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INQ: "No additional jail time for Trump supporters who brought guns near the 2020 Philly vote count"

Bing's AI chatbot came to work for me. I had to fire it. (Computerworld. Funny article.)

Toronto Raptors issue an apology for posting this video for Women History Month

The old apartment

Parents push back on allegations against St. Louis transgender center. 'I'm baffled.'

We have a new black hero that De Santis can ignore in history lessons.

I used to love to read about diseases and epidemics.

Jamie Raskin SCHOOLS MAGA Republicans on House Floor - Meidas Touch

12 Bar Blues. It is absolutly the BEDROCK OF AMERICAN MUSIC


Wow! Alex Murdaugh verdict already. Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

Guilty on all counts.

Well, I am gonna do it!

Alex Murdaugh found guilty of murders of wife and son

Brothers who crashed a wedding reception are convicted of beating the groom to death

Judge in Alex Murdaugh trial says minimum sentence is 30 years.

Is anyone surprised at the Murdaugh verdicts of Guiltyx4?

Because Of The Recent Jethro Tull Posts...

Growing alarm in Iran after report hundreds of schoolgirls were poisoned (CNN)

I posted the comment below in another post earlier today. Then I read the news flash on msn below i

TFG delusional press statement on DOJ amicus brief on liability

Day 61 of the year. Mass shootings* SO FAR: 96. Dead: 146. Wounded: 366.

Experts: Murdoch testimony "guts" Fox's best defense -- but he may set up top exec to "take the fall"

Murtaugh left without looking back at his son.

Proud Boy Tusitala 'Tiny' Toese guilty on 10 counts in Portland street clash

Another GOP lawmaker trying to ban drag has been caught in drag

So, let me get this straight?

Honolulu Cookie Company! I'll say no more!

Time to Wake Up 287: Climate in the Budget Committee - Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Tornado Sirens Going Off in Dallas NOW.

AC/DC - Let there be rock

Schumer & Jeffries Formally Ask Rupert Murdoch 'Make Sure Fox News Stops Disseminating the Big lie

Bill protecting Southern Resident Orcas passes Senate

Bwahahaha.... The latest MAGAt insanity about vaccines

Microsoft has now given its Bing chatbot 3 personalities, at least one meant to entertain.

Time to Wake Up 287: Climate in the Budget Committee - Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Finished one of my many Netflix distractions. Docu on Bernie Madoff.

Cop Caught Lying (A LOT!) - No Issues Getting Hired In Next Town Over (LackLuster)

Kellyanne Conway leaves everyone STUNNED with request on air - Brian Tyler Cohen

Is this Louis DeJoy's doing?

California Makes History with 3 New AAPI Women in State Legislature

Publicity stunt for 'Scream VI' floods Bay Area sheriff's office with calls

Fox News 'lies' scandal hits boiling point: Murdoch's 'Wu Tang' defense could go up in smoke

The Useful Idiots Fueling the Right-Wing Transphobia Panic

Ruby-throated Hummingbird - NYC

CNET just laid off more staff. Editor-in-chief moved to focus on AI content strategy.

BREAKING: Jury finds Alex Murdaugh guilty in murders of wife and son - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Today's El Segundo Farmer's Market:

Loreal Paris and CBS just threw shade at ex VP Pence for women's week

Coalition wants Washington state building code amendments tossed

They could lose the house -- to Medicaid

How Jimmy Carter Sparked the Craft Beer Revolution

Jim Jordan is such a dumbfuck. His "whistleblowers" discredited

Forty two years ago I left a country...

Child labor is having an ugly resurgence

2 Mar: Roll back! Ukrainians destroy Russian hopes of easy encirclement of Bakhmut - Reporting from

Gunmen threaten Messi, shoot up family-owned supermarket

Texas Republican introduces bill requiring internet companies censor information related to abortion

Happy birthday to Porky Pig!


Most Americans Think House Republicans Aren't Investigating Real Problems

Site of Tesla Mexico factory near double size of Texas plant, local official says

Walgreens won't distribute abortion pills in some states where they remain legal

DOJ declares Donald Trump DOES NOT have immunity for Jan. 6 speech inciting violence at the Capitol

Bill to Make Daylight Saving Permanent Reemerges From the Dark

Nordstrom closing down in Canada, shuttering all 13 stores

13 year old was in court to support father, judge had her handcuffed, now under investigation

ACLU: Tennessee -- we'll see you in court.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden's first potential veto....

