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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Wilmington, DE
Home country: United States
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 2,028

Journal Archives

"Red Wave" looks like a "Red Stripe"

Over deserts, mountains, corn fields, and cows

Philadelphia Freedom, Baby!

Philly Special

Scrappy underdogs taking down empire...seems familiar


Are we gonna get a Jim Jones-type Tape?

Wouldn't surprise me

US Election system v. Australia

I was talking with people at work today about our need for election reform in this country. It's crazy how "democracy" is pretty much supposed to be our thing---and how messed up it looks every 4 years.

Voting is compulsory in Australia, so there's no need for scientific GOTV operations.

And the voting process is the same everywhere there. On a Saturday.

And, as the article below notes, another nice addition would be a national popular vote.

Not sure if they use ranked-choice voting, but that would be another nice addition that would lessen the potential horror of voting for a 3rd party candidate (like voting for Nader and ending up with Bush). And getting rid of gerrymandering would force people to moderate and work together more.


We're talking huge amounts of sophisticated statistics and data, opening store fronts and down to the "neighbourhood level", literally knocking on people's front doors to remind them to vote, organising buses to get them to polling stations.

"It's difficult for Australians to envisage what that looks like," Professor Jackman said.


Steelers are helping!

Just got a shout out on MSNBC for sending food to the vote counters in Pittsburgh. That's my team!!!

Eek. Local AZ news guy

On MSNBC said Arizona may be a "blue mirage". I hope not. But go Georgia & PA just in case

Record turnout in Delaware good for Dems

Including the defeat of my well-funded moderate state rep (Delcollo) who had a strong challenger this year!

Delaware also elected the first transgender state senator in the US!

Local good news


STILL a huge line at my polling place

I voted this morning and they had just about equaled the 2016 turnout. Just drove by and the line is about the same length it was when I was in it. Wilmington Delaware suburb. Blue district

HUGE lines in DE

At least my polling place and those of my friends. It's chilly and windy, but I'll wait here all fucking day if I have to. Never seen it like this. Ever!
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