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An Art Nouveau gilded and patinated bronze lamp with mother-of-pearl shade, France circa 1900.

When you find a way to dance in every movie you are in

Get the old boots out...

Harry Nilsson - Coconut (Lime in the Coconut and drank 'em both up)

Last Week in the Republican Party - March 14, 2023 - The Lincoln Project

Chevron hasn't complied with new California gas pricing law

Senate Republicans Break With DeSantis Over Remarks On Pulling Support From Ukraine

Fox's evening lineup pushed conspiratorial claims every single weeknight for a month

Aretha Franklin - Rough Lover


Despair, 1892 Made before 'The Scream'...

14 Mar: Ukrainians Snipers Destroy An Elite Wagner Commando Unit - Reporting from Ukraine

Biden announces executive order aimed at keeping 'firearms out of dangerous hands' - MSNBC Reports

Republicans Increasingly Realize There's No Evidence Of Election Fraud--But Most Still Think 2020 Ele

Enthralling those with No Minds.

Tweet of the Day

The Flying Lizards - Money

Art Nouveau Lamp by Albert Dammouse 1910.

Which Democratic US Senator up for re-election in 2024 is going to announce their retirement?

A Colorado sanctuary steps in to help animals after zoo closure in Puerto Rico

"I have a brain and a uterus, and I use both."

Bailouts for Billionaires: Larry Summers: Now Is Not The Time For 'Moral Hazard Lectures'

Hummingbirds use torpor in varying ways to survive cold temps

U.S. fires back at claim that Tucker Carlson footage was withheld

Lenny & Phil - Symphonic Dances from WEST SIDE STORY

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about some out of this world Pentagon quotes....

Deja vu? 2 summer primaries could be in store for NYC voters.

Last Week in the qPublican Party.

Lies! See Trump lawyer lunge for receipts on live TV - The Beat - MSNBC

This is an example why journalists must ask RWers what "woke" means

Black women remain underrepresented in politics nationally, but NJ shows progress

Petro Bill Seeks to Slash Role of Private Colombia Pension Funds

Tiny Tim - Tiptoe Thru' The Tulips With Me (1968)

Legal experts: "Damning evidence" in Dominion case threatens Fox as court greenlights second lawsuit

DeSantis has to be taken down

Adding an old alarm clock to my inventory

Beavers reclaim land in southeast Michigan

State lawmaker opposed to free school lunch proposal says he's never met a hungry Minnesotan

Cute little farmer taking care of his chores:

On the trail, freewheeling Donald Trump counters scripted Ron DeSantis

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

Michael Cohen appears before NY grand jury. Here's why Cohen is the PERFECT WITNESS against Trump

Flying Heritage Museum 'returning soon' under new owner, name

GPT-4 has arrived. It will blow ChatGPT out of the water.

Meet Onnie: How a therapy dog is helping survivors of violence in Mexico City

Trump Says DeSantis' Fight With Disney Is A Giant Hoax - Ring of Fire

Balancing federal budget in 10 years could require 41 percent cut to programs, when excluding Social

Did you celebrate Pi Day, and, of so, how?

Food around my home - These guys skip a lot of my faves, but eh, it's ok

Politico: Maxine Waters to return political donation from Silicon Valley Bank

Dog gets sassy when the scritches stop:

Biden announces new executive action on guns - CNN

This Sunday at noon, I am hoping . . . . . .

The way this kitty uses her paws & arms is adorable:

Cleveland men arrested after selling undercover agents posing as Mexican cartel nearly 100 firearms

'Preposterous': Chris Hayes rips GOP for blaming SVB collapse on 'wokeness' - All In - MSNBC

A very good man

Is my money safe? What you need to know about bank failures

I was so hoping Fani Willis would indict before Bragg. Yes, an indictment is an indictment but

Fauci hits back at critics like Elon Musk, who have called for his prosecution, saying 'I wish I

If we can't help working people and the poor, or help students with debt.

U.S. downs drone into Black Sea after incident with Russian fighter jet - MSNBC Reports

Mexico in Numbers: the nation's tallest skyscrapers

Indigenous Woman Forced To Remove Traditional Baby Carrier At Indigenous art exhibit

Gunmen open fire on customers and employees in Mexico bar, killing 10

Republicans in denial about the cause of Silicon Valley Bank's failure

6 USA Banks at Risk of Bank Runs as $1Tn Uninsured Deposits Raises Risk of Bank Failures - JoeBlogs

Don't Forgive Cops Whose Lies Put Innocent People in Prison

Could scientist Claudia Sheinbaum be Mexico's next leader?

