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So are maga people flying into NY

So if its Tuesday

What Japanese Think of Donald Trump (Interview) 6 years ago

Bob Seger - Mainstreet

Haberman reveals Trump is 'very anxious' ahead of possible indictment. Hear why

MAGA Republicans rally around Trump ahead of possible indictment

'Let your woke flag fly': Psaki picks apart GOP's war on wokeism

A 5,000-mile-long mass of seaweed is coming to shore. Here's what will happen

Robert Costa reports Trump's lawyers plan to be "combative" if Trump is charged

It seems to be a bit negative today

Carlos Alcaraz plays beautiful tennis - spoiler

Someone asked GPT4 to create a profitable company with $1,000. Here's what it said.

"Hour guardian angle"

Fmr. SDNY deputy chief: 'No reason to put much stock' in Trump's arrest

Paris circa 1900

Beau of the Fifth Column?: Let's talk about people losing faith in Fox....

Kaine: There's no low [Trump] can't reach and every time you think he's bottomed out, he goes lower

Trump posts about his arrest, urges protest; NY DA Bragg reassures his employees of their safety

Proud Boys bloodied and jailed during NYC drag queen story hour protest

Newsmax Host ERUPTS in Explosive Debate Over Trump

GPT4: "Last night we got new superpowers"

House of Strangers, Film Noir-Banker, Edward G. Robinson: Best Actor, Anti Fascist, HUAC Red Scare

Pro-Moscow voices tried to steer Ohio train disaster debate

Manhattan DA sends SERIOUS response to Trump amid protest threats - Brian Tyler Cohen

Stray Pup Found On The Streets Of Thailand Gets A 2nd Chance At Life

Here's something I wouldn't try.

When I read trump's expose of his impending doom

When Japanese English Teacher Pronounces "But Us"

Time to start the pawpaw, redbud and persimmon seeds!

Yesterday marked the 101st anniversary of the first American Bat Mitzvah ceremony.

American Guesses Japanese English words! (Is that English?!)

UPDATE on my Mom.

New witness to testify before grand jury in Trump hush money investigation

Bronk for Breakfast

Michael Cohen DESTROYS Trump's New Lawyer in AMAZING Rant - Meidas Touch

When TFG Asked Russia to hack HRC's email, what law did he break?

Just what the fuck is going on with Florida republicans????

If Macron is out, can Le Pen get in

New Arkansas Law Allows An Anti-Abortion Monument at State Capitol, 'Monument to the Unborn': NPR

MAGAts don't understand...or don't WANT to understand...the illegalities of the Stormy Daniels case.

Opinion: This is about far more than swimming topless : Holly Thomas, CNN.COM

It appears E. Jean Carroll will finally get that DNA sample.

Hypocritical China Rages Over TikTok!

Clip-on earrings: fun fashion choice or instruments of torture?

It's been suggested that President Macron could lose his office due to a no confidence vote....

Kirby: [Putin] knows his military is underperforming... he's trying to shore up his domestic base

19 Mar: Ukrainians Successfully Use New 155mm RAAM Projectiles - Reporting from Ukraine

TCM now, heckuva cast:

THIS deserves applause!

CDC: Babesiosis, A Rare Tick- Born Disease Is Spreading In The Northeast - NPR

The Black List.......Stacy Keach is on it!!!! With James Spader.

Texas Doctor Booted From State Senate Session After Calling Trans People 'Pedophiles'

Texas Doctor Booted From State Senate Session After Calling Trans People 'Pedophiles'

Stories Brother Louie 1973

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? My favorite is Butter Pecan.

Daryl Hall & John Oates - Say it Isn't So

Al Wilson - Show and Tell

Older Americans to blockade banks in climate protests

A Four-Decade Secret: One Man's Story of Sabotaging Carter's Re-election

Letters From An American - Heather Cox Richardson

Our Chef Brett's first TV presentation....Canada

LA Marathon runners being entertained near mile 17 today ...

Manhattan Prosecutor WARNS Office of Trump THREATS in Leaked Email - Meidas Touch

this independent good boy don't need no human. Awwww

Higher Cancer Rates Found in Military Pilots, Ground Crews: Pentagon Study

This Georgia County Spent $1 Million to Avoid Paying for One Employee's Gender-Affirming Care

SCOTUS Decision Leaves Arkansas Law Penalizing Israel Boycotts Stand - That's What Nat-C Fascists Do

Omg. Watch this. I don't even know what title to give this. Skyscraper melts?

