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Gene Chandler & Jerry Butler - Sho' Is Groovin'

Ugandan bill threatens jail for saying you're gay

Imagine going to the movies, and on the big screen you see..............

BREAKING: Trump finally gets the WORST NEWS of his life - Meidas Touch


Trump Jr. Rushes To Defend Tucker Carlson As Both Sides Attack Him - Ring of Fire

UN buys huge ship to avert catastrophic oil spill off Yemen

Manhattan DA warns Trump's lawyers to prepare for indictment:

NYT: Prosecutors Signal Criminal Charges for Trump Are Likely

U2's The Joshua Tree was released 36 years ago today. 1st 3 tracks were all hit singles. Grammy win

Maybe I'm just having a bad day. Maybe the seven years af daily drip, drip, drip of putrid

the aquarians - Excuses, Excuses

U2: Songs of Surrender - A cynical cash grab? Put your preconceptions aside

Uranium and cadmium glass collection.

This is what Fani Willis should do:

Less than 24 hours after Georgetown's season ended in the Big East Conference Tournament,

Duke Ellington Orchestra - Pyramid

Mexican cartel delivers 'kidnappers' -- five bound men -- and an apology

The Orange bone spur may run,

"This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land". Arlo Guthrie & Pete Seegar, Please Enjoy. 2:40secs

The Ugly Elitism of the American Right

DC insider predicts what will happen in the biggest battle between House GOP and White House

Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg - It Ain't Necessarily So

confusion on DU about how teacher pay works, so here is some clarification....

This exoneration by the Brooklyn DA's office was a triumph for justice

Cold Case Murder of Kentucky Teen Carol Klaber Solved Nearly 50 Years Later - Law&Crime Network

Tucker Carlson's airing of security footage spills into January 6 criminal court cases

Boogaloo Boy who built gun cache in preparation for 'violent uprisings' is on run: FBI

The Doobie Brothers - Dedicate This Heart

Biden's proposed FY 2024 budget would accelerate $250.7 million to complete FFG Lynnwood Link

Grace Jones - The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game

Trump Blurts Out 'Peace' Plan to Hand Russia Chunks of Ukraine

Just wondering if we should start tracking flight from PBI...

Santos working hard

Trump legal bomb: D.A. signals Trump charges 'likely' in hush money probe - The Beat - MSNBC

I'm sorry. We the people and the government that represents us need to STOP being afraid of MAGAs'

Rick Astley - When I Fall In Love

Boycott Bans Are an Assault on Free Speech

Bono & The Edge: A Sort of Homecoming, With Dave Letterman (March 17 on Disney+)

Actor Robert Blake 'In Cold Blood' 'Baretta' has died.

09 Mar: Nice. Russian Marines Riot and Refuse to Fight - Reporting from Ukraine

Bono & The Edge: A Sort of Homecoming, With Dave Letterman (March 17 on Disney+)

Actor Robert Blake, known for "Baretta" and "Lost Highway," dies at 89

Trump indictment watch: D.A. signals 'likely' criminal charges - The Beat - MSNBC

Carlson's doubling down on the J6 lie, in cooperation with McCarthy...

Arizona schools superintendent sets up snitch hotline to report 'inappropriate' lessons Brad Reed

Railroad CEO 'sorry,' but avoids specifics at Senate hearing

'Shut your mouth': Senator confronts labor leader in heated exchange over union intimidation - CNN

Federal court to expedite Andrew Warren's appeal in lawsuit against DeSantis

Medicare Watch - President's Budget Outlines Policy and Spending Priorities

Prostate cancer

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Valentine's Day 2046 and asteroids....

Federal court to expedite Andrew Warren's appeal in lawsuit against DeSantis

Taking the Michelle Obama high road on McConnell

Former NBA star Shawn Kemp released without charges....

Jane Mayer is on Chris Hayes now

House GOP votes to overturn Biden rule on water protections

Robert Blake, actor acquitted in wife's killing, dies at 89

Ex-Biden aide agrees to House interview on classified docs

Kentucky lawmakers override veto of Mitch McConnell-backed Senate vacancy plan

NYC: Rats Can Carry Covid Variants, New Study

Freudian slip (DeSantis event):

The Price of Walgreens Capitulating to Republicans on Abortion Pills? $54 Million

Cocaine Bear is the movie we never knew we needed

That moment when you realize you wasted

Mississippi man gets 42 months in prison for cross burning

New York State's Trump Investigation An analysis of the reported facts and applicable law

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

Biden's $6.8 trillion budget challenges Republicans, raises taxes on rich

How sheep are helping to preserve the ruins of Pompeii

Malcolm Nance: Tucker Carlson Untouchable? Is it Time to Defund Fox News?

Fox News Tucker Carlson on Trump: I hate him passionately. So why is he lying about Jan 6?

Why Michael Flynn's new lawsuit looks like an audacious stunt

Skillet - Hero

Will Rupert Murdoch actually fire these Fox 'News' hosts who willingly spread the big lie?

