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Rep. Schiff: McCarthy is 'giving away the security of the House' - Deadline - MSNBC

Fox news admitted in text messages

The very least that Rupert Murdoch should do is to fire the hosts that promoted the Big Lie.

I just saw Jupiter and Venus "kissing"

Happy Women's HERSTORY Month, that 1/12th of the year when a bit more attention

Florida Republican Would Ban Democratic Party

Waxing Gibbous, 67% visible

Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 (Orchest.) - Franz Liszt, Musical 'Superstar' of His Day

Once futuristic, then dead, the automat returns

Happy Women's HERSTORY Month, that 1/12th of the year when a bit more atrention

Sunset, southern MD

Busted: Trump and DeSantis caught using censorship to try to cancel the culture - The Beat - MSNBC

COVID victims, how long did fatigue last after other symptoms were gone?

Here's what recordbreaking snowfall in the Sierra looks like from my house!

Supreme Court heard ORAL ARGUMENT with MASSIVE IMPLICATIONS - Meidas Touch

Sam Brinton in news again. Designer's suitcase stolen 5 years ago.. photos show them wearing

Turkey blocking NATO's support for Ukraine? - Finnish foreign affairs minister - Times Radio

How big is the FOX Bubble?

Judge says Starbucks committed 'egregious and widespread' labor violations fighting unions

Scheherazade, Mvt. 3 - Rimsky- Korsakov

CDC says 20,000 people may have been exposed to measles at Asbury University religious revival

Sen. Whitehouse Exposes Fossil Fuel Mischief Behind Republican Attacks on ESG - Senator Whitehouse

2026 World Cup venues selected: Which cities will host in USA, Canada, Mexico?

FOX viewers know it is BS. And they know that we know that they know it is BS.

Why SD lawmakers won't be studying Indigenous child welfare this year

Trump Mocks Fox News For Being Sued For Spreading His Lies - Ring of Fire

Former Rep. Liz Cheney, who lost her seat in Congress to Trump-backed challenger, to teach at UVA

Washington state ferry service to Sidney, BC not expected to resume before 2030

Point taken..

Feds expand probe into migrant child labor in slaughterhouses

Senator Bob Menendez gets a Primary opponent for 2024 (Joe Signorello)

White House Livid Over Republican's Attack on Biden's Dead Son 'POLITICAL STUNT'

Gosh, Josh Hawley is A-%&#@!

Wonders in the rain forest..

What is it with Cats and pizza boxes?

Warren Haynes "Stranded in Self Pity"

Short memories can be problematic..

MAGA GOP to SHARE EVIDENCE with January 6th Defendants - Talking Feds

350 weeks - nearly 7 years - on the UK singles chart: The Killers - Mr Brightside

Is anyone ready for 1973 part two? Because Ruby Topaz is

Santa Fe Klan Brings His 'Mundo' to the U.S. With New 'Todo y Nada' Tour

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about whether Georgia will help Trump....

TEA could take over Houston ISD next week, Mayor Sylvester Turner says

Sen. Whitehouse Exposes Fossil Fuel Mischief Behind Republican Attacks on ESG - Senator Whitehouse

As a gardener, this article about Northwest trees dying off sent chills down my spine

Giant flying bug found at Arkansas Walmart turns out to be "super-rare" Jurassic-era insect

An "alternate reality" that is dependent upon lies and the suppression of facts...

Revisiting Marjorie Orr's Prediction For McCarthy

The colors pop, in a subtle way..

300 Black Lives Matters Protesters 'Kettled' by NYPD Will Be Paid $21.5K each

You know, the GQP could make their points during hearings in a less despicable manner.

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

Tesla says it will cut costs of next generation cars in half

01 Mar: The Biggest Drone and Cyber-Attack Russians Have Seen - Reporting from Ukraine

"To achieve great things..."

Seatrain - live performances

Seth Meyers - Biden Jokes About Potential Run for 2024 Reelection - Monologue 2/28/23

Is Ted Cruz a coward or is he just a huge asshole?

Biden says Labor nominee Julie Su represents American dream

McDonald's Under Pressure Over Trump's Publicity Stunt in East Palestine


Mexican volcano inspires scientists 80 years later

White Shadow

Trump referred for 'crimes' as Garland faces Senate spotlight - The Beat - MSNBC

Fox Host Humiliates Himself Trying To Find A Single DeSantis Supporter At Florida Diner - RoF

2 get prison for plot to bomb California Democratic HQ

Bernie: Today, I sent a letter demanding Sanofi and Novo Nordisk to do the same as Eli Lilly

The Hays library recorded my Tomato webinar - I've put the link in this OP (edited)

Georgia Republicans Want to Charge People Who Get Abortions With Homicide

Direct Hit: Ukrainian Army Has Hit the Main Russian Air Base in Yeysk! - ANKA Daily News

Feb. 2023 legal recap: a month filled w/Trump's unhinged rants about state and federal prosecutors

C'mon, folks, these individuals are never HUMILIATED.

