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Next on the conveyor belt is an awesome talent

DOJ Indicts Navarro & Bannon but not Meadows & Scavino. Here are three possible explanations why.

Tweet of the Night:

Okay, I don't know any one modern. Who is singing at the Queen's party on ABC?

Talk Talk - It's My Life

NEW OUTRAGE: George Washington has turned his back on "In God We Trust" on the new quarters.

Stage 3 of Saturday jams. Southern Style, Funky Rock & Roll

Mass shooting One dead eight injured Arizona strip mall

YES - Owner of a Lonely Heart

Anyone watching the Jubilee concert from London on ABC?

Depressing tweet:

Watch One Driver's Outrageous Solution To Car Being Blocked On Narrow Road

Your favorite fantasy movies!

Grieving Uvalde family member told to stop living in the past...

Anusha Viswanathan: A love letter to Roe and my first pregnancy

Tweet of the Night #2:

Poor Police Radio Reception Caused Confusion in Texas School Shooting Response, Says Official

Email to Giuliani reveals plan to keep Trump in office on Jan. 6, court records show

McConnell, 2 governors said to be in Wisconsin gunman's hit list

Texas GOP donors urge Congress to act on gun control measures like flag laws, expanded background...

Four B-1B Bone Bombers Have Arrived At Andersen AFB In Guam

Car tyres produce vastly more particle pollution than exhausts, tests show

Every part of this headline is pure chaos...

The Daily Show: The Queen's Extravagant Platinum Jubilee & The GOP's New Election-Stealing Scheme

Message to maga election disruptors...

The PAIR is/was on the nest!

First world problems...

Sunset, southern MD

The freaking Bee gees........watching a PBS fund raiser with The Bee Gees......♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

She was jailed for losing a pregnancy. Her nightmare could become more common

The Outfield - Your Love

we don't need to repeal the second amendment...

Empty clinics, no calls: The fallout of Oklahoma's abortion ban

Our county supervisor of elections response to rightwing threats

Conservatives appalled by the 'crazy' were too silent for too long. Now, it's too late

Slain Judge Sentenced Alleged 'Hit-List' Killer to Prison

This California desert could hold the key to powering all of America's electric cars

Spicy Cat Is NOT Happy About Being Rescued Dodo Kids

Opinion: I'm an ob-gyn. We're not ready for what will happen if Roe is overturned.

Vocal coach reacts to three guys doing "Chandelier"

Death threats to county commission candidates

First baseball game in years

Opinion: Herschel Walker Doesn't Know Anything

I lied. One more Snowflake post.

Tesla layoffs catch the attention of U.S. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh

Nanostructured fibers can impersonate human muscles

Seriously, could Russia be behind

Biden Evacuated From Beach Home After Plane Enters Restricted Airspace

Colombia: Five arrested in Pecci's murder probe

BREAKING: Ron DeSantis THREATENS the Special Olympics over Vaccine Mandate

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about OPEC and gas prices....

'I hope I hit one of them kids': Woman fires shots into home with children inside, records show

RCA's 1981 video disk system used a needle riding in a groove.

Stacey Abrams vows to create statewide insulin safety net, lower prices if elected

Colombia court orders penalties for president, cites national park

Argentina: Alberto and Cristina make joint appearance again

There is a material witness to Pence's experience, and I don't think we've heard yet.

Democratic Rep David Cicilline Tells Matt Gaetz 'Spare Me the Bullshit' During Gun Control Debate

Kiel, Wi, Bomb Threats & RW Media & Lawyers

Rudy Giuliani says "hold my beer". He's apparently hired as his PR agent Roger Stone's girlfriend, w

President Fernandez sacks Matas Kulfas over 'off-the-record' briefing against vice-president

Michael Cohen Reacts to arrest of 'Foolish' Peter Navarro and Jan 6 Hearings - MeidasTouch

Americas human rights body urges El Salvador to respect rights of detainees

It's been 76 years since a Democratic President appointed a Chief Justice - let that sink in

She was jailed for losing a pregnancy. Her nightmare could become more common

Several dead as tropical storm batters Cuba

Good question!

Most workers who died of COVID in 2020 had something essential in common, study finds

Kitty: Please, just hear me out.

Avila Beach sea lions

Strauss - 'Pansy Polka'

Michigan authorities investigating Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf's election probe

Asia - Heat of Moment

Some major TX GOP donors now urging Congress to enact gun control

John Sweeney returns to Kyiv!

