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Jeremy Peters: New texts and emails get 'inside the heads of the people at Fox' - Deadline - MSNBC

How Ukraine is trying to make Russia pay for crimes against women

A land dolphin in its natural habitat

She really is disgusting

1923, Rene Lalique "Gros Scarabe"vase.

McCarthy defends Carlson's access to Jan. 6 footage, calls media 'jealous'

No settlement in the Dominion vs Fox lawsuit will

Tennessee bill would partially roll back motorcycle helmet law; AAA opposes

It's a prized possesion but I don't know a lot about it.

What Happens When a Senator Is Incapacitated?

Jackson Lee: McCarthy's city will go unnamed but the murder rate there in 2021 was 11.91 per 100k.

Chicago polls close in 20 minutes (7 PM Central)

What you find when you look up "Oaf" in the dictionary

Marie Yovanovitch: U.S. needs to provide aid 'as quickly as possible' to Ukraine - Deadline - MSNBC

Trump's unhinged rants about prosecutors Jack Smith & Fani Willis signal Trump knows what's coming

Here's a thought

Video Game Voice Actors Doxed and Harassed in Targeted AI Voice Attack

Ricou Browning, the Gill-Man in 'Creature From the Black Lagoon,' Dies at 93

President Joe Biden should visit East Pala-STEEN, OH

Murdoch blasted for priming Fox viewers 'like a powder keg' in the runup to Jan. 6

DeSantis team accused of threatening Trump fans with police outside of book signing: 'And the battle

Rep. James Comer is on a crusade to expose a president's son. Too bad it's the wrong son.

53% of Chicago Primary vote reported...

Florida Lawmaker Introduces Bill to 'Cancel' State's Democratic Party

Art Deco Six-Light Chandelier by Edgar Brandt & Daum Freres

WordHurdle 4, 5, 6 & Phrazle Afternoon (( SPOILERS))

Amazon Treats Me Worse Than The Warehouse Robots - That's Why I'm Walking Out

Happy Sweet Morning February into March Positive Mood Jazz and Bossa Nova Music

US environmental agency opens office near site of Ohio toxic train derailment - The Guardian

I recently bought a new DELL laptop and it seems to have an automatic save function.

House approves measure targeting Biden rule allowing money managers to consider ESG in retirement in

Iowa lawmakers propose a ban on same-sex marriage

Ford's Electric Pickup Is Built From Metal That's Damaging the Amazon

Dave Grohl Spent Over 24 Hours Barbecuing For The Homeless During Winter Storm

Somebody should tell Trump, his re-election day is February 31st?

ChatGPT's inaccuracies are causing real harm (Fortune's Eye On A.I. newsletter)

McCarthy gives Jan 6 footage to insurrection defendents

Attempt by Ecuadre:or's government to silence investigative journalism

Diagnosis (Netflix)

Murdoch, Hannity admit it: We knew Trump lied and didn't stop it - The Beat - MSNBC

Citizens travel to Peru's capitol Lima to protest against Boluarte

Supreme Court conservatives may want to block student loan forgiveness. But they've hit a snag

George Santos Faces Two More Calls for Ouster From Fellow Republicans

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

Judge orders investigation of Guatemalan journalists


National Park Service grinning and bearing it

Fox News chief admits it in bombshell: We went from numbers to 'endorsing' lies - The Beat - MSNBC

Bolivian recounts eating worms, animal attacks in month lost in Amazon

Last Week in the Republican Party - February 28, 2023

One we didn't hear during Bolsonaro's time. It's late, but we should know, anyway:

Father of cellphone sees dark side but also hope in new tech

Golden Retriever gives giggling baby a ride in a box:

Joe Walsh - Turn To Stone (live 1972 - strap in)

Linda Kasabian, Manson Family member and key trial witness, dies at 73

Linda Kasabian: Manson family member dies at 73

Both of South Dakota's anti-drag bills have now been defeated

Chris Hayes: Why Fox is 'the most destructive institution in all of American politics' - All In MSNBC

Vallas in runoff for Chicago mayor; opponent not yet decided

Why it's hard to explain the 1970's to people.

Vegas Man Arrested after Plotting Another Black Mass Shooting

Heard on Brian Lehrer

What REALLY Happened in the East Palestine Train Derailment

Joe: In trashing Biden over train derailment, GOP deflects from Norfolk Southern

Seth Meyers - Biden Takes 10-Hour Train Ride for a Surprise Trip to Ukraine - Monologue 2/27/23

Jeff Tiedrich tweet of the evening:

Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago Loses Her Bid for Re-election

Tom Hanks and Robin Williams should have been brothers.

