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Seattle-Area Rents Slower To Normalize Than Much Of The US

New York launches 2 GW renewable energy solicitation as natural gas prices drive up electricity bill

What about Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte?

Dangerous new threats from Trump loyalists require Democrats to act

Memo to self (and others). You can't f***k with mother nature and not expect a spanking. nt

I just wish Aaron Judge had hit #61 by game #154.

I'm with Betty !

Donald J Trump v United States of America?

Sandhill Cranes trying to hunker down during hurricane Ian

And now...someone playing a flute at the Library of Congress

The Lincoln Project-Voters in Pennsylvania will begin to hear our ad, "Tide,"

A reminder re: Hurricane Ian...

The Lincoln Project-Voters in Pennsylvania will begin to hear our ad, "Tide,"

The Lincoln Project-Voters in Pennsylvania will begin to hear our ad, "Tide,"

Highly sanctioned Russian oligarch with close ties to Putin indicted for sending flowers, arranging

For sammy alito: May you never know anotther moment of silence, or peace,

Ukraine advance on Russian outpost challenges Putin's grip on Donbas

'Dumpster fire' Libertarian Party in turmoil over accusations of helping Republicans

*JUST saw a promo, Stanley Tucci in Italy returning to CNN

GOP leaders, business groups reportedly spooked the GOP might force a debt crisis if GOP wins House

Two things you will find in this country, while very different, they share many similarities

Michael Flynn Warns Governors May Declare War

Hurricane Ike hit 14 years ago. Here is a look back at the storm that changed Galveston forever

Texas resident recounts being denied an abortion even after doctors ruled her pregnancy non-viable.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Ian and being overtaken by events....

Court rejects AG Ken Paxton's bid to continue prosecuting election crimes

More than half of Russians feel anxious or angry about mobilization, poll indicates

Judge Cannon continues catering to Trump, shoots down Judge Dearie's request for info from Trump

Two Migrants Shot, One Fatally, Along Roadway in Rural Texas


Grateful Dead - Live at Buckeye Lake 6/11/93 [Full Concert]

BREAKING: Fox Loses BIG MOTION for Spreading Election LIES, Faces MASSIVE Liability

Hey Alito take your white male privilege and shove it. You're not a person of character.

Big lawsuit against Biden's student debt cancellation gets shot down in less than a week

Big lawsuit against Biden student loan forgiveness gets shot down. Plaintiff now exempt from relief

DeSantis, Once a 'No' on Storm Aid, Petitions a President He's Bashed (NT Times)

Timothy Snyder on Ukraine and our futures. Includes does the world need more fascism? Empire or

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

First Monday of October, Supremes begin new term Monday.

Which US Senate seat is going to be the 52nd Democratic US Senate seat after 2022?



Library of Congress let lizzo play some instruments.

🎄 it's the grift that keeps on giving Clark 🎄

Former Cty Clerk Kim Davis Loses Bid for Qualified Immunity in Lawsuit Brought by Same-Sex Couple

5th Circuit says it's OK for judge to have prayer ceremony in courtroom before convening

Putting the "Coup" in "Couple"

Ginni Smile - The Lincoln Project

Top Democrat goes MEGAVIRAL with speech of the year - Brian Tyler Cohen

So this is what you were so excited to give to me...thanks.

Andrew Weissman: What does Donald Trump have on Judge Cannon or her husband?

This just made my evening.

'There's Nothing To Go Back To': Florida's Housing Obstacle After Hurricane Ian - All In - MSNBC

Tonight's Law and Order was excellent and timely.

There're two types of cats..

Sidney Powell Loses Dominion Countersuit - Raw News And Politics

Check this out: 'Don't try to be a hero': The stock market will eventually roar back, history shows.

Dog needs emotional support RAT during grooming

Farmer's Market Today--in macro mode.

Trսmp ATTACKЕD by АNGRY Jսdge LІVЕ in Coսrt

Why aren't the TV preachers telling us how God is punishing Florida?

Florida's Cape Coral Real Estate Boom Show Reality Of Climate Crisis Era - All In - MSNBC

Viking Women Were Power Weavers Whose Textiles Provided Vital Trade Across Europe, Researchers Say

BREAKING: Corrupt Trump Judge Cannon SWOOPS In to BLOCK Special Master Recommendation for Trump

Kimmel: Shirtless Trumpers Fight Hurricane, Marjorie Taylor Greene Getting Divorced & a Jon Stewart

Midwestern battleground states with 2 Democratic US Senators after 2022.

Sen Warnock: Voting Rights Battle Is Why I Know 'I Still Have Work To Do' In Senate - All In - MSNBC

Well this made me chuckle-

All in favor of Aileen cannon being impeached, vote AYE

Beads show European trade in African interior used Indigenous routes

Dolphins and Bengals are playing Thursday night football.

