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Brown returns to East Palestine to hear concerns

Trump now has a website entitled "Free Trump2024".

2nd tweet--parrot turned on the iPad on his own and found videos about parrots on YouTube

Prigozhin's coming out - Break the Fake - TVP World

Today our monthly phone bill went down over $100 a month.

Biden announces nuclear-powered submarines for Australia

When it comes to

2nd tweet--hummingbird plays in the hose:

GOP Lawmakers Propose Death Penalty for Abortion

"Without evidence but without doubt": the unusual grounds for banning Cristina Kirchner

Lunchables are going to be rolled out directly to students. Here's what's in them

Biden and the Dems in Congress should jump on the debt limit right now.

Jimmy Kimmel humiliates Tucker Carlson live on stage - Brian Tyler Cohen

Wayne State to offer free tuition to students whose families make under $70,000 annually

Sinema Wants Accountability for Bank Mess. Hand Her a Mirror.

Many American's have a love affair with crime and corruption.

Bird of Paradise Vase, 1910 Parrot Vase, 1911

My rant for the week. I was feeling depressed about what has happened to our country since Trump.

What if 8 billion people stood side by side?

India: case to possibly recognize same-sex marriage referred to five-judge panel

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Alaska, Willow, and Biden....

A black heron using its wings like an umbrella, creating shade to attract fish:

We can't help students pay off $10,000 in student debt without the cons throwing a fit.

AFGE Wins Arbitration Against VA Over Bad Faith Bargaining

Yahoo Finance: Inflation data arrives at critical moment for Fed after bank failures, jobs data..

2nd tweet -- Down the hatch!

Trevor Bauer signs with Yokohama DeNA BayStars in Japan

AFGE Applauds White House's 5.2% Pay Raise for Feds But Seeks 8.7%

13 Mar: Ukrainians cut Russians off at the knees - Reporting from Ukraine

Texas Senate gives first OK to make illegal voting a felony again

*Sen. Eliz Warren will be on Rachel show, coming up.

Ivermectin Influencer Dies From Ivermectin Use

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

AJC: Kemp signs midyear budget with an almost $1 billion property tax break

Proposed Rare Earth Mine Would Sit Along the Headwaters of a Legendary Montana Trout Stream

'A guarantee of anarchy': Law professor warns Supreme Court is a 'threat to the whole system'

Over on CBS news they just reported double billing by Wuhan Lab to US

"Heads have to roll": Paul Gosar teases prosecution of Liz Cheney and Jan. 6 investigators

Paul Krugman says Silicon Valley Bank 'was a kind of affinity fraud a la Madoff' because it sold

Ron DeSantis Says Protecting Ukraine Is Not a Key U.S. Interest

To be a scammer, fraudster and loser to this extent

Neal Katyal: Pence has to now walk and act the talk on Trump remarks - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Stop feeding the trolls!

Michigan prosecutor mulls charging Lapeer library over LGBTQ book

Russian state media: Finns will die of cold in winter due to cutting ties with Russia... Finns:

A Beautiful 'Daturas' (angels trumpets) Vase by Le Verre Francais for Charder Glass. France c. 1930

SVB collapse 'preventable': Rep. Katie Porter calls for repeal of Trump-era bank deregulation - All In

WA House passes bill taking aim at warehouse productivity quotas

Minnesota State Rep Bobbie Harder (R-17B). Our own little Boebert

Illinois enacts mandatory paid leave 'for any reason'

When you wake up during your alien abduction:

CNN: 'Absolutely idiotic'. SVB insider says employees are angry with CEO

School pulls test question equating politics to race, gender

"Compassionate" TDFG weighs in on Moscow Mitch's Hospital Release

Fox News lobs some softballs to DeSantis - All In - MSNBC

The winter COVID wave that wasn't: Why the US didn't see a surge

Question. Can President Biden make Fed Powel go back to the bank oversight rules that were

Are you old ? And are you cool ?

Hear George Conway's prediction about possible Trump indictments (CNN)

Dusty Springfield - Son of a Preacher Man

This is a glorious, flower-child goddess of a brooch.