I've seen this movie at least 30 times. I just now saw what book the bad guy is reading.

Pythons, Invasive and Hungry, Are Making Their Way North in Florida

Most Mexicans do not want to relax gun control, survey finds

Why doctors are decrying Tennessee's 'dangerous' abortion ban as lawmakers debate change

Chris Hayes: How the American right fits into Putin's long game in Ukraine - All In - MSNBC

Florida bill proposes allowing only certain flags at government buildings, including Confederate

2 Texans charged with quadruple capital murder after robbery gone wrong ends in massacre

Tacopina (Trump defense lawyer) defended members of mob families

2 months in with the Skippa.....

DST is insidious. Even in Arizona.

Here She Comes - Bonnie Tyler

Tacopina (Trump's lawyer) represents limo operator in horrific Scholarie crash that killed 20

A 5,000-Mile-Wide Mass of Seaweed Is Heading for Florida and Mexico

Recovering Staffy Wants Nothing But His Trampoline

Pete Buttigieg SMACKS DOWN Republicans for their latest stunt in EXCLUSIVE interview - PoliticsGirl

Frontline: The Age of Easy Money

We got thrown out of CPAC

How Jamie Lee Curtis is showing support for transgender daughter with her Oscar statuette

CA taxes compared to TX and FL

Doug Mastriano and his super fans aren't yet willing to let go

Rising Groundwater In Beaufort CO, SC Inducing Septic System Failures

W. El Nino Likely On Its Way, 2023-24 May Offer A Sample Of Life At 1.5-2C Beyond Holocene Averages

It's dawning on me

Uniquely Evil MN Republican Votes Against Free School Lunches Because 'Hunger Is a Relative Thing'

Tokyo Sakura Start To Bloom, Matching All-Time Record Early Blooms Of 2020 And 2021

George Santos files papers indicating re-election plan despite ever-deepening hole of scandals - Wagner

Let the countdown begin

Democrats lead Sinema, Republicans in 2024 Arizona Senate Race - Let's Talk Elections

Ukrainian counter offensive begins?

Misleading Title: Desert tortoise deaths raise concerns as solar farms solve energy need

Federal manhunt underway for man who was former Gov. Larry Hogan's chief of staff

Neanderthal Man - by Hotlegs 1970

David Bromberg and John Sebastian - Demon in Diguise

The One Weird Trick Judges Use to Deal With Facts They Don't Like

Wednesday Digit: 5/10 - Brighter, a few degrees warmer, and a little less windy than Tuesday,

Trump, DeSantis leave mainstream behind in pursuit of GOP base primary voters - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Fed up Pete Buttigieg claps back perfectly at Mike Pence - Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump Just Posted the Cringiest Video You Will Ever Watch! - Luke Beasley

Chicago Mayoral Election Poll Shows Tight Race With Vallas Ahead of Johnson

Dead - 1990 - Mama Tried - Mexicali Blues

Brian May (of Queen) knighted by King at Buckingham Palace

Smartmatic (Voting Machine Company) Defamation Lawsuit Approved For Trial - Raw News And Politics

Arkansas lawmakers OK anti-abortion monument at Capitol

Republicans to Commence Infrastructure Projects for Constituents in the Form Of NFTs

Vatniks at the Academy Awards - Break the Fake - TVP World

Utah Treasurer Marlo Oaks tells Republicans that ESG is part of 'Satan's plan'

Fifty Wolves Howling

Dylan and Clapton - Don't Think Twice

Joy Reid: Word 'woke' triggers the MAGA base but doesn't keep most Americans up at night - The ReidOut

Kimmel: Trump Blames Pence for Jan 6th, Fox News Appeases Donny & PETA's WH Easter Controversy

What is your favorite flavor of Potato chips? Mine is BBQ

Otis Redding- live unreleased recording These Arms of Mine

Billy Strings @ The Cap "He's Gone" Dead Cover 2021

'This was a political stunt for publicity': Former Florida state attorney removed by DeSantis - ReidOut

What happens next?