The Daily Show: What The Hell Happened This Week? - Week of 5/30/2022

Four Boulder County municipalities prepared to pass several gun ordinances next week

Looking for a sweet, feel good movie? "Good Life".

Jefferson Starship - Count On Me

What If Physics IS NOT Describing Reality?

RuDeGIRL - Clampdown by the Clash

How a County GOP Chair Coordinated a Voting Machine Breach

Food for thought

To the ones who are familiar with the British royals: what kind of uniform did Princess Anne


Gin Blossoms - Found Out About You

Julia Child

Best pasta salad ever.

An amazing sunset

Foundational work on Jan 6 prosecution

Liquid Pennies - Secrets Dash

Herschel Walker PAC Caught committing possible Felony Crimes - MeidasTouch

Vagabon - Water Me Down

Def Leppard - Hysteria

Preparing for the January 6th Select Committee Hearings: Frequently Asked Questions (CREW)

Nicolette Larson - Lotta Love

I'm sure the Committee is debating about what is the best way to present their investigation?

Covid taste changes

Which Democratic held US Senate seat up for re-election in 2022 is likely to flip?

Tweet of the Late Night:

Here is the 1984 SECRET MEMO regarding executive privilege & prosecution.

McCormick Concedes to The Wizard of Oz. Pay No Attention To The Crook Behind The Curtain.

What If The United States Had A National High Speed Rail Network?

The Uncut Japanese Original (Gojira)

Tweet of the Late Night #2:

The Republican Plot To Overturn The Next Election - The Cross Connection - MSNBC

Sunday Digit: 10/10 - Plenty of sun and low humidity produce a comfortable feel,

The biggest group against democracy is those who don't vote

Stevie Nicks - Edge of Seventeen

chilling tweet from bette midler: "it happened while they were being taught we were the greatest ...

Sundae 🍨 'Schumann's Symphony No 2 in C', 3. Adagio espressivo

How extremist Christian theology is driving the right-wing assault on democracy

Love Train - Silk Sonic, from the Billboard Music Award 2022.

Def Leppard - Photograph

Sunday Funnies 6/5/22 Plus Doonesbury

More Sundae🍨from McGill - McHale Trio

More original writing...I need the practice

More original writing...I need the practice

More original writing...I need the practice

In the movie 'Joker', the lead character goes on a talk show.

Another one - mass shooting in Philly

Stockholm+50 closes with call for urgent environmental, economic transformation

Rohna - Nowhere Else To Go

What about the librarians 📚

Philadelphia Police say that at least 13 shot, two died in mass shooting tonight.

Glenn Kirschner - The DOJ is Working Up the Food Chain - Trump is the Head of the Snake.

Help! I signed a petition saying I did not want Canada importing culture

TCM 2:00 AM The Last Waltz (1978)

It's Sunday. And Putin destroyed 113 Ukrainian churches.

Has The Philly Shooter been caught?

Tweet of the Day

Will Navarro flip on tfg?

Philadelphia Police report seeing multiple shooters

another tweet from bette midler on the death of the middle class

3 from Gino Vannelli

Newsmax? Bad shit wherever it started...

Philly shooting, Three shooters, none in custody

Twitter video catches sounds of gunfire

As food and energy costs rise, so do number and wealth of billionaires

Well, if Elon puts it like that...

There's a vastly overlooked factor that's stoking record inflation: Rich people

Explosions rock Ukraine's capital Kyiv, battle rages on in east

A Quaker Activist Group Forced the City of Orange to Reveal Police Department's Inventory

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Wizard Of Awwz Edition

N.J. Supreme Court upholds defendants' rights in case testing statutes of limitations in DNA crimes

Russia 'throwing all its power' at Severodonetsk: Ukraine governor - Al Jazeera

'Give me all your money': 12-year-old accused of robbing gas station with gun from father's safe.

Bangladesh container depot fire kills dozens - Al Jazeera

How to Make BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches

Kyiv reports first attack in weeks as Ukraine launches counterattacks in Sievierodonetsk - DW News

Kyiv to counterattack in Kherson after strengthening positions around the city - FRANCE 24

Are we a menaced society? Yes. Are we are a violent society? No.

