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If Charles Manson was not still in prison, which cabinet post would Trump have offered him?

Clearly, Charlie would've been a good fit for this Administration, and it must've been a disappointment for our Empero...er, President, not to have had him available.

Then again, it may not have been a cabinet post - I was thinking heading up the Peace Corps would have been a logical Trumpian choice.

Where do my fellow DUers see Mr. Manson in the Drumpf camp? (your best guesses, please!)

Posted by ElementaryPenguin | Fri Jan 27, 2017, 10:30 AM (26 replies)

Trumpler scares the bejesus out of Nixon's lawyer John Dean!

Anyone see him on "All In with Chris Hayes" last night? The Orange Emperor is giving him literal nightmares... (and you would think that would take some doing).

As far comparisons with Nixon, he pointed out that Nixon's dark side was never displayed publicly, where as Trumpler keeps his on full display at all times.

Posted by ElementaryPenguin | Wed Jan 18, 2017, 01:32 PM (6 replies)

The Swearing-In: The Official GOP Oath of Office

I pledge allegiance
To the Party
Of the Republicans,
And to the wealthy and corporations,
For which it stands,
One Party, under Trump,
With Free Markets and Deregulation for all.

Posted by ElementaryPenguin | Wed Jan 18, 2017, 10:22 AM (0 replies)

If the Russian scandal leads to abolishing electronic voting, 4 years of President Pence

Will absolutely suck - but will be endurable.

Trump will be impeached. It's clear that Trump's unpopularity will continue to grow - the man simply cannot resist alienating as many people and entities as he possibly can. The intelligence community is going to nail him with a whopper. It's probably already been decided within Republican circles that they will not defend him much longer. (And Republicans like McCain and Graham - and even Rubio, despise the orange creature almost as much as we do!)

An establish GOP player, Pence is obviously manageable - their kind of guy. Yes, he's a right-wing scoundrel, he's going to set back progressive causes decades, but he isn't going to dance to Putin's tune, and he isn't likely to start WWIII.

But what HAS to come out of this scandal - is not just how bad Trump and his campaign were/are - but how vulnerable our electronic voting system truly is - which must lead to it's abolition!!! THAT must be the primary focus - or we're headed to another election where massive theft will be a possibility again - either performed by a hostile foreign power again - Russia, China, name your country, - or done by a domestic player.

Pence will not enjoy the grassroots support that Trump has, and we know that the Trump/Pence policies will fail miserably, and become wildly unpopular. Polarizing figures like Jeff Sessions will likely to lead to widespread civil unrest. 4 years from now - people are going to want change again. Pence will not be difficult to beat - provided we have done away with - or seriously made fail-proof electronic voting.

After the impeachment of the disgraced Trump THIS will have to be the primary focus of progressives. Without it, the voting majority has little chance of reclaiming much power. Simply put - THE GOP CHEATS!!!!!!!!!!! And the American people have to be convinced - once and for all - that ELECTRONIC VOTING IS TOO VULNERABLE AND WILL ABSOLUTELY DESTROY AMERICAN DEMOCRACY!

We can't allow the subject to remain taboo. It goes without saying, this is not the only issue - but we can accomplish next to nothing without it being seriously addressed. The GOP has to be put in a position where it can't be seen defending it, any more than it can be seen defending Trump.
Posted by ElementaryPenguin | Mon Jan 16, 2017, 02:06 PM (27 replies)

Loretta Lynch could file federal charges against Trump for High Treason NOW!

And the Supreme Court could make a ruling on that - even the same day. The evidence is there - and I believe that Anthony Kennedy would very likely make it a 5-3 vote against Trump.

History may judge the two of them as actually saving the country.

Trump is not President. You can't impeach him yet, and you don't need to. If Trump were to commit murder in broad daylight right now, he would be arrested, and he would not be sworn in as President on Jan. 20th. Nor should he be sworn it when the evidence now suggests that he's committed high treason (and there is undoubtedly plenty more classified evidence).

Yes, this is as far-fetched as it gets - and the longest of long shots (but consider how long the odds were against us being in the situation we're now in). But this could be legally done, couldn't it?

Ultimately, Trump would be pardoned by President Hillary Clinton.

(My apologies to pbmus - for this was inspired by their thought - no one seemed to be responding anymore)

Posted by ElementaryPenguin | Sat Jan 14, 2017, 03:29 PM (77 replies)

Perhaps our best hope is to convert John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Rand Paul...

Into Democrats and flip the Senate - or at least Independents that caucus with the Democrats.

Maybe even, gulp, Marco Rubio (either Paul or Rubio).

I know it sounds insane - the Hail Mary of all Hail Marys - but each of these guys hates Trump about as much as we do...

If they can be persuaded that the Republican Party is no more - that it is now THE PARTY OF TRUMP - who is partnered with the arch enemy of America - Vladimir Putin's Russia - well, why the hell wouldn't they bolt to try to STOP TRUMP? I think it's possible. (Graham has an election in 2 years - right? But he probably hates Trump the most - and he just may be able to survive that.)

I don't like any of these guys politically - but I do think that each of them believe that they have been trying to do what's best for America.

Anyone agree? If so, how do we give such a "campaign" some kind of subtle nudge? Perhaps contacting Democratic Senators - floating the idea their way that they should consider courting these guys? Perhaps they already are. Even still, hearing their constituents seconding the idea might entice them to consider it more seriously?
Posted by ElementaryPenguin | Thu Jan 12, 2017, 04:00 PM (42 replies)

A U.S. President is NOT a Ruler, but a PUBLIC SERVANT!! A President is not the boss of the people...

But merely the boss of the government's network of public servants.

We cannot allow it to be forgotten that THEY work for us! (and not the other way around!)

"When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny." Thomas Jefferson

Trump seems to be determined to establish an American dictatorship - and the moment he tries to implement this after his inauguration we must oppose him to such a degree (General Strike?? - whatever means) to communicate to his party that we, the people, WILL NOT TOLERATE AN AMERICAN DICTATORSHIP - and that we will be essentially ungovernable if this individual is not removed or forced to comply with our Constitution! If we accept a dictatorship we will never be rid of it in our lifetimes!


With Climate Change - our generation has been given an opportunity (and responsibility) to save our planet - with Trump - we must answer the call to save our form of government. THIS IS OUR MOMENT! ("one of the greatest generations perhaps?"

In the long run, it may be easier than you think to dissuade the U.S. military from supporting a totalitarian regime partnered with a Russian dictator bent on abolishing the U.S. Constitution!

Without them - Trump will have NOTHING - and will be ready to kick to the curb like a toothless Joseph McCarthy figure.
Posted by ElementaryPenguin | Sat Jan 7, 2017, 01:53 PM (10 replies)

Whadya wanna bet the CIA is sitting on evidence of Trump and his camp communicating and colluding..

With Russia during the campaign - ready to dangle it threateningly over his fat orange head the moment he actually sets out to dismantle the Agency?


Posted by ElementaryPenguin | Fri Jan 6, 2017, 05:56 PM (61 replies)
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