Stop saying the NY case is too small and a political problem. Clinton was charged, impeached on a

Busted: Fox News producer behind network's crime fearmongering has criminal past Gideon Rubin March

Lauren Boebert accidentally falls on her face at hearing - Brian Tyler Cohen

Robert Blake, actor who was once tried for murder, dies at 89

Anyone else watching this CNN education town hall?

Man Accused of Spray-Painting 'Groomer' on Libraries Caught With Child Porn

Trump invited to appear before Manhattan grand jury in hush money case - NBC News

Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko calls Putin a murderer and calls for international trib

Are there any judicial elections coming up?

Oregon healthcare organization purchases Seaside hotel, plans to create permanent housing

With most of the country still under winter alerts, switching to "summer clock" this weekend is

DeSantis and GOP are waging war against 'woke' ESG. Now business groups are fighting back.

Shooting in northern Germany: At least seven people killed, several others wounded - DW News

Elon Musk Is Planning a Texas Utopia--His Own Town

I went in for my second colonoscopy today, at age 60


First-of-its-kind medical marijuana lounge opens in Maryland.

Nikki Haley calls for changing retirement age for Americans who are now in their 20s

What to Know About Medication Abortion

Inside the Trump-Murdoch 'mutually beneficial, dysfunctional relationship' - All In - MSNBC

The 20-Somethings Fueling a Stick-Shift Renaissance

SNAP Tweet of the Day (Mrs Betty Bowers)

Update: Police Department Announced Shawn Kemp Will Not Be Charged With A Crime After His Shooting

Robert Blake, 'Baretta' Actor and One-Time Murder Suspect, Dead at 89

Judge uses a slavery law to rule frozen embryos are property

Trump envisioned deal to let Russia 'take over' parts of Ukraine

What is your favorite adult drink, mixed drink, or beverage?

Just a smile maker

Anti-Woke Conservative Attacks "Deeply Weird" People In Insane Rant

Rep. Allred: GOP reps on weaponization panel should 'take the tinfoil hat off' - All In - MSNBC

Marianne: Carlson & McCarthy's Deal. Did it work &

Marianne: trump's star fades as Saturn in Pisces brings accountability to all

Kevin McCarthy PLOT to FORCE All Capitol Visitors to Watch Fox EXPOSED - Meidas Touch

Senator Warren Calls out Chair Powell for Fed's Plan to Throw At Least 2 Million People Out of Work

WATCH: Sen. Warren Corners Fed Chair Over Interest Rate Hikes

The Congressman John Hall Band - Crazy - YouTube

NY DA Bragg invites Donald Trump to testify in grand jury; next prosecutorial step? An indictment

Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al (from The Concert in Hyde Park)

Tracy Chapman & Eric Clapton - Give Me One Reason (1999)

Wondering out loud. If women could incorporate themselves, would we have more rights?

Strange circular dunes on Mars spotted in these NASA photos

See the night sky shine with ghostly zodiacal light this month

Tracy Chapman & BB King - The Thrill Is Gone (Live on November 7, 1997)

Would you use the word "evil" or "traitor" to describe anyone who is an outspoken election denier,

Ten Years After - Working On The Road (2017 Remaster)(Official Audio)

Post-Childbirth Deaths Leave Traces of Mourning in Families and Expose Failures in the Healthcare Sy

Lula Resumes Visa Requirements for USA, Japan, Canada and Australia

How a responsible publisher (Wired magazine) is dealing with AI

U.S. targets 'shadow banking' network helping Iran evade sanctions

Happy bird:

Bad hair day, or rad hair day?

Ron Meatball was live.

Kevin Parker vows to continue Tame Impala tour after fracturing hip during half marathon:

Colombia's president trades barbs with his Salvadoran counterpart

So how long should the Dominion case take?

The scale of local news destruction in Gannett's markets is astonishing

DeSantis indicates privately he intends to run in 2024 as allies prepare

Honduras's first woman president legalises morning-after-pill

Florence Beatrice Price's 'Ethiopia's Shadow In America'

'"But we like our smelly slippers," says Simonian, capturing the essence - Brake the Fake- TVP World

MI: The most powerful speech from last night's gun safety debate.

The wide gap in FBI Standards.

'It doesn't look good, but wait and see': Expert on Manhattan DA's office possibly charging Trump

Cute vocalizations of a very cute kitten:

Why Oscar-Nominated 'Argentina, 1985' Serves as a Global Reminder of the Need to Fight for Democracy

I'm Really Surprised There Hasn't Been Much Coverage Of DeSantis Job As An Assistant Urinalysis.....

Who will win the coming GOP delegate battle?

Weaponizing of government hearings have accomplished 'absolutely nothing' Rep. Daniel Goldman says

Sometimes I find atheists confusing (bit of a meme - with a great retort)

West Virginia Republicans Block Child Marriage Ban

Corruption first; Fascism second...

Photos from El Segundo Farmer's Market plus two from a friends garden!