Moscow: Orthodox university refuses to issue diploma with transgender student's new name

A Man Called Otto

CO is going to have a new US Senator in 2032.

Cactus Wrens - Sonoran Desert

Liz Cheney joining Larry Sabato's UVA Center for Politics

Larry fine, believed to be around 1919

The nice thing about beating your head against the wall is that it feels so good when you stop....

Japan births fall to record low as population crisis deepens

Chris Hayes on Fox's dangerous desperation to maintain its audience - All In - MSNBC

CNN commentator lobbied for Norfolk Southern; the network didn't tell its audience during East

Would you be surprised if you found out that some FBI agents were involved in attack on Capitol?

Halestorm - Here's To Us

Kellyanne Conway met with prosecutors from the Manhattan district attorney's office on Wednesday

Paul Ryan grilled over position on Fox board of directors - CNN

Senate panel grills Garland on Trump, Biden special counsels, other hot-button DOJ topics - ABC News

Chris Hayes: What's really at stake in the Covid origin debate - All In - MSNBC

Pinchas Zukerman Plays Polonaise in D Major, H. Wieniawski

ULTRA MAGA - I believe that's the hideous worm-like creature Ultraman destroys to save the Earth.

Matt Gaetz CAUGHT Falling For Chinese Propaganda

Recent heavy snow is crucial to the Colorado River but it's not a drought ender

Murdoch confession bombshell rocks GOP as leaders duck billion dollar legal scandal - The Beat - MSNBC

When it rains, it pours with health of parents

Still no decision on the abortion pill case.

Eli Lily has SIGNIFICANTLY lowered its insulin price. - Senator Bernie Sanders

Bad Company - Holy Water

U.S. Secretary of State tours Central Asia - Eastern Express - TVP World

A film question

'Potential lab incident': FBI director Wray speaks publicly for 1st time on COVID-19 origin The FBI

Rep. Paul Sherrell (R-TN) says they should also bring back lynching.(Tweet)

Rep. Paul Sherrell (R-TN) says they should also bring back lynching.(Tweet)

All 12 anti-LGBTQ bills introduced during Va. legislative session die

Rep. Swalwell: Authorities respecting Trump's 'red lines' for fear of backlash reward bad behavior

Iran: President orders probe of poisoning at girls' schools - Al Jazeera (2 videos)

CA-SEN: LA Mayor Karen Bass endorses Barbara Lee for Senate

Chicago Mayoral candidate Brandon Johnson: Lori Lightfoot 'abandoned' her progressive promises

A piece by Stephen Scott and one by David Lang

Am I The Only One That Thinks LaBrea Is a Ridiculous Program?

Biden Embarrasses Marjorie Taylor Greene on stage, crowd erupts laughing - Brian Tyler Cohen

Dead - Giza, Egypt - 1978 - Around and Around

Republican Committee Hearings Massively BACKFIRE Again - Meidas Touch

Oh, Sweet Mary

Wynton Marsalis, Eric Clapton, and Taj Mahal - Corinne, Corrine

VENUS & JUPITER!!! going in for a nighttime kiss, some say!

Fox News Host Completely Dismantles Kari Lake's New Conspiracy Theory - Farron Balanced

Smooth and Happy🌼March🌼 Positive Cafe Jazz and Bossa Nova Music for Study, Reading, Work, Relaxing

Water Brings Out The Purest Sounds Of Joy From Elephants

Bad Things We Only Have Because Of Lobbying

Here's a story, there was this song, & a couple banned from a Happy Hour

Hasan Minhaj Tells Elon He's Out, Deletes Twitter Account On-Air - The Daily Show

Eli Lilly caps insulin price at $35 amid mounting political, competitive pressure - Alex Wagner MSNBC

Dead and Ron McKernon - Operator

The Older I get the More I regret the people I lost

Kimmel: MTG Whines About Getting Heckled, DeSantis and Trump's Bad Mojo & GOP Nuts Gather

Hasan Minhaj Tells Elon He's Out, Deletes Twitter Account On-Air

Dead - Not Fade Away, Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY, 2/1970

JAMA Psychiatry: Mass Violence and the Complex Spectrum of Mental Illness and Mental Functioning

Seth Meyers - Rupert Murdoch Admits Fox Lied About 2020 Election in Bombshell Court Filing: A Closer Look


1959 British ad: "Little caravan unfolds to accommodate two adults and a child."

Lawrence O'Donnell: Why were some FBI agents 'inclined to believe Trump'? - The Last Word - MSNBC

Falco Brothers - Rosalee McFall

So Tennessee wants to bring back lynching

Mexico's senate approves controversial electoral reforms, critics say changes threaten democracy-CBS

Sen. Whitehouse: Conservative activist got rich helping billionaires 'capture' SCOTUS - The Last Word

Dead and Company - Going Down the Road.....

