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Trump DIDN'T DECLASSIFY! He passed secrets on to a foreign adversary!!!

Had he really been attempting to desclassify the intel he gave the Russians - it would all be available to us now - and it isn't!

If Trump continues to pass our most sensitive intelligence to the Russians, will the GOP continue to defend the practice as just something a President is allowed to do??

Imagine if FDR had been caught passing on locations of American forces to the Japanese or the Germans, do you think there would have been a defense made for him that "the President can declassify anything he wants to" - and that would have been an end to it?

Not in a million years! The outrage would have been deafening, and he would have been universally declared what Trump clearly is...


Posted by ElementaryPenguin | Sun May 21, 2017, 03:07 PM (45 replies)
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