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Is Bolsonaro here legally?? He came here on a governmental passport two days before he

America Was Founded Of Whites, By Whites, And For Whites; And Those White People Were Racists...

Alaska drops policy banning discrimination against LGBTQ individuals

If I were one of DeSantis' advisers

Trump went completely off the rails today.

Venus & Jupiter STILL???

04 Mar: Ukrainians Are Breaking Out Of Virtual Encirclement - Reporting from Ukraine

The barber who cuts my Senators' hair

Savage Garden's debut album was released 26 years ago today - 1 day after "Truly Madly Deeply"

from homelessness to owning a house in five years .

my county and another north of us declared drought free.

Texas property tax bill excludes divorced, LGBTQ couples from getting relief

CPAC Day 2 was MOST DISTURBING Event Yet - Meidas Touch

Raw Story Op Ed: Tfg is about to be inundated with private law suits: No 2024 run

Slow Turning, hey hey hey....

*Sam Cooke Legend, PBS WHUT NOW, ch 32

JOURNALISM WE NEED NOW! Ali Velshi destroyed Republican lying about Obamacare price increases.

Hoover girls denied basketball trophy after winning championship against boys: 'I'm sorry you don't

A cargo train has derailed in Springfield (Ohio, again)

Trump's CPAC domination yields a chilly reception for rivals in 'MAGA country'

Clintons, Buttigieg inspire Vanderbilt students, Hillary gets standing ovation

Another Norfolk Southern train has derailed. This time in Springfield, Ohio

What did the Orange Terror unleash on the world? Even Israel is going full fascist. WTF?

Construction begins on controversial lithium mine

Paul Manafort hit with $3.2 million fine to settle tax-dodging charges

Whirring Into Action in Ukraine's Skies

If the Democrats regain control of the US House of Representatives in 2024 and Jim Clyburn(SC)

Daniele Monroe-Moreno wins the chairmanship of the Nevada State Democratic Party.

Mom 1, Son 0

Why Donald Trump cannot be elected to anything. He said about Covid Pandemic, "It's all a hoax."

Tommy Castro. (Bay Area guy): 'Lucky in Love"

Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers: Sticks and Stones

Justin Townes Earl in a library in New Jersey, 2011

SNL tonight: NFL player for the Kansas City Chiefs Travis Kelce will host while Kelsea Ballerini

One-on-One with Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff - The Saturday Show - MSNBC

Candace Owens Says She Wants to 'Punch Zelenskyy' over Fake Story! - Luke Beasley

Stunning Piece By Lalique

"Woke" Has Become a RW Pejorative for the Words "Freedom" and "Democracy"

How Ron DeSantis misreads Corporate America

WA Senate passes bill to increase access to affordable childcare and strengthen the workforce

Daisy Jones & The Six just became the first fictional band to top the iTunes chart

Daisy Jones & The Six just became the first fictional band to top the iTunes chart

Right-wing host uses CPAC stage to call for eradication of transgender people

After a relaxing Saturday, enjoying a Perfect Manhattan.

This Is A Wolfdog

Trump says an indictment would not end presidential campaign

Matt Koziol on Red Barn Radio, "Runs in the Family"

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, DC, and filings....

Gym Jordan has it in for the FBI

Green house, made from recycled church stained glass windows.😲

Fearmonger Scott Perry Wants Dems To Tremble In Fear

Glendale AZ Washington Elementary School District (WESD) Governing Board

Holy anointing oil for King Charles' coronation wont contain intestinal wax of sperm whales or civet

Carrying The Life Of The World

Culture war in the stacks: Librarians marshal against rising book bans

How Putin Convinced the World That Evil Does Exist

US speed skating prodigy Jordan Stolz becomes youngest ever world champion

Allow me to share a few of my favorite pro-Dem anti-Repuke memes 😀

Pretty sure no one has even seen a sentence like this.

Jordan Peterson for the loss:

Finally! A Biden Scandal:

Evangelicals turned their backs on Jimmy Carter, who was one of the greatest men to serve

Ricky Peterson - Do That Again

And Now You Know

The magic FB posts that promise to fix your feeds or get rid of ads crack me up!