Which CO US Senator retires first? Bennet or Hickenlooper?

An aside: William Shatner is a king of kitsch.

Bernie: Americans shouldn't have to go deeply in debt to get an education - All In - MSNBC

Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Some Velvet Morning

Electric car registrations cancelled over road user tax (in Australia)

Train collision in Greece, yikes

Who is going to be Chuck Schumer's US Senate successor?

Electric Vehicles Need AM Radio, Former Emergency Officials Argue

Mississippi GOP pushes law that would ban voters from using ballot measures to change abortion laws

So, there was a flurry of 2024 polls today, most showing Trump extremely "well-positioned" for 2024

Through My Eyes

Trump Judge makes OUTRAGEOUS ruling against Jan 6 insurrectionist - Meidas Touch

As Russian forces bear down on Bakhmut, Ukraine admits situation there is 'more and more difficult'

Security, GOP style

Hickenlooper will be the 2nd oldest US Senator of CO in 2026 when he is up for re-election.

Wednesday Digit: 8/10 - A new month, same old 2022-2023 winter with mild highs

Ford wants to allow your car to lock you out -- and even drive itself to an impound lot or scrapyard

A bipartisan group of Senators is talking about raising the retirement age on Social Security

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot concedes race - MSNBC


LOL @ President Biden calls out Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) for yelling "Liar!"

Creepy church group in Charlotte, NC praying outside an abortion clinic

U.S. Battery Installations Soared in 2022

S7:E7 (Special Guest OK House Minority Whip - Rep. Mickey Dollens)

Will faux sponsors quit to avoid the taint of deception?

Waxing Gibbous, 67% visible

Lori Lightfoot loses: ( Mayor of Chicago

Either I underestimated Joe Biden or I overestimated the Republican Party

Active shooter with multiple police officers shot in Kansas City, Missouri; standoff underway.

texas needs to put the guard rail back on this sharp turn

Democrats hold three CT House seats in special elections

Bill to legalize duplexes, fourplexes in Washington advances

Lawrence O'Donnell: Dominion suit has proven that Fox sells lies - The Last Word - MSNBC

New York Times DESTROYS DeSantis' New Book

A Christian Health Nonprofit Saddled Thousands With Debt as It Built a Family Empire

What does the science say about the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic?

CHICAGO: Jeylu Gutierrez To Replace Indicted Burke, Becomes 14th Ward's 1st New Leader In 50 Years

You think you're having a bad day?

The House was supposed to grow with population. It didn't. Let's fix that.

Seaside California City Bans Balloons in Public

Olivia S. Benson - For the Love of my Father: A healing guide for women growing up without a dad

SHAMEFUL: She rejoiced at midnight when she turned 65. Healthcare should not be this way!

CA: After lawsuits, Alameda County takes a different approach to replacing late supervisor

The new gilded age in poetic fashion. Torry Mercer nails it as only he can

This Tiny Welsh Island Is Europe's First Dark Sky Sanctuary

CA: San Mateo Mayor Faces Recall Effort After Barely Two Months On the Job

MTG Votes Against Earthquake Disaster Victims

TN government has gotten so twisted and creepy

Harvard Professor calls for expanding House of Representatives - The Last Word - MSNBC

Every American President, but they're all cool and they all sport a mullet

CA-AD74: Chris Duncan (CA) Announces Campaign for Assembly District 74

Joanna McClinton makes history as first female Pennsylvania House Speaker - The Last Word - MSNBC

☦️ Orthodox Christian again thanking God for Holy St. Anthony of Padua ✝️

(New?) fantastic anthem: "The Scarlet Opera - Alive"

El Salvador's mass incarceration movement sparks far-right lament U.S. isn't putting more people in

Republicans PANIC over McCarthy's DANGEROUS deal with Tucker - Meidas Touch

China's CCP warns Elon Musk against sharing Wuhan lab leak report.

At This Moment, West Denmark's Wind Turbines Are Running at Less Than 1% Capacity Utilization.