The Other Children in the DeSantis Culture War

Idaho Senate goes full Nazi

Getting hotter for the Big Con...

Matt Schlapp's Accuser Goes Public With Allegations

Seth Meyers: Stunning Texts Reveal What Fox Hosts Really Thought About Trump's Presidency: A Closer Look

Just getting started...

Peter Navarro Ordered to Turn Over Emails

W.VA to ask SCOTUS to allow ban on trans athletes & US House panel passes nat'l ban


Lawrence O'Donnell: If Trump is going to be criminally changed, it will be this year - The Last Word

Gov. Hobbs vetoes SB 1305, which aims to ban critical race theory

Robert Blake dead at the age of 89 due to heart disease.

I was released from County Jail a couple of hours ago

Russia's demographic collapse - Eastern Express - TVP World

Dem Rep. Boyle: McCarthy and House GOP's 'priority is protecting the rich' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Head of private Russian army says he's been 'cut off' by Putin - CNN

Bernie Sanders Harangues Norfolk Southern CEO

Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis censured for false election claims - The Last Word - MSNBC

'A pact with the devil': US congresswoman lets rip at Argentina, CFK over China ties

Long COVID Now Looks like a Neurological Disease, Helping Doctors to Focus Treatments

AZ: Teachers could go to prison for recommending 'sexually explicit' books under GOP proposal

AZ: Hobbs vetoes bill that banned 'critical race theory' in Arizona schools

Flagstaff issues resolution to support abortion access, asks lawmakers to repeal anti-abortion laws

MI: Republicans want Genesee County declared Second Amendment sanctuary

By the end of 2023, there will be FOUR District Court vacancies once filled by Obama appointees in

State of Michigan gun reform package of 11 legislations advances from committee to full senate

Traute Lafrenz, Last of the White Rose, German Anti- Nazi Resistance Student Group, Dies Aged 103

Michigan Senate nixes asset test requirement for food assistance program

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, March 10, 2023

Advancing Michigan bill would repeal legal protections for gun industry


MN: Women take charge at the Capitol

Texas led nation in white supremacist propaganda in 2022, report finds

'They say we're not Peruvian': Protester deaths highlight Peru's deep historical divisions

FL: House proposal allowing charter school athletes to play for private schools advances

Men Sentenced For Democratic Headquarters Bomb Plot - Raw News And Politics

TFG is pissed at the probable New York indictment

MN: Bill codifying Indian Child Welfare Act language into state law heads to Walz's desk

Gotta love this momma eagle protecting her eggs during a snow storm.

Senate adds conscience clause to aid-in-dying law

Amid Violent Conflict, Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel Thankful For US Guns - Analysis

Satire in the Age of Murdoch and Trump The Problem With Jon Stewart - Podcast

Biden corners Republicans with proposed budget - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Why the Manhattan D.A. may be poised to make history with a Trump indictment - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Why are news outlets excusing FOX on the basis it was all about "ratings". Like lying for ratings

George Santos masterminded 2017 ATM fraud, former roommate tells feds

Argentina's grain harvest suffers under worst drought in 60 years

'Missing link' protostar may prove solar system's water is older than the sun

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about an enduring math problem in Ukraine....

a teenager (college student) embezzles $540,000 from her part time job at jewelry store

Pictures from space! Our image of the day

Don't you just love Republicans trashing each other?

Chile reinforces military presence near Peru, Bolivia border

What does Election Season mean????

A freshwater giant is a boon to Bolivian fishers, but an unknown for native species

Amazon deforestation linked to reduced Tibetan snows, Antarctic ice loss: Study

El Alto: A History of Anti-Neoliberal Struggle

Trump backers mislead on January 6 prison inmates - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

"becoming increasingly common for religious arguments to come to courts disguised as legal arguments

What's the funniest thing you've seen on DU (or anywhere else) today?

What would you wear to a '60s party?

Cultured blueberries in my porridge

MS state Republicans dirty tricks

Tennessee lt. governor 'likes' gay Instagram accounts as state attacks LGBTQ rights - Alex Wagner

Trump invited to testify in hush money case - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Elections in Ecuador Unmask Western Media Dishonesty

DeSantis seeks $98 million to fund Florida's own military

Fairy motif brooch/pendant

Dominion lawsuit pulls back curtain on Fox News - The 11th Hour - MSNBC


Crooks target Medicare and Medicaid to the tune of $100 billion - CNBC Television

Art Nouveau planter

Vase ,France, 19th century

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/9/23

Art Nouveau pendant in Gold, Enamel and Pearl

Democratic institutions in Guatemala are being dismantled, we warn UN Human Rights Council

An Art Nouveau shelf clock

Legal analysts shocked that after everything Trump's done, he's going to 'go down' for Stormy Daniel

TABLE LAMP, c. 1900. (Stunning Piece)

WORDLE 629 (3/10) ***SPOILER THREAD***

Young Dems Back Biden: 85% want Biden to be the 2024 nominee.