Pence won't commit to supporting Trump if he's the nominee - CBS News

Hello All

Chris Rogerson's 'Thirty Thousand Days', Dover Quartet

Pete Buttigieg BRINGS THE HOUSE DOWN with must-see response to Mitch McConnell - Meidas Touch

Dark Brandon is on the job

Hahaha Victory 🎉 through a different route! Been trying figure out Split Screen on my Moto phone

GOP summation

Well, the snow has officially broken through the roof... I'm freaking out

The Ultimate Michael Jackson Mashup Natalie Tenenbaum

New report exposes FBI reticence on Mar-a-Lago search for classified material - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

"The 'woke' screen is a smokescreen."

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about our roles....

Democratic US Senators up for re-election in 2024 who have yet to announce their plan.

When Republicans derail the idea of "Woke initiatives" what they really mean is,

Florida Republican Wants to Make It Illegal to Approach Police Officers

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Matt Gaetz Makes Horrible Mistake, Immediately Regrets It! - Luke Beasley

Every president, but cool and with a mullet.

Condoleezza Rice tells Republicans they need to get on the right side of Ukraine - REALLY?

Biden mocks Sen. Scott's reversal on targeting Social Security, Medicare - NBC News

Alabama artist works to correct historical narrative around beginnings of gynecology

(Jewish Group) Wikipedia's 'Supreme Court' tackles alleged conspiracy to distort Holocaust articles

(Jewish Group) Richard Belzer was a Jewish comedian. Why didn't his obituaries say so?

Breakfast Thursday 2March 2023

U.S. intel agencies: Foreign adversaries not responsible for 'Havana syndrome' - NBC News

Report shows role of 'Trump's judge whisperer' to be lucrative, sketchy - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Antisemitic ex-security guard who sniffed rifle and talked about 'dead Jews' gets 6 years in prison

(Jewish Group) Celebrate Purim with these 5 festive recipes

Careless Gaetz makes hypothetical worst case real with political stunt - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

GOP lawmaker goes anti-gay while saying Pete Buttigieg's impeachment "on the table"

Desperate to find something about Biden, the right is now criticizing how he orders his food.

Bill Kristol tweet about MTG's anti-American attitude:

Report: FBI fought with DOJ over Trump search - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

SpaceX night launch produces stunning display - CNN

How conspiracy theories gained traction - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/1/23

You can't have it both ways

Wordle 621 3/2 **"Spoiler Thread***

More than half of Argentina left without power after fire affects national grid

Kevin McCarthy's J6 footage deal endangers our country the same way Edward Snowden did

Hobby Lobby worker on the lam after killing manager at Oklahoma warehouse: police

Styx - Come Sail Away (Return to Paradise 1996)

Journey - Stone In Love Live 1981: Escape Tour

The story behind Gaetz citing Chinese propaganda at a hearing

Pat Benatar - Fire And Ice

FBI agents undermined Russia investigation, downplayed Jan. 6, tried to block the Mar-a-Lago search

Yosemite National Park closed indefinitely; parts of park buried in 15 feet of snow

Thinking of using this sloppy joe leftover

My son wants to open up a dating agency for chickens

Inside the House GOP's Turf War Over Biden Investigations

You know the GOBers had a bad day yesterday!

Two Men Hunted and Killed a Bald Eagle in Nebraska, Sheriff Says

NYC Weatherman Speaks Out in First Interview Since Nude Leak Cost Him His Job

Man arrested after explosive found in luggage at US airport

Jimmy Carter Was Actually a Very Good Foreign Policy President

My Year of Living Under Constant Attack in Kyiv

10 Surprising Lessons of the Ukraine War So Far

Have anyone saw Josh Hawley yelling at Merrick Garland at that US Senate Hearing?

National Divorce Is More Popular Than You Think

Cool Change....The Little River Band

The GOP's grand con job

I believe it is time for Biden to let the country know that he called Gov DeWine immediately after

Russians Were Obliterated in a Major Battle. 130 Tanks Lost. Putin Rapidly Runs Out of Soldiers

How much wildfire smoke can California wine grapes sustain? A new bill aims to find out

Former GOP Rep. Liz Cheney, who lost her seat in Congress to Trump-backed challenger, to teach at

Various Hummingbirds - Ecuador

US, Russia hold highest-level talks since Ukraine invasion

Gov. Newsom declares state of emergency for LA, San Bernardino counties

MVP of the Senate, Whitehouse, Busts Out Koch's Anti-Woke Fossil Fuel Industry Scheme

Corruption: getting rich on dark money from Federalist Society judicial activism

Elon Musk's Tesla 'Master Plan 3' Presentation Was a Chaotic, Boring, Confusing Mess

Murdoch confession bombshell rocks GOP as leaders duck billion dollar legal scandal

Ohio train derailment spurs rail safety advisory on hot box detectors

Thursday TOONs - Get That Man A Mirror

Port of Virginia eyes completion of channel deepening this year

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, March 3, 2023

Herschel Walker may be CRIMINALLY INDICTED for this SHOCKING Reason - Meidas Touch

Off tonight any suggestions on how to make a great clam chowder

Gannets of Muriwai, NZ

Watching Republican hearings in Congress is like watching,

On this day, March 2, 1956, John Cowsill was born.

