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General Discussion (Forum)

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What can and cannot be posted in the General Discussion forum (updated 6/22/16) 0 Skinner Jul 2014 Jul 2014 111 71385
Kirsten Gillibrand is about to have a bad week [View all] 265 flotsam Monday 5 hrs ago 161 10143
Indictment: Russians conspired to help Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders [View all] 241 RandySF Friday Saturday 71 5627
You can forget about Bernie running for President in 2020 [View all] 238 scheming daemons Friday Yesterday 72 7535
What could be done differently about gun control that would actually work? [View all] 236 friendly_iconoclast Wednesday Saturday 3 4861
Reporters kicked off Air Force 1 after screaming match between Cheeto and wife. [View all] 232 fleur-de-lisa Friday Saturday 208 20438
For those who think Hillary Clinton will be "too old" to run in 2020, consider this: [View all] 229 George II Sunday 22 hrs ago 35 4707
Oh, damn. She went there! [View all] 208 orangecrush Sunday 6 hrs ago 108 13616
6 Reasons Your Right-Wing Friend Isnt Coming To Your Side On Gun Control [View all] 205 Baconator Monday 2 hrs ago 11 5628
2016: Bernie Sanders among top 25 of Congressional recipients of NRA donations [View all] 197 pnwmom Monday 6 hrs ago 37 5127
Why is hunting so sacred? [View all] 191 fescuerescue Friday Saturday 10 4027
Why would ANYONE need or have an AR-15 rifle? [View all] 186 Kajun Gal Wednesday Yesterday 14 4750
Sen. Bernie Sanders response to Russian indictments. [View all] 175 liberalnarb Friday Monday 79 7429
If you still use Facebook, you are part of the problem. nt [View all] 167 William769 Saturday Monday 29 4514
Fuck Jill Stein [View all] 163 we can do it Sunday Monday 149 11170
***BREAKING*** Mueller indicts thirteen Russian nationals for U.S. elections meddling. [View all] 150 DemocratSinceBirth Friday Saturday 160 9018
DUers, Did Your School Use Corporal Punishment? [View all] 146 ProudLib72 Sunday Monday 5 1578
Was your vote in the 2016 primary or GE influenced by Russian meddling? [View all] 131 jpak Friday Saturday 16 2176
White nationalists and Twitter bots fueled the war against Al Franken and the Democrats fell for it [View all] 129 Soph0571 Monday Yesterday 160 7055
Billy Graham did more harm to this planet than good [View all] 124 malaise 13 hrs ago 2 hrs ago 106 5246
If You Have No Gun, You Cannot Shoot Anybody [View all] 122 MineralMan Saturday Sunday 29 1973
Where have I been? [View all] 121 William769 Wednesday Sunday 191 6352
So...since there seems to be a lot of confusion, let me clarify where I'm coming from re:Bernie [View all] 120 Ken Burch Friday Saturday 31 2476
Gun people not liking this tweet: [View all] 118 Kingofalldems Thursday Monday 247 14659
Honest Question: Was Democratic Underground was trolled by the Russians during 2016 primaries? [View all] 118 RandySF Friday Saturday 17 2871
The family who took him in. [View all] 114 grantcart Thursday Saturday 100 5687
It's Time to End Legal Immunity for the Gun Industry - Where Do Progressives Stand? [View all] 113 TomCADem Monday 5 hrs ago 12 1952
Ok, I'm not sure where I come down on the Gillibrand vs. Franken thing. [View all] 113 Ken Burch Feb 12 Saturday 19 2409
Nobody is trying to do away with the 2nd amendment, but... [View all] 111 Kajun Gal Thursday 1 hr ago 15 3046
Is this site full of Russian trolls? [View all] 111 realFedUp Sunday Yesterday 11 3505
That couple the Florida killer was living with [View all] 107 left-of-center2012 Yesterday 7 hrs ago 61 6270
I, Stinky The Clown, propose a total and complete ban on . . . . . [View all] 104 Stinky The Clown Friday Saturday 211 7317
Attempting to ban AR's in this political climate is futile. Focus on the magazines instead [View all] 102 NickB79 Sunday Sunday 9 1709
No, Hillary shouldn't run in 2020. The reasons are simple: [View all] 98 DetlefK Monday Monday 22 1919
We have a spy in the White House. [View all] 98 kentuck Yesterday 11 hrs ago 228 11182
Married to a Republican - My wife's response to the Meuller news. [View all] 94 Doodley Friday Saturday 52 5637
Here is a list of Democrats opposing Americans with Disabilities Act [View all] 93 NCDem777 Feb 13 10 hrs ago 21 3005
Who believes it was mere coincidence that the Con, Flynn and other ReTHUGs were shouting lock her up [View all] 90 malaise Saturday Saturday 84 4068
Here's my ideas on gun control [View all] 88 SHRED 21 hrs ago 1 hr ago 20 1986
Trayvon Martin was hunted down in the streets like wild game. [View all] 87 NCTraveler Thursday Friday 45 2905