Has Bill Maher ever defined exactly what the "Woke Left" that "controls" the Dem Party believe?

Trumpworld Attacks DeSantis Over Not Condemning Looming Trump Indictment

Amazing Vegetable shoes. What?

3 men fatally shot outside parking lot in southwest Houston, police say, no suspects

Fentanyl poisoning: 3 fatal doses in same night from the same drug dealer

Grumblers and Malcontents:A warning to Christian churches about the intrusion of extremist politics

Disney considers layoffs, nearly 4,000 employees at risk of job loss in April, says Report

Monday's digit - 6/10: Winter's waning hours offer a sunny chill, but you can just sense

The Affordable Care Act has significantly reduced racial disparities in healthcare access, report

WI: Supporters of abortion rights gather at Phoenix park for Rally For Our Rights

Sen. Elizabeth Warren says proposal to lift FDIC insurance cap has "got to be on the table" Face Nation

WI: Sen. Baldwin, 'Pod Save America' hosts canvass for Protasiewicz (D) ahead of election

MAGA Mom TERRIFIED Of The "Gay Alphabet"

Republicans Caught in SHOCKING Move to Protect Trump

CHICAGO MAYOR: Led by Willie Wilson, Black clergy are backing Paul Vallas

Michael Cohen's former legal adviser to testify before Trump grand jury - MSNBC Reports

IL: House panel debates ranked choice voting

Smartfood Popcorn....donates $150,000 to GLAAD/ LGBTQ+ Community...

What Trump's last-minute witness means for the Manhattan investigation - American Voices - MSNBC

It was the FOOTAGE, Moron!

Yet ANOTHER Trump Company TARGETED in NEW Federal Criminal Investigation - Meidas Touch

Family Found Stray Cat in Harbour. Now He's the Captain

Trump-appointed judge holds KEY HEARING on MAJOR Decision - Meidas Touch

Singer and tap dancer Brinae Ali

Mason Proffit - Eugene Pratt

You DO NOT F*CK with NYC drag queens.

The Guess Who - Seven Long Years

Democrats' Sympathies in Middle East Shift to Palestinians

Close to 190 banks could face Silicon Valley Bank's fate, according to a new study

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 21: 31 Days of Oscar: Courtroom Dramas

Sean Jones & Brinae Ali - Dizzy Spellz (Jazz trumpet and tap, live at Symphony Space NYC, 2018)

Pence, lawmakers react to Trump's call for protests - Washington Post

Barack Obama: Here's an example of a smart policy that gets rid of unnecessary college degree

Boebert To Be Sued For Defamation

☦️ Orthodox Sunday of the Veneration of the Holy Cross, 19 March 2023

Rep. Eric Swalwell calls Republican reactons to potental Trump arrest 'iresponsible' American Voices

How a 2019 vote on Virginia's red flag law is shaking up a GOP primary in 2023

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Timeshares

Alan Dershowitz says Trump can be president from Prison

Trumpy on truth social

Does anyone know how long it might be before Trumps trial?

Burning Bridges - Mike Curb Congregation

Marjorie Taylor Greene Warns Against Donald Trump's Protest Demands

Sheep smiles when cat cuddles down on it:

Cats who slyly sneak food:

NV: Bill seeks coverage for gender-affirming procedures advocates call 'anything but cosmetic'

Breakfast Monday 20 March 2023

Wordle 639 (3/20) ***SPOILER THREAD***

FDIC sells most of failed Signature Bank to Flagstar

BALTIMORE: City Council President Nick Mosby seeking re-election

Florida man serving 400-year prison sentence freed after being exonerated

Philly mayoral candidates are distancing themselves from 'defund' and say police staffing is a key p

San Francisco walks back boycott of anti-LGBT, anti-abortion states

60,000-mile-tall 'plasma waterfall' snapped showering the sun with impossibly fast fire

George W Bush sucks, should burn in hell and is a war criminal

CBS LA Weather Anchor Alissa Carlson lost consciousness during a live news broadcast (video in link)

Israel, Palestinians aim to curb violence as holiday nears

The week of anticipation!

Cryptic tweet from Biden. What does it mean?

Iran Was the Big Winner in the Iraq War

On this day, March 20, 1947, John Boswell was born.

On this day, March 20, 1968, there was a drug bust that helped break up Buffalo Springfield.