CPAC Day 2 in 130 Seconds - The Lincoln Project

is hang gliding still a thing?

The Case Against Privatizing Social Security

Trump gives DESPERATE Response to DOJ Court Filing - Meidas Touch

American religious fundamentalists fight to establish a theocracy as religion declines in the US

The best cover of all time?

So I am at work this afternoon out front taking a smoke break with 2 of my employees.

Monroe-Moreno elected NV Dems chair, ousts democratic socialist incumbent

I had Ayman on earlier, but was putting together supper and didn't catch Rep. Jayapal

'Everyone should be concerned': Antarctic sea ice reaches lowest levels ever recorded

Would You?

Welp, this pissed me off.

Drag Queen looks like George Santos

House Democrats Form A Truth Squad To Stop Jim Jordan's Lies

Trump Would Stay in Race If Indicted

Critical race theory?

2024 GOP candidates largely avoid discussing Trump - Way Too Early - MSNBC

MTG says Zelenskyy wants Americans to die in Ukraine

Ecuador Assembly Backs Report Calling for Lasso Impeachment

Lila Rose has been suspended by Twitter

More Iranian Schoolgirls Sickened in Suspected Poisoning Wave

Donna Summer, Summer Saturday nights 1977 I Feel Love

Madonna - Live To Tell

Steve Bannon calls Murdochs' a bunch of foreigners' at CPAC - MSNBC Reports

Goodbye, Horses - Q Lazzarus

Cat People (Putting Out Fire) -David Bowie

We should all listen to and try to learn from Jon Stewart. The way he approches

Does the "J6 Choir" fall into the "Son of Sam" thing?

From prison to the frontlines: Thousands of Russian convicts sent to fight in Ukraine - PBS NewsHour

Inside the Panic at Fox News After the 2020 Election

Fox News hit with NEW bombshell legal problem - Brian Tyler Cohen

The Last of the Mohicans - Promentory - Trevor Jones

Federal Judge delivers BRUTAL BLOW to Trump Lackey in Unsealed Decision - Meidas Touch

Wayne Shorter: Legendary jazz saxophonist dies at 89

Wayne Shorter: Legendary jazz saxophonist dies at 89

VIDEO: Norfolk Southern train derails in Springfield

Why the US Power Grid is Under Attack - Vice News

Did anyone watch Chris Rock's live Netflix special???

IN MEMORIAM: Wayne Shorter - Genesis

SNL: Fox & Friends Dominion Cold Open

Trump White House Interfered With @CDC Covid Reports, House Panel Finds

White supremacists take responsibility for carvings on Montana sacred Native site

Some Sundaes🍨

High seas treaty: agreement to protect international waters finally reached at UN

Facebook and Google are handing over user data to help police prosecute abortion seekers

Strengthening U.S. Cooperation on Marine Protection in Latin America

AOC: When I opposed this Amazon project coming to New York bc it was a scam of public funds, the

Another Mississippi hospital will stop delivering babies, citing obstetrician shortage

Brazilian Government Prohibits Animal Testing in Research on Cosmetics

Neo Nazi Substation Attack Plot Update - Raw News And Politics

Would Putin withdraw from Ukraine, in exchange for Trump handing over USA?

Psalm 104 Sung In Ancient Hebrew

☦️ Eastern Orthodox Chant Psalm 102

Man bombed PG&E transformers in South San Jose

Trump gives WORST SPEECH ever at CPAC to tiny crowd - Meidas Touch

'I am your retribution': Trump rules supreme at CPAC as he relaunches bid for White House

Trump at CPAC 2023: DeSantis should be worried.

Breakfast Sunday 5 March 2023

☦️ 'Come Let Us Go Up To The Mountain Of The Lord'

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about racing for progress and purpose....

