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Big Tent revival in Des Plaines reveals Pritzger exemption for "free exercise of religion."


DES PLAINES, IL — Amid reports of upwards of 150 people gathering without masks at a series of religious activities at the Methodist Campground on East Algonquin Road, the City of Des Plaines is demanding the group follow state COVID-19 mandates. Members of The Last Reformation have been holding "Big Tent Revival" events all week with plans to continue through Sunday.

Following an emergency meeting Tuesday night, Mayor Matthew Bogusz signed a revised and updated emergency declaration that according to Alderman Andrew Goczkowski, puts "Des Plaines' face covering and social distancing requirements a step ahead of Gov. J.B. Pritzker's executive order," which includes a broad exemption for the free exercise of religion. The new Des Plaines' declaration is intended to treat all public gatherings equally, according to Goczkowski, whether they are religious in nature or not.

"Failure to do so will result in a citation and fine," Goczkowski said. "Failure to comply after a citation may result in further action." According to the city, the fine is $750 for each violation, and it would mount each day.

Torben Sondergaard, organizer of the "Big Tent Revival" events, took to social media Wednesday requesting assistance from President Donald Trump. He stated his group will continue congregating and that an "order is not a law."


Good for Des Plaines but a great big hole in Pritzger's mask and distancing orders for the rest of us. And now the revival organizer is dragging the Mask of the Orange Death into it.

Mary Trump: Putin, Kim, McConnell "more than a passing psychological resemblance to Daddy Trump."



She calls her uncle his father’s “monster—the only child of his who mattered to him—[who] would ultimately be rendered unlovable by the very nature of Fred’s preference for him. In the end, there would be no love for Donald at all, just his agonizing thirsting for it.

“After the election, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-Un, and Mitch McConnell, all of whom bear more than a passing psychological resemblance to Fred, recognized in a way others should have but did not that Donald’s checkered personal history and his unique personality flaws make him extremely vulnerable to manipulation by smarter, more powerful men,” Mary writes. “His pathologies have rendered him so simple-minded that it takes nothing more than repeating to him the things he says to and about himself dozens of times a day—he’s the smartest, the greatest, the best—to get him to do whatever they want.”


Growing up, Donald Trump sought to win his imperious father’s approval, lying as a means of “self-aggrandizement” and seeking to differentiate himself from Fred Jr., whom their father saw as weak. “By limiting Donald’s access to his own feelings and rendering many of them unacceptable, Fred perverted his son’s perception of the world and damaged his ability to live in it,” Mary Trump writes, according to an excerpt revealed by The Washington Post. She recalled how Donald Trump would hide his younger brother Robert’s toys and threatened to destroy him when he wouldn’t “stop crying” over it.

First Lady Melania Trump also makes an appearance, with Mary writing that after her uncle Robert and his then-wife Blaine had met Melania for the first time, “Rob told me that Melania had barely spoken throughout the entire meal.

“‘Maybe her English isn’t very good,’ I said.

“‘No,’ he scoffed. ‘She knows what she’s there for.’”


Oh look! Looks like Jr. and Kimberly picked up the covid at a Hamptons party June 28.

A Hamptons insider was stunned to arrive at a house in Bridgehampton on Saturday night to find a packed party that looked “as if COVID had never happened” — with Donald Trump Jr. and girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle among the revelers.

Our spy estimated there were about 100 partiers, who our source says were maskless, at the bash at the 51 Sandpiper Lane mansion, hosted by famed Hamptons builder Joe Farrell, who owns the pricey pile and is selling one down the road for $15 million. The event — which comes days after Long Island entered Phase Three of reopening and while COVID cases surge in some parts of the country — had a caterer and uniformed bartenders.


So she's tested positive and he hasn't yet, but they were together at same super-spreader event six days ago so there's still hope of a two-fer.

Let me be the first to say that his aim is to put Obama and Hilary in prison.

And if Trump wins reelection, they will do.it. Oops, I forgot Biden. Him too. And they'll use the "findings" of Durham's report to smear our current and last nominees and President Obama next summer, which will result in loss of voter enthusiasm ok our side. That's in addition to Putin's contribution.