This week's major U.S. economic reports (March 20 -- March 24)

Winter Preparing to Leave

John Oliver gets both TFG and Junior at the same time.

Trump Allies Push DeSantis to Weigh In on Indictment

Monday TOONs - It's "Woke" All The Way Down

Parking spot with outstanding view of Lake Erie:

That's a lot of leaves on the trees in New York City for March 19.

Jebus fucking Krist what is this powder puff bullshit about Iraq

Update on my effort to allow hens in town

Dick Cheney sucks, should burn in hell and is a war criminal

Pro-Moscow voices tried to steer Ohio train disaster debate

Sunshine on a stick:

Politico: Senate absences multiply headaches for both parties

China's Xi makes 1st Moscow visit as Putin wages Ukraine war

The Rundown: March 20, 2023

"Arest Biden Not Trump".....

Ron Pearlman mic drop!

Mastodon meme:

Project reintroduces alpacas to the mountainous border region of Ecuador and Colombia

Oz Corporate Groups Push For Climate Deal, But Urge Not To Concede "Too Much" To Greens

@SenatorDurbin: This morning, I tested positive for COVID-19. Thankfully, I am fully vaccinated and

How about a tiki torch march in florida.

They wouldn't be panicking this bad if they didn't know he was guilty

Geez Louise, Enough! Two More Big Storms Heading For California

Alexandria Students Launch Mock NASA Project by Building Mars Rover Simulation

Invisible Hand to the rescue! -by Tom Tomorrow

CraftyGal's funeral

Are Democrats or even "liberals" the real conservatives?

LOL! Geographer Austin Kocher FTW over Ron DeSantis

How US Policy Has Trapped Migrant Workers in an "Open-Air Prison" in Mexico

Energy Executives Lament How Hard It's Becoming To Brand Natural Gas As "Clean"

My local republican state house rep is being attacked from the right and it's priceless!

Two Torrance (CA) cops vandalized arrested man's car before having it towed, city will pay $750k

Lauren Boebert blows up the GOP's biggest talking point

Colorectal cancer is on the rise in young people

Defund fox news

The Gulf Cartel Leaders The US Should Target for the Matamoros Attack

Damn Your Eyes /Happy Spring

Guatemala's government arrests another former prosecutor

Guatemala Detains Two Sinaloa Cartel Members for US Extradition

"A million lives later, I cannot forgive what American terrorism did to my country, Iraq"

Viper Kadachi Arena Fight, MHW


Costa Rica Announces Ban on Fishing of Hammerhead Sharks

Gay Teen Found Dead Near Murdaugh Home to Be Exhumed

Protests at Mar Largo

Aw, this is just TRAGIC. If DeSantis is pulled into a Trump indictment, he's effed no matter what.

Gray Area Remains for Bump Stock Owners Following Reversal of Texas Ban

It seems to me that as many as a quarter of those now in Congress actively took part

Ok, I'll admit...

Mike Luckovich- Negative charisma

Copaiba: The "miracle" medicinal tree in Bolivia

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the permafrost zombie virus....

Netanyahu softens government's judicial overhaul after Biden call

Pence is correct. There is a two tiered justice system in America that Americans don't like.

Trump's Lies About January 6th Get Brutally Destroyed! - Luke Beasley

Why Are Working People Being Blamed for Inflation? - The Problem with Jon Stewart

Mastodon meme #2:

Remember when Trump promised to lock up HRC if he won? That was preemptive weaponization of

Iraq war 20 years on: How invasion plunged country into decades of chaos

So going after the AG Bragg is not only potential witness tampering. It's strike at "states rights"

Trump/Putin Rendezvous

McCarthy's political career should be over for good in two years. He is unworthy of public trust. n

Trump Refers to himself as a "FORMER PRESIDENT"

Jimmy Carter had 'a certain magic,' says former aide from Redlands

5 Connecticut children, ages 8-17, dead after New York crash

Not just Florida: The entire GOP is waging a nationwide racism-fueled war on public education

World is on brink of climate calamity, definitive U.N. climate report warns

Oh Get ON with it Already.

How much had crypto endangered our banking system? I think a lot. T

Long COVID Comes Into the Light

March 20, 2003. US invades Iraq. We are still, and will continue, paying the

Putin heckled during surprise Mariupol visit - CNN

It's begun..... Florida

No one should minimize the anticipated arrest of this former president for lesser crimes

Pro-Moscow voices [spread on Twitter} tried to steer Ohio train disaster debate

They're beginning to secure the courthouse in NYC!

