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Archives: March 16, 2023

Violence in Pakistan as Imran Khan supporters block his arrest - DW News

Downed drone result of 'risky and unsafe actions' by Russians says Defense Secy. Austin - MSNBC Reports

Gender Clinic Workers Kept a Spreadsheet of Trans Patients' Names. Here's What Happened Next.

John Stewart simple CRUSHES a clueless right winger in love with guns

American/Canadian group assaults Russian Special ops video

You're Eating Foods Banned In Other Countries!

Prosecutors could never indict Trump for all the crimes he has committed.

Tucker Carlson Appears to Have Mental Breakdown During Strange Interview! - Luke Beasley

Handle With Care

Lies?! Trump lawyer admits 'of course' it wasn't true: Ari Melber breakdown - The Beat - MSNBC

In the 1950s, when I was a child, (Bernie on Twitter)

Fulton County investigators have another recording of a Trump ph call pressuring a Georgia officials

Hackers find "special military operation volunteer" who filmed use of chemical weapons by Russians

Meltdown: Rand Paul storms out of Homeland Security markup after clash on amendments

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Tennessee and $2 billion....

Steps from the Capitol, Trump allies buy up properties to build MAGA campus

HOw many here listen to Meidas Touch Network?

Fallout as Trump lawyer admits 'of course' it wasn't true, facing receipts on live TV - The Beat MSNBC

DeSantis and 45 are not repulsed by any of Russia's war crimes and that is the biggest red flag.

Ratpocalypse - Paris - Need a 'Rat Tsar'?

"Freeze the assets, ban the visas" -- Bill Browder on the push to isolate Russia - DW News

Need a place to grow your billions? Don't care about quality education?

15 Mar: Danger! Russian Breach Ukranian Defense Near Avdiivka - Reporting from Ukraine

Glen Campbell, Neil Diamond, and Linda Ronstadt singing Neil's songs on Glen's TV show

Cocaine Bear is the greatest movie of all time.

KCMO. Got gas this am. $2.91. Yes! nt

Help! I am being held prisoner!

Trump lawyer defense: Blame previous Trump lawyer - The Beat/Deadline - MSNBC

A Quick Look at the Lying Trumpist Liars Behind that Database on Corporate Giving to "BLM"

DOJ Told Court to Expect a Deluge of New Jan. 6 Prosecutions

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

Nebraska State Sen. Merv Riepe proposes less stringent, 12-week abortion ban

Gary Pearce' Talking About Politics: Jeff Jackson is best political communicator in NC

PoliticsNC: Jackson is probably best communicator in all of Congress

CO Democratic US Representatives that are strong general election candidates for statewide office.

The Brilliant Inventor Who Made Two of History's Biggest Mistakes

Texas judge considers stripping access to abortion drug - Deadline - MSNBC

Garcetti confirmed as India ambassador after 20-month fight

The NEA Calls For More Women in the Nuclear Sector.

Melania Trump Is Being Paid to Stay in Her Marriage?

Ukraine flap is DeSantis's first major test as an alternative to Trump

Can multiple indictments be issued at the same time.

How the abortion pill case landed in a 'tiny MAGA jurisdiction' in Texas - All In - MSNBC

House MD and Kal Penn Confront The "Woke Mind Virus" The Daily Show

I still don't understand the Constitutional or legal grounds a drug

FBI: Florida deputy, trooper with DEA ties involved in drugs

Texas Judge's handling of mifepristone case is faulty

Songhoy Blues - Ir Ma Sobay (Live in Chicago, 2017)

Well, I just found out one of my dog's triggers.

Medicare identifies drug makers that will owe penalties for raising prices on 27 drugs faster than

Russia to try to salvage wrecked US drone; Gen. Milley says 'not a lot to recover'

Bannon-allied businessman arrested in $1 billion fraud conspiracy - All In - MSNBC

Reporter Describes Being Fired By Axios After Being Targeted By Ron DeSantis' Media 'Machine'

What are all the current investigations into Trump

Ending Poverty Is Always on America's To-Do (Tomorrow) List

UK, German fighter jets intercept Russian plane near Estonia

Someone asked me tonight if that fire in the million dollar apartment following

Former Wells Fargo exec faces prison after admitting she tried to hide sales scandal

Georgia grand jurors say what's coming Trump's way, "Is gonna be MASSIVE!" - Glenn Kirschner

Bizarre Tweet About Girls' Bathrooms Backfires On Oklahoma Education Czar

Loose Lips: MTG Blurts Out Confidential Information

Orange County (California) apartment buildings red tagged after mudslide

L.A. firefighters rescue man from rain-swollen Los Angeles River

Spaniel Ignores Other Dogs But Is Obsessed With ONE THING

Average Seattle apartment is 659 square feet, the smallest in the country

UN nuclear watchdog says uranium is missing in Libya

Trump finally loses it in full meltdown - Brian Tyler Cohen

Yesterday, this week's installment of Frontline was posted on DU. I want to repost it again because

Watching Lawrence

Family of 'Cop City' protester killed by police seeks answers - All In - MSNBC

Son of Boulder mass shooting victim sues gun-maker Ruger

Princess Di's brother says she thought Trump was 'worse than an anal fissure'.