Not by the DOJ

San Miguel volcano (El Salvador): near-constant eruptions continue

Chandelier Antonio Salviati Italian, 1816-1890 c. 1880-1890 (One of the best I've ever seen)

Breakfast Friday 10March 2023

A rare tall vase . Designed by Koloman Moser . 1900

Thousands of women in El Salvador march for rights

Deco style spider art Vase

Stephen Colbert: Guests Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin

Tiffany Studios seven-light chandelier

Goats run loose in San Francisco and no one knows where they came from

Yay! I found shoes for my niece's wedding!

Start Your Day With Some Love

Gosh! I wish I could get invited to a Grand Jury hearing?

Man who painted "Groomer" on Libraries during Pride Week is Caught with Child Porn

Bee Gees - You Should Be Dancing

Pat Benatar - Honky Tonk Woman w/Sheryl Crow, Dixie Chicks

Florida man attacked by alligator after hearing noise, opening front door

Shania Twain - Man! I Feel Like a Woman. Live In Las Vegas 2014

UPDATED: Chinese Rocket that Delivered Military Spy Satellites Breaks Up Over Texas

The Tennessee House Just Passed a Bill Completely Gutting Marriage Equality

81-year-old stuck in snowbank survives nearly a week on croissants and candy

Message from GOP to MAGAts:

Lauren Boebert is going to be a grandma.......

There's a big Girl Scout cookie shortage, and the group is frustrated with its main baker

Construction jobs hold the key to understanding Friday's February jobs report

Visa, Mastercard pause decision to track gun shop purchases

Hey you! Yeah, you. I see what you're doing there...

Former Fox exec found guilty in bribery scheme for soccer game rights

a Texas mother left her kids (age 12 and 3) home alone for 7 weeks.

CO US House Members that will run for/get elected to the US Senate when Hickenlooper/Bennet retire.

On this day, March 10, 1940, Chuck Norris was born.

On this day, March 10, 1940, Dean Torrence, of Jan and Dean, was born.

On this day, March 10, 1964, the original acoustic version of "The Sounds of Silence" was recorded.

As I recently posted, The indictment debates are coming to an end, The trial debates will begin.

On this day, March 10, 1919, actress Lorna Thayer was born.

On this day, March 10, 1923, actress and songwriter Dorores Fuller was born.

On this day, March 10, 1947, actress Francesca Hilton was born.

We are having a cold civil war, not between two armies, between this.

I wonder if Bragg found new evidence or a new witness.

Brown Violetear - Colombia

Xi awarded 3rd term as China's president, extending rule

Canada's Biggest Pulp/Paper Corporation: A Thicket Of Corporations, A Global History Of Destruction

Hermit Thrush & Blossoms - Central Park, NYC

FTA: $4.45B for Major Transit Projects

Members of "gulf cartel" who killed Americans handed over to authorities.

What do the Republicans really want to do?

Friday TOONs - Forward To The Past

Surf's Up! The Bracing Seaspray Scent Of E Coli, Salmonella And Norovirus!!

The origin of Superheroes: Gen

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 3/8/2023

I think I figured out Powell.

The Rundown: March 10, 2023

Multiple Chinese Provinces Record Early March Temperatures Up To 10C Higher Than Historic Averages

On this day, March 10, 1963, Patsy Cline's funeral was held in Winchester, Virginia.

The sun hitting the steps

Years Of Loud Net-Zero Announcements And UK Has No Plan, And There Is No More Time

No, That New Study Doesn't Show that Masks Are Useless

Amtrak restores Cascades service

UK Modeling The Future: Fear To Win Power, Power To Block Consequences Of Climate Breakdown

Macron insists pension reform is needed, despite protests

Iran and Saudi Arabia agree to resume relations after years of tension

On this day, March 10, 1947, Tom Scholz of Boston was born.

Prosecutors signal Trump criminal charges are likely (CNN)

Which video is funnier?

House Republicans Launch Investigation Into DC Jail's Treatment Of Capitol Riot Defendants

Payrolls rose 311,000 in February, more than expected, as jobs growth stays hot

All 26 House Oversight Republicans refuse to sign statement denouncing white supremacy

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane Cover)

Shakespeare banned in Florida!

Ukrainians who fled war face end of temporary US sanctuary

The End Of The Shale Oil "Miracle" In Sight; New Well Output Falling Rapidly In Multiple Regions

Gun violence is the top killer of US kids--the pandemic made it worse

"Have you no sense of decency?"

The Donald Defense

The Shocking Report On The Financial System; US-China; Chinese Economy & Fiscal System- China Update

The Shocking Report On The Financial System; US-China; Chinese Economy & Fiscal System- China Update

Vaush Pit - Arnold Schwarzenegger's Based Message About Anti-Semitism

Bix Beiderbecke was born on this date.

Did Jared & Trump Sell Out America for Billions while the Media Looked the Other Way?

Republicans are in full retreat. (Republicans should be in full retreat?)