South Carolina GOP lawmakers propose death penalty for women who have abortions

Trump gets more BAD NEWS from Federal Judge on eve of Trial - Meidas Touch

Let's welcome former Republican Congressman David Jolly to the fold...

Abortion rights advocates get green light to collect signatures for 2023 ballot measure

I have NOT seen any coverage of the Daily Beast article on Jennifer

Gov. Ron DeSantis' takeover of New College of Florida puts $29 million in donations at risk

NM: Voting rights bill passes senate, nears governor's desk

Rep. Jeff Jackson (D-NC) - re: SVB - Here's the situation: Everything's fine

Donald Trump Jr. Has Officially Lost All of His Marbles! - Luke Beasley

Michael Cohen Delivers BOMBSHELL Testimony as Hush Money Case Nears Indictment - Talking Feds

16,000 people under evacuation orders, warnings in Monterey County as new storm approaches

Next week Trump will blame Dan Quayle.

New storm taking aim at California on heels of catastrophic flooding

Lewis County shop has ties to 'whites only' religious group

Tuesday's digit - 3.14/10: A punishing wind chill will make warmer days seem like pi in the sky.

NYT: Texas judge tries to keep key abortion pill hearing quiet - All In - MSNBC

A meme we can all understand...

The Top 5 BEST Buffets in Las Vegas for 2023!

a happy Ke Huy Quan

Wow, my Samsung watch has totally transformed my sleep periods, for the better!

Michelle Yeoh's mother reacts to her Oscars win from a live viewing party in Malaysia

Uber, Lyft can treat drivers as contractors, California court says

Republicans and Fox CAUGHT in most DANGEROUS move yet - Meidas Touch

Svendsen, Herbig, Faure

Microsoft just laid off one of its responsible AI teams (the ethics and society team)

I didn't see the Oscars, but I am skeptical of Alexey Navalnyy

Deposit Insurance Question

Trump's AWFUL Economic Policy Comes Back To Haunt Him - Rebel HQ

arrested! Texas man who abandoned German shepherd and drove off (dog is ok)

GOP Quietly Halts Inquiry Into Trump's Finances

Coworkers help rescue dogs from burning building in Seattle - CBS News

Barney Frank Pushed to Ease Financial Regulations

Shouldn't the Silicon Valley Bank transaction be called a bailout?

Senator Warren on how to fix what Trump broke in banking rules - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

The Wisdom of Jordan Peterson

Did you see John Bolton tonight -- he nearly gave the News Max host a stroke.

Election Denier's Lies Blow Up in His Face Live on Stage! - Luke Beasley

I may be the only person who thinks "Temple of Doom" is the *best* Indiana Jones film...

Bartcop RIP March 5 2014. Damn I miss him.

Trump could be indicted under state law not for campaign violations legal expert says - The ReidOut

Kimmel: Jimmy Recaps the 2023 Oscars, a Surprise from Winner Ke Huy Quan & Who Played Cocaine Bear?

Former Representative Pat Schroeder (D-CO) dead at 82

I am not having very much luck finding a house for my mother and I.

Tennessee lieutenant governor apologizes for repeated online interactions with young man - CNN

Seth Meyers: Trump Blamed for Gutting Financial Rules After Silicon Valley Bank Collapse: A Closer Look

Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump blames Pence for mob that chanted 'hang Mike Pence' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Weissmann says Wednesday

Surge of migrants attempt forced entry at Texas border - NBC News

McConnell released from hospital, will undergo physical rehab before returning to the Senate:

LA Times columnist on the hypocrisy of Silicon Valley 'libertarians' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Former Rep. Pat Schroeder, pioneer for women's rights, dies at 82

desperate migrants rush the US border

Texas officials tell spring breakers not to travel to Mexico - NBC News

empathy and compassion are so woke

Jen Psaki: Biden knew to 'create calm' after bank failures - The Last Word - MSNBC

Listen to Betty White.

How could the gqp stop tfg from running? If they had the courage?

Morons rush to download defiant narcissistic, phony-patriot seditionist and 20 criminals.

