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Not too long ago, someone posted the price per barrel over the years

Orianthi - Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Pride and Joy" (Skyville Live, Nashville, March 20, 2017)

Toyota Launches Home Energy Storage Based On Electrified Vehicle Battery

Damning text messages reveal plot to give pro-Trump supporters access to Georgia's voting machines

Melissa Etheridge, Orianthi, Lindsay Ell, Cam & Troi Irons - Johnny B Goode (live, 3/20/17)

Illinois Backlog of sexual assault kits eliminated for first time: Pritzker

Pro-Trump GOPers facing major roadblock to their plan to push back at Jan 6th hearings

I was scrolling through some old photos and found one of Madoc as a tiny kitten

The Battle for Severodonetsk

1965 Mister Merry's Play Lighter with Bubble Gum Cigarettes

Amid abortion battle, DeSantis vetoes birth control funding -- again

Retired US Army commander General Ben Hodges : Russia 'cannot sustain what it's doing'

Sunset, southern MD

Announcer: "That left his bat with an exit velocity 104 MPH.

Rep. Schiff Rebukes Biden's Planned Visit to Saudi Arabia: 'Going Hat in Hand to Someone Who Has...

Liz Cheney on Trump's "extremely well-organized conspiracy" while Gohmert wants to lie with impunity

Sunset from the back porch

FYI/FoFB: Center for Free, Fair, and Accountable Democracy

I'm so happy I traded my truck in years ago

Watching the Van Cliburn Piano Competition live on You Tube

I never heard of this! Binging on it now, and it's pretty damn good.

My dream scenario for the hearings.

Adrian Fontes and the Second Amendment....

Anybody watching the Watergate special on CNN?

Russian forces renew bomb attacks on Kyiv

Ukraine war no excuse for prolonging coal - John Kerry

Don Winslow- #AnatomyOfCapitolAttack

Don Winslow- #AnatomyOfCapitolAttack

Inflation is President Biden's 'top economic priority': Pete Buttigieg

US, S. Korea fire missiles to sea, matching North's launches

Alec John Such, Bon Jovi's first bassist, dies at 70

Mo Brooks Makes McConnell the Enemy as He kisses Trump's enormous behind

Woodward and Bernstein thought Nixon defined corruption. Then came Trump.

Putin dies and goes to hell....

I confess that I didn't know what "goaf" is. Did you?

Philadelphia district attorney calls for NRA boycott after 3 killed in shooting

Inflation might make Dems lose in midterms? Let's remind them inflation is a globel problem!

70 percent of American prioritize laws reducing gun violence over gun rights: poll

Flood advisory issued for Whidbey Island, Port Townsend

Megadrought causes perilously low water levels at Lake Mead

Leafline network to connect 900 miles of trails in western Washington 56% complete

DNR pulls application for Summit Lake timber cut

NBC News: Trump on the brink?

Blake Masters Blames Gun Violence on 'Black People, Frankly' (Arizona's GOP Senate candidate)

Five Tampa Bay Rays players refuse to wear LGBTQ+ univorm patch for Pride Month

This will likely piss off a lot of people. Democrats should tell the likes of Cornyn to kiss

Why Tucker Carlson's BTS attack was a losing battle from the start

OK, need you guys to talk me off the ledge here.

☦️ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: Psalm 37, ESV

Rory Gallager - Do You Read Me (live for the BBC, 1/27/79)

Chuck Grassley briefly confuses everyone over announcement on Pence and Electoral College certificat

Putin threatens new targets if Ukraine gets longer-range rockets; missiles hit Kyiv

Biden Has 'Only Bad Options' for Bringing Down Oil Prices

Why does Google news headline Philly shooting (3 killed) but not Chatanooga (3 killed)??? nt

37,337 posts?

ICYMI: America's gun culture is priming us for authoritarianism (Ruth Ben-Ghiat)

LGBTQ Groups Declare Boycott of NYC Mayor Adams' Pride Event

Gregg Popovich took the podium for the @votolatino #StandWithUvalde community gathering.

groaner time .

She's just not that into you.

Brown Eyed Girl, 1967, Van Morrison

I have a dinosaur!