(Kenneth) Jethro Burns

More Raw Story Comedy: CPAC Attendees Show "Division" On Climate Policy

311,000 jobs added in February!

Norman Blake has a birthday today.

News & Commentary March 3, 2023

Mystery: Solved.

"We'll Go After Putin After We Return To Russia!" - Russian Soldier Calling From The Front

Ronnie Earl has a birthday today.

Both my daughter and mother dreamed I died...

Artist captures incredible images at Houston rodeo--there's just one catch

Silicon Valley Bank fails to find buyer as run on bank outpaced sale process

'We're going to lose': GOP frantically tries to squash MAGA election conspiracists

Democratic group to air ads in four swing states to mark American Rescue Plan anniversary

Virginia judge uses slavery law to rule frozen embryos are property

The Spectator: "Don vs Ron"

US jobs growth remains strong despite rate rises

Stormy Daniels was paid for her silence

Deadly mass shooting at Jehovah's Witnesses center in Hamburg stuns Germany

DCCC picks 29 'Frontline' members for extra help next year

Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home in Carmel-by-the-Sea sells for $22 million

Ted Cruz tweets something stupid and then deletes it

Visa, Mastercard put tracking of gun shop purchases on hold

Gartner: Your 7 Biggest ChatGPT Questions, Answered

Biden's consistent emphasis on job creation hitting home with highly educated independents

Russia is sending some US weapons captured in Ukraine to Iran (CNN)

Trump, a victim of extortion? That's a new one (my words)

How the US power grid is a target for far-right groups

Virginia Governor Stumbles As Trans Student Confronts Him On Live TV

UK's King Charles grants brother Edward Duke of Edinburgh title

Mark Wahlberg Gets $55 Million for Massive Los Angeles Mansion

The Way Americans Watch Local Sports Is About to Change

MSNBC Reporter regarding Jordan's "weaponization" hearing: "he was able to score some points"

Shy rescue cat loves only one human

Meet the 'Ghost' Woman Fox Relied on for Voter Fraud Claims

Lauren Boebert trashes sex-ed -- then announces teen son is making her a "36-year-old grandmother"

Communications Workers of America Mobilize to Gain a Pro-Worker Seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court

Adam Thielen and the Vikings about to part ways

Disturbed this morning

Whenever I am forced to hear about Faux News scamming their MAGA Zombies I'm

So, what are you wearing to "Indictment Watch"?

Proud Boys make new desperate motion to Federal Judge - MeidasTouch

Trump hit with nightmare news amid surprise development - Brian Tyler Cohen

Do you think TFG will be indicted?

Fire breaks out at building near White House, no injuries

Tucker Carlson: The Milli Vanilli of the news media industry.

Stompin' at the Savoy - Benny Goodman, the King of Swing 🎵

Out-of-Towners Head to 'Climate-Proof Duluth'

Mr. Cat's friend, the opossum, is hanging out with him quite a bit lately.

U.S. economy added 311,000 jobs in February, exceeding expectations as jobs growth stays hot

My odd experience in Charleston WV yesterday

With the Turtle out of action, I have to say,

The captain of an oil tanker refused to refuel a Russian ship to protest Ukraine's invasion.

@Jim_Jordan held a meeting on Subpoena compliance!: Swalwell outloud said Jim did NOT comply w/ Jan6

DeSantis' woke war is unpopular in Florida

The right must be really worried about Buttigieg. They're...

On this day, March 10, 1913, Harriet Tubman died.

Indictment coming leaving the questions:

TN to refuse to marry same-sex, mixed-race, transgender couples

Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich

Dancing In The Street

Anti-LGBT Republican Caught Thirsting Over Young Gay Man's Instagram

A World Without Men

Same word with a different meaning

The Orange Pus Boil's

Dutch historian finds medieval treasure using metal detector

My brother is on his way to the ER and I'm freaking out

Is it safe to use ChatGPT for your task?

I'll take any potential indictment against Trump but...

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (March 10, 2023)

Just like the so-called republican "health care plan", there is no republican budget proposal. As

Metro's First Electric Bus Delivery Delayed Due To Battery Fire Recall; DASH Buses Also Affected

Here's Why the Science Is Clear That Masks Work (Cochrane study was wrong)

Georgian parliament withdraws 'foreign agents' bill after days of protests

"Modigliani." Enjoyable biopic starring Andy Garcia.

"When The Hell Will House Republicans Stand Up Here"

Another day/night of rain, and the Garden looks it!

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- March 10, 2023

Ron DeSantis's book ban mania targets Jodi Picoult -- and she hits back

Ukraine rebounds from Russian barrage, restores power supply

spring is sprunging + ihave hay fever tips. i cured mine eating/drinking a bottle of LOCAL wildflowe

***OK, it's time for second submissions! Two days left before I open the polls.***

This morning I heard the term "conservative intellectual" used on TV.

Just curious.. Tyler Boebert is 17, how old is the person he impregnated?