Trump's ICE Director says he didn't "give a sh*t" about family separation at the southern border

Walgreens won't distribute abortion pills in some states where they remain legal

Fox News scandal hits Hannity: Watch anchor confronted on air for knowingly peddling MAGA lies

Texas GOP Bill Gives Tax Cuts to Heterosexual Parents

Those bastards in Europe didn't freeze! - Break the Fake - TVP World

Biden team enlists top Democrats in early bid for campaign unity


Biden administration lawyer may have saved student loan forgiveness plan at Supreme Court

G.O.P. Witnesses, Paid by Trump Ally, Embraced Jan. 6 Conspiracy Theories

Physicists Use Quantum Mechanics to Pull Energy out of Nothing

Art Dco Lamp by Lucille Sevin, France ca. 1932

So I'm watching Chris Hayes and he's discussing the reduced cost of

BOOM: General Milley destroys Matt Gaetz on our need to understand racism in America.

msnbc discussing drug prices/insulin, and never mentioning lack of regulation, and

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

Kherson torture centres were planned by Russian state, say lawyers

Finally, Democrats appear ready to wage war on Fox News

I am Baked Potato. I am back with an introduction I never made.

Well that didn't take very long....

Young Ben Shapiro trash-talks a punching bag, which then knocks him out

Finally freeperville mentions fox news lies: but ignores the point

Katie Phang: I anticipate Alex Murdaugh will be sentenced to life with 30 year minimum - Ari Melber

Colorado US Representatives Joe Neguse and Jason Crow have gotten more bills passed into law.

Amazing photo of a Blue Whale under a boat

Eddie Kendricks - This Used To Be The Home Of Johnnie Mae

Biden willing to sign effort to block new DC crime laws

MTG to annouce shes running?

Joe Simon - Get Down, Get Down

Pentagon Papers Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg Says He Has Terminal Cancer

Johnnie Taylor - Running Out Of Lies

Schumer: Fox guilty of 'worst lie in the history of our democracy - All In - MSNBC

Dignity: Of Earth & Sky

Tesla to get over $330 mln in tax abatement from Nevada

My Nephew Died This Morning

japanese romantic comedy (full movie) tori girl amv 2020 4.3K subscribers Subscribe

Carrie Lucas - What's The Question

Revealed: Jim Jordan's FBI 'whistleblowers' were paid by Trump ally and spread J6 conspiracy theorie

Curtis Mayfield - Right On For The Darkness

Fox hosts deflect amid Dominion lawsuit, say all other media lying - All In - MSNBC

All the samples used on Check Your Head, in context

Albert King - Don't Burn Down The Bridge ('Cause You Might Wanna Come Back Across)


Droll Troll says...

California woman fingered as 'Terrorgram' propagandist who promotes mass shootings

Burning Books and Destroying Education on the Path to Fascism

Fat Larry's Band - Like To Get To Know You Better

We had a multi-cultural dinner tonight.

Jim Jordan stumbles big time desperately seeking imagined 'deep state' whistleblowers

Seth Meyers: Trump Accuses DeSantis of Wanting to Cut Social Security and Medicare - Monologue 3/1

On student loans, conservatives turn 'fairness' upside down

Mo3 & OG Bobby Billions: Outside (Better Days)

Lawrence just quoted this about Trump's dislike of dogs:

Joyce Vance: The decision to give Tucker Carlson exclusive Jan. 6 footage is not aging well

Feeling overwhelmed

Pillowguy trashes fox. Hilarity ensues.

My favorite scene from The Mandalorian S3 Ep1

*IMF making a hash of russian economics (my words. J Sonnenfeld on Lawrence show.)

Scientists unveil plan to create biocomputers powered by human brain cells

Friday's digit: 4/10 - Rain is generally welcome, but a windy March storm system at its finest

Maternal Deaths in Brazil Are Reflection of The Pandemic Denial in the Bolsonaro Administration, Say

Gunmen threaten soccer star Messi, open fire on supermarket owned by family

Finland's Parliament overwhelmingly backs bid to join NATO

G.O.P. Witnesses, Paid by Trump Ally, Embraced Jan. 6 Conspiracy Theories

This is what 50,000 Pills a Day Looks Like (Murdaugh)

Tennessee gov. signs bill restricting drag performances - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Ferocious frog!

Yes.. I know it was Bernie's project...

Lori Lightfoot blames Chicago election loss on racism, gender issues

Philip Bailey, Phil Collins - Easy Lover

If you like Robbie Robertson's first solo album, with its U2/Americana vibe

Susan Cadogan - Fever

CO: Bill to add eviction protections for renters passes 1st hurdle

John Mellencamp - Wild Night ft. Me'Shell Ndegeocello (Van Morrison Cover)

Clarence Clemons & Jackson Browne - You're a Friend of Mine

I have been thinking about this for a while

Andrew White - Afro Blue

Dominion Releases More Evidence Against Fox - Raw News And Politics

Mining in Yanomami Territory Brings Harm to The Land of Macuxis

Anyone in LeGrande/ Cove area

WA: State AG's lawsuit may protect medication abortion

Geez, all this time, was Dilbert really this guy and we missed it...?

rumors hannity,bartiromo and Pirro to be canned

DeSantis' belittling, smears defied by reality of rich academic culture at New College - Alex Wagner

Elegant and Sweet Happy🌸March🌸Jazz and Bossa Nova Music for Positive Studying, Reading, Working

Is the purpose of MTG, Santos and other right wing extremists is

Seth Meyers - Trump Turns on Fox and Murdoch Amid Fallout from Shocking Dominion Lawsuit: A Closer Look

California's snow-stranded residents need food, plows, help

About Freedom of Speech. For all to See: Amendment One: United States Constitution

Brazilians Discover a Ring on Quaoar, 'Cousin' of Pluto

The severe weather in the lower MS valley is far from over

The severe weather in the lower MS valley is far from over

Fox board member Paul Ryan begged network to stop spreading election lies Dominion filing alleges

Colombia's army turned Medellin into murder capital of the world: CIA

The Sacramento Dildo Saleswoman Behind the Neo-Nazi Network Advocating for Mass Shootings

Fossil fuels kill more people than Covid. Why are we so blind to the harms of oil and gas?