How would the Teflon Don react to being arrested?

Massive Asteroid About the Size of 69 American Alligators Will Pass by Earth

North Carolina court appears poised to overrule itself in gerrymandering case

People have a hard time defining woke without accidentally saying they want to be able to hate

Can't find the password for my macmail

They located Russian mercenaries in the woods and all hell broke loose - Military Mind - TVP World

Michael Cohen after testifying before Trump grand jury: 'I'm probably the last witness they need'

Bon Jovi - Runaway

I disagree w/Lawrence O'Donnell -- "pro-life" zealots should not be re-labeled as "anti-abortion".

Donald Trump To Announce He Suffers From Multiple Personality Disorder (P)

The combination of Trumpism and white, Evangelical Christian nationalism is a "monstrosity"

Sparkle Sings Dylan

Trump Lawyer GETS PHYSICAL After Caught LYING on Live TV - Meidas Touch

U.S. withdraws Trump-era land deal in Alaska wildlife refuge

Those Were Good Days

What's a TERRIBLE mainstream Hollywood movie you can't help but watch over and over again?

Ron DeSantis Bans Births In Florida Due To Exposure Of Impressionable Infants To Vagina

Georgia DA's BIG MOVE on Trump Lawyer REVEALED in New Reporting - Meidas Touch

This is totally astounding ( HustleGPT ) - Twitter thread

Levar Burton has a great T on here

"A lot's gonna come out sooner or later," one Ga. grand juror said. "And it's gonna be massive"

Russia oil revenues plummeted in February as war penalties hit

Just for the Hell of it -- imagine tfg goes to prison, and is elected POTUS anyway ...

Group of Mexican women help feed thousands of migrants on their journeys

Childersburg ALABAMA Cypher

For The Polack MSgt: Tokyo Groove Jyoshi - What is Hip? (Tower of Power cover w/samisen player)

Pet Rabbit Roams Free And Startles Pedastrians

Andrew Tate and his brother are denied bail for a third time in Romania

Former Mexican presidential candidate sentenced to US prison

Jim Gordon died at 77 today. drummer for Eric Clapton. Don't know how to post link.

Mexican protestors against U.S. Republicans' proposal

My parents/grandparents home to the end. My elder sister in a "place" - I don't like it.

This is what the Russians are laughing at - Break the Fake - TVP World

Started watching "Poker Face." What a great show!

Judge's Ruling Spells TROUBLE For Trump in E. Jean Carroll Case - Talking Feds

DaSota Cypher

The REAL Confederate Flag

Shabby headline for story we've been following:

Ed Sheeran - Bad Habits (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

What did Congressman Andy Ogles do with nearly $25,000 meant for child burial garden? He won't say

Texas birth control ruling could 'set a precedent' for other drugs, legal expert says - MSNBC Reports

DeSantis Vying to Replace Trump and -ucker as Putin's Fav Pigeon

Guacamaya Leaks Uncovers Pact Between "Marro" and the National Guard: They Paid Them 120,000

Baby Got Back (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)


El Lic and El Mini Lic Roll on Raton

Kimmel: Joe Exotic Announces Presidential Run, Santos Seeks Re-Election & Cigarette Prank on Aunt

Disturbed The Vengeful One Reaction!!

VP Harris is on the Stephen Colbert show.

Michael Cohen Gives UNFILTERED Response to Trump Lawyer - Meidas Touch

Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua: The Gulf Cartel Served Justice

Florida Republican Stan McClain says that his bill that bans books and eliminates comprehensive sex

A film noir: Leave Her to Heaven

Vocal Coach Reacts To TYPE O NEGATIVE - 'Black No 1'

A Republican 'civil war' on Ukraine erupts as Reagan's example fades

Seth Meyers: DeSantis and GOP Blame "Wokeness" for Bank Crisis After Gutting Dodd-Frank: A Closer Look

12:00 AM Lassie Come Home (1943) NOW TCM

Nothing Else Matters - Metallica (acapella) VoicePlay Ft J.NONE

Utah bans abortion clinics in wave of post-Roe restrictions

I think it probably is time to withdraw from Bakhmut

Mexico Launches Appeal in Suit Against U.S. Gun Manufacturers

Bannon's billionaire yacht buddy arrested; Santos yacht deal eyed by investigators - Alex Wagner MSNBC

Does anyone here use E-Trade?