Alphaville - Big In Japan

The corruption in our system

Study of Buddhist monks suggests celibacy can have surprising evolutionary advantages

1.2 Million Gallons Of Water En Route After Water Main Break Amid Hurricane Ian - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Biden vows US commitment to Pacific Islands at summit

A special message from Trevor Noah

"What does Donald Trump have on Judge Cannon or her husband?" Weissman wondered.

Seth Meyers - Trump Asked Obama How He Kept His Approval Ratings So High - Monologue 9/28/22

Spread the word.

What if We're Already Fighting the Third World War with Russia?

Friday's digit: 6/10 - Despite clouds, we have dry conditions until perhaps mid- or late afternoon

'Questionable' ruling by judge in special master case: ex-prosecutor - Dan Abrams Live

TCM Schedule for Sunday October 2, 2022 - Hispanic Heritage

TCM Schedule for Monday October 3, 2022 - Creepy Cinema - Bette and Joan (and more women in horror)

Ancient 'sharks' appeared much earlier than previously thought

Tracking Ian: latest radar, forecast, track as it affects South Carolina - News 19 WLTX

Do you think that the racists would freak over Lizzo/flute even more if they

More than 1,800 flutes in the Library of Congress vaults. Just amazing.

Tracking Ian: latest radar, forecast, track as it affects South Carolina - News 19 WLTX

Donald Trump could sell nuclear secrets to Russia on 5th avenue

Webb telescope spies a celestial sparkler among the universe's earliest galaxies

Ray LaMontagne w/Sierra Ferrell- I Was Born To Love You

The Daily Show: A Special Message from Trevor Noah

On Twitter, free-wheeling Mandela Barnes called Trump a 'Russian spy' and rejected George Washington

David Cay Johnston tweet

'No Government' DeSantis Is About To Become A Big Government Republican Former Florida Rep. Says

Two from Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari: One features the bassoon💖and other one the oboe💖

'Who Asked Ginni Thomas To Call Legislators In Wisconsin And Arizona?' Legal Expert Asks - The ReidOut

My best friend is Amazing and can Shred with the best of them.

Small Faces - Tin Soldier

Next stop $7/gallon... I paid 6.99 tonight.

Trump Investigations - Sept 29, 2022 Updates - Raw News And Politics

Joe Walsh - "Funk 49"

Apple's VP, Tony Blevins, has left the company after a TikTok video showed him making vulgar comment

Haydn's 'Horn Concerto No. 1', Finzi's 'Romance'

GET ON YOUR FEET - Gloria Estefan - Stay Strong Sunshine State!

Seth Meyers - Jan 6 Panel Grills Ginni Thomas About Shocking Coup Texts with Trump Team: A Closer Look

Friday Morning Good Jazz and Bossa Nova Music for Relaxing and Weekend Thoughts Livestream

Trevor Noah is leaving 'The Daily Show'

Lawrence O'Donnell: Ginni Thomas Finally Meets With Jan. 6 Committee - The Last Word - MSNBC

Thursday Sweet Jazz and Bossa Nova Music for Awesome End of Week Livestream

Former NSA Employee Arrested on Espionage-Related Charges

Andrew Weissmann: Trump Appointed-Judge 'Unfit' To Serve - The Last Word - MSNBC

Judge Allows Venezuelan Businessman To Move Forward With Defamation Lawsuit Against Fox News, Lou Do

Schiff: Ginni Thomas 'Did Not Assert Privilege' In Meeting With Jan. 6 Cmte. - The Last Word - MSNBC

You can't give in to blackmail

Hey baseball people, I have a question about the Wednesday game betw the Yankees and Blue Jays.

This ain't no Bush administration!

West Texas Jail Warden, Brother Arrested On Charges Of Shooting 2 Migrants, Killing 1

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will be going to end up winning.

Texas country legend Willie Nelson will perform at an event Sunday for Democrat Beto O'Rourke

Truths about student loan debt, college costs, and corporate freeloading on the backs of students.

Warden who gunned down 2 migrants was the warden of ICE's West Texas Detention Facility

Not sure how many here still watch, Democracy Now...

Maxwell Alejandro Frost On Florida's Climate Crisis - The Last Word - MSNBC

Judge Helps Save Trump From Special Master Hot Seat - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Coast Guard Leverages Every Tool Available In Florida Rescue Efforts - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

How McKinsey Got Into the Business of Addiction

McDonald's Is Releasing an Adult Happy Meal Complete with Toys

Russians Flee Putin's Desperate Draft Operation To Bolster Failing Ukraine Invasion - Alex Wagner MSNBC

Supreme Court Trust, Job Approval at Historical Lows

You Can Stay in the Cottage from 'Hocus Pocus' Through Airbnb

Biden Offers Reassurances To Puerto Rico As Spotlight Shifts To Florida - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Finland close highway for airforce runway drills.