Why the Fulton County jury is likely to be sworn in on Tuesday,

Lawrence O'Donnell: Justice Dept. rejects Defendant Trump's attempt at immunity - The Last Word

Kimmel: Right Wing Crazies Gather to Praise Trump, Santos' Lies Hit New Heights & MTG Wants Nationa

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Hershey's and what's happening....

*Grapes of Wrath on TCM now.

A Mystery Object Is Being Dragged Into The Black Hole at The Center of Our Galaxy

Mark Zuckerberg Quietly Buries the Metaverse

I think that today I posted about the most important law ever passed by any Congress of the U.S.A.

Fox execs should be fired for 'proven misconduct' (Dominion), renowned Yale prof says

Donald Who?: Fox, the Dominion Case, and the Perils of Pivoting from Trump


We Can Now Hear The 'Sound' of One of The Most Beautiful Stars

Biden-⁠Harris Administration Announces National Cybersecurity Strategy

Mike Patton and Rollins Band: Six Pack (Black Flag)

Rep. Swalwell: We're going on offense against 'legal terrorist' Trump - The Last Word - MSNBC

GOP pits endangered Democrats against Biden

There's a fascinating local issue (WA) involving a woman resisting quarantine for TB

Long COVID Patients Show Lower Levels of Brain Oxygen

*Updated* Jon Stewart interviews Republican Oklahoma state senator Nathan Dahm

Student loan debt erased by Biden plan: $400 billion Cost of the 2017 GOP tax cuts: $1.9 Trillion

Mexican state votes to toughen legislation against femicides and acid attacks

New Mexico considers adding electric car chargers to new homes

On March 2, 1983, Sony introduced the first commercial compact disc player in the United States

Officials say Sea of Cortz Aquarium in Mazatln close to opening

women's soccer team ditches white women can feel confident playing while menstruating

Let's not mistake Eli Lilly's insulin cap for altruism

"Little girl in the purple, you can leave now, thanks," a lifeguard said over loudspeakers

Business-immigration group alarmed over DeSantis proposal to repeal in-state tuition for Dreamers

70 Hippos Living Near Pablo Escobar's Former Ranch in Colombia to be Shipped to India, Mexico

This Coca cola bottle really worth $999?

Bohemian Rhapsody (Donald Trump Cover)

The Greatest Threat to Our Nation is Stupidity

Adelaide anti-vaccination protest used for Russian propaganda - ABC News (Australia)

RUBEN NAVARRETTE JR.: Swarms of opportunistic Republicans invade the U.S.-Mexico border

'They can't lose this': Sonnenfeld says Fox faces real jeopardy from Dominion suit - The Last Word

Breakfast Friday 3 March 2023

Moldovia in peril - Eastern Express - TVP World

Wordle 622 (3/3) ***SPOILER THREAD***

Tennessee legislator shocks with lynching suggestion - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Stephen Colbert - Monologue - 3/2/23

Stephen Colbert: Guests director, writer and producer Steven Spielberg and composer John Williams

Dossier: ♀️What does feminist foreign policy mean for progressives?

Americans' belief in God hit an all-time low about 6 months ago -- here's why

Revealed: Jim Jordan's FBI 'whistleblowers' were paid by Trump ally and spread J6 conspiracy theorie

Overclassification overkill: The U.S. government is drowning in a sea of secrets

Justice Dept. says Trump can face civil suits over 1/6 - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Pat Travers Band - Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)

Anti-Putin Nazi group launches attack inside Russia

If the Abortion Pill is Banned, There's an Alternative Already Available

Sammy Hagar - Heavy Metal (Live)

Ted Cruz and JD Vance fail to bring in the crowds for CPAC

John Lee Hooker - Boom Boom

U.S. unveils new cybersecurity strategy with tighter regulations

Pitting Americans against each other while simultaneously invoking bloodshed is anti-American

Alex Murdaugh verdict: Disgraced lawyer guilty of killing wife and son

Republicans Swore Biden Was Lying About Social Security Cuts.

struggling bookstore owner tweeted that business was so slow she couldn't pay her bills

Steven Spielberg says antisemitism in US is 'standing proud with hands on hips like Hitler'

Russia's Shadow Army Accused of Raping Their Own Allied Troops

J6 investigators: Extremists 'willing to kill or die' still pose ongoing threat

Roof collapse, no more food: Snowed-in Californians in desperate need of help

0:04 / 7:29 Defense attorney breaks down Alex Murdaugh's guilty verdict

Warning! Not an April's Fool: Trump teams up with Jan 6 criminals to record a song! WTF!