Ukrainians repel attacks in Bakhmut and surrounding towns

A surprise-billing law loophole? Her pregnancy led to a six-figure hospital bill

Bay Mills Indian Community fights a proposed oil pipeline tunnel, which would run through their

Wendy Davis: Abortion exceptions are 'window dressing' to make bans look more acceptable - The ReidOut

Another Santos Scandal? He Diverted Voter Registration Money to a GOP-Allied Gay Rights Site

Rep. Pressley to Supreme Court: Uphold law authorizing Biden's student loan forgiveness program

We've Been Talking About the Lab-Leak Hypothesis All Wrong

Unhoused Living in Restrooms in Venice

☦️ Orthodox Church: Compline w/Canon of St. Andrew of Crete, 2nd day of The Great Fast of Pascha

DeSantis turns his bullying tactics on Disney - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

FBI director says China lab leak likely caused COVID pandemic

New court documents show Fox cynicism starts at the top - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Student loan 'fairness' debate misses economic, class, racial contexts - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Chicago activists call for justice after migrant found shot to death in Little Village

TN governor haunted by cross-dress photo while signing drag ban - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

McCarthy defends release of Jan. 6 tapes - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Kimmel: Pro-Russia Tucker Takes on Kimmel, George the Girl Scout Santos & Marjorie Taylor Greene

Kate Bedingfield reflects on her time in the Biden administration - One-on-one with Stephanie Ruhle

Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl barbecues for hours to feed people at LA homeless shelter - The 11th Hour

The conservative battle against 'woke' banks is backfiring

McConnell attacks Pete Buttigieg... and gets humiliated on national TV - Brian Tyler Cohen

The Republicans Who Like Talking About Ohio but Not How Much Money They Received From Rail Companies

Happy 96th birthday Harry Belafonte

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/28/23

Here is a thought just read this on twitter

28 Feb: Russians Boast With Their Ammo Delivery. Regret Immediately - Reporting from Ukraine

Wordle 620 (3/1) ***SPOILER THREAD***

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden's speech, Virginia, and the debt ceiling....

CO is most likely going to have a new US Senator in 2038 when Hickenlooper is up for re-election.

Nigeria's ruling party candidate Tinubu wins presidential election - electoral commission

Greece train crash: at least 36 killed and dozens injured in collision

Playdough Surgery series. For those curious but squeamish about watching actual surgeries

Breakfast Wednesday 1 March 2023

Trump Supporter Made Me This Stunning Promise! - Luke Beasley

Social policy in the European Union: state of play 2022 - Policymaking in a permacrisis (free PDF)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about student debt, SCOTUS, and what's next....

Exposed: Blackstone's Evil Scheme to Profit Off Every American Crisis - More Perfect Union

Listen, I know we're considered enemies but I'm here to help

Stephen Colbert: Prince Harry Takes The Colbert Questionert

In February, Russia increased the area of land they control in Ukraine by approximately 85 sq. km...

Republican Senator Makes a Fool of Himself During Tucker Carlson Interview! - Luke Beasley

Israelis step up fight against government with 'national disruption day'

So is CPAC facing a Schlapp in the face from Fux and friends?

Many thanks to all of you!

Detroit and Lansing coffee shops temporarily close due to threats

Jimmy Eat World - The Middle (Live)

Hoobastank - The Reason

Imprisoned Andrew Tate Demands Hairstylist After Embarrassing Jail Photos Expose Thinning Hairline

10,000 Maniacs - Because The Night

Student loan SCOTUS question

Judge on Steve Bannon trial: 'We can't keep dragging this out'

Student accused of attacking teacher's aide over Nintendo Switch held on $1 million bail

Turkish Stadium Sees Teddy Bears Rain Down on Field for Earthquake Victims

Not happy kids

I'll be 57 this month sarcasm , And I find it odd that I'm the same age as old people.

taylor greene Votes Against Earthquake Disaster Victims

Another Week putting up with the republican CLoWns:

' explosive legal filing has exposed the truth about Fox News.'

Wray And Garland Failed To Investigate J6 Intelligence Failures

Europe Pushes Back ETIAS Entry System Until 2024

On this day, March 1, 1967, "Riot on Sunset Strip" was released.

SCOTUS and Student Debt Relief

Jon Tester to Run in Montana's 2024 Senate Race, Boosting Democrats - Let's Talk Elections

So Judge Rapey Beer Boof, who had $100s of thousands in credit card debt "cancelled"

DeSantis Promises Florida Will Control Disney Content

Lucira's home test for flu and COVID-19 gets U.S. FDA nod for OTC use

I took Rat Face to the vet yesterday

Star of Chimborazo Hummingbird - Ecuadorian Sub-species

Russia - Slashes Oil Exports by 650,000 Barrels Per Day as Sales Collapse After European Union Ban

Were Trump Supporters Asked to Leave DeSantis Book Signing? Laura Loomer among them.