Golden Retriever Can't Stop Playing Hide and Seek With Her Parents

The Office actor Rainn Wilson declares 'there is an anti-Christian bias in Hollywood'

Cat Won't Let Girl Work Until She Gives Attention

From a Vietnamese survivor of the Vietnam war:

As Florida county bans Holocaust book, actual neo-Nazis grow bold in U.S. - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

What about if ordinary me in these crazy anti drag states started wearing kilts?

Woman Gains Trust Of A Giant, Feral Dog

The Supreme Court Just Keeps Deciding It Should Be Even More Powerful

The Chieftains - Women Of Ireland (Mn na h-ireann)

Democratic activist delivers straight talk to his party on long term strategy - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Compilation--funny dog video clips

Second voting machine company approved for lawsuit against Fox News. This time for $2.7 billion!

Her Name Was Eden

Help! I'm looking for the title or author...

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Australia and nuclear submarines....

Confirmed: Kimberly Tinfoil fired for Sexually Inappropriate Behavior

Rudy Giuliani Makes a Fool of Himself During Bizarre Interview! - Luke Beasley

Former Rep. Pat Schroeder, a pioneer for women's rights, dies at 82

Trump Sends DESPERATE Video Messages to Prosecutors - Meidas Touch

Georgia legislature's latest extremist bills

South America turning into China's backyard - CaspianReport

Rep. Maxine Waters on Silicon Valley Bank collapse: 'We have a lot to investigate' - The ReidOut

Trump Investigations - March 13, 2023 Updates - Raw News And Politics

The emergency bank rescue that almost didn't happen: A historic rescue of a distressed industry

How is this any different from Burning Books?

Breakfast Tuesday 14 March 2023

UPenn makes move to (possibly) fire the odious ultra racist Professor Amy Wax

Conservatives blame 'woke' & 'diversity' issues for SVB failure - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

WORDLE 633 (3/14) ***SPOILER THREAD***

Hovhaness: 'Loon Lake' ('Symphony No. 63')

Pence: Trump was 'wrong' about Jan. 6th - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

This is how Henry Cyril Paget, 5th Marquess of Anglesey, presented himself

Bhopal gas leak: Government plea for more funds dismissed Indian Supreme Court - WION

Embezzling $250 Million During Covid Meant For Ensuring Kids Got Fed?

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/13/23

New zero-emissions ferry to begin operating in San Francisco

Oldest sea reptile from Age of Dinosaurs found on Arctic island

Dizzy apes provide clues on human need for mind altering experiences

Stephen Colbert - Guest Jen Psaki: Fox "News" Knowingly Shared Inaccurate Information

South Carolina GOP lawmakers propose death penalty for women who have abortions

These 'off-year' elections present Dems, GOP with opportunities and lessons ahead of 2024

VP Harris singles out Wisconsin abortion ban in push for abortion access nationwide

Velvet Revolver - Dirty Little Thing (Live on Leno 2005)

Aerosmith - Eat The Rich

Nelson - (Can't Live Without Your) Love And Affection

There's A Deeper Story To Silicon Valley Bank's Failure. What Can We Learn From It? R. Reich

Either there is more to the story of McConnell's fall than they are letting out?

The Pale Blue Dot

I'm guessing H. Walker is going to make another run in GA

Ron DeSantis says protecting Ukraine is not a 'vital' U.S. interest

Xi could visit Putin, speak to Zelenskiy next week

School banned from Vt. activities after forfeiting game to team with transgender athlete

Illinois enacts mandatory paid leave 'for any reason'

Bernie Sanders - Full Q&A - Oxford Students

▶️ Bernie Sanders - Full Q&A - Oxford Students

Black-tailed Trainbearer (Ecuador)

NASA uses AI to design hardware that is "three times better in performance"

Morning JoeScum and his friends have spent nearly an hour and 20 minutes enabling

Slightly different approach this morning:

BIG and ICON design 3D-printed campground hotel in Marfa

Nilsson - Without you (written by Badfinger guys)

Trumps deranged brain is going to come apart at the seams when all the indictments hit.

Tuesday TOONs - Everything Everywhere All At Once

'It just boggles my mind' 4.0 GPA student at UT leaving school for the military due to housing cos


Happy Pi Day!

Flood problems grow as new storm moves into California

Sheepy People: Research Finds Peer Pressure Drives the Spread of "Fake News"

An Ivermectin Influencer Died. Now His Followers Are Worried About Their Own 'Severe' Symptoms.