Type O Negative - Cinnamon Girl REACTION

US to pay $6.5 million in lost wages owed to Mexican migrant workers

A Republican 'civil war' on Ukraine erupts as Reagan's example fades

Brazilian researchers find 'terrifying' plastic rocks on remote island

I think my cat may be dreaming she's a camel

Hip-Hop Head's FIRST TIME Hearing BODY COUNT: Raining In Blood REACTION

Court gives Bolsonaro 5 days to hand over Saudi jewels

In a directive to Education Officials in Florida

Debts and investment spur Honduran change of allegiance to China

Cecile Richards on abortion pill case: 64 million women could lose access to medication abortion

With all of these investigations into the Fat Man

Jimmy Carter And The 'Torture Chamber Of Latin America': Examining A Human Rights Legacy - Analysis

Russia's gas exports under threat due to US sanctions

Why conservatives don't want to say what 'woke' means - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

☦️ Orthodox Christian: 'O Lord of Hosts' Chant


Amateur: Transitioning Is Not as Simple as "Before" and "After" Photos Show

CA: Huntington Beach Mayor (R) Fights Housing Goals While Living in Affordable Housing

CA: Huntington Beach Looks To Limit Who Leads Prayers Before Meetings

DOJ Told Court to Expect a Deluge of New Jan. 6 Prosecutions

NY: Queens assemblymember accused of misconduct faces more pressure to resign

Hi pet lovers!

Why abortion rights advocates are anxious about the judge hearing the abortion pill case - Alex Wagner

Reporter Describes Being Fired By Axios After Being Targeted By Ron DeSantis' Media 'Machine'

George Santos Under Investigation For Brokering $19 Million Yacht Deal Between Donors

California man drives into flooded road in front of news camera, gets stuck

Medication abortion battle could embolden right-wing war on science - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

The Little Mermaid Official Trailer

What "woke" really means vs. what it has been turned into

OMFG..... Tucker & Alex Jones are saying Trump is AUTISTIC

When Japanese Voice Actor Pronounces "The Earth"

Trump THREATENS Witness in CRIMINAL Investigation against Him - Meidas Touch

Most Wonderful Animated Movie Ever..."The Iron Giant"

Why chaos is the most likely outcome of the abortion pill case - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Biden addresses plan to reduce prescription drug costs - MSNBC Reports

NEW: Justice Department just released this shocking video of January 6 rioter Sara Carpenter seeming

Police Arrest 3 Officers From Same Department In 4 Days For Alleged DUI

Lawrence: GA grand juror says evidence against Trump will be 'massive' once public - The Last Word

World Baseball Classic: Mets closer Edwin Daz injures knee while celebrating with Puerto Rico,

Malawi death toll rises in Cyclone Freddy aftermath - The Last Word - MSNBC

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Ukraine possibly getting some air power....

Republicans make BIG MISTAKE they instantly regret - Meidas Touch

The making of a Detransitioner

Trump hush money probe appears to enter final stages - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

A Vintage Pen Holder

North Korea launches ICBM ahead of South Korea-Japan summit - Al Jazeera

Texas judge hears abortion pill case - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

GOP state senator argues against free school lunch, has 'yet to meet' hungry Minnesotan - The 11th Hour

Breakfast Thursday 16 March 2023

Long-distance aviation in the late 30s - This is how all air travel should be!

Wordle 635 (3/16) ***SPOILER THREAD***

Art Deco Console Radio by Zenith ⚡️

Russian elite piles on Putin ally leading Russian mercenary group - CNN

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/15/23

Stephen Colbert: Guest Vice President Kamala Harris

Colossus of Rhodes at the entrance to Mandraki harbor on Greek island of Rhodes


Boy makes new friend at London Zoo 1958

Nebraska lawmaker 3 weeks into filibuster over trans bill

When you try to play "Hide & Seek", but the kids keep finding you:

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

In a nutshell: "Everything I Don't Like Is Woke" a book for dickheads

Deported: The Iraq War veterans denied the right to live in the US

Study: Arctic Sea Ice Tipping Point Arrived In 2007; Loss Of Old, Thick Ice Likely Irreversible

What did Congressman Andy Ogles do with nearly $25,000 meant for child burial garden? He won't say

Surprise! Keystone VP Vague And Evasive When Pressed By KS Legislators On Huge Pipeline Break

Separate and unequal: gender segregation at work

US military releases video from Russian fighter jet crash with drone

After Doing Just What Norfolk Southern Said, Including Torching Toxics, Ohio Is Now Suing Them

No End In Sight For Price Swings In Increasingly Volatile Natural Gas Sector

Credit Suisse to borrow up to $54bn from Switzerland's central bank - BBC News

15-Month Prison Sentence Tossed For Oz Climate Activist; Police Lied That Protest Blocked Ambulance

Tons of Uranium Missing from Libyan Site

Albania Makes One Of Europe's Last Wild Rivers A National Park - First Such In Europe

Int'l operation takes down ChipMixer money laundering service

On this day, March 16, 1951, Hank Williams recorded "Hey, Good Lookin'."