Global banking crisis: One big problem down. Too many others left to go

Im thinking this may not be such a great idea! Want to guess why?

World on 'thin ice' as UN climate report gives stark warning

There were some cherry blossoms at the National Arboretum yesterday

CNN Mike Pence calls potential Trump indictment 'not what the American people want to see'

The Continuing Cover-Up

Al Franken to guest host the Daily Show

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee is in the "find out" stage

a friend of mine sent me this via skype

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump and his requests....

a friend of mine sent me this via skype

"Well, you kinda had to be there at the time."

How do I change the size of pictures I post

Undercover agents saw nothing 'lewd' at Orlando drag show. Florida is going after venue anyway

Happy Vernal Equinox!

Trump Supporters Gathering At Trump Tower In Anticipation...

When Joe Tacopina tries to impeach the testimony of Michael Cohen

Will we see or hear from Little Boots or the Big Dick on this 20th anniversary of . . . . .

American held hostage since 2016 in West Africa released

The Steady Drumbeat of Fascism

Apropos of nothing

New very busy look and tiny font on my android on DU.

Trump seeks to block Georgia election interference criminal charges

Amazon to lay off 9,000 more workers after earlier cuts

About the potential indictment of the clown

Don't forget! Today is How did this guy become a general Day

Obama spokesman shuts up Tucker Carlson in brutal takedown - Brian Tyler Cohen

Hawkwind founder and guitarist Mick Slattery dies aged 77

Sister Rosetta Tharpe was born on this date.

Pic Of The Moment: Pence Says A Trump Indictment Is "Not What The American People Want To See"

Marian McPartland was born on this date.

When It's All Said And Done - We're Getting Our Hopes Up Again - And I Feel We'll Be Disappointed...

Lee "Scratch" Perry was born on this date.

Jerry Reed was born on this date.

Why do I smell something rotten in Trumpland (Apologies to Shakespeare) and the potential arrest..

Is rep Andy Biggs related to proud boy Joseph Biggs

"I'm So Indicted" (apologies to the Pointer Sisters) EDIT: Now with 100% more meme

Golden Earring - Kill Me (Ce Soir) - studio version (on Dutch TV) + live at Winterland, 1975

Some Monday morning encouragement from Glenn Kirschner

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- March 20, 2023

Film 'Ruby Bridges' banned in a Pinellas County school

Vernal Equinox - Poised in Symmetry

Question for legal eagles here

Why is Morning Joe still on the air?

BREAKING NEWS: Rapidly running out of options, Trump asks Mike Pence to be indicted in his place

NYC now - erecting barricades. Deploying 700 riot cops

Children Look On In Terror As Sarah Huckabee Signs Child Labor Bill Into Law - Ring of Fire

Did Mother's Boy have anything to say about

NV-SEN: Democrats brace for another Senate nail-biter in Nevada

A tribute to Ennio Morricone and Pecos Hank, A Spaghetti Western theme.

In retrospect, hitting Trump with everything, everywhere, all at once, seems like a winning strategy

Remember "A noun, a verb and 911"?

Chris Matthews: After all this is over, I want Trump indicted for Jan. 6 - Morning Joe - MSNBC

While Ron De-SANTOS was claiming the NYC DA was ignoring violent crime to go after Donnie Dipshit

These Cops Cost Their City $8,500,000 And GOT PROMOTED!

VA: Amid Women's History Month, legislators reflect on parity in politics

Steel barricades arriving outside Manhattan Criminal Court

OH: The next battleground for abortion rights

PUTEEN body double in Ukraine? World warmonger day - Shrub/Iraq, Xi/Moscow, Kim/missiles?

Trump will not be the first President to testify before the Grand Jury.. Clinton was

Barricades unloaded near Manhattan criminal court ahead of possible Trump indictment

Keith Olbermann for the win:

Filibuster over transgender bill jams Nebraska legislature for weeks

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (March 20, 2023)

Undercover agents saw nothing 'lewd' at Orlando drag show. Florida is going after venue anyway

Kinda wondering if DeSatan is going to outlaw Halloween in Florida due to questionable costumes.

Excited baby penguin races (waddles) to caretaker for cuddles:

House GOP chairmen ask Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg to testify on Trump probe

A celebration worldwide is about to happen I think

Seattle's bleak downtown light-rail stations have nowhere to go but up

Fisherman captures the exact moment the rain comes in:

What Happens Once Trump's Taken Into Custody?