Al Franken: Carol Leonnig of WAPO and Ryan Reilly of NBC preview this week's January 6th Hearings

GOP Senate candidate Blake Masters painted as antisemitic in new ad

No More Thoughts And Prayers - Eleven Films

Precious little lettuce thief:

The process of suing one of the manufacturers of the gun used in Uvalde has started

You Want a very funny movie...."Some Like It HOT."..(1959)..Is the one to see.

The process of suing one of the manufacturers of the gun used in Uvalde has started

Six (not four) photographers captured a lone protester facing down a column of tanks in Tiananmen

Zelensky has upgraded his iron balls

In battered Uvalde, where a police chief is in hiding, grief gives way to calls for accountability

In battered Uvalde, where a police chief is in hiding, grief gives way to calls for accountability

Controversial Ads Involving Young Children and Assault Weapons May Bankrupt Manufacturer

"My Grandpa Dave told me he was sure he was gay when he was moving into his dorm..."

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about what one conservative institution can teach another....

Pete Buttigieg HUMILIATES Republicans over guns in ONE MINUTE - Brian Tyler Cohen

Meidas Touch-##WalkerFumbles

Road rage ..guy who threw first punch is badly beaten

Meidas Touch-##WalkerFumbles

An open letter to all the people crying "Arm the teachers"

Biden will invoke the Defense Production Act to spur domestic production of solar panels and other..

Celtics and Warriors taking stand against gun violence

You can see 'The Wizard of Oz' in theaters again for Judy Garland's 100th birthday

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

California Republicans Downplay Their Toxic Brand to Survive

Who rescued who? A rescue dog bought for an old man, by his children after his wife died

President Zelenskyy visited the front lines near Severodonetsk today!

ive been getting really really offensive ads on youtbe . somone is puttin out

Harry Litman Reveals identity of Secret Star Witness for Jan 6 Hearings - 'Talking Feds' - MeidasTouch

corgi racing to celebrate the #PlatinumJubilee

We're going to Mars

Countries Close Airspace to Top Russian Diplomat

Sneaky doggo:

Watching 2015 Scientology Going Clear: terrifying

Rep. Raskin Wants the Jan. 6 Committee to Recommend Abolishing Electoral College: Report

Grand Rapids Michigan teen openly calling the council members accomplices to murder.

Breakneck Road

this is a photo...

To hell with your cooking demonstration:

Donald Trump doesn't know what will happen, but the.."COOKED GOOSE SOCIETY" of which I am a LEADER

"Do I have to do everything myself hooman?!"

The best thing since sliced bread:

Tweet of the Day

Liz Cheney Destroys Kevin McCarthy and the Republican 'Cult' ahead of Jan 6 Hearings - MeidasTouch

"Follow me for more recipes!"

I'll save you from doing pushups!


A history of gun laws:

Waxing Crescent, 25% visible

If selling cakes makes bakers participants in gay marriages, then

Jill Wine-Banks: Former Trump Aide Navarro Indicted on Contempt Charges - MSNBC Reports

COVID-19 cases are on the rise. Does it matter anymore?

"Sister Q" ... dead liberal politicians & celebrities are really alive and are ...

Peruvian indigenous mine protesters face violence from workers and police

Ella Fitzgerald Interview 1974 Brian Linehan's City Lights

Colombia president placed under house arrest for 5 days

Jan 6th Committee Live Hearing Thursday, will it be???

*BREAKING NEWS* -- The Election Was Not Stolen

House Jan. 6 committee poised to hold first public hearings - Face the Nation

US-Venezuela business picking up despite punishing sanctions

Dems Continue To Push GOP Lawmakers To Pass Gun Control Legislation - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

U.S. excludes Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua from Americas summit-sources

Spanish court summons Mike Pompeo to testify on CIA plot to kidnap or assassinate Assange

Bonus Tweet of the Day

The GOP Put The P In Petty, Payback and Probes - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - School Police

Atlantic City casinos seek workers. And casino workers seek better pay

Is 'Greedflation' Rewriting Economics, or Do Old Rules Still Apply?

Middle Age Riot tweet on guns:

Uh, GOP - About Arming Teachers ...

☦️ Orthodox Christian Giving Thanks To St. Anthony of Padua. ✝️ Again.

Commentary: It's too easy to extract false confessions from youths

Raleigh woman claims faulty drug test cost her, her job

Let tfg and the KGOP accusations, and distractions begin,

RW-Infopedia is not afraid to call out white nationalist terrorism

So, can Biden nationalize US oil companies because they won't pump more oil?