GTA 6 looks amazing 😳

The Twitter Paradox

Obviously, we expected this (TFG off the rails re: Dominion/Fox filings)

BTRTN: Joe Biden Appears to be Enjoying Himself Immensely

BTRTN: Joe Biden Appears to be Enjoying Himself Immensely

Need food - POWWOW will be at these locations

Judicial Activism Is Apparently Quite Lucrative

Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon was released 50 years ago today

Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon was released 50 years ago today

Chinese Economy & Mutual Funds' Pain; Evergrande Faces Liquidation; PMI Hope? - China Update

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 2/22/23

Eli Lilly caps the cost of insulin at $35 a month

Soliciting Multiversity: DC's Top 10 for May 2023

New law in France that requires Solar...

Soliciting Multiversity: Top 10 Manga for May 2023

Comics Should Be Cheap (3/1/23)

The Webcomics Weekly #212: Under the Oak Tree Finale (2/28/2023 Edition)

The Rundown: March 1, 2023

Southern Baptist Church is expelling female pastors

Emptywheel - Douglass Mackey aimed to depress black turnout in Pennsylvania

Good morning. I'm a sucker for ish like this

"Define 'WOKE'!"

'Afraid' FBI agents wanted to shut down Trump docs probe before Mar-a-Lago search:

Unpopular opinion - student loan forgiveness

Charlie Fox to MTG, FTW

My sweet Charley Girl

We are a month ahead with respect to what's blooming - this is crazy!

Wednesday TOONs - Moved To A Different Section

Chicago Mayoral vote by Ward

congratulations --- you are an idiot and an asshole.

This Marjorie Greene Interview Will Melt Your Brain! - Luke Beasley

Thanks Joe! Lilly to cut insulin prices by 70%, cap prices at $35 per month.

Joni Mitchell to Receive Gershwin Prize at All-Star D.C. Tribute Concert, PBS Broadcast to Follow

Who should be our candidate in 2024? It isn't really complicated, though some would like

David Hogg Humiliates Marjorie Greene After She Gets a Taste of Her Own Medicine

'Extremely threatening case': First amendment atty on Dominion lawsuit against Fox News (CNN)

Ford patent app: car would 1st lose aircond/radio, then drive itself to impound if payments missed

One of the most hilarious movies I've seen in ages!

How Many Nuclear Missiles Can the United States Intercept? - The Infographics Show

I'll bet you weren't expecting this.

MTG Whines After Being Treated How She Treats Others

Hottest February In India Since 1901; Hot Season Setting Up As Something Horrible

Fox Knew - The Lincoln Project

Oh Baby Baby/Happy Women's History Month

Democratic mayors lead course correction on psychiatric commitments

why is fox treated as a legitimate news organization?

Eli Lilly Says It Will Cut the Price of Insulin

I know this is not allowed, but I am absolutely DISGUSTED

Chopin was born on this date.

Jim Crow Is Resurrected in Mississippi

Glenn Miller was born on this date.

As Republicans Struggle to Outline Budget Cuts, Biden Steps Up

Eli Lilly to cut insulin prices by 70 percent

Roger has a birthday today.

Mike Luckovich-Woke

Why the "Make America Great Again" saying and movement is steeped in racism.

WISCONSIN SUPREME COURT: Dan Kelly's (R) attacks are a diversion from his miserable ethics record

I am shocked, (not really) DOJ and the FBI were arguing about raiding Trumps home.

In advance of potential bad weather, I spent more on indoor cat food than indoor human food

Winter Eastern Bluebirds

'bless oneself to ward off the devil's work'

Dark money and special deals: How Leonard Leo and his friends benefited from his judicial activism

The first Daffodil bud has made an appearance on St. David's Day. How appropriate.

A Perfect Descripton of Tucker Carlson

New College trustees, led by DeSantis appointees, dismantle diversity office

Michigan Capitol grounds may soon become a gun-free zone

Jamie Raskin dunks on Lauren Boebert to her face in epic smackdown - Brian Tyler Cohen

CHICAGO: Ed Burke's reign ends as 14th Ward elects Jeyl Gutirrez 1st new alderman in 54 years

Pic Of The Moment: Biden's Bully Pulpit Gets Job Done For Insulin Users

check this out. my old stomping grounds

Have you seen the 'Mullet Presidents" by Cam Harless? Love Biden and Abe.