Biden echoes House Dems' early 2024 pitch: Look what we accomplished

Cindy McCain tapped as head of World Food Program

U.S. regulators rejected Elon Musk's bid to test brain chips in humans, citing safety risks

BAN Child Pageants NOT Drag Shows......

Deputy rapes woman at traffic stop and tells her she won't be charged, Tennessee cops say

Former Burton police detective charged with hate crime

Deputy caught on dashcam body slamming man during arrest terminated

Lou Reed was born on this date.

Rory Gallagher was born on this date.

Alberta Teachers Associations Sponsor Session On "Bright Future" Of Oil & Gas, Net-Zero 2050 "Plans"

For February, Carloads, Intermodal Volume Decline

This 25-year-old organizer is betting on young and rural voters to flip NC blue

In 1959 Miles Davis went into the studio.

Why is this Democrat helping bail out Republicans on Social Security?

USDOT Debuts Reconnecting Communities Pilot Program

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 3/1/2023

Soliciting Multiversity: Marvel's Top 10 for May 2023

Art of the Week: Week of 03/01/23

The Rundown: March 2, 2023

Excess Global CO2 Output Hits New Record In 2022 - 36.8 Billion Tons; Coal Emissions Up 1.6%

Chinese Economy February Performance; US-China Relations - China Update

Michigan AG says she was among those targeted in threat to kill Jewish members of state government

6 Fossil Fuel Companies Donated $700 Million To 27 American Universities 2010-2020

Republicans Go After Pete Buttigieg

Idiot Sandwich Boebert posts "Map" omitting other US Territories

mass murder of the day: Florida. Father shoots dead daughter and 3 others.

Our country is regressing thanks to the GOP

Senator Sanders will soon introduce legislation to cap the price of insulin at $20 a vial

ANOTHER anti drag Texas lawmaker, Nate Schatzline, in drag

President Carter's letter sent on the Voyager spacecraft 1977

Two more visitors at the living room window, this morning

Please Lie to Me, Tucker

Once-Rainy Bordeaux Was The Scene Of Huge Wildfire Last Summer: It Burned Through The Winter

Plainly and simply: EVERY FBI agent who told a prosecutor they "would be more inclined to

On March 1, 1933, FDR left Hyde Park, headed to Washington DC for his inauguration.

Here's the complaint against the guy who threatened to kill every Jewish official in MI * tweet

New College tonight

In Florida, I may be a criminal to mention this: Act to Prohibit the Importation of Slaves, 3/2/1807

FTX Co-Founder Pleads Guilty 'I am unbelievably sorry for my role in all of this,' says Nishad Singh

On this day, March 2, 1950, Karen Carpenter was born.

Misconduct investigation underway after federal judge in California has 13-year-old daughter of defe

From zero to forty in, well, forty. Years, that is. Miss Modo turns 40 today.

Thule - Remote US Airbase in N. Greenland - Slowly Cracking Apart As Permafrost Begins To Go

On March 1, 1971, the official "Columbo" pilot "Ransom for a Dead Man" first aired.

Bill that makes prosecuting teachers and librarians easier sails through Indiana state Senate

On this day, March 2, 1974, Mark-Paul Gosselaar was born.

It is a measure of just how surreal life in America has become that we are ACTUALLY discussing

A walrus receiving a surprise birthday cake made out of fish!

private Christian school loses 80% of funding after adding LGBT inclusivity to mission statement

A lesson was taught yesterday. It would be wise to learn from this lesson.

There have been several threads over the last few days saying GOP or Trump or MTG had bad days

The Tracks Of My Tears

Dog gives owner the cold shoulder after a trip to the groomer

Ancient DNA upends European prehistory

Family dumped this dog because they didn't want him anymore

Carys is so unpredictable.

Chihuahua Wouldn't Stop Screaming When Someone Touched Him

Yes wanting Biden to step aside in 2024 because of his age is ageism.

where can i find a list of us house members up for re election next year?

China leading US in technology race in all but a few fields, thinktank finds

Did anyone watch Weissman and Katyal on Lawrence O'Donnell's show last night?

Scientists identify corridor in Great Pyramid of Giza using cosmic rays

Attention GQP

Papa Ray. "St Louis Gunshot Blues"

The Fuck-your-feelings crowd is all about theirs. All the time. And America, fuck, yeah.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Eli Lilly, Biden, and changes....