Interesting tik tok about appearances

Conservative Author Totally Freezes Up When Pressed to Define 'Woke'

Man sues ex-wife's friends in first test of Texas abortion law - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Seth Meyers - Trump Invited to Testify on Stormy Daniels Hush Money Payments - Monologue 3/14/23

Michigan Senate approves bill to repeal right-to-work law

A Birthday Request

First they came for the drag queens

Taj Mahal - Cakewalk into Town - 1973

Officials Delay Vote to Rename Colorado's Mount Evans

Dead - US Blues (with video extravaganza)...caution: trippy

Ron DeSantis Wants to Make It a Felony to Have an Undocumented Person in Your Home or Car

Novo Nordisk Will Lower Insulin Prices Up To 75%, Following Eli Lilly

Russia-Ukraine live news: US says Russian jets caused US drone to crash

Lawrence O'Donnell: How long until Trump's lawyers turn on Trump ... again? - The Last Word - MSNBC


Machine Gun - Randy Hansen - Live Jimi cover

Short on Adderall? Blame DEA Production Caps

Healthcare hypothetical

Emotions run high as Georgia House panel advances bill limiting transgender care for minors

Phil Lesh, Warren Hayes, Carlos Santana - Fire on the Mountain - 2015

Just 30 seconds? Despite complex bills, Floridians are limited on public testimony in Legislature

what the f*ck is DeSantis bragging about here?!

Ry Cooder - Vigilante Man - 1973

'Now is the time to sound the alarm' over extreme GOP abortion bills - The Last Word - MSNBC

Bill in TN legislature would strengthen 'divisive concept' laws in schools

Trump's Lawyer CRUMBLES on LIVE TV Attempting to Defend Client - Meidas Touch

8 fictional detective stories we want to see adapted to the screen

Lawsuit limits backed by DeSantis and GOP advance, under fire

Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff Revamp the Vice Presidential Abode--With Help From Sheila Bridges

Elon Musk Isn't Telling the Truth About Artificial Intelligence - Lovett or Leave It

Ginastera's 'Impresiones de la Puna - I,II,III', Shanghai Quartet

illinois governor pritzker wants community college tuition free for students at or below medium

Breakfast Wednesday 15 March 2023

CNN: Russian jet dumped fuel on US drone over Black Sea, then hit its propeller

New Reporting Reveals MASSIVE Scope of the Georgia Investigation - Talking Feds

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Fox, quotes, and a father-in-law....

The Rolling Stones - Learning The Game - Live OFFICIAL

Ritchie Valens-Donna

(Jewish Group) 'We don't live in fear': Another antisemitic crime in Florida at a synagogue

DeSantis stripping Florida hotel's liquor license after hosting drag show with children present

(Jewish Group) Anti-Jewish incidents jumped nearly 20% in 2021, FBI finds

Russian Ambassador called on by State Dept. over Russian fighter jet colliding with U.S. drone - 11th Hour

Oklahoma Republicans Vote to Let Teachers Hit Kids With Disabilities

A historian traces the long history of antisemitic badges

(Jewish Group) A historian traces the long history of antisemitic badges

Warren, Porter working on legislation to repeal Trump-era law that rolled back banking rules - 11th Hour

If you saw Bethany Mandel crater when asked to define "Woke",

Here's why slashing insulin prices will actually save Big Pharma money

Baking a difference: Bakery is re-imagining the workforce for adults with disabilities - The 11th Hour

WORDLE 634 (3/15) ***SPOILER THREAD***

TCM today:

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/14/23

well, i'm up at 3 am cuz the old man is in pain. updated.

Why do you think the Super Bowl gets so many viewers year after year while Oscar ratings plummet?

MN: GOP Lawmaker Says He Has Never Met Someone Who Was Hungry

Out Of Their Freaking Minds!

111,000 transgender people live in Florida-And DeSantis and Repugs are out to limit their Freedoms!!

Are people here worried that DeSantis could beat Biden?

Replay from the previous banking melt down.

Remembering the Great Flood that Put Northern California Under 30 Feet of Water

China accuses US, UK and Australia of 'going further down dangerous road' - DW News

"Cat Commands Dog to Lay Down"

🦉 It's Flaco's Hatch Day 3/15/2010 🥚

Federal investigators examined Trump Media for possible money laundering, sources say

Gallego slams Sinema over 2018 bank deregulation vote

Abortion pill challenge goes before judge in Texas

"Camilla Dickinson". A movie based on a Madeleine L'Engle novel.