Renewing the American Dream. .... What do you think?

I've been thinking this is the perfect slogan for the DNC. What do you think?

Looks like a bigger crowd of volunteers for Bernie in Ohio than Hillary gets in IA.

I think it has deeper roots, going back to the post reconstruction era at least. Perhaps earlier.

Think of the railroad barons and our pals, the Wall Street bankers, who crashed the economy every few years. Think of Andrew Carnegie, the steel king, whose steel built the rails that J.P. Morgan and friends financed. And the dukes of coal, that kept the Carnegie works going, and their miners fighting and dying to unionize against the peonage of their working conditions and pay (Interesting factoid: Carnegie sold his company to J.P. Morgan in 1901 for $480 million[3] (in 2015, $13.6 billion), creating the U.S. Steel Corporation. (http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Carnegie )

Consider Andrew Jennings Bryan's campaigns against the "cross of gold" that made money (and farm loans, in particular) so tight that small farms by the hundreds of thousands were repossessed by Wall Street bankers, throwing farmers and their families off their land and out of their homes.

T.R. improved the status of the citizenry by busting the trusts, imposing health, sanitation and safety regulations, etc. Then after WWI, the corrupt Republicans took over and ran the country off the rails and into the great depression.

FDR brought us back from the brink of a socialist revolution, and saved capitalism in this country. And look how he was paid back by the industrialist's planned coup and later trading with the enemy. And right up front and accounted for were the Dulles Brothers and Prescott Bush and Brown Brothers Harriman banking house. Notable employees included George Herbert Walker and his son-in-law Prescott Bush.

Immediately post war, The Dulles boys took over American foreign policy, founded the secretive national security state, kick-started the cold war, hired Hitler's scientists and spies, brought down democracies around the world, and founded the permanent MIC.

Eisenhower, JFK and RFK tried to stop it, And we know what happened to the Kennedy brothers for presuming to call halt.

Now think about the years and elections that ensued. Most everyone misses the fact that Republican and Democratic candidates were decided upon in smoke filled, all male conclaves, led by party bosses who were often none too honest themselves. The capo di tutti capos in those days were none other than Averell Harriman for the Dems and Prescott Bush for the Republicans. Remember that old Prescott hand picked Nixon. As for Ave, his blessing was required before any candidate could be nominated. In fact, his influence continued long after his death, in the person of his wife, the gorgeous Pamela Churchill Harriman, formerly the daughter in law of Winston Churchill. I recall either TIME or Newsweek mentioning that she had the final say in the vetting of Bill Clinton.

The lawyers and bankers who were charged with trading with the enemy, even after war had begun, were in charge of the republic. And we all know the rest of the story at this point.

I have begun to think that our heroes were anomalies in the smooth running of a corrupt oligarchic state.

When they talk about a level playing field, think of strip mining.

You don't get to the money shot by bringing the bottom of the mountain up to its peak. You level the mountain to get to the coal faster and more profitably. Oh... and you throw the waste into rivers and streams because who cares if your poisonous water kills the inhabitants. They're not your problem.

I may just have the right name ... and it reclaims some key words and memes from the repukes.

How about the Freedom Democrats along the lines of Roosevelt's four freedoms (though not necessarily the same exact words, as repukes have twisted so many fine terms that when they say freedom it means freedom for the global corporations, banksters and billionaires to loot and pillage the 99%. The thing is most ordinary people on both sides have no idea of that. They still believe that freed means freedom for the little guy, so most of the tea party types probably think.they're fighting to keep their own freedom from what they have learned to view as tyranny.

The.name could then seamlessly flow into the simple but powerful statement of "freedom from what" and "freedom to do what" which form our most basic core principles Like.Roosevelt's four freedoms, this works best as one simple declarative statement for each of our categories. Policies can then flow from these statements.

I think most Americans would flock to the polls to vote for candidates who are committed to our positions.

What do you think everybody?

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