Yosemite National Park closed after winter storm dumps 15 feet of snow

Murdaugh defense lawyer starting out really badly on his close. Sports scoring rules? Really?

Productivity increases 1.7% in Q4 2022; unit labor costs increase 3.2% (annual rates)

Pathetic Republican scheme exposed - Brian Tyler Cohen

Tweet of the Day

Wannabe - The Lincoln Project

Has Rupert Murdoch already set up a fall guy for Dominion debacle?

Will artificial intelligence overthrow its capitalist overlords?

Trump's GOP rivals will blow it again if they wait for him to 'defeat himself

U.S. Jobless Claims Tick Down Last Week

Fox News got caught lying. So it's telling its viewers everyone else lies more

County-Level Red/Blue COVID Death Rate Divide Widens Again

The Associated Press: Russia claims Ukraine crossborder sabotage raid; Kyiv denies

WISCONSIN SUPREME COURT: Right wing group launches antisemitic ad.

Looking for information on "Thriveworks." Has anyone heard of them or used their services?

Looking for video clips of two unrelated news stories from yesterday.

Sex offenders are asked 19 questions, their answers determine their level designation

Lawrence O'Donnell March 1 -- Opinions of Andrew Weissman and Neal Katyal (video still up)

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (March 2, 2023)

Rep. Taylor Greene makes false claims about Biden and fentanyl - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Powerful storm set to deliver threat of tornadoes and damaging winds to the South as snow continues

House Dem pushes back as Republican expresses concern over Covid comment - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Applications for jobless claims fall for 3rd straight week

Pic Of The Moment: Got That Right

My Strange Relationship With Nate Schatzline

DeSantis Cronies Force College to Close Diversity Office

FiFi Sees A Squirrel And Can't Resist

Vice article on professors spotting ChatGPT essays because they're "garbage"

U.S. approves new arms sales to Taiwan worth $619 million

Why Michigan Republicans are fretting about 2024

Every American president, but they're all cool and they all sport a mullet

On this day, March 2, 1983, compact discs and CD players went on sale in the United States.

Comedian pretty much defines taylor greene:

Warren report exposes insurance industry ploy to 'scam millions of seniors'

Georgia Poll Workers Pick Up Where Jan. 6 Committee Left Off

A friend just texted me a tweet from cancun cruz about transgender witch pilots.

The Source of Masculine Toxicity.

If anyone tells you Biden is too old, senile, to be president, say this.

Wow, Anthony Scaramucci pulls no punches in this interview.

Herschel Walker's campaign laundered $595,600 in donations through a defunct car wash:

Early voting for state question on legalizing recreational marijuana in Oklahoma starts Thursday

Brilliant analysis from a history professor of why student use of ChatGPT should be unacceptable

Before you head out this mornin'...

Will conservative Oklahoma vote to legalize recreational weed?

LAPD should stop handling many non-emergency calls, police union says

Any news about Demsrule86?

Governor Newsom Proclaims State of Emergency in 13 Counties Due to Storms, Activates National Guard

Governor Newsom Proclaims State of Emergency in 13 Counties Due to Storms, Activates National Guard

I'm honestly going to have a mental breakdown this morning

I must have missed the importance of the murder trial

After weeks of lying and attacks, MAGA refuses rail regulations to protect public safety

WI-SD08: Please Vote on April 4

Brilliant idea for old doors..

Bakhmut burning: fires everywhere as Russians close in on city's capture

Russian soldiers dying in large groups, pleading to Putin for help - CNN

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice candidates spar over recusal issue

I think we all agree Wray has to go.

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- March 2, 2023

'The public does not know all of the things the Justice Dept. is doing. That's appropriate'

A civilized man

One of DeSantis's appointments to the board of trustees of New College of Florida:

The GOP Is Weaponizing LibsOfTikTok's Anti-'Woke' Hate

'Make it a spectacle': Proud Boys leader Tarrio key to Jan. 6, U.S. says:

Suchomimus: Drone Lands on an A-50U at Machulishchy Air Base, Belarus

A Tenn Gop-er suggests a return to lynching behavior.

"Unwinnable War"? Calls Grow for Negotiated End to Ukraine War

DeSantis 1984 : 'To the future, to a time when truth exists - greetings!'

Torture chambers in Kherson linked to Kremlin money

George Santos busted for accepting apparently illegal campaign contribution

Katy Perry Breaks Down in Tears. "Our Country Has Failed Us!"

Karen Carpenter, born 73 years ago today, isolated vocals on "Close to You".

Flat national sales tax will add trillions to the deficit & you'll pay a lot more for everything.

8 Middle Age Riot tweets:

What the unholy living fork is this?

2 Senate Democrats join GOP in rejecting socially conscious investing rule, rushing it back to Biden

Your tuna salad ingredients?

Oh look a cute deer. Oh god it's an invasion.