Creation of a bamboo case:

The Who -"Too Much of Anything". Happy belated 79TH Birthday to Roger Daltrey

World's first octopus farm proposals alarm scientists

A Quick Look at the Lying Trumpist Liars Behind that Database on Corporate Giving to "BLM"

Thursday TOONs - The Straw

Willis told us weeks ago what she is going to do. She said it in court.

At 511 inches, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Closes In On Season Snow Record

Osprey Live Stream 🎦 Naples, FL (Harry and Sally)

Former Wells Fargo executive to plead guilty to charge in sales scandal

On this day, March 16, 1926, Jerry Lewis was born.

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 3/15/2023

This Week in Shonen Jump: Week of 3/12/23

Art of the Week: Week of 3/15/23

The Rundown: March 16, 2023

Storms end Southern California water restrictions for 7M

A Quick Look at the Lying Trumpist Liars Behind that Database on Corporate Giving to "BLM"

-- Earl Charles Spencer-What Princess Diana really thought of Trump: "worse than an anal fissure"

Wisconsin man pleads guilty over Michigan governor kidnapping plot

Well, the process is moving forward, a bit of good news on my home buying adventure.

Jerry Jeff Walker was born on this date.

Silicon Valley Bank donated zero dollars to Black Lives Matter

Utah governor signs legislation banning clinics from providing abortions

Ray Benson from Asleep at the Wheel has a birthday today.

Trump's Media Company Reportedly Under Federal Investigation For Money Laundering Linked To Russia

Little Lady Carys just trotted into the den with a whiffle ball and she dropped it at my feet.

I Am A Trans Texan

I'd Say It's A Fair Review....

Oh, nothing to see here... Rosa Parks in one proposed FL social studies textbook reduced to a lady..

"They're trying to normalize sin"

Poland to be 1st NATO member to give Ukraine fighter jets

Trump is now committing crimes at a rate faster

Systemic Banking Crisis Fears Spread To China Economy - China Update

Slow Dance

Loose Lips: MTG Blurts Out Confidential Information

4 arrested for animal abuse after Knox Co. investigation into pet-sitting deaths

Study shows those released under NY's bail reform laws are less likely to get rearrested

Florida Scoured Math Textbooks for 'Prohibited Topics.' Next Up: Social Studies.

Why the GOP is obsessed with "woke" -- but can't define it

Escalation Confirmed: Putin Agreed to Lose 861,520 Soldiers. - The Russian Dude

Mall Security Guard Dragged By Car After Suspects Take Big Carrot

Fla. reporter fired after calling news release on DeSantis event 'propaganda'

Tweet of the Day

Juicy Peking Duck Carved Table Side

The myth of "liberal" news: How the media does the work of fascists

The making of a detransitioner

Judge Cites 1849 Slavery Law in Ruling Embryos Can Be Considered Property

You raised $5.00 on March 15, 2023 unofficial DU for Ruben Gallego US Senate beat Senator Sinema

Trump now claims he barely knew Stormy Daniels:

Woman Goes Out Every Day For A Year To Get Stray Pittie To Trust Her

The Ohio Train Derailments Are Pissing Everyone Off - Lovett or Leave It - Crooked Media

Wisconsin man convicted for his role in plot to kidnap Gov. Whitmer

I really believe Ukraine will be getting advanced fighter aircraft sooner than later

Politico: Marianne Williamson's 'abusive' treatment of 2020 campaign staff, revealed

Politico: Chicago City Council fiercely debates migrants

U.S. weekly jobless claims fall more than expected

Boston pushes for fare-free bus expansion, says 42% of riders saved money

Politico: A senior Republican's close brush revealed in new Jan. 6 footage

Harris blasts DeSantis over Ukraine remarks, lack of experience

Jack White pens poem defending Meg White after tweet called her a 'terrible' drummer

The Hill: GOP lawmakers cringe over Trump's effort to destroy DeSantis

The Hill: Christie says he'll decide on White House bid in 45 to 60 days

The Hill: MSNBC hosts DC event for debut of 'Inside with Jen Psaki'

Christie says he'll decide on White House bid in 45 to 60 days

The Hill: Senate Republicans distance themselves from DeSantis's Ukraine stance

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Virginia and what's next....

Utah bans abortion clinics in wave of post-Roe restrictions (AP)

Serious question: How many barrels of oil will it take to extract the 600 mill barrels from Willow?

U.S. weekly jobless claims fall; housing finding bottom

European Central Bank hikes rates despite market mayhem, pledges support if needed

Lapointe: 'Right-to-work' was always wrong, as Jimmy Hoffa told me

TX-28: Not this shit again!