Why are Californians moving to Florida? Affordability is a big reason, 'wokeness' probably not

First Republic shares jump 20% as regional banks try to rebound from Monday's sell-off

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 3/8/23

Ghosts of Comics' Past: Captain Marvel & Shazam Part 1: The Fawcett Years

Boomb Tube, The Week in Comic Book Television: 3/5-3/11/2023

Mignolaversity: June 2023 Solicitations

The Rundown: March 14, 2023

Deregulating child labor

River Levels Across The UK At Record Lows, W. Months Of Dry Weather Forecast

Wyoming Wants To Fill Coal Mines With Spent Wind Turbine Blades, But Feds Won't OK Plan

On this day, March 14, 1879, Albert Einstein was born.

Mmmmm, Hydrogen Sulfide!! Massive Sargassum Bloom Heading For Florida/Gulf Coasts

Ukraine short of skilled troops and munitions as losses, pessimism grow

Inflation: February CPI expected to show slowest annual rise since September 2021

I think I have the perfect "adult" method of dealing with the growing fascism.

Bernie Sanders - Full Interview - Russell Howard

Biden says Carter asked him to do his eulogy

CMD Launches New Website Exposing Right-Wing Group of Anti-ESG State Financial Officers

▶️ Bernie Sanders - Full Interview - Russell Howard

AND....we're off

Inflation eases to 6.0% CPI in February

Inflation gauge increased 0.4% in February, as expected and up 6% from a year ago

One of the leading causes of divorce, probably:

EU lawmakers approve CO2-cutting targets and expanding forest carbon sinks

Republicans are Defining Domestic Politics on China

Just asking questions! -by Tom Tomorrow

Biden's center pivot.

Pat Schroeder nominates Gingrich for Academy Award

I'll say it for the MAGApublicans: "Sure, Trump is a mentally ill liar, sexual predator and

I agree with this

Here's a whacko theory

I had a great moment with Pat Schroeder in 1992...

Sublette County Denies Resort Expansion For Wall Street Billionaire Joe Ricketts

The snow is beautiful here in OH right now. About an 1.5 inches of snow, lots of sun, & blue skies.

Pit Bull Showed His Grandma How Cool Power Breed Are

Pittie Rescued From The Woods Goes To McDonald's For Ice Cream Cones

Trump knows he'll never be "most loved". He wants to be the "most consequential" U.S. President

Les Brown was born on this date.

First Look: R211s Roll Into New York Subway Service

Man Smart, Woman Smarter

The Incredible Tantrum Venture Capitalists Threw Over Silicon Valley Bank

Quincy Jones has a birthday today.

What are you doing in this situation?

Northeast winter storm shuts schools, knocks out power

A 2nd wave of layoffs at Meta; 10,000 jobs are cut

AJC/GPB:What do the proposed Georgia prosecutor oversight bills do? An explainer

The Senate Labor Committee is holding a hearing on a package that would repeal 'right to work'...

Moody's puts six US banks on watch for potential downgrade

Novo Nordisk to lower list price of some of its insulin by up to 75% in the U.S.

He advised her: "Stick to your teaching; you can't write," and enclosed an unsolicited loan of $40

Gutting Arkansas' open meetings law

Do sociopaths feel stress? I wonder about Trump's

EPA proposes first standards to make drinking water safer from 'forever chemicals'

Americans lost $10.3 billion to internet scams in 2022, FBI says

A paragraph in Jennifer Rubin's column today caught my eye. (Link in said para).

Ron DeSantis....

Iowa Republican votes AGAINST gender affirming surgery ban

Why did crows stop drinking alone?

Sinema Wants Accountability for Bank Mess. Hand Her a Mirror.

Russia Is Turning to Women Prisoners to Boost Forces After Massive Losses, Ukraine Claims

Ohio Supreme Court to review legal questions on abortion, not whether Constitution protects it

Grift, Grift, and more Grift.