Farrakhan Predicts Another Holocaust, Espouses Antisemitism and Bigotry in Saviours' Day Speech

The Toronto Raptors issue an apology for posting this video for Women History Month:

Trump And Jan. 6 Prisoners Collaborate On New Song Called 'Justice For All'

Interview with Oklahoma State Sen. Nathan Dahm - The Problem with Jon Stewart

I finally found a dry food that ALL of the fur babies like. Perhaps too much

Friday TOONs - It's Not Chocolate

On this day, March 3, 1972, Jethro Tull released "Thick as a Brick."

Suddenly, for unknown reason, I am engaged in bank verification again

On this day, March 3, 1963, Patsy Cline performed a benefit concert in Kansas City, Kansas.

Collared Forest-Falcon - Ecuador

Pakistan Default Imminent as $22 Billion Debt Repayments are Due & Inflation Hits 50 Year High

Jimmy Carter's reputation as 'America's greatest ex-president' has been well earned

If you've been enjoying the deposition releases from the Dominion v Fox case, consider this.....

I wonder if Trump can be sued ( class action) for his premeditated lies about Covid.

West Virginia Governor signs campus carry bill into law ...

New Texas bill bans from school libraries any book with any character attracted to the same sex

Two Americans arrested on charges of selling aviation tech to Russia

And now for something completely different, "Freebird" on bagpipes.

A new bill in Florida would require bloggers writing about Ron DeSantis to register with the state o

Software Maker Liability Is Elusive Target of Biden Cyber Plan

A 5-Year-Old Was Allegedly Assaulted on a School Bus and Then Forced to Sit With Her Attacker

Faux news viewers don't mind being lied to

It is possible the 2024 Republican Primary could turn into complete chaos.

Republicans Hit Garland with ABSURD Questioning in First Judiciary Hearing - Talking Feds

Florida man dies from brain-eating amoeba, possibly after rinsing nose with tap water

The commentators about the Murdaugh trial and circumstantial evidence.

The Rundown: March 3, 2023

Putin plotting to 'grab US weapons left behind during Afghan evacuation ...

The origin of Super Villians: Xemnu

NYT: Why We Love Flaco

DW - "Green" Certifications Of Wood & Pulp Ineffective At Best, Straight-Up Greenwashing At Worst

This Is The Biggest Threat To China's System; Chinese Economy & Financial System - China Update

DeSantis Rounds Up Disney Characters and Puts Them on Bus to New York

Shocked, Shocked! Susan Collins Gets A Gutter-Scraping 22 From LCV For Her 2022 Record

Song of the Glacier: 124 years ago a small part of the world was saved for us all

How big is the Rupert Murdoch (FOXNews) story of lies and deceit?

California couple sues fertility clinic over embryo carrying cancer gene

Oil Majors/Utilities Push Tax Credits For H Generated From Any Power Source, "Carbon Capture"

Half Of California Freed From Drought Thanks To Rain, Snow

European Goldfinch - Prospect Park, NYC

The autocratic Supreme Court of the U.S. is determined to screw all Americans with student loans.

Pete Buttigieg nails Republicans for not supporting policies to prevent another East Palestine.

Why unchaining & un-enslaving our minds, not hope & faith, is the answer going forward.

University at Buffalo recommends ways for teachers to catch ChatGPT cheating - all time-consuming

OFFS - 1 Day After Record-High CO2 Emissions Reported For 2022, IEA Calls "GHG Plateau"

Scientists Define New Disease In Seabirds - Plasticosis, Which Scars The Digestive Tract

Decades after risking his life to save his men, a Green Beret gets the Medal of Honor

Brittany Coast Flooded With Countless Tiny Plastic Pellets, Because Plastic Convenient Cheap Good!!!

"This Bill Would Allow Me... To Arrest Beyonce"

Listening to the discussion on MoJo about women delaying or not having children. SMH

South Carolina Woman Arrested for Aborting Pregnancy

Rie Tweet

Oh, great. Another Winter Storm Warning.

Doc Watson was born on this date.

CPAC: Clownish Pathetic Aging Cretins

The Republican Party is stuck with the history of Trumps criminal madness.


Supreme Court seeking clarity on jurisdiction in North Carolina election law clash

Speaker at CPAC today: "I am anti-China." (Applause) "I do not trust Putin." (Silence)

Democratic women stress House freshman class diversity

Democrats see laws they passed last year as route back to majority

Ohio law enforcement links Erin Brockovich to potential for 'special interest terrorism' threat in E

Labor leaders urge DNC to spike Atlanta

VA: Democratic challenger enters Fairfax County sheriff primary race

VA-SD09: Bagby wins primary for McClellan's Virginia Senate seat, will face GOP's Imholt

Murdaugh doesn't have on that fancy suit today

Trump Just Requested A 6 Month Delay

House Republican Mark Green, A Doctor, Makes Debunked Claim About Fentanyl At CPAC

Ramzan Kadyrov Is Reportedly Gravely Ill With Kidney Problems

People are murdered every day. Why is Murdaugh so important?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Railroad Safety Act....