The giant hand of Vyrnwy, Wales

Here's How An AI Tool May Flag Parents with Disabilities: AP News

Here's a new photo of Space Boy, Carys' brother

Here's How An AI Tool May Flag Parents with Disabilities: AP News (D)

Ripley and Gowan La Mode Art Deco Trousse

Republican proposal for exceptions to near-complete abortion ban in Wisconsin shut down within hours

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- March 16, 2023

Utah bans abortion clinics in wave of post-Roe restrictions

A model of the heavy frigate Friedich III (1692) of the Brandenburg Navy

Morning swim

CO: Abortion bills advance in committee

Weather's improved, southern MD

Watch out Florida, DeSargassum is coming

Pic's of ruzzian plane interfering with US Reaper Drone from DW News, Germany...

Two 85 and 95-year-old sisters were kicked off Amtrak train 500 miles from home

MI: Gov. Whitmer to sign bill expanding protections to LGBTQ+ members

Death, Destruction & Resilience: Nadje Al-Ali on the 20th Anniversary of U.S. Invasion of Iraq

Satellites are photobombing Hubble (

Nebraska lawmaker threatened with censure for comparing transgender legislation with genocide

Bohemian Art Nouveau Jugendstil lridescent Glass Vase

Blinken Visits Niger, Home to U.S. Drone Base, as Biden Moves to Counter China & Russia in Africa

Ben & Jerry's ice cream co-founder awards pro-Russian journalists for anti-Ukraine propaganda piece.

Pic Of The Moment: The Latest On House Republican Oversight

Mount Rainier National Park plus others to go cashless on entry fee and camping

"The loneliest feeling in the world..." (clip from the film Inherit the Wind, 1960)

UN nuclear watchdog: 2.5 tons of uranium missing in Libya

Credit Suisse Needs $54 Billion Bailout to Avoid Collapse as Cash Crisis Hit Europe - Joe Blogs

Faint gravitational waves may be from primordial fractures in space-time

When I was a late teen the phrase "Question Authority" was widely considered radical and unpatriotic

Cockatoo lost his home. A kind family has given him another chance.

Will Peace Hold in Tigray? Blinken Visits Ethiopia Four Months After Truce Reached to End War

ChatGPT is just like Fox News

Ah, the satisfaction of plucking unwanted facial hair

Victorian brooch with amethyst and diamonds. (Length 6.35cm)


On this day, March 16, 2020, the Dow Jones Industrial Average had the largest point drop in history.

the truth about fox news

On this day, March 16, 2020, the Dow Jones Industrial Average had the largest point drop in history.

Mike Huckster-abee is at it again!

A Nebraska legislator is 3 weeks into a filibuster over a trans bill

A Nebraska legislator is 3 weeks into a filibuster over a trans bill


GOP Voters Think Party Conspired with Democrats

The Nat-C View from "National Review".

49ers sign QB Sam Darnold. Have they lost faith in Trey Lance?

Max le Verrier, Table Lamp.

Maine lobster industry sues Monterey Bay Aquarium over do not eat listing

One day--most likely sometime in the next few weeks--there will be breaking news.

Would you prefer TikTok to be owned by Byte Dance, a Chinese company, or Elon Musk?

Cap'n Crunch cereal is celebrating its 60th anniversary. I didn't like it--too sweet.

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (March 16, 2023)

Andrew Weissman: I don't see Alvin Bragg doing this and not indicting - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (Live on Letterman)

The Kings - This Beat Goes On/Switchin' to Glide

On this day, March 16, 1949, Erik Estrada was born.

Sweet - Little Willy - Top Of The Pops/Disco 1972

I think Oreo's time as Keeper of the Flame is over:

Interview with Dr. Fauci on the origins of COVID and our response - Morning Joe - MSNBC (2 vids)

Well, you have to make sure the shaver shaves before you buy it, right?

I gave them a bit of plant food this morning...

It's on, MF'rs !! VoteVets on getting Tuckface and Friends off our bases' TV screens

First Republic execs have been cashing out shares this year

On this day, March 16, 1932, actor Tom Pittman was born.

Wealthy Executives Make Millions Trading Competitors' Stock With Remarkable Timing

Silicon Valley Bank bunch, they're Libertarians till they need a government bailout, aka Socialism.

Conservative operative destroys CPAC & MAGA: Professional Grassroots Huckster Wing of the GOP.

Entire Russian spy network dismantled in Poland

Trump is facing 4 major criminal investigations, I believe there will be more.