Tysons food facility in Glen Allen to close, 700 workers to be impacted according to union

Lion cub gazes lovingly at his dad:

🏌️⛳️ Remembering Anthony Spagnolo's "winning" round at TPC Sawgrass. 1985.

hold a good thought for my old man today, if u would. updated

Trump again says prosecutors are racists:

A Kids YouTuber Uses They/Them Pronouns. Some Parents Just Found Out -- And Lost Their Minds

Amtrak, Southern Rail Commission to seek funding for Crescent route expansion

Signature Bank's been a 'go-to' lender for the Trumps, Kushners, and Michael Cohen

Black man found dead after telling mom he was being chased. Cops: 'No reason' to suspect foul play

If I were POTUS during TEXIT

Toppling of Nebraska 300-foot guyed tower might be investigated as an act of domestic terrorism

So far 17" of snow and counting. It looks like it's going to go on until this

David Lindley, 'Musician's Musician' to the Rock Elite, Dies at 78

That's What The Blues Is All About

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- March 14, 2023

This AM if I remember correctly CBS news interviewed some individual

A different take on shopping at WalMart?

Atlanta Police Explain Why They Need 'Cop City'

"If you don't defend child pornographers, we are only one step away from naziism." Andrew Kloster

Great. My HO insurance on my tiny home just went

Proud Y'all Qaeda Nat-C Republicans - Fascists by Any Other Name are Still the Same

Jim Jordan has found no "weaponization" of government -- and no actual whistleblowers

This Grateful Dead show was bedlam.

State laws protecting children from trans don't go far enough (reducto ad absurdum)

Hypothetical Question since McConnell's fall

How Silicon Valley Bank & Signature Bank Weakened Regulations That Could Have Prevented Collapse

Meanwhile in Michigan Prosecutor threatens librarian.

Challenger to Hawley: Quit Your 'Fake Populism'

Colorado Republicans change party after new GOP leader announced

'No legitimate basis' for Jim Jordan's Hunter Biden investigation: analysis

TODAY: At 12:45 pm ET, the North Carolina Supreme Court will rehear a previously decided case over t

Am I Blue - Hoagy Carmichael, Lauren Bacall

Sumu Yakushima is a co-operative housing project that supports humans and nature

WIND! southern MD 3/14

Autopsy Suggests "Cop City" Protester Sitting Cross-Legged, Hands Up, When Shot 14 Times by Police

Windy overlooking river, from yard

Crews at scene of reported roof collapse at Miller Hill Mall in Duluth

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (March 14, 2023)

Chili out!

When it comes to taking a bath, there are two kinds of Otters:

Tiny puppy, huge yawn:

Class action suit filed against Silicon Valley Bank parent

Steve Bannon says supporters more prepared for uprising than Confederacy was

Choreography on point:

The phone rang (I was polled about the proposed abortion ban)

Upper and lower case cats:

News & Commentary March 12, 2023

Meanwhile, in Redder than Red Iowa.....

Bernie Sanders SCHOOLS Bill Maher on his OWN show.

Polish court convicts activist of providing abortion pills in landmark case

The faces this baby makes when her nefarious scheme is foiled:

U.S. Is Said to Open Investigation Into Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

Anyone see "The Whale?"

Sanders signs Arkansas trans care malpractice bill into law

Seth Meyers: Guest John Oliver

In the Gun Law Fights of 2023, a Need for Experts on the Weapons of 1791

Amazing stone art by Carl Peverall.

Former Rep. Pat Schroeder, a Colorado Democrat who championed legislation on family leave

CAA (College Art Association) Signs ACLS Statement on Florida House Bill 999

🏈 from couch to contract - QB Heinicke signs with Atlanta 2 yrs $20M

Culture War Bill Targets Higher Education in Florida

L.A. riders bail on Metro trains amid 'horror' of deadly drug overdoses, crime

"I like people who didn't die."

Disney on thin ice: Suggestions for 'fixing' Disney movies after DeSantis' takeover

Biden on gun control: 'Do something, do something big'

NFL will consider reviewing roughing-the-passer penalties

Happy International Pi Day!

20 years ago today I arrived at DU

President Carter requests that President Biden Deliver His Eulogy.

Tracking falcons/eagles! Amazing!