Vermont legislators look to ban child marriage, joining other states this session

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about cookies, college, and cons....

DC Metro Will Spend $55 Million, Take Three Years To Fix 7000-Series Trains

NJ: Lisa Crate (D) elected mayor of Brick

Schumer, Jeffries ask Murdoch to stop Fox hosts lying about 2020 election

NJ: Dumped by Democrats, Cherry Hill mayor keeping options open for re-election bid

Publix shoppers, your attention please. This morning at my Publix, which is in the

New College of Florida--other schools will be targeted

Pennsylvania's long-expected House speaker finally takes office--and makes history

Jamie Raskin DUNKS ON Lauren Boebert to her face in EPIC smackdown - Brian Tyler Cohen

MI-SEN: Debbie Dingell still looking at possible Senate campaign

DU photo meetups.....

With warming up whether we've been having, the Asian beetles are coming out of the woodwork......😳

Report: Daniel Snyder's future is on the agenda for league committee meetings

Democrats did this!

Mario Cuomo Bridge or Tappan Zee? New push on to bring back old bridge's name

We Have a Real UFO Problem. And It's Not Balloons. - Politico

Cherelle Parker's latest pitch: 'Cherelle Parker wants to be Philly's next mayor'

With Murdock et al admitting that they lied to its audience, can't something be done by the FCC

Virginia Senate finance co-chair Howell joins those retiring

Oklahoma GOP Leaders Urge Voters To Reject Marijuana Legalization Measure On Ballot Next Week

Grandma adopts a kangaroo. Now he wants to keep hugging her.

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- March 1, 2023

Wendy Davis to lead Planned Parenthood's political advocacy arm

14 Pound Pittie Who Can Barely Walk Learns How To Do Zoomies From His Brother

Told Dunc pup I'm going to bed till 17:00 he's stupid in love with my niece

Remember the GA football player killed in a car crash after National Championship?

Death Toll from Migrant Shipwreck Reaches 67 While Italy Cracks Down on MSF & Other Rescue Groups

Tweet of the Day

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (March 1, 2023)

Note to AG Garland and most yammering Senators: it is fen-tan-IL not fen-tan-ALL

I'm thinking the ASSHOLE traitors that want to subpoena TFG, should

Dumb Cops Handcuff Man Trying To Unlock His OWN Car - TYT Sports

Is Fox News in trouble? Hear what George Conway thinks (CNN)

Do you want to get under DeSantis' skin and weaken him? Call him Governor Booty McBootface.

New York Will Pay Millions to Protesters Violently Corralled by Police

Hear FBI director Wray remark on Covid lab leak theory (CNN)

Happy first day of Women's History Month

Politico: Trump ties GOP in knots over Medicare and Social Security

GOP rams through TikTok ban bill over Dem objections

IMPD Sgt. Eric Huxley faces felony charges for kicking man in face

I'm going to try this....I don't care what the neighbors think!

Kentucky State Police pay $130K settlement in 2020 excessive force lawsuit

Longest Alabama Strike Ends as Warrior Met Coal Miners Return. Record Coal Prices Help Break Strike

AG Garland just shut down the MAGAT narrative creator on Boof's protection

Walton Hills police ripped woman out of car during traffic stop, slammed her against car after she s

? If you were going to open a used book store with coffee and pastry shop for store..

Student Debt Relief in Jeopardy as Conservative Supreme Court Justices Question Biden's Plan

'Havana syndrome' not caused by energy weapon or foreign adversary, intelligence review finds

Ok DU. I have to share from a dear friend. He is an investigative journalist, an author DU friends,i

MN Legislature sets fast pace for new policies

More states appear poised to expand voting access for people who were incarcerated

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Loses Election; Candidates Backed by Police & Teacher Unions Head to Runoff

snakes - or moth?

Dkos: Republicans fear special counsel Jack Smith, but this could be another disappointing investig

WISCONSIN SUPREME COURT: Protasiewicz (D) says she would recuse herself from cases involving Dems

Giannis Antetokounmpo - The Charles Antetokounmpo Family Foundation The Daily Show

Scottsdale students defaced property with hateful images on Holocaust studies, district says

On February 28, 1986, the film "Pretty in Pink" was released.

'Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President,' Documentary Trailer

Republicons grilling AG Garland on why he hasn't appointed a special counsel for Hunter Biden

On February 28, 1986, the film "Pretty in Pink" was released.