As Oklahoma Early Voting Begins On Legal Marijuana Ballot Measure, Report Highlights Criminalization

how's your friday lookin?

Alex Murdaugh is sentenced to 2 life sentences for double murder of his wife and son

Ohio Attorney General certifies petition language for abortion ballot initiative

Andean Emeralds

Abortion foes appeal to revive Arizona's 1864 near-total ban

North Carolina just took a big step forward on Medicaid expansion

IA: Davenport Republican among sponsors of bill to ban gay marriage

Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: Fox fallout puts the network in jeopardy and cooperation on hold

What Will Happen To Everyone Who is Not White, Straight, & Male If We Don't Speak Out?

MVP Senator Whitehouse: Time To Wake Up To The Looming Costs of Climate Upheaval

MN: Senate President Bobby Joe Champion blazes a leadership path at the Capitol

Sure, Trump attempted a coup. But the Bidens both ordered the same thing at dinner

WI: Lawyer who oversaw Trump elector scheme in Wisconsin reappointed to judicial advisory panel

"This Is Our Referendum on Abortion": Wisconsin's Critical Race

WI: Conservation Voters Group Says They're Mobilizing for the Spring Elections Like Never Before

Wisconsin Supreme Court race takes ugly turn with appearance of antisemitic attack ads

lot of empty seats at cpac for a pretty big republican name

Chicago's bitter election is now a nasty runoff

WISCONSIN SUPREME COURT: Right-wing extremist embraces Dan Kelly

Florida Considering Crazy Law to Register Bloggers

It's the risk you take when you put it on.

Disney World Is Now DeSantis World

Panthers founder Jerry Richardson passes away at 86

Pic Of The Moment: More Proof The GOP Is Now Closer To Russia And China Than To The USA

I was given these flowers on Valentine's Day.

Michigan House votes to repeal 1931 abortion ban

Puyallup police officer arrested for third-degree rape

Bill to enshrine protections for LGBTQ people into law passes Michigan Senate

Ex-Pierce County sheriff's sergeant sentenced for choking girlfriend, threatening her with machete

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- March 3, 2023

Judge sentencing Alex Murdaugh used the platform to highlight our unjust criminal justice system.

Settlement reached in lawsuit against former Normal police officer

Rail Workers Were Told to Skip Inspections

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (March 3, 2023)

Meet the Bronx Activists Who Won a Historic Settlement for NYPD's Violent Attack at 2020 BLM Protest

CPAC thanks you for the publicity

Jury debated 45 minutes before finding Murdaugh guilty.

Florida man sues after being paralyzed by officer who mistook gun for Taser

Inches of cleavage Kimberley Guilfoyle is showing at CPAC? Four. By sheer coincidence,

Saw this on Facebook--it made me laugh!

Messy storms roll eastward after slamming Texas, Louisiana

Amazon will pause construction at the second headquarters it is building in Arlington.

In His Fight Against Democracy, Mexico's President Is a Heavy Favorite

South Carolina House bill 3549

Michigan House repeals 1931 abortion ban following passage of Proposal 3

Michigan House repeals 1931 abortion ban following passage of Proposal 3

The colors are glorious!

Answering a question I never asked. What if Dire Straits did "Sweet Child of Mine"?

Ornate Hawk-Eagle (Colombia)

"Fly! Fly, my pretties!"

Opposition Disputes Nigeria's Election Results After Ruling Party's Bola Tinubu Declares Victory

U.S. Rep. Tony Gonzales defiant as he faces censure for breaking with Republican Party

Girl Teaches Her Rescue Pigeon How to Fly

Hundreds of on-the-clock Chicago police gather outside hospital, blocking access to ER for at ...

Moondust for mitigating climate change

Why was Murdaugh not put up for the death penalty.

Women who seek abortion in South Carolina could face death penalty

'I'll never need this medication. And now it seems I'll never need anything from Walgreens'

Florida City Awards $2M Settlement to Family of Black Church Drummer Killed By Cop After His SUV ...

John Stewart destroys 2nd amendment Republican Purist's argument

Hillsborough jail deputy suspected of selling THC products to inmates resigns

When he's right, he's right!

About that proposed blogger law in FL

White House slams GOP's Comer over comments about Beau Biden

Former inmate beaten, left paralyzed by gang members in Baltimore jail to receive $7 million ...

1/6 footage: just what does McCarthy think it shows?

The force is strong...the bark side of the force, that is:

BODYCAM VIDEO of Virginia inmate being BURNED in hot shower by prison guards

Footage captures moment fisher passes shark feeding frenzy

How many slices of bacon do you eat at one meal? The most I can eat is 4 on a BLT sandwich.