SNL: Weekend Update

Man arrested after nearly hitting kids near Iredell County school bus stop

Man steals vehicle with kids inside, toddler falls out as suspect drives away

Today, a conservative pundit called for trans people to be "eradicated" at CPAC. Meanwhile we were

There's Something Odd About the Dogs Living at Chernobyl

Andy Taylor - Take It Easy

Sunday Funnies 3/5/23




Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Blame The Dog Edition

'My world is on fire': Marching Denver students say they've had enough

Critics rip Trump's apocalyptic view of America at CPAC

Marianne Williamson Launches Another Longshot Presidential Bid

0:51 / 3:18 Desperation mounts as San Bernardino mountain residents wait for help, supplies

Cat lectures dog about wasting water:

Fox regretted Biden victory scoop because it hurt ratings with right-wing viewers

Bill to remove work permit requirement for children under 16 goes to Sarah Huckabee Sanders' desk

Sign of affection, or taste test? (Bat ray Twitter video)

1935 Zenith 1000 Z Stratosphere radio, ( only 350 ever produced and less than 50 found today).Via c

Siglo XX - Answer LP (Belgium) (1983) Coldwave

And Now You Know

Another Norfolk Southern train derailed in Ohio

'Their worst nightmare': Trump plots White House return

Election-denying former Colorado clerk guilty of obstruction

Something To Remember

20 cars of Norfolk Southern cargo train derail in Ohio

Circular Carved Ivory Case, ca 1880.

Al Franken: Andy Slavitt & Laurie Garrett on "The End of the Covid Emergency?"

About CPAC

New Weekly CO2 Concentration Record Set at the Mauna Loa Observatory, 421.90 ppm.

Grand Funk Railroad - Footstompin' Music

Bob Seger - Katmandu

Vermont bishop testifies against clergy reporting bill

Neil Young & Willie Nelson - Heart of Gold (Live at Farm Aid 1995) Fundraiser

When CO has its open seat US Senate Election, Does Neguse run for the US Senate? or

Wow! Just wow!

Officials urge public to respect wildlife at La Jolla Cove (San Diego)

Sword-billed Hummingbird, Ecuador

On this day, March 5, 1963, Patsy Cline, Cowboy Copas, and Hawkshaw Hawkins died in a plane crash.

Reader's Digest: 49 Best Fiction Books of 2022

Family of Lisa Edwards retains prominent civil rights attorney (stroke victim mocked by cops)

On this day, March 5, 1927, actor and best "Columbo" villain of them all Jack Cassidy was born.

Re. Dominion defamation suit:

Hallandale Beach condo president doesn't like women

"Fascism is the mirror image of communism."

I could not listen to more than a sentence or two...

Tiny piglet in pajamas:

Brazil's Bolsonaro denies illegal acts with seized jewelry

You pet me; I pet you back:

So now that we have evidence of the Fux agenda

Cat uses human's head to get a drink of water:

Does anyone know about FMLA- PA specific--Issue about my Mom

A mile-long line for free food offers a warning as covid benefits end

Alaska Says It's Now Legal "in Some Instances" to Discriminate Against LGBTQ Individuals

The chosen one:

Did You See A Jaguarundi?

Snowy Egret

Belcourt Theatre to hold Best Picture nomination "marathon"

Moment estranged wife of Madison Cawthorn gets ENGAGED to Brazilian underwear model at top of Chicag

Frog lives the good life, on a fence:

Odyssey Of The Mind

You're not alone': Guatemalan anthropologist offers support for unmarked graves searches

No one "knows", but this is what I think after listening to snips of Trump's CPAC speech.

Antarctic Sea Ice Seems To Have Hit Record Low; 1.83 Million KM2, Down 93,000 KM2 From 2022 Record

Democrats aren't going to like this. 🤣

Volkswagen Is Building a Scout Factory in South Carolina

"Will Lie For Money"

"Donald Trump's overwhelming crowd at CPAC."

You'd think Steve Schmidt doesn't like FOX...