I am not happy about OpenAI and ChatGPT, as I've made clear

Jobless rates down in 49 states in 2022; employment-population ratios up in 36 states

Senate hearing live, Merrick Garland

Jeff Tiedrich tweet about the insulin cap:

Republicans keep forgetting who the U.S. president was in 2020

Outcry after New York mayor dismisses separation of church and state

Rep. Lauren Boebert Gets Absolutely Schooled By Jamie Raskin Using Trump's Own Words

Steve Bannon loses his mind on the air (Media Matters)

Maggie the gag needs some schooling

Raskin to Boebert: Democrat is the noun. When you use it as an adjective, you say Democratic.. As if

House GOP assisting Jan. 6 defendants.

Pupper's battery charge runs down:

China's Plan for Peace In Ukraine Just Went Up In Flames

'Havana syndrome' not caused by energy weapon or foreign adversary, intelligence review finds

Lying isn't the half of what is happening!

I could never resist this pupper's moves:

Showdown before the raid: FBI agents and prosecutors argued over Trump

Nanny dog keeps the kittens busy:

This is a good read on The First Amendment

Tennessee Lawmaker looks to add firing squad to execution bill - and lynching

Who was the best NYC Mayor of the last 45 years?

O, hai.

The defeatists here at DU are out in full force today.

"Meep, meep!"

Experts blast FBI after bombshell report reveals agents were 'afraid' to raid Mar-a-Lago

Seahawks keenly interested in bringing back Bobby Wagner, much to work through

Howard University's All-Black Swim Team Just Won A Conference Championship


Cute red squirrel eating a carrot:

Ruptured water main in Renton causes road closure

Statements made with 'reckless disregard' are unprotected by First Amendment

Two cute sloth video tweets:

US warns allies at Munich that China may increase support for Russia

Hello fishpeople. What is your favorite fish to eat? Mine is salmon. I remember the first time

Sanders Announces HELP Vote on Subpoena for Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz

If you want to see what I had right in front of me last night and aren't squeamish

Biden Already Has Congress' OK to Cancel Student Loan Debt

No one should have to go hundreds of thousands of dollars into debt to get an education. Period.

Roosters--or tornado sirens?

More colon cancer cases found in younger people, new report shows

Wearing an Eye Mask While You Sleep Could Have Surprising Mental Benefits

Bernie: This is what fighting back accomplishes: Sanofi and Novo Nordisk must do the same.

Goal keeper in full form:

Does your bank/ Credit Union have a WiFi connection??? I really thought this was weird, my

This little boy has no need of a blanket:

🔥Eli Lilly caved! Insulin at $35 a month!🔥

Unusually cute kitty imitation:

***March means the Winter Photo Contest!***

Gas price here in mid cities DFW area

Cartoons 3/1/2023

Sneaky cat thieves:

Why do Republicans hate Americans?

Michigan Senate votes to add LGBTQ+ protections to Elliott Larsen Act

Michigan Senate votes to add LGBTQ+ protections to Elliott Larsen Civil Rights Act

Courteous Bear Closes The Door:

This has to be a joke??? Britain's Prince Harry loses home on royal estate: reports

Such a chonky boi (a puppy, no less!):

TCM tonight:

On February 29, 1916, Dinah Shore was born.

Great. OpenAI staff DOESN'T KNOW why ChatGPT, trained on English, uses other languages

Clinics appeal to Florida Supreme Court's conservative bent in fighting abortion ban

Clinics appeal to Florida Supreme Court's conservative bent in fighting abortion ban

The Gospel of J. Edgar Hoover: How the FBI Aided and Abetted the Rise of White Christian Nationalism

Tennessee Republican wants to bring back death by hanging from a tree to state executions

Michigan Senate votes to add LGBTQ protections to anti-discrimination law

Cardinal and Pyrrhuloxia

Just in: National Mall and Memorial Parks predicting Cherry Blossom Peak Bloom on March 22-25

Ted cruz just told A G Garland that he would be indicting trump

Freeperville scorecard: tfg vs deathsantis on killing social security: No quotes or links: sanitized

How fed up are San Franciscans with the city's problems? New S.F. Chronicle poll finds pervasive glo

These People Are Secretly Sane.

NJ Legislature OKs bill to make landlords, sellers warn residents about past floods

NYC Council candidates hit the streets even as lawsuit to change district lines looms

New (2/27) FTC warning to businesses: Keep your AI claims in check

Free kill families. This seems to be real in Florida, though it's the first time I heard of it.