2nd tweet: eagles contesting a dropped fish--

First issue of Time Magazine, dated March 3, 1923, featured House Speaker Joe Cannon:

Gov. Greg Abbott vows to exclude renewable energy from any revived economic incentive program

Red States About Five Minutes Away From Legalized Lynching Of Trans People

Woman's parked car struck by Houston Police Department patrol vehicle

let's say covid was a bioweapon....

Congressional Medal of Honor for Col Paris Davis from heroism in 1965

Why Do Law Enforcers Keep Stealing Forfeiture Funds?

Anniversay today!! A first in American politics!

VT: In Burlington's ballot questions, loudest debate centers on police control board

Two law enforcement officers arrested in Vilas County (DUI)

Police report: Arrested Opa-locka cop beat wife, kids for years. He's the mayor's brother


PHILADELPHIA MAYOR: Parker Picks Up Endorsement From Key Labor Group

On Monday, March 3, 1913, there was a women's suffrage parade down Pennsylvania Avenue in DC.

Where was Bert when she needed him?

2nd tweet--Little kids trying to thread a needle:

2nd tweet: musical hugs

I'd hate to see the laugh room

Trump Thinks Republican Candidates Are Avoiding CPAC Because They're Afraid Of Him - Ring of Fire

Minnesota Is Restoring the Voting Rights of Tens of Thousands

Jury selected after a Miami Beach officer is facing charges after beating up tourists - WPLG Local 1

WI-06: Grothman (R) Will Break Term Limit Pledge

Murdaugh's crimes were death penalty eligible. Mercifully, it was not sought.

Who was your favorite animal character on a television program? I liked Arnold Ziffel on Green Acres

Hallway marked very 'UNSAFE' for young male staffers:

The left is 'coming for our children': Marjorie Taylor Greene at CPAC serves up hate in anti-LGBTQ r

What is the difference between CPAC and the German Bund Rallies of yore?

Justice Department makes AGGRESSIVE move against Trump - Brian Tyler Cohen

AZ: Kris Mayes is investigating Trump's 'fake electors,' focusing on threats to election workers

Trump's white nationalist dinner guest 'removed' after trying to attend CPAC

Missing Jan. 6th texts due to Signal, personal phone use

Jan 6 Video: Jim Jordan summons cops to stand between him & pro-Trump Mob

In a Reversal, Biden Says He'll Sign Republican DC Crime Bill

Will Santos resign shortly?

Biden awards Medal of Honor to Black Vietnam War hero after paperwork 'lost' twice

No, Russia did not "capture and destroy" Ukraine's Leopard 2 tanks FRANCE 24 English

Trump lawyers scramble to exclude Access Hollywood clip from rape trial

Meanwhile, in Tehran

"Woke? You mean practicing basic empathy? Valuing people who are part of your community?"

Russian Soldier Fears New UA Tanks Are Already On The Ground + Leopards Are On The Way

Remember Reagan - The Lincoln Project

Meet Thelma Cabrera, the Indigenous Leader Barred from Running in Guatemala's Presidential Election

Some Days Just Gotta Start Early....

Right-Wing Evangelicals Are UNHINGED - TYT Investigates

Seriously, Marjorie, just move to Moscow and get it over with already.

The Ethics Free Zone that is the SCOTUS -- Senate MVP, Sheldon Whitehouse

Merrick Garland Is a Huge Taylor Swift Fan - WSJ

Fox News Is A Republican Super PAC, So Act Accordingly

Jim Jordan's Bogus Probe Exposed For The Charade It Is

Starbucks tries to thwart Bernie Sanders' bid to subpoena Howard Schultz

Steve Bannon vows to bring down Fox News as right-wing media war escalates

Belarus court jails Nobel Peace Prize winner Bialiatski for 10 years

What will happen to everyone who isn't white, straight, and male, if we don't speak out?

An Evening with Senator Bernie Sanders - Center for Politics Forum

▶️ An Evening with Senator Bernie Sanders - Center for Politics Forum

CPAC history

I like it!

Best of 2022 Bushman Prank - Mr.Bushman

Texas GOP Bill To Fully Reward Heterosexual Married Couples Who Have 10+ Children

Exclusive: Russia set to mothball damaged Nord Stream gas pipelines - sources

In Newest Twist, Supreme Court Requests Further Briefing On Major Election Case

Sec. State Blinken Attends Central Asian "C5+1" Foreign Ministers Meeting

Eye Candy

House Dems call Jim Jordan's bluff and dare him to have his 'whistleblowers' testify in public

Biden facing possible long-shot 2024 challenges from Marianne Williamson, RFK Jr.

Wordle described as Horror Flick

Fox News reportedly imposes 'soft ban' on Donald Trump

Found my ERA March on Washington sash and 1983

Greene criticizes Zelensky at CPAC: 'Leave your hands off of our sons and daughters'

Their window on the world Art Deco Console Radio by Midwest Radio Co, 1935 ⚡️

Heard from a friend today who is moving to Tulsa as part of this program.