When the Democrats regain control of the US House of Representatives,

Sieg Heil, Donald

You can tell two stories:

'No one is coming to save us': residents of towns near toxic train derailment feel forgotten

Russian Oil Disaster - Sales to India Fall in February as Price Caps Cause Documentation Problems

Criclet - Philadelphia born Tara Norris just became the first woman to take five wiclets

An old story and a question

Monroe-Moreno elected NV Dems chair, ousts democratic socialist incumbent

Musk Takes Big Hit Of Primo Bud, Talks Mystery Cars, Earth-Saving Tech In Endless Investor Call

Winter Warmth Hammers Energy Prices, But Don't Expect Bloomberg To Say The "C" Word

Dog separated from her pups keeps comforting other babies

RealClimate - 2022 Updates To The Temperature Records

Definition of "retribution":

Dilbert versus African Americans .. the raw data.

Tell Me Something Good

Democrats ain't gonna like this.... FYI...the photos are photoshopped. It's sarcasm

"I am the sword of God!" . . . Expect violence, domestic terrorism!

Woman Spots A Trapped Rat As A Hurricane Moves In

Color in the the garden...but not yet at the pond

Did You Know? Scott Adams - Not Just A Self-Important Racist Asshat, But A Climate Liar As Well.

Depopulation and life expectancy poll

S7:E8 (The GOP Steady Attack on Public Education)

How divided is the Republican Party?

Heitor Villa-Lobos was born on this date.

J.B. Lenoir was born on this date.

Young Republicans Are Begging Party Elders To Stop Saying 'Woke'

A diminished but loyal Trump Maga crowd at CPAC: 'There's one choice'

Reddest aurora I had ever seen! 💥😍

This year's CPAC brings the usual rhetoric without the crowds

Art Deco Vase with Egyptian dancer

Can someone help me with this

Art Deco Movie Set.

Protests break out in Iran over schoolgirl illnesses (Reuters)

Did the South assassinate this president to preserve slavery? Forensic scientists say it's possible

Whiskey Fungus Fed by Jack Daniel's Encrusts a Tennessee Town

Overweight Chihuahua Finds The Perfect Mom To Help Her Get Healthy

Matt Hancock and Isabel Oakeshott: A tale of scoops, betrayal and WhatsApp

Rare Ceiling Lamp

OK in school? Symbol of extreme violence and death, or person in a wig?

Biden to spotlight voting rights, Black voters in 'Bloody Sunday' Selma visit

Egyptian president and visiting Iraqi PM seek to deepen ties

Wisconsin-US teen Jordan Stolz is first man to win three individual golds at speed skating worlds.

Rufus-tailed & White-necked Jacobin - Ginger Blossom

Trump Calls US Democracy a 'Very Dangerous System' at CPAC

Do you think the FBI/DoJ will ever address Republican fascism?

Update: I'm calling it done so I can put it up at school tomorrow. Dunluce

The Orange conman says he'll continue

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (March 5, 2023)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about North Korea and framing....

Just now in Holland...

Starbucks and NLRB Notice Readings

DON'T FALL FOR THE SCAM: Listen to this before getting Medigap for your Standard Medicare.

This is so scary

Band protests TN drag bill by wearing dresses

Chinese Economy: AI & Semiconductors Hit By US Sanctions; Ideology & Communication - China Update

Appreciation thread for Catbyte on her 21 yr DUversary!

What's stoping ChatGPT from controlling the internet?

Daily Wire pundit at CPAC wants to "eradicate transgenderism" (CW: violent transphobia)

Disability Activist Judith Heumann Dies at 75: NPR

A Colorful Palette

What Fiction are you reading this week, March 5, 2023?

Using A.I. to Detect Breast Cancer That Doctors Miss (NYT)

The untold story of "Amerikadeutscher", Fred Trump and Donald Trump.

Disability Activist Judith Heumann Dies at 75: NPR (D)

Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: The circus finale

Former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan won't challenge Trump in 2024

GOP Genocidal-Old-Party

First they came for...

Where is Peter Navarro ?

Trump claims Biden hid border wall: "took it away and they hid it. They put it in a hiding area."

Early warning signs.

