights

Cassidy Hutchinson just gave us a smoking gun. But will Republicans care?

No One Can Make You Laugh More Than Your Pets

High Court backs Texas state trooper disabled by military service

Drug killings leave agony, savage facet to Duterte's legacy

Cats kicking door to summon humans:

Margaret Keane, 'big eyes' artist, dies aged 94

Ukrainian survivor: Only a 'monster' would attack a mall

Hillary Clinton: 'Trump asked for an armed coup. And he got it.'

Don't touch my baby!


We are going to win the midterm/don't listen to some making the media rounds. Poll Included

When Abortion Pills Were Banned in Brazil, Women Turned to Drug Traffickers

The two tenors:

Ukraine announces largest prisoner exchange yet, including Mariupol fighters.

Ari Melber with Watergate Prosecutor Nick Akerman. Smoking gun, enough evidence.

AOC calls out Mark Meadows for allegedly seeking pardon: 'He knew that he was breaking the law'

Where Rudy admits he asked for a pardon

Ben & Jerry's cancels plan to stop sales in Israel

Trump Allies Tried to Intimidate Cassidy Hutchinson Before Testimony

A Missouri vote on abortion? Conservatives are terrified of what the voters would say

Prescient quote of the day...

Antler soccer: goal!

French Squirrel Goes Apartment Hunting For Her Babies

US Senate Elections that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a wide to tilt margin.

Electric vehicle curbside charging is coming to Seattle neighborhoods

BREAKING: Justice Breyer retires on Thursday

Boebert's Dem challenger -- Please follow him on twitter.

Howard Stern for president?

Giuliani associate Parnas sentenced to 20 months in prison

I was really impressed with the presentation of the J6 committee and was wondering if it was

The growing discomfort in the GOP caucus has a very simple explanation:

The White House has unveiled it's official portrait for donald j. trump.


After 31 Years in Prison, a Man Is Freed Over 'Mistaken Identification'

Ohio begins early-voting July 6th;please post voting dates for your state; the election is here.

Who was that R member of Congress that was shown in one of the clips yesterday?

With 19 seconds left on the clock, a drunk chess-master steps in for a friend in a losing game...

Excellent compilation of Ginni's associations/projects/etc.

Trolls (Don't know if this belongs in the lounge.)


Quinnipiac: Warnock opens up 10 point lead over Walker; Kemp and Abrams locked in deat heat

The Bear on Hulu. Fast-paced, dealing with Cuisine and Grief. Great actors.

How animals attack:

Sgt at arms in charge of securing Capitol Jan 6 died suddenly on Monday.

Search warrant: Ohio National Guard soldier charged with threats sold 'ghost guns'

Greg Sargent: If Ornato responds to Hutchinson under oath, he can be asked about her other claims

Man High on Meth Reportedly Nabbed in Texas Migrant Tragedy

Do we have any active Folding@Home users here?

Quote of the Day

I have one question.

BREAKING: Alex Holder has been contacted by the Fulton County Grand Jury

New Trump defense: He's too stupid to form intent

Jane Fonda suggests we 'redefine vaginas as AK47s' for more rights after Roe v. Wade is overturned

Duty To Warn FTW

Ornato and Engel are both Trump loyalists, watch this

Robert Gibbs: I saw Barack Obama get angry and he never lifted a fork.

Laurence Tribe has a word to the wise

How does it feel, GORSUCH, this rolling-back rights thingy? He wrote the "praying coach" - now:

Hotel California

Ben Shapiro claims it would be difficult to prosecute Trump because he's not capable of intent

12-Year-Old Incest Victims Should Birth Dad's Child, Says Speaker Gunn (Mississippi)

The Wisconsin GOP is so corrupt they stink on ice.

Putin told Macron he'd rather 'play ice hockey' than schedule Biden peace talks to avoid Ukraine war

Patriot Front Propaganda Stunt Ends in Failure, Arrests

George Takei on Ginni Thomas's backing out of testifying:

How a pathbreaking gay legislator earned his nickname

(Jewish Group) How a pathbreaking gay legislator earned his nickname

All the people who say trump is guilty have testified under oath,

(Jewish Group) Meet LGBTQ couples whose queer-positive weddings measure up to Jewish legal standards

Meet the LGBTQ couples whose queer-positive weddings measure up to Jewish legal standards

Aaaaaaand the Supreme Court is at it again, this time Indian territory

(Jewish Group) How a Holocaust survivor helped win the fight for abortion rights

If there were a 21st century book about Alice & the GOP, it would be Alice in Wonderhell

You're Gonna Love this...

(Jewish Group) Was 'Blazing Saddles' better than 'Young Frankenstein?'