'This man loves retaliation': Ex-Trump staffer 'genuinely afraid' of possible second term

What It Takes To See Justice And Accountability: George Takei

Voting rights organizations work to inform Native American communities on importance of Wisconsin Su


Lemur demands that boys continue to scratch his back:

Surviving a Pogrom: Palestinian in Huwara Decries Israeli Settler Attack as "Ethnic Cleansing"

So, just to point out Florida Republican hypocrisy, they do believe in passing woke

WA: Two bills to protect abortion rights move forward in Olympia

How camels climb steep sand dunes:

MD: Senate committee considers constitutional amendment on abortion rights

WP tweet: Trump CAN be held liable for Jan. 6 insurrection:

3 abortion bans in Texas leave doctors 'talking in code' to pregnant patients

Ricky Gervais on education:

On this day, March 2, 1938, Lawrence Payton of the Four Tops was born.

Oklahoma considers tightening petition requirements for State Questions

Opinion Rupert Murdoch Rides the Trump Tiger -- and Gets Eaten

RIP Wayne Shorter

"This Bill Would Allow Me... To Arrest Beyonce" - TYT Investigates

Manchin wants us to talk to republicans about "reasonable, responsible reforms."

Bird plays dead for attention:

Will California protect gay marriage in its constitution?

TFG Demands Rupert Murdoch Fire Fox News Anchors -- Who Correctly Reported the 2020 Election Was Fair

Varied Thrush

Tiny Dachshund puppy snuggles up to its mother:

Wolf Restoration in Colorado Shows How Humans Are Rethinking Their Relationships With Wild Animals

WISCONSIN SUPREME COURT: Protasiewicz (D) would 'enjoy taking a fresh look' at Wisconsin voting maps

Someone has too much time on his (very steady) hands!

Knoxville police under fire after woman experiencing stroke dies following arrest

CNN just teased this special tonight: "Jill Biden Abroad". Say it 3X fast.

WISCONSIN SUPREME COURT: Dan Kelly's (R) attacks are a diversion from his miserable ethics record

Legislative Roundup: Several Bills Advance Out Of WA House This Week

Both Portland area Walmarts closing (Oregon...sorry for the confusion)

The women of the Berezka Dance Ensemble move with short steps that make them look like they're float

WISCONSIN SUPREME COURT: Corrupt Dan Kelly (R) extremism on abortion

Illinois cashes in on cannabis while Wisconsinites wait in line

On March 1, 1979, Coca-Cola introduced Mello Yello.

Finally got a GoFundMe set up... Tahoe SNOW Damage - Continued story

Elon Musk's bid to implant brain chip into humans was reportedly rejected by feds over safety risks

1st known customer service complaint: 1750 bc, complains that wrong grade of copper was delivered--

Justice Department pushes back on Trump's sweeping claims of presidential immunity for January 6

WISCONSIN SUPREME COURT: Dan Kelly (R) is a religious fanatic

Putin calls emergency meeting, claims 'Ukraine took hostages in Russia'

Why does Virginia have a one consecutive term rule for Governors?

Jared Kushner suddenly PLUNGED into legal trouble - Brian Tyler Cohen

National popular vote for president builds momentum in Michigan

Jeff Tiedrich: hey peoples, I wrote a thing: "Matty Gaetz and the art of performative dumbfuckery "

Dossier: ♀️What does feminist foreign policy mean for progressives?

Homemade Caesar Salad Dressing Recipe from Scratch (video)

Woman Finds Tiny Mouse In The Beak Of A Chicken

H Street's Walmart Will Close Next Month


DoJ says Trump can be sued by police officers over violent attacks at Capitol on Jan. 6

Small gaggle

MN: Session fundraising lockdown doesn't close off all avenues

The winners of this year's local races will run Pa.'s 2024 election, and the stakes are high

A massive piece of sand art done entirely with a rake by Manu. See more:

TX: Mayor Sylvester Turner expects the state will soon take over Houston ISD

Russia Transports New Span to Repair the Crimean Bridge

Republican Texas lawmakers rally around bill restricting the college sports teams transgender athlet

Wayne Shorter, jazz saxophonist and composer, has died at age 89

NY lawmakers balking at plan to boost small-dollar campaign donations. Supporters are pushing back.

Wayne Shorter, jazz saxophonist passed today at age 89

Study Suggests Possible Link Between Sugar Substitute and Heart Issues. Experts Say, Don't Panic.

NYC: Council voting to remove anti-LGBTQ Vickie Paladino from Mental Health Committee

I'd prefer Atheists & Agnostics as a part of a Science Forum - - Thanks Warpy!!

NY-03: Protesters take to their cars to condemn Santos

The sun is shining in the garden!

I don't live in Chicago but I was impressed with the Mayoral candidate on Morning Joe today.