In Wisconsin, Liberals Barrage Conservative Court Candidate With Attack Ads

Liquid Tire Chain Was Pure GM Innovation

Swiss central bank throws financial lifeline to Credit Suisse after shares pummelled

▶️ Eurasian Eagle-Owl Nest in the Spring Forest

White House Challenges GOP on Guns

Special prosecutor resigns from 'Rust' case after Alec Baldwin's lawyers call for her removal

Failed Bank Faced Criminal Probe (Signature Bank)

St. Stephen's Food Bank (Phx) reminder 3/15/23

Lawmaker Says He Was Target of F.B.I. Surveillance Material Searches

Trump vows to cut federal funding for schools teaching CRT or 'transgender insanity'

Thread on Biden re: Willow drilling (Biden had no leverage re Willow. Lease was signed decades ago)

Federal investigators examining Trump Media for possible money laundering...

A major South Korean broadcaster omitted 'ladies' from Michelle Yeoh's Oscars speech

Library book banning

News & Commentary March 13, 2023

Local elections are important.

FDR's Second Bill of Rights

Where does the time go? Convoy news for Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Local elections are important.

On this day, March 15, 1940, the film "The Grapes of Wrath" was released.

Convicted January 6 Rioter Derrick Evans Runs for Congress in West Virginia

Insurance Exchange Building in downtown L.A. to be turned into affordable housing

I went on a date last night with a woman who works at the local zoo

You raised $10.00 on March 14, 2023 DU for Ukraine

"Our schools have been teaching socialism for years. Governor Youngkin is trying to change that"


20 years later ... looking back at the War on Iraq

Key inflation measure shows wholesale prices fell last month

Top Authors Speak Out, Slam Florida's Book Bans As 'Arbitrary' And 'Egregious'

4 Years Of DEQ Inaction For W. Texas Town After Oil & Gas Industry Made Their Water Undrinkable

WI: Assembly lawmakers pass school crime bills, uphold conversion therapy

Republicans Pitch Cuts To Federal Food Benefits

NJ: List grows of lawmakers retiring before next round of legislative elections

The DCCC raised $12.7 million during the month of February

Buffalo Wild Wings sarcastically confirms lawsuit that boneless wings are chicken nuggets

My new word for being ripped off, screwed over, lied to, cheated on.

Texas Democrats and Republicans are on the hunt for rare chances to flip seats in 2024

Comics Should Be Cheap (3/15/23)

The Webcomics Weekly #224: Space Pirates Edition (3/14/2023 Edition)

Politico: Trump prepares an extensive opposition file on 'Ron DeSanctimonious'

The Rundown: March 15, 2023

Never Let You Down

Cemetery staff take out personal ad for goose whose mate died -- and find her a new match

What to watch for at Wednesday's hearing in medication abortion lawsuit

Speculation: Kacsmaryk has a back channel to 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Beware the Ides of March.

Warren, Porter unveil bill to undo Trump-era Dodd-Frank rollback

Partyin' hard in Iceland:

Freewheeling Trump Counters Scripted DeSantis

Senate panel to consider Biden nominee accused of abusive behavior

Shocked! Shocked, I say.

GQP Unveils Visionary Energy Legislation: More Oil, Gas, Drilllng, Mining; More Owning Libs

Another reason I hate changing of daylight savings or whatever it's called, the clock in my car!!!!!

"Jayne says that like it's a bad thing."

Honduras to seek official ties with China, deepening Taiwan's isolation

Little farmer.. 😊

Elect me; or I'm Doomed.

China, Russia, Iran hold joint naval drills in Gulf of Oman

Hate crimes jumped nearly 12% in 2021, new FBI figures show

Could the banking problems have been caused by the disruption of Russian money laundering

Why is the FBI spying on a bookstore in Chicago?

'Historic moment' for nature as Europe's first wild river national park announced in Albania

Has the mystery of Leonardo da Vinci's mother finally been solved?

Everyone, please stop the sarcasm on this site!

Lightnin' Hopkins was born on this date.

TikTok users are speeding up music to fit short videos. Labels are OK with it, not all artists are.

The unexpected American shopping spree seems to have cooled

Randy Rainbow!

Sly Stone has a birthday today.

F**ker Carlson meme

EMILY's List: These 18 Democrats are crucial to taking House control

Ukraine War watchers- Is Russia setting up invasion of Odessa?

Someone was using a survival grade hammock on the hand rails across the street!