Meta Will Freeze Most Hiring, Zuckerberg Tells Employees

Factory Jobs Are Booming Like It's the 1970s

Glenn Kirschner: Jan. 6th Committee Questions Ginni Thomas - The 11th Hour- MSNBC

The Kinks - 'Lola'

Florida Faces Insurance Crisis From Hurricane Ian - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

First Responders Aren't The Only Ones Helping In Hurricane Ian Search And Rescue Efforts - The 11th Hour

It's Time for the Trial of Racism Against the Mapuche

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/29/22

'867-5309/Jenny' performed live

Das Man & Inauthentic Dasein - Heidegger - Being and Time

I see the Count of Mostly Crisco has been oddly quiet the past couple of days.

What if due to climate change red state Florida

Eurozone inflation jumps to record 10% in September: data

Breakfast Friday 29 September 2022

A Menagerie of Contemplative Animals by Mila Zemliakova Weave Textile Traditions and Nature

Explosive Photos by Ray Collins Capture the Ocean's Mercurial Nature

Gov. Did something I approve of

Russian strike kills 25 as Kremlin to annex Ukraine regions

Cost of Voting in the American States: 2022*

Former Trump Official Pleads Guilty to Child Porn Charge, Is Sentenced to Prison

Elegant Smooth Jazz and Funk Music for Afternoon Lounge

Actor Bruce Willis Becomes First Celebrity to Sell Rights to Deepfake Firm

They warned us the Earth was warming ...

GOP senator blocks bipartisan research bill.

DeSantis goes from depraved to docile as he seeks federal aid after Ian

Wordle 468 (9/30)***SPOILERS***

Landmark Indian court ruling says rape includes marital rape and extends abortion rights to 24 weeks

A Small Trumpet from Khanyisa & the Elephant Herd Come Running!

This kitty is not OSHA approved.

On this day, September 30, 1947, Marc Bolan was born.

On this day, September 30, 1971, the Washington Senators played their final game.

Big brass to start your day

Sheriff Threatened to Fire All His Black Officers in Racist Tirade Caught on Tape

Inside trump's head. New book. Starts back in Queens NYC. A big one.

On September 29, 1935, Jerry Lee Lewis was born.

Joe Biden is the best President of my lifetime.

Ukraine Ministry of Defense: The encirclement of the City of Lyman is Complete

Hurricane Ian heads for Carolinas after pounding Florida

A Spy Inside MAGA

How Medicaid expansion keeps winning

Bike groups sue to block demolition of bridge linking Maryland with Virginia

Friday TOONs - Vlad Envy

New full-service homeless shelter opens in Pittsburgh

Bike groups sue to block demolition of bridge linking Maryland with Virginia

Rep. Mary Peltola 1st bill H.R. 8888 passes in the House

Inflation hits record 10% in 19 EU countries using euro

Hundreds of people have died in Florida

Soliciting Multiversity: Top 10 Manga from December 2022

The Rundown: September 30, 2022

Judge: Indiana can't enforce abortion burial, cremation law

The origin of Superheroes: Black Marvel

Amtrak Temporarily Adjusts Service Due to Hurricane Ian


Liz Truss The Logical Endpoint Of Conservatism: Tear It Down, Gut It All, Sell The Parts, Get Out

Footage shows harsh conditions of military call-up centers in Russia - BBC News

Inky: Pennsylvania counties can help voters fix problems with their mail ballots, state court rules

Brazil's Election On Sunday May Be The Last Chance To Avoid Amazon Forests' Tipping Point

This week's major U.S. economic reports (October 3 - October 7)

Stocks futures nudge higher ahead of economic data

Republican response to Ian - ticket to "home" and "crash" to "die"

Which fucking monsters bomb an educational center for young girls

Putin declares 'four new regions of Russia' as Moscow annexes parts of Ukraine

Beaumont Men Indicted on Federal Violations in Animal Cruelty Case

Bay Area is about to get a new area code

Putin looks like a corpse in recent photo on CNN

Fed's preferred gauge shows inflation accelerated even more than expected in August

As Supreme Court's standing falters, Alito pushes flawed defense

As Supreme Court's standing falters, Alito pushes flawed defense

Riverdale killer Ryan Grantham terrified baby face makes him prison target

Trumputin had big plans together

You raised $178.00 on September 29, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken Senate IA

They got a puppy -- and a nearly 200 percent loan

The Princess Bride recently turned 35 years old. Mandy Patinkin on filming the final scene.