Manchin, appearing on Fox, says he's open to cutting Social Security for younger people

New York to double number of retail cannabis dispensary licenses

Here is a topless picture of your girlfriend. (NSFW)

Former New York GOP Chair Ed Cox may be jumping back into the race -- for GOP chair

When Covid came calling in SF (Posted April 16 '20)

NY: Suffolk County's 2023 Ballot Takes Shape

Aaron Rodgers talks poop: MY DUMPS WERE SUPER SMOOTH!!!

Transphobic Grumps Are Triggered by an Ad for... Chocolate

Cops Ridicule Disabled Woman As She Dies Of A Stroke

NY-03: 'Have not heard of him': George Santos has a new campaign treasurer but questions persist

lots of live steve earle coming out.

MI-07: Lansing Mayor Andy Schor forms exploratory committee to consider running to replace Slotkin

After he left office, Trump ordered his chief of staff to leak classified information to the press

Cartoons 3/2/2023

ABC News Trump shouldn't be shielded from lawsuits related to Jan. 6, Justice Department says

Does the sweetener Erythritol cause Heart Disease?? New study

Politics House Ethics Committee opens investigation into Rep. George Santos

Used in 60 percent of abortions, mifepristone's use is threatened in a Texas lawsuit.

Holy shit. Texas republicans introduced a bill to give huge tax cuts to *straight* couples having...

Sometimes I wonder why


Adjaye Associates unveils Abrahamic Family House interfaith complex in Abu Dhabi

Work on I-5 HOV lane from Everett to Marysville starts next week

Starbucks HQ workers challenge return-to-office rollout

House Ethics Cmte votes to investigate GOP Rep. George Santos

Raskin is Brilliant as usual but he should have been Screaming his words with Unapologetic Anger.

Lauren Boebert flunked geography

From 8/22 by Wm Arkin, excellent article on sources revealed in stolen TS documents

Biden won't veto Republican-backed bill blocking D.C. crime law changes

Meidas Touch-#SaferWithBiden

Meidas Touch-#SaferWithBiden

Could they make this into a movie? Whiskey Fungus Fed by Jack Daniel's Encrusts a Tennessee Town.

Desert snow. March 2, 2023

VW Wouldn't Help Cops Find Stolen Car When Owners Hadn't Paid a Bill

The Case That Could Ban the Abortion Pill Nationwide Is in the Hands of the Worst Possible Judge

It's either naptime or the CO detector is not working

McCarthy, GOP introduce measure to protect 'parents' rights to threaten school board members

How Ron DeSantis' Anti-'Woke' Crusade Would Cancel Fox News

Trump's Shady Media Shell Company Could Lose Its Place on the Stock Market

N.J. lost 6k voters in February thanks to voter roll purge in Morris County

Pence: IA School Dispenses Gender Transition Plans More Than Aspirin

Here are the members of the US House Ethics Committee...........

Cheetos Checks its Factories for Child Workers... Loses Half its Workforce Overnight

Kari Lake asks Az. Supreme Court to take up her case to overturn the 2022 election

I'm aflicted with CDO. It's like OCD but the letters are in alphebetical order as they should be.

Investigation of Maricopa County's Election Day problems costing up to $1,000 an hour

Her husband died after a stay at Montana's state psychiatric hospital. She wants answers

Next week's major U.S. economic reports (March 6 -- March 10)

GOP bill barring preferred pronoun use in Arizona schools passes Senate

QUOTE: "Greene is ignorant of the Constitution she swore to uphold"

McCarthy and crew are proposing to have decisions about what should be taught in school

Cops Ridicule Disabled Woman As She Dies Of A Stroke

Minority rule is anti-American, but it's how Republicans are governing in Arizona

Got 'Em

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Likely Violated Ethics Laws With Met Gala Appearance

Is there any wonder why Arthur won my heart??

Sen. Dianne Feinstein dealing with 'health matter' in California, office says

5 held after series of Fresno bombings. Police, FBI probe links to hate groups

Question: if a 15 year old named "Pat" transfers into a Florida school system claiming to be a

Hayes: Why Fox is 'the most destructive institution in all of American politics'

What's next for the Southern Baptist Convention after it ousted 5 woman-led churches?

Maryland mayor arrested on 56 counts of child pornography and resigns from post, officials say

Pregnant Russians are streaming into Argentina. Officials are suspicious.

Kremlin accuses Ukrainian saboteurs of attack inside Russia

"Battle of Bakhmut described as one of the bloodiest battles of the 21st century"

Girding my loins

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Mar. 2, 2023

New Disney World Rides

Rolling Stone article On Spotify's Hitler Radio

Absolutely perfect ice balls formed by the rolling action of falling water in this waterfall

Remaining abortion clinics face more challenges if abortion pill limited by Texas judge

Fox News has to renegotiate 60% of their cable contracts soon

Colorado Democrats introduce a package of to lower the cost of prescription medicine.