Biden Set to Announce Executive Order Increasing Gun Background Checks

George Santos files paperwork that would allow him to run for reelection

Russian fighter jet forces down US drone over Black Sea after intercept

Silicon Valley Bank quietly laid off employees as tech firms in its backyard also slashed jobs

Justice Dept can seize funds from white supremacist convicted in deadly Charlottesville ca

Hairless Husky Who Didn't Want To Be Touched Finally Grows All Her Hair Back

Politico: California's Dem Senate hopefuls vie for higher ground over Silicon Valley Bank debacle

So, DeSantis' Disney board wants Disney to remake its movies. I'll have a go at it:

North Carolina Supreme Court rehearing arguments in case that led to Moore v. Harper (tweets)

How an 18th Century Sailing Battleship Works

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 15: 31 Days of Oscar: Animal Stories

Free MLB comes around again on March 28

Pooty Poot claims he was tricked into invading Ukraine

Indicted aide to former Maryland governor misses court date

House GOP Calls Off Trump Financial Probe That Revealed Foreign Spending At His Hotel

Jen Psaki on Stephan Colbert last night

Millionaire and billionaire CEOs say thousands of laid-off tech staff just did 'fake work'

Part 11: How The LA Fed Tapes Fooled You - Toward A Methodology for Understanding Uncertainty

Mark Lerner will be on Coast to Coast tonight.

Warning to all who live on barrier islands: Fourth NC home collapses into the sea...

WAPO: Russian jets force down U.S. drone over Black Sea, military says

Washington Is Haunted by the 2008 Financial Crisis

From WaPos right leaning editorial board: California's abortion-pill grandstanding is self-defeating

Since it's Pi Day...

Russia has been forced to issue old ammunition that was previously declared unfit for use, says UK i

Snapchat tried to make a safe AI. It chats with me about booze and sex.

Russian fighter jet forces down US drone over Black Sea after intercept

Fixer home listed for sale in north Seattle gives buyers sticker shock

Police killed his son. Prosecutors charged the teen's friends with his murder.

The Supreme Court Conservatives' Favorite New Weapon for Kneecapping the Administrative State

Update on family of BBC Korea expert who went viral when his kids interrupted work from home

I think I finally REALLY won Carys over.

Creationists at it again in West Virginia, Texas and elsewhere

White House Calls on Mike Pence to Apologize After 'Homophobic, Offensive' Joke About Pete Buttigieg

Bill to remove permitless carry legislation in Nashville, Memphis fails

Woman says MPD officer told her Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization

GOP blames Silicon Valley Bank's collapse on 'ESG' policies. Here's what to know.

It's been almost exactly three years since covid struck.

T Bone Burnett op-ed in WaPo on protecting human artistry in the AI era

'Old' osprey morning, 3/14/20!

Conn. woman 1st non-Vermonter granted assisted suicide right

Mike Luckovich-Putin having to decide between TFG and DeathSantis

Chinook salmon fishing season canceled off coasts of Oregon, California

Sen. Van Hollen: SVB executives' stock sales should be 'clawed back' to 'keep depositors whole'

Cartoons 3/14/2023

DeSantis administration revokes Hyatt Regency Miami alcohol license after it hosted "A Drag Queen Ch

PAWS gives injured albatross new wind beneath its wings

China to reopen to tourists, resume all visas Wednesday

Biden seeks to show stability in bid to avert banking chaos

Ohio sues Norfolk Southern over toxic train derailment

Hey is Daily Kos down for others? I can't get it.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump responding to Pence....

What the GOP wants for America: Polish court rules activist guilty of helping terminate pregnancy

My friend died and his "friends" are evil

NY-03: George Santos files paperwork for 2024 reelection

Rescue Prairie Dog Loves To Go Meet Animal BFFs

Biden Seeks Tension-Easing Call with Xi Jinping

White House announces steps to lower everyday costs alongside new inflation report

Chinese Financial System Fears Fuel Reform Attempt;0 AUKUS; Xi, Russia & Zelensky - China Update

The GOP's love-hate relationship with the Capitol riot fallout

Democratic Group Aims To Spend $20 Million Boosting STEM Candidates

Capitol Rioter In Trouble After Lying To Prosecutors To Attend CPAC - Ring of Fire

Ryba's is now in the cannabis business.