You raised $40.00 on September 29, 2022 Democratic Underground for Chris Jones Gov AR

This will get lost in the GD thread. I just have a hard time and need to rant over this Ian bullshit

You raised $10.00 on September 29, 2022 for Westlund WI State Senate

The biggest national disaster

You raised $25.00 on September 29, 2022 Democratic Underground for Patty Pansing-Brooks

Putin illegally proclaims annexation of four Ukrainian regions at Moscow ceremony

You raised $15.00 on September 29, 2022 DU for Rev Sen Warnock GA

My Tua Take: I hope the Dolphins gett destroyed over that they did from top to bottom.

Chevron, we don't give a fuck about you, your weird children. or your stupid ratty assed dog.

Supreme Court investiture marks another historic first for Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

"Can we get one of those flights to Martha's Vineyard?

You raised $25.00 on September 29, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Tim Ryan US Senate OHIO

Supreme Court investiture marks another historic first for Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

Ossoff's Civil Rights Cold Case Investigation support Act passes in the Senate.

I decided to give the outdoor kittens something new to do

"An Unforgiving Generation" Of Young Voters Faces Entrenched Climate Delay Across A Generation Abyss

Make Great Coffee with a Moka Pot

Lizzo played a Founding Father's flute and conservatives lost their minds

Cook Political: "It's Oppo Dump O'Clock"

Fifth Circuit reverses and grants judgment *for* a judge who does a prayer ceremony in his courtroom

Sinopec's Grand Hydrogen Vision

Sunken Gardens flamingos, still in a St. Petersburg bathroom, are doing fine

Post-Ian, Look For DeSantis To (Briefly) Shut His Anti-Earth Pie-Hole About "Woke Capital"

Poll shows Trump's GOP poses fundamental problem for Lee Zeldin (NY)

SIGN by Mr. Children

Elissa Slotkin Blasts GOP Anti-Abortion Colleagues: 'Shame On You!'

EPA's authority over wetlands is at stake as justices wade back into regulatory morass

Fifth Circuit reverses and grants judgment *for* a judge who does a prayer ceremony in his courtroom

Tomorrow never knows by Mr. children

Rob Reiner: "God help the USA"

🗳️ Italy: The eclipse after the 'night of pride': Georgia Meloni's quest to power and beyond

Krugman tweet (PCE inflation chart)

D.C.'s First Lidl Opens At Skyland, Bringing A Supermarket To Ward 7

Jeff Tiedrich tweet of the morning:

If only we had listened:

Two stories that will either give you a chuckle or ruin your day.

Judge Cannon's rulings are so bad they raise a question that is 'impossible not to ask': ex-prosecut

I Guarantee What DeathSantis Will Do

Kitty is not impressed by his new toy

Seth Meyers takes a look at Ginni Thomas, Roger Stone, My pillow guy and Rudy

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- September 30, 2022

These soldiers near Lyman are all torn up about Putin's annexation announcement

Kid Rock makes his move

The Most Absurd "Solution" to America's Assault on Women

One Chance by KOTOKO

This dog!

Marty Stuart has a birthday today.

Happy Friday!

Most of you know today is the last day of the 3rd quarter for donating to candidates

The charge of the baby elephant:

On this day, September 30, 1968, the Boeing 747 was shown to the public for the first time.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about midterm races to watch for a civics teacher....

'Trump is the man': Emails reveal secret back-channel between Tom Barrack and Middle Eastern nations

Brazil's Lula Goes into Sunday Election with Massive Lead. Will Bolsonaro Accept Electoral Defeat?

'Where's Katie?' Neighbors question why it took months to find woman's body in her Mpls home

Marjorie Taylor Greene divorce papers reveal string of affairs including...

Any word from/on William769 yet?

Gen. Flynn should be put away to protect himself and us.

Putin's speech today. Worth a read. He pretty much declared war on the West.

Flu map.

Russia-Ukraine war live: Kyiv applies for Nato membership after Putin annexes Ukrainian regions

Firehouse: DCTV's Cinema for Documentary Film Opens in NY After 50 Years of Media Activism

U.S. announces new sanctions on Russia in response to Ukraine annexation

Funk No. 1

If you shoot Olympus/OM Systems cameras

Thanks Joe

I subscribe to the Earth/sky community.

"I Didn't See You There": Filmmaker Reid Davenport on His Directorial Debut, Ableism & More

U.S. Consumer Sentiment Increased Slightly in September as Inflation Expectations Moderated


How do we know that Ginni Thomas said she believed in the steal if the....

