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General Discussion (Forum)

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What can and cannot be posted in the General Discussion forum (updated 6/22/16) 0 Skinner Jul 2014 Jul 2014 117 87708
You're going to need people like me in 2020 [View all] 597 realmirage Saturday 5 hrs ago 57 9985
Bernie Sanders needs to sail off into the sunset [View all] 378 scheming daemons Friday Tuesday 203 11818
Oh my:Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez kicks off 1st day of freshmen orientation w protest ⁦@Pelosi⁩'s office [View all] 332 hlthe2b Tuesday 2 hrs ago 23 7492
Bernie: Whites who are uncomfortable voting for black candidates are "not necessarily racist" [View all] 314 Maven Nov 8 Tuesday 37 5102
Michael Avenatti Arrested for felony domestic violence [View all] 224 octoberlib Wednesday 13 hrs ago 10 6761
Tucker Carlson is a racist a*hole, but this is just wrong [View all] 209 MichMary Nov 8 Tuesday 31 6338
Ocasio Cortez is going to be a problem for our party just watch. [View all] 194 redstatebluegirl Tuesday Wednesday 32 6553
The soldiers on the army post I live on are talking about Trump's disrespect. [View all] 177 Solly Mack Tuesday 12 hrs ago 264 11665
Why are DEMOCRATS fighting Pelosi but McConnell goes untouched????? [View all] 153 Stinky The Clown Wednesday Wednesday 85 3600
Shout out to Michael Moore who did not want overconfidence in democrats [View all] 144 applegrove Nov 8 Sunday 67 3754
Trump Is Pretty Much in Hiding [View all] 140 MineralMan Tuesday Wednesday 98 7985
Which Trump voters should the Democrats reach out to? [View all] 132 guillaumeb Sunday Tuesday 10 1950
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hits back at Fox News [View all] 123 melman Friday Wednesday 171 8990
I don't know if it has sunk in yet DUers [View all] 121 malaise Saturday Tuesday 305 12288
Beto and Kennedy. We could win with this. [View all] 118 Horse with no Name Sunday 18 hrs ago 9 2464
Do Democrats want Nancy Pelosi as speaker again? Poll finds more prefer 'someone else.' [View all] 117 Baconator Wednesday 9 hrs ago 6 1782
Sarandon and Ocasio-Cortez. [View all] 116 pnwmom Tuesday 19 hrs ago 19 3767
Scarborough on Pelosi [View all] 113 NewJeffCT Wednesday 3 hrs ago 222 8896
LA Times says Avenatti's in custody, Avenatti's wife is denying it [View all] 112 octoberlib Wednesday Wednesday 40 6322
Is he sick? Is there some health issue? Is he afraid of getting shot? [View all] 112 nolabear Monday Tuesday 55 5800
A few points about this bullshit re: Marine One not flying due to rain (Text edited) [View all] 112 A HERETIC I AM Sunday Tuesday 197 10079
Avenatti tweets just now: [View all] 107 yodermon 14 hrs ago 3 hrs ago 98 9132
The only time he smiled. [View all] 106 Arkansas Granny Sunday Sunday 115 6588
Nancy Pelosi is FANTASTIC and just orchestrated, with much help of course, the LARGEST [View all] 104 Eliot Rosewater Tuesday Wednesday 176 8107
#fivewhiteguys trying to oust Pelosi are less progressive than Pelosi, voting records show: [View all] 103 ehrnst 16 hrs ago 1 hr ago 69 3151
Ok my blood is boiling today!!! [View all] 102 samplegirl 10 hrs ago 1 hr ago 143 7831
Why Would a Freshman Congress Member Feel Qualified to Be Speaker? [View all] 99 MineralMan 12 hrs ago 4 hrs ago 66 4459
My brother man-splained to me about Pelosi.... [View all] 98 Honeycombe8 Saturday Sunday 100 5296
AOC's protest is a big nothing burger [View all] 95 RandySF Wednesday 4 hrs ago 14 2147
Rep Adam Schiff "First order of business for the new session? Doing away with the gerrymander" [View all] 94 Bfd Tuesday Wednesday 193 5769
I have seen calls/ cries for Unity or we will lose 2020. I have a couple words for you. [View all] 94 sheshe2 Monday Wednesday 196 7180
This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] 90 Le Gaucher Monday Monday 0 1635
A woman led Dems back to the majority in the House.... [View all] 89 hlthe2b Wednesday Wednesday 33 1752
Bernie [View all] 89 FromMissouri Friday Sunday 24 1961
White professor calls cops on black university student for putting her feet on chair during class [View all] 85 left-of-center2012 Tuesday Wednesday 14 2561
Poll: Biden, Bernie, Beto lead 2020 Dem field [View all] 83 DemocratSinceBirth Monday Tuesday 9 1366
Unless you're from the South, it's hard to understand how monumental this is [View all] 82 misanthrope Nov 8 Sunday 172 10340
Boys at Wisconsin high school busted for throwing up a Nazi salute in group photo [View all] 80 workinclasszero Monday Tuesday 19 2734
Pointed tweet by Rep. Eric Swalwell regarding our "national embarrassment" [View all] 80 Mrs. Overall Sunday Monday 225 10265