How D.C. Swamp Money Made Trains More Dangerous

How Putin Convinced the World That Evil Does Exist

Chandler AZ police make 17 arrests in online predator sting

5 March 2023, things I am grateful for, in no particular order.

Trump said he will still run for president if indicted.

WV-SEN: Manchin says he'll decide his 'political future' in December

Elevator music sucks on so many levels

Hogan says he won't run for president in 2024

DeSantis and Florida GOP push hard-right agenda, including expanding 'Don't Say Gay'

A Storm Foretold FULL Documentary Video Roger Stone (a film By Christoffer Guldbrandsen) WATCH Free

Trump's Refusal To Pay Cops Could Torpedo His Presidential Campaign - Ring of Fire

The Time Jimmy Carter Played White Supremacists for Fools

Iran may be behind BDS 'hit list' targeting Boston Jews - report

The powerful, rich fuck, who was just convicted reminds me of Trump.

Unarmed Man Shot Dead at the Mall for shoplifting Suglasses

Jim Justice said he'd decide by the end of February whether to run for the Senate or not

Oklahoma: What to expect as voters consider legal weed

Less Than a Month Until Chicago Runoff Election, These Races Could be On the Ballot

Former Fox News Anchor Gretchen Carlson is Now Fighting for Women's Rights - Lovett or Leave It

Sen. Joe Manchin says he will support proposed bipartisan rail safety legislation

Jim Jordan: What do I do now?

Chuck Todd: Biden is trying to provide 'way forward' on crime by blocking DC bill - MtP - NBC News

I am sick of this shit

Authorities use Facebook, Google-accessed data to fight abortion

"The leader corrupts the followers by telling them lies. The followers corrupt the leaders by

Iowa lawmakers squash abortion proposals, but access 'hangs by a thread'

This Abortion Pill Could Soon Be Hard to Get

The Big Life Lesson Hillary Clinton Learned From Her Mom's Tough Upbringing - Tamron Hall Show

Manchin on endorsing Biden in 2024: 'Let's see who's involved'

My Sunday morning treat.

Trump says he won't drop out of 2024 race if he's indicted

More 21st Century Movers and Shakers

Republican Politicians Went Full Fascist This Week


What is your favorite flower? Mine is the yellow rose. We planted sunflowers last year but the lack

Williamson accuses DNC of 'rigging' the primary system for Biden

Ukraine update: Russia is inviting the pro-Putin American right to come join them (but BYO toilet)

Abortion pill access.

This dangerous Scorched-Earth Rhetoric needs to End

2 of Jim Jordan's "whistleblowers" are under investigation for improper treatment of FBI files.

A systematic "omics" (molecular biology) approach to the effects of radiation on living tissue.

Senators to launch bill that will help ban or prohibit foreign technology like TikTok

Russians' tactics are becoming increasingly terroristic due to lack of success

Train to Tulsa World letter rejection...

Trump's Legal Problems Escalate After DOJ Rejects His Immunity Claim - Ring of Fire

Trains through Tulsa...

Vladimir Putin: Mysterious events continue as top ally in serious condition after alleged poisoning

Record-Breaking Boreal Fires May Be a Climate 'Time Bomb'

We mustn't let Idaho Republicans repeal voter-mandated Medicaid expansion - Opinion

Bright new comet discovered zooming toward the sun could outshine the stars next year

Unknown lineage of ice age Europeans discovered in genetic study

Fill in the Blank: Florida ___ Gets 30 Years for Child Sex (Hint: It's not Drag Queen).

Biden awards Medal of Honor to Vietnam War veteran Col. Paris Davis

Russian scientist who helped develop the Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine was found dead, authorities say

NM Senate passes first major gun control law of session

Have been clicked and baited annoyingly even from *our* side, case in point:

More Younger People Are Getting Colorectal Cancers, and Doctors Don't Know Why

'You would lose your job': Chuck Todd battles Chris Sununu over Fox News election lies

Fascinating Cut Away Diagram of an old Ship of The Line

A duo of 81-year-old women are on the adventure of a lifetime: Seeing the world in 80 days

Car debt is piling up as more Americans owe thousands more than vehicles are worth

Buttigieg knocks 'East Coast elite' over criticism of East Palestine train derailment response

Think I'm there

Jaguars, narcos, illegal loggers: One man's battle to save a jungle and Maya ruins

Death toll rises to 13, hundreds of thousands in the dark from massive winter storm

Money to have babies? Isn't Trump proposing *welfare*?