Not Today

Most amazing bass solo I've ever heard

Migaloo, a white humback whale who has made the warm coastal waters of Australia his home:

Textures: Earth & Sky

Cool popsicle stick trick:

No family rooms and a rat infestation: NFL players list team gripes

Freight rail companies expected to join safety reporting system

Tn. Gov Bill Lee signs pair of anti-LGBTQ bills.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the claims coming out of Russia....

Do organizers seeking to recall New Orleans' mayor have enough signatures? They aren't saying

Colorado's MAGA clerk is on trial - and it's not going well for her

Wow! This sunset on top of Mount Hekla in Iceland:

Republican SLAMMED For Smearing Deceased Beau Biden

Some pharmacists aren't bothering to stock Ozempic, but not because it's hard to find

Trump Supporters Attack Ron DeSantis As 'Tyrant' After He Banned Them From Book Signing - RoF

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: March 2 MSNBC

Tropical deforestation significantly reduces rainfall: study

Eastern Bluebirds

Newsweek: John Kerry Calls Out 'Disinformation Campaign' on Wind Turbines

John Kerry Calls Out 'Disinformation Campaign' on Wind Turbines

Florida bill would require bloggers who write about governor to register with the state

Justice Department says police can sue Trump over Jan. 6 (MSNBC)

Heads up NE TX,SE OK, SCentral AR and points east for potential evening tornado outbreak

Heads up NE TX,SE OK, SCentral AR and points east for potential evening tornado outbreak

As Tennessee, others target drag shows, many wonder: Why?

NLRB Region-3 Buffalo Wins Administrative Law Judge Decision Requiring Starbucks to Rehire and Compe

'Heavily Armed' Man Arrested After Threat To Kill Jewish Officials In Michigan

Woman's parked car struck by Houston Police Department patrol vehicle

Are we having dysfunctional yet?

I struggle now with comfort,,

I struggle now with comfort,,

Florida lawmakers propose bill to allow death penalty in sexual battery cases

Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: March 1

LGBTQ groups decry new Florida bill they describe as 'Don't Say Gay 2.0′

Guilfoyle says not to do business with "woke" companies and buy silver and gold from HER company

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #14-6: Put Me In Coach, I'm Ready To Play Edition

As Tennessee, others target drag shows, many wonder: Why?

Kouri-Vini: The return of the US' lost language

Whenever I hear the odious gabble spewing from the pie holes, often interchangeably,

Ruby Freeman is suing the Slobfather and noun/verb/9/11

Connecticut Republicans think exonerating "witches" 370 years later may be hasty

DeSantis Snaps at Reporter When Pressed On What He Would Do Differently From Biden in Ukraine

Why the media never stops covering Trump

Damn Skippy!!!

Rudy Giuliani is such a vindictive,

19-second video of Zelensky goes viral. See what was edited out (CNN)

BREAKING: Pioneering Moses Lake flight uses hydrogen to power regional airplane

Sen. Feinstein undergoing treatment for shingles.

Pioneering Moses Lake flight uses hydrogen to power regional airplane

'We Can't Afford Rent': US Teachers Grapple with A Growing Housing Crisis

Here's to you, RandySF. You get my 15,000th post

I was always her mother.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 3 March 2023

WordHurdle 5, 6 & Phrazle Morning (( SPOILERS))

More than half of the world will be overweight or obese by 2035

DeSantis may remove another Florida prosecutor from office

House Ethics Committee moves forward with investigation into Rep. George Santos - MSNBC Reports

Evening in southern MD 3/2

GOP Lawmaker Wants Bloggers to Register with State

The remaining years of Trumps miserable life are not going to go well for him.

Beware of Republican trolling by legislation

More open

North Carolina legislators reach Medicaid expansion deal

US.. Launches New Crackdown on Russian Sanctions

Can you believe insurrectionists can sit in front of Garland and be self-righteous? - Morning Joe

Heads up, Texans: Nasty Storms Firing Up, Some Tornadoes Invisible On Radar

NHK :Dinosaurs

Ohio train derailment: EPA requiring Norfolk Southern to test for dioxins in East Palestine

DOJ issues POWERFUL RESPONSE in Court to Trump IMMUNITY Claim - Meidas Touch

The price of eggs is back down here

Florida bill would require bloggers who write about governor to register with the state

Sen. Dianne Feinstein hospitalized for shingles

Question about the Murdaugh trial.

How a Texas girl scared of school shootings was punished

Keep your eyes on the bright, shiny thing. Only see the bright, shiny thing. We

Pantera - Walk

Time to amend the 19th Amendment

The Wild Angels (1966) staring Peter Fonda, Nancy Sinatra, and Bruce Dern

Stabbing at California high school leaves 1 student dead, another wounded

DOJ says Trump can be sued by police over Jan. 6 riot - Deadline - MSNBC

Murdaugh verdict in. No details. MSNBC