It's eating itself: TFG Endorses Kevin McCarthy, Pisses Off His Own Supporters

The kittens are now at the 'We Shall Not Be Contained' stage of their lives

Big Pharma Is Hijacking the Information Doctors Need Most - Time magazine

UK's Johnson to face no-confidence vote over 'Partygate' scandal - Al Jazeera

After 'partygate', UK PM Johnson faces confidence vote

All the negative jawboning from folks like Blackrock CEO is making for self-fulfilling prophecy.

NYTimes Wordle 6/6

Breakfast Monday 6, June 2022

Government "Anti-Corruption Tsar" quits in disgust before no-confidence vote this evening

Wordle 352 (***SPOILER THREAD***)

Crowds honor WWII veterans at Normandy D-Day celebrations

I've had to update my thread on the Battle of Sievierodonetsk.

Boaters Capture Video Of Massive Rockfall On Powell; Warm Creek Bay (South End)

Imagine a murder trial and this happened.

Tory MPs to hold no-confidence vote in Boris Johnson this evening, Graham Brady says - live

On Jan 6th the Trump voters who attacked the capital failed to do this.

Cognac - Buddy Guy, Jeff Beck and Keith Richards

Well the caravan is on it's way....

Man drowns as Arizona police watch: 'I'm not jumping in after you'

Kiss Album Artist Ken Kelly Passes Away at Age 76

Soliciting Multiversity: The Best of the Rest for August 2022

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 6/1/2022

Announcing our 2022 Summer Comics and TV Binges!

The Rundown: June 6, 2022

30 dogs, cats found dead in animal rescue CEO's home

AARP's Billion-Dollar Bounty : KHN

The Richmond Flying Squirrels closed out a road trip with a 4-3 loss to the Akron RubberDucks.

Legal claims shed light on founder of faith group tied to Amy Coney Barrett

155 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

6/17 Bernie Sanders - The Labor Notes Conference, Chicago IL

The saddest thing about this CBS poll on gun violence....

Monday TOONs - "History Will Judge" Is Not A Sure-Fire Motivator

Ryanair Afrikaans test: South African fury over language quiz

We fought the British, the Germans, and the Japanese...

Arthur has some growing to do to catch up with his ears

DeSantis, Queen of the Everglades

J-6 Hearings Republican excuses/look the other way drinking game .... help please

This guy on MSNBC has DeSantis pegged.

History will judge! -by Tom Tomorrow

Reading "If God Is Love, Don't Be A Jerk" by John Pavlovitz

On this date in 1944

USA - More Guns Than People

No matter what, the J6 Committee must go forward with their investigation and report.

Precinct problems in Chicago

***JUNE/ SPRING Seasonal Photo Contest: Comments Thread***

How many Covid deaths are acceptable? Some Biden officials tried to guess.

Levi Stubbs (4 Tops) was born on this date.

Jimmy Lunceford was born on this date.

"The Texas grid is entirely cut off from the rest of the country's electrical system, and ..."

Senators say gun deal is within reach, but without Biden's wish list

Looks like it's trump who's defunded the police

DeSantis beats Trump in conservative group straw poll for 2024 nomination

Buy bamboo Toothbrushes. Can't post the link

Blues Man

Former ABC News executive working with January 6 panel on upcoming hearings

UK PM Boris Johnson faces No Confidence Vote...

You raised $25.00 on June 5, 2022 Rev Sen Warnock GA

reading the "Great Shark Hunt"

Exclusive: Nationalist faction within the White House feuded with Mark Meadows amid plot to keep Tru

Is there any wonder why lots of people don't want this history taught?

You raised $25.00 on June 5, 2022 Democratic Underground for Stacey Abrams Gov GA

Frost-Bitten Pittie Was So Scared When People Found Him

Just heard this. Cuba and Venezuela will not be invited to the Conference of the Americas.

Here are all the current links on the DU for donations (Ukraine + political)

How the newest federal prison became one of the deadliest

Post-Uvalde Survey Finds Majority of Americans Convinced Sky is Blue

If you live with a gun owner, you're 2X more likely to be murdered

78 years ago, on June 6, 1944,

LIVE: Governor Hochul signing NYS gun legislation

Jumped on the air fryer train.