Tennessee Republican 'Pausing' Social Media Use After Commenting On Racy Posts

Puffleg Hummingbirds - Colombia

Happy Pi Day, from Super 70s Sports

Senate Democrats press Walgreens and other stores on new medication abortion policy

On March 13, 1982, "T.J. Hooker," starring William Shatner, premiered 41 years ago, on ABC

Patricia Schroeder, Feminist Force in Congress, Dies at 82

Has anyone ever seen this before?

On March 13, 1994, Selena released her fourth studio album, "Amor Prohibido."

Chicken, leeks and lemon

📺 'Not Ready for the Junkyard' -- TV Guide (March 13, 1976)

JACKSONVILLE MAYOR: Nikki Fried tells Jacksonville Democrats it's 'time for us to start winning'

A bit confused: I see stories about Biden and Willow and I am thinking the cat

WISCONSIN SUPREME COURT: Election-denying donors pour millions into key Wisconsin supreme court race

Why Ron DeSantis is unacceptable on any level

I Think DeSantis & Tr**p Are Both Vying For Support From Putin.....

Elon Musk Isn't Telling the Truth About Artificial Intelligence - Lovett or Leave It - Crooked Media

More Spending To Come In Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

Attack lines broaden beyond abortion in Wisconsin court race

Coastal Redwoods

Ohio Supreme Court to review block of near-ban on abortion

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about NY, Cohen, and Trump....

Wisconsin bill seeks to prevent ban on 'conversion therapy'

Has anyone here watched the documentary "Crime of the Century?" About drugs and Purdue /the Sackler

Rep. Jeff Jackson updates constituents on next phase expectations in Ukraine. Good read.

A Capitol riot suspect tricked a court into allowing him to attend CPAC

7 Races to Watch in the 2023 Chicago Runoff Election

Is this film going to be revived by DeathSentence

Opinion: My neighbor found Lincoln's hair in his basement. I found a mystery.

Senate Republicans criticize DeSantis over Ukraine comments

Russians Were Obliterated in a Battle Near Bakhmut. Wagner Lost 85% of Troops. - The Russian Dude

On this day, March 14, 1922, Les Baxter was born.

Keep ozone out of your rectum and in the upper atmosphere where it belongs (Gwyneth Paltrow).

Doctors Warned Her Pregnancy Could Kill Her. Then Tennessee Outlawed Abortion.

On this day, March 14, 1945, James O'Rourke, of John Fred & His Playboy Band, was born.

We attended the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Dr, King's "I have a dream" speech in

I'm following along with interest

What's for Dinner, Tues., Mar. 14, 2023

Anyone have experience with Jardiance?

This Texas Bill Would Systematically Silence Anyone Who Dares to Talk About Abortion Pills

Democrats keep pushing to bolster California's role as an abortion sanctuary

Maryland General Assembly nears full passage of bill to send abortion constitutional amendment to vo

Family of King Soopers shooting victim sues gun manufacturer Ruger

Is Paula Reid a Trump supporter?

The Russia That Might Have Been

South Dakota laws will reflect abortion ban

Rudy Giuliani calls himself a "moderate biblical scholar" and a "religious scholar"

Tennessee Senate passes bill blocking abortion spending for local governments

Texas Lawmakers Propose Drag Ban Modeled After Anti-Abortion "Bounty Hunter" Law

Israelis Are Now Openly Talking About the 'Total Destruction' of the Jewish State

Florida GOP Proposal Would Ban Pride Flag--But Let Confederate Flag Fly At State Buildings

A progressive college in the Northeast has a proposal for unhappy New College students

CHICAGO: Abortion rights PAC backs Johnson; 3 police union supporters on City Council back Vallas

Medical marijuana bill advances for first time in Kentucky Senate as this session wanes

Ghoulmaniac pronounces himself a "moderate biblical scholar". Hilarity ensues.

Minnesota Senate passes universal free school meals; bill heads back to House

Packers, Jets may be caught in a "game of chicken" over Aaron Rodgers

Kentucky legislature advances anti-trans bill

Will Switzerland Send Arms to Ukraine? - TLDR News EU

IN: Parental rights bill involving transgender children likely dead

NE: Legislative Speaker answers Cavanaugh filibuster by moving up long nights of legislative debate

Republicans find sexual temptation wherever they look

Maine librarians fight bill to ban books considered 'obscene'

Trump blames Pence for J6, the gall of this fucking asshole really pisses me off.