Vice President Kamala Harris heads to Iowa for 'reproductive rights' event

Be on the lookout!! GOP indictee on the lam:

DOJ investigating Trump laundering Russian money through Truth Social

Conservative Pundit Short-Circuits When Asked to Define 'Wokeness'

Top U.S. and World Headlines -- March 15, 2023

Spoiled rotten kitty

MI: Senate passes 'right-to-work' repeal, but delays sending bills to governor

what the heck is going on w du??

OMGAWD...... Gwyneth Paltrow is being sued......

Jeremy Scahill on Growing Proxy War Between U.S. and Russia & Downing of U.S. Drone in Black Sea

Let's play a game.

A District-by-District Guide to Taking Back a Democratic Majority in the VA House of Delegates

Now we're not supposed to eat blueberries??? Goll darn it.....

This should climb the charts

Bannon's Benefactor, Miles Guo, has been ARRESTED

WI: Republicans circulate bill to add exceptions for rape, incest to 1849 abortion ban

Pic Of The Moment: If You're Wondering What Republicans Mean By The Term "Woke," Just Ask An Expert!

WISCONSIN SUPREME COURT: Kelly accuses Protasiewicz of slandering him in campaign ads

Perlman on How to Do Staccato

WI: Madison mayoral debate turns tense as election nears

Young and unaffiliated Latino voters surge across U.S.

Why failed Silicon Valley Bank was an outlier

Nearly 1 in 3 patients don't see primary care doc

Wisconsin's political landscape is dangerous for Black people

Is Russia Funding "Trooth Sential"?

Bill in TN legislature would strengthen 'divisive concept' laws in schools

Happy Ides of March Day!

"Catastrophic": Trump-Appointed Judge in Texas May Restrict Abortion Pill Mifepristone Nationwide

Wisconsin Supreme Court race is binary choice

Hooooooly shit. 😳

Next time someone tries to assert that American Republicans and the Taliban are nothing alike...

Credit Suisse shares sink as global fears about banks grow

Mexico's Missing: 100,000+ Cases Unsolved as Leaked Military Docs Shed New Light on Ayotzinapa 43

Aggressive policing in Memphis goes far beyond the Scorpion Unit

Multiple reports: Ezekiel Elliott is being released

DOJ charges Chinese businessman Guo Wengui, associate of Steve Bannon, in $1 billion fraud

Xenoshot: Creepy Man Tries To Meet A 13 Year Old, Crashes Car Trying To Escape (Crazy Video)

Glenn Kirschner: How to WIN the New York Case

I love bright colors!

Most judges don't know shit about anything related to medicine

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (March 15, 2023)

AI tool may flag parents with disabilities

ACLU, Protester Sue D.C. National Guard Over Helicopter Use In 2020 Protests

Tufted Titmouse with Cherry Blossom - Central Park, NYC

Summarize the book of Genesis in 26 sentences . . .

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about what went down over Ukraine....

Gorgeted Sunangel - Ecuador

Just a reminder, Bannon is going to trial for his fake build the wall scheme in NY.

Republicans aim to weaken ballot measure process after progressive victories

Don Jr personally approved loan suspected as Russian money laundering

Federal investigators examined Trump Media for possible money laundering, sources say

GOP Lawmaker Says Hungry People Don't Exist Because He's Never Met One

Bighorn Sheep Rainbow at Garden of the Gods, Colorado.

I'm not afraid of heights, but this is a bit freaky

Fox Host Praises Trump For No Longer Dining With White Supremacists - Ring of Fire

If a corporation is a person, do we have to

John Dean using ChatGPT to find the opposite of "woke" (tweet)

I have posted this before, Trump and his fellow criminals will commit more crimes as they

Chinese Economy Post Opening: How Does It Look? - China Update

Lehto's Law: Man's Property Lost to 'Squatter' w/Goat Pen (Adverse Possession)

March bloom: My schlumbergera bridgesii this morning

SHOCKING video of Tucker parroting Putin directly and clearly.

The Battle of Crimea: A Prologue to Today's War - William Spaniel

D.C.-area forecast: Sunny, slightly warmer but still windy today; really nice tomorrow.

So It Would Seem

Ron DeSantis hit with an ethics complaint from Trump super PAC

The climate tradeoff at heart of one of Biden's biggest climate decisions

Russia will seek to recover downed U.S. drone, Kremlin says

Sunrise, southern MD 3/15

Texas announces takeover of Houston schools, stirring anger

He Burned Down Her Flat - Isn't It Good

Senate confirms Eric Garcetti to be ambassador to India

From 2017: President Trump, Guo Wengui and an Odd Series of Events

Republican senators are breaking with DeSantis on Ukraine - Morning Joe - MSNBC

A railroad fan photographed Putin's armored train. Now he lives in exile.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers says intention is to play for New York Jets in 2023

Behind the scenes of the Trump grand jury

"The plot of my screenplay for Back to the Future 4 is me going back to 1985 to stop ..."