Bernie Sanders mirrors Donald Trumps response to the Russian attack, [View all] 86 DURHAM D 7 hrs ago 1 hr ago 32 2071
Feb 20: Bernie Sanders says his 2016 team saw effects of Russian anti-Clinton campaign [View all] 85 ehrnst 6 hrs ago 42 min ago 14 1311
Michael Cohen never said Trump HIMSELF didn't reimburse him for the $130,000 [View all] 82 pnwmom Wednesday Saturday 5 1206
I shut up an NRA right winger yesterday in church. [View all] 81 lkinwi Monday Yesterday 154 10616
Trump just tweeted: "They are laughing their asses off in Moscow." [View all] 80 oberliner Sunday Sunday 32 3535
Al Franken was sacrificed on the altar of "all accusations must be believed". [View all] 79 redgreenandblue Yesterday 11 hrs ago 41 2394
So, in reality it wasnt Hillary who was part an oligarchic conspiracy. She was a target of one. [View all] 79 boston bean Saturday Sunday 67 2353
Any weapon that has the words military, assault, attached to it must be banned. [View all] 78 shockey80 Saturday Sunday 7 1467
Source inside WH: "Everyone knows the jig is up." [View all] 78 kpete 6 hrs ago 36 min ago 121 7813
Chappaquiddick? [View all] 76 question everything Monday Monday 2 3141
Folks, they're gone. Over the edge. [View all] 74 underpants 14 hrs ago 1 hr ago 55 5812
Biden, in public and private, tiptoes toward a 2020 run [View all] 74 TexasTowelie Saturday Sunday 12 1236
Maggot is losing it this morning. Needs his Depends changed, now! [View all] 74 mobeau69 Sunday Monday 32 4779
NRA Sends Intimidating Letter - Warns of Hostilty [View all] 73 laserhaas Monday Yesterday 110 8660
If Kirsten Gillibrand were to run for president after all... [View all] 73 Ken Burch Monday Yesterday 1 1463
I believe Assange [View all] 73 citizen blues Sunday Sunday 2 1981
Feb 21: Sanders on VT public radio: "I did not know Russian bots were promoting my campaign." [View all] 73 ehrnst 6 hrs ago 1 hr ago 17 1242
Gallup no longer considers Texas a Republican state. [View all] 72 RandySF 19 hrs ago 1 hr ago 58 2839
I Walked Into A Tent Full Of HUMAN HAMBURGER Nearly 50 Years Ago In Vietnam. Here Is What I Saw. [View all] 72 TheMastersNemesis Yesterday 14 hrs ago 212 8324
Wow! One of the girls who survived the shooting is speaking at an anti-gun rally.... [View all] 69 George II Saturday Sunday 150 6150
Trump shows up at hospital in FL, Melania dressed like nurse. [View all] 68 GreatCaesarsGhost Friday Saturday 6 3655
Never owned a gun, never will. [View all] 68 LuckyCharms 11 hrs ago 5 hrs ago 42 1781
Gun owners need a License, regulate it like Drivers Licenses. [View all] 67 Saboburns Monday Monday 7 1034
I can't speak for anyone else but no 19 year old young man was moving in to our home with an AR-15 [View all] 66 malaise Monday Yesterday 42 2332
IF we can secure our airports, we can secure our schools [View all] 65 fescuerescue Monday Yesterday 6 1139
Former Trump aide Rick Gates to plead guilty; agrees to testify against Manafort (UPDATE) [View all] 65 DURHAM D Sunday Monday 69 3565
Valentines Day for Singles? [View all] 65 vercetti2021 Wednesday Saturday 10 1729
The more I think about yesterdays indictments, the more I realize their importance. [View all] 64 panader0 Saturday 12 hrs ago 178 6835
Just Like Anyone Else's Kids. [View all] 63 sheshe2 Sunday Monday 68 2262
Republican blames kids not getting beaten and not watching Andy Griffith for school shootings... [View all] 62 Archae Sunday Yesterday 8 1674
We Need Armed Teachers and Superior Fire Power In Schools To Prevent Attacks, Says Fox News [View all] 61 TomCADem Saturday Saturday 0 1193
I think we need to have a discussion on the difference between "attack" and simple criticism [View all] 61 Ken Burch Monday Yesterday 16 1299
Trump tweet-storming right now (done playing golf) [View all] 61 oberliner Saturday Sunday 4 2768
Confirmed: Hillary Clinton Met With Russian Agent During 2016 Election [View all] 60 mucifer Saturday Sunday 250 12732
Oprah matching the Clooneys $500,000 [View all] 60 Kingofalldems Yesterday 5 hrs ago 111 3961
When all is said and done, the takeaway will be: Dont fuck with the United States. [View all] 59 FreepFryer Yesterday Yesterday 5 1566
Can we say it. Will ALL democrats believe it?? [View all] 59 boston bean Friday Saturday 86 3274
GOOD FOR Neil deGrasse Tyson - For Saying What MUST Be Said. [View all] 59 kpete Friday Saturday 278 10598
Why Thomas Friedman issued a 'code red' warning to America [View all] 59 spanone Yesterday 1 hr ago 144 7316
Time for some new ideas for stopping school shootings. What's yours? [View all] 58 rgbecker Yesterday 12 hrs ago 2 1143
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