Historian Alfred McCoy: As Tensions Rise over Taiwan, U.S. & China "Edging Ever Closer" to War

Western legislatures take on foreign land ownership

Is a one-inch heel the secret to a DeSantis victory in 2024? (DeSantis wears high heels)

Biden smacks Dejoys gas powered USPS fleet with the Inflaction Reduction ACT -electric fleet!!!

Rescue Pittie Loves Using Buttons To Get Attention

TN Lt. Governor caught liking gay posts on Instagram (he's virulently anti-LGBTQ)

Western legislatures take on foreign land ownership (California portion)

Spicy Kitten Needs To Be Wrapped in Purrito

'Racist' Trump is blowing up because he can't stand being prosecuted by Black lawyers

Rep. Barbara Lee on Cutting the Military Budget, Abortion Rights & Why She's Running for Senate

Jury can see 'Access Hollywood' tape in E. Jean Carroll's rape case against Trump, federal judge rul

THANK YOU Senior U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan: Access Hollywood tape can be shown at trial.

Do you cut your sandwich diagonally, side to side, or not at all.

Why are they so obsessed with Portland, Oregon??

Is Tr**p's Book Of Letters Meant To Embarrass Those That Sent Him Those Letters?......

"Barbaric Restrictions": 5 Women Sue Texas After Being Denied Abortions Despite Deadly Health Risks

FDIC closes Silicon Valley Bank after bank fails to raise new capital

Iowa GOP still giving rancid p-grabber 80% approval. Blech.

George Santos eviction tapes show him begging to feed pet fish, mulling public assistance

For used books, avoid Discover Books!

Judge Kaplan to allow 2 other Trump accusers to testify.

Tucker Carlson knows his viewers want to be lied to

Indicto-rama: Which will indict IQ 45 first?

4 1/2 years sober yesterday!

Ron DeSantis' $100m for Florida "Private Army" Raises Questions

Who will make history first, Bragg or Willis?

Online tests suggest IQ scores in US dropped for the first time in nearly a century

New Drugs for Cancer, Rare Disease Can Now Cost More Than $20,000 a Month

You ever have one of those days where you really wish ... you were still back at College?

The source of the twitter files

Rasmussen Reports Poll (R) Biden 50% Approval 49% Disapproval

Mitch McConnell fell two days ago & is still hospitalized w/very little info.

In California, a Race to Capture the Water Before It Escapes

Details matter

So it looks like Governor Sununu of New Hampshire is running for President

[Virginia] Haysi vice mayor killed while fighting Buchanan County wildfire, officials say

When will Americans flood the streets to protest our broken, corrupt Supreme Court?

Dildos and penis pumps: Swedish retirement home helps elderly spice up their sex lives

Mississippi lawmakers stop effort to take over Jackson water

Archrivals Iran and Saudi Arabia agree to restore ties after years of tensions

The silence re: Jan 5 is bugging me again today.

Az. House Elections Committee: Don't say 'conspiracy theory'

Luca Stricagnoli - fingerstyle guitar cover of U2's "With Or Without You"

Some FL GOP lawmakers want school boards to be partisan; would there be consequences?

Luca Stricagnoli - fingerstyle guitar cover of U2's "With Or Without You"

NH: Trans youth feel unheard as Republicans debate parental rights in State House

Bill extending child work hours passes Ohio Senate

Ron DeSantis spreads Floridation in Iowa

Idaho Senate votes to eliminate use of student IDs for voting

New atmospheric river storm brings heavy rain to California

Florida is getting knocked in the Breaking News forum for reactivating its State Guard

IA:House passes bill to loosen school requirements, including for arts and language offerings

NJ: Lawmakers advance package of bills to protect domestic violence victims

Fake 'nuclear bomb' alert on TV and radio scares Russians

Florida County Bans Jodi Picoult Novel, Citing DeSantis Directive

MO: Open-container law for marijuana gets hearing in Missouri House

Silicon Valley Bank CEO Sold $3.57M of SVB Stock in Last Two Weeks

ME: Lawmakers, advocates push for enhanced tenant protections amid statewide housing crisis

Russia's Kinzhal Missiles Can Be Shot Down by The Patriot, Ukraine Reveals

Dallas cops hunt guy putting his German Shephard out of truck and driving off

WI: Kelly (R) and Protasiewicz (D) financial disclosures show only one candidate did partisan work

Yellowjackets Season 2 Official Trailer - SHOWTIME - Streams 3/24/2023

Dear dealers, anyone have a date schedule for mark changes, referring to porcelain.

Don't Forget!

MD: Gun bill receives preliminary approval in the Senate

Time span from indictment to Trump actually serving sentence?

AK: New anti-discrimination bill proposes housing protections for more Alaskans

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Minnesota making moves....

Alabama Automotive Parts Supplier to Pay $1.3M in Penalties After 20-Year-Old Work's 2016 Death

Arkansas panel approves proposed ban on school employees using transgender individuals' pronouns

Amazon stops selling subscriptions

Connecticut rest stop workers due $2.7M in wages: lawsuit

Combat juggling

If the RW think the backlash against their Lineker attack is bad, wait for the Attenborough ...

