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A support system for members of DU who have suffered a loss. Members joining this group will find a safe place to cry, scream, hurt, adjust, heal, and learn to cope with their loss.
133 6,991
Coping with Divorce or Separation
A safe place for DUers who have survived divorce or separation, or who are going through divorce or separation.
7 571
Diabetes Support Group
A group for sharing information and support for diabetics and their friends and families.
13 717
Natural Disaster Survivors
A place for natural disaster survivors to check-in, meet each other, trade accounts, offer advice, or just show support for their fellow survivors.
0 61
Related Groups in other Categories (12) Posts: 30 days Posts: All time Category
A group for the discussion of general issues relating to attention deficit disorders, including its challenges and advantages. Open to adults with ADD/ADHD, parents of children with these disorders, and others dealing with people affected by attention deficit disorders.
1 284
Addiction & Recovery
A supportive resource for people recovering from addictions (drugs, alcohol, over-eating, gambling, etc.) which negatively affect all areas of their lives, and for friends and family of recovering or active addicts.
57 6,040
Discuss the various aspects of Aspergers and PDD and share life experiences as well as support. People who have family members or friends with Aspergers or PDD are welcome.
0 527
Cancer Support
Share information and provide support for cancer patients, survivors, and their families. Engage in activism that will promote research and improve the care that cancer patients receive.
57 7,505
Career Help and Advice
Express ideas and advice related to various careers and career seeking methods. Exchange helpful information related to jobs and job markets.
15 1,090
Chronic Health Conditions Discussion and Support
A group for DUers who are affected either directly or indirectly by chronic ailments, including family, friends, and medical professionals.
69 5,777
Deaf/Hard of Hearing
A group for Deaf/Hard of Hearing DUers to identify and communicate among each other, gather information, and make friends. Hearing people are also welcome.
1 484
Discuss issues related to disability.
16 1,607
Interracial/Multi-ethnic Relationship Support
A place to give and receive support for individuals that are part of an interracial, intercultural, or multi-ethnic marriage, relationship and/or family.
0 102
Mental Health Support
A safe place where people can talk about mental illness and how it is affecting their lives.
184 15,921
Smoking Cessation
Support, encouragement, and advice to DUers who have quit smoking (or who wish to do so).
0 517
Weight Loss/Maintenance
A place for people who are interested in losing weight and keeping it off.
0 3,229