Dog imitates human's swollen eye:

Chinese Economy: $21tn Market Rocked; Xi Meets Putin; TikTok's Days Numbered? - China Update

For those wondering what crimes might be included in a Bragg indictment...Glenn Kirschner

Babies thrilled to stand in the rain:

'Humanity is on thin ice': UN releases alarming report on greenhouse gas emissions

Couple rescues wild sparrow. Now she refuses to leave

Pic Of The Moment: Preparations Underway At Mar-A-Lago As Trump Indictment Looms

This should count as animal tool use:

"He has a battle rifle": Police feared Uvalde gunman's AR-15

Man & small child perform a cool trick:

How Big Will Trumps Smile Be...

Putin faces lifelong arrest warrant as China responds to ICC decision

Ending a pregnancy in 13 states leaves few options. Some are looking to Europe and India for help.

"He has a battle rifle": Police feared Uvalde gunman's AR-15

Debate over transgender health care threatens to upend Missouri legislative session

Unusual instruments in rock music?

Tennessee lawmaker shares personal abortion story in fight for abortion rights - American Voices MSNBC

Swan mates reunited after 3-week separation:

NE: Dueling GOP bills to implement voter ID could hit rural areas hardest

It's a modern sporting rifle . . . what sport is it for??

Warren: Powell 'took a flamethrower' to bank regulations leading up to SVB collapse

TN: Senate Republicans to hold a vote of no confidence in Lt. Gov. McNally today

Thousands may have lost out to iEarn crypto trading app (artificial intelligence was used as a lure)

Tigers on ice:

TX: How an old law found new life in lawsuit seeking to revoke approval of abortion pill

McCarthy wants to investigate DA Bragg? Dems need to remind the public of his past.

Russia's former president suggested firing a hypersonic missile at The Hague after Putin's ICC arres

Does it bother anyone else, about the constant reports of people dumping their dogs and cats. Can't

I see no way that Trump will be the nominee now

IPCC Press Conference - Climate Change 2023: Synthesis Report March 20 2023

Should Russian Imperialism be destroyed? Latvian Prime Minister explains

Ouroboros Theory: Describing The Nature of Right vs. Left

JACKSONVILLE: Early voting is over in Duval County, next up, Election Day

Evangelical Christianity over past 200 + years implies Jesus and Creator is a racist. Thoughts?


A Late Night Conversation

France to invest 100 billion Euros in rail upgrades by 2040

Not just Florida: The entire GOP is waging a nationwide racism-fueled war on public education

Many of the same people that wants the government to completely cover uninsured deposits at SVB and

McConnell's absence leaves colleagues wondering about GOP's future

One place Putin did not visit: The Mariupol Drama Theatre

Biden issues his first veto on retirement investment resolution

Will Trump have to show his genitalia to the judge in camera?

If you wouldn't call yourself a piano player just because you used a player piano...

News & Commentary March 15, 2023

Downtown Seattle has more residents than ever

Does Susan Collins still think Trump has learned his lesson? Same inciting Tweets as Pre-1/6.

Surely the moment the conman is indicted

Just follow McCarthy in Orlando with the tape of him bragging about GOP investigations stopped HRC

Can You Find Me In This Video

Ted Lieu to Jim Jordan: Local prosecutors, including DA Bragg, owe you nothing.

Ben & Jerry's Faces Boycott Calls Over Founder's Stance on Ukraine Weapons

GA prosecutors considering racketeering/conspiracy charges in probe of effort to overturn election

President Biden Vetoes His First Bill & calls out MTG by Name. She Isn't Happy lol

President Biden: I just vetoed my first bill

Chas. Koch Sneers At Democracy And Human Life

Trump's calls for protests have generated mostly muted reactions from supporters.

The shakeup the World Bank needs

BFFs--bunny & cat cuddle together:

Just a Reminder -War Criminals Among Us: Bush, Cheney, and the Eyes of the World

Cop Who Killed George Floyd Pleads Guilty To Tax Evasion - Ring of Fire

Six Oath Keepers convicted in connection with January 6 US Capitol riot

For those who love dogs. Another thread made me think to post this.

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson dissents in abortion case

Dahlia Lithwick: We Are All Fetuses Now

Proud Boy Ethan ("Rufio Panman") Nordean lashed to his fello PBs on 1/20/21 - Fk trump

What needs to be done: Control Presidency and both House and Senate

MEDICAID Cuts Start In Spring, Est. 8M Will Lose Eligibility: How To Shop For New Health Ins. Plans

this scene from the movie 2001 a space odyssey blows my mind.