Wisconsin Supreme Court Race Could Decide Fate of the State's 1849 Abortion Ban.

How Federal Judges Made a Political Game Out of Taking Senior Status

Manchin says he won't advance Biden lands nominee

Conspiracy theory threatens to blow Texas out of program that keeps voter rolls updated.

The babies are just the future slaves

"A Fancy Piece of Homicide" on Hoopla

Parahawking is an interactive experience of gliding with birds of prey


HARRACH BOHEMIAN Hand Enemeled Floral Inverted Thumprint Blue & Amber Ewer

House conservatives issue new spending demands in debt ceiling debate

Hillary's $250,000/speech looks like what against Kushner 2 Billion gift from BSM?

Living room fireplace in Villa Majorelle , Nancy , France . Ceramist : Alexandre Bigot . Cabinetmake

Not yet bereavement. But what I say to my cousin who was just diagnosed with

Former Twitter VP says Elon Musk is behaving like the local drunk

A former TikTok employee tells Congress the app is lying about Chinese spying

gift link to NYT article on "The Untold Story of Russiagate"

Tiffany Art Nouveau vase from c. 1900 by Tiffany Studios, New York, USA.

Former Teen Mom Lauren Boebert Wants To End Sex Ed Classes For Teens

Preacher obsessed with teen sexuality

I Just Heard Michael Cohen Has Credibility Problems Because He Was Referred To As A Habitual Liar...

Update on my brother's ER visit

Inside the "Private and Confidential" Conservative Group That Promises to "Crush Liberal Dominance"

Fight Report: 1. New York connects with a left.

Kyle Rittenhouse - If they can sue me they can sue you

This will be illegal in many red states... male playing Ursula

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet

Hawaii May Soon Pass a $50 Green Fee for Visitors

It's Dark in Trumpland today. But Is It Stormy? Jay Kuo

Cold rain and windy in Delaware, bluebird is hunkered down

Minnesota's Governor Just Made the State a Refuge for Gender-Affirming Care

Grand daughter!!!

Best option for addiction moves more into treatment

Saudi Arabia and Iran Agree to Restore Ties, in Talks Hosted by China

WISCONSIN SUPREME COURT: Janet Protasiewicz (D) on Wisconsin redistricting: "The maps are rigged"

Cartoons 3/10/2023

Push to lower legal limit to 0.05 for driving drunk falls short

February 2023 Atmospheric CO2 Content: 420.41 ppm; February 2022 - 419.28; February 2021 - 416.75

Tweet from Gisele Fetterman

'Baffled': Hand Up Project founder faced concerns long before ouster

Everett mayor's speech mum on scandal, focuses on crime, climate, housing

Texas Republicans Embroiled In Corruption Scandals

The greatest version of "Somewhere over the Rainbow"

WISCONSIN SUPREME COURT: Dan Kelly's (R) growing list of right-wing financial ties

Under the Texas abortion ban, a woman went into sepsis before doctors would treat her and nearly die

Choice for GOP voters: Mr. Retribution or Mr. Unwoke

TCM later:

WI: Big voter turnout expected in April

FAA clears Boeing to resume deliveries of 787 Dreamliners after weekslong pause

We Cannot Let The Needless Execution Of Animals Continue

How Trump could lose primaries but win nomination

Kitty kleanup!!

WI-SD08: This state Senate seat will determine whether Wisconsin Republicans get a supermajority.

France again

Blanket octopus

'Cocaine cat' escaped owner, will now live at Cincinnati Zoo

New College loses at least $10 million in donations after DeSantis' takeover, alum says

Letter claims Mexican cartel handed over men who killed Americans

Did we ever find out who hacked into the DU in 2016 on election night?

Gay Sarasota School Board member verbally attacked after public comment rules change

CHICAGO MAYOR:Paul Vallas' Facebook Page 'Liked' Comments Calling Chicago A 'Hell Hole' And 'S--cago'

Proud Boys deployed foot soldiers in sedition plot, Feds say


Xi awarded 3rd term as China's president, extending rule

50 cats that fell asleep in the weirdest places

So, if Bragg indicts trump because of Stormy Daniels payments, won't that be a black eye on Garland?

Republican Bullies Have Hit An All-Time Low With This Attack - Rebel HQ

Mood (leopard, corrected):

Retired colonel on Russia hitting Ukraine with 6 hypersonic missiles (CNN)

North Carolina lawmakers intervene to defend abortion pill restrictions in case testing FDA power

Many animals--close ups:

Maryland House OKs abortion rights constitutional amendment

And on Fridays we dance! (Tweet)

WY: Abortion bans await Gov. Gordon's action

New Hampshire Senate rejects codifying abortion rights

Nasa tracking asteroid that could ruin Valentine's Day in 2046

Texas Abortion Ruling Nears, But Blue States Aren't Waiting to Protect Pill Access

Lawsuits challenging abortion ban put Indiana in uncharted territory

Monkeys eating--strawberries, lettuce, an orange:

Parrot wants his blanket back!