Elon Musk Threatens to End Deal With Twitter

Download this free guide to the 1/6 hearings from Brookings: "Trump on Trial"

Is It Time for Me to Leave America?

Judge delays trial of 2 ex-cops in Floyd killing until 2023

Michigan GOP petition to combat "voter fraud" plagued by actual voter fraud

Droopy Toby and Toothless Quinton - Two pals

Supreme Court declines appeal over law licenses from St. Louis couple who waved guns at protest

Almost a Quarter of All Public EV Chargers in the Bay Area Don't Work, Study Finds

Greg Valliere on Bloomberg really painting a depressing picture on the midterms for Democrats.

Legal claims shed light on founder of faith group tied to Amy Coney Barrett

California's Drought Is Making Everything Less Green, Including EVs

New LIRR terminal for East Side Access project to be called Grand Central Madison

Hear Bob Woodward 's advice to Americans ahead of Jan. 6 hearing

I think I'll just play this over and over today - It's that kinda day already

Busher Dam (Richmond VA) Shad Cam

Stand Up and Fight! GOTV links and positive actions everyone can do.

GOP donors urge Congress to act on gun control measures like "red flag" laws, expanded background c

GOP donors urge Congress to act on gun control measures like "red flag" laws, etc

Axon AI ethics board members resign over plans for Taser drones

Miyavi - Torture

Miyavi - Torture

Jay Kuo: Creeping Fascism, Florida Style

If you know you know

Any one else having trouble with Gmail and Firefox ?

How long are the Jan 6 hearings expected to last?

Meidas Touch-#ACoupinPlainSight

Meidas Touch-#ACoupinPlainSight

Armed Uvalde funeral home worker tried to confront shooter, was stopped by law enforcement

Jamie Raskin's Live Preview of the Jan 6 Hearing

Oh, which one to pick - so many terrible choices - Poll of Trump/DeSantis

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about recent Biden Foreign Policy moves....

Boris Johnson's anti-corruption tsar resigns over partygate and will vote for PM to go

Secretary Pete Buttigieg has tested positive for COVID-19 and is experiencing mild symptoms

Biden plans solar manufacturing push to end project slowdown

The shores of Normandy

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- June 6, 2022

National Gun Violence Awareness Day

'I see this money as not mine': the people giving away fortunes from slavery and fossil fuels

Let me make this Pellucidly Clear

Ryanair forces South Africans to do Afrikaans test to prove nationality

The Shores of Normandy

Orkestra Obsolete plays Blue Monday using 1930s instruments

Signs four stuped peeple

MUCC -Fukurou no yurikago

UK Home Office offers asylum seekers choice between war zones they fled and Rwanda

CNN is on it's usual rip Biden tour...

Seattle's botched experiment with defund the police keeps getting worse

Listen up, you morons: Keeping Schools Safe Edition

S5:E20 (Special Guest Rep. Collin Walke)

Apparently, when the GOP submits fake signatures, it's a "technicality."

UK sending long-range missiles to Ukraine

A hot air balloon crashed into a train in Burlington; three people were injured

Should we increase penalties for people who use guns in a crime?

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (June 6, 2022)

Pic Of The Moment: GOP Senate Candidate Says America Has Two Problems

spot weather forecast for sonora ca

Russian oil is getting transferred in the high seas for the first time as wary buyers try to avoid


Marta and I just early voted today special election of Pansing-Brooks US House

Climate change takes a toll on Seattleites' mental health

Memphis council doesn't want to provide TFG security because he won't pay his bills after the rally

Russian Cinemas Go Pirate as Hollywood Movie Pipeline Dries Up Over Ukraine War

Supreme Court May Hear '800-Pound Gorilla' of Election Law Cases

Climate change takes a toll on Seattleites' mental health


New York signs stronger gun-control measure into law. Here's what will change.

Salmon embracing new bridge, habitat on shores of Navy's Indian Island

Musk accuses Twitter of withholding data on fake accounts in letter

Owen Beach reopens in Tacoma after 16-month closure for renovations

Legal claims shed light on founder of faith group tied to Amy Coney Barrett

OSHA has cited two more Dollar General stores for endangering the safety of their employees.