Bless her heart! Ginni Thomas is just to stressed to testify. Is it true that Liz Cheney objected

It was once the stuff of dystopian fiction. In a post-Roe America, it's reality

Reproductive Gore , images of post birth issues, failed abortions & women suffering

(Jewish Group) Rep. Nadler's campaign urges support for NYC's 'last remaining Jewish Congressmember'

(Jewish Group) Nick Fuentes, white nationalist with GOP ties, says 'Jews stood in the way' of R v W

Republicans MUST savage Ms Hutchinson. If they allow a 25 year old WOMAN dare to tell the

Murdoch turns on Trump:

On this day, June 29, 1911, Bernard Herrmann was born.

Texas AG says he's totally down to use Roe decision to ruin gay people's lives

A brave young woman threw water on the witch yesterday.

Parents Unload on Texas School District That Banned Hoodies, Dresses, and Denim

Polish court abolishes 4 "LGBT-free zones" citing European Union treaty

Are we supposed to believe the Republicans didn't know?

Clarence Thomas wants to let anti-LGBTQ church sue because they were called a "hate group"

Paris attacks: Surviving suspect Salah Abdeslam found guilty

Ginni Thomas' lawyer wants to know what Jan. 6 probe wants from his client

Conservatives tossed out Roe v. Wade. Now some are pressuring the GOP to

Good news for MI: the signature campaign to put choice on the ballot has met the min. threshold!

If you have not yet discovered the novels by TJ Klune,

R. Kelly sentenced to 30 years in sex trafficking case

Teachers alarmed by state's infusing religion, downplaying race in civics training (FL)

R. Kelly sentenced to 30 years in sex trafficking case

Judge threatened for decisions re: truck convoy in ottawa

Amazing. The madman could still regain the presidency

Fox hosts accuse Sesame Street of "programming" children because Elmo got vaccinated

Video: Trump called from the podium to "move them up please." After he'd been told they were armed.

Marjorie Taylor Greene says people who threaten trans people & drag queens need guns

Dark Winds

Debbie Reynolds talked about her experiences without abortion rights.

Isn't prayer in schools grooming?

Tennessee Stud

question on covid & toddler vaccines

Pride Month in Arab states brings warnings and rainbow hunts

Pride Month in Arab states brings warnings and rainbow hunts

1000 civilians were in the mall in Ukraine. They still don't know how many casualties.

Just a duck hanging out....

I hear this is classic Ginni

Anyone have good advice on buying iPhone/plan?

Which US Senate Race does the Democrats have a better chance of winning in 2022?

NYC, State of NY announce lawsuits against ghost gun retailers

Lev Parnas sentenced to prison.

Frozen grapes

Costco Cashier: "Did you find everything you were looking for?"

NY US Congressional Districts of 2022.

Tweet of the Day

Singer Little Eva was #BornOnThisDay,June 29, 1943.

Maryland, Virginia clamp down on Chesapeake crab harvests.

Maryland, Virginia clamp down on Chesapeake crab harvests.

Actress Dorothy Short was #BornOnThisDay, June 29, 1915.

methotrexate can cause abortions, too bad if you need it for arthritis

Pre-dawn, southern MD

Justice Jackson's first day is gonna be like

On this day, June 29, 1920, Ray Harryhausen was born.

Recent poll in the 2022 GA US Senate and Gubernatorial Election.

Thank you, Staff Sergeant Gonell, Aquilino

HEAR YE! July Photo Contest has a theme so prepare your lens!

This tweet sums up the abortion debate as well as anything I've seen.

What's for Dinner, Wed., June 29, 2022

"He Wanted To Help" - The Lincoln Project

Planned Parenthood's website discovered to be leaking private information.

Howard Stern Doing A "Doctor Doom" Project?

Monkeypox may present with unusual symptoms, CDC warns

Chicago's lesbian mayor shouted "F**k Clarence Thomas" at Pride rally & the crowd loved it

Chicago's lesbian mayor shouted "F**k Clarence Thomas" at Pride rally & the crowd loved it

Chicago's lesbian mayor shouted "F**k Clarence Thomas" at Pride rally & the crowd loved it

Afternoon chat between Kham Puan, Thaikoon, and Tilly


FBI opens sweeping probe of clergy sex abuse in New Orleans

A Boy Scout escaped Amtrak wreckage and comforted a dying truck driver

How Elizabeth Cotten's music fueled the folk revival

He is a clear and present danger...

Americans turned rage into donations..Abortion funds figuring out how to spend record donations

Rabbi fighting Florida's anti-abortion law challenging 'theocratic tyranny'

Emmett Till: family seeks arrest after discovery of unserved 1955 warrant

Hershel Williams, last Medal of Honor recipient from WWII, dies at 98

Doug Ford pulling a Trump:

The Democratic nominees for the 2022 OK US Senate Elections are Horn.

When 90% of Icelandic women went on strike

Warnock Jumps to Big Lead Over Walker

Cassidy Hutchinson's lawyers release new statement.

Meathead claims he doesn't know Ms. Hutchinson, but yet he says she is a liar?

