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There's only one man who can take down Trump and we'll need to prop him up: JOHN MCCAIN

He's going to stand up to Trump. He didn't survive hell on Earth to allow his country to be overtaken by the same enemy (for, of course, it was the Russians who were backing the North Vietnamese - and the Russians backing Trump and threatening to end American democracy.

The opposition must come from within the GOP - and it will be McCain who eventually call for an independent prosecutor. As Trump's star continues to decline - McCain's will increase. The Resist movement mustn't just oppose Trump - it must champion McCain. His popularity will increase - McConnell, Ryan will decrease. Republicans in Congress will fall in line behind McCain, who will become the defacto GOP leader.

McCain has the military and the intelligence community on his side. He will even get many Trump supporters and his poll numbers will skyrocket. John McCain is 80 years old and just won probably his final 6 year term. Trump publicly ridiculed his service to his country. Once again, his country needs his service. John McCain needs to be an American hero again. And we will need to help build him up.
Posted by ElementaryPenguin | Wed Feb 15, 2017, 11:50 AM (136 replies)

Either the GOP leaders don't notice Bannon/Trump is trying to convert the U.S. into a dictatorship,

Or they're actually OK with that happening.

This is the true "elephant in the room."

These people - the majority in the House and Senate - they can stop this in its tracks...and they're not. (at least no signs yet)

Are they waiting - and then they'll act? Or are they going to let it happen - and just fall in line behind a 21st century Hitler with nuclear weapons?

If they do - it's really astonishing. As bad as I have believed them to be - I still wouldn't believe they could be this bad.

The whole world can see what's occurring here - all the parallels with the formation of other totalitarian regimes.

And they can't really see it? Are they now so blinded by partisanship that they can't?

Loyalty to Party over Nation - even to this degree? Even over the survival of the Planet? WTF??

You know that not even any of them can feel secure with Trump having the nuclear codes!

The horror. The horror.

The resistance - the protests - they need to be directed at the GOP leadership - relentlessly - for they are enabling the Bannon/Trump monster.

Posted by ElementaryPenguin | Wed Feb 8, 2017, 04:58 PM (31 replies)

Oh Lord, please, PLEASE never take Trump's Twitter account away from him!!

Is there anything that drives his approval ratings down faster? I don't believe so. Those knee-jerk, reckless, ill-conceived, tasteless tweets of his are an instant reminder of just what an astonishingly pathetic, self-aggrandizing ignoramus the new POTUS really is!!

It's like providing an undisciplined child a rope and a noose to hang himself with.

Let him tweet himself right out of office!

Posted by ElementaryPenguin | Sat Feb 4, 2017, 02:47 PM (5 replies)

BANNON is the KING! trump is a pawn. (How to get Trump to oust Bannon)

BANNON is the leader in the White House. trump is being led.
BANNON decides policy. trump decides dress code
BANNON is on the cover of TIME magazine - as he should be. trump is a sideshow
BANNON is a manipulator. trump is the manipulated
BANNON's strategy won the election. trump merely did was he was told.
BANNON is THE PRESIDENT. trump is a mouthpiece - a Twitter version of Sean Splicer
BANNON has a vision for America. trump only has a vision for Trump Inc.
BANNON has a vision for World Order. trump only has a vision for Trump Inc.
BANNON is very knowledgeable. trump is wholly ignorant.
BANNON is brilliant. trump is stupid (BANNON has privately told friends that trump is ignorant and stupid)
BANNON looks down upon trump. trump looks up to Bannon.
BANNON is in charge - it is HIS White House. trump is being led and manipulated. He is a fraud.
BANNON feels superior to trump. trump feels inferior to Bannon.
BANNON deserves the credit for the hyper activity of the last 2 weeks. trump just did what he was told.
BANNON is who history should give full credit or blame to. trump should be viewed as a buffoonish subordinate.
BANNON is the true leading man of this show. trump is but a supporting character actor
BANNON'S administration is shaking up the nation and the world. trump has no administration
BANNON is working to destroy and rebuild this nation. trump is once again just putting his name on someone else's work

BANNON IS THE KING! trump is a pawn.

This truth should be spread far and wide - and as often as possible!!!

STEVE BANNON prefers to lurk in the shadows - and seeks little attention or credit.

(trump and his silly tweets should be ignored like so many Kellyanne alternative facts.)

From this day forward it is PRESIDENT BANNON who should receive ALL the notoriety.

How long before a certain insecure, extremely thin-skinned egomaniac can no longer tolerate being seen as SECOND FIDDLE in the public's eye - and a wedge begins to form between the two?

It is bound to happen - it will be extremely disruptive to policy making, and it could severely weaken an already unpopular and politically vulnerable administration. And wouldn't that just be a terrible shame?

This is this wannabe empire's great Achilles Heal. Hail PRESIDENT BANNON!!!!!

Posted by ElementaryPenguin | Sat Feb 4, 2017, 01:15 PM (17 replies)

Talk of starting an Iran War will lose Drumpf some of his base.

tRump ran against these "stupid wars" of ours - and adding a much bigger stupid war is hardly going to be "the change" Trump followers thought they were voting for.

Could this mean an approval rating in the teens by Spring??

At that point President Bannon, er, Trump - may start looking very impeachable to McTurtle, Ryan, and the rest of the GOP herd after all.
Posted by ElementaryPenguin | Thu Feb 2, 2017, 11:17 AM (12 replies)
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