'You continue to make history': Prince Charles pays tribute to Queen - Guardian News

Prince William calls for urgent action to save the planet at platinum jubilee concert- Guardian News

Breakfast Sunday 5, June 2022

Wordle 351 (***SPOILER THREAD***)

This headline from the @LATimes isn't just blatantly false and misleading; it's also the result of

There's a push in Congress for a new national retirement plan to fill big savings gap

The evangelical church faces a 'state of emergency' over the pandemic and politics, Andy Stanley say

Bill Mahar on Friday

Hope Hicks to be questioned under oath

Bangladesh fire: Over 40 killed, hundreds injured in depot blast

Parahawking. Amazing video.

These two things have devastated our culture and we have descended into madness.

El Zulia (Colombia) mine blast: Nine miners dead and six still trapped

We are now aware that Putin is gravely ill....Who is calling the War now?


Minor earthquake a while ago in Jamaica

The SCOTUS Charade Of Investigating Law Clerks But Not Ginni Thomas

14 People Shot, 3 Dead, in Mass Shooting on South Street (Philadelphia)

Its always nice to have friends...

John Fetterman: Get Your 'Oz for NJ Bumper' Sticker Here!

But why was Dan Scavino not indicted?

Female hummingbird visits, grooms and fluffs her feathers

You raised $10.00 on June 4, 2022 for Admiral (ret) Franken US Senate IA

Better keep your distance, if you know what's good for you:

You raised $10.00 on June 4, 2022 Rev Sen Warnock GA

You raised $25.00 on June 4, 2022 Finkenauer for US Sen IA

Just a quick question, observation, is there

156 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines


They aren't liable for death. Daniel Defense kills. But teachers? Ohh boy.. liable for EVERYTHING

A House Democrat plans to introduce a bill that would hit AR-15's with a 1,000% tax -- and

Across the Desk - S5:E20 (Special Guest Okla. State Rep. Collin Walke)

Massive Attack

The real - and far scarier - reason Republicans think Biden is illegitimate This article is more tha

$5 Billion in infrastructure spending will bring generational change in Iowa, Rep. Axne (D-IA) says

Twitter thread: This perfectly captures what we can call the Right's "Higher Truth" politics:

Where is the tyranny requiring ownership of an AK-15?

Lake Mead is 1/3rd full.

To 🐝 or not to be...

Fake unemployment claims - surprising info at a meeting last week

When you're too scared to join the Army. And too dumb to be a cop...

Doonesbury - Hey... Where You Going?

New Weekly CO2 Concentration Record Set at the Mauna Loa Observatory, 421.63 ppm.

Thanks Jared.

Republicans aren't just "coming down on the side of" the killers

Kitten gets caught on baby cam sneaking into her sister's crib for a snuggle ❤️

A Republican's Prayer

Chaos Grips OC's Green Power Agency, CEO Under Fire, Files Whistleblower Complaint

fox news host admits to federal crime

1990 - 2020: 1 Billion Acres Of (Mostly Tropical) Forest Lost; Credit/Offsets "Riddled" W. Problems

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about an analogy to help people understand the climate....

Wisdom from the Internets

Excellent Hausfather Piece On "Brutal Math Of Climate Change", Tree-Planting "Solutions"

The last individual to have appeared for the St. Louis Browns played until 1967.

$5 Billion in infrastructure spending will bring generational change in Iowa, Rep. Axne (D-IA) says

GQP Climate Posturing - "A Microwaved Set Of Talking Points", "A Grab Bag Of Buzzwords"

An old man says to his grandson: 'There's a fight going on inside me."

Interesting - Countries real sizes

Peter Navarro: What a long, strange trip it has been.

So while some of you are celebrating a Jubilee

EXCLUSIVE U.S. to let Eni, Repsol ship Venezuela oil to Europe

Remote work may not be working any more

Covid in CT.

New York charges ahead with new gun measures, as Supreme Court threatens to gut an old one

Something occurred to me this morning...

I'm having surgery in the morning

So is American gun violence bad enough to repel foreign tourists?

Global Inflation Rates (Remember, it's not just us!)

2nd Amendment in context: "Any yahoo with a firearm is not a constitutionally authorized militia."

Did Kelly Loeffler's former comms director just admit to committing a federal election crime?

GOP machine using YouTube 'reaction' videos targeted to black audiences.

Gunfight at the OK Corral Grocery store.