Today It Was 22 Degrees at 7am

Ukraine responds to downing of US drone over Black Sea

We Uncovered the Gory Truth Behind Elon Musk's Texas Takeover - More Perfect Union

Perennial Plant Society annual sale April 8, Nashville Fairgrounds

On this day, March 15, 1933, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was born.

Women across Iran defy authorities by releasing illicit dance videos

"Music journalist A. Scott Galloway just shared that Bobby Caldwell passed away at age 71 ..."

Philosophical question to ponder about AI writing programs

"Woke" is when a conservative realizes that everything they have been taught is BS

Kari Lake Ally Loses Election in Controversial Maricopa County

Zelensky Made Tough Decision on Bakhmut. Russia Lost 97% in Vuhledar. Ukraine Forms Assault Brigades

The Shameful Imperialist Legacy of Elihu Root, Godfather of Corporate Law

Washington state teacher resignations at highest level in three decades

Can Science Fiction Wake Us Up to Our Climate Reality?

Interesting article: Why is Fentanyl in Cocaine?

Seahawks running back Travis Homer to sign 2-year deal with Bears

Jonathan Chait defending Bethany Mandel

3 dead, 2 injured after two-vehicle crash on Rock Creek Parkway

Man defaced NYC's Charging Bull statue with racist symbols: Police

Why some protesters are dressed as kangaroos and clowns amid Texas hearing on abortion pill

Middle Age Riot tweet & reply about the gun debate:

First time cat dad confused by affectionate kitten

Trump defense lawyer grilled by Ari Melber

"Woke". A Word they can't even Define:

Stray Cat Starts Showing Up At Couple's New House

Murphy: I worry DeSantis' support for Putin part of broader lack of enthusiasm for democracy - MoJoe

Skinny Pittie Transforms With Little Girl's Help

Oil slumps $5/bbl to lowest in more than a year as banking fears mount

New from Randy Rainbow: George Santos 🤣

The "I" word is getting thrown around a lot and we're teased with the Stormy Daniels affair

Lehman Brothers is to 2008 as Credit Suisse is to 2023?

2 babies: puppy & chick cuddle up for nap--

I think that the J6 insurrection needs a name change that

At Wellesley College, Students Vote to Admit Trans Men

Ugandan bill threatens jail for saying you're gay (BBC)

Maybe she does this on purpose.--Nah:

Cancun Cruz wants to protect TFG's snowflakes

Tennessee Lt. Gov. Randy McNally Is Taking a Post-Twinkgate Social Media Break

Ranking Fox News Leaks & Lies from the Dominion Lawsuit - Brian Tyler Cohen vs Tommy Vietor

The reason Republicans hate democracy

I kinda feel sorry for the Jets with this Arod business

Chip Roy sounds SUSPICIOUSLY like Mike Pence when he'd praise Trump's "bold & decisive leadership"

Judge dismisses Amazon's lawsuit against Washington state labor agency

Harrell hints at impending moves, including 'significant laws that will be changed'

Cartoons 3/15/2023

Here Are The Road Closures For Saturday's Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon

Fire broke out in the hotel of Bannon's Benefactor, Miles Guo, today

US Census, 37.9 Mill Americans,11.6% of Population Living in Poverty, Might Be Worse Than Reported

Texas judge presses lawyers on FDA approval of key abortion drug

Starting to do good deeds

Hearing examiner's order holds up Cathcart park and ride

Fla. Gov. Ron DeSantis Bans Completely Respectable Books-Geo. Orwell's "1984" Revisited...Again

Biblical city yields unusual case of 3,500-year-old head surgery

Culture clash dinner tonight

Crypto bros are quickly losing their banking options

Burke: Are MAGAs soon joining Know Nothings as past history?

Texas judge presses lawyers on FDA approval of key abortion drug

Stormy Daniels speaks to Manhattan DA in Trump payment probe

Ron DeSantis Is Doubling Down On His Education Crusade. Will It Work With GOP Voters In 2024?

Whither Wilbur?

re: what the heck is going on w du??