HBO Perry Mason...Season 2 started....

Longtime Supervisor Gloria Molina battling terminal cancer

Manhattan case against Trump has devastating development for him - Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump or DeSantis - eeny meeny miny moe (Luckovich Cartoon)

Nebraska lawmaker 3 weeks into filibuster over trans bill

Biden unveils landmark submarine deal with Australia and Britain - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Insurers slashed Hurricane Ian payouts far below damage estimates, documents and insiders reveal

See Tucker Carlson demolished on TV by his own words - The Beat - MSNBC

MI: Former deputy sheriff launches campaign for Washtenaw County Sheriff

Ari's got Trump's lawyer on now

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 15 March 2023

Ari is cornering the Slobfather's lawyer

PA: Who's Running For Statewide Court Seats?

PA: Erie: Who's Running For Office?

How old are you?

Philadelphia: Who's Running For Office?

Congress Wants Unchecked Power To Ban Media Platforms - Ring of Fire

New Anti-LGBTQ Bill Introduced by PA Republican

Wall Street Journal is on the ball (sarcasm)

Florida "Don't say Gay" part 2 - no use of student's preferred pronouns even if parents approve

ITS totally amazinig what an AI artist can do...

Another thing that a border collie can do better than I:

George Santos NEWEST CRIME exposed in New Recording

Pour a glass and listen. Emmylou has a song for ya

How the bid to make it harder to amend Ohio's constitution fell apart

'Putin is desperate strategically' says Gen. McCaffrey - Deadline - MSNBC

Ohio Ballot Board moves abortion amendment initiative forward

Prominent Ohio Republicans have been taking money from Norfolk Southern for years

96 seconds of Tucker Carlson spreading Russian propaganda.

New York Democratic lawmakers seek tax increases on the rich

A Huge City Polluter? Buildings. Here's a Surprising Fix.

San Francisco reparations idea: $5 million per Black person

Let me see if I have this clear...

Pentagon Analyst Kept Intel Job After Joining Jan. 6 Mob, Planned to Kidnap Jewish Leaders

Seeing fewer and fewer people wearing long is this going to go on?

Bravery Was Never An Issue

Michigan lawmakers pass bill to repeal "right to work" - Whitmer to sign

How To Get Canceled At A Law School For Fun And Profit

'Increased chance that Finland joins NATO before Sweden': PM

Trump Judge Kyle Duncan got exactly what he wanted out of Stanford: Fame

Biden issues Executive Order to Strengthen Gun Background Checks

REO Speedwagon - Dead At Last

This bugs the crap out of me...

Presidential teleprompter operator explains how Joe Biden speaks - Times Radio

Trump lawyer responds to 'likely' charges on MSNBC - The Beat - MSNBC

DeSantis was a pee inspector in the military

Militant firefighter lists demands amid protest atop HWT Transport Centre

7-11 Pi Day Pizza Special!

If a man has a brain tumor, shouldn't there be a lawyer that decides..

Art Deco Bronze Figurine 'Antinea' by Demetre Chiparus 1925

Sunset, southern MD 3/14

Kevin Mahogany - Dat Dere

Evangelicals embraced MAGA out of desperation over their 'demographic slide

Gabor Szabo - I've Just Seen A Face

Trump attorney hints at hush money

Mexico sends 250 big cats to Indian conservation center

Wnndy & Bonnie - The Paisley Window Pane

Texas Republicans Push 'Bounty Hunting Bill' Targeting Drag Queens - Ring of Fire

Trump's Lawyer SHORT CIRCUITS on LIVE TV - Meidas Touch

DeSantis Engages In 'Complete Gaslighting' Over Florida Book Bans

Have you paid hush money to a porn star? Stolen nuclear secrets? Asked officials to "find" votes?

Aaron Rodgers reportedly has given the New York Jets a 'wishlist' of free agents he wants ...

FBI Can't Confirm Trump's Claims

Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes:

The Sound - Sense Of Purpose