You know, if you


Has anyone else been watching The Family on Netflix?

I need a June 6 hearing drinking game!

First Wave at Omaha Beach

Column: These Black men say they'll vote for Caruso, not Bass. Is it the 'Ice Cube effect'?

"As ⁦@ScottTurow⁩ writes in ⁦@VanityFair,⁩ originalism is a manufactured methodology ..."

Russia sends its soldiers into the meat-grinder without proper equipment and weapons:

Biden shouldn't go to Saudi Arabia

School board candidate checks out all LGBTQ books displayed at public library to make it "safe"

chatmonchy 【染まるよ / Somaru Yo】

Why oh why

Al got his staples out today!!!

Voting has started on UK Conservative Party No Confidence resolution on Boris Johnson

If TFG was still in office, he'd probably have this "mass shooting" thing solved by now.

AOC Blasts Fellow Democrats for Resisting Term Latinx: 'Not About Your Reelection Prospects'

I was thinking how quaint is was that we once thought Russia/U.S.S.R was the

From graduation parties to a mall, 10 mass shootings over the weekend leave at least a dozen dead

Sharkbait movie. The Requin.

Time Drops Trump from the 100 Most Influential List, and Adds Some of His Enemies

Police driving practices under scrutiny as crashes kill officers, bystanders

The Odd Throuple

The right to assemble needs to be called out by Democrats as it's being infringed upon

Bryant's Men's Lacrosse Coach Mike Pressler Announces Retirement After 16 Seasons

How to get police reaction to school shooter in Texas

Right wing conspiracy theorists won't listen to logic or reason, but will they listen to... a yawn?

How Missouri Helps Abortion Opponents Divert State Taxes to Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Laws to limit gun violence go back to 19th century

Cartoons 6/6/2022

First-ever Pride celebrations draw hundreds in north county

Raskin says Jan. 6 panel has found more on Trump than 'incitement'

Zelensky Visits Eastern Front as Ukraine Tries to Beat Back Russian Advance

If the media gave FF about the economy or the American people

Anger Management: How the news is destroying us

Rachel Vindman slaps Boebert and MTG

D「Dying message」MV Full ver.公開!!

TV Schedule for Jan 6th Hearings

Gov't in talks with USFK about return of Dragon Hill Lodge site in Yongsan

Capitol attack panel to unveil new evidence against Trump at public hearings

American Rasputin

Return of downtown Seattle office workers expected to gain steam, DSA says

Buttigieg, at least 14 others test positive for COVID-19 after Mackinac Policy Conference

GOP Counteroffensive to the televised Committee hearings

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet

These bases were named after Confederates, now titles may be ditched. Here's what vets say

Jeff Tiedrich tweet on multiple mass shootings:

Thomas Zimmer: "Patriots" embrace the implication that America is uniquely evil

Barbara Boxer retired from politics. Then her home got redistricted into a GOP seat

Florida Supreme Court backs DeSantis, diluting 370,000 Black votes across 4 GOP-leaning districts

'I Testified in the Heard vs. Depp Trial. The Backlash Has Been Horrific' DR. DAVID R. SPIEGEL

Buffalo's East Side was a food desert. The shooting made things worse.

(In)Justice Handmaid's creepy religious cult (not sure how she's allowed to work outside the home)

The three levels of stupidity: dumb, idiotic and MTG

David Hogg Shuts Down Marjorie Taylor Greene's Invitation to Meet on Gun Reform: 'Don't Really Have

The counter-programming has begun

Michigan widens probe into voting system breaches by Trump allies

Tuesday Primary Highlights

DC's Sandman Trailer - Date Announcement Netflix

Has anyone seen the Jan 6 hearing dates reported by a RELIABLE source?

Here is the newly unveiled Nancy Reagan forever stamp

U.S. Supreme Court rules for Florida, against victim in dispute over Medicaid funding

Babies trying to blow out birthday candles & blow bubbles:

Geek Tweet of the Day

J6 Coup Plot Hearings...anyone can confirm if The Majors are covering, Live?

Any Father Brown and Don Matteo fans here?