Protesters set rubbish on fire as French govt barely survives no-confidence vote

MEDICAID Cuts Start In Spring, Est 8M Will Lose Eligibility: How To Shop For New Health Ins Plans -P

Undercover agents saw nothing 'lewd' at Orlando drag show. Florida is going after venue anyway

After her election loss, Hillary Clinton went for a walk in the woods,

This could get Complicated.

$173 Billion Credit Suisse Bailout by UBS as Banking Crisis Worsens & Spreads to Europe - Joe Blogs

Got some ACTION!

Why There Are No Houses to Buy in Many U.S. Metro Areas

Republican leaders themselves are to blame for this quandary.

This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow

Sometimes it's good to take a step back and take stock of things.

Kevin McCarthy's desperate plea to MAGA reveals a glaring GOP failure


Jared Holt: Suspending disbelief in political media

Iowa House passes ban on investing state funds with companies considering ESG

Across the Desk - S7:E10 (Rep. Jim Olsen & the Corporal Punishment of Disabled Children)

Marjorie Taylor Greene Demands Congress Defund ALL Criminal Investigations Into Trump - Ring of Fire

Only Wisconsin Supreme Court Debate Set For Tomorrow

Florida Republicans are going to save Donal Trump by prosecuting Stormy

Terrified Pittie Transforms Into The Biggest Cuddlebug

Anti- Union Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Steps Down, Testify Senate Labor Comm. March 29

Looking ahead to Wednesday morning 😆🤪

Oregon coast this January

Hyper Pittie Accidentally Meets Her Bestie and They Can't Get Enough

Did a charcoal sketch today to honor Jim Gordon and his music. I cared about him.

Suspect remains barricaded after King County Sheriff's deputy shot in Ballard

There are only two people I can think of whose photos cause me to wince when I suddenly

Amazon layoffs affect additional 9,000 positions in AWS, ads, Twitch

Wrestling coaches said "water is for the weak". College wrestler dies searching for water

Senior alpaca had no friends. Then he met the cow of his dreams.

Orphaned Baby Elephant Gets A Big New Family

North Korea: Latest missile simulated nuclear counterattack

Comment: Pence may try to peel evangelicals away from Trump

Cartoons 3/20/2023

Queen - It's a Hard Life

Hey hey, ho ho, this tired, worn out old chant has got to go!

The IRA and European industrial policy (Inflation Reduction Act)


Drive to build new AquaSox ballpark gets $7.4M boost from state

Trump files motion to deem Georgia probe unconstitutional - MSNBC Reports

Live from New York, it's.....

Andy Kaufman to be in the WWE Hall of Fame

McCarthy, proceed to talk about weaponizing politics...

Theme to ZATOICHI starring and sung by Shintaro Katsu

Federal Judge enjoins enforcement of California's handgun requirements

TCM later:

Generous parental leave 'protects your mental health'

20 Years After The Invasion Of Iraq, Americans Still Want The U.S. Involved In World Affairs

One and a half minutes of Tucker Carlson parroting Vladimir Putin - Republican Accountability Project

Mercedes Schlapp slams Joe Biden while ignoring the behavior of her perv husband.

White House to counter GOP's soft-on-crime attacks by targeting far-right budget plan Monday's focus

Manchin calls Biden administration priorities 'absolutely infuriating' after ESG veto

South Park Creators Use ChatGPT To Co-Write Episode About AI

Japanese '80s City Pop Playlist

Debunking "No One Wants to Work Anymore," There Is No Labor Shortage: Robert Reich

More Cancun Cruz buffoonery

Rupert Murdoch, 92, decides to have another go at marriage

Biden Has Now Embraced Republican Restrictionism on Immigration

Invasive 200-Pound Pythons Are Spreading in the U.S.--And Eradication 'Is Not Possible

On this day, March 20, 1906, Ozzie Nelson was born.

With apologies to Grace Slick------- "Quite Rabid":

Adam Sandler gets Mark Twain prize surrounded by celeb pals

Fox's Doocy gets a chuckle out of John Kirby

On this day, March 20, 1937, Jerry Reed was born.