Does Apple's Crash Detection Work? We Totaled Some Cars to Find Out.

Grumpy bunny's girlfriend won't respect his personal space

Today's earworm: Delaney, Bonnie and Friends.

UK is only G7 country with smaller economy than before Covid-19

US mail delivery !?!?

The Trevor Project teams up with a student surveillance company accused of LGBTQ+ bias

What a remarkable image. The daughter of Minoo Majidi--a mother of two who was killed by the Iranian

One of the greatest moments in TV history took place 43 years ago this week

Werner Herzog on the true cost of flying (humor)

I'll just leave these here

The US has supplied Ukraine with M30A1 shells!

Wonder how Rick Scott's beachfront $10M Naples mansion fared in Ian?

We made it

Top Songs of 1960

For any of you who still wonder about western support for Ukraine

Gentle Giant - The Boys In The Band

Since the GQP is having fits about Pres Biden's student loan forgiveness plan maybe he should..

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (September 30, 2022)

TCM 'tonight'

Chris Hayes: "Cut off weapons to Ukraine and lean on them to sue for peace..."

You thought the Supreme Court's last term was bad? Brace yourself.

Southern MD morning fishing on creek

Incredible time lapse footage of storm surge at Ft. Meyers Beach

Incredible time lapse footage of storm surge at Ft. Meyers Beach

Maggie Haberman Climbs Out From Trump's Folds

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn singlehandedly blocks bipartisan bill backing new cannabis research

Hood County Constable Chad Jordan was directed to produce records of his felony investigation ...

Rathian & Glavenus Hunt - Monster Hunter World

Ukraine Bids to Join NATO Despite Long Odds Against Wartime Move

Justice Jackson makes Supreme Court debut in brief ceremony

Times have changed. Back in the 1980s the American people were terrified of nuclear war.

Judge Cannon is a cog in the right wing coup to take over America and she is not stupid either.

Buildings leveled. Homes underwater. Fort Myers Beach 'is gone' after Hurricane Ian damage.

GUILLERMO DEL TORO'S CABINET OF CURIOSITIES - Official Trailer - Netflix - Starts 10/25/2022

Judge Cannon is being told what to do. The source is not Trump

President Biden setting up Gov. Man Bewbs

Mrs. B'tch Thomas has been the MASTERMIND Controlling, trump

Biden administration changes student loan guidance, as Republican-led states file lawsuit

Asia - Who Will Stop the Rain

The Trevor Project teams up with a student surveillance company accused of LGBTQ+ bias

Regarding political contributions

The 3 Myths Used by the Ultra-Wealthy to Justify the Ultra-Wealthy (Sorry you're so sensitive, Elon)

🔴LIVE - Hurricane Ian Coverage With Multiple Storm Chasers

Mike Lindell finally says something I can agree with.

EXPLAINER: A deep dive into risks for undersea cables, pipes

Flamingos sheltering in a bathroom for a hurricane? Call it tradition.

Missing my homegirl mopinko ...

Ok, for all of you on Medicare, did you get your "handbook" for 2023?????

U.S. House poised to pass stopgap government funding bill

Bill to fund government passes House, goes to Biden just before deadline

The new conservative dating app funded by Peter Thiel called, 'The Right Stuff' has now launched...

Desantis the Dork will attempt to cover up the death toll.

Happy 98th Birthday President Jimmy Carter

Rescuers Search Everywhere For Mother Of Kittens Found In Sewer

Luckiest Music Generation: Joni Mitchell, Help Me

News article on looting - racist/political comments follow

Hurricane Ian could cripple Florida's home insurance industry

Burien doctor caught performing unauthorized plastic surgeries, loses license

Forest Service Hiring 1,000+ Seasonal Workers In WA, OR

Musician Shervin Hajipour performs music video about the ongoing protests in #Iran

A Custody Evaluator Who Disbelieves 90% of Abuse Allegations Recommended a Teen Stay Under Her...

87,000 Pounds of Ready-to-Eat Meat Products Are Recalled

Chris Hayes "sue for peace" comment:

Sailor accused of setting a billion dollar warship on fire was found NOT GUILTY today

Where does earth keep all its trophies?

Keith Olbermann's latest podcast, his dog story was really good!

Looks like Chris Cuomo has a new gig with News Nation

Little Othello

Handy tip for hurricane/electrical outages

(Spoilers) Timely discussion about fighting back at internet trolls..She Hulk show

Vatican sanctioned Nobel laureate bishop after child abuse claims

Anyone noticing slow response on DU when posting comments?

Dysfunction in Texas AG's office as Paxton seeks third term

Sandhill Cranes Endure Hurricane Ian

President Biden speaking now N/t

Trump's Team Trashes Special Master In Late Night Court Filing - Ring of Fire

Hi everyone, need hints to cook cabbage(simple w/no meat).

