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I would bet those 15 are not very intelligent & they lack moral character.

Seriously. Low info & easily swayed candidates voted into office by low info & easily swayed voters. The teaparty is a plutocratic scam played on these people. They fell for it hook, line & sinker.

The new Congressmen most likely lack analytical skills & probably can't think fast on their feet.

They got elected & ended up being dazzled by DC, wined & dined, swayed, wooed & maybe even threatened, too. The money people will play nice so long as the newbies play nice back.

Life is good in DC. They feel important. Perks are great. They can be easily led, maybe even easy to be blackmailed. If they play the game right, the money people will finance their subsequent campaigns - and everybody gets what they want.

Everyone except their constituents and the rest of America who also suffer from their actions/inactions.

Sometimes I wish I didn't follow politics.
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