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African American
Discuss topics and issues which affect the African-American community. DUers from all races are welcome to participate.
35 70,316
Asian Group
A group to discuss Asian culture, music, language, food, fashion, entertainment, art, history, traditions.
60 10,108
Interracial/Multi-ethnic Relationship Support
A place to give and receive support for individuals that are part of an interracial, intercultural, or multi-ethnic marriage, relationship and/or family.
0 102
Irish Affairs
A place for people to discuss the latest and oldest in all things Irish, be it soccer, folklore, beer, or politics.
0 543
Discuss issues relating to the Hispanic/Latino community within the U.S., in other countries, or regarding foreign relations between the U.S. and other countries where such a community may reside.
0 370
First Americans
Discuss First American affairs, issues, history and culture.
16 2,368
Race & Ethnicity
Discuss topics and issues related to race or ethnicity.
0 1,197