Ukraine aid debate fracturing the 2024 GOP field. Will it matter?

DeSantis copying from Kremlin....

Big Bear Lake mayor's warning to tourists: Do not come here during snow emergency

What's up doc? Who/what is your favorite cartoon character? Mine is Bugs Bunny.

Can Murdoch & Fox Take Tr**p Out Of The 2024 Primaries If They Really Wanted To?....

Caught these approaching MoonSet last night/this morning 3/2-3

Sheriff: Mom shot family minutes before deputies arrived to evict them from foreclosed Ohio Township


Trump's withering attacks on DeSantis show signs of connecting

On this day, March 3, 1937, actor Bobby Driscoll was born.

FOX News' Counter-Offensive

Live Ol' 55---Eagles

What a masterpiece!

'Great' oldie, Morning Osprey from 2019!

Low-Effort Thought Promotes Political Conservatism - Cool study here.

Estimated 20,000 people possibly exposed to measles at Kentucky religious event

AG Merrick Garland makes unannounced trip to Ukraine

The Big Bear Bald Eagle Live Nest Feed Is Back On-line

What's for Dinner, Fri., Mar. 3, 2023

Snake slithers out of car bonnet during family road trip on Pacific Highway, NSW

MEANWHILE IN RUSSIA News Update March 2, 2023

TCM tonight:

Are Women Committing More Crimes?

50 years ago today Elton John's Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player hit #1 on Billboard's chart

Both 20/20 and Dateline are featuring the Murdaugh trial, tonight

Donald Trump wants to throw America away and start over, and he wants you to pay for it

Firefighters douse major blaze in vacant commercial building in Seattle

Attorney General Garland makes surprise visit to Ukraine

Crisis Pregnancy Centers Like Problem Pregnancy Disguise Anti-Abortion Stance With Pro-Choice Messag

Puyallup Tribe of Indians plans 18-acre entertainment district near Emerald Queen

SCOTUS Matches Trump Corruption And Then Some

compelling scientific evidence and legal analysis for untrustworthy GA voting systems

Ford seeks to remotely repossess cars after missed payments in US patent

Cartoons 3/4/2023

"Happy to join in this excellent amicus brief."

Amid investigation, Lynnwood-based Hand Up Project ousts founder

Pearl Royale is the most expensive chess set in the world

Edmonds-Kingston is back to 2 boats, but it's no ferry tale ending

DeSantis appointee to new Disney oversight board suggested tap water could turn people gay

Edmonds mayor race heats up with 3 serious contenders


Ukraine claims to have shot down Russian fighter jet in Donetsk region (CNN)

What to make of lies in cause of ratings and calls for a 'national divorce' and a 'national gun'?

Lesion removed during Biden's physical was cancerous, White House doctor says

forecast update . we in sonora ca were to have more sno over the weekend ,

MSNBC reporting on CPAC

Fact Check: No, Nikki Haley; foreign aid doesn't go to U.S. enemies

Harry Truman's White House lunch and dinner menu, today 1952:

Americans Like Biden's Student Debt Forgiveness Plan. The Supreme Court ... Not So Much.

Read a post recently about water supply like insurance. Ty to whomever posted!

I just can't help thinking when I see that CPAC crowd on TV: "Scum of the earth"

Jon Stewart is a National Treasure.

Nathan Dahm (Sen.OK) vs. Jon Stewart: On Gunz

Colombia proposes shipping invasive hippos to India, Mexico

A year into Ukraine war, bodies dug up in once occupied town

Gray-breasted Mountain Toucan

Imagine opening your door and seeing this:

Day after meeting, Blinken and Lavrov exchange diplomatic swipes

Florida man dies from brain-eating amoeba after rinsing sinuses with tap water: report

Walgreens won't distribute abortion pills in states where GOP AGs object

Doctor: Lesion removed from Biden's chest was cancerous

BODY COUNT - Institutionalized (Official Music Video)

Indigenous Leader Is Barred From Running in Guatemala's Presidential Election

Texas woman finds abortion support in washington...I went to a different country today," she said.

Angry Ohio residents confront railroad over health fears

Getting anxious for Fani Willis Immiment decision to be made public

South Carolina bill could make death penalty possible punishment for abortion

Buenos Aires on red alert amid extreme 'heatwave'

WTF was Charles and/or Buckingham Palace thinking, asking Elton John to perform

MI: Senate panel hears wrenching testimony from survivors, county prosecutors on gun control bills

As 2024 race begins, special counsel advances with focus on Trump lawyers

Tweet of the Day

Nicolle Wallace seems to me downright giddy as she opens her time slot today about lawyers for . . .

Texas Wants to Ban Credit Card Companies From Processing Abortion Pill Transactions

Republicans state legislators have been proposing an endless amount of bullshit bills

Colombia Prosecutors to Investigate President Petro's Son

Shanquella Robinson's Family And Supporters Gathered In Washington, DC, To Demand Justice For Her De

First Time Hearing Suicidal Tendencies - Send Me Your Money Reaction

With AG Garland in Ukraine today, I am glad to see a growing parade of high level admin . . . .