CBS Interview-Liz Cheney: Jan. 6 "conspiracy" was "extremely broad ... well-organized"

Republicans Are Blaming the Uvalde School Shooting on Porn. Porn Stars Think They're Nuts

"Men's #1 goal is to protect your family .. and Kyle Rittenhouse is a man who does that."

Dog Teaches His Little Human How To Be A Puppy

Unwanted dog spent 3 years in shelter. Then she found the best mom

Wan Mai playing with a tire.

Chihuahua adopts a pig. And treats him like a horse.

Rescued baby kangaroos in their pouches:

Why I would never allow [my daughter] to play middle or high school sports if we lived in Ohio

Why are we letting "A well regulated militia" murder school kids?

Did anybody watch public TV last night for Les Miserables?

The Republicans know exactly what they are doing. Like Trump, they only care about themselves.

Jeff Tiedrich tweet about Navarro arrest:

Can televised hearings bring the truth about January 6 to the US public?

Middle Age Riot tweet:

racial-interracial data from America

When is $16/hr NOT $16/hr?? Window ad for workers wanted

Hesitant beagle warms up to new puppy:

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (June 5, 2022)


Liz Cheney interview - preview of the Jan 6 insurrection.

Pointer pup on the job:

14 shot, 3 dead after shooting near downtown Chattanooga bar

Ukraine counterattack blunts Russian momentum in Donbas; Russian missiles pound Kyiv

GOP Rep. Tom Rice says impeaching Trump was 'the conservative vote'

Republicans' talking points after Uvalde included: "Run the clock out." "Scare the gun nuts"...

Everybody's gotta have a job, sir.


Students display 'anti-tolerance' flags after Ponaganset High's Pride Month celebration

What Fiction are you reading this week, June 5, 2022?

In Latest News... Two almost exact headlines, " 3 DEAD...Chattanooga bar,... 3 Dead Philadelphia

Scalise pins blame on Democrats for gun violence

33 Years ago today in China

Nigeria Owo church attack: Gunmen kill Catholic worshippers in Ondo

Kissenger is American, so if peace is that important to him he should...

Corgi fireworks over Buckingham Palace:

D-Day Normandy

Video of Kyle Rittenhouse Hitting a Girl

Long, brilliant Ukraine thread by a professional soldier: Gen. Mark Hertling.

Elon Musk saying he will vote republican makes little sense for Tesla/

Trump's Ukraine impeachment shadows war, risks GOP response

Groovin' on a Sunday afternoon:

'Fauci Should Be Jailed'

So how do goppers propose to evaluate the mental health of gun owners/buyers?

Interesting comments by Christie about DOJ not indicting Meadows

What does our future look like

Please describe du jury duty?

Schiff says Jan. 6 panel has more revelations for Americans: 'There's a great deal they haven't seen

Can one get a phone number of a dwelling regardless of who lives there?

How to peel potatoes:

Russian State TV acknowledges Russian-speakers are actually fighting for Ukraine

With new weapons, Ukraine goes on the offensive

The Ultimate Sign of American Collapse by Umair Haque

Seattle landmarks, sports teams wear orange in support of Gun Violence Awareness

Matt Krause made a list of 850 books that might violate HB 3979 by making students uncomfortable.

16,850 Washingtonians Will Receive $158M In Federal Loan Discharges

Liz Cheney on Jan. 6 insurrection and the "ongoing threat"

OK. I'm going back to Physical Therapy. And I confess: I have been bad.

Rep. Liz Cheney calls Jan. 6 Capitol attack a 'conspiracy' and says threat is 'ongoing'

Schiff calls DOJ decision not to charge 2 Trump aides "deeply troubling"

Gen. Mark Hertling: Anyone suggesting Ukraine give up any inch of their sovereign territory is

Sitting on my porch by myself

Liz Cheney reveals 'chilling' and 'well-organized' conspiracy behind Jan. 6

Palm Beach Post opinion piece about US gun use...

Editorial page San Antonio Express News: A powerful man does nothing.

Working man blues attention: every Republican President since IKE.

Cartoons 6/5/2022

Paine Field development plan envisions an expanded terminal

Why is the Epstein client list still hidden?