Grand jury heard new call of Trump pressuring Georgia speaker to overturn election - MSNBC Reports

Juror teases "MASSIVE" news for Trump in Georgia - Brian Tyler Cohen

North Dakota Supreme Court: State's abortion ban will remain blocked 🧵

I just got $4 from SS

President Biden to host Irish taoiseach for St. Patrick's Day - Morning Joe - MSNBC

A new poll suggests Ron DeSantis' 'anti-woke' crusade will backfire

And the sun shines on ... The Bay ....

THERE IS PRECEDENT for DECLASSIFICATION of translator notes (Gorby-Reagan)

Can Ukraine break the stalemate with its new weapons? DW News

This is what the right means by woke. This goes back decades. In the words of one of their own...

Tiny dog chooses new bed:

Mozart: Music about "Oh how we will triumph" - anticipation - been singing it all day

St. Patrick's Eve

Virginia sees record train ridership as passenger rail expands

Experimenting in the kitchen today

"if I have seen further [than others], it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."

America Is in a Disgraced Class of Its Own

Told you that this isn't a dog. Wait for it:

Study: Experimental COVID shot made via egg-based technology elicits higher antibody proportion ...

Mississippi Republicans Try To Halt Sales Of Electric Cars - Ring of Fire

POV: bartender at the local doggo bar:

Steps from the Capitol, Trump allies buy up properties to build MAGA campus

Tiny puppy puts pawprints on her birth certificate:

YouTubeTV announces big increase in live TV subscription rates

Great Gray Owl and her owlets:

Homemade Mujadara Recipe - Levantine Rice and Lentils (video)


Cat working part time as dog:

The Navy and Marines Are Having an Awkward Fight Over Amphibious Warships

Cat enjoys exciting amusement park ride:

A Russian local politician who dangled spaghetti from his ears while listening to a speech by Putin

Here we go again, the news media getting people worked up again.

Poland to be 1st NATO member to give Ukraine fighter jets

With 'skimming' on the rise, senator urges USDA to require updated technology for SNAP cards

Bernie endorses Brandon Johnson for Chicago Mayor

Huntington Bch mayor, critic of housing mandates lives in affordable housing

Lindsey Graham admits under oath that Trump's outlandish election conspiracies were farfetched

This means the current injunction against "Stop Woke" in Florida is still in effect...for now.

US: Rising Attacks on Free Speech, 1st Amendment Censorship, McCarthyism: AP News

I find it disgraceful

A little perspective about Mifepristone: over 5,000,000 women have used it; 28 died.

Republican Senator upset Biden won't talk to him about cutting Social Security

predicting volcanoes eruption. found this charming vid from oregon public broadcasting

Hi Pet Lovers! My baby needs medical help!

Derailed train in Arizona carried corn syrup, not hazardous materials feared

Murderer of 7 praised as 'Hero' in U.S. funded Palestinian Girl's school

The Magas want another crack at a Civil War. You just can't make this crap up

Former city councilman going to prison after molesting girl for seven years

Visit the White House private gardens for a limited time only

US tribes get bison as they seek to restore bond with animal

A limerick for St. Patrick's Day:

Unrest around Russian borders shows when empires crumble, they become murderous

Borderlands' Produce information for 3/18/23

Silicon Valley Bank donated zero dollars to Black Lives Matter

ByeBye Macron

AJC: 'It's still painful:' Family members mourn victims of spa shootings (one year ago)

Today's moment of 'Squee'

Republicans Moving Slow On Fascism...Not Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

Word that I misspell no matter how many times I look it up

Everyone who sat out 2010 election, I hope they are happy.. because they are the reason

TN takes 5 children from black GA family over 5 grams of marijuana

Military expert weighs in on footage of US drone takedown (CNN)

"Stained glass at Casa Manuel Felip in Barcelona, Spain - 1901 - Architects: Fernandez and Janot"

Ted Cruz playing poker with pros

When huge crowds filled massive Tianamen Square in China, America cheered.

11th Circuit upholds injunction on DeSantis' 'Stop WOKE Act' pending appeal

Trump Must Be Prosecuted. Equal Justice Demands It.

No, my Japanese American parents were not 'interned' during WWII. They were incarcerated

Oklahoma Republicans Vote Down Bill To Outlaw Abuse Of Disabled School Students - Ring of Fire

So far in my bracket...

Train derails in Anacortes, spilling diesel

Adam Kinzinger on the drone downed by Russia

First upset of the NCAA tournament 🏀 SPOILER ALERT

Seattle mayor says downtown activation, fentanyl plan coming within weeks

President Biden's brackets

After back-to-back train disasters, regulators approve the largest rail merger in decades creating a

Basalt male torso with magical spells carved Late Period, Ptolemaic, c. 350-300 B.C.

Basketball upset. Spoiler alert.

Purple-throated Woodstar

Do retirement accounts have any protections the way the FDIC does for bank accounts?