DeSantis appointee to new Disney oversight board suggested tap water could turn people gay

U.S. Delegation Announced 6 Billion USD in Commitments to Address Threats to Our Ocean, Doubling Las

NY: Borough President Richards endorses Queens DA Katz for re-election

Health care freedom amendments adopted during ACA years being used to target abortion bans

France, NGOs pledge 100m to protect world's tropical forests

NYC: A look at the politics of Jackson Heights

Moonrise in the Great Chihuahuan Desert

New York lawmakers consider more funding for nursing home oversight

Rep. Mike Zabel (D. Delaware) was accused of sexual misconduct. Here's what you should know.

DeSantis cannonballs into America's deep blue states for war on 'woke' ahead of 2024

Trump calls for vertical-takeoff-and-landing vehicles, baby bonuses

Rep. George Santos not invited to Long Island breakfast amid House Ethics Committee investigation

Just on general principle, can I get huzzahs for Rep Dan Goldman in his role on Jordan's . . . .

NY: Suffolk County Executive Bellone Announces Human Rights Commission

New York Republicans Are on a Roll. So Why Can't They Pick a Leader?

Exclusive from the Houston Chronicle-Abbot explains his fight against diversity hiring programs

NY: Suffolk County urges veterans harmed by toxic exposure to apply for new benefits

NY: Suffolk County Legislator Bridget Fleming (D) won't seek re-election

Climate advocates are rallying against the Willow Project. The White House is eyeing concessions...

Special Counsel Focuses on Trump Lawyers

Moore v. Harper Update

MA: Four Candidates So Far for Special Election to Fill 10th Suffolk District Seat

Can a network that knowingly lies to its viewers be considered an "enemy of the people"?

FL: GOP lawmakers move to ban puberty blockers, hormone replacement therapies for minors

New chair of Massachusetts GOP says party 'aware' of ongoing investigation

Only Impacts White Republicans From The United States

Republican RUNS From Sexual Assault Allegation Questions

It's snowing so hard that I brought the feral's food bowls inside so they won't get buried

Ford applies for patent to repossess cars remotely

There ain't no cure for long covidiocy

Bloomberg: Elon Musk Is So Busy His Private Jet Is Taking 13-Minute Flights

Trump Junior calls Fetterman a "vegetable" 🤬

Students line up at Colorado State Capitol protesting for gun control

Kyle Rittenhouse Is BEGGING For Support As The Walls Come Crashing Down - Rebel HQ

Neo-Nazi Soldier Who Plotted 'Jihadist Attack' on His Unit Gets 45 Years

Ruby Topaz Hummingbird

Kentucky House passes controversial anti-transgender bill

CPAC 2023 Day 1 in 135 Seconds - Lincoln Project

Andrew Tate Battling Lung Cancer: Report

Wyoming Legislature passes bills to ban medication abortion and exempt abortion as health care

Piano Concerto #1 in F-sharp Minor, Op. 1: III. Allegro vivace

Kansas lawmakers entertain Texas group's plan to penalize homeless

Arthur really was a photogenic little guy. He's still photogenic. Just not so little, anymore.

Marianne: SC Smith follows the money

Idaho House to vote on bill restricting children from attending drag, burlesque and strip shows

Baldwin County AL is a bastion of I saw something that made me laugh

MT: Law requiring parental consent before abortion struck down as unconstitutional

The 8 Rules To Fostering A Litter Of Tiny Puppies

Reporters hid tracking devices in shoes that were supposed to be recycled...

After people on Medicaid die, some states aggressively seek repayment from their estates

just need to vent

Why did we care about the Murdaugh trial?

Permanent daylight saving bill gets bipartisan push in Congress - MSNBC Reports

Election denier Tina Peters found guilty -- and could be going to jail

Kansas Senate Bill 180 seeks to define "female"

"A chemicist, an astronomer, a Helium-3-miner and an asteroid-prospector walk into a bar..."

Wind River (2017) - 1 hr 46 Min

We should all mail Kiel Richtenstein (Grifty Grifterson)

Former Senator ERUPTS Into Bigoted Tirade Against Latinos - Rebel HQ

Walgreens will not sell abortion pills in states where GOP attorneys general object - MSNBC Reports

DeSantis found his Disney oversight appointees under a a slimy rock: Example - Ron Peri

For my 10,000 post

'bout time: 50% of the highest scientific awards given by the ASMS were to women.

Far right troll who mocked mask policy of store serving cancer patients is sentenced

CDC says unvaccinated, infectious person was at Kentucky prayer event, 20K could be exposed

Hakeem Jeffries utterly DESTROYS Lauren Boebert to her face during hearing - Meidas Touch

Father of 'Waffle house' shooter Travis Reinking sentenced to 18 months in prison

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about McConnell, McCarthy, and defense spending....