Xi tries to cheer up Pooty Poot

Pervs of a feather gotta stick together - Matt Gaetz

Killing Joke - Killing Joke 2003 [FULL ALBUM] ☆☆☆☆☆

Trump Judge Terry Doughty says social media companies became state actors when they

Early voting in Wisconsin begins Tuesday; here's what you need to know

Wow Ari is on early today

This Wisconsin judicial election could decide the next US president



Per three sources... Late today or Wed

Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund launches $500,000 effort to defeat Daniel Kelly (R)in Wisconsin

That Plum Job Listing May Just Be a Ghost

Every Breaking Wave

Frank Zappa, CROSSFIRE 1986. True then, true now!

Kevin McCarthy Spotted Doing Yard Work for Marjorie Taylor Greene

How an old law found new life in lawsuit seeking to revoke approval of abortion pill

Texas abortion law means woman has to continue pregnancy despite fatal anomaly

Costello, Cohen's former legal advisor testifying Cohen wants revenge

1 dead, 1 hurt in Texas school shooting; suspect arrested

Jackson dissents in abortion case

(Jewish Group) Trump's recent attacks on district attorney include anti-Semitic dog whistle

Justice Ricky Polston today notified the Governor of his resignation from the Florida Supreme Court

Attorneys General from 23 states including Wisconsin issue letter to Kia, Hyundai over rampant car t

Start spreading the news

Could tfg attorney Costello upend the expected indictment this week?

Republicans Race to Block Access to Ballots for Abortion-Rights Initiatives

I don't see any evidence that coming indictments are generating more support for Trump

Congress Rules Food Stamps Can Only Be Used On Rutabagas

@TheDemocrats 🌷Happy first day of spring! 🌷

Texas is trying out new tactics to restrict access to abortion pills onine.

What's for Dinner, Mon., Mar. 20, 2023

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Putin the emperor....

Chinese Siberia.

Republicans make fatal mistake amid Trump indictment - Brian Tyler Cohen

MTG wants to protect the innocence of every American child

So in regards to any procedure, am I correct in assuming...

NC: 'Nightmare scenario': A mother's ordeal shows NC abortion law already is cruel.

Kevin McCarthy: Trump not calling protests It was actually a call to "educate people about what's go

It's the 20th Anniversary of Shock and Awe. Where were you?

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet

Trump silent on abortion as 2024 campaign pushes forward

Al Franken

Remember that time Albright was confronted about the War on Iraq?

Rupert Murdoch Engaged to Ann Lesley Smith Less Than a Year After Divorcing Jerry Hall

Costello must have been a dud. "Cohen not needed," according to Lanny Davis

Doctor booted from hearing after repeatedly calling trans people slurs

CHICAGO: Early voting opens at all 50 ward locations

Signature Bank Threw a Fundraiser for the Congressman Now Probing How It Failed

Repuke congresscritter sez Drumpf can just ignore any indictment & court. Oh.

This anti-trans rally attracted so many Nazis the Aussie government says they'll ban Nazi salute

Italy orders cities to stop recognizing children of same-sex couples

'Nightmare scenario': A mother's ordeal shows NC abortion law already is cruel

Predicting indictment today.

Trump just suggested Bragg is a rapist

Ending childbirth services at Bonner General is a warning. Rest of Idaho could follow

Meidas Touch Video: BREAKING: Trump indictment date finally ANNOUNCED

BREAKING: Trump indictment date finally ANNOUNCED

Right-Wingers Are LOSING IT After This Major Trump Announcement

Proud Boy Gets Chased Off At Drag Queen Story Hour In NYC

What year will "dial-up warning" thread titles finally end?

Donny is getting arrested in the morning ding dong the courthouse bells will chime ....

Rod Stewart & Ron Wood - Mandolin Wind

As Xi visits Russia, Putin sees his anti-U.S. world order taking shape

I don't believe a word coming out of this Costello character's mouth

Is it too late for the indictment to happen tonight

One man's story of sabotaging Carter's re-election - Morning Joe - MSNBC

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 21 March 2023

I say Friday

Not saying Costello is a slug, but he DID leave a slime trail on the sidewalk, so--- nt

Scratched EV battery? Your insurer may have to junk the whole car

Four Oath Keepers convicted in connection to Jan. 6 - MSNBC Reports

Barn Owl - Spring Blossoms

Update on the tabby kittens...

****BREAKING**** TFG just suggested Ron DeSantis had sex with an underage male

Fox News Tries to Silence a Top Producer Threatening to Reveal Internal Convos

xtra nest, over river

Top GOPer on House Finance Committee got him some "woke" donations from Signature Bank!