A Pro-Trump Social Network Wants to Corner the Anti-Vax 'Jizz Market'

Yellen tells Congress US banking system 'remains sound'

Rescue Pup Helps Her Husky Brother Recover From Diabetes

Rob Reiner: We shouldn't be shocked when Trump and DeSantis side with Russia.

'A desperate attempt.' Barr's blame for bank failure ignores Trump rollbacks, critics say

Interesting convo on MSNBC - 03.16.2023/ 3.10 p, EDT

Biden administration won't appeal court ruling in Florida immigration case

'Russia continues to pay severely': Top US general on Ukraine war - CNN

"DeSantis attempts to revoke Miami hotel's liquor license over drag show"

Semi crashes, hangs off ramp from US 2 to I-5 in Everett

Male Cardinal

Concerning the upcoming Mifepristone ruling, my prediction:

Our country is being attacked every second every minute every hour every day of the year by

More relevant than ever:

ARE YOU TAPI-OKAY? DeSantis Reportedly Caught on Flight Eating Pudding With His Fingers

A Streetcar Named desire on TCM right now EST

Dads: If I have a daughter, I'm not playing dress up.

BBC World News Afghanistan

Conservative Historian Claims Diversity Ultimately Doomed Third Reich

Wall Street rides to the rescue as 11 banks pledge First Republic $30 billion in deposits

"We've been trying to reach you about your F35's extended warranty. ..."


Introducing Microsoft 365 Copilot: your copilot for work


King Arthur website... can't see any reviews?

"Woke" SVB donating $73MM to BLM is the dumbest and most disprovable thing I've heard in a long time

Why Does Everyone Hate Bryan Slaton?

Yo, Marge, Ukraine is in Europe.

Dang! Looks like this will be another year in which our magnolias get "nipped in the bud"!

The Lincoln Project-Fox News can't quit us. Maybe the ads are getting to them?

The Lincoln Project-Fox News can't quit us. Maybe the ads are getting to them?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a new Trump phone call in the Georgia case....

Russian leadership approved aggressive actions of jets that damaged U.S. drone, U.S. officials say

Virulently anti-vax Eric Clapton tests positive for COVID

Around home

Heads up Oklahoma and Texas for severe weather. Storms heading toward Dallas.

The number one song on iTunes right now:

Entire Camel 2023 tour cancelled

Former editor of Jewish newspaper charged for Jan. 6 actions

Steve Hofstetter: Comedian Wears a Dress To Protest TN Law

Update on my induction range

Human doormat Kevin McCarthy tries to deflect on his lack of a budget

There was a 3 kitcat pile up on my lap, this afternoon

Question - How to move photos from Samsung SCH-u350 phone to laptop?

Christian pastor warns that Duolingo has been "infiltrated" by gay people

(LGBT) Christian pastor warns that Duolingo has been "infiltrated" by gay people

Lauren Boebert is afraid she'll be eaten by wolves

(LGBT) Church that calls for death to gay people whines about getting death threats

Church that calls for death to gay people whines about getting death threats

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 17 March 2023

Dozens of Mar-a-Lago staff, from servers to aides, are subpoenaed in classified documents probe

Banks take advantage of Fed crisis lending programs

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Mar. 16, 2023

California to transform San Quentin prison with Scandinavian ideas, rehab focus

FBI Says Trump Is Lying About Sending Agents To Save Ron DeSantis - Ring of Fire

Bonus Tweet of the day

Recognize Me Donald? (Luckovich Cartoon)

Nicole was pretty upset today with the DOJ and Garland.

Hey, folks---let's not be so critical of McCarthy for not having a budget proposal.

Hot Coffee 3

Senate advances bill to repeal Iraq war authorizations in bipartisan vote

Trump was probably happy when the Speaker in Georgia died. Little did he know.

I am SO OLD---

Be Sure You Watch Nicole Today (3/16)

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #14-7: We Don't Need No Sex Education Edition

Nicole Wallace is on fire today. She's asking each guest...

Who'd a thought that Dubya's Comms director would get so much love here

CNN: Maralago subpoenas

The (National) Zoo's Bird House Is Reopening After Six Years.

Time has Come Today!

The (National) Zoo's Bird House Is Reopening After Six Years.

I just found a channel for us, on my smartTV!

7 Virginia deputies, 3 hospital employees charged with murder after inmate held down for 12 minutes

Dozens of Mar-a-Lago staff, from servers to aides, are subpoenaed in classified documents

For Wisconsin folks

National Academies: We can't define "race," so stop using it in science

To all Wisconsinites!

Don't Look Now, But the Far Right May Be Trying to Steal the Future

Bedrich Smetana Ma Vlast: The Moldau

Legalize fentanyl test strips, then distribute them

Cartoons 3/16/2023

Can't understand why your car insurance went up? That may change

Deaf family sues Northshore over repeated restraint, isolation of child

DeSantis' 'woke' war is a drag, and not the fun kind

The insurrectionist took down the US flag and replaced it with a Trump flag.