Tester to join Manchin, Republicans in blocking DOL green investment rule

NY: Zeldin launches PAC aimed at increasing GOP turnout among voters of color, younger demographics

Want To Keep Your Social Security And Medicare? Dump Republicans In 2024

Ricky Gervais nails it:

Rep. Balint: Democrats should highlight GOP attacks on personal freedoms

NY: Michael Giangregorio (R) wins special election to county legislature

Egg issues

NY: Dutchess Dems Announce 2023 Endorsements

Former Delivery Man Found With a 600 Year Old Mummy 'Girlfriend' in His Cooler Bag

Turkeys crossing the driveway this AM

In an Epic Battle of Tanks, Russia Was Routed, Repeating Earlier Mistakes

need a private publisher for my book


False Narrative

Brit HUME's protege, horrible Megyn KELLY mocks GUTHRIE/vaxx/Left - wasn't ($30? ) million enough?!

Social Security - Excellent Articles

Jillian Balow resigns as Virginia's superintendent of public instruction

Prosecutor is figuratively securing a noose around the neck of Alex Murdaugh

Another mass shooting near the school that I taught in. 3dead, 2 injured. School on lockdown. This

Italy's Prime Minister Meloni Speaks Out Against Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage

Murdaugh Trial -- I don't know about the rest of you...

Officials offer climate activists possible deal on Alaska oil project

Campaign for Direct Elections in Brazil Turns 40 in Times of Democracy Threats

Michigan Democrats begin repeal of 1931 abortion ban

These Billionaires Are Sabotaging Your Student Debt Relief

With the Latest Republican Move of the Goal Posts, Arizona House Democrats are Mad as Hell

CPJ calls for Guatemala to halt investigation into "elPeridico" journalists

DeSantis had apricothellbeast supporters turned away from his booksigning

AZ: House Republicans pass bill that could codify fetal personhood

AZ Republican senators pass anti-trans school bathroom bill

AZ: Cochise County gives election skeptic recorder near full control of elections

Pro-Lake PAC didn't fabricate its source of $2.1 million, officials concluded last year

Out with the old and in with the new: What Brazil's new president means for forests and environmenta

Since fox execs have admitted making statements with "Reckless Disregard" over and over

Daffodils survive the cold snap. Here in Delaware

The Republican War On LGBTQ People Reaches A Fever Pitch

NBA star Ja Morant accused in police reports of punching teen, making threats

Transgender woman violently attacked at Minneapolis light rail station

Search for answers in Shanquella Robinson's death stretches into fourth month

Atlanta queer-friendly Black church is source of solace for LGBTQ youth: 'I look over and see my peo

Conversations With A Friend, Who Believes I Need To Get Out More. I Am Living In Fear!!!

Our gas went up a dime today, or I just noticed it today......went from $3.09 to $3.19

Man stopped at airport with explosive concealed in checked luggage

Python 3.14 Will be Faster than C++ (Not really)

Ohio Senate votes to give governor's office control over public education

Time to end this anti-democratic, autocratic blank check for future wars

DA drops felony charge against officer in train crash case

2022 Governor's Cup: Kentucky Second Nationally in Economic Projects

The number of Black state-level House speakers just hit a record.

Is anybody up on right wing code "stuff" ... is 1/up arrow just another way of writing 1/6?

'Make it a spectacle': Proud Boys leader Tarrio key to Jan. 6, U.S. says

Lobbyist says she was sexually harassed by Pa. lawmaker Mike Zabel, calls on him to resign

Samoyed Feels Super Chilled When Flying With His Dad

Real Reason for McCarthy release of Jan 6 video ...Midas Touch

"Cats have really played the longest game in history. Thousands of years ago they were like

Matt Gaetz gets HUMILIATED at congressional hearing - Brian Tyler Cohen

The battle over abortion access could return to the ballot box in four states as the 2024 elections

Well, this isn't terrifying or anything. Air Force general shoots his mouth off:

MS: House bill would revive ballot initiative but prevent voters using it for abortion rights

Reason that USAF members at ND base were relieved of duty? Failed nuclear weapons inspection

Abortion code talk in Texas. From Texas NPR 1March 2023

The brothers at nap time, today, with very differing sleep styles

Why is Youtube recommending republican videos to me all of a sudden?

Penguins, Pirates, Steelers unite for diversity and equity initiative in Pittsburgh

In 2021, Maria Gutierrez alleged an Arlington police officer tore her rotator cuff.