Chris McDonald: God Will Destroy the Democrats if They Use the House to Harass Trump [View all] 79 Initech 6 hrs ago 24 sec ago 18 1894
Two fucking days later and they realize it was a BLUE WAVE. [View all] 79 boston bean Nov 8 Saturday 99 7151
What about Bill Maher? [View all] 78 tiredtoo Friday Tuesday 13 2685
So, you don't want Pelosi as our Speaker of the House. Who DO you want? [View all] 77 George II Wednesday 13 hrs ago 13 1440
AOC is not who you may think she is... [View all] 76 angrychair 13 hrs ago 2 hrs ago 86 4397
Mueller must be getting close? [View all] 75 SHRED 13 hrs ago 8 hrs ago 54 5198
Churchill's grandson weighs in on canceled Trump and FLOTUS American cemetery visit in France [View all] 73 kpete Saturday Sunday 229 9459
Thousands of absentee-ballots discovered in postal facility, declared invalid. [View all] 73 DetlefK Saturday Sunday 79 4971
California is Using Slave Labor to Fight the Wildfires [View all] 73 sheshe2 Tuesday Wednesday 14 2061
Obama tweet a few minutes ago: [View all] 72 George II Tuesday Wednesday 312 14388
Martha McSally just conceded [View all] 72 RandySF Monday Tuesday 118 5390
I'm so mad at James Carville [View all] 71 Happyhippychick 15 hrs ago 10 min ago 63 5092
A lone figure could be seen at the Arlington National Cemetery walking in the rain [View all] 70 kpete Wednesday 22 hrs ago 263 12795
So how many outfits did you go through on election day when voting repeatedly? [View all] 70 milestogo Wednesday 17 hrs ago 13 947
A black woman has won the seat once held by Gingrich and which a white man could not win last spring [View all] 69 EffieBlack Nov 8 Monday 111 2991
71 Percent of Trump-Endorsed Candidates Lost Their Elections [View all] 69 book_worm Nov 8 Monday 106 2837
This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] 69 sunonmars Sunday Monday 180 10332
About trump cancelling his trip to the WWI AMERICAN cemetery: [View all] 68 George II Saturday Sunday 183 7561
Congressional Black Caucus passed a vote of no confidence on DNC Chair Tom Perez [View all] 67 octoberlib Wednesday 13 hrs ago 5 1977
Wow: I am appalled: Sources tell ABC News at least 20 Democrats, perhaps many more, oppose Pelosi [View all] 67 NewsCenter28 Wednesday 14 hrs ago 1 1562
Trudeau on Rain [View all] 67 bigtree Saturday Sunday 214 9109
Take cheer when Trump is being publicly sullen and insulting [View all] 67 lunatica Saturday Sunday 177 7681
Dana Rohrabacher defeated! [View all] 66 blogslut Saturday Monday 203 7700
A turnover win in NM. A LITTLE (SMALL) EGG ON NATIONAL MEDIA'S FACE [View all] 65 Jeffersons Ghost Nov 8 Saturday 142 5509
Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters gave the best explanation for drumpf bailing on memorials [View all] 64 Bradshaw3 Monday Wednesday 133 6646
Excuse me but may I say something about Senator Harris? [View all] 64 NewsCenter28 Tuesday Tuesday 11 2236
Andrew Gillum Unconcedes As Florida Governor Race Heads For Recount [View all] 63 peace frog Nov 8 Saturday 168 5957
IMO, what makes Trump so dangerous is this: he can't go back to his old life. [View all] 62 CrispyQ Monday Tuesday 37 2522
Trump needs a bonnet. women over 40 - remember these things? [View all] 61 Demovictory9 Saturday Sunday 29 2078
Steve Irwin's 14-Year-Old Son Is An Award-Winning Photographer And Here Are 40+ Photos To Prove It [View all] 61 geardaddy Wednesday 6 hrs ago 125 5103
Here is why I object to saying Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays (and I AM VERY religious). . . [View all] 60 Paula Sims Sunday Monday 21 2005
Here Is The Bottom Line On Nancy Pelosi [View all] 60 Stare Decisis 11 hrs ago 1 hr ago 145 4488
Something strange goin on [View all] 60 queentonic Tuesday Wednesday 37 4072
Whoa! Is this why Trump is whining about Macron? [View all] 60 Kingofalldems Wednesday 1 hr ago 84 6567
Doctor crushes Anne Coulter in one Tweet [View all] 59 Julian Englis Sunday Monday 201 11856
Former FBI agent says Sarah Sanders libeled CNN's Jim Acosta with 'doctored' InfoWars video: [View all] 59 Tripper11 Nov 8 Monday 204 7729
Senator Nelson is going to win the recount and all hell is going to break loose. [View all] 59 kentuck Monday Tuesday 174 11401
"This is all Donald Trump has left" Amazing summation of Trump's character [View all] 59 Demovictory9 Tuesday Wednesday 147 8493
And ANOTHER thing . . . . . ! [View all] 58 Stinky The Clown Wednesday 1 hr ago 242 8545
Pelosi damn well better be Speaker. [View all] 58 Are_grits_groceries Tuesday Tuesday 71 3117
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