"Irregular presence" of Russian bombers capable of carrying nukes detected near Finland

Gavin Newsom's trolling of Ron DeSantis deftly unmasks his cruelty

What should be done with the products of a Supreme Court that loses the trust of the people?

which cellist is best, playing The Swan by Saint-Saens?

Now That's A President!

Living with preadators

Trump allies have interviewed nearly 200 election officials to get support for conspiracy theories

Sheet mulching in North Carolina?

Bullet found in 'Your Friends at MAGA' letter sent to library in Chicago suburb

Alabama redistricting battle poised to gut Voting Rights Act for good

Why is it so hard to free wrongfully convicted people from prison?

What's going on over at traitor nation ?

Hurricane Ian makes landfall at 2:05 p.m. near Georgetown, SC

Tucker Carlson Secretly Tried to Get Jared Kushner to Broker Pardon for Roger Stone, Book Reveals

Trevor Noah Stepping Down as Daily Show Host After 7 Years

Question for my fellow DU lawyers regarding Cannon's most recent order.

S. Korea, US and Japan hold anti-N. Korean submarine drills

Senate Candidate Herschel Walker Says Trans Kids Can't Go to Heaven

Con Jr smears Greta Thunberg with Nord Stream pipeline sabotage

An interesting graphic from Reddit on average age of senators over last 100 years

Mississippi football legend Marcus Dupree denies allegations of wrongdoing in welfare fraud case

Less headache today. Afraid to jinx it

Hurricane Ian and the new era of rapidly accelerating storms

I haven't seen every press conference coming out of Florida.

Trump vs Slender Man

The first ruler of Russia

For the average Russian citizen

Cartoons 9/30/2022

'Evidence of a slowdown': US consumers spurn big-ticket items like cars, couches, cruises

Now they want to get rid of the VA

Welcome aboard, kids! Ferry rides are free for those 18 and under

Two retired LPD officers named in Oath Keepers data leak

Former Trump Official Pleads Guilty to Child Porn Charge, Is Sentenced to Prison

Watch live: Greg Abbott and Beto O'Rourke debate in Edinburg at 7 p.m.

todays example of how screwed up health care is in this country

Schwab: GOP's 'Commitment' left out its vow of cruelty, denial

Judge Cannon's sideshow

Yahoo/YouGov Poll: Most U.S. voters now say Trump should not be allowed to serve as president again

Any word yet on next month's photography contest?

Raiders may fire their. Coach

Don't forget your BINGO cards for tonight's big debate!

Iranians Are Ready For A Different Approach to Religion and Government

It looks as if the rain is about to get here.

Sen Ron Johnson WI Repug is crying like Trump-says the media is against him and wants your $$$$

Feds offer training to election workers to deal with potential violence at polls

S. Korea, US and Japan hold anti-N. Korean submarine drills

Notorious judge sends girl back into home where she was allegedly sexually abused

My husband is taking off right now from Charlotte as Ian makes landfall!

How Extreme (Georgia)

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

Army Doctor and Wife Charged with Offering Troops' Sensitive Medical Records to Russia

david bowie - heroes (live-berlin-2002) and turn it way the f*** up!

The sea was angry that day, my friend...

Is T. Carlson such a prick because he was abused as a kid?

Poll: Most U.S. voters now say Trump should not be allowed to serve as president again

Proposed bicycle-pedestrian bridge over Potomac receives $20 million in federal funding

Maggie Haberman says Trump tried to have her phone records seized to expose sources

Opening arguments to begin in sedition trial of Oath Keepers leader, rioters over Jan. 6

Here ya go! 65 seconds of a one man rave.

TX trying to kill another woman pregnant with a non-viable fetus

Now I'm fired up!!!

Fox prime time goes all-in against John Fetterman

6 Republican-led states sue over President Biden's student loan forgiveness plan - CBS News

Just FYI if you're in the dfw area

Patriot Front Nazis Who Destroyed Arthur Ashe Mural Identified

Elon Musk to debut "friendly" robot he says will not overpower humans

While it does not surprise me, it still shocks me at how openly proud repugs are to be racist

Fired Fox News Anchor Must Face 'Revenge Porn' Allegations, Judge Rules

Japan is set to fully reopen to tourists on Oct. 11. Here's what you need to know.

Has U.S. evangelical Christianity become more a political culture than a religion?

The death of irony

U.S. Senate debate planned in Macon has been canceled. Here's why

It is with a very heavy heart, I announce the death of my 99 year old grandmother

I had a Dream...