Trump-Backed Senate Candidate Says Gun Violence Is 'Black People, Frankly'

Compilation of clever crows:

Historical U.S. Federal Individual Income Tax Rates & Brackets, 1862-2021

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

should President Biden

Fox Anchor Asks Steve Scalise If GOP Is 'Out Of Step' With Voters On Gun Control

SCOTUSblog: Announcement of orders and opinions for Monday, June 6 (complete)

Wicker says leak could harm Supreme Court, but scoffs at Clarence Thomas' possible conflicts of inte

Jan. 6 Hearings To Reveal Who Funded The Insurrection - MSNBC

Daily Distraction 6/06/2022

Putin Issues New Threats Over Weapons U.S. Is Sending To Ukraine

Daily distraction 6/06/2022 Posted in Photography

GOP: ONLY WE GET TO INDOCTRINATE YOUR KIDS! Drag shows are child abuse now

Tiny Kitten Goes To Work Every Day With Her Foster Mom

Is it 'election fatigue'? Early voter turnout in California's primary is dismal so far

Conspiracy Theory kit

"NOTICE This is a drug free workplace"

China secretly building PLA naval facility in Cambodia, Western officials say

🚨BREAKING: Arizona judge rules that no-excuse mail-in voting does NOT violate the state constitutio

Remember when Mitch McConnell was asked whether he would try to pass a national abortion ban is

Pendejo45 is FIRST! ...

AstraZeneca Breast-Cancer Drug Shown to Slow Tumor Progression

The Supreme Court gives workers a backhanded, insulting victory

Less Than Half Think Trump Responsible for Capitol Riot

More seditious conspiracy charges:

occupied Mariupol has shut down for quarantine over a possible cholera outbreak do to dead bodies

Proud Boys leader Tarrio, 4 top lieutenants charged with seditious conspiracy in widening Jan. 6 cas

If you have room for a little more disgust:

Top prosecutor on bombshell signs of criminal investigation into Trump - Brian T Cohen w G Kirschner

Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!

If Scavino and Meadows are free and clear... Why the silence from them and rightwing media?

January 6 Committee Has Found More on Trump

Barb McQuade: "Witnesses with Baggage" -- Anticipating the January 6th Hearings

Jokes from my brother (Think you are having a bad day part 1)

Chinese-Made Fentanyl Floods U.S. Market

All networks will cover Thursday's hearing

Jokes from my brother (Think you are having a bad day part 2)

Regulating the airlines for fuel consumption.

Jokes from my brother (Think you are having a bad day part 3)

Rebel MKs sink West Bank emergency bill

A question about presidential pardons

Trump ally Rep. Elise Stefanik tries to get ahead of the January 6 select committee public hearing

Boris Johnson survives confidence vote, but not by much

Kyle Rittenhouse now says he's going to Blinn College, after Texas A&M said he's not a student

Biden's Envoy for Complex Problems

Boris Johnson no-confidence vote: prime minister wins by 211 to 148 - live

Milo Yiannopoulos is an unpaid intern for Marjorie Taylor Greene

Jokes from my brother (Think you are having a bad day part 4)

Jokes from my brother (Think you are having a bad day part 5)

The One Thing You Should Always Have in Your House.....Huff Post:

Jokes from my brother (Think you are having a bad day finale)

Proud Boys Charged with Sedition in Capitol Attack

White Nationalist Milo Yiannopoulos has a job...

Mayor Lightfoot has lost her damn mind

Waxing Crescent, 34% visible

Flying somewhere this summer?

On Being "Woke"

President Biden not just waiting on Saudi oil to meet nation's energy needs

We need to focus on the real fight against 'great replacement' theory

Haven't caught 'my' pair, but did catch one, over creek, + later:

Georgia DA Fani Willis is confident as her Trump probe takes shape

Manchin wants to raise age to 21 for gun purchases, doesn't see need for AR-15s

Send up a good thought for our beloved California Peggy

Migrant caravan in Mexico heads for U.S. border as Americas Summit starts

Deshaun Watson's attorney said what????????????????

WEDNESDAY Teaser Trailer (2022) - Netflix - Coming Soon

The Special Olympics blew its chance to stand up to America's biggest bully

The argument that being of military age (18) automatically makes you qualified to own a gun

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about unemployment, Wall Street, and Main Street....

Stand back and Stand By. A president giving an order to an outlawed militia group.

A 17-Year-Old Processes Police Sexual Violence in One of the Summer's Most Anticipated Novels

Federal court BLOCKS Louisiana's congressional map for violating VRA

Why won't they call out their own party

Tweet of the Afternoon:

Magnolia, from big, old tree!