A ? for my coupled friends

for info, Sheetz California, MD

Ketanji Brown Jackson to Be Sworn in Thursday as Newest Supreme Court Justice

Weather Station In Arctic Norway Sets New June Record, Nearly 10F Above Prior Record High

Bennie Thompson and Liz Cheney make a good tag team

Kentucky: New Legislation Could Mean Changes for Public Libraries

*Rep. Liz Cheney LIVE on C-SPAN Networks tonight,

Here's a novel idea re: Protection for SCOTUS

There's a scene in the Shawshank Redemption...

NEW: Biden announces intent to nominate two new judicial nominees, including

Mike Luckovich-Crunch, crunch

Tweet of the Evening:

Cassidy Hutchinson's "hearsay" - The "excited utterance" exception

If Trump or a Trumpster says something, I now count it as a witness to the opposite.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 30 June 2022

Process to repair Tidal Basin, West Potomac Park seawalls underway

Seen on a GREAT tee shirt:

Some district attorneys in red states have vowed not to prosecute abortion cases

graphic photo of trump "grabbing" the secret service agent

They're Here To Kill Democracy, Not Me!!

Video footage of Trump temper tantrum

How do you respond to the republicans are crap but

Hillary Clinton: "Women are going to die, Gayle. Women will die."

In the midst of all our issues across our planet,

The Slobfather will be the damp squib come July 4

Poilievre is such a hypocrite. He backed the truck convoy. Canadians didn't.

Stop Protecting Ginni Thomas - Don Winslow Films

U.S. District Court Orders Arbah Hotel Corporation to Pay Fines and NLRB Attorney Fees, Holding....

Important Point: At NO point have We Heard Trump Asking, "Is This Against The Law?"

Biden backs anti-abortion Republican for Kentucky judgeship in apparent McConnell deal

People want to know what dish 45 threw against the wall that splashed ketchup ...

R. Kelly sentenced to 30 years on racketeering, sex trafficking charges

A "mystery rocket" crashed into the moon and NASA is baffled as to origin

Supreme Court pulls disgusting move - Brian Tyler Cohen

California Rule Transforms How Renewables Connect To The Grid

Think you're having a bad day?

Booby-trap damages fire and sheriff's vehicles near illegal marijuana grow in Baldy Mesa

Rudy's drinking again.

Large-scale fish kill reported in Fox River, lower Green Bay.

"Tony Ornato lied about me too."

What can actually be done about SCOTUS before they destroy our country?

The Jan. 6 committee has issued a subpoena to Pat Cipollone

Arizona PBS removes Republic moderator from debate after objection from Kari Lake campaign

Legal expert points to single most important and incriminating revelation about Trump in Hutchinson

January 6 committee subpoenas Trump White House counsel Pat Cipollone for testimony

Bonus Tweet of the Day

New York governor: State to limit where guns can be carried

Fed More Concerned About Inflation Than Recession

We are having earthquakes here in central South Carolina

Here comes the sun

McConnell Says Blocking Obama Supreme Court Pick Led to Overturning Roe

How many people has Trump interacted with as President who he ended up calling a liar? I mean,

Aide Thrusts Trump Chief of Staff Meadows Back Into Spotlight

Our friend @rosieperezbklyn joins us for the latest edition of #ThrowbackBackstories!

Leningrad Lindsey: Jan. 6 hearings 'will not age well'

Putin: Russia will respond if NATO sets up infrastructure in Finland, Sweden

Pat Cipollone: C'mon Down!!

Pat Cipollone subpoenaed by Jan. 6 Committee:

For Many Women, Roe Was About More Than Abortion. It Was About Freedom.

Georgia Tech hotel hosting conference by election deniers

"I plead the 5th, I plead the 5th, I plead the 5th", is that where we're headed?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about what we can learn from Boebert and MTG....

Auf Deutch and in English: Germany Is Becoming An Electricity "High Price Island."

Who will be the Sammy the Bull to Teflon Don?

I Need Good News - Whatcha Got????? What do you do to lift your spirits.

Jane Ira Bloom - The Man With Glasses

'I Think It's a Lowball Charge': Two Alabama White Women Charged for Thretening to 'Shoot a N--- In W

At this point, the Trump cabal has thrown more people overboard than...

Antiabortion lawmakers want to block patients from crossing state lines

Mexican journalist shot, marks 12th reporter murdered this year

Conn Ave corridor bike lanes, less parking, proposed.

Herbal Abortions Are Going Viral on TikTok. They Could Kill You

Hillary's Insightful Wisdom on Roe v. Wade

Luiz Henrique - Mas Que Nada

Bebel Gilberto - Ceu Distante

BioNTech, Pfizer to start testing universal vaccine for coronaviruses

Early Voting in Ohio begins next week!!! Also posted in GD

Winning that big doll at the carnival

SNAP tweet of the day - Swalwell to blathering idiot Abbott on Fox Noise

Trump in the Limo on January 6th