The Tax Play That Saves Some Couples Big Bucks

What did Disney actually lose from its Florida battle with DeSantis?

What did Disney actually lose from its Florida battle with DeSantis?

Florida Is Trying to Take Away the American Right to Speak Freely

Fox News gave Trump confidential info on Biden campaign, Dominion filing alleges (MSNBC)

Matt Gaetz Is CAUGHT Pushing Chinese Propaganda - TYT Investigates

Jeff Tiedrich tweet of the afternoon:

Chris rock is not holding back about Will Smith and Jada . This is just too much. (NSFW)

U.S. Sues Exxon Mobil Over Nooses Found at Louisiana Refinery

Michael Cohen Leaves Co-Host SPEECHLESS with Most EPIC Rant Yet - MeidasTouch

TCM today: Lots sorry late posting.

And the Oscar goes to . . .

Biden Drops Stunning CRACKDOWN On Skyrocketing Child Labor - The Damage Report

Do you remember "Don't tuch the but!"? This hamster does:

Pablo Escobar's 'cocaine hippos' spark conservation row

A short series on bird photography from B&H.

Crosspost about bird photography.

Jon Stewart on Mastodon:

Ron DeSantis Gets Pressed on Possible Presidential Run! - Luke Beasley

Song sparrow comes up every day on my porch to eat up the kitty kibble

Top host DESTROYS Fox hosts in takedown OF THE YEAR - Brian Tyler Cohen

Oh, what a tangled web we weave...

Manchin Declines to Endorse Biden for Re-Election

Cartoons 3/5/2023

A modest proposal for journalists and politicians: talk about poverty. And, when I say "poverty",

Robert Haimer has passed.

Oh, The Irony! Fox News BLAMES The Media For Pushing Lies - Rebel HQ

Homes wanted: Snohomish twins filming 4th season of 'Unsellable Houses' on HGTV

Zakaria asks German chancellor what happens next in Putin's war with Ukraine (CNN)

Crisis over suspected Iran schoolgirl poisonings escalates

What's for Dinner, Sun., March 5, 2023

Fox News's Lies BACKFIRE On Republicans In Massive Way - Rebel HQ

I saw 'Cocaine Bear' the other day. (No Spoiler)

Biden coming up soon in Selma, AL on CNN & MSNBC.

Democratic US Senators up for re-election in 2024 that have yet to announce their re-election plans.

A captured Russian prison inmate-turned-soldier said the Wagner Group's paramilitary trained him for

On this day, March 5, 1965, The Standells recorded "Dirty Water."

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about new Trump document case developments....

Fox News refused to air Nevada election results because it would have sealed Biden's victory

President Biden is addressing voting rights at Selma

Trump at CPAC Pitches Sending Military to Cities 'Until Law and Order Is Restored'

The average life expectancy of a front-line soldier in eastern Ukraine is around 4 hours

Biden warns seniors that the GOP will raise healthcare costs and damage Medicare & Social Security.

House Intel chair: FBI is 'not being forthcoming' on classified docs

I stream TV on Sling. I've decided to change channels anytime they broadcast tfg

Fatal shooting erupts at Georgia party with over 100 teens

Trump: Can end 'disastrous' Russian war in a day

Norfolk Southern prioritized 'greed and incompetence' over safety: Sherrod Brown - ABC News

Beloved Seahawks fan 'Mama Blue,' 92, passes away

Gillian Welch and Alison Krauss - I'll Fly Away

Senator Sinema is #1...