I Want To Know - Who Bought & Brought The Wood & Built The Gallows On The Capitol Grounds On.....

The announced June 9 networks -- ABC, CBS and NBC

Tweet of the Afternoon #2:

New Zealand's first hydrogen trucks hit the road, first GREEN hydrogen station under construction

Old DU favorite Alan Grayson is running to unseat Marco Rubio!

Exclusive: Michigan widens probe into voting system breaches by Trump allies

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 7 June 2022

Negotiating gun laws said to have promise this time.

WaPo's David Weigel suspended without pay for retweeting sexist joke.

I know when Garland is going to charge people at the top.

What's for Dinner, Mon., June 6, 2022

AZ man spent 17 days in jail for crime he didn't commit. He blames American Airlines


AZ man spent 17 days in jail for crime he didn't commit. He blames American Airlines

I know when gas prices will drop

Endgame to my Green Card insanity with my wife: Last Day Part #1

Vibes to all those who did not survive or were injured June 6, 1944

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, June 7: Cinematography by Gordon Willis


Just imagine where we would be if, since that first Earth Day, we had given the

Dusty the Dog Wouldn't Do Well Hunting in the Wild 🤣

Taddeo drops out of Florida governor's race

The Hydrogen Cannabis Phoenix Project

New York Governor Kathy Hochul signs gun laws after string of shootings

Couple Reunited With Their Dutch Shepherd, Bagheera, After 7 Months

Cop to Drowning Man 'I'm Not Jumping In' 3 officers in Tempe, AZ on leave after they watch man drown

Monkeypox disinfo is just like Covid disinfo--plus homophobia

20,000 Signatures on GOP-Led "Voter Fraud" Petition in Michigan Were Fraudulent

Texas AG Paxton investigating Twitter bots instead of gun violence

Opeth - The Drapery Falls

5 Tampa Bay Rays players decline to wear LGBTQ Pride-themed jerseys

Brian Auger's Oblivion Express - Voices of Other Times

Jessica Cisneros, Ruben Ramirez demand recounts in two close-call South Texas runoff races

Tweet of the Evening:

On this day in 1944...

Jeopardy Regulars - Spoiler

'You gotta keep having babies': TPUSA's Benny Johnson demands underage girls have babies

how do u join this group

Wednesday on Jimmy Kimmel, President Joe Biden !

curious if I may impose on the professional health folks on here:

Texas State Lawmaker to Introduce Bill Banning Kids from Drag Shows

Ukraine news - live: Russian ambassador storms out of UN Security Council meeting

Dear Americans: Joe Biden does not control the price of gas

As gas prices in Connecticut hit $5 a gallon, Sen. Blumenthal targets oil companies' profits

Gina Haspel Observed Waterboarding at C.I.A. Black Site, Psychologist Testifies

Marcus King fans/guitar nuts. He's on Jimmy Fallon tomorrow.

Texas Students Opt For C*cks Not Glocks

Resident Evil Official Trailer Netflix

100 uses for a serving table runner doily. Cut it up, sew it to a dress, and now it's 101 uses.

Global Petrol Prices (Gas) around the World.

[US Government] hiring 8,000 talented citizens to build a better America. You can apply here

Games People Play- Joe South

US moves to seize $350M plane from Russian oligarch

Grand Funk Railroad - Live 1970

Big City Mayors, Furious About Mass Shootings, Fear Sweeping Gun Limits Are Out of Reach

So, two Iowa teens beat a 66-year-old high school Spanish teacher to death with a baseball bat

Longtime Trump assistant "cast doubt" on his affidavit, N.Y. attorney general says

Remember when Kyle Rittenhouse was "going to Texas A&M"?

Newly released video from 1/5 in WAPO piece today:

Canvasser says Greg Abbott fired her after Ring camera caught her laughing at him

Politics Girl on LA Mayoral election and Caruso being a Republican not a Democrat like he claims

War in Ukraine causing surge in poverty in Colombia: UN

Eric Holder warns of 'apartheid system' in US as conservative 'minority' takes control

Louisiana lawmakers must redraw maps, come up with second majority-minority district

Why State mafia allies threaten Colombia's democracy