Michigan legislature passes $1B tax plan, now heads to Governor Whitmer's desk

How an Anti-Abortion Law Firm Teamed Up With a Disgraced Kansas Attorney to Dispute 2020 Election

What's for Dinner, Wed., Mar. 1, 2023

Everett schools may slash 140 jobs, shutter virtual academy

How to tell when cats are having fun or fighting

As court debates student loans, borrowers see disconnect

Florida wants child rapists put to death. SCOTUS has said it's unconstitutional.

Wishing The Wait And See Crowd Would Turn On Deadline Whitehouse

Russia Hits Wikipedia With Fine for Going Against Putin's War Narrative

Can DeSantis ban this book!

Sanders: Senate panel to vote on subpoena for Starbucks CEO

Bird grooms cat:

Christopher Rufo at Florida's New College is giving off strong...

Senate overturns federal rule on ESG investments, Biden vows to veto

Panda sliding on his back in the snow:

Sky: Britons paying hundreds of millions to turn off wind turbines as network can't handle the power

2nd tweet--panda cub sneak attack on caretaker:

Evangelicals moving from T**** to DeSantis

I am disgusted to my fucking core about the state of this country.

Any "Slow Horses" fans here? I just finished season 1

Biden administration lawyer may have saved student loan forgiveness plan at Supreme Court

Rachael and Vilray - "I'm Not Ready"

Christian school that embraced the LGBTQ community is forced to close its doors

Hey Fox, remember BRIAN WILLIAMS' tiny helicopter fib?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about whether Russia's nukes work....

2nd tweet -- compilation of dogs and cats interacting:

Drama dog:

Dark Brandon Mocks MTG, Crowd Goes Wild

With just five weeks to go to win race for mayor of Chicago, the contest is 'about to get real'

RFK killer Sirhan Sirhan denied parole by California board

Outlawing child labor; safe and sanitary on-site drinking water; overtime pay; the 40 hour

Russia Just Took a Big Dam Risk. Is Moscow Running out of Soldiers? - William Spaniel

Newly confirmed meteor crater at site of French winery (

Delta Pilots Get 34% Raise Over 4 Years With New Contract

Hummingbird - Various Blossoms

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 2 March 2023

WISCONSIN SUPREME COURT: OPINION: Daniel Kelly is a threat to democracy in Wisconsin

Hey, Rupert! Big Lie GOP Megaphone is NOT Journalism.

Feds Accidentally Reveal Another Trump Investigation - Ring of Fire

Students across Iowa take part in walkouts to protest LGBTQ bills

Mickey responds

How many transgender suicides?

44-year-old man arrested for series of bombing incidents in Fresno

In defense of small dogs...

Lauren Bobert, her twitter & no American geography on her GED

Tennessee Republicans Are Doing This! - Luke Beasley

Simple: We've Always Had: The Very Good, The Good, In-Between, The Very Bad, & The Very Ugly!

FDA official behind Alzheimer's drug scandal steps down

Marshfield Clinic Health System to lay off 346 workers across network

Did Ukraine start a drone war on Russia?

Georgia Senate committee passes bill that bans drop boxes.

In Flames - Pure Light Of Mind

Picture of the damaged plane in Belarus in this link

TCM March 2023 AT A GLANCE - 31 Days of Oscar March 1 through March 31.

A 12-year-old Russian girl has been sent to an orphanage and her father beaten up and arrested

Chopin - Heroic Polonaise Op. 53 - By Arthur Rubenstein

That pharma drop in insulin costs is EFFIN HUGE!

Supernova From the Year 185: A Rare View of the Entirety of This Supernova Remnant

Putin intends to erase it from the internet - Break the Fake - TVP World

It looks like Biden is going to win again

Local and national nightly news praising ely lily for

Do you know what Alexander Fleming discovered in 1928?

Trump's Ambassador Slams Netanyahu's Judicial Plan

Camellias closer (with palm, and magnolia 'shading' house.)

"The 'Woke Screen' is a Smoke Screen" -- Whitehouse Blasts Extreme GOP Budget Cuts - Sen. Whitehouse

When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.

What China's Collapsing Birth Rate Tells Us

Rupert Murdoch Gave Jared Kushner Access To Biden Campaign Ads Before They Aired - Ring of Fire

Neighbors, and

Buster the Cockatoo cries like a baby waiting for dad to come home - LOL!

This was just reported on MSNBC.