KY Police Ignore Black Man's Fatal Heart Condition - Rebel HQ

Ohio Supreme Court abortion case: Chief Justice appoints anti-abortion judge

Parrot helps with typing:

If You've Ever Wondered - Miyah Byrd

Fox CEO issues Jaw-Dropping response to Dominion lawsuit - Brian Tyler Cohen

Cockatoos : "C''mon! Let's dance!"; " No! I don't wanna! "

This bird--so funny!

Quote with which I agree (Vincent Van Gogh)

From the Texas Tribune-3 women sued in Tx for assisting with a self managed abortion. So it begins

In rift with President Joe Biden, Sen. Joe Manchin vows to block oil, gas nominee

I saw a report that the orange hair traitor was yapping about new eVTOL planes

Meta Looking Into Launching a New Twitter Rival: Report

Cat says it's time to put the laptop away:

BBC will not broadcast Attenborough episode over fear of 'rightwing backlash

PM Update: Last batch of showers into evening, then gusty through Saturday

Thoughts About Ron DeSantis

What's for Dinner, Fri., Mar. 10, 2023

Puppy bounces:

Metronomic cat:

Biden, EU leader hold talks on proposal on electric vehicles

Judge Tipton has *denied* DOJ's motion to transfer Texas's challenge to the new immigration parole p

When you check the security camera on vacation & see this:

Ex-England star Gary Lineker to 'step back' from BBC over tweet on migration

New color scheme unveiled for Air Force One that discards Trump's design

FDR's Ambassador in London and his 21-year-old son Jack departing for Paris, today 1939:

This puppy is so proud of his work!

Capitol rioter rattles off conspiracy theories about China, Fauci at sentencing hearing

Wife wonders why husband is taking so long to take out the Christmas tree:

You know Bill, I remember Cary Grant and Danny Kaye.

Family: Activist's hands were raised when shot by police at training center site

I've never seen a pacifier work like this:

Ludwig van Beethoven Romance #2 for Violin & Orchestra

Alligator: "Gates are for wimps"--

Someone knows how to efficiently pack a suitcase:

For several years my preferred response to, well lots of things,

McConnell's hospitalization raises questions for GOP's future

Supreme Court requests extra security funding after alleged assassination attempt on conservative

Does your city have those ENDLESS Shen Yun ads? It's worse than you think.

Trains keep derailing all over the country, including Thursday in Alabama. What's going on?

Don't mind me. I'm just inspecting the wall here.

Parents' Bill of Rights: Amid Hot Debate, Democrats File Alternative to GOP Bill

83yo knitter makes sweaters for movie

How Ron DeSantis causes chaos

Thought you all might appreciate this cartoon...

Daylight Savings Time - Where do you stand?

Yeah, Ken Jennings is back......👏 👏 👏

Let's talk about 3 debt ceiling scenarios....

Michigan man allegedly threatened Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, LGBTQ+ community on YouTube

"Orchestras pranking their conductors on their birthdays"

5 dead in apparent murder-suicide in South Florida

More than 40,000 power banks sold at Target, Amazon recalled due to fire risk

The Mercy Workers

Vegetarian diets

Dog Scared Of Kittens Becomes Proudest Foster Mom

House GOP investigates treatment of Jan. 6 defendants at D.C. jail

State Democrats Borrow GOP Playbook, Score Fast Wins on Guns, Abortion,LGBT, voting rights

This is old news. How would you respond to this individual?

CEO of Silicon Valley Bank sold $3.57 million of stock in the troubled bank just TWO WEEKS before it

Evening, southern MD 3/10

FL: Amendment to bill banning gender-affirming care for minors allows court intervention

J6. Tristan Stevens sentenced to 60 months. Sentence lengthened because he ran off at the mouth:

House votes to declassify info about origins of COVID-19

Sanders introduces bill to raise minimum teacher pay to $60,000 a year

Paul McCartney & Wings - Letting Go

Jim Cramer is panicking

Arizona schools chief sets up hotline to report CRT, Social /Emotional learning classroom lessons

Masterful troll of DeSantis in Iowa

"How to not lose your girlfriend in the store"

Donald Byrd - Cristo Redentor

NY: Greenport trustee candidates face off in final debate

NY Democratic Party chair blasts progressives in fiery WNYC interview


Ex-intern sues Idaho lawmakers for harassing her after rape

Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has signed a law allowing for children under the age of 16 to g

Cyndi Lauper on women's rights: We're going backwards.

Can an active Mod please immediately msg. me?

Police arrest New Hampshire state rep (R) seen on video shouting at plow driver

Andrew Weissmann: 'There's no way on God's green earth' that Trump testifies - Deadline - MSNBC

Remind you of anyone? *cough*magats*cough*