Honduras will seek ties with China, spurning Taiwan

Indicted tycoon Guo Wengui was a Mar a Lago member Bannon called the "Donald Trump of Beijing"

Brazilian researchers find 'terrifying' plastic rocks on remote island

Tennessee lawmaker: 'I wouldn't be here today' under current abortion ban

Trump's Truth Social Slashes Staff Amid Expanded Federal Investigation, Reports Say

DOJ takes down ChipMixer crypto criminals.

GQP - I'll Protect You (Luckovich Cartoon)

When you are the last cat built

Cecile Richards: 'Politicians, judges making decisions about women's health' is a 'slippery slope'

Oscar bannings slipped memory before *last* year. Richard GERE 20 years, (almost) Sacha Baron COHEN?

Arizona House votes against bill that would bring water to Rio Verde Foothills

Marjorie Taylor Greene blurts out potentially classified info: 'I'm not going to be confidential'

Dedicated to Vladimir Putin

Trump's support in Iowa erodes

PA: Montgomery County: Who's Running For Office?

Swiss National Bank says it will provide Credit Suisse with liquidity if necessary

PA: Erie County: Who's Running For Office?

Ian Millhiser @imillhiser: in the likely event that Trump Judge Matty Kascmaryk bans mifepristone

You Will Laugh When You Hear What Conservatives Are Blaming the SVB Collapse On! - Luke Beasley

Randy Rainbow: "Life's a F***ing Fantasy for Santos" on YouTube

Boebert also made her own mother a grandmother at 36.

The real definition of "woke"

Part of our crusade

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Colorado, the GOP, and a moment....

The GOP's effort to diminish DeSantis on Ukraine

Coalition Rises to Stop MegaMerger of Kroger & Albertsons: Grocery Monopoly, Antitrust, FTC

FL: Nikki Fried espouses Democratic urgency in Duval County elections.

Republican Announces Plans To Make Poor People Starve - Ring of Fire

82yr. Old Arrested For Not Paying $77 Trash Bill (LackLuster)

Honda recalling 500,000 vehicles to fix seat belt problem

Triage The Horrors with Lena Rodriguez The Mary Trump Show

Books Removed and Movies Banned

Dan Kelly downplays his anti-abortion advocacy in his Wisconsin Supreme Court campaign despite activ

Hobbs, Fontes, Maricopa County clap back at Lake's appeal to the AZ Supreme Court

NEWS: Walgreens' supplier of abortion pills said it would not distribute the drug in 31 states

AZ: Bill to protect 'Big Lie' lawyers from punishment advances with GOP support

What's for Dinner, Wed., Mar. 15, 2023

Caucuses and delegates

🎵 If I had a hammer ...

The Dam is about to Break

***The Winners of the March Photo Contest: Winter***

Holy Shit a Slobfather Super Pac requests ethics probe

Here's the link for the Winners Thread in GD!

The Ides Of March: An Update From The Texas Legislature


How come Journos that say "I have a source close to"

When the Book- Burners Come to Your Town, Bands of Bounty Hunters: Jim Hightower

If someone asks you what WOKE is

Patching the levee with pickup trucks (Twitter video) :

Woman charged with lying about Stanford University rapes that shook campus

Herbs & tinctures "to regulate the menses" were advertised in Colonial newspapers. Every time I hear

You know how Russians who fail to wholeheartedly support Putin seem to "fall" from tall

An Art Deco 1930s Vaseline Glass (uranium) Car Mascot

if the judge bans the abortion pill

Elgin watch, 1929

"Cousin F*ckers & Terrorists": Fox Producer HATES Fox Audience The Kyle Kulinski Show

S. Carolina repukes introducing bill to make abortion punishable by death.

Larry, Moe & Curly With Moe's Daughter Joan❤️❤️

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 16 March 2023

fading justice

Virgin Orbit pauses operations for a week, furloughs nearly entire staff as it seeks funding

I Guess Jack Wasn't So Cheap After All

If you impeached a president over a personal indiscretion, you don't get to cry about

Trump vs. DeSantis war of insults. Is it genuine animosity or staged conflict?

Trump lawyer lunges at interviewer's notes to prevent him from reading out quote on TV.

Marty Robbins - El Paso (Live)

Sandy Hook Plaintiffs Call Alex Jones Too Malicious To Discharge $1.4B Damage Award In Bankruptcy

THIS is the man who was just arrested for child sex crimes.

Fake sex abuse claims get British woman 8.5 year prison term

This Kid Is Creative!