Why is Jack Smith calling Trump attorney for Fulton County case??

New Seattle cricket team backed by Satya Nadella unveils name

Japan, South Korea renew ties at Tokyo summit

14-year-old boy arrested in Mexico for murder of 8

A man in Texas suing his ex-wife's friends for helping her get an abortion is the latest scare-tacti

How Robert Kennedy's anti-vax work makes allies of and fuels the far right

Derek Trucks, 30 years ago.

Florida Republican's Bill Would Ban Young Girls From Discussing Their Periods In School

Navy Secretary Reaches Out to Caribbean Nations in Fight Against Climate Change

Saw Whet Owl Napping

CNN reporter explains why it was 'important' the US released Russian drone video - CNN

Bakari Sellers: "You Want 'Woke,' You Can Have It"

She's an animal

North Dakota's top court will not revive state's abortion ban


Trump Hit with More AWFUL NEWS in Fulton County CRIMINAL Investigation - Meidas Touch

And Princeton moves on in the NCAA!

Could a Raccoon Dog be the Origin of COVID? So says new Evidence

MyPillow CEO Says Company Is Going Broke Defending Election Fraud Claims

Protests in Paris as Macron forces through controversial pension reform - FRANCE 24

I'm calling the cops.

The pillow guy's newest product

21% of Fox News Viewers Trust Network Less

A Little Help from Our Friends

Thousands of tattooed inmates moved to El Salvador prison will 'never return'

A Little Help from Our Friends ?

Mexico Opens Its Doors To The Commercialization Of Hemp

"A case of this magnitude, it does take some time," former AG explains to a Whinging Wallace

Musk Brought Internet to Brazil's Amazon. Criminals Love It.

The Strongest Evidence Yet That an Animal Started the Pandemic

How to Make Avocado Toast 10 WAYS!

US would handle an extradition request former Brazilian President Bolsonaro 'expeditiously' - after

Astronomers celebrate a decade of groundbreaking discoveries with ALMA

Tell them Professor Cooper - Ari's guest on erasing Rosa Parks race

I Asked "the Woman Who Couldn't Define Woke" the Same Question Last Year

1927 Cartier clock of jade, diamonds, coral, gold, emerald, onyx and enamel.

Guatemala's government arrests another former prosecutor

Most Want Fox News Held Accountable

Peru congress debates stripping isolated Indigenous people of land and protections


'Terrifying' plastic rocks found on remote Brazilian island

Donald Trump will be fighting court cases the rest of his life. (all kinds)

Bush's Law--


Yeah, it looks like Fred.. William Frawley's Baby photo

Why has Fox News has been 'legitimized' for so many years?

Well heck, the pandemic is apparently all my fault!

Search for Pinochet-era missing a "moral duty," Chilean president says

'Everyone knows it's a sham': Trump spokesman attacks 'Soros-backed' Manhattan prosecutor

Jeopardy Regulars you'll need this today - go Stephen!

Sunset, southern MD 3/16

Inside the Trump world-organized retreat to plot out Biden oversight

My wife isn't concerned about the time Garland/Smith are taking.....

It's Going To Be A Long Year For The Orange One. Expensive Too.

Here's 3 reels to consider before the green party hats and beer bus gets into high gear.

Suddenly, MSNBC is full of DOJ second-guessers today. I have a theory.

Florida's examples of banned topics in math books derided as 'political theater'

Stop Making Sense 2023

Florida Governor DeSantis To Require School Libraries To Stock Guns For Checkout (P)

For those in the know.....sooooooo Maggot Brain!

Soooo Into This Record Right Now.... Sturgill Simpson Sound And Fury Album

The Legal Argument for Banning the Abortion Pill Is Based on a Lie

Sooooo Into This Record Right Now! Sturgill Simpson 2

The dog and I are watching Jeopardy

Sooooo Into This Record Right Now! Sturgill Simpson 3

An Art Nouveau enamel, diamond and pearl pendant necklace, by Henri Vever, circa 1905

Top U.S. officials to discuss migration in Panama next week

Ever get obsessed with a movie?

Broche, LALIQUE, 1900, Paris- France Or, mail et Opales

Oral Roberts University Didn't Pray Hard Enough, I Guess

When the hell did The Guess Who transform into Jellyfish? this song is so sick for Jellyfish fans!

7 deputies and 3 others face murder charges in a Black man's death at mental hospital

If you are angry, frustrated, with the investigations. This is who you should blame.

Restaurant Impossible. The Trump-burger is on the menu

UN experts on enforced disappearances to visit Honduras

Who will be the FIRST TO INDICT Donald Trump: Georgia DA Fani Willis or NY DA Alvin Bragg? Kirschner