Judge denies student debt cancellation lawsuit after Education Department clarifies plan

US High Costs, Inflation- Healthy Food Out of Reach for Millions; Could Raise Risk for Diseases

The Exceptions Lie: Abortion exceptions aren't real. And Republicans know it.

Brett Favre Makes Amends By Sending Photo Of His Penis To Every Mississippian On Welfare

Michigan man charged in shooting of anti-abortion canvasser

Pro-Kremlin blogger summarizes Putin's speech in a few simple terms:

What To Expect From Tonight's Greg Abbott/Beto O'Rourke Debate

Ed Yong: The Pandemic's Legacy Is Already Clear

Former Honduran First Lady Sentenced to 14 Years for Corruption

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the GOP's grand midterm student debt strategy....

Twitter is getting too complicated. Did you know back in MY day, ...

Why is the news reporting that Putin has annexed Ukrainian regions?

Federal Judge Fights Back Against Cancel Culture By Cancel Culturing Yale Law School

Statement from President Biden on Russia's attempt to annex Ukrainian Terrority

List of 49 Republicans Who Voted Against Food Security Help for Veterans

The Chicago Cubs put together a drone tour of Wrigley Field

The UN took a vote

BYU hit by fresh allegations of racist abuse from crowd at athletic event

FREE webinar: Conference on Elections and Federalism

BYU hit by fresh allegations of racist abuse from crowd at athletic event

Schwarzenegger puts context to his anti-hatred message during Wednesday visit to Auschwitz

O'Rourke buses Uvalde families to Edinburg for debate as Abbott derides him as 'con man'

JFK and Haile Selassie in motorcade in front of White House, tomorrow 1963:

O'Rourke buses Uvalde families to Edinburg for debate as Abbott derides him as 'con man'

Aerial Photos Highlight the Rugged, Textured Topographies of the American Badlands

What's for Dinner, Fri., Sept. 30, 2022

Metro Delays Potomac Yard Station Opening, Extends Closures South Of National Airport

Ex-Philly Cop Accused of Sexually Abusing Young Girls, Threatening Witnesses

Invitation to Liz Truss, to Ireland

In today's meeting, someone pointed out

Brazil's Former President Lula Heads Into Sunday Election With Massive Lead

Metro Delays Potomac Yard Station Opening, Extends Closures South Of National Airport

Anybody know where Governor McMaster grew up?

House GOP Now Hoping for Bare Majority

Pluspetrol Norte: A history of unpaid sanctions and oil spills in the Peruvian Amazon

Sucking for real...

Marjorie Taylor Green voted against Veteran's Food Security..Pass it Around.. no text

The Moon was Pummeled by Asteroids at the Same Time the Dinosaurs Died. Coincidence?

Beto O'Rourke blames Gov. Greg Abbott for nixing live audience in tonight's debate

Please support Mandela Barnes in Wis. for his run against the infamous Ron Johnson.

Trump Allies Probe for Weaknesses of Election Officials

White House warns about GOP plan to put Social Security, Medicare on 'chopping block'

Pierce: Ronald DeSantis, Climate Change Denier and Disaster Relief Refuser, May Finally Face Reality

Hardship for Brazil's poor may cost Bolsonaro presidential election

French TV show invited people with unusual laughs to sit together....

Datafolha Poll: Lula 50% - Bolsonaro 36% - Lula Could Avoid Runoff & Create Momentum for Down-ballo

Fmr. GOP Chair Michael Steele: Polls are wrong. There will be a pink wave. Dems to hold House.

Trump offered to mediate between Ukraine and Russia the other day. Does

Hey Ron a taxpayer that gives you a pay check.....

LATIN AMERICAIn fiery UN speech, Honduras condemns colonialism, neoliberalism, coups, corporate expl

California governor signs bill offering legal refuge to transgender youths

Half of Adults Have Heard Little or Nothing About New Covid Boosters, Survey Finds

Chief Inspector Murphy is back from the haircut place

Horse Lost His Eyes But Woman Taught Him to Jump Again

So far, DeSantis has stopped just short of saying "There's never been such a quick

35 family members of Uvalde shooting victims throw their support behind Beto

Question about James Madison's crystal flute

Woman kills ex-landlord with hammer after he confronted her about forged checks, prosecutors say

An Iranian Journalist Who Reported on Mahsa Amini's Death Is Now in Solitary Confinement

Authorities: Texas man shoots 2 migrants near Mexico border

Fox News host says the mentally ill don't deserve rights

Louisiana's Infamous Angola Prison Will Now Lock Up Children

US outlines plan for long-term baby formula imports

The text of Putler's speech today, if you want to bother

Don't you love it when you're proved right?