Seattle-area home prices surged 17% over the past year

Coyote Bites 3 People in Springfield, Virginia: Police

In battered Uvalde, where a police chief is in hiding, grief gives way to calls for accountability

N Korea fires eight missiles as S Korea, US wrap up naval drills

'Scare some gun nuts while you can': Leaked GOP memos instruct lawmakers how to blow off Uvalde

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 6 June 2022

North Korea test-fires salvo of short-range missiles

Johnny Hiland sat in with the guys of Funk Wrench Blues

Joe Biden's Middle East Trip Postponed as Iran Leader Stokes Tensions

Another mass shooting

Post your recommendations for keeping grocery costs under control.

Economy shows resilience despite mounting recession fears

The Supreme Court Is Pursuing a Very Dangerous Strategy for the Environment

On this day, June 5, 1947, Tom Evans of Badfinger was born.

Researcher finds that people who are easily disgusted are more likely to be anti-gay

On this day, June 5, 1946, the La Salle Hotel fire in Chicago killed 61 people.

On this day, June 5, 1981, the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report reported an unusual disorder.

Sen. Chuck Grassley's Iowa Town Hall Heats Up over Inaction on Gun Violence: 'The Answer Is Not to

Nixon, the CIA and the 'Who Shot John? Angle'

Peter Navarro Bust Likely Warning To Trump Cronies DOJ's Not 'Fooling,' Ex-Prosecutor Says

What will be the Trump and Republican response to the hearings?

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis reaches disgraceful new low in bullying Special Olympics

Russian general killed in eastern Ukraine, Russian state media reporter says

Military Could Expand Abortion Services Under New Bill Floated by Democrats

Just diagnosed with erosive esophagitis

On this day, June 5, 1956, Elvis introduced his new single, "Hound Dog", on The Milton Berle Show.

Guest opinion: Living in Sam Alito's Theocracy

Texas GOP Donors Urge New Gun Restrictions J


First DeSantis censors school books, now he demands new lesson plan

On this day, June 5, 1976, the Teton Dam failed.

GOP senators say expanding Medicaid in NC is OK. How about adding: 'Sorry for the delay'?

Toomey says he hopes half of Senate Republicans will vote for potential gun deal

Maybe moving back to Greensboro

Ready For Prime Time: Jan. 6 Panel To Reportedly Air Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner Videotapes

A Cancer Trial's Unexpected Result: Remission in Every Patient

On this day, June 5, 1950, Ronnie Dyson was born.

Amid abortion battle, DeSantis vetoes birth-control funding -- again

Sen. Lindsey Graham wants to militarize schools. Well, jeez. Why not the whole country?

Wales seal place at 2022 World Cup as playoff final win ends Ukraine hopes

This fall will tell us how much young people care about women's rights, mass shootings, and climate

This California desert could hold the key to powering all of America's electric cars

The Christians Who Make Little Martyrs Out of Uvalde Victims

What Trump was doing in that 187 minutes?

Howard Stern - "AWFUL, Donald Trump Running for President Began as a PR Stunt."

Congrat's on your EV's and emission standards... we're still screwed.

Tweet of the Afternoon:

Boebert's Trump Story FLOPS At Rally

ETTD - Everything Trump Touches Dies

Republican Congressman Quits Race After Backlash Over His Gun Stance

(Ras)Putin Remix - Boris Johnson ft. Biden, Trump, and Farage

My Mother's dead. I don't know what to do. I'll never be able to hug

"Antifa extremists" were behind the sandwich scam.

Texas Paul REACTS to Republicans Canceling Pizza Hut for Celebrating Pride Month

Did automakers test to find out what airbags do to a person preforming oral on a driver?

A Chilling Assassination in Wisconsin (The Atlantic)


Sawed Off Shotgun

Brother Dedge - "Too Old to Die Young Now"

Do we really want gun control

Can someone find where, in the law, authority explains OLC's secret memos?

Parkland activist and teachers lead gun protest outside Marco Rubio office

THE TRAGEDY-PROOF SCHOOL - Mark Fiore - Political Cartoons - Satire

A veto and DeSantis' naked betrayal of Tampa Bay

Tropical Storm Alex

Republicans Elevate Diverse Recruits in Bid to Win House Majority

A veto and DeSantis' naked betrayal of Tampa Bay

I need a good movie to watch.

The Satanist Neo-Nazi Plot to Murder U.S. Soldiers

Question: would you support a gun control candidate who was anti-choice?