Could DeSatan stop TFG's extradition if he's indicted? A long but happy read...

Texas announces takeover of Houston schools, stirring anger

New Jersey Princeton senior arrested in connection to Jan. 6 Capitol riot

Behind every great man is a

Bobby Caldwell, 'What You Won't Do For Love' singer and songwriter, dead at 71

Michael Cohen testifies again before grand jury probing hush money scheme

Kool & The Gang - Mighty Mighty High

ABC 11 in NC running chyron on the local news

Don't Want to Be Pregnant? Here's What Abortion Opponents Can Do to You in Texas

Excerpt from Reddit, link included. Desantis is a bureaucratically inclined fascist authoritarian.

Trump's lawyer du jour, Mr. Taco Peanuts, stated last night on Ari Melber's "The Beat" that,

Hmm... I wonder what Chasten Buttigieg is spilling tomorrow:

"You're Going To Lose That Girl" - The Beatles (1965)

Wisconsin Republicans propose abortion ban exceptions

Erma Franklin - Saving My Love For You

Byron Dorgan is on Ari receiving kudos

Willie Henderson & The Soul Explosions - Off Into A Black Thing

Have no fear, President Camacho is here:

Girls' high school deemed ineligible to play in future activities and tournaments...

Flash & The Dynamics - Electric Latin Soul

Yusef Lateef - Russell And Eliot

Wouldn't the Stormy Daniels' reimbursement to Michael Cohen be a federal crime

This band took my breath away when I first heard them....

There is now a third phonecall where Trump pressured Fulton County,

Fireplace at Htel Bouctot-Vagniez Amiens , France Architect : Louis Duthoit 1909-1911

Federal judge in Texas hears case that could overturn FDA approval of abortion pills - PBS NewsHour

Defense and Army Articulate Proposal to Ban Active-Duty Military Personnel from Civilian Positions i

See Tucker Carlson's 'hackery' exposed over decades - The Beat - MSNBC

How to trigger a MAGA

U.S. Threatens Ban if TikTok's Chinese Owners Don't Sell Stakes

MFSB - K-Jee

5 million women have taken the abortion pill in the past 20+ years.

International Space Station coming over the DC area tonight, 8:35 p.m.

DEBUT: 'Three's Company' premiered 46 years ago, March 15, 1977, on ABC

Stormy Daniels meets with prosecutors for Trump hush-money probe - MSNBC Reports

CNN start page headline is barfworthy

Schumer declares House GOP's first major bill "dead on arrival"

7 deputies arrested for murder after inmate died at mental hospital

GOP Congressman Andy Ogles raised $25k for "child burial garden," kept the $$!

Cat vs Pigeon:

LOL! Just heard on Joy Reid.

I would not let my doctor repair and adjust my brakes

A giraffe named Misha was captured kissing her newborn baby calf😍

Postal system enigma... WHINE ALERT

Federal Court of Accounts Minister Prohibits Bolsonaro from Wearing or Selling Saudi Jewelry

Sunset, southern MD 3/15

Mint Mobile to be bought by T-Mobile for $1.3 billion

Interview with Trump Supporters Goes Horribly Wrong! - Luke Beasley

At least 11 dead, 10 missing after central Colombia mine blasts

Michael Cohen: Stormy Daniels will do 'a fantastic job' as possible witness in hush money probe

Steps from the Capitol, Trump allies buy up properties to build MAGA campus

Tylenol (acetaminophen) safety.

cute little mouse deer. look at those HUGE eyes and TINY feetz

Colombia's 'total war' on illegal mining shuts down gold mining region

Audubon Society Keeps Name Despite Slavery Ties, Dividing Birders

Thursday's digit -9/10: Winds finally abate, no need to equivocate, mild temperatures are first rate

Don't Want to Be Pregnant? Here's What Abortion Opponents Can Do to You in Texas (W)

Joy Reid: Putin may not be winning the war in Ukraine - but he is winning the Republican nomination

President Barack Obama's Brackets:

Former MI GOP Congressman Mike Rogers on Joy, and sounds like he might be running for President

BREAKING: $1 BILLION Republican FOREIGN Donor Criminal Conspiracy EXPOSED - Meidas Touch

Joe Tacopina, TFG's atty, just said on CNN that there are some states

Details of the IMPENDING INDICTMENT from a Former Prosecutor - Talking Feds

A saliva test for triple negative breast cancer?