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Ancient Wisdom and Pagan Spirituality
A place for pagans, witches, and others to explore spiritual beliefs and ancient wisdom as relating to paganism and other ancient beliefs and philosophies.
27 3,187
Astrology, Spirituality & Alternative Healing
Positively explore issues having to do with Astrology, metaphysics & spirituality, homeopathy/alternative medicine and healing, Ascension, and other subjects having to do with holistic physical and spiritual growth & traditions.
27 21,533
Atheists & Agnostics
A place where atheists and agnostics can engage in frank discussions about the effects of religion on politics, free of debate about the existence of a deity or deities.
16 61,699
Discuss Buddhism, the worlds fourth largest religion and one of the fastest growing religions in the West.
0 2,283
Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity
Discuss Catholic and/or Orthodox Christian beliefs, share faith experiences, post prayer requests, discuss Catholic/Orthodox liturgies, traditions, saints, etc.
29 11,736
Christian Liberals & Progressive People of Faith
A group for Christians and Christian-friendly persons who would like to have an open discussion about our faith and its role in the world around us. Our group will provide a safe haven for discussion and support, and find ways to express our beliefs in positive, non-threatening ways.
0 3,198
Interfaith Group
A safe haven that provides opportunities for people of all faiths, spiritual leanings and non-belief to discuss religious topics and events in a positive and civil manner, with an emphasis on tolerance. Criticisms of individual beliefs or non-belief, or debates about the existence of higher power(s) are not appropriate in this group.
0 7,624
Jewish Group
Discuss Judaism's beliefs, share faith experiences, discuss anti-Semitism, post prayer requests, discuss Jewish faith, traditions, religious heroes, holidays, etc.
145 14,106
Discuss the beliefs of Islam and Muslims, share faith experiences, discuss Islamaphobia, post prayer/dua requests, discuss the Islamic faith, traditions, religious heroes, holidays, etc.
2 437
Arghhh! This here be a safe haven for Pastafarians and der allies. All ye buccaneers who board dis here ship be free to discuss all things Pastafarian such as Pirates, pasta, beer volcanoes, colanders, and of course his noodliness the Flying Spaghetti Monster (and his consort the invisible Pink Unicorn). Scaliwags who be allying themselves against the Flying Spaghetti Monster (may his Parmesan ever be fresh) and those who support him are not welcome. If ye dare bring discord to our vessels we shall keelhaul (block) ye to Davy Jones Locker forever more. All other corsairs who support us in our privateering are welcome to our rum and pasta! -Da Capt'n
0 703
Prayer Circle
Gather together at pre-arranged daily meeting times to concentrate prayers and good thoughts/energy around certain issues. All are welcome, regardless of faith or spiritual persuasion.
128 1,578
Discuss religious and theological issues. All relevant topics are permitted. Believers, non-believers, and everyone in-between are welcome.
39 326,556
Seekers on Unique Paths
Discuss religions/belief systems that honor each individual's unique path or journey to God, a better world, or human interconnectedness. We welcome discussion and inclusive, progressive thoughts, and do not require belief in a deity per se.
0 611
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Discuss philosophy here.
3 1,316
Skepticism, Science & Pseudoscience
Discuss issues related to skepticism, science and pseudoscience, and the role of rationalism in society. Non-skeptics are invited to participate, provided that they do so in a respectful, non-disruptive manner.
10 7,080