Dahlia Lithwick: Why Politics is Both the Poison and the Cure

How a New York County Used the State's 'Red Flag' Law to Seize 160 Guns.

Choose wisely

Cops in Uvalde call up bikers to harrass reporters........WTF??

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about what it means to be a conservative....

Worldwide study: fewer guns mean fewer gun deaths


Michigan Supreme Court Maintains Disqualification of GOP Frontrunner - Let's Talk Elections

I am Groot - Disney+ - Streams 8/10/2022

OTD, 1968: Senator Robert Francis Kennedy shot in Los Angeles

(Jewish Group) Jewish groups urge action in response to rising extremism, antisemitism in NY

Most career HRS by a player who homered on their first AB in the Majors.

Winners in the 2022 US Senate Elections.

The Energy Required to Supply California's Water with Zero Discharge Supercritical Desalination.

Tiny Wobbly Kitten In Tiny Toy Wheelchair

Violin concerto, Bruch

People at the Queens Jubilee waved at a hologram...

Anyone need a quiet keyboard? My marriage depended on finding one.

What's for Dinner, Sun., June 5, 2022

Exploiting inflation

Fart and brimstone

Capitol Riot Apologists Go Unpunished as Memories of Horror Fade

'I'm not going to help you:' Man drowned in Tempe Town Lake as police watched, transcripts reveal

Another Russian general bites the dust. Not since the Second World War...

The Afghan Whigs - Algiers Live

4 in 10 Republicans think mass shootings are 'unfortunately something we have to accept'

Will Florida re-elect DeSantis?..primary in August, running in November's election.

Dr. Bandy X Lee on delusions:

Bay Area woman paid to write county history book reportedly plagiarized from Wikipedia, SF news outl

NATO holds Baltic Sea naval exercises with Finland, Sweden

Riggleman Says He's No Longer a Republican

Toten Hosen - Altes Fieber (Old Fever) - official video & live in Poland, 2017

Anyone here ever see a stag film?

Riggleman Says He's No Longer a Republican

Tennessee mass shooting

Gov Greg Abbott, May 26. "It could have been worse"

Cassidy Hutchinson might turn out to be the next John Dean

Expanded background checks . . . . . .

Editorial: Sen. Rick Scott, get to work on gun reform

Editorial: Sen. Rick Scott, get to work on gun reform

Now 3 Mass Shootings in "Latest News" Phoenix, Chattanooga bar, & Philadelphia

Incidents like this push the Gascon recall in Los Angeles

Adding music to my mp3 player, THIS needs to be the Democratic theme song

How To Make Sure That Tr**p Does Not Run Again For Prez In 2024.....

MotoGP rider waves goodbye to second place after celebrating a lap early

Bill of Rights, (including 2nd Amendment...) 1791. I don't think founders of U.S.A. would have

Huskies eat guy's snack 😂

Is a juvenile's criminal history available to those making decions about firearms ownership?

A Word on Mass Shootings: For the Right, mass shootings are a feature, not a bug.

The "Impossible" Conversation About Guns In America - Between The Scenes The Daily Show

Once again. The Lion's Den

I honestly think we could get expanded background checks and clsing the gun show loophole passed now

Not sure why we don't contest the inflation issue, blame GOP trade wars, etc.

Just Need to Vent.

Buick to 'Fully Electrify' Its North America Lineup by End of Decade

Trucker Convoy Enraged After Being Tricked Out Of 100 Foot Subway Sub

Man is a great friend of Trump

Watergate: Blueprint for a Scandal premieres tonight on CNN at 9 ET.

NATO holds Baltic Sea naval exercises with Finland, Sweden

Progressive Illinois Dem primary list?

Senators say gun deal is within reach, but without Biden's wish list

According to WaPo, 235 mass shootings occurred in the US since the beginning of the year

Best video I have seen on the second amendment

The lowest jobless claims rate since 1969, and other Biden Administration accomplishments this week

Anybody have an odd, funny, weird bed & breakfast story?

Texas A&M says Kyle Rittenhouse has not been admitted as a student, despite his plan to enroll

Before he was a fat joke, Elvis was *really, really* good.

Getting hot here in Texas

Draft Report Reveals Unsettling Information About Human Remains at Harvard

Sen Murphy (D-CT): Gun reform talks don't involve an assault weapons ban, expanded background checks

Flight ban hits Russian minister's visit to Serbia