I see for those of us not in Texas that Newsnetwork is televising the Texas governor debate

NEW: DOJ Blasts Former Top Trump Aide in NEW Criminal Trial Filing - Meidas Touch

NewsNation Readies New Chris Cuomo Show For October

Ron DeSantis changes with the wind as Hurricane Ian prompts flip-flop on aid

Beautiful Holidays memories

Got a message that my cable is out because of the hurricane

Another moment of "hmmmm"...

Thank a MAGA Republican: Supreme Court - The Lincoln Project

Burkina Faso's military leader ousted in second coup this year

GOP Candidate's Staffer Has a Murder-for-Hire Past

Rubbing ice cubes together to light a fire

Trump MAGA Republcans DECLARE they Will Defund and Destroy Government If They Take Power - Meidas Touch

Bollywood under siege as rightwing social media boycotts start to bite

Goodbye September. Goodbye GOP. Latest GOTV updates. Time to Kick Ass for Democracy, Women's Rights

DeSantis Seeking Storm Aid He Once Opposed For Other States - Deadline - MSNBC

Jessica Valenti: Abortion, Every Day (9.30.22)

Trump deposition in Carroll defamation lawsuit set for October 19 as fate of case remains in limbo

Judge upholds Georgia election laws on all counts in voting rights case

Rift in Danish royal family after Queen strips four grandchildren of royal titles

Harry Litman & Andrew Weissmann: Trump waving the White Flag?

Just how old are those Senators ?

How to market public transportation

Girls Against the Boys in Oklahoma!

I plan on wearing my pussy hat to the polls this year.

Ian lashes South Carolina as Florida's death toll climbs

Whew! Had to put out a lot of fires today, figuratively speaking.

Why does the MSM say "Russia has annexed..." instead of....

When mental health crises require more than a phone conversation, these mobile units come to help

Gavin Newsom and Katie Porter say oil companies are fleecing Californians. prices up 84 cents...

Gavin Newsom and Katie Porter say oil companies are fleecing Californians. prices up 84 cents...

Reporter Points Out Alligator In Orlando Floodwaters Following Hurricane Ian - MSNBC Reports

Putin: 'The only way to peace.'

MAGA Wrong Stuff

Hurricane Ian: Live Chopper Feeds Over Florida Disaster Areas - Tracking the Tropics on WFLA now

Bill Nye Was Just On MSNBC's "The Beat"

Tweet of the Evening:

The "Right Stuff" (TLP)

"Oh Sh*t" 🪂

Putin: 'The dictatorship of the Western Elites is ... pure Satanism'

100% Sober + Unlawful Stop Lawsuit? - LackLuster

Fox's Jeanine Pirro is back in the hot seat in $1.6 billion election defamation case

Insurance Companies Are Going Broke With These Storms And Either Are Raising Premiums Or....

Tweet of the Evening #2:

Son of a serial killer

Hurricane Ian: Live Chopper Feeds Over Florida Disaster Areas - Tracking the Tropics on WFLA now MAP

Georgia Meloni* sends deepest condolences and warmest support to Ron DeSantis.

"Who actually believes all those places in Ukraine voted to join Russia by 95, 99%? Who, I ask?"

With the storm Ian, we went back to PBS newshour to watch the news. Ugh.

Tweet of the Evening #3:

WaPo: Trump Team Divided On Mar-a-Lago Documents Approach - Deadline - MSNBC

Its time. NATO NOW

watch as bella hadid has a dress "spray painted" onto her: kind of interesting YMMV

Help......I saw, I think on Facebook someplace, two human skeletons walking four skeleton

Ukraine applies for Nato membership after Russia annexes territory

I would think those opposing Ukraine joining NATO ignore

Putin goes off the deep end

Dixieland Delight Alabama Student Section 2022 (First Game) - 4K

Goodbye 'pink tax': California prohibits charging premiums for women's products

Tweet of the Evening #4:

Russia vetoes U. N. resolution condeming annexation of Ukrainian land

What Is Gavin Newsom Doing in Texas?

Ginni Thomas lies to the Jan.6 committee, claiming the 2020 presidential election was stolen - Kirschner

Yngwie Malmsteen - Black Star (Live)

Goodbye 'pink tax': California prohibits charging premiums for women's products

President Zelenskyy honors the families of the fallen.

I'm anti-death penalty 100%, but Sirhan Sirhan can go straight to hell.

Huge Arizona school voucher plan in effect after foes fail

Note to Putin: you got it exactly backwards. It's Ukraine who has nuclear strike justification.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Tolls Drop Saturday

5 more bodies recovered from Puget Sound floatplane crash

Friday night Jams (We're home alone with the dog, but it still counts)

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will definitely win.