Daniel Goldman reply to McCarthy complaint about justice system targeting political opponents

Anarchy breaks out over impending Trump indictment(s)

Alvin Lee & Leslie West - Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On - HD

THE nest:

So indictments will help TFG with his base. So effing what. His base is half of what it was.

Breaking! Spotted on I-95 north of Palm Beach....

I'm confused. Didn't Tacopina say that chump paid the hush money but it wasn't a crime?

Info about April Photo Contest!

WAITING for female osprey partner. One of MANY, above my patio/car!

Words we're not likely to hear in the next few days:

Robert is not happy with the Grand Jury

Trump attorney balks at 'strange' request for testimony in Georgia election probe: report

Jeffrey Epstein banks to face sex trafficking case

Just used Form a Funnel to change oil in my Mower

Don't know why this won't preview but this short video

There is a teacher shortage pretty much nationwide. Should systems suffering shortage . . . .

In watching the local news about indictment

The 'Rent Is Too Damn High Party,' Jimmy McMillan, Candidate NY Governor Race, Debate, SNL

Is McCarthy Really Calling For Calm Or .....

If chump is convicted on a felony in NY. He has to give DNA. Can E. Jean Caroll get it?

Lawsuit asks Ohio Supreme Court to split proposed abortion-rights amendment into multiple issues, re

House GOP moves to discredit Manhattan DA ahead of potential Trump indictment - CNN

Franklin Graham calls on followers to pray for Trump amid speculation of looming indictment

Iowa nurses who are drunk, stoned, and dangerous.

Why is everyone's panties in a knot about investigating the NYAG? So what. McCarthy has no

Raised in Tampa Bay area, Ron DeSantis mocked for writing about Midwest cultural 'upbringing

Laurence Tribe will talk to Lawrence O'Donnell tonight about the 483 page lawsuit

Has anyone noticed the regular Bing search engine becoming less useful? - UPDATE

Claudia Tenney: Indictment Will 'Blow Over' Because Trump Won't Appear

Wisconsin women's hockey beats Ohio State to win record seventh national championship

Hey Trump, you scared bro ?

Faux news trying it's best.

Kasich, from Ohio, is now an msnbc commentator. Dissing the gqp!

'Ted Lasso' visits White House, promotes mental health care

SWAT Team Shoots My Innocent Sleeping Client - The Civil Rights Lawyer

Is tomorrow the day? Springtime for Hitler?

"Make America Great Again"--- four words. "Lock Her Up"--- three words. "Stop The Steal"---

Can an indictment be issued late at night?

Need the CliffsNotes version of the speculative Trump indictment this week

Dolly is back home.We have meds to give her, They gave her IV fluids and meds.

Michael Cohen on Ari Melber tonight. Holy Shit.

Michael Cohen on Ari Melber tonight. Holy Shit.

Biden proposes Pentagon spending increase

Suspect Gets Shot After Pulling Gun on Seal Beach Officers - PoliceActivity

LOL: Looks like Trumpy is getting his wall

Sunset, southern MD 3/20

legendary show biz entertainers in Buddy Hackett's driveway. How many can you name?

At today's Manhattan Grand Jury meeting: What happened

Despite ABC incorrectly reporting, CNN confirms SECOND E. Jean Carroll case to proceed in April

"Significant increase" in threats online ahead of possible Trump indictment

Rose Royce - Sunrise

Right-wing broadcaster calls for Barack Obama and others to be executed if Trump is arrested

Happy First Day Of Spring!

The Disinformation Factory Or why the world's gone mad.

"When you put them in the back of the cop car..."

Junior Mance - Blues For Beverlee

So, Gymmie "I am Short" Jordan thinks Trump made an mathematical error when paying off a porn star?

These Cops Cost Their City $8,500,000 And GOT PROMOTED! (Audit the Audit)

I know a woman . . .

Freeperville... attacking both Trump and DeSantis

Girl Scout Troop 6000 was created in 2017 by a single, homeless mother.

NY YOUNG REPULICANS CLUB - This was supposed to be the big one.

Four Oath Keepers members convicted of obstruction in January 6 trial

Robert Costello just opened Trump up to even more charges

How close to death must a woman be to get an abortion in Tennessee?

Hey, there! This is your old pal, Zelmo Thudpucker, once again bringing you cutting edge

2015 Kevin McCarthy: Benghazi Committee Tanked Hillary's Poll Numbers