The Silent Killer That's About to Go Viral

DISTURBING Craigslist Post Reveals MAGA's True Audience - Rebel HQ

Senator Manchin on Face the Nation this morning

Two of Jim Jordan's "Whistleblowers" are Under Investigation for Improper Treatment of FBI Files

'I see this campaign as challenging a system': Marianne Williamson - This Week - ABC News

What is the best opening theme to a TV program-cartoon, drama, SF, comedy. Mine is----

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 6 March 2023

As Trump Inquiry Continues, Republicans Seek Oversight of Georgia Prosecutors

On this day, March 5, 1948, Eddy Grant was born.

Trump Goes Completely Nuts And Threatens 'Retribution' In Late Night Truth Social Tirade - RoF

Itzhak Perlman Performs the Obama White House - Pugnani

Marianne Williamson Caught On Hot Mic: 'Fox News Is Nicer to Me Than the Lefties'

I Asked Bernie Sanders Why He Doesn't Say "Happy Birthday"

Ex-Twitter Officials Confirm to Congress: Trump, Not Biden, Has Tried to Censor Tweets

13 songs that sample other songs - David Bennett Piano


Democratic AGs Condemn DeSantis Administration's Transphobic Request

Tate Reeves (R) used $10,000 in federal Head Start funds to print 7,500 copies of his wife's book.

In Selma, Biden stresses voting rights in face of divided Congress

Geez, even a Fox News Poll shows that the continuously lying #GOPclownshow can't govern on important

Bernie Sanders Takes Aim at 'Ruling Class' of Corporations and Wealthy

U.N. agrees on landmark treaty to protect marine life

Steve Bannon Goes Scorched Earth on Fox News During Bonkers CPAC Speech! - Luke Beasley

"the people who want to ban tiktok would think differently if they followed my favorite account ..."

Josh Hawley tries new gimmick on Fox and gets EXPOSED

Better Choices Please

"Bred for endless puppies. Tied up on a chain. Down to just 12.5kg (25lbs). ..."

A mile-long line for free food offers a warning as covid benefits end

And now a Sunday Evening Special - This is Your Life

Cass McCombs, "Rounder". Made me ask, "what if Mark Knopfler grew up in in the American South?"

Aerosmith - You See Me Crying (1975)

Perfect Timing !

Why Bringing Grey Wolves Back to Colorado Offers Surprising Benefits

Man, they really cut the budget on the new Star Wars movie.

I know road rage is not a good thing, but this one made me laugh.

Trumpy's fan CPAC from 2017- 2020- 2023



CO Democratic US House Members from most progressive to least progressive.

One brave woman on front lines delivering aid in Ukraine

Australian marsupials top the list of world's most threatened and unique animals

A drag ball in Harlem was one of the biggest social events in 1920s New York

My wife just got a text informing her that her "EBT card has been locked"

What is the best free site for people searching?

This is Carys' way of reminding me it's time for dinner.

In Selma, Biden says right to vote remains under assault

Do you suffer from Corectile Dysfunction?

Buttigieg responds to Fox News hosts after personal attacks - CNN

The Forgotten History of the World's First Trans Clinic

Whiskey Fungus Fed by Jack Daniel's Encrusts a Tennessee Town

The worst person that you know just made a great point (Newt Gingrich tweet re Florida blogger bill)

Lauren Boebert accidentally HUMILIATES herself live on stage - Brian Tyler Cohen

Goose Thinks Chicken Siblings Are Part Of Her Flock

Puppy Likes To Get Into Dog Bro's Mouth

Racist speech allegedly hurled at Beloit basketball team during playoffs

If you don't see as many posts from me for the next two weeks...

Meshuggah at the Oscars. I don't track with this Metal because I'm old. But the audience reactions

IAEA, Iran Agree to Boost Inspections

Guns: rules and rights

Craftygal is in hospital UPDATE: she's passed

Estonia's Kallas in first place in parliamentary election

from Reddit... old 90s TV turned into cat house

Tufted Titmouse

Michael Moore is VERY bullish

Is Basically The Sound Made Visible

Donald Trump announces he WILL